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History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
1920'S 1920'S IMPORTANT WORDS AND EVENTS a time of difficulties most commonly economically. . the place where all economic trades are done . the leader of the nazi party.. it happened in 1929 and started in the United States, and it started by the crash of the stock market, it affected everyone.. it is a book published by Adolf Hitler in 1925. Hard
African American Women History Makers Complete the puzzle. Invented the rain hat.. First African American woman elected president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Services. Oversees the Academy Awards (OSCARS) and the Governors Awards. First African American woman to serve as U.S. Attorney General. First black principal ballerina at the American Ballet Theater.. Invented The Walker and the toilet tissue holder.. Big
Geography of Ancient Greece a city that operates like a tiny independent country. Island just south of the Peloponnesus where the Greek civilization first began to develop. an area under the full or partial political control of another country. lands that are modern day Turkey, the cross road between Greece, Egypt and Mesopotamia. the western half of the Eurasia continent which features countries such as France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Hard
Civil Rights Movement Successfully argued the brown v. board case . A group of people going to a place to protest to fight for equal rights . Refuse to obey laws or demands peacefully . A organization formed for all colored people to have equal rights . Civil Rights Leader that influenced on American society and only believed in nonviolent protest. Big
The Era of Thomas Jefferson return to a former condition. to change in some way ; to make different. the place on a continentail that separates river system flowing in opposite direction. of an arisocracy or upper class. to withdraw. Hard
Civil Rights This group of people that rode to south in a bus, in the purpose of ending segregation in bus and train stations.. For something to desegregate or to come together.. Rights that are given to an American citizen.. These were tests that African-Americans had to take to test their ability to read and write, and if they wanted to vote.. They are the first nine African-Americans to go to a all-white school.. Hard
Ella Baker last name of college attended. smartest one in the class. nick name. fight for. first name of college attended. Hard
Women In The Revolution Wife of john adams, had impact on his decisions. Known as the female paul revere because she through Putnam and Dutchess Counties to warn the militia that British troops were burning Danbury, Connecticut. Taught her son george how to be respectful and how to lead a good army. George said that if he didnít have such a disciplined childhood, then he would have never joined the army . A famous spy. Women who cleaned up after the soldiers and took care of the kids. Hard
New Global Connections People to Know French explorer. The first to establish France's claim to North America, he made three voyages to Canada between 1534 and 1541.. Prince of Portugal, noted for his patronage of Portuguese voyages of exploration of the W coast of Africa . A Spanish Conquistador who led an expedition that caused the fall of the Aztec Empire and brought large portions of mainland Mexico under the rule of the King of Castile in the early 16th century.. Spanish historian, social reformer and Dominican friar. He became the first resident Bishop of Chiapas, and the first officially appointed 'Protector of the Indians'. His extensive writings, the most famous being A Short Account of the Destruction of. His 1602 map of the world in Chinese characters introduced the findings of European exploration to East Asia. He is considered a Servant of God in Roman Catholicism.. Hard
Western Expansion a difficulty that is not easy to overcome. lots of land available. illness or sickness often with symptoms. a large mammal used for pulling wagons. storekeeper. Big
Mae Jemison someone who flies into space. the space shuttle Mae Jemison took with road with six other crew members in September, 1992. someone who is courageous. where astronauts take off to go into space in Florida . a special vehicle that astronauts use to get into space. Older Children
Mesopotamia Complete the crossword puzzle with the clues provided. Uses wedge-shaped symbols, and is known as the first writing system.. A political unit made up of surrounding lands, and a city.. When you believe in more than one god or goddess.. Writings, pictures, or drawings that represent a idea or thought.. A temple stacked on top of a lot of smaller levels.. Big
Amelia Earhart a person who is famous for a special talent or achievement. rapid descent of an aircraft while turning round and round. not of consistent quality. people who fly aircraft. stopped being in sight. Older Children
Neoclassical Era This dance term is the ability to jump into the air and cross feet rapidly and also caused a change in ballet attire. This neoclassical dancer is best known for changing the dress to a more flowing costume. This country begins to really take shape during this era and establishes independence from Britain in 1776. This playwright's real name is Jean-Baptiste Poqeulin. This neoclassical guideline says that characters had to act in a way that was appropriate to their stations in life. Hard
Malcolm X Malcolm felt like this animal while in school. The month when Malcolm was assassinated. The name of the white woman that Malcolm dated. Malcolm's Spouse. Took a pilgrimage to this place. Hard
History of Economics Large agricultural estate in ancient Rome. The leading industrial unit from 2nd century to present day. For England and the United States in the XVIII-XIX centuries. ..... was typical path of development of agrarian capitalism. Prevailing type of ownership was ... property of Athenian type. What is the European country most affected by the economic crisis of 1929 - 1933?. Hard
The Middle Ages The Barons demanded this from King John.. The Conqueror.. Plague in the 1300s.. England fought this country for one hundred years.. Wat Tyler was the leader of this.. Hard
World War II The United States is an, 'Arsenal of Democracy,' it allowed Britain to buy weapons from the United States regardless of their ability to pay.. September 1940 in response to Japan's aggression in the south Pacific the U.S. cuts off scrap metal and steel to Japan; June 1941 the U.S. cut off all oil sales and production to Japan; the hope was that this would cripple Japanese war machines.. The unprovoked attack on the United States Navy at the Pearl Harbor on Oahu December 7, 1941.. Dictator of Nazi Germany, fascist leader who was the head of the Nazi Party.. A nation can buy weapons from the United States as long as they pay cash and pick up the weapons at United States ports.. Big
Events Leading to Civil Rights Confederate state that chose to secede from the union in 1860.. This state would not be found on the map of the United States in 1820.. To formally withdraw.. Invented in 1794 made it easier to remove cotton seeds. President that was elected in November 1860.. Older Children
George Washington The President is also known as the __________-in-Chief. The state he was born in. Washington came to be known as the '_______ of the country'. Washington was born in what month?. Eulogized as 'first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his _________'. Older Children
Jefferson was the fourth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.. is the doctrine under which legislative and executive actions are subject to review by the judiciary.. was the acquisition of the Louisiana territory by the United States from France in 1803.. was an American brigadier general and explorer for whom Pikes Peak in Colorado was renamed.. noun form of impress. Hard
Great Depression (2 words) A place where shares in corporations are brought and sold through an organized system.. Aid for the needy;welfare.. To fail to meet an obligation.. A grant of money, often from the government, to a person or company for actions that will benefit the public.. (2 words) A person who moves from place to place to find work.. Big
Industrial Revolution Englishman who would destroy machinery . lowest socio-economic class . Father of Communism. Eli Whitney created this. Certificate of ownership. Hard
Henry Ford Ford is considered the creator of this now widely recognised vehicle. Henry Ford held strong views on rthe Jewish role in WW1. Ford's method to improve the life of his workers. Henry Ford revoultionary production method. Fords method of car construction. Big
American Revolution a person who wanted the 13 colonies to be independent. a person who was loyal to the King of England during the colonial times. something that a person is or should be allowed to have, get or do. an act of sealing off a place to prevent goods or people from getting in or out. a point of view or way of seeing something. Older Children
The 90's Los Del Rio released a song that created this popular dance fad. These books were released in the 90's and spawned video games and movies. Killed September 13,1996. Got 14 Academy Award nominations, won 11 including Best Picture. This president was almost impeached in the 1990's. Big
The Patriot Character Hung in the Beginning of the Story. Sophia's Brother. Title of The Book. Main Character. The _____ Occupied The Calderwoods Home City . Older Children
13 Colonies This person was injured during a boat accident and sent back to England.. A crop that a farmer grows in large amounts to sell.. A fence of large pointed stakes or posts.. A leader who is either appointed or chosen by the people.. An area whose landscape, climate, soil and way of life make it different from other areas.. Big
Cleopatra Jerry Lee Lewis song '____ balls of fire'. a deadly snake. a black one means you did something bad. this cause of death occurs twice as often as murder. smartness. Big
Conquest of Central and South America The capital city of the Aztec. The conquistador who led the conquest of the Aztec. The capital city of the Inca. Cortez added men to his side by becoming allies with the ______________ tribes of the Aztec. People who came to the new world to spread Christianity. Hard
Civil Rights and Reform in the 1960s Domestic program create to eliminate poverty and racial injustice.. Ruled that Mexican Americans has the same protection found under the 14th amendment.. Supreme Court of the US during the time where Warren was the Chief Justice.. National social insurance institute by the US government in 1966.is . National Association of the Advancement of Colored People.. Easy
Ancient Egypt And Nubia Is an area of sediment soil or canals carried by water. United lower Egypt and upper Egypt . A strong feeling of love loyalty or commitment. A fine mineral particles that can form fertile soil. A killed workers who practice a handicraft. Hard
Life In Colonial America the leader of the Jamestown Settlement. founded by Pilgrims. wanted to be separate from the Church of England. name of the people who settled in Massachusetts. businessmen who were granted approval to settle lands across the Atlantic. Big
World War 1 a type of naval warfare in which submarines sink vessels such as freighters and tankers without warning, as opposed to attacks per prize rules.. The zone of conflict in an eastern sector, specifically in central and eastern Europe during the First World War.. an agreement made by opposing sides in a war to stop fighting for a certain time; a truce.. a political party that advocates the application of the social and economic principles of communism through state policy.. a member of the majority faction of the Russian Social Democratic Party, which was renamed the Communist Party after seizing power in the October Revolution of 1917.. Hard
The Korean War Marguerite ___________ was the only female America reporter in Korea.. General Douglas ____________ was the supreme commander of the UN forces until April 1951.. On July 27, 1953, this was signed to end the fighting.. For two years, fighting during the was stalled around the 38th.... ________ II Sung was the premier of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.. Hard
Dictators Threaten World Peace Dictator of Germany. Leader of a group of Spanish army officers. Political Philosophy that advocates a country ran by a dictator.. Tolitarian leader of Italy.. Laws made to prevent the U.S. to make sales and loans to a nation who are at war.. Big
War of 1812 crossword puzzle A high-pitched scream. Another way of creating peace. Cause light to appear on a surface. A building used to house soldiers. An alliance between nations to fight a common enemy. Very Difficult
Black History Month Complete the cross word puzzle. Use the word bank to help you - ONLY last names. singer songwriter won academy award for best song for 'Glory' from the movie 'Selma' . 1st African american to win an Academy Award for best actor 'Lillies of the field' . basket ball player won Olympic gold in 1992 and 1996 only player from naval academy to play in the NBA/ very charitable . became NASA's first African American female engineer. Supreme court's 96th justice and 1st African American supreme court justice 1967 - 1991. Very Difficult
Road to the Revolution What event was caused, in part, by disputes over land and trade with the Native Americans?. The British Parliament lowered the tax on molasses and allowed British soldiers to seize smuggled goods with this act.. Due to this event, English colonists in America could no longer settle west of the Appalachian Mountains.. THis act was a tax on imported goods like glass, tea, and paper. A group of colonial leaders who worked together to send a statement to King George III declaring that only colonial assemblies could tax the colonists.. Big
Ancient Civilization The Mayans built their pryamids out of _______________.. The social class that created art, sculptures and paintings.. The main food crop that they grew?. Each level is ______________________ from your family. . They believed in many __________________?. Big
Ancient Greece The citizens elect officials to represent them in the government. This term describes the government of the United States.. Democracy in Athens came to an end after these people conquered Greece.. All citizens in Athens could participate directly in the government.. He was a leader from about 460 BC until 429 BC. He encouraged the people of his city to participate in government.. A government in which only a few people have power. 'Government by the Few'. Hard
Jackson Era To give up . He organized an Army of Native Americans that freed several Mexican provinces. Selling goods in another country below market prices. Andrew Jackson's nickname. A practice of rewarding supporters with government jobs. Hard
Medieval Medicine where books were kept in the Middle Ages. this practice was discouraged by the Church. the major epidemic which killed about a quarter of the population. these were set up by the Church to provide formal education. the theory that planets and stars could cause some diseases. Big
Antebellum First state to secede from the Union. Author of 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'. Winner of the 1856 presidential election. Counterpart of Kansas Act. Frederick ________, Abolitionist Speaker and Author. Hard
MLK: African American Civil RIghts The kind of protests M.L.K Jr would lead. A young man who's murder helped to spark the African American civil rights movement. When 9 African American students first integrated into a white school. Nation of Islam member who supported African American civil rights in a somewhat extreme way. Where African Americans faced the most racism. Big
The Northern Renaissance What did the growth of cities help create?. Why were other people starting to interact more?. Who invented the printing press. How was the Northern Renaissance different from the Italian Renaissance?. Name one thing Shakespeare wrote.. Older Children
World War II Italian fascist dictator.. On December 7, 1941, a surprise attack by the Japanese on the main US Pacific fleet harbored in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii that destroyed 18 US ships and 200 aircraft. In response to this attack, the US declared war on Japan and Germany, entering World Wa. Germany invaded, breaking their agreement, so Britain and France declared war, starting World War II.. Alliance of Great Britain, Soviet Union, United States, and France during World War II.. Accepting demands in order to avoid conflict.. Big
William Harvey Carney Date Of Birth. The Other half of where he lived. Achievements. Half of where he lived. Where he was born. Hard
Yukon Gold Rush III name of river at Dyea. name of destination city on Yukon River by prospectors. nickname for leader of Smith con men in Skagway. a year's worth of ___________ to last one year in the Yukon. period during 1890s economic condition in the US. Hard
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