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Books Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
A Letter to Amy Complete the crossword puzzle using words from the word bank. to look quickly at something. contains three angles. a vehicle like a bicycle that contains three wheels. uncontrollable. a place or angle where two or more sides or edges meet. Young Kids
Ben Carsons Gifted Hands overcome with amazement. slanting or inclined direction, course, or postition. lacking definite from or limits. the visual percept of a region . (of liquid) giving off bubbles. Hard
How to Train Your Dragon Complete this crossword puzzle to get the map to find the treasure the Outcasts have hidden The protagonist of 'How To Train Your Dragon'. ______ the Treacherous was the antagonist of 'How To Train Your Dragon'. Its natural coloration seems to be a dull olive-green, though it can hard to see. Produces an electrical spark from its mouth to ignite the flammable gas to creating lethal explosions. Has a tail that is covered in bristling poisonous spikes, which are used as projectiles to stun or immobilize its prey. Young Kids
The Watsons Go to Birmingham Energy in a form of powerful and or harmful rays.. On time.. Soldiers sent to make an army stronger.. Immitate.. Frighten.. Older Children
'A Child Called It' faded, torn. urgent, extreme. defend yourself. shy. the top of something. Hard
'Call of the Wild' Chapter Seven state of violent mental agitation . total certainty . an anticipated outcom . stable situation in which forces cancel each other out. stubborn/unyielding . Older Children
'The Witchy Worries of Abbie Adams' What did Abbie's father do for his career?. This was Abbie's nickname for her brother.. Tom formulated a new _________ to help Abbie's dad.. Mr. Merkelson kept saying ________ so Munch had to get Abbie's help.. Hold old was Thomas Edison when he was disenchanted from a kitten to a boy?. Hard
...and One Ring to Bind Them 'from the ashes a fire shall be ____'. Smaug made this mountain named _____ his home.. Name the Elvish food that helped sustain Sam and Frodo in Mordor.. What color wizard is Gandalf?. What kind of armor does Frodo wear under his shirt on his way to Mordor. Hard
13 Little Blue Envelopes Restaurant Ginny's aunt decorates. Second city Ginny travels to. Boy Ginny fell for . Ginny's real name. Amount of envelopes . Teenage
13 Reason's Why Where Hannaha and Clay worked. What Hannah borrowed from Tony. What Clay and Hannah did at the party. What did Tyler did to Hannah. The name of the list Alex made. Teenage
20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea someone who knows a lot about something. a large animal that has eight arms and lives in the sea. a place to stand that is high up on the mast of a ship. a teacher who teaches in a college. a big job. Hard
A Bend In The Road Sheriff . Unknown. Seven. Second Grade. Baltimore. Hard
A Bend In The Road What is Miles Ryans sons name?. How does Miles meet Sarah?. What grade does Sarah teach?. Where does Miles and Brian meet when Miles forgives him?. How old is Miles?. Hard
A Boy at War Use clues to determine the plot, characters. setting, and vocab specific place bomb was dropped. main character sister. grand-father of main charater. adam's ____ was missing so he went searching. receiving unexpected good. Older Children
A Boy At War bombing in hawaii on 12/7/41. final setting. islands where pearl harbor bombing occured. war caused by pearl harbor bombing. second setting. Older Children
A Bridge to America people related to you who come after you, like your kids.. a narrow body of water connecting two larger bodies of water. people who move to find work . lines on a map showing areas north and south of the equator. possible, maybe. Teenage
A Child Called IT David's lunch for school everyday. name of David's father. principal. name of city that David lives in. David's favorite place. Adult
A Christmas Carol The name of the author of A Christmas Carol.. Marley died ... years before.. The time the ghost arrives.. Fred says that Christmas is a ... time!. Scrooge has a lot of money, he is .... Hard
A Day No Pigs Would Die Who lives beside them, owns April. What class did Robert make a D in. Narrator . Which 'Aunt' was flipping out on Robert for making a D . Who was bullying Robert . Teenage
A Deal in Ostriches Where he saw the last of the birds. Who lives by asking for money or food. Eurasian man in the story. Allow something to pass down the throat. The main character. Hard
A Hole in My Life The prisoners started a riot and the governor had to send in troops.. Getting sent to Jail.. Jack wanted to go to college but didn't have the money.. Symbolism of the title.. 'He's a dope smuggler,' he replied.. Big
A Long Walk To Water The place Salva sought refuge after being forced out of Ethiopia. Salva went back to Sudan to make these. The name of the river Salva had to cross from Ethiopia to Sudan. This person made many wells in Sudan . What we call the boys who came from Sudan to the United States. Teenage
A Long Walk to Water One of three challenges Nya faces when she gets water (heat, time, and...). The number of years since Salva has seen his father . Nya's little sister who falls ill. Salva's friend was killed in this region. The name of Salva's project and organization . Hard
A Long Way Gone Crossword Puzzle coming after something in time. difficult, unpleasant, or embarrassing situation. sword-like stabbing blade on the muzzle of a rifle. person who has been forced to leave the country. to fix an object firmly into the ground. Very Difficult
A Long Way Gone Solve the crossword puzzle Severe mental or physical pain. Lucky to have something happened.. Relating social conditions to social health. To cause frustration.. Deceiving or tending to deceive. Hard
A Modest Proposal Recipes . Deserving strong condemnation . Number of other proposals . small common harmful or objectionable animals (as lice or fleas) that are difficult to control . Another word for female parent. Big
A Nightmare on Clown Street find out the words to make someone laugh and be _____. we wear these on halloween. to say something quietly to some one. teachers do this to kids questions. to bring something down. Older Children
A Painted House mean family that gets into fights behind the co-op. like violence, not a very emotional person. the lady who was naming all of Samson's moves. mexican that got hit in the face with a rock. delieved libby's baby. Hard
A Piece Of Home A Lake By Uptown. Your Old Job. MN Hockey Team Mascot. The Best Football Team. MN Hockey Team. Older Children
A Rose for Emily to advance beyond proper limits. released from guilt. lasting indefinitely . to free from blame. incapable of being affected. Teenage
A Separate Peace He is the instigator, rival and wants to find 'Justice'. Figuratively speaking - Cold War. Coarse canvas woven from jute, hemp, or a similar fiber, used esp. for sacking. Easy accomplishment. Finny trains Gene for these, but they never come. Very Difficult
A Separate Peace Who is the substitute headmaster at Devon. What war was happening during the story . The boys at Devon don't like who. What summer does most of the action take place . Name one male parent in the book . Big
A Tale of Two Cities Weapon used to chop off heads. The alcoholic laywer and the jackal. Carton comparied himself to him, as he sacrified himself and would never die.. Darney's servent who was imprisoned by the leaders of the revolution. His son was run over by the Marquis's carraige and fel dead. Hard
A Thousand Splendid Suns Black cloak worn by women. What Rasheed is killed with. Buddist Temple. Gender of Laila's first born child. Mud hut. Hard
A Thousand Splendid Suns a minor or brief argument or disagreement. deserving pity or sympathy. the act or process of damaging or ruining something. very noisy and active in a lively way. showing or feeling regret for something done. Hard
A Ticket Around the World A small country in Central America. One of the most visited museums in the world. Brazilian soccer. means 'hello' in Setswana. The only country in the world that covers a whole continent. Hard
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn What is Florry Wendy's gender. What religious views does the person who delivers Sissy's baby have. In the courtyard is a tree called The Tree of.... What store does Cheap Charlie own. How old is Florry Wendy. Hard
A Turkey Takes the Stand The young orphan told of his__________ so passionately they were moved to tears. . My family serves_____________on Thanksgiving Day before noon.. It's hard for me to be a ______________ to a soccer match, when all I want to do is run onto the field and join the game.. President Lincoln set out to ___________slavery in the 18th century.. Students who register in this way must submit a ____________ to the department office by Monday, November 29, 2012.. Older Children
A Walk in the Woods Katz leaves trail. sidekick. quit thru hike. teacher hiker. endangered tree. Hard
A Walk to Remember the disease that Jamie is dying from. What did she want her wedding to be full with?. The narrator of the book and the guy that falls in love with Jamie. The school that they attended . Jamie's Dad. Big
A Work In Progress Use hints to find answer. Then answer on puzzle. Connor tried to be less ? than he actually was.. What does Connor talk about finding in life throughout his book?. Did Connors dad flip out on Conner after he 'came out'?. Connor liked using things that are ? a lot.. What Youtuber did Connor mainly collaborate with?. Big
A Wrinkle in Time to chant; to sing the opening phrase of. watchfulness especially in detecting and escaping danger. to take strong exeption (what is thouight to be unjust, interfering, insulting, critical, etc.. a marsh; swamp. to fall into disrepair. Hard
A Wrinkle in Time to make frantic. a strong, usually irresistible impulse to perform or act, especially one that is irrational or contrary to one's will. acting in opposition; hostile; unfriendly. 1) abnormally bent or turned to ones side; twisted; crooked: ex. a wry smile. 2) devious in course or purpose; misdirected. to skip about, as in dancing or playing; frolic. Young Kids
A Wrinkle in Time Chapter 3 and 4 vocabulary falling down. to go with an angry movement. huge. quality that makes a thing what it is. uncertain; doubtful. Teenage
A Wrinkle In Time 3W's appear on what planet. Shows up at the Murry's house on the night of the storm. Who shows the kids a battle between the stars and The Dark Thing. Meg's last name. Mr.Murry what imprisoned where. Older Children
A Wrinkle In Time The 'tramp,' who stole the bedsheets from the neighbor?. Who is the women who is very happy and has a crystal ball?. The planet where everything and every one is the same?. The youngest but smartest child?. Who or what was the family member in the Murry's, named Fortinbras?. Big
A Wrinkle in Time A changeover. Gas surrounding the Earth. Victorious-winning and proud. Hard to describe;having no outstanding features. Bow down as a show of respect. Older Children
Across the Wide Dark Sea Crowded; not enough room. Slowly leaking. Tired; needing rest. Small community in a new place. Heavy hook to hold a ship. Young Kids
Adventures of the South Pole Pig The dogs on the ship are .... Flora eats .... Flora's cat friend on the farm. The place the ship is traveling to, where the expedition will take place. The orange cat on the ship. Young Kids
Al Capone Does My Shirts Moose's baseball friend from school. Moose's 'special' sister. a sport with bats and bases. the baby. the convicts do the ____________. Older Children
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