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'the Witchy Worries OF Abbie Adams' Crossword Puzzle

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'The Witchy Worries of Abbie Adams'

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Across Down
4 Dr. March Hall was planning on turning Tom into this first.
7 Miss Linegar had Abbie prepare an extra report about this person.
8 What was Abbie's favorite book to read?
10 In Abbie's play she played a girl who didn't believe in _________.
11 What formula allowed for each level to stay open long enough to get to the next one?
14 Hold old was Thomas Edison when he was disenchanted from a kitten to a boy?
15 Who was the villian in the story?
17 Abbie disrupted class and got in alot of trouble when she brought who to school?
18 After Dr. Hall's memory was erased and his powers stripped, Mrs. Drake sent him to a retirement community in ______________.
19 This was Abbie's nickname for her brother.
20 Who was the most famous of the witchy authorities?
21 Who was Abbie's best friend?
22 Abbie couldn't tell Callie that she was a ___________.
24 Who was 'Tom the Cat'?
28 Mr. Merkelson kept saying ________ so Munch had to get Abbie's help.
29 What did the cat like to do?
1 What type of pet did Abbie's father magically 'poof' into her hands?
2 Why was Aunt Sophie so popular?
3 Abbie told Callie that Tom was her ___________.
5 Tom formulated a new _________ to help Abbie's dad.
6 This is like tooting your own horn.
9 Mrs. Drake could make chocolates come out of Munch's _______.
12 What did Tom's father publicly do to him after he burned down the barn?
13 What grade was Abbie in?
16 Where did Abbie's family go for a special expedition?
17 Mom used this for time-outs to make them longer without taking more time out of the day.
23 What did Tom use to let Abbie know who he was?
25 Thomas Edison loved to read and do experiments, but he wasn't _________.
26 What did Abbie's father do for his career?
27 What did Tom enjoy eating?
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