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History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
The Renaissance Along with Milan and Venice it expanded and played crucial roles in Italian politics. goverment of europe based on protection and obligation. Worldy viewpoint . Sum of money given the wifes family to the husband upon marriage. Along with Flourence and Venice it expanded and played crucial roles in Italian politics. Hard
U.S. History Act passed to punish Britain and France and to protect American merchant ships from capture. Created by supporters of Andrew Jackson. Purchased this territory from Mexico. Indians were forced on this trail where many died. Forced Indians to move west. Hard
US History Items produced by the colonies and enumerated in acts of Parliament that could be legally shipped from the colony only to specified locations. A colony created when the English monarch granted a huge tract of land to an individual or gourp who became 'Lord(s) Proprietor'. The legislature of Colonial Virginia. 1st organized in 1619, it was the 1st institution of representative government in the English Colonies. Members of an offshoot branch of Puritanism. Believed that the Church of England was too corrupt and they must separate to save their souls. An alliance between to Iroquois Confederacy and the colony of New York which sought to establish Iroquois dominance over all other tribes and thus put New York in an economical and political dominant position among all other colonies. Very Difficult
Wars and Diplomacy especially noticeable in the 18th cent. . armies needed. ended European conflict in 7 Years' War . new concept for diplomacy . major colonial power in 1763. Big
1500s Natives believed in these. A span over hundreds of years where people traded fur pelts. People in France dine with these. Natives in the great plains rely on these for almost everything. A place with gems, gold and silver. Big
1812 He was the richest. First nation soldiers with Brock. the war . over 11 hundred soldiers. His troupes shot at each other. Hard
1820's Politics... This crossword will have words to do with the 1820's Politics in it... Good Luck! An organization to gain political power-9,5. An activity associated with the governance of a country or area- 8. A formal indication of a choice between two or more candidates or courses of action, expressed typically through a ballot or a show of hands- 6. The system by which a nation, state, or community is governed- 10. The social group between the upper and working classes- 6,5. Older Children
1930's what prairie farmers ate for meat. jobs and production increased and there were more sales . food provided to the poor byt the government and the rich . when eligible families are provided care from the government . a time of very low sales and high unemployment. Hard
1930s FDR's radio talks were known as _____ chats. ______ Americans were the poorest during the depression. Alfred Landon was govenor of _____. Franklin_____ won the 1932 election. Government charity. Older Children
1930s - Great Depression - Rise of Fascism Great Britain, France, U.S., Russia.. Stalin signed this pact with Hitler agreeing to never attack eachother anymore.. Established the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.. Stresses nationalism and places the interests of the state above those of individuals. Fascists argue power must rest with a single strong leader and a small group of devoted party members.. What Roosevelt promised the American people, focused on three general goals: relief for the needy, economic recovery, and financial reform.. Hard
1950's Culture Soviet union launched this into space for the first time.. People came home and wanted to start and this created.... King of rock & roll. American film actor. A disease . Hard
1993 Famous actress from Breakfast at Tiffany's dies. Won best actor in both Golden Globe and Academy Awards. Small toys stuffed with beans. Movie on WWII that won best film in Golden Globe. Kentucky Derby champion. Teenage
19th Century Inventors Who developed kindergarden?. Who developed pasteurization?. Who Invented the Bunson Burner?. Developed the assembly line. Who invented the typewriter?. Older Children
2012Year in Review Won reelection as US President. Was reelected as Venezuela's president. Hurricane that walloped the US East Coast. Most popular name for female babies. Most searched person on Google. Hard
54th Regiment Massachusetts Complete the following: Confederate victory . Victory at Fort Wagner . To break away. Consequence for black soldiers in uniform. Leader of the abolitionist movement. Adult
A President's Day the President provides moral for the country. the group of people the President asks advice from. the President's office where he works everyday. The President is in charge of the armed forces so we call him this. The President is in charge of international relations so we call him this. Older Children
Abigail Adams Abigail urged John to advance womens _______. City which Abigail was born in.. Abigail cared for her ____ at her home.. What month did she die?. Abigail and John corresponded through ________ when they were apart.. Older Children
Abolition Movement who was Fredrick Douglass educated by? . used to be named fred the slave.. White sisters from S.C. that were the most prominent speakers at abolition movements. Real name is Isabella Baumfire, Freed from slavery in 1827 and worked as a domestic servant until. The American Colonization Society was set up for what kind of people?. Hard
Abraham Lincoln How tall is Abraham Lincoln?. how many siblings did he have?. What number president was Abraham Lincoln?. what was his famouse speech?. where was he born?. Older Children
Abraham Lincoln Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theater?. The North and South were starting to __________.. What kind of houses did Lincoln live in during his childhood?. What number President was Lincoln?. Who won the Civil War?. Older Children
Absolute Monarchy in Russia the adoptioon of Western ideas, technology and culture. used his power to put Russia on the road to becoming a great modern power. the capital city built on the Baltic Coast. a port to be free of ice all year long. landowning nobles. Hard
Africa First king or founder of the Songhay empire . Grand nephew of Sundiata, Ruler of Mali . The terrain of most of Africa, grassy and flat. Major center for trade for the Mali and Songhay Empires . Brief empire between the fall of Ghana and rise of Mali, Sundiata conquered it . Hard
Africa's Early History a scientist who study launguages. vast forest that contains jungles and lots of of rain. dense tangles of plants wherever the sun shines. place we are studying. stories, song,and poems passed by word of mouth from generation to an another. Older Children
African American What class of people gained power in the lower South during the cotton boom?. Eli Whitney's invention that changed cotton production.. The sets of rules slaves had to live by.. What song provided motivation for the slaves with the idea that they too would be led to freedom?. Established by slaves, these places were found in the woods.. Older Children
Age of Absolutism another name for Louis XIV. making Russia more like western Europe. document giving religious freedom to huguenots. Russia; westernization of Russia. Russia; 300 years. Hard
Age of Exploration led by him the Portuguese defeated the Muslims. most important/main reason. smaller & faster ships designed by the Portuguese . a settlement of people living in a new territory controlled by their home country. territory that belonged to Spain before it's people became Protestant. Hard
Age of Railroads What gave the federal government the right to supervise railroad activities?. What supreme court case upheld the Granger laws by a vote of seven to two?. What was the worst depression up till that point?. Who built the manufacturing sleepers and other railroad cars?. A golden spike marked the spanning of the nation by the first .... Hard
Age of Sail Small posts secured through the deck of the vessel for fastening lines to. Stop and hold on. The way to get on or off a vessel in port. Right side of a vessel, when looking forward. Smaller sails used for stability. Very Difficult
Akkadians Type of writing they used . Type of religion. Art was to show how impressive their ________ were. How many main empires were there?. Empire was bound together by __________. Older Children
Alexandria egyptian government was centered around a -----. alexander lived in the ------ age.. cleopatra's father. tutored alexander.. city founded by alexander in 332 B.C.. Teenage
All About Imperialism Under this man's control of the United States Navel Forces defeated the Spanish Fleat in Monila Bay.. Britain wanted control of this kingdom in order to protect its possessions in India.. The alleged duty of the white race to care for subject peoples of other races in its colonial possessions.. William McKinley decided to turn this country into an American Colony.. Only remaining free state in Southeast Asia. Hard
Amelia and Eleanor having or showing good taste. first women to fly a plane across the Atlantic. without a partner; alone. place where the pilot sits in an airplane. not reserved; frank. Older Children
America Expanding To be added. Leader of the rebellion. What Alaska was bought for. Main cash crop grown in Hawaii. Stronger countries taking over weaker ones for military or economic interest. Older Children
American Civics the people govern themselves by voting on issues individually as citizens. the system where each branch of government exercises some control over the other. people who didn't favor the constitution. dictator. type of government where one person or small group holds all the power. Big
American Civil War Confederate states. battle on MS River July 1963. President of USA 1861-1865. to prevent the enforcement of a federal law in a state. major cash crop in south. Older Children
American History time when there was tranquility and prosperity. document that stated no more slaves should be brought into missouri . the system imposed by Henry Clay that included a central bank protective tariffs and a road system. limited naval ships from being on the lakes. the name of the system in the south for economic and political affairs. Hard
American History The Embargo Act is replaced with this act.. Lewis and Clark leave from here to explore.. This is one of the judges that did not get his comission.. Jefferson tries to impeach this man.. The man that is the governor of the Indiana Territory.. Big
American History A person who owes loyalty and is entitled to protection of state.. Favoring a republic or representative democracy as the best form of government.. Rights of the Supreme Court to determine if law violates the constitution.. Powers shared by the states and federal government.. Members of congress represent.. Big
American Imperialism - People US president who practiced dollar diplomacy.. Naval commodore who delivered a letter from President Filmore and waited with his armed fleet for Japan to open up ports to trade.. Newspaper tycoon who used yellow journalism to sell his paper, the 'New York World.'. Secretary of State who proposed the 'Open Door Policy' with China.. Newpaper publisher who used yellow journalism in his New York Journal.. Older Children
American Outlaws Jesse James was killed because his brother wanted the. People took the ... in their own hands. Frank James showed ........ around the James farm. Billy the kid was sentence to be . Jesse James brother was named. Teenage
American Revolution the state or quality of being equal. the formal written document declaring of the 13 colonies from Great Britain. the organization of a governing authority of a particular region. Founding Father of United states, inventor, scientist. the formal statement of the fundamental rights of the people of the United States. Hard
American Revolution Father of the Constitution. 'give me liberty or give me death!'. his philosophy about inalienable rights had a big influence on the writers of the declaration of independence. this policy by the British resulted in patriots throwing crates of tea into the Boston Harbor. first secretary of the treasury. Older Children
Ancient China King gives land for more military protection. enforced peace throughout Asia, responsible for more territory and larger population. 1029-258 B.C.E. dynasty that seized Yangte River, ruled with alliances. Chinese Philosopher, came from an aristocratic family. origins dating to the Zhou Dynasty Laozi founded this philosophy. Hard
Ancient China Food Stuffed in a Roll Shape. Religious Figure. An Army Made Out of Stone. Religion Begining with C. You Have to Do This if You Want a Pot. Hard
Ancient Civilizations Having new tools and methods to solve problems is another characteristic of civilization. . Government in which citizens elected representatives to make decisions/laws for their country. Period of Roman peace and prosperity. Belief in many Gods. Government in which ALL matters are voted on by ALL citizens. Very Difficult
Ancient Civilizations one of the two rivers. if there is not a lot of something. putting water on the crops to make then grow. rivers made by people. one of the two rivers. Older Children
Ancient Civilizations Early civilization along the Yucatan Peninsula, Guatemala and northern Belize. Carved or engraved symbol. Heartland of a major culture. Shared attitude,knowledge and behaviors. Civilization in the Valley of Mexico. Older Children
Ancient Cliff Dwellers a person who is related to someone and who lives after them, such as their child or grandchild. from a time in human history before recorded events; very old. a hole in the floor of a kiva that is the doorway between the spirit world and the real world. a dark, heavy soil containing. pictures painted on stone. Hard
Ancient Egypt Titled floors, pillars and many rooms were found in this type of home. . Wives of Pharaohs, but were not as important as the Queen. . This class of people were craftsmen made beautiful pottery and furniture. . This type of house has earth floors and plaster covered walls.. This type of brick is used to build homes in ancient Egypt. . Older Children
Ancient Egypt Houses were made from this material. Most bread made from this grain. The passage from the Pyramid temple (mortuary temple) to the valley temple. Important officials that enforced the laws and wishes of the ruler. Triangular fertile area at the mouth of the river. Very Difficult
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