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Health Crossword Subjects

Health Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Nutrition Bread, ________, Rice and Pasta Group.. Percent of nutrients in a product.. What guide did the Government design to assist people with their nutrients?. Drink of life.. Teens are growing so they need more ________, calcium, iron.. Older Children
Myoglobin four bases of DNA structure, also a brilliant spoof of YMCA.. Any protein with an approximately rounded shape. Such proteins are contrasted with highly elongated, fibrous proteins such as collagen.. provides oxygen and nutrition to the whole body.. these type of animals have a high abbundance of myoglobin.. protein that gives red blood cells their colour.. Hard
Meningitis most popular test from meningitis. vaccine HIB is to prevent. is key in bacterial meningitis. bacterial meningitis is an _____________.. bacterial meningitis is treated with . Hard
Werner Syndrome By:Lauren,Abby,Bethany and Rebecca _________is a similar disease to Werner Syndrome but it occurs in children.. A rare hereditary disorder causing premature aging.. Werner Syndrome occurs in ______in 200,000 people in the U.S.. Werner Syndrome has no__________ yet.. The gene for Werner Syndrome rides on chromosome_________.. Hard
Bone Tumors Benign, fluid-containing lesion, usually occurring in the metaphysis of a long bone. Benign bone lesion with a nidus of less than 2 centimeter surrounded by a zone of reactive bone. Formed from cancer cells spreading to the bones from their original site. Solitary, sharply demarcated areas of dense compact bone . Blood-filled lesions caused by arteriovenous malformations or vascular injury. Hard
Brain Health __________ interaction helps to maintain brain vitality.. Foods that are high in _________ are considered protective foods.. Cold water ______ contain beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.. ________ your intake of protective foods.. Lifelong __________ can increase brain health.. Moderately Challenging
Salmonella Who are more likely to get Salmonella. What is the scientific name. Where it was discovered. Is Salmonella an autotroph or heteratroph. Who discovered salmonella. Hard
Know the Symptoms - Diabetes The total measurement of everything that your body consists of. Feeling of needing something to drink. Lack of natural adult desires. Feeling like you need to make several trips to the bathroom. Sores caused by something that breaks open your skin. Older Children
First Aid you need an appointment to see him. red body liquid. sharp intrument found in the firstaid box. caused by heat from the sun. a bandage that supports an injured arm. Older Children
First Aid Blockage in the brain.. Last resort, may lead to amputation.. Explosion of blood, most dangerous. . Coronary arteries are blocked.. Stands for deformity, open wounds, tenderness and swelling.. Older Children
Family Patterns A biologist who specialises in genetics. This is an alternative forms of a gene that arise by mutation. They are found at the same place as chromosomes.. The alleles are different. Males produce these using Meioisis. They fertilise eggs.. A condition that only needs one mutant gene to appear. Hard
Hydration What happens if we dont drink enough. Our body consists of _ _ _ _ _ percent water. Not cold. We should drink lots of it. Always drink _ _ _ _ _ _ during and after excercise. Older Children
Bone Cancer What do they use to treat spinal tumors that have metastasized and cause fractures?. Bone cancer caused by another cancer is known as _________ cancer.. the application of extreme cold to destroy abnormal or diseased tissue. . Prostate, kidney, lung, thyroid and breast cancer are known as this type of cancer.. The nurse's most important role in taking care of a bone cancer patient is to be an active __________.. Hard
Healthy Self Esteem you do this when you are happy. be with your decesions and judgements. self esteem is how much you yourself. from your mistakes. the opposit of weakness. Older Children
Infectious Diseases this can be a symptom of an allergic reaction. the process of making a person immune . microscopic living things. a substance that soothes or softens the skin. also known as german measles. Very Difficult
Vitamins and Minerals Zinc maintains the body's _________ function (wound repair, impaired taste). Vitamin B12 helps with _____ blood cell development and treats pernicious anemia. Important for fat synthesis protein and carbohydrate breakdown and tissue respiration. Helps body break down amino acids regulates energy growth hormones and formation of red blood cells. Regulates absorption of calcium and phosphorus for bone health. Hard
Chairside Instruments To see patient mouth. To smooth amalgam down. To remove carious dentin. To smooth amalgams and place temp.mater,. To place dycal. Hard
Smoking A component of rocket fuel used in cigarettes. When people think they need a drug to feel happy & good. Smoke that smokers breathe in. Smoking lowers ______ levels, causing acne & skin discoloration. Quitting tobacco usage can cause you to feel this. Hard
Genetics A version of a gene. A diagram that shows the inheritance of a trait within a family. Two alleles that are different. An X-shape of coiled DNA within the nucleus of a cell. A diagram that shows the probability of parents passing on certain genotypes. Hard
Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria a group of organisms of the same species, having distinctive characteristics but not usually considered a separate breed or variety. the observation and measurement of wavelengths of light or other electromagnetic radiation. group whose members have one or more similar characteristics . to excavate, extract. a pure substance composed of two or more elements whose composition is constant. Big
Infection Prevention who is responsible for infection prevention. when performing an attest you should wait till it _____ down before cracking it. to be worn by staff and not have any article of clothing stick out from them. alcohol hand rub should not be used on visibly_____ hands. clipper blades are to be used to remove ____ at surgical site. Older Children
Medication a drug having a soothing, calming, relaxng or tranquilizing effect. drug, such as cortisone or ibuprofen, reduces swelling. 'I haven't gone to the toilet in two days, I am definatly ____________'. 'I have a terrible headache. I am need to take a __________ and get some rest.'. a soluble case of gelatine enclosing a dose of medicine. Hard
Cells Cells Cells Cells organelles found in plant or eukaryotic cells . assemblers of eukaryotic cells. helps digest your food. also known as 'tiny organs'. 1. all living things have cells 2. cells come from other cells 3.cells are the baisic unit of life. Hard
Nutrients! Using your notes, find These kinds of food have a high nutrient content, and a low caloric value. A unit of measure in food. The body is made up of 70% of this nutrient. These nutrients can be fat soluable, meaning your body needs fat to absorb them. This nutrient can be found in many foods like fruits, vegetables, meats, beans and grain products. Older Children
Colorectal Cancer Colorectal cancer is the ________ most common cancer in men and women.. A localized treatment with high powered x-rays used for patients with colorectal cancer.. ________ allows for colorectal cancer to be found earlier and makes it more curable.. A persons lifetime risk of developing colorectal cancer is one in ________.. It is important to ________ well while undergoing treatment for colorectal cancer.. Hard
Colon Cancer colon cancer is the ______ most common cancer in men and women. _______ allows for colon cancer to be found earlier and makes it more curable. a localized cancer treatment using high powered x-rays. a persons lifetime risk of developing colon cancer is one in _______. it is important to ____ well while undergoing treatment for colon cancer. Hard
Health aspect of health that means taking care of the ways in which you get along with other people.. An action or choice that may cause harm to you or others.. Helps break down foods, carries nutrients throughout the body, removes wastes from the body, and keeps the body at a comfortable temperature.. Orange food group that includes bread, cereals, and oatmeal.. A goal that can be reached within a month.. Big
Genetics and Heredity one of the two chromosomes that determine an individual's sex. the scientific study of heredity. one of a number of different forms of a gene. chart that shows the relationships within a family. specific characteristic that varies from one individual from another. Hard
Braces A tool used to clean and remove food from braces, that looks like a miniature christmas tree. A type of dentistry dealing with the prevention and correction of irregular teeth, and often use the treatment of braces.. A b _ _ _ k_ _ is a groved piece attached to to a band or a tooth that holds the main wire. The opposite of cheap . A ring of metal that surrounds the back teeth, with a tube or bracket attached. Starting with m, and ending with d. Hard
Medications used to treat schizophrenia and symptoms of bipolar disorder . used to treat depression also be used for relief of anxiety disorders and sleeplessness . used to treating agitation caused by schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. It is used to treat bipolar disorder. used to control certain types of seizures and for the treatment of panic disorders.. Hard
Botulism a diluted form of the botulinum toxin used cosmetically and medically. the home-canned food that caused the 1977 botulism outbreak in Michigan. boiling food for ___ minutes can destroy the toxin. botulism is often caused by improperly ___ food. Clostridium botulinum is found in dirt and ___. Hard
Lymphatic System are small masses of tissue that can be found throughout the body. contains lots of long, winding, narrow blood vessels full of hair-pin turns that circulating red blood cells have to make. an organ in front of the heart in the rib cage in which T lymphocytes mature and multiply. The main vessel of the lymphatic system, passing upward in front of the spine and draining into the left innominate vein near the base. Animal we're learning about today. Hard
Eating Disorders Eats excessively and purges food later on by use of laxatives, diet pills, or excessive exercise.. Otherwise not specified. May have many, but not all characteristics of the other disorders.. Victims of eating disorder can avoid or excessively consume this.. A person's ____ _____ is altered greatly if he or she is under the influence of the four types of eating disorders. . Eats excessively but does not purge food.. Teenage
Health Care Reform four page double-sided document provided to applicants and enrollees with info on details and coverage examples. signed into law on March 23, 2010; Humana implemented the elimination of pre-ex for children (ages 18 and younger) due to this. abbreviation for Summary of Benefits and Coverage. these are issued as blanket accident and sickness policies, which are available to undergraduates, graduates, foreign students, and teaching assistants. exchange plan tiers are categorized by this value. Big
Skin Structure, Growth and Nutrition Nerve endings that are sensitive to touch and pressure. Thickening of the skin.. Principal component of hair and nails. Known as Granular Layer.. Core Night Instructor at Southeastern Beauty School. Hard
Dementia It is concerned with auditory stimuli. This is an umberalla term used to describe a set of conditions. This can happen later on an evening to someone with dementia. A symptom that can show signs of dementia. This will help a person with dementia be understood. Hard
Physical Fitness The ability to use your muscles, and joints fully. This type of fitness equals cardiovascular fitness. Makes up body tissue. It is made up of body tissue. Makes up body tissue. Older Children
Asthma the greek word of the asthma verb means to_____. one of the most common triggers of asthma. a machine to help breathe better. this transforms the liquid into mist to help open air ways.. many cases of asthma are linked with______. _______ can occur when a severe case of asthma goes untreated.. Older Children
Safety and Sanitation Never thaw food on the counter, instead place it in the ______.. Cut _____ from yourself while using a knife.. Food kept between 40-140 degrees has a higher rate of bacteria growth. (two words). Clean up spills _______________.. Always use _____ water and soap to wash dishes. . Big
Health and Recreation People in a neighborhood coming together. cheap medical care. Medicine only available through doctor. practices to keep body in healthy condition. injections used to prevent diseases. Big
Top 100 Medications Antidepressant, also used as a smoking cessation aid. NMDA receptor antagonist for Alzheimers. Generic name of Seroquel. Class of Coreg (2 words). Class of Diltiazem (3 letter abbreviation). Very Difficult
Urinary Tract Infection The kidneys clean the ________ of the many waste products.. The kidneys play a vital role in maintaing the ________ balance in the body?. The ________ muscle of urethra needs to relax for urination to occur.. A neprhon has two main parts: ______ and the renal tubule.. Refers to something related to the kidneys.. Older Children
Health A shot given in case you step on rusted metal.. Is a sudden loss of heart function in somebody who has a heart disease.. Laws that protect people who give first aid in good faith without false intentions or in bad faith.. Medical identification tag that provides information about the person wearing it. An open spot on the skin, but not deep enough to be a wound. . Hard
Optics When you are near-sighted. The bending or change in the direction of light when it travels from one medium to another. The production of light as a result of high temperature. When you are far-sighted. A clear,flexible structure that makes an image in the eye's retina. Hard
Diet and Health how many chambers are there in the heart. which organ is known as the body's chemical factory. When one is unable to digest milk sugar, one has a ............. intolerance. another word for high blood sugar. high blood pressure. Older Children
Pancreatic Cancer An organ that lies behind the stomach and in front of the spine. There are 4 stages of pancreatic cancer. Occurs when this uncontrolled cell growth begins in the pancreas. Affected with pain. Moving or capable of moving at high speed. Big
Child Development An unborn or unhatched offspring in the process of development.. dead when born.. providing food for the child with the use of milk producing glands in the breast. A baby born earlier than its expected date. a conveyance similar to an infant's crib set on four wheels and meant to be pushed. Big
Health An overstretching of muscles and/or tendons. Painful muscle spasms that happen from loss of water from sweating. A fracture in which there is no break in the skin. A tooth that has been knocked out of its socket. Physical conditions that result from exposure to low temperatures. Hard
Hydration A sign of early dehydration. These remove water not required by the body. When we sweat we lose water and ..... If not hydrated before class you may experience this. One factor that affects the rate of sweating. Older Children
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