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Health Crossword Subjects

Health Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Methods of Training How well your muscles work, how strong you are and how much power you have. . Type of training where a person must keep their exercise going for a certain amount of time. Training that uses weight for muscles to push against. A type of training that has stations for different exercises. Training method that is also known as 'speed play'. Older Children
Microbiology Diseases of the Respiratory System Are abrupt, major changes in viruses.. Infection occurs from from inhalation of airborne conidia . Upper Respiratory Bacterial Diseases . Develops into general malaise and swelling on the neck. cause about 50% of all colds. Hard
Midwifery fluid that surround the baby. these are painful. we would like this to come first. cut after delivery. this needs to dilate 10 cms. Adult
Minimizing of Restraining A PASD is a device used to ______________ a resident with routine activities of daily living.. Any device that is used to restrain a resident to a tiolet or commode is __________. . The restraint assessment form is completed by the ___________ _____________. . Once the restraint is applied the resident must be checked every__________. . It restricts the resident's mobility. . Teenage
Mood Disorder Complete the crossword below a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.. a complex system of nerves and networks in the brain, involving several areas near the edge of the cortex concerned with instinct and mood. It controls the basic emotions. a mild form of mania, marked by elation and hyperactivity.. a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. . treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder.. Big
Mother / Baby babys first stool. 1/3 of pregnancy. removal of the male foreskin. yellow pigment derived from hemoglobin release with the breakdown of RBCs. morphine injected into the spinal fluid, keeps pt pain free for 24 hours. Hard
Multiple Sclerosis cell that attacks the neuron. gender more likely to get MS . how many different types of MS are there . procedure that can check the CSF. type of disease . Adult
Muscular System Crossword uncontrolled contractions. fusion of many rapid nerve impulses into one smooth contraction. translucent membrane over meat. paralyses face. when body has enough oxygen to produce a good supply of ATP. Hard
Musculoskeletal Complication of prolonged immobility. Contusion injury occuring over time. Developmental task for toddlers. Intervention to help relieve cast constriction. Intervention to prevent multiple system complications in immobile patients. Big
Myoglobin four bases of DNA structure, also a brilliant spoof of YMCA.. Any protein with an approximately rounded shape. Such proteins are contrasted with highly elongated, fibrous proteins such as collagen.. provides oxygen and nutrition to the whole body.. these type of animals have a high abbundance of myoglobin.. protein that gives red blood cells their colour.. Hard
Noncummunicable Diseases Also know as hypertension, blood pressure is higher than average.. Chemicals in the body that cause allergic reactions.. Blood flow to the head is cut off.. Conditions marked by pain and swelling in the joints.. A condition where the blood flow to the heart is blocked.. Adult
NURSING EPIDEMIOLOGY Prevalence of a disease within an area.. Worlwide epidemic.. A person or an animal that shows no symptoms of a disease but harbors the infectious agent of that disease and is capable of transmitting it to others.. The study of spread and control of diseases.. A specific causative agent (as a bacterium or virus) of disease. . Adult
Nursing Terms Inserted on most patients scheduled for atrial fibrillation due to high volume of fluid administration and length of procedure . Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting. Activity restriction after cath. Volumetric fraction of blood pumped out of the ventricle with each heart beat . P in PCI. Very Difficult
Nutrient What is the super nut?. An animal organ you can eat. They come in pods. High in starch. Where's the _ _ _ _?. Hard
Nutrients Water makes up more than half of your body weight. Carries nutrients around the body.. Helps your body work properly so you grow and develop just like you should. Helps your body work properly so you grow and develop just like you should. Protein bild, maintains, and replaces the tissues in your body.. Contains starches and sugars for energy.. Older Children
Nutrients Important for building strong bones and teeth. Found in meats and whole dairy products like milk, cheese, cream and ice cream. Important for making blood and building cells. Important to keep the digestive tract working smoothly. Needed for healthy blood. Found in animal products. Big
Nutrients! Using your notes, find These kinds of food have a high nutrient content, and a low caloric value. A unit of measure in food. The body is made up of 70% of this nutrient. These nutrients can be fat soluable, meaning your body needs fat to absorb them. This nutrient can be found in many foods like fruits, vegetables, meats, beans and grain products. Older Children
Nutrition Bread, ________, Rice and Pasta Group.. Percent of nutrients in a product.. What guide did the Government design to assist people with their nutrients?. Drink of life.. Teens are growing so they need more ________, calcium, iron.. Older Children
Nutrition One source of protein is _____.. The most important meal of the day is ________.. ________ important for certain body parts.. You are _____ you eat.. What kind of drink should you have after a sport or activity ______ _____.. Older Children
Nutrition An enzymatic way our body breaks down food. An example of a complete protein. Milk is a good source of this. Another term for fat. Required by the body in large amounts. Big
Nutrition Answer questions, fill in the blank, or give the definition of the sentence What helps with bone growth?. Unit of measure for both the energy supplied by food and the energy used by the body. Building blocks that make up proteins are called?. Part of grains and plant foods that cannot be digested are called?. 70% of the body is made up of _________?. Big
Nutrition To lose water or bodily fluids. An act of burning. sugar. Anit of heat used for measuring food. Disease caused by lack of proper diet. Very Difficult
Nutrition & Digestion Fingure like projections in the inner surface of small intestine.. Bile juice helps in the digestion of ___________ present in the food.. A pigment other than chlorophyll which can absorb sunlight.. Last part of the large intestine.. Getting rid of undigested food.. Hard
Nutrition for Thought HDL stands for. The most common animal source of protein. Sugars are also called. ____ is found in animal sources. increase LDL levels and are found in fatty meats and high fat products.. Hard
Nutrition Label Terms Contains less than 5 calories per serving (2words). 3gm of fat or less per serving (2 words). Contains no more than 40 calories per serving (2 words). lb. Contains 25% fewer calories per serving than the regular product (2 words). Hard
Nutrition Related Diseases risk factor for heart disease, and other medical conditions. causes bones to become weaker and break easily. makes you pale, weak, short of breath, often tired. physcial response to certain foods by the bodies immune system. may cause increased blood clotting, stroke, decreased flexibality of blood vessels. Hard
Nutrition Through the Life Cycle Teens should get this many minutes of activity each day. . Parents should not use food as a punishment or ____________.. A major health problem for older adults who have calcium-deficient diets. . Reactions between foods and drugs. . A response of the body's immune system to a food protein. . Big
Nutrition Vocabulary Test your nutrition knowledge by completing the crossword below. 'Good' Cholesterol. A condition of inadequate red blood cells- one cause is iron deficiency. Unit of energy in food. 'Bad' Cholesterol. The sugar in milk. People with '____' intolerance can not digest it.. Hard
Nutrtion body needs them in small amounts. milk is a good source of what. contains at least 50% less fat. oxygen carrying part of blood. 60-80% of our body is.... Big
OCD The way one acts, thinks, feels. Irresistible urge. Preocupy or fill the mind of someone or something to a troubling extent. A disease or period of sickness. Medical care given to someone in need. Adult
Optics When you are near-sighted. The bending or change in the direction of light when it travels from one medium to another. The production of light as a result of high temperature. When you are far-sighted. A clear,flexible structure that makes an image in the eye's retina. Hard
Oral Pathology Descriptive Terminology 'New growth' abnormal cells exhibit uncontrolled growth. Benign discoloration of mucosa or gingiva. A flat, pigmented lesion larger than 1 cm. Resembles normal cells, remain localized, cannot spread to distant sites but can invade adjacent tissues. A lesion that has a deep cleft or grooves. Very Difficult
Organ donation and Transplantation Hepato refers to which organ in the body?. In which hospital department are the organs removed?. What is the treatment of choice for most end-stage organ diseases?. Who is the first person to call when a petential donor is identified in ICU?. How many doctors are required to declare someone brain death?. Teenage
Organelles light energy. digestion. lipids. membrane factory. package proteins. Hard
Oxygen Delivery Cyanosis may be present when the PaO2 is well above 30 mmHg in patients with . Abnormally low arterial oxygen tension. Type of hypoxia where PaO2 is normal, but the oxygen carrying capacity of the hemoglobin is inadequate. Hypoxia where blood flow to the tissues cells is inadequate so oxygen does is not meeting needs of the tissues is known as. When areas contain at least a 5g% of reduced hemoglobin/100mL this is considered. Hard
Pancreatic Cancer An organ that lies behind the stomach and in front of the spine. There are 4 stages of pancreatic cancer. Occurs when this uncontrolled cell growth begins in the pancreas. Affected with pain. Moving or capable of moving at high speed. Big
Pankration The ...... Sea or Islands. Like a donkey. Were the Olympics are held. The front of a ship also called the Bow. A herald or an announcer. Hard
Pathogens Release toxins that cause redness and inflammation. I am used to prevent a virus. I am a type of parasite . viruses need this type pf cell to survive. You need this type of microscope to view a virus. Big
Pathogens A thick, jelly-like material that surrounds the surface of some bacteria cells. first person to observe bacteria and other microorganisms.. tiny whip-like limb that helps bacteria move. essential for growth and reproduction. tiny whiskers that allow bacterial cells to exchange genetic material with each other.. Hard
Pathology The 'P' in PCR. Our PA. Antibody staining. This is done by some office staff. The 'H' in NSH. Very Difficult
Patient Safety sessions empower caregivers to. Deviation is Normal. an aim should be. 80% say a checklist improves the safety of medical care. Evolution of ___ : No preventable mortality, harm, risk. Adult
Pediatrics causes lyme disease. brothers and sisters of a patient. first menstrual period. e-choli is the most common cause of this infection. shots given throughout childhood to prevent disease. Teenage
Pharmacology Introduction to pharmacology terms Decreasing response to repeated drug doses. The elimination of drugs from the body. route by which the drug is absorbed into the circulation via oral or gastric mucose or the small intestine. The use of drugs and the clinical indications for drugs to prevent and treat diseases. (2 words) Highest blood level. Big
Pharmacy medicine that calms you down. Brand name of Methylprednisolone. single celled organisms found almost everywhere. Brand name of Paroxetine. Brand name of Setraline. Big
Phlebotomy number of attempts you can get a stick on a patient before asking for help. area inside of the elbow on interior arm where most sticks occur. small, nonraised red spots on the skin when tourniquet is left on too long. an infection of the BONE . swollen. Hard
Physical and Cognitive Development in Adolescence An eating disorder in which the individual consistently follows a binge-and-purge pattern.. Powerful chemical substances secreted by the endocrine glands and carried through the body by the bloodstream.. First menstruation. Piaget's formal operational concept that adolescents have the cognitive ability to develop hypotheses, or best guesses, about ways to solve problems, such as an algebraic equation. . The testes in the males and the ovaries in the female (sex glands). Hard
Physical Fitness The ability to use your muscles, and joints fully. This type of fitness equals cardiovascular fitness. Makes up body tissue. It is made up of body tissue. Makes up body tissue. Older Children
Plague Impossible to pass through or break.. Relating to an owner or ownership.. Sees the worse aspect in something.. Having a graceful balance.. Keeping something under control.. Older Children
Positioning the Patient In the Perioperative Setting When patient is lying on the right side, the position is____________________ . A modification of supine position . Must not _____________ or place instruments on patient . Patient's ankles should be _________________ when in supine position . Patient must not be left _____________________ at any time . Hard
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