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Health Crossword Subjects

Health Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Healthy Vision Eye terms and diseases When you can see far away things...but up close is difficult. The colored part of the eye. Regulates pupil size. When you can see OK up close...but far away is difficult. Lies behind the pupil that further focuses images. Eye disease from increased pressure in eye. Can lead to blindness. Teenage
Heart Diseases a blood condition when there is not enough hemoglobin, which is the substance in red blood cells that allows the blood to transport oxygen through the body. . Occurs when the blood flow to your heart is blocked long enough to damage, or even begin to kill, your heart.. a procedure where they will insert a tube into your arm, leg or groin veins or arteries and thread it through to your heart, allowing blood to flow easily. . also known as heart disease.. measures and records the the electrical activity of the heart.. Hard
Higher Human Revision second phase of the menstrual cycle. necessary for absorption of vitamin B12 from the gut. condition where the body fails to produce enough insulin. the basic unit of DNA. hormone secreted by the pituitary after birth to stimulate milk production. Big
History of Healthcare If a person's name is the answer use their last name only Bifocals were invented by ____________.. Developed the culture plate method to identify pathogens in 1882. The CAM therapy that encourages the use of certain vitamins to neutralize free radicals is ___.. Proved microorganisims cause disease and created a vaccine for rabies. Penicillin was discovered in 1928 by ___________________.. Hard
How We See Things The part of your eye that collects the light.. The muscle in your eye that opens and closes your pupil.. In order to see things, ________ must enter our eyes.. This is the 'human computer' that helps you turn the information from your eye into pictures... If you walk from a dark room into a very bright one, your pupils become _________.. Older Children
Human Genetic Disorders Disease, changes shape of red blood cells, clogs blood vessels, doesn't carry as much oxygen. The allele for sickle-cell disease and normal cells are ___________. Genetic __________ is when you seek help to fing the chance of genetic disorders in offspring. A family tree that shows genetic traits among family members. Cystic Fibrosis is when _________ gets trapped in the lungs makng it hard to breathe. Older Children
hydration These remove water not required by the body. A sign of early dehydration. When we sweat we lose water and ......... One factor that affects the rate of sweating. If not hydrated before class you may experience this. Older Children
Hydration A sign of early dehydration. These remove water not required by the body. When we sweat we lose water and ..... If not hydrated before class you may experience this. One factor that affects the rate of sweating. Older Children
Hydration What happens if we dont drink enough. Our body consists of _ _ _ _ _ percent water. Not cold. We should drink lots of it. Always drink _ _ _ _ _ _ during and after excercise. Older Children
Immune System Another name for white blood cells.. A pathogen which reproduces using the host cell's metabolic pathways and which are not affected by ........... A cell which makes antibodies.. Large, irregularly-shaped leukocytes that destroy bacteria, viruses, and dust particles.. An organism that can cause disease.. Hard
Immune System Protein that inhibits the reproduction of viruses. A cell that engulfs large particles or whole cells. A substance that stimulates an immune response. Disintegrates old red blood cells and produces lymphocytes and plasmids. Solution containing a harmless version of a virus. Hard
Infection Control chemical that kills many microbes, but does NOT kill spore-forming bacteria. can harbor bacteria and nematodes in dental water lines. immediate symptoms. symptoms reported by the patient. cause of a disease. Adult
INFECTION CONTROL A common human bacteria that can be transferred through skin to skin contact or unclean implements is. The level of protection required by salons to kill most organisms with the exception of bacterial spores. A sign of a bacterial infection.. Organisms that live in or on another living organism and draw their nourishment.. A disease that spreads from one person to another through contact is. Very Difficult
INFECTION CONTROL The separation of infected persons from others.. Infection acquired in a hospital.. The organism from which a parasite obtains its nourishment.. A condition free from germs.. An organization located in Atlanta, Georgia that deals with infection control. Teenage
Infection Control and Skin Care _______________ infections are ones that occure while the resident is in our facility. Report to the__________ if you see any signs of skin breakdown of a resident. Type of PPE you should wear when a resident has MRSA in a wound on their skin. It is fine to place dirty linens on the floor it it is less then 5 minutes. ______________________ are are localized injury to the skin becasue of pressure or pressure/shear combination . Big
INFECTION CONTROL BASICS Single celled microbes that naturally occur on living, dead or inanimate objects. The mode of ______ is how pathogens travel to the next reservoir or host. Another name for a contagious disease. Type of transmission where microbes move across long distances by air currents. Used to treat bacterial infection. Adult
Infection Prevention who is responsible for infection prevention. when performing an attest you should wait till it _____ down before cracking it. to be worn by staff and not have any article of clothing stick out from them. alcohol hand rub should not be used on visibly_____ hands. clipper blades are to be used to remove ____ at surgical site. Older Children
Infectious Diseases your body's first line of defense. tiny, single-celled organisms, some of which can cause disease. any agent that causes disease. an organism that absorbs and uses nutrients of living or dead organisms. a substance prepared to introduce the body to immunity. Teenage
Infectious Diseases this can be a symptom of an allergic reaction. the process of making a person immune . microscopic living things. a substance that soothes or softens the skin. also known as german measles. Very Difficult
Injury Muscles tearing due to being overstretched. Group of muscles used to stablize the shoulder. Joint connecting the forearm and bicep. A break in the bone. Process of returning to full health. Big
IV Therapy A sign of fluid volume deficit. A sign of fluid volume excess. Given with TPN, may be given separately in children. Contraindicated for patients with head injury. Contains large molecules that cannot pas through a semi-permeable membrane. Hard
Kidney Transplant a blood test done to determine how well the recipient and donor's tissue will match. occurs when the body recognizes that the transplanted kidney is not it's own. a member of the health care team who directly cares for the patient. when the donor and recipient's blood is mixed together to find out if the recipient's cells will damage the donor cells. a treatment used to replace lost kidney function. Big
Know the Symptoms - Diabetes The total measurement of everything that your body consists of. Feeling of needing something to drink. Lack of natural adult desires. Feeling like you need to make several trips to the bathroom. Sores caused by something that breaks open your skin. Older Children
Laws & Rules for make-uo Infection Control / Makeup perms & relaxers are examples of this (2 wrds). protect client's neck from cape (4 wrds). stored in dry, closed container (2 wrds). disposable needles are considered ___ ___, and to discarded immediately. when disinfecting tools always follow ___ ___. Teenage
Let's Stay Healthy Read the clues to help you fill in the puzzle. Germs that cause diseases and can usually be treated with antibiotics. a bacterial infection of the throat. a viral infection of the nose and throat that passes into the ear cavity. When the body is protected from a disease. when a disease or illness can be spread to others. Older Children
Light and the Human Eye A substance that alows no light to pass through, such as wood or a building. Type of mirror that is curved outward. Type of mirror that is curved inward. A bowl of a ____ has a concave surface. Convex mirrors are used on ____ and other vehicles.. Older Children
Lou Gehrig's Disease What is the disease also known as . Average life expectancy. What sport did Lou Gehrig's play. How can you usually get the disease. What system is affected. . Hard
Lymphatic System are small masses of tissue that can be found throughout the body. contains lots of long, winding, narrow blood vessels full of hair-pin turns that circulating red blood cells have to make. an organ in front of the heart in the rib cage in which T lymphocytes mature and multiply. The main vessel of the lymphatic system, passing upward in front of the spine and draining into the left innominate vein near the base. Animal we're learning about today. Hard
Making Good Decisions Teenage Health A person who can give resourceful advice. The result of a decision or an action you take. Honestly and respectfully defending your feelings and beliefs. One of several choices that you can make. Beliefs that are important to you. Teenage
Making Good Decisions A prize you give yourself for accomplishing a task. One of several choices that you can make. Solving crossword puzzles might be considered one of these. Beliefs that are important to you. Honestly and respectfully defending your feelings and beliefs. Teenage
Making Healthful Food Choices Teens should get at least this many minutes of phsyical activity daily. . Estimated to meet the needs of half the healthy people in a group. A comparison of the amounts of nutrients a food supplies with the number of calories the food supplies. . When preparing meals you should start with this. . Foods that have undergone some preparation procedure, such as canning, freezing, drying, cooking, or fortification. Older Children
Malaria To pass on . Controls most chemical levels in the blood and expels a product called biles which prepares food for digestion. A moderate but unpleasant coldness. The process of developing from a child into an adult. Breed of mosquito thats very common in warmer countries that transmits malaria to humans. Hard
Malignant Hyperthermia A test that can be used on the patient to see if malignant hyperthermia is present. . One drug that can be used for treating malignant hyperthermia. . What color is the urine when malignant hyperthermia is present? . Another possible complication from malignant hyperthermia. . Malignant hyperthermia is often discovered after receiving what before surgery? . Hard
Malignant Tumors Malignant tumor of bone forming tissue. Overproduction of abnormal white blood cells circulating in the blood. Malignant tumor of squamous epithelium. Malignant skin tumor associated with excessive exposure to the sun . This leukemia is most frequently occurs in middle-aged adults. Hard
Massage Therapy Massage helps to reduce blood pressure and _______________. Helps to reduce anxiety and ______________. The first of the four common types of massage. In Study #1 they measures these levels from a patient sample to monitor patient's stress. Questionnaire measuring current strain. Adult
Medical heredity and DNA. when the cell wilts. two monosaccharides bonded together. different feeders. basic unit of life. Hard
Medical Ethics standards of behavior, developed as a result of one's concept of right and wrong. the ability to think analytically, using fewer emotions and more rationality. the capacity to be one's on person. all practitioners have a specific scope of practice, from which they are licensed, certified, or registered, and from which the law says they may not deviate. focuses on the traits, characteristics, and virtues that a moral person should have. Teenage
Medical Terminology process of cutting out. pertaining to white cells. the uterus is abnormality tilted backward. tiny ball of capillaries. thin, delicate inner membrances of the meninges. Adult
Medical Terms dull continuous pain. porous condition of the bone. pertaining to the heart. elevated lipid level in the blood. no known allergies. Hard
medication should be taken with food. side effect of risperdal. analgesic. side effect of some antibiotics. abbreviation for common antibiotic. Hard
Medication a drug having a soothing, calming, relaxng or tranquilizing effect. drug, such as cortisone or ibuprofen, reduces swelling. 'I haven't gone to the toilet in two days, I am definatly ____________'. 'I have a terrible headache. I am need to take a __________ and get some rest.'. a soluble case of gelatine enclosing a dose of medicine. Hard
Medications used to treat schizophrenia and symptoms of bipolar disorder . used to treat depression also be used for relief of anxiety disorders and sleeplessness . used to treating agitation caused by schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. It is used to treat bipolar disorder. used to control certain types of seizures and for the treatment of panic disorders.. Hard
Melanoma Study of skin and related issues.. The American Academy of Dermatology urges everyone to examine their ________ regularly.. When detected in its earliest stages, melanoma is highly ________.. What rule should you follow for early warning signs of Melanoma when looking at a mole?. One half does not match the other half.. Hard
Meningitis most popular test from meningitis. vaccine HIB is to prevent. is key in bacterial meningitis. bacterial meningitis is an _____________.. bacterial meningitis is treated with . Hard
Meningitis most popular test from meningitis . bacterial meningitis is an _____________. . bacterial meningitis is treated with . best prevention for spreading of meningitis . vaccine HIB is to prevent . Hard
Meningitis A symptom of Bacterial Meningitis. Name the country where Meningitis originated from. The scientific name of Bacterial Meningitis . This disease affects mostly young kids . A symptom of Meningitis. Hard
Mental Illness physician who specializes in organic disorders of the brain and nervous system. a set of unique traits and behavior patterns. prolonged feelings of sadness, hopelessness. occur within a short amount of time and involve several people in the same school or community. an irrational fear of gaining weight leads to self-imposed starvation. Hard
Metabolism Doesn't need oxygen.. The inside of Mitochondrion.. Fluid inside the Chloroplast. . Two units of energy and the estimated amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree celsius. . Chemical compound that reflect wavelengths of visible light (color). Hard
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