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Health Crossword Subjects

Health Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Sensitive Midwifery Loss of skin elasticity (11). Natural remedy for bumps and bruises (6). Artificial stimulation of immune system (12). Immunisation given after nine months (7). Response to exposure to an antigen (10). Hard
Sepsis All answers are associated with Sepsis. Marker of tissue hypoperfusion. Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome . The other determinant of Cardiac Output. Low urine output . Term for Low blood pressure . Hard
SEPSIS Need to look for the ___________ of infection before commencing empiric antibiotic therapy. Definition: Increase in WCC,HR,RR,temperature with no infection.. Frequently elevated in sepsis but not diagnostic.. Survival rates for sepsis are much improved with a multidisciplinary____________approach.. Minimum of 2 sets required before starting antibiotic therapy.. Hard
Sexual Health All of the terms found in this crossword relate to some aspect of sexual health. A common type of Sexually Transmitted Infection. A physical reaction that happens to a male when they are turned on. The physical response associated with sex. This lasts for nine months. The age of consent for sexual intercourse. Teenage
Skin Care What does a disinfectant have to have on its label in order to prove it kills bacteria. The process of perspiring and cooling the body to maintain a healthy body temperature. A clear, slightly yellow fluid located within vessels and filtered by the lymph nodes. This system eliminates waste from the body and is comprised of the kidneys, liver, skin, large intestine and lungs. Thick-walled chambers of the bottom half of the heart and are referred as 'Left' or 'right'.. Hard
Skin Disorders Excessive exposure to the sun, diagnosed annually in the United States (1 million cases). What is key to successful treatment to malignant melanoma?. What system undergoes an adjustment in blood flow by the skin’s chemical changes?. Chemical changes in the skin produce widening and narrowing of skin _______ _______; this helps adjust blood flow to the skin.. Relaxation and _______ of the walls of blood vessels in smooth muscle tissue help adjust their diameter and regulate blood flow.. Hard
Skin Lesions Linear cracks in the skin extending from the Epidermis to the Dermis. Solid lump larger than a papule, can be above or within the skin. External Swelling can contain either benign or malignant cells. Itchy swollen lesion that only lasts up to a few hours. Closed comedone. Hard
Skin Structure, Growth and Nutrition Nerve endings that are sensitive to touch and pressure. Thickening of the skin.. Principal component of hair and nails. Known as Granular Layer.. Core Night Instructor at Southeastern Beauty School. Hard
Smoking A component of rocket fuel used in cigarettes. When people think they need a drug to feel happy & good. Smoke that smokers breathe in. Smoking lowers ______ levels, causing acne & skin discoloration. Quitting tobacco usage can cause you to feel this. Hard
Social Health The way you communicate with others. Promblems with money. Your little brothers or sisters. A qulity that demostrates how a pearson thinks, feels,and acts. The beliefs and ideals that guide the way a pearson lives. Big
Spina Bifida What type of scan is used to see if the defect is mild or severe?. Spina Bifida is a type of birth defect called.... A test that helps confirm if the baby has Spina Bifida.... How is it passed down?. Spina Bifida is a type of...... Easy
Sports Medicine Mineral in keeping bones strong. Being jointed. Bone of the tarus. Muscle in thigh. Pull of a muscle. Big
Sports Medicine Injuries Use the hints to determine what injury or emergency is being described. _______ degree burns can actuallly penetrate through muscle and bone and cause permanent damage.. this can lead to heat cramps, exhaustion or even heat stroke if you drink enough water.. When someone 'pulls' a muscle.. Also know as a brain attack because the brain is not getting adequate amounts of blood so think F.A.S.T.. When someone has been bitten by a snake they have been ______________ and you should call 911.. Hard
Staying Alcohol Free A drug that slows central nervous system. . The _______________ Policy says if you are caught w/ alcohol you can be banned from sports.. The excessive use of alcohol.. The type of Alcohol in Alcoholic drinks.. The desire to fit in.. Older Children
Steroids percentage of teen males using steroids. street name for steroids. side effect. about ____ percent of teens experiment with steroids in 2012. steroids ____________ recovery time between workouts. Teenage
Strep Throat Glands that can become swollen when a person has strep throat.. The number of serogroups identified.. The bacteria that causes strep throat. . the range in number of days it takes for symptoms to start showing.. How the disease can spread in a public place.. Big
Stress a physical symptom. health problems are caused by stress. one emotional symptom. one of the effects of stress in people are seen. stress is not the _____ for everybody . Big
Stress can result from constant worry, overwork, depression, boredom, isolation, or feeling overwhelmed by too many responsabilites. . tiredness brought on by overworking the body's defense in fighting disease. . the way you percieve a situation or how it effects you and the world . anything that causes stress. poverty, pollution, crouding, noise, or natural disasters. Hard
Surgeons Surgeons who preform surgery on the brain or Spine. Surgeon who works on the face/body. Surgeons that perform everyday surgeries. Works on cardiovascular system.. Surgeons that perform surgery on bones. Hard
Surgical Procedures hand. gynae. plastic. urology. general. Big
Take the Sepsis All answers are related with sepsis marker of tissue hypoperfusion. Systemic inflammatory response syndrome. The other determinant of cardiac output. Low urine output. term for low blood pressure. Hard
Teething The pointy teeth. A mineral used to build strong teeth.. The number of teeth we are born with. A natural acid not good for teeth. A teething _______can be used for pain relief. Teenage
Temperature, Pulse & Respirations In the morning. A thermometer that uses infra red light to detect thermal radiation. Twice a day. At night. Pulse rate under 60 bpm. Hard
The Digestive System Gland that secretes most of the digestive enzymes. Glands that producs and secrete saliva. Largest organ in the body that produces bile.. Organ that senses taste of food and helps push food to the back of the mouth. First section of the small intestine, where most chemical digestion occurs. Hard
The Endocrine System located in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen, inferior to the liver and gallbladder and lateral to the first protion of the small intestine. stimulates milk production in the breasts. an exaggerated form of hyperthyroidism with a sudden onset. female hormones that most nearly parallel testosterone in their actions. the major hormone of mineralocorticoids. Hard
The English Colonies The -------- Act placed taxes on sugar, molasses and rum. The ---------- Act of 1649 made it a crime to restrict the religious rights of Christians.. John ----- was a philosopher thought that peoplehad natural rights.. This Protestant group wanted tp purify the Anglican Church.. ------- Equiano was born in Africa and survived traveling in a slave ship.. Older Children
The Head muscle that helps you chew . injuies with three levels of severity . break in cranial bones . bleeding between the skull and brain . number of cranial bones . Hard
The Immune System Two types: B-cells and T-cells. The special organ where white blood cells mature. Layer of skin. A fluid membrane in the throat, nose, and mouth. Special cells of the immune system that recognize foreign invaders. Older Children
The Immune System they interfer with the growth of the virus. injections of a weakness or mild form of an antigen as a result of the immune response. immunity against abnormal cells and pathogens inside living cells. immunity aginst atigens and pathogens in the body fluids.. overreaction of the immune system to antigens. Hard
The Mayans they used to record dates and.... in his way of working they were considered as very________. they didnīt worried about hunting or ________ food thanks to the tamed animals.. the spanish take one of this food to ___________. they tried new farming _____ to cultivate their food. Hard
The Menstrual Cycle 1.The release of an egg from an ovary. . 8.A small secretory gland. 5.Oestrogen is a.... 7.This organ is also known as the womb. 6.The ______ of the uterus is shed once a month. Teenage
The Postpartum Period Bonding is really a continuation of the relationship that began during _____.. Mothers feel _____ for not being able to care as well for the child as they may have hoped.. Emotional _____ is caused by hormonal change, fatugue and lack of confidence with newborn.. For many parents, bonding is a byproduct of everyday _____.. Baby _____ are relieved by getting rest and sleep and having plenty of support and comfort from family and friends.. Teenage
Therapeutic Modalities the degree to which a joint can move freely.. the way a person walks.. the use of water to treat physical problems.. a type of therapy that involves using heat for therapeutic reasons.. protractor device used to measure ROM.. Hard
Thiamin The classic thiamin-deficiency disease. Common symptom of deficiency in circulatory system. Thiamin is what type of vitamin. Thiamin occupies a special site on this cell membrane. Daily recommendation for men. Teenage
THINK PINK... There are many types of breast cancer that differ in their capability of spreading (______)to other body tissues. Eating a healthy diet will not make you ______ to breast cancer. Because fat cells can produce small amounts of ______, which can fuel some cancer cells.. The _______ is made up of different types of tissues. There are over 2.5 million breast cancer _____ in the U.S.. Teenage
Thinking and Cognition the way a problem is presented. a system of rules that enables us to communicate with and understand others. the tendency to maintain a belief even after evidence proves otherwise. occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. the idea that language determines the way we think. Hard
Tips for Better Memory essential for proper recall and to let the body rest. . concentrate on accurate input, not speed. Ask questions, take part in the problem, issues, or subjects.. Pay _________to the material intensely. Nothing else should enter your mind.. a good memory is like a well maintained filing system. . Older Children
Tobacco Use the word-bank provided to fill in the puzzle below. Process of your body getting used to a drug. You think you need a drug to function normally. A state in which the body needs a drug to function normally . A way the body responds when a dependent person stops using a drug. A form of purswading consumers to try their product. Hard
Top 100 Medications Antidepressant, also used as a smoking cessation aid. NMDA receptor antagonist for Alzheimers. Generic name of Seroquel. Class of Coreg (2 words). Class of Diltiazem (3 letter abbreviation). Very Difficult
Type 1 Diabetes part of your body that makes insulin . a device that can be used to give insulin manualy without having to take shots . _______________ is a common symptom . type 1 diabetes is a ____________ disease . A blood test can measure your . Hard
Urinary Tract Infection The kidneys clean the ________ of the many waste products.. The kidneys play a vital role in maintaing the ________ balance in the body?. The ________ muscle of urethra needs to relax for urination to occur.. A neprhon has two main parts: ______ and the renal tubule.. Refers to something related to the kidneys.. Older Children
Venous Leg Ulcers _______ _______a topical drug that releases growth factors that promote healing. _____ _______occurs when these one-way valves lose their ability to function properly. The discoloration often seen in the legs of persons who have venous reflux is a result of the breakdown of this accumulated ________. Many patients also experience pain, infection, odor, and_______associated with their wound.. ________ the affected leg for as long as possible to prevent pooling of the blood and allow healing. Hard
Virus and Bacteria the region of a cell located the cell membrane. single celled organism. the ability of bacteria to withstand the effects of an antibiotic. process that involves 1 parent. a tiny structure located in the cytoplasm. Hard
Viruses a virus must take control of a specific kind of cell in order to __________. A virus can infect this. scientists have developed__________________uses for viruses in treating genetic disorders . the living cell that a virus infects is a __________cell. a virus that infects bacteria. Hard
Viruses and Bacteria single-celled organisms that lack a nucleus; prokaryotes. the ability of bacteria to withstand the effects of an antibiotic. an organism that provides a source of energy or a suitable environment for a virus or another organism to live. a virus that infects bacteria. a substance introduced into the body to stimulate the production of chemicals that destroy specific disease-causing viruses and organisms. Hard
Vitamins and Minerals This mineral keeps your bones strong.. Helps the body form red blood cells.. Another name for Folate. An orange veggie that is a source of potassium. Something that fruits and veggies are naturally low in.. Older Children
Vitamins and Minerals Zinc maintains the body's _________ function (wound repair, impaired taste). Vitamin B12 helps with _____ blood cell development and treats pernicious anemia. Important for fat synthesis protein and carbohydrate breakdown and tissue respiration. Helps body break down amino acids regulates energy growth hormones and formation of red blood cells. Regulates absorption of calcium and phosphorus for bone health. Hard
Vocabulary A short band of tough, flexible, fibrous connective tissue that connects two bones or cartilages or holds together a joint.. Relating to or denoting glands that secrete their products through ducts opening onto an epithelium.. A type of cartilage present in the outer ear, larynx, and epiglottis.. An organ in the human or animal body that secretes particular chemical substances for use in the body. Exocrine / Relating to or denoting glands that secrete their products through ducts opening onto an epithelium.. Also called dense fibrous tissue, has fibers as its main matrix element.. Hard
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