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Civil War Crossword Puzzle

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Civil War

Use the Hints to write in the word!

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Across Down
4 Missouri would send people to Kansas to vote that it'd be a slave state, but the free states did the same. So the abolitionists and the slave people went to war in Kansas. It's called, 'Bleeding Kansas' because over the years, 30 people died there
6 a secret group of people (including free blacks, abolitionists, etc.) that worked together to help slaves escape. The people sacrificed being put into jail for helping these slaves.
7 Idea made by Stephen A. Douglas that said States could decide if they would allow slavery or not
8 An 'Act' to say that no one could help an escaping slave, if they got caught doing so, they were either to pay $1,000 or spend 6 months in jail
9 a group of people joining together by an agreement or treaty, another name for the South during the Civil War
11 The U.S. states (Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Virginia, and Missouri) that were slave states but didn't join the Confederate States and stayed with the Union
12 The U.S. had a giant state and they needed a slave state and a free state. So people would vote which would be a slave or free. In the end, Kansas became a slave state and Nebraska became a free state
13 People who were against slavery and wanted to rebel it
14 restriction of interest to a narrow sphere; undue concern with local interests or pretty distinctions at the expense of general well-being
15 A group of people joining together, another name for the North or the United States during the Civil War
1 A historic place in the harbor of Charleston in South Carolina. The Confederate States fought the U.S. Army there. 1st battle of the Civil War.
2 a military operation in which they surround a town or building, they don't let supplies in or out but when you run out of supplies, you have to surrender
3 to part from a group or a union- South Carolina was the 1st
5 President Abraham Lincoln made the Emancipation Proclamation which became active on June 1st, 1863. It stated that the slaves in the Confederate States were free and that the Union military wuld enforce their freedom
10 A forced military operation
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