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Society Crossword Subjects

Society Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Vocabulary a story or account. the passages of speech in a literary work . being convinced by reasoning . personal record. done to gain advantage. Big
'M' Puzzle I like to eat _________.. Please don't be _______!. I went to the mailbox to get our ________.. She will ______her bed soon.. My mom is proud of _______.. Simple
10 rules for dealing with the police ...'Un___________________ search and seizures shall not be tolerated..'. Aggressive behavior/movements may result in the use of a '_____' or other weapons.. When asked for your I.D. and not _______, ask: 'Officer, am I free to go?'. Don't get tricked into waiving your _______.. ...'You have the right to remain ______...'. Very Difficult
Abilities voice. roller. drawing. mountain. salsa. Simple
Adjectives Describing Character Put in the adjectives describing these people. He never believes he will win, and always worries about the future.. He does nothing but lie in front of the TV.. She always says 'Please' and 'Thank you'.. Everything in his room is always in the right place.. She always makes up stories to tell her children and can always think of new ideas.. Big
Adlerian Theory Complete the crossword puzzle using the given clues. counselor helps the client tell his or her life story as completely as possible. the concepts about self, others, and life that constitute philosophy on which an individual's life is based.. whole life (family, goals, culture etc). feeling of being connected to all humanity(past, present, future) and making world a better place. connecting themes and rules of iteraction that give meaning to our actions (perception of self, others and world). Hard
Alcohol and You A short term effect of alcohol is slurred s________.. V___________ can be a short term effect of drinking alcohol.. What organ in the body processes alcohol?. The penalty for public drinking is a $2000 f____.. Premix drinks are also known as RTD. What does this stand for?. Teenage
APA Starts here before going to Nationals. _ _ _. Defensive move. _ _. To start a match. _. Hard
Appearance Does she ____ glasses?. A sick person will lose his hair, so he's ______ bald now. He is ____ height. A type of hair. Jenny's _____ long brown hair. Older Children
Archetype Find the words by matching the definitions. searches for answers, truth, adventure, a better life. is the object of discrimination, cruelty, or other situation. one that bears the blame for others. one who resists or defies authority. fights for rights or beliefs. Older Children
Asylum Seekers and Refugees Government approval for people to enter, stay, work or study in a country. A person who has fled their homeland because of persecution. A time when a difficult or important decision must be made. Over 80% of the world's refugees are women and ____. Asylum seekers who arrive without papers are often placed in ____. Big
Athabascan Amount of Voyages of exploration and mapping Russians took. Having or showing a wish to do evil to others. 'Wealthy Man'. Only Athabascan group to live by the ocean along the shores of Cook Inlet. Athabascans are also known as. Big
Baby Shower baby will do a lot of this, especially when he is hungry. if you are not going to breastfeed, you will be buying this. helps keep baby clean when he eats. this lasts for 9 months. baby will enjoy going up and down in this. Very Difficult
Backwards Day ____________ upside down cake is the cake of this day.. On this day you may want to eat your _____________ before your dinner.. This artist must have had dyslexia; he wrote from right to left and wrote his letters backwards.. Celebrated on the 31 day of this month.. On this day you try to do everything _______________.. Older Children
Bad Hair Day Finn's hair wasn't straight and it wasn't -----.. Finn's sister. Finn looked like this in the morning. Mum's real hair colour. Finn was not this.. Older Children
Beauty Treatment Find the words tool for cutting hair that has two sharp blades with handles. a long thin mark or line that is a different colour from the surface it is on. substances used especially by women to make their faces look more attractive. a small tool with two long thin parts joined together at one end, used for pulling out hair. to form or make something form into a curved shape. Teenage
Bedtime Stories Night Noises. An Enchanted Evening. Go To Sleep, Abu!. The Monster In The Dark. Just The Way I Like It!. Moderately Challenging
Behavior Rules or standards of behavior identifying which behaviors are considered appropriate. You and others are closely connected ,are attracted to one another, and depend on one another to meet your needs. Norms that regulate a particular group member's behavior. Kind of small group. Each member delivers a prepared presentation much like a public speech . Older Children
Behavior taking of food or water into digestive tract. sensory inspection of the environment. result of seeing affection or protection. giving and care and attention . all acts associated with the ultimate fertilization process. Hard
Behaviorism _______ reinforcement is a positive stimulus to reinforce a behavior. occurs after a behavior and reduces the likelihood of that behavior occurring again in the future. range of actions made by organisms in response to their environment. Genetics that, according to Skinner, don't influence behavior. Theory that human and animal behavior can be explained by conditioning without regard to thought. Hard
Behaviour Court finds you have committed an offence . How we behave ......................... other people . When one has to pay money because of bad behaviour it is called a .... Opposite to wrong. We must be good ................................to our children to show them right.. Big
Behaviour Management Techniques guidance approach to discipline. guiding child to another appropriate activity, change circumstances or environment. should only be used if child in danger of hurting themselves or others. less stimulating area to play on their own, strategy used to help child who has difficulty playing with others. removal of attention replaced by positive behaviours, use only when appropriate. Older Children
Behavioural therapy One way behaviour is learnt [12]. What may reinforce problematic behaviours? [8,11]. Who was the experimentor who conditoned dogs to salivate to the sound of a bell? [6]. One method of investigation [11]. Another method of investigation [6,7]. Big
Bicycle Safety Has two wheels and is a fun way to pedal around town.. A white ______ is needed on the front of your bike at night or in low light conditions.. A red rear __________ or light is important.. When ridding your bike inthe street it is best to act like a ____ and follow all traffic laws.. Remember to always wear your _____ to protect your head if you fall.. Older Children
Black Contributions to America Web Search Invented System Of Hair Straightening. Peanut Butter. Developed A System That Allowed Computers To Communicate With Printers And Other Devices. Refined Process of Evaporating Milk. Installed Wires On Telegraph,Worked With Samuel Morse. Big
Black History Month a moral, ethical, or legal principle considered as an underlying cause of truth. to decline to accept. a spring or source of water. freedom from the control of others. a means or system of transporting. Older Children
Black Panthers Match each word with their definition and complete the crossword puzzle. was the early leader of the BPP. the tool and management competency. a leader of the Communist Party USA. series of covert. ran for the Green Party presidential nomination. Adult
Boy Scout Law Courage to stand up for what is right, even if others laugh at him. Follows rules of family, school, community, troop. True to Family, Friends, Scout Leaders, school and Nation. Tells the truth. Body and Mind. Older Children
Bruce Lee Complete the crossword puzzle below. This was the cause of Bruce Lee death.. Bruce's nationallity was ____.. This was the age that Bruce was before his death.. Bruce Lee had a trainer named ____.. Bruce Lee had a daughter named ____.. Hard
Buddhist Enlightened ones who return to Earth after death to help others. Good quality. A person who goes to another place to teach about religion. To calm or empty the mind by focusing on a single thought. A woman living in a religious community. Hard
Bullying When someone looks frightened by seeing or hearing about someone. How you feel when you know you did something wrong. Bullying on facebook, twitter, e-mail, texts, etc.. Marks that show someone has been physically abused. Someone who pushes others around wtih words, actions, or objects. Older Children
Bullying bullying on the internet is called _________. __________is a form of bulling. Bullys are often only looking for__________. it is best to______the bullying behaviour. Bullys often engage in ________. Older Children
Categories of Crime Try and fail to commit a crime. taking an item from store with intent of keeping it. Signing a legal document with the intent to defraud. Use of threats to take someone elses property also know as blackmail. Criminal offense punishable by death or by incarceration in a prison for at least one year. Hard
Causal Argument Infers a general conclusion based on a limited number of specific facts. Explain recurrences if the same phenomenon. Does not mean causation. Inductive reasoning only give______truths. Takes the ”after this therefore because of this” idea. Teenage
Celebrities With Disabilities Ronnie Milsap . Terry Bradshaw . Jim Abbott . Walt Disney . Hale Berry . Hard
Character Development How many roots of conflict are there?. Troyce pushes down the 1st graders during recess.. Tim hit Jenny because she said he was ugly.. The person that causes the harm.. Roots of_____________. Older Children
Childhood Children's secret weapon. The baby stage. The place where a baby is kept in the house. The young stage. The child's fantasy story. Big
Civics the study of what it means to be a u.s citizen. a person born in a country or who chooses to become a member of that country by law. promoted the idea of judicial review . A nation's overall plan for dealing with other nations. the power of the Supreme Court to declare laws and actions of local, state, or national governments unconstitutional. Big
Civics the study of the rights and duties of citizenship. is the will of the people as a whole. loyalty or commitment to a person or group or cause. a powerful ruler. a member of the of the highest class there is in that area. Older Children
Clothing and Grooming A type of store that gives part of the sale price to the original owner.. A process that cleans fabrics using special liquids instead of water.. Treatment applied to fabrics to produce a certain look, feel, or performance.. Items that complete an outfit.. A way to wash a garment.. Teenage
College The next step after high school. You go here to earn Associate's, Bachelor's, and Doctoral degrees. . The estimated full cost of your college . The grounds or buildings of a college/ university . In elementary, middle, and high school, these people are known as teachers . This has to be filled out for every college. Older Children
College Nicknames University of Minnesota. Stony Brook University. Texas Tech University. Evansville University. Stetson University. Big
Communication We read these to keep up with the news.. Beliefs, customs and way of thinking of a group.. We send this on our mobile phones.. A modern, electronic form of mail.. A system of words used to communicate.. Easy
Communication Puzzle Language used by hearing impaired. A device used whilst on the move. Useful to maintain this in an interview. Online social network. A method of communication. Big
Communications Nonverbal and verbal codes add meaning to each other and expand the meaning of either message alone.. Nonverbal movements that you might perform fully in private but only partially in public.. The study of the human use of space and distance.. The highness or lowness of the speaker's voice.. Nonverbal movements that accompany or reinforce verbal messages.. Big
COMMUNICATIONS & NETWORKS Online areas in which users have written discussion about a particular subject. Conversation that takes place over the Internet using a telephone connected to a computer or mobile device or telephone adapter. Worldwide collection of electronic documents on the Internet that users access through a Web browser. A supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest. A multimedia digital file made available on the Internet for downloading to a portable media player, computer, etc.. Teenage
Communities Around Us Complete the crossword puzzle. A way of life shared by many members of a group. A person who lives in and belongs to a community. A place where an important (historic) event took place.. A system that links computers all over the world.. An organization of community members who are interested in their community's history.. Adult
Community Cohesion A common vision and shared sense of belonging for all groups in society. A member of an ethnic group which is much smaller than the majority group. The right to pratice your religion and change your religion . Many diffrent religions living together in one society . Marriage where the husband and wife are from diffrent religions. Hard
Computer Safety freedom from risk, danger or injury. computer network, virtual. Is a popular social site for people to keep in touch with friends. A person or thing that can cause harm. Electronic risk awareness. Teenage
Consumerism when someone keep on buying without having money to spent. feeling which addicted people feel after buying something. money which people ask to a financial institution . person who are really addicted to shopping. social and economic order that encourages people to buy things. Older Children
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