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Health Crossword Subjects

Health Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Autism Wide range of developmental disorders.. Affects information processing in the___. . First appears during___. . Fine and ___motor skills. . Impaired social___. . Older Children
Child Studies An unborn child in the first eight weeks.. A cell that is fertilized.. Process of the embryo or fetus during pregnancy.. A mature female reproductive cell that can divide to many eggs.. An organ in the lower part of a women where babys are conceived.. Hard
Stress can result from constant worry, overwork, depression, boredom, isolation, or feeling overwhelmed by too many responsabilites. . tiredness brought on by overworking the body's defense in fighting disease. . the way you percieve a situation or how it effects you and the world . anything that causes stress. poverty, pollution, crouding, noise, or natural disasters. Hard
Emphysema Not only air flow but ___ flow is also affected.. The ____ function is impared resulting in air trapping.. The lung tissues involved in exchange of gases is impared or __.. ___ emphysema destroys the entire alveolus.. ____ lung tissue looks like an old used sponge.. Older Children
Type 1 Diabetes part of your body that makes insulin . a device that can be used to give insulin manualy without having to take shots . _______________ is a common symptom . type 1 diabetes is a ____________ disease . A blood test can measure your . Hard
Therapeutic Modalities the degree to which a joint can move freely.. the way a person walks.. the use of water to treat physical problems.. a type of therapy that involves using heat for therapeutic reasons.. protractor device used to measure ROM.. Hard
Tips for Better Memory essential for proper recall and to let the body rest. . concentrate on accurate input, not speed. Ask questions, take part in the problem, issues, or subjects.. Pay _________to the material intensely. Nothing else should enter your mind.. a good memory is like a well maintained filing system. . Older Children
The Postpartum Period Bonding is really a continuation of the relationship that began during _____.. Mothers feel _____ for not being able to care as well for the child as they may have hoped.. Emotional _____ is caused by hormonal change, fatugue and lack of confidence with newborn.. For many parents, bonding is a byproduct of everyday _____.. Baby _____ are relieved by getting rest and sleep and having plenty of support and comfort from family and friends.. Teenage
Steroids percentage of teen males using steroids. street name for steroids. side effect. about ____ percent of teens experiment with steroids in 2012. steroids ____________ recovery time between workouts. Teenage
Angelman Syndrome birthplace of Harry Angelman. lack of movement of muscle coordination. main symptom of angelman. chromosome that is deleted during angelman. mutation where there is removal of a nitrogen base. Hard
Immune System Protein that inhibits the reproduction of viruses. A cell that engulfs large particles or whole cells. A substance that stimulates an immune response. Disintegrates old red blood cells and produces lymphocytes and plasmids. Solution containing a harmless version of a virus. Hard
Secondhand smoking about 3,400 deaths in non-smoking adults. the smoke exhaled by a smoker. number of places that are most common for secondhand smoke. a skin disorder . passive smoking does not appear to be associated with what kind of cancer. Hard
Nutrition for Thought HDL stands for. The most common animal source of protein. Sugars are also called. ____ is found in animal sources. increase LDL levels and are found in fatty meats and high fat products.. Hard
Food Allergies Use the hints to figure out what term goes in each numbered squares. An allergy that has a reaction to only milk. It happens when your immune system perceives harmless food as threat and tries to attack it.. An allergy that includes beans, peas, and lentils. A natural sugar found in milk and dairy products. Percentage of people that have a food allergy to one the 'big eight' food allergies. Older Children
Immune System Another name for white blood cells.. A pathogen which reproduces using the host cell's metabolic pathways and which are not affected by ........... A cell which makes antibodies.. Large, irregularly-shaped leukocytes that destroy bacteria, viruses, and dust particles.. An organism that can cause disease.. Hard
Heart Diseases a blood condition when there is not enough hemoglobin, which is the substance in red blood cells that allows the blood to transport oxygen through the body. . Occurs when the blood flow to your heart is blocked long enough to damage, or even begin to kill, your heart.. a procedure where they will insert a tube into your arm, leg or groin veins or arteries and thread it through to your heart, allowing blood to flow easily. . also known as heart disease.. measures and records the the electrical activity of the heart.. Hard
Surgeons Surgeons who preform surgery on the brain or Spine. Surgeon who works on the face/body. Surgeons that perform everyday surgeries. Works on cardiovascular system.. Surgeons that perform surgery on bones. Hard
Yellow Fever What other color can your eyes turn besides yellow?. The 1878 epidemic killed over ___ people. Where can you get the fever?. the president who ran from the fever. In 1878 the Fever Struck over ___ US towns. Older Children
Social Health The way you communicate with others. Promblems with money. Your little brothers or sisters. A qulity that demostrates how a pearson thinks, feels,and acts. The beliefs and ideals that guide the way a pearson lives. Big
Temperature, Pulse & Respirations In the morning. A thermometer that uses infra red light to detect thermal radiation. Twice a day. At night. Pulse rate under 60 bpm. Hard
Genetics Where DNA Is Held. A Box Which Is Used To Determine Traits. The Process In Which Genes Are Passed Down From Parent To Child. Traits Unseen To The Eye. Traits Are Eyes Are Able To See. Hard
Malaria To pass on . Controls most chemical levels in the blood and expels a product called biles which prepares food for digestion. A moderate but unpleasant coldness. The process of developing from a child into an adult. Breed of mosquito thats very common in warmer countries that transmits malaria to humans. Hard
Venous Leg Ulcers _______ _______a topical drug that releases growth factors that promote healing. _____ _______occurs when these one-way valves lose their ability to function properly. The discoloration often seen in the legs of persons who have venous reflux is a result of the breakdown of this accumulated ________. Many patients also experience pain, infection, odor, and_______associated with their wound.. ________ the affected leg for as long as possible to prevent pooling of the blood and allow healing. Hard
Effects of Violence Constantly sad. Causing death to yourself. Repeatedly ignored. Deeply distressing or disturbing experience. Instigator of conflict. Big
Stress a physical symptom. health problems are caused by stress. one emotional symptom. one of the effects of stress in people are seen. stress is not the _____ for everybody . Big
Common Dental Terms Tooth surface closest to the tongue side.. Pertaining to towards the back of the mouth. Premolars and molar area.. Tooth surface next to your lips.. Pertaining to towards the front of the mouth.. A plane through the very center of your mouth perpendicular to your nose.. Hard
Light and the Human Eye A substance that alows no light to pass through, such as wood or a building. Type of mirror that is curved outward. Type of mirror that is curved inward. A bowl of a ____ has a concave surface. Convex mirrors are used on ____ and other vehicles.. Older Children
Autism Children with ASD excel at putting ________ together and building blocks. . People diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome experience feelings of _________.. Cold and unresponsive mothers. Neurological mixing of the senses. . Asperger Syndrome often exhibit numerous ______ language behaviors.. Hard
Nutrition One source of protein is _____.. The most important meal of the day is ________.. ________ important for certain body parts.. You are _____ you eat.. What kind of drink should you have after a sport or activity ______ _____.. Older Children
Meningitis most popular test from meningitis . bacterial meningitis is an _____________. . bacterial meningitis is treated with . best prevention for spreading of meningitis . vaccine HIB is to prevent . Hard
Healthy Eating An important component found in milk that helps bone growth.. Most of your carbohydrates should be: . Vegetables and All Bran are full of ______, that may lower cholesterol and keeps you full for longer.. One of the more overlooked nutritional components, this should be consumed daily in liquid form.. You should eat this colour rice.. Big
Do you know Osteoporosis? Sport to strengthen lower body. Muscles and bones work against gravity. Disease causing bones to thin. Small women. Lowers estrogen levels. Hard
Nutrition Bread, ________, Rice and Pasta Group.. Percent of nutrients in a product.. What guide did the Government design to assist people with their nutrients?. Drink of life.. Teens are growing so they need more ________, calcium, iron.. Older Children
Myoglobin four bases of DNA structure, also a brilliant spoof of YMCA.. Any protein with an approximately rounded shape. Such proteins are contrasted with highly elongated, fibrous proteins such as collagen.. provides oxygen and nutrition to the whole body.. these type of animals have a high abbundance of myoglobin.. protein that gives red blood cells their colour.. Hard
Meningitis most popular test from meningitis. vaccine HIB is to prevent. is key in bacterial meningitis. bacterial meningitis is an _____________.. bacterial meningitis is treated with . Hard
Werner Syndrome By:Lauren,Abby,Bethany and Rebecca _________is a similar disease to Werner Syndrome but it occurs in children.. A rare hereditary disorder causing premature aging.. Werner Syndrome occurs in ______in 200,000 people in the U.S.. Werner Syndrome has no__________ yet.. The gene for Werner Syndrome rides on chromosome_________.. Hard
Bone Tumors Benign, fluid-containing lesion, usually occurring in the metaphysis of a long bone. Benign bone lesion with a nidus of less than 2 centimeter surrounded by a zone of reactive bone. Formed from cancer cells spreading to the bones from their original site. Solitary, sharply demarcated areas of dense compact bone . Blood-filled lesions caused by arteriovenous malformations or vascular injury. Hard
Brain Health __________ interaction helps to maintain brain vitality.. Foods that are high in _________ are considered protective foods.. Cold water ______ contain beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.. ________ your intake of protective foods.. Lifelong __________ can increase brain health.. Moderately Challenging
Salmonella Who are more likely to get Salmonella. What is the scientific name. Where it was discovered. Is Salmonella an autotroph or heteratroph. Who discovered salmonella. Hard
Know the Symptoms - Diabetes The total measurement of everything that your body consists of. Feeling of needing something to drink. Lack of natural adult desires. Feeling like you need to make several trips to the bathroom. Sores caused by something that breaks open your skin. Older Children
First Aid you need an appointment to see him. red body liquid. sharp intrument found in the firstaid box. caused by heat from the sun. a bandage that supports an injured arm. Older Children
First Aid Blockage in the brain.. Last resort, may lead to amputation.. Explosion of blood, most dangerous. . Coronary arteries are blocked.. Stands for deformity, open wounds, tenderness and swelling.. Older Children
Family Patterns A biologist who specialises in genetics. This is an alternative forms of a gene that arise by mutation. They are found at the same place as chromosomes.. The alleles are different. Males produce these using Meioisis. They fertilise eggs.. A condition that only needs one mutant gene to appear. Hard
Hydration What happens if we dont drink enough. Our body consists of _ _ _ _ _ percent water. Not cold. We should drink lots of it. Always drink _ _ _ _ _ _ during and after excercise. Older Children
Bone Cancer What do they use to treat spinal tumors that have metastasized and cause fractures?. Bone cancer caused by another cancer is known as _________ cancer.. the application of extreme cold to destroy abnormal or diseased tissue. . Prostate, kidney, lung, thyroid and breast cancer are known as this type of cancer.. The nurse's most important role in taking care of a bone cancer patient is to be an active __________.. Hard
Healthy Self Esteem you do this when you are happy. be with your decesions and judgements. self esteem is how much you yourself. from your mistakes. the opposit of weakness. Older Children
Infectious Diseases this can be a symptom of an allergic reaction. the process of making a person immune . microscopic living things. a substance that soothes or softens the skin. also known as german measles. Very Difficult
Vitamins and Minerals Zinc maintains the body's _________ function (wound repair, impaired taste). Vitamin B12 helps with _____ blood cell development and treats pernicious anemia. Important for fat synthesis protein and carbohydrate breakdown and tissue respiration. Helps body break down amino acids regulates energy growth hormones and formation of red blood cells. Regulates absorption of calcium and phosphorus for bone health. Hard
Chairside Instruments To see patient mouth. To smooth amalgam down. To remove carious dentin. To smooth amalgams and place temp.mater,. To place dycal. Hard
Smoking A component of rocket fuel used in cigarettes. When people think they need a drug to feel happy & good. Smoke that smokers breathe in. Smoking lowers ______ levels, causing acne & skin discoloration. Quitting tobacco usage can cause you to feel this. Hard
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