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Health Crossword Subjects

Health Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Prader-Willi Syndrome What chromosome is missing genetic information?. These types of activities encourage students with PWS to become more engaged.. A scheduled break to reduce fatigue is an example of what? . PWS can range in severity causing many physical and _______________ impairments.. When upset, students with PWS have difficulty with _______________. . Adult
Pregnancy An unborn or unhatched offspring in the process of development.. It surrounds a fetus, has long been considered a protected, almost inviolable, site.. A diploid cell resulting from the fusion of two haploid gametes; a fertilized ovum.. Relating to or affecting the navel or umbilical cord.. The modified blastula of a placental mammal. Hard
Preventing Substance Abuse Areas Within 1000 feet of schools and designated by signs that people caught selling drugs recieve especially tough penalties. Organized community efforts by neighborhood residents to patrol, monitor, report, and otherwise help try to stop drug use. Any unnecessary or improper use of chemical substances for nonmedical purposes. Residential Treatment centers. The control and influence people your age may have over you. Teenage
Proteins and Water Dried beans, peas, and nuts are sources of ___________ ________. If the diet does not contain enough protein and calories, a condition called protein- energy _________ may result. About _____ of water intake comes from the food you eat. important sources of _______ proteins are lean meats, poultry, fish, milk, cheese, and eggs. About ____ percent of water intake comes from liquids. Big
Psych Conceptual framework a person uses to make sense of the world.. Memory retrieval in which a person identifies an object, idea, or situation as one he or she has not experienced before.. The ability to remember with great accuracy visual information on the basis of short-term experience.. Memory retrieval in which a person reconstructs previously learned material.. The act of filling in memory gaps.. Big
Radiation Therapy Used to assist in the positioning of patients.. Tissue equivalent material.. A national certifying body for MRTs.. Examples: interstitial, intercavitary, intraluminary, etc.. The way in which the total dose is spread out over time.. Hard
Radiology Loss of the specialized bone structure that contains the alveoli or sockets of the teeth and supports the teeth. The process that the diagnostician goes through with the use of radiographs, clinical examination, and history to formulate a diagnosis. A procedure that is used when the dentist gets close to the nerve when removing decay.. Interproximal surfaces of adjoining teeth being superimposed on each other because of improper horizontal angulation. A lesion that is on both sided of the oral cavity; most are normal landmarks. Adult
Reproductive Disorders Complete the crossword puzzle _______ aids in milk production. Lotions and deodrants can cause false _______ results on a mammogram.. Surgical procedure that can induce menopause.. _________ degree uterine prolapse involves teh cervix protruding through the introitus.. S/P a colporrhaphy a ____________ is insterted to prevent pressure on the sutures.. Very Difficult
Reproductive Medications Longer acting medication for treatment of ED (topic for review only). Genital herpes treatment medication. Class of drugs used to treat genital herpes but are not a cure. Preferred single dose treatment for chlamydial infections. Selective estrogen receptor. Hard
Respiratory System total or partial collapse of the lung. muscle seperating chest and abdomen. dyspnea on exertion. metered-dose-inhaler. a small angular cavity or pit. Hard
Respiratory System oxygen, instument to measure. excessive, breathing. lung, pertaining to, vessel, process of recording. chest, pain. pertaining to, lung. Hard
Safety ___________ comes first. always wear a _______ jacket when on a boat. stands for Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. swim between these at the beach. stands for state emergency services. Older Children
Safety and Infection Control Bacteria, viruses, fungi, rickettsiae, and protozoa. The proper name for an infection acquired by a patient in a health care facility is a _____________ infection. Antibiotics are effective against bacteria not against. Microorganisms capable of producing disease. To live, anerobic organisms do not need. Hard
Safety and Sanitation Complete the crossword puzzle using terms from chapter 6. Children are especially susceptible to this type of poisoning. . Single-celled or noncellular microorganisms. . To help preven cuts you should always keep knives ________.. You should wash your hands for this many seconds. (Spell out the number). Your refrigerator should never be above this temperature. (Spell out the number). Hard
Safety and Sanitation the condition of being secure from threat of danger, harm or loss. single calld microorganisms that live in soil, water, and the bodies of plant and animals. The process of preserving food by heating and sealing it in airtight containers for storage. the transfer of harmful bacteria from one food to another food. A commercial food preservation method that exposes food to gamma rays to increase shelf life and kill harmful microorganisms. Older Children
Safety and Sanitation Never thaw food on the counter, instead place it in the ______.. Cut _____ from yourself while using a knife.. Food kept between 40-140 degrees has a higher rate of bacteria growth. (two words). Clean up spills _______________.. Always use _____ water and soap to wash dishes. . Big
Salmonella Who are more likely to get Salmonella. What is the scientific name. Where it was discovered. Is Salmonella an autotroph or heteratroph. Who discovered salmonella. Hard
Secondhand smoking about 3,400 deaths in non-smoking adults. the smoke exhaled by a smoker. number of places that are most common for secondhand smoke. a skin disorder . passive smoking does not appear to be associated with what kind of cancer. Hard
Sensation and Perception Discovered feature detectors (with Torsten Wiesel). Principles of figure and ground, proximity, closure, similarity, simplicity, and continuity. Inability to hear. Inability to recognize objects. Inability to recognize familiar faces. Hard
Sensitive Midwifery Loss of skin elasticity (11). Natural remedy for bumps and bruises (6). Artificial stimulation of immune system (12). Immunisation given after nine months (7). Response to exposure to an antigen (10). Hard
Sepsis All answers are associated with Sepsis. Marker of tissue hypoperfusion. Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome . The other determinant of Cardiac Output. Low urine output . Term for Low blood pressure . Hard
SEPSIS Need to look for the ___________ of infection before commencing empiric antibiotic therapy. Definition: Increase in WCC,HR,RR,temperature with no infection.. Frequently elevated in sepsis but not diagnostic.. Survival rates for sepsis are much improved with a multidisciplinary____________approach.. Minimum of 2 sets required before starting antibiotic therapy.. Hard
Sexual Health All of the terms found in this crossword relate to some aspect of sexual health. A common type of Sexually Transmitted Infection. A physical reaction that happens to a male when they are turned on. The physical response associated with sex. This lasts for nine months. The age of consent for sexual intercourse. Teenage
Shock 2 - 6 mmHg. Type of shock that causes warm dry skin and bradycardia. Type of shock that arises from decreased circulating volume. Medication used in anaphylaxis. Complication of central venous catheter insertion. Big
Skin Care What does a disinfectant have to have on its label in order to prove it kills bacteria. The process of perspiring and cooling the body to maintain a healthy body temperature. A clear, slightly yellow fluid located within vessels and filtered by the lymph nodes. This system eliminates waste from the body and is comprised of the kidneys, liver, skin, large intestine and lungs. Thick-walled chambers of the bottom half of the heart and are referred as 'Left' or 'right'.. Hard
Skin Disorders Excessive exposure to the sun, diagnosed annually in the United States (1 million cases). What is key to successful treatment to malignant melanoma?. What system undergoes an adjustment in blood flow by the skinís chemical changes?. Chemical changes in the skin produce widening and narrowing of skin _______ _______; this helps adjust blood flow to the skin.. Relaxation and _______ of the walls of blood vessels in smooth muscle tissue help adjust their diameter and regulate blood flow.. Hard
Skin Lesions Linear cracks in the skin extending from the Epidermis to the Dermis. Solid lump larger than a papule, can be above or within the skin. External Swelling can contain either benign or malignant cells. Itchy swollen lesion that only lasts up to a few hours. Closed comedone. Hard
Skin Protection and Prevention part of A,B,C,D,E meaning that the lesion doesn't have the same consistent hue. you should apply this to avoid the suns rays damaging your skin. a device used for protection against the rain or sun. the unit of measurement that is used to measure a lesion. the place with lots of sand that most people tan at. Big
Skin Structure, Growth and Nutrition Nerve endings that are sensitive to touch and pressure. Thickening of the skin.. Principal component of hair and nails. Known as Granular Layer.. Core Night Instructor at Southeastern Beauty School. Hard
Sleepy Terminology 3. The______________ Explosion resulted in the death of all 7 crew members as a result of sleep deprivation.. 13. _________ can become worse if we don't sleep, we may cry more and have more anxiety.. 1. People who get 6 hours or less have a reduced reaction time from a quarter of a second to almost ________________ seconds.. 5. What is it called when part of your brain falls asleep when youíre still awake?. 4. Lack of________ impairs your ability to make good decisions.. Big
Smoking A component of rocket fuel used in cigarettes. When people think they need a drug to feel happy & good. Smoke that smokers breathe in. Smoking lowers ______ levels, causing acne & skin discoloration. Quitting tobacco usage can cause you to feel this. Hard
Social Health The way you communicate with others. Promblems with money. Your little brothers or sisters. A qulity that demostrates how a pearson thinks, feels,and acts. The beliefs and ideals that guide the way a pearson lives. Big
Spina Bifida What type of scan is used to see if the defect is mild or severe?. Spina Bifida is a type of birth defect called.... A test that helps confirm if the baby has Spina Bifida.... How is it passed down?. Spina Bifida is a type of...... Easy
Sports Medicine Mineral in keeping bones strong. Being jointed. Bone of the tarus. Muscle in thigh. Pull of a muscle. Big
Sports Medicine Injuries Use the hints to determine what injury or emergency is being described. _______ degree burns can actuallly penetrate through muscle and bone and cause permanent damage.. this can lead to heat cramps, exhaustion or even heat stroke if you drink enough water.. When someone 'pulls' a muscle.. Also know as a brain attack because the brain is not getting adequate amounts of blood so think F.A.S.T.. When someone has been bitten by a snake they have been ______________ and you should call 911.. Hard
Sprains and Strains Try to keep _________ in good conditon.. A ______ occurs when you overextend or tear a ligament while severely stressing a joint.. Lack of ________ can leave your muscles weak and likely to sustain injury.. Tired _______ are less likely to provide good support for your joints.. Avoid twisting your body while handling a load.. Big
Staying Alcohol Free A drug that slows central nervous system. . The _______________ Policy says if you are caught w/ alcohol you can be banned from sports.. The excessive use of alcohol.. The type of Alcohol in Alcoholic drinks.. The desire to fit in.. Older Children
Steroids percentage of teen males using steroids. street name for steroids. side effect. about ____ percent of teens experiment with steroids in 2012. steroids ____________ recovery time between workouts. Teenage
Strep Throat Glands that can become swollen when a person has strep throat.. The number of serogroups identified.. The bacteria that causes strep throat. . the range in number of days it takes for symptoms to start showing.. How the disease can spread in a public place.. Big
Stress a physical symptom. health problems are caused by stress. one emotional symptom. one of the effects of stress in people are seen. stress is not the _____ for everybody . Big
Stress can result from constant worry, overwork, depression, boredom, isolation, or feeling overwhelmed by too many responsabilites. . tiredness brought on by overworking the body's defense in fighting disease. . the way you percieve a situation or how it effects you and the world . anything that causes stress. poverty, pollution, crouding, noise, or natural disasters. Hard
Surgeons Surgeons who preform surgery on the brain or Spine. Surgeon who works on the face/body. Surgeons that perform everyday surgeries. Works on cardiovascular system.. Surgeons that perform surgery on bones. Hard
Surgical Procedures hand. gynae. plastic. urology. general. Big
Take the Sepsis All answers are related with sepsis marker of tissue hypoperfusion. Systemic inflammatory response syndrome. The other determinant of cardiac output. Low urine output. term for low blood pressure. Hard
Teething The pointy teeth. A mineral used to build strong teeth.. The number of teeth we are born with. A natural acid not good for teeth. A teething _______can be used for pain relief. Teenage
Temperature, Pulse & Respirations In the morning. A thermometer that uses infra red light to detect thermal radiation. Twice a day. At night. Pulse rate under 60 bpm. Hard
The Digestive System Gland that secretes most of the digestive enzymes. Glands that producs and secrete saliva. Largest organ in the body that produces bile.. Organ that senses taste of food and helps push food to the back of the mouth. First section of the small intestine, where most chemical digestion occurs. Hard
The Endocrine System located in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen, inferior to the liver and gallbladder and lateral to the first protion of the small intestine. stimulates milk production in the breasts. an exaggerated form of hyperthyroidism with a sudden onset. female hormones that most nearly parallel testosterone in their actions. the major hormone of mineralocorticoids. Hard
The English Colonies The -------- Act placed taxes on sugar, molasses and rum. The ---------- Act of 1649 made it a crime to restrict the religious rights of Christians.. John ----- was a philosopher thought that peoplehad natural rights.. This Protestant group wanted tp purify the Anglican Church.. ------- Equiano was born in Africa and survived traveling in a slave ship.. Older Children
The Head muscle that helps you chew . injuies with three levels of severity . break in cranial bones . bleeding between the skull and brain . number of cranial bones . Hard
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