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History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Nelson Mandela's Speech The laws which are made by the whites are designed to ______ this terrible situation. Children _______ about the streets of the townships because they have no schools to go to. Greater skills will bring higher ______. In a democratic society all persons live together in harmony and with equal _______.. _________ and robberies are increasing. Hard
Age Of Exploration; An area of the island of Indonesia; in the 1600s, the Dutch drove the English out of the spice market, leaving the English with only one port, here.. A fort was established by the Dutch on this island in Southeast Asia, at Batavia, in 1619 to defend their spices.. A nun of Latin America who wrote poetry and prose and encouraged women should become educated.. The top social class of Latin America, who were Spanish or Portuguese officials from Europe; they recieved all top government occupations.. A sailor from Portugal who went to Goa, in west India, and Melaka, where the Portugese could easily sail to the Spice Islands.. Hard
Governing Peoples of British North America Governor of Quebec who replaced Murray, but shared many similar views. The Quebec Act enlarged Quebec's __________ to include the Ohio Valley. Pontiac's Resistance ended by signing a peace treaty at Fort __________. Name given to French people born in the Royal Colony of New France. Autonomous; having full independent rights of self-government. Hard
Fur Trade There are no spaces between words The process of exchanging goods or services for goods or services. What made beaver fur a soft felt. Allies from the North-Eastern part of present day Quebec and Eastern portions of Labrador. Currency. A group that the French fought for resources. Hard
Age of Exploration Used to determine latitude by measuring altitude of celestial bodies. Discovered the Pacific Ocean after crossing the Panama. Explored Brazil; 1st European to realize he had discovered a new continent in the New World; America named after him. Pointed to the magnetic north, making it easier to determine direction. Aztec emperor. Hard
Mayflower It is a selection of items from a collection, such that the order of selection does not matter. Indirectly, tacitly. the necessary items for a particular purpose. conjectural. getting less. Young Kids
Ancient Crete A book that tells us about the Trojan war. A hollow, wooden animal that helped with the victory of the Trojan war. The people who lived in Crete. A blind man who wrote the Iliad and the odyssey. Paintings that were located on the walls of the palace.. Older Children
The Vikings never wore these!. where they came from. stories the Vikings wrote. Viking god who Thursday is named after. travelled the world in these. Big
Stone Age Read the clues to find the word a large elephant like animal. a home for early man. a circle of stones built in the Neolithic period. to keep warm. from the animals to wear as clothes. Easy
The Middle Ages Read the questions and fill in the answers in the crossword. What language did William B speak. . Why did William want to be King.. What did the Nobles give the King William in return for land.. William fought in which battle in 1066. . Which country is Normandy in?.. Big
The War of 1812 The Treaty of _____ was the peace treaty that ended the War of 1812 between the United States and Great Britain.. The _____ _____ of 1807 was a law passed by the United State Congress and signed by President Thomas Jefferson on December 22, 1807. It prohibited American ships from trading in all foreign ports.. The main cause of the conflict was neutral rights, or freedom of _____ and the right to remain neutral.. The _____Convention resulted in a declaration calling on the Federal Government to protect New England and to supply financial aid to New England's badly battered trade economy.. Representatives such as Henry Clay of Kentucky and John C. Calhoun of South Carolina were labeled 'war hawks' b/c they wanted to conquer _____ to eliminate British influence.. Hard
Roman Leaders First emperor to be born outside Italy. the first of the Five Good Emperor. He succeeded Augustus. the fifteenth Roman Emperor. the founder of Byzantium. Hard
Road to Revolution This refers to the act of dumping 342 chests of tea into the harbor. Alerted the colonists that . This is the economic policy behind colonialism. This act was a tax on paper products. This act required colonists to house and feed British troops. Big
World History , Scottish instrument maker and inventor whose steam engine contributed substantially to the Industrial Revolution.. ,believed in the labor theory of value to explain relative differences in market prices.. , is the belief by President Polk's administration that the U.S. should expand throughout the continent.. Every city since the dawn of mankind is an example. steam engine, used to power steam locomotives, steamboats, steamships, and machines in factories; electric generators and electric motors; the incandescent lamp . Hard
Age of Exploration Spanish conquistador, who arrived in Peru in 1532, overran the Incas, and conquered much of the continent of South America for Spain. a young Indian woman who served as translator and advisor to Cortés. one of the Spanish conquerors of Mexico and Peru in the 16th century.. act or instance of exploring or investigating; examination.. a long journey involving travel by sea or in space. Big
Gold Rush A piece of land that the miners pegs out. A tool resembling a spade with a broad blade. A type of stone that contains gold. A person who looks for gold. Unit of weight used to measure gold. Big
The Ancient Maya Read the clues to help you solve the puzzle! The Maya numbering system differed from the European system because it included a numeral for.... The Ancient Maya were the first to introduce this delicious drink.. One of the two reasons why the great Maya cities fell.. Feathers from these birds were used to decorate Ancient Maya headdresses . The Ancient Maya developed an advanced writing system that used.... Older Children
Pre-Columbian North America Tribes of the __________ have a deep connection with their environment.. One of the largest tribes of the Southwest was the _________________ tribe.. The main source of food and materials for the Midwest tribes was ________________.. ______________ are tall, cone shaped houses made of buffalo hides stretched over wooden poles.. ________________ that had developed by the 1400's shared many similarities.. Big
The Romantic Period (1785-1825) Had many scandalous love affairs' with both sexes. . Wollstonecraft named her first child after her dead friend. What was her name?. What book did Wordsworth and Coleridge write together? . The man interested in the human soul and who's art illuminated his poems. . Frame narratives are stories that take place inside a story. What was the fame story for the Rime of the Ancient Mariner? . Big
Reconstruction Era Abolished slavery. when a person rents land from a landowner and they pay in a portion of their crops.. Period of rebuilding the South following the Civil War. Became President after Lincoln was assassinated.. President who wrote the Emancipation Proclamation.. Big
Age of Exploration helped navigators find magnetic North. device used to find latitude. he entered the St. Lawrence River. sailed west encountered a large island & named it newfoundland. gave aid to the Netherlands by allowing privateers to attack the Spanish Armada. Very Difficult
Westward Expansion These people tried to convert Native Americans to Christianity. . Chief ____ ____ is one of the major chiefs of the Native American population in Cheyenne.. This Cheyenne Native American leader was a great Native American leader who fought against Custer and won.. The idea that the Americans who go to settle west were sent by God and deserved that land.. Gold was found in California and the _____ Territory.. Hard
The Trojan Horse Graeci aedificant ___ equum.. Laocoon a serpentibus ____.. ___ annos Graeci Troiam pugnant.. Neptuni est deus ____.. Ligneus ___ est dolus.. Older Children
Early Native Americans in North America Was a ceremony of the people of the Northwest, at which the hosts showered their guest with gifts. This region is home to the Iroquois. In the Iroquois Nations, women had a great influence and owned all the property that belonged to a clan. In this region, Native Americans lived in desert houses made out of adobe. Tribal chief under the Iroquois. Ways of life. Hard
Fur Trade first permanent non-Indian settlement in North Dakota. trading items for other items without exchanging money. nicknamed “The Walking Peace Pipe”; mapped the city of Wahpeton. ten years. grandchildren, great-grandchildren. Hard
Early Christian and Byzantine Design where general assembly would congregate.. Required a large pool of water for emersion.. Continuous walkway around the apse.. A roof supported by columns to form a covering for an important object.. Holy place separate from the nave. Hard
Revolution People a slave who served as a spy for the colonists during the revolution . writer of the book “History of Rise, Progress, and Termination of Revolution.”. father of the U.S. Navy. became the 2nd president of the U.S.. commander of the Continental Army. Big
Anglo Saxons Who led the Norman army?. Which battle was king Harold killed in?. What was the most common weapon on my tier list?. What was the defensive weapon used by the Anglo-Saxons?. What did the Anglo-Saxons call helmets?. Older Children
The Great Industrialists A group of corporations that unite in order to reduce competition and control prices in a business or an industry.. The giving of funds to organizations/causes intended for the betterment of society. . An investment banker, financier, philanthropist, and collector who considerably expanded his inherited fortune. . He was an american business magnate and philanthropist. He was a co-founder of the Standard Oil Company.. Business leaders who controlled large trusts, crushed their competitors, and became very wealthy.. Simple
Colonizing America Religious settlements run by Catholic priests and friars.. Spanish explorer. He led the first expedition to Florida. . Members of the group that separated from the Church of England, sailed to America, and founded the Plymouth Colony.. The first permanent English settlement in North America, in what is now Virginia. . A group of people who move to a new land and are ruled by the government of their native land. . Older Children
Absolute Monarchs: Louis XIV The belief that the monarch’s right to rule comes directly from God. . Someone who helps rule in a country in a monarch’s place. . Nickname for Louis XIV.. The name for members of the influential upper class.. Hunting lodge turned grand palace built by Louis XIV.. Simple
The Civil War 1st real battle of the Civil War where the Confederate Army won. The North marched towards Richmond thinking the Confederates would be an easy victory but the Confederates met them on the path. The Union was forced to retreat.. A Union General who was in charge of the Union at the beginning of the war. He was able to defeat Lee at Antietam securing a much-needed Union victory.. This was the amendment that abolished slavery.. The Union’s ironclad ship that fought the ship, the Virginia, and ended in a draw. The ironclad ships were one of the newest in ship technology at the time.. The most violent battle of the Civil War, in Pennsylvania from July 1 to 3, 1863. The battle was named after the town it was near. Union General George G Meade led 90,000 men to victory against General Robert E Lee’s Confederate army of 75,000. . Hard
English Revolution The second colony and became a heaven of religious freedom. most commonly known as the brave Indian Disney princess. a person who has journeyed to a place for religious reason. the acceptance of a certain body of religious knowledge. a unfermented drink made by crushing fruit, usually apples. Older Children
The Civil War (1862) an order issued by President Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves in areas rebelling against the Union; took effect January 1, 1863.. He wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, which led to the eventual freeing of slaves in the south. . Act passed in 1854 that created Kansas and Nebraska territories and abolished the Missouri Compromise by allowing states to determine whether slavery would be permitted in new regions.. Includes California admitted as a free state, the Fugitive Slave Act, Made popular sovereignty in most other countries from Mexican- American War. President of the Confederate States of America. He was a member of the Democratic Party; he represented Mississippi in the United States Senate and the House of Representatives before the Civil War. . Older Children
1912 Turkey cedes Libya to Italy, as long as Italy removes forces from where? . Dr. Gaston Odin of Paris claims he has isolated and grown 'the' microbe that causes cancer. His next step is to make a ______________. What is Morocco's official status a 'French ___________'. Britain controls Sudan and builds a railroad along the. Former Pres of Princeton University. He also wrote The Constitutional Government of the United States . Hard
Age of Exploration Made By: Ava Harrison An instrument used to plan a course using the stars. An instrument that shows the direction of magnetic north. A large farm. A sea passage along the northern coast of North America in search of a more direct route to Asia. A point of land that sticks out into water, much like a penninsula. Hard
The Umbrella Man to attract somebody or make somebody want to do or have something, even if they know it is wrong. to hold something tightly in your hand. terrible. a situation that may lead to punishment. the money that you pay to travel by bus, plane, taxi, etc.. Hard
Revolutionary War Treaty signed with the US, Spain, France, and Britain present. Granted the US full independence.. General Washington crossed the Delaware River to catch to the British of the guard. . It was because of his strong leadership that the Continental Army was able to compete with Britain, despite it lacking the proper training or supplies.. Established due to the colonists' persistence in their common goal of Independence.. It was after this battle that France signed the Treaty of Alliance, agreeing to remain enemies with Britain until the US gained Independence.. Older Children
Vikings: People and Places Have fun! King Alfred fled here when the Norsemen occupied Wessex. The only Kingdom in England that was taken over by the Norsemen. The youngest son of Ragnar Lodbrok . Lady of the Mercians and Daughter of Alfred. The Kingdoms of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Hard
The Gold Rush Fill in the words A technique used by miners to find gold in streams by putting water and sand down a rocker.. A Victorian city where James Scobie died in the Eureka Hotel. Time between first finding of gold and 1855. A technique used by miners to find gold by digging a shaft 1m by 1m. A technique used by miners to find gold in streams by swishing a pan around. Older Children
The French Revolution and Empire The belief that a monarch is subject to no Earthly authority, deriving his ruling from the will of God. The removal of government, usually through violent means. Name of French Legislature during the French Revolution. A wave of peasant riots and violence. Period where a series of massacres and public executions took place. Hard
The 1920s Influential people and events that marked the fabulous era of the 20s French automobile manufacturer founded in 1919. 'Charles _' Made the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight.. Dance craze of the 20s. Law that made the US a dry state. This Egyptian Pharaoh's tomb was found.. Very Difficult
Egypt large stone statues that have the heads of a man, rams, or hawks and the body of a lion. Egyptian kings. cloth used for mummification. the strange writing of the Egyptian . the study of the debris and ruins of other cultures. Hard
The Origins of the Cold War 1941-1958 When Churchill said this existed to seperate the USSR and the rest of Europe (4,7). This is when one person is fully in charge of everything in a country, they are a ... (8). Set up in 1949, also known as the North Altantic Treaty Organisation (4). Ths UK is this type of government - money based (10). Early Russian leader, first name Josef (6). Big
New World Beginnings Use your knowledge of the content and your notes to fill out the crossword below. The Americas were nicknamed the 'New World' and Europe was nicknamed this. The land bridge went from this location to North America. This type of farming involved corn, beans, and squash. Interpreter for Cortes. Spanish explorers sent to find gold and Christianize natives. Hard
World History American Civil Rights Activist well-known for her refusal to sit at the back of a racially segregated bus.. Famous Russian Revolutionary assassinated in Mexico.. Leader of the Communist Revolution in Cuba.. The act of giving up sovereign power, especially by a Monarch.. Russia's 'White House'.. Very Difficult
Sepsis Awareness Notify the __ of a positive sepsis screen. Type of antibiotic ordered for sepsis. People aged ___ ___ and over are at increased risk for sepsis.. Indicator of perfusion. Hypotension that does not respond to IV fluid resuscitation. Hard
King Arthur Characters, Creatures, Objects and Places An Enchantress Who Lived under a lake . The Sword In The Stone. Son of Sir Lancelot. Arthur's Brother. Nephew of Arthur. Big
Ancient China Another word for a Chinese king. A major ancient Chinese religion. Most spoken language in China. Ancient healing practice using needles . Chinese writing is known as . Hard
World History Bus boycott and American Civil Rights Activist. Leader of Communist Revolution in Cuba. Russian Revolutionary. The act of giving up sovereign power, especially by a Monarch.. The German State from 1918 -1933. Very Difficult
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