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Health Crossword Subjects

Health Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Mother / Baby babys first stool. 1/3 of pregnancy. removal of the male foreskin. yellow pigment derived from hemoglobin release with the breakdown of RBCs. morphine injected into the spinal fluid, keeps pt pain free for 24 hours. Hard
Drug Abbreviations twice a day. right now. bedtime. quantity sufficient. subcutaneous. Teenage
Pediatrics causes lyme disease. brothers and sisters of a patient. first menstrual period. e-choli is the most common cause of this infection. shots given throughout childhood to prevent disease. Teenage
Medical Terms dull continuous pain. porous condition of the bone. pertaining to the heart. elevated lipid level in the blood. no known allergies. Hard
Take the Sepsis All answers are related with sepsis marker of tissue hypoperfusion. Systemic inflammatory response syndrome. The other determinant of cardiac output. Low urine output. term for low blood pressure. Hard
Health People & Vocabulary A technique for conditioning behavior in which that behavior is followed by something desired. What theory is also known as the learning theory. According to behavorism, the processes by which responses become linked to particular stimuli and learning takes place. What perspective used by most developmentalists in which they apply aspects of each theories of development. In cognitive theory it is the state of mental balance. Hard
SEPSIS Need to look for the ___________ of infection before commencing empiric antibiotic therapy. Definition: Increase in WCC,HR,RR,temperature with no infection.. Frequently elevated in sepsis but not diagnostic.. Survival rates for sepsis are much improved with a multidisciplinary____________approach.. Minimum of 2 sets required before starting antibiotic therapy.. Hard
Fitness components goalkeepers may have this. if you have this gymnastics could be your game. you might need this to jump. walking along a rope. 100 m sprint. Teenage
Medical heredity and DNA. when the cell wilts. two monosaccharides bonded together. different feeders. basic unit of life. Hard
Tobacco Use the word-bank provided to fill in the puzzle below. Process of your body getting used to a drug. You think you need a drug to function normally. A state in which the body needs a drug to function normally . A way the body responds when a dependent person stops using a drug. A form of purswading consumers to try their product. Hard
Pankration The ...... Sea or Islands. Like a donkey. Were the Olympics are held. The front of a ship also called the Bow. A herald or an announcer. Hard
Allergies Allergies can not be ______.. Nearly half of all the _________ in the United States develop allergies.. An allergy starts when the ______ system mistakes a normally harmless substance for a dangerous invader.. If you have a severe allergy, your doctor may give you an emergency ___________ shot to carry with you at all times.. an oversensitivy to one or more common substances. Teenage
Health Difference in protein when it changes from a liquid to a dense mass. Holds the mixture together. Puts air into mixture. When starch absords liquid- while heat is present and thickens to make a liquid which turns into a gel. The following foods have this in them...meat, milk, legumes, fish, eggs. Big
medication should be taken with food. side effect of risperdal. analgesic. side effect of some antibiotics. abbreviation for common antibiotic. Hard
NURSING EPIDEMIOLOGY Prevalence of a disease within an area.. Worlwide epidemic.. A person or an animal that shows no symptoms of a disease but harbors the infectious agent of that disease and is capable of transmitting it to others.. The study of spread and control of diseases.. A specific causative agent (as a bacterium or virus) of disease. . Adult
Health worthy of praise. preventions of illnesss. to go beyond. general; having a nonproprietary name. an outbreak of a disease. Teenage
Safety ___________ comes first. always wear a _______ jacket when on a boat. stands for Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. swim between these at the beach. stands for state emergency services. Older Children
Safety and Sanitation Complete the crossword puzzle using terms from chapter 6. Children are especially susceptible to this type of poisoning. . Single-celled or noncellular microorganisms. . To help preven cuts you should always keep knives ________.. You should wash your hands for this many seconds. (Spell out the number). Your refrigerator should never be above this temperature. (Spell out the number). Hard
Minimizing of Restraining A PASD is a device used to ______________ a resident with routine activities of daily living.. Any device that is used to restrain a resident to a tiolet or commode is __________. . The restraint assessment form is completed by the ___________ _____________. . Once the restraint is applied the resident must be checked every__________. . It restricts the resident's mobility. . Teenage
Sepsis All answers are associated with Sepsis. Marker of tissue hypoperfusion. Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome . The other determinant of Cardiac Output. Low urine output . Term for Low blood pressure . Hard
Laws & Rules for make-uo Infection Control / Makeup perms & relaxers are examples of this (2 wrds). protect client's neck from cape (4 wrds). stored in dry, closed container (2 wrds). disposable needles are considered ___ ___, and to discarded immediately. when disinfecting tools always follow ___ ___. Teenage
Diabetes oral anti-diabetic that inhibits production of glucose by the liver. microvascular damage to the eye. This type of diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by deficiency of insulin production and increased insulin resistance. a macrovascular complication of diabetes. elevated blood glucose. Hard
Breastfeeding _________ feeding can prevent engorgement.. _________ makes milk.. Correct latch makes ____ flow better. . Breastfeeding decreases baby’s risk of readmission to hospital related to respiratory and gastrointestinal _____________. . _____________ is a learning experience for mom and baby. . Teenage
Contagion -live. -method of muliplying microbial organisms by letting them reproudce in a controled environment in a lab. -how communicable diseases move from one place to another. Center for _____________ Control-protects public health and provides safety. -flowering plant in the olive family. Teenage
Communication When Handling Medications Crossword The prioperative assistants involved in medication practices in OR shall be _________based. (10). _____________ of all medications and fluids on and off the sterile field must be done correctly and timely. (9). medication and fluids are to be checked by two persons ______________ (13). ________ medication must be delivered to the sterile field at a time (3). The surgeon's preference lists are not considered a _____ prescription (5). Adult
Genetics: 'Building Blocks' Answer the puzzle below: the smallest part of a living being. a cell's protein factories found in all cells. protein machines that break down food into simple chemicals. tiny power plants working inside every cell. built like DNA but without the double twist. Teenage
Nutrition & Digestion Fingure like projections in the inner surface of small intestine.. Bile juice helps in the digestion of ___________ present in the food.. A pigment other than chlorophyll which can absorb sunlight.. Last part of the large intestine.. Getting rid of undigested food.. Hard
Bacteria, Viruses and Antibiotics Follwo the clues below and fill in the appropraite spaces Using too many hand sanitizers can help create ______-bugs.. Bacteria are essential to all ________.. What do antibiotics fight against, or kill?. Antibiotics are often used in _____ form.. Don't use antibiotics unless you are very, very _____.. Teenage
Diabetes Every Type 2 Diabetic should have a ...? of their own for regular testing. About 10-15% of all Diabetes are Type ...?. Diabetes is Australias fastest growing ...? Disease. Type 1 Diabetes most likely has ...? causes. Lifestyle Risk factor for Type 2 Diabetes?. Adult
Positioning the Patient In the Perioperative Setting When patient is lying on the right side, the position is____________________ . A modification of supine position . Must not _____________ or place instruments on patient . Patient's ankles should be _________________ when in supine position . Patient must not be left _____________________ at any time . Hard
Exercise Use the handout to answer the crossword puzzle. Exercise makes your heart __________.. 'with air'. Exercise strengthens _____________.. Aerobic Exercise. Simples __________, such as touching your toes,. Older Children
Multiple Sclerosis cell that attacks the neuron. gender more likely to get MS . how many different types of MS are there . procedure that can check the CSF. type of disease . Adult
Prader-Willi Syndrome What chromosome is missing genetic information?. These types of activities encourage students with PWS to become more engaged.. A scheduled break to reduce fatigue is an example of what? . PWS can range in severity causing many physical and _______________ impairments.. When upset, students with PWS have difficulty with _______________. . Adult
INFECTION CONTROL A common human bacteria that can be transferred through skin to skin contact or unclean implements is. The level of protection required by salons to kill most organisms with the exception of bacterial spores. A sign of a bacterial infection.. Organisms that live in or on another living organism and draw their nourishment.. A disease that spreads from one person to another through contact is. Very Difficult
Black Death How many people died in every 3. how the pneumonic plague spread. symptom of day one. Symptom of day two. the method of transport which carried the rats to Europe. Teenage
Health a developmental disorder of children marked by impaired communication and emotional detachment. bringing to an end; the state of experiencing and emotional conclusion to a tragic event. to not give up; to continue on. troubled emotionally or mentally. doing something tactfully/skillfully. Hard
Asthma Muscle that pulls lungs downward. This system gets rid of bad gases. Listen for wheezing with this. Medicine that decreases lung constriction. Used to measure the amount of air in the lungs. Adult
Bacteria and Virus When an organism uses sunlight to make sugars. Method of reproduction in which 2 prokayotes exchange genetic material. Cell with a membrane surrounding the nucleus. Long single hair like apendage used by bacteria for movement. Domain of prokayotes with a cell wall. Teenage
Nursing Terms Inserted on most patients scheduled for atrial fibrillation due to high volume of fluid administration and length of procedure . Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting. Activity restriction after cath. Volumetric fraction of blood pumped out of the ventricle with each heart beat . P in PCI. Very Difficult
Healthy Vision Eye terms and diseases When you can see far away things...but up close is difficult. The colored part of the eye. Regulates pupil size. When you can see OK up close...but far away is difficult. Lies behind the pupil that further focuses images. Eye disease from increased pressure in eye. Can lead to blindness. Teenage
Infectious Diseases your body's first line of defense. tiny, single-celled organisms, some of which can cause disease. any agent that causes disease. an organism that absorbs and uses nutrients of living or dead organisms. a substance prepared to introduce the body to immunity. Teenage
Pathology The 'P' in PCR. Our PA. Antibody staining. This is done by some office staff. The 'H' in NSH. Very Difficult
Higher Human Revision second phase of the menstrual cycle. necessary for absorption of vitamin B12 from the gut. condition where the body fails to produce enough insulin. the basic unit of DNA. hormone secreted by the pituitary after birth to stimulate milk production. Big
Patient Safety sessions empower caregivers to. Deviation is Normal. an aim should be. 80% say a checklist improves the safety of medical care. Evolution of ___ : No preventable mortality, harm, risk. Adult
Radiology Loss of the specialized bone structure that contains the alveoli or sockets of the teeth and supports the teeth. The process that the diagnostician goes through with the use of radiographs, clinical examination, and history to formulate a diagnosis. A procedure that is used when the dentist gets close to the nerve when removing decay.. Interproximal surfaces of adjoining teeth being superimposed on each other because of improper horizontal angulation. A lesion that is on both sided of the oral cavity; most are normal landmarks. Adult
Disease Tumors which are cancerous. Chemicals in the body that cause the symptoms of the allergic reaction. A disease that prevents the body from converting food into energy. Tiny one celled organisms. Any condition that interferes with the proper functioning of the body and mind. Hard
Dental Terminology Infection Control issues and enforced guidelines for infection control. type of immunity obtained from vaccinations. bacteria that require oxygen to live. symptoms observed by someone other than the patient. bacteria that do NOT need oxygen for survival. Hard
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