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Health Crossword Subjects

Health Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Health Reform A type of insurance policy where the insured pays a specified amount of out-of-pocket expenses for health-care services.. A contract sold by an insurance company designed to provide payments to the holder at specified intervals, usually after retirement.. A distribution of a portion of a company's earnings, decided by the board of directors, to a class of its shareholders.. A part of a payment, tax etc which is given back to the person paying it.. Monetary assistance granted by a government to a person or group in support of an enterprise regarded as being in the public interest.. Teenage
Drugs no spaces or dashes generic name for Avapro. generic name for Inderal. Brand name for labetalol. generic name for Tenormin. generic name for Inhibace. Big
Cardiovascular Respiratory Diseases immediate treatment for a stroke is. What is the name of the test you take to diagnose the disease?. what scan shows if there is bleeding in the brain?. the goal of treatments for Cor Pulmonale is too. high blood pressure is one cause of. Teenage
Carbohydrate, Protein, and Fat: Athlete Needs Excess protein cannot be ___ for future use, unlike carbohydrates and fat.. Complete proteins are found in ___ products.. Athlete recommendations for this nutrient are 20-35% of total calorie intake per day.. The science of the ingestion, digestion, absorption, metabolism, and biochemical functions of nutrients.. Athlete recommendations for this nutrient are 1.2-2.0g per kg of body weight per day.. Older Children
Healthy and Eco Living A massive problem in Britain Today . Advised to do this for 30mins a day . Diabetics have a problem with this . Something in food . Re-using something . Older Children
Sensitive Midwifery Loss of skin elasticity (11). Natural remedy for bumps and bruises (6). Artificial stimulation of immune system (12). Immunisation given after nine months (7). Response to exposure to an antigen (10). Hard
Radiation Therapy Used to assist in the positioning of patients.. Tissue equivalent material.. A national certifying body for MRTs.. Examples: interstitial, intercavitary, intraluminary, etc.. The way in which the total dose is spread out over time.. Hard
Dairy Foods Finish the crossword below as fast as you can A liquid produced from a cow, goat or certain other animals . This is found in all dairy products, it functions your bones and muscles. When the bones become increasingly porus, brittle and subject to fracture. a prepared food having the consistency of custard, made from milk curdled by the action of cultures, sometimes sweetened or flavored. a dessert made of eggs, sugar, and milk, either baked, boiled, or frozen. Older Children
Malignant Hyperthermia A test that can be used on the patient to see if malignant hyperthermia is present. . One drug that can be used for treating malignant hyperthermia. . What color is the urine when malignant hyperthermia is present? . Another possible complication from malignant hyperthermia. . Malignant hyperthermia is often discovered after receiving what before surgery? . Hard
Cardiovascular the 3 rules of kickline are be sharp, point your toes and what?. the number of types of blood vessels. you should always wear these when practicing kickline. you blood carries this to your cells. the number of times your heart beats in 1 minute is your heart what?. Older Children
Making Healthful Food Choices Teens should get at least this many minutes of phsyical activity daily. . Estimated to meet the needs of half the healthy people in a group. A comparison of the amounts of nutrients a food supplies with the number of calories the food supplies. . When preparing meals you should start with this. . Foods that have undergone some preparation procedure, such as canning, freezing, drying, cooking, or fortification. Older Children
Forensic Odontology are highly experienced,specially trained dentist who use their expertise to help identify unknown remains and trace bite marks to a specific person. study of lip prints`. Doctor of Dental Surgery. father of forensic odontology, who identified the victims of a fire accident in paris,france in 1898. is a technique in which 3D image of palatal rugae anatomy is obtained,based on the analysis of pictures taken with the same camera,from two different points,using special equipment. Hard
Abstinence Find and Circle Words when you get sick you must go see the. you must not do these. the most painful pain for a lot of women. not a female. you must purchase this to fish. Big
Breast Cancer Week Information. Food. Duvet. Princess. Unberella. Big
Mental Illness physician who specializes in organic disorders of the brain and nervous system. a set of unique traits and behavior patterns. prolonged feelings of sadness, hopelessness. occur within a short amount of time and involve several people in the same school or community. an irrational fear of gaining weight leads to self-imposed starvation. Hard
THINK PINK... There are many types of breast cancer that differ in their capability of spreading (______)to other body tissues. Eating a healthy diet will not make you ______ to breast cancer. Because fat cells can produce small amounts of ______, which can fuel some cancer cells.. The _______ is made up of different types of tissues. There are over 2.5 million breast cancer _____ in the U.S.. Teenage
Health Fitness heart condition. anaerobic. flow resistance. monitors workout intensity. muscle mass. Hard
hydration These remove water not required by the body. A sign of early dehydration. When we sweat we lose water and ......... One factor that affects the rate of sweating. If not hydrated before class you may experience this. Older Children
Diversity Oldest and most abundant organisms on earth. Single celled. Some animals have a fluid-filled body cavity called a _______. Caused by water and dissolved minerals which pushes sap up the xylem. The evolutionary development of a group of organisms . Closely related to prokaryotes but are not classified because they are not considered living. Hard
Thiamin The classic thiamin-deficiency disease. Common symptom of deficiency in circulatory system. Thiamin is what type of vitamin. Thiamin occupies a special site on this cell membrane. Daily recommendation for men. Teenage
The Endocrine System located in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen, inferior to the liver and gallbladder and lateral to the first protion of the small intestine. stimulates milk production in the breasts. an exaggerated form of hyperthyroidism with a sudden onset. female hormones that most nearly parallel testosterone in their actions. the major hormone of mineralocorticoids. Hard
The Cell Spindle fibers attach to centromeres, Chromosomes align in the middle.. The process in which the cell releases materials to the outside by discharging them as membrane-bounded vesicles passing through the cell membrane.. Fluid-filled, membrane-surrounded cavities inside a cell.. Consists of loosely coiled fibers of protein and DNA.. Chromosomes divide, spindle fibers shorten and pull the sister chromatids toward the centrioles.. Big
Skin Disorders Excessive exposure to the sun, diagnosed annually in the United States (1 million cases). What is key to successful treatment to malignant melanoma?. What system undergoes an adjustment in blood flow by the skinís chemical changes?. Chemical changes in the skin produce widening and narrowing of skin _______ _______; this helps adjust blood flow to the skin.. Relaxation and _______ of the walls of blood vessels in smooth muscle tissue help adjust their diameter and regulate blood flow.. Hard
Reproductive Disorders Complete the crossword puzzle _______ aids in milk production. Lotions and deodrants can cause false _______ results on a mammogram.. Surgical procedure that can induce menopause.. _________ degree uterine prolapse involves teh cervix protruding through the introitus.. S/P a colporrhaphy a ____________ is insterted to prevent pressure on the sutures.. Very Difficult
Cell Vocabulary plant cell organelle that uses the sun for energy. found in plant cells; temporary storage of materials. makes lipids and does not have ribosomes attached to them. makes proteins and has ribosomes attached to them. chlorophyll, chloroplast, cell wall. Hard
Cell Vocabulary organelle found in plant cells that uses light energy to produce energy. membrane bound spaces used for temporary storage of materials. make proteins the cell needs to survive. makes lipids and do not have ribosomes attached to them. makes proteins and have ribosomes attached to them. Hard
Genetics trait that appears from a strong trait. a fertilized egg that receives chromosomes from each parent. threadlike structure in the nucleus made up of DNA. traits that are passed down by parents. Weak traits that appear if only 2 factors are present. Hard
exercise and activity carry cholesterol to liver for breakdown and excrettion. exercise where body's demand for oxygen is greater than can be available. force of blood against artery walls. decreases liklihood of having accidents and increases quality of life. deposit cholesterol in the body. Hard
Vocabulary A short band of tough, flexible, fibrous connective tissue that connects two bones or cartilages or holds together a joint.. Relating to or denoting glands that secrete their products through ducts opening onto an epithelium.. A type of cartilage present in the outer ear, larynx, and epiglottis.. An organ in the human or animal body that secretes particular chemical substances for use in the body. Exocrine / Relating to or denoting glands that secrete their products through ducts opening onto an epithelium.. Also called dense fibrous tissue, has fibers as its main matrix element.. Hard
INFECTION CONTROL The separation of infected persons from others.. Infection acquired in a hospital.. The organism from which a parasite obtains its nourishment.. A condition free from germs.. An organization located in Atlanta, Georgia that deals with infection control. Teenage
Making Good Decisions A prize you give yourself for accomplishing a task. One of several choices that you can make. Solving crossword puzzles might be considered one of these. Beliefs that are important to you. Honestly and respectfully defending your feelings and beliefs. Teenage
INFECTION CONTROL BASICS Single celled microbes that naturally occur on living, dead or inanimate objects. The mode of ______ is how pathogens travel to the next reservoir or host. Another name for a contagious disease. Type of transmission where microbes move across long distances by air currents. Used to treat bacterial infection. Adult
BioPsych Fill in words that best fit the blanks Motion blindness is _______ related. Higher peak _______ was measured in athletes compared to non-athletes. CIPA: Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with ___________. Inability to recognize objects despite otherwise satisfactory vision: Visual _______. Ratio of rods:cones converging in the optic nerve is about _______ : one. Teenage
Muscular System Crossword uncontrolled contractions. fusion of many rapid nerve impulses into one smooth contraction. translucent membrane over meat. paralyses face. when body has enough oxygen to produce a good supply of ATP. Hard
Vitamins and Minerals This mineral keeps your bones strong.. Helps the body form red blood cells.. Another name for Folate. An orange veggie that is a source of potassium. Something that fruits and veggies are naturally low in.. Older Children
Organ donation and Transplantation Hepato refers to which organ in the body?. In which hospital department are the organs removed?. What is the treatment of choice for most end-stage organ diseases?. Who is the first person to call when a petential donor is identified in ICU?. How many doctors are required to declare someone brain death?. Teenage
Medical Ethics standards of behavior, developed as a result of one's concept of right and wrong. the ability to think analytically, using fewer emotions and more rationality. the capacity to be one's on person. all practitioners have a specific scope of practice, from which they are licensed, certified, or registered, and from which the law says they may not deviate. focuses on the traits, characteristics, and virtues that a moral person should have. Teenage
Safety and Infection Control Bacteria, viruses, fungi, rickettsiae, and protozoa. The proper name for an infection acquired by a patient in a health care facility is a _____________ infection. Antibiotics are effective against bacteria not against. Microorganisms capable of producing disease. To live, anerobic organisms do not need. Hard
Organelles light energy. digestion. lipids. membrane factory. package proteins. Hard
Alcoholism A decline of reasoning, memory and other mental abilities. The condition in which the number of red blood cells in the blood is low. Driving under influence. A variety of symptoms that occur after the use of alcohols is reduced or stopped. Delirium tremens. Hard
Making Good Decisions Teenage Health A person who can give resourceful advice. The result of a decision or an action you take. Honestly and respectfully defending your feelings and beliefs. One of several choices that you can make. Beliefs that are important to you. Teenage
Components of Fitness Is the time taken to for a sports performer to respond to a stimulus and the initiation of their response. For example, a sprinter in the blocks responding to the starters gun. . Having an adequate range of motion in all joints of the body. It is the ability to move a joint through its complete range of movement. . Is the work done in a unit of time. It is calculated by using this equation:. Balance is the ability to maintain your centre of mass over a base of support. There are two types of balance: static & dynamic. . Is the relative ratio of fat to fat mass to fat free mass (vital organs, muscle &bones)in the body the three types of body shapes are:. Teenage
All About the Flu Solve Each Answer Flu __ usally starts in Octobler and ends in May.. You should get vaccinated for the flu every __.. The flu __ is available as a shot or nasal-spray.. __ means easily spread.. Everyone __ months and older should get a flu vaccine.. Older Children
Health and Wellness well being of body, mind, and relationships. example of a healthy vegetable. what you should wear while riding in a car. beliefs and behavior shared by a group of people. you should not get these illegally. Hard
Health study of life. examines dead body with their own eyes. pertaining to the skin. white blood cell. dereased red blood cell count. Big
Controlling Insulin Secretion The process by which the insulin is secreted by the cell. The change in potential difference opens these channels. The type of cell that secretes insulin. The sacs that contain the insulin. The final molecule that glucose is metabolised into. Adult
Healthy Choices Very small living things that you cannot see. Some kinds cause diseases. . Unintentional and not by oneís own choice.. A condition that causes harm to a person's health.. A tiny living thing that causes disease. Viruses,bacteria, and other germs are pathogens.. Any of numerous small disk-shaped bodies found in the blood of humans and any other animal.. Teenage
Health Name a drink that keeps your bones healthy. The most important meal of the day. A good way to warm up before exercise. A fruit high in vitamin C. The part of your body which pumps your blood. Easy
Drugs after prohibition ended, this substance became public enemy #1. prejudice against this group of immigrants was a driving force of the Temperance movement. stimulant that produces effects by blocking monoamine receptors. this act of legislation created a tax on the sale of opioids and cocaine. this organ is responsible for removing drugs from the body. Hard
Bacteria and Viruses monerans that feed on dead organic matter or on living things. a preparation of dead or weakened bacteria or viruses that produces immunity to a disease. a substance produced by microbes or fungi that can destroy bacteria or stop their growth. monerans that contain chlorophyll. any of mostly one-celled organisms in which the cell does not have a nucleus. Teenage
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