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Other Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Woodworks Words with spaces in the middle are replaced with dashes. From trees. Powered method of cutting wood. Un-powered method of cutting wood. To evaluate risk. Used to hit nails in. Big
First Aid and Emergency Procedures people tend to panic in this situation . the thing people do when they are ill or hungover . when an object gets lodged in your throat . another word for scratch . medical care given to someone for injuries or illness . Big
US Money Use these words to complete this Money Cross Word Puzzle Lincoln and the Lincoln Memorial on this coin. 13 unfinished rows symbolize strength and endurance. First US President. Part of Treasury producing US coins. Abolished slavery. Hard
Fun & Factual Fungi A popular, edible parasitic mushroom, growing in clumps (common name).. The genus of a common coral type of fungi that tastes like lobster. . The Japanese know this yummy mushroom as maitake (four words). . An identifying feature of Suillus mushrooms (aka Slippery Jacks). . A way to preserve mushrooms. . Hard
Textiles Used to cut fabric . Jeans are made from what material. Name of hole found in a needle. Simple and quick way to fasten. Consists of two halves of tiny hooks and loops. Commonly used to knit with. Big
Enamel Only in mature enamel, perpendicular to rods . Amelogenesis not turned off after enamel crown laid down, when enamel organ continuously produces enamel over root dentin . Chemical loss of enamel . Bundles of hypocalified rods extending from DEJ into enamel . Small hypocalcified areas near the DEJ, where odontoblastic process are trapped in enamel . Hard
Reflection and Mirrors The word used to describe reflection on a very smooth surface. A thin beam of light. Describing two rays that come together. An optically formed duplicate, counterpart, or reflection from a curved mirror. A shape that 'caved in'. Big
Stained Glass Architectural device by which windows are divided . Rose Window re-glazed to celebrate this dynasty. Great West Window second nickname. Surname of one of the leading Georgian glass craftsmen in England. Kingly figure on choir screen (c.1440-50). Hard
Thinking Skills Make judgments about the value of ideas or materials.. Show some reaction as a result of certain ideas or phenomena.. The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.. Coordinate voluntary muscle movements and to maintain posture, balance, and equilibrium.. Level while sleeping or unconscious. Big
Free Enterprise Capitalism schooling, jobs, what to buy, sell etc. better, cheaper, more products, Incentive to invent. dollar value of all goods, services & structures, produced w/in a country in 12 month period. private citizens own & use the factors of production to make products & profits. daily adjustment in prices, adjusts industry. Big
Textile Terminology Make this puzzle to test your textile terminology Part of the sewing machine that keeps your fabric into place. Tool you use for putting thread through fabric. Forming a stretchy fabric by looping a continuous yarn (with two needles). Type of fabric made of (recycles) plastics. Template to cut exact pieces of fabric. Hard
Clothing Solve the crossword it is used to fasten garments, bags, and other items. be made longer or wider without tearing or breaking.. a part around the neck of a shirt, blouse, jacket or coat. a coat made from waterproofed or water-resistant fabric. trousers cut to fit and fasten at the hips. Hard
Nematodes itchiness in the anal region caused by E.vermicularis. classification of all adult female Filarial worms. all eggs are alike. Ovoid with thin hyalline transparent shell. mode of transmission of Ancylostoma caninum. infective stage of filarial worms to vector. Hard
Dental the start of the digestive system. outer layer of a tooth. use this to clean your teeth. cutting teeth. visit this person every 6 months. Big
Magical Creatures unicorns a magical horse . with wings but not Birds. magical bird. like a unicorn but Whithout a horn. swims in the water but not fish. Easy
Adjectives to Describe Places. Find the correct word according to the description. Designed and made using the most recent ideas and methods. If an object or achievement is?__. Is exciting and makes you feel strongly interested. If a place is ___, there are no people in it.. Making very little noise. Big
Decision Making Choice Educational Making up oneís mind. A power affecting a person. Pretending to be what oneís isnít. To forcefully influence. Convince someone. Big
English Newspaper If you keep this, you keep a written account or photographs of it so that it can be referred to later. . No one opnioned her proposal.. they give a wrong or inaccurate account of what the person or situation is like. . the ideas that are talked about in a piece of writing. a strong belief in something or a very strong feeling about something. Big
Loans Name of the department that processes loans . A way for an individual to borrow funds at point of sale . Represents your creditworthiness to lenders . Name of applications done online . Type of loan where an individual uses the equity in their home as collateral . Big
Famous Captains You Donít Have to Captain a Ship to be a Famous Captain Always after Pan. Firefly fame. ďOne ping only, please.Ē. Good with Coke. Simply marvelous. Hard
Clothing for the Season a warm hat made of wool. It's a french word. You knit this warm piece of clothing to cover your stomach and arms. You wear on your hands and they have fingers. boys wear this under their pants in the winter. This wraps around your neck to keep you warm. Big
Fashion Terms a teardrop-shaped cutout. ornamental shoulder pieces. a double cuff that folds over and is fastened with Gabardine. a snug band of fabric around the chest. embossed cloth. Big
Clothing Find the clothing items girls use this in summer . short sleeves shirt . all people wear these ones . they are usually blue. you look elegant with it . Big
Satire a widely but fixed belief of a particular type of person or thing.. a figure of speech that deliberately exaggerates something.. the creator of the cartoon. the circumstances and background information of the cartoon. a drawing of a person or thing where certain traits are exaggerated.. Big
Personal Appearance Standard Clothes should be well-maintained, and not appear like this. Your pants canít be rolled or tucked into boots. The need to ______ (2 words). If youíre wearing a dress shirt without a tie, itís acceptable to show a little of this up top (hyph). Oxfords and chukka boots are two types of ______ men can wear (2 words). If youíre going to wear nail polish, ir must be kept ______. Big
IRA When a member wants to withdraw from an IRA, they may elect to include state withholding. This only applies to Virginia residents & must be _____% or greater if entered. A Roth _____ withdrawal is selected when a member over 59.5 yrs old withdraws from Roth IRA. Mbrs have the ability to deposit IRA transfer & rollover checks through _____ _____, but they are responsible for notifying us that it has been deposited to help in determining whether or not the NFCU 876 form is required (ex. how it is made payable). You can find the Tax Withholding _____ on eNet, which helps you determine a mbrís request starting with the net amount (amount received by mbr after tax withholding) OR the gross amount (total amount withdrawn, including tax withholding). Prior to processing any IRA withdrawal, all team mbrs must verify the funds have been in the account for at least ____ business days. Big
Maritime Quiz Fill out the boxes and complete each one. Where the passengers/crew sleep. The right side of the ship facing the bow. The navigation center of the ship; you can often find the captain here. Direction of the bow of the ship. Where meals are prepared on a ship. Big
Parliamentary Terms Match the definition to the term in the word bank. A device permitting a request or main motion relating to the rights/privileges of the assembly to be brought up for immediate consideration because of its urgency. . A procedure by which the vote of each member is formally recorded in the minutes.. A person authorized to vote for another. . Term used to designate all members present as members of an Ad Hoc Committee, allowing for a more informal setting for discussion.. To open a discussion.. Hard
Public Finance contribution of people to state revenue. something owed. spending of funds . cost of borrowing money. government's system of collecting taxes. Big
Ancient Greek Costumes The color ....... was used to represent gods/goddesses.. The ...... of a toga, represented how old someone was.. ........ togas represented a character that was older.. The actors would add patting to their costumes to create the illusion of..... Costumes help the ......... to distinguish the different characters.. Hard
Migration Language another word for country or nation . moving away from a place . doing something of your own choice . unfair treatment against a particular group . taking place inside . Big
Topographic Map a small description of the symbols used on maps. a circle showing the principal directions printed on a map or chart. a large natural stream of water flowing in a channel to the sea, a lake, or another such stream. a type of a map that shows the shape and character of the earth surface. the nature and relative arrangement of places and physical features. Big
All About Dinosaurs A dinosaur that eats only meat. Means King. Dinosaurs belonged to this group of animals. A dinosaur that eats both plants and meat. A T-Rex had very short. Big
Map Skills a designed circle used on a map to show direction. an explanation of symbols on a map or chart. seen from above / as from a birds perspective. the relationship between somethings actual size or distance compared to its size or distance on a map or model. the space between two things. Big
Online Media Platform American platform that owns of the former. major competitor of the European messaging platform founded in 2010. popular American platform for posting and sharing images. instant messaging software released in 2013 that uses IP-address-based encryption. two social media apps whose download is partially restricted in the US. Big
makeup a cosmetic applied to the lower part of your face to provide a glossy finish and sometimes colour.. to make you shine. one of the most important things to make your eyes glow. the main statment to a full a full face. the strip of hair growing on the ridge above a person's eye socket.. Big
Litterbugs a thing that is very ugly. scatter or spread untidily over an area or surface . caused an action or a process to begin. thrown away or rejected as useless. a piece of paper, plastic or foil covering food. Big
Greek and Latin Roots Use the hints to fill out the Latin and Greek roots! Heart. Sun. First. Peace. Time. Hard
Spanish Numbers four. five. fourteen. three. twelve. Big
Life Around the Beaches in Carlsbad You go to the______to relax, read, play, or surf.. Someone who catches many waves and doesn't share with others.. Who was the first surfer?. This school has a surf club.. When it is cold you wear this in the water.. Hard
All Things Fingerprints The most common powder type used to enhance latent fingermarks on smooth non-porous surfaces.. The fingermarks which are the result of the transfer of body perspiration and oils on fingertip ridges onto a surface.. This powder type is good for textured non-porous substrates such as vehicle cowlings.. The least common fingerprint pattern type.. The process which should be followed when carrying out a fingerprint identification in order to minimise the impact of cognitive bias.. Hard
Methods of Training working at a steady pace for at leasr 30 mins. a sprinter would use this type of training to train . a type of training usually done in the gym . swedish word for speedplay, varying the intensity and terrain. periods of work folllowed by periods of rest . Big
All Around the World Read the sentences and write the correct words. All the people who live in a particular area, city or country.. A piece of cloth, usually rectangular and attached to a pole at one edge.. Either of two children born to the same mother on the same occasion.. To use numbers to find out a total number, amount, distance etc.... Going straight up or down from a surface.. Big
Hair Complete the puzzle below is one of a family of fibrous structural proteins known as scleroproteins. the lowest part of the brain and the lowest portion of the brainstem.. often have a partial, poorly-defined ladder medulla particularly towards the base.. any vertical plane that divides the body into ventral and dorsal (belly and back) sections.. is made up of dead cells that have turned into keratin and binding material. Hard
Clinical Pathology for Vet Nursing Students The anti-coagulant in green biochemistry tubes (plasma tubes). A WBC with a large circular nucleus. The molecule within RBCs that binds to oxygen. A burrowing skin mite that is highly pruritic. The other name for a WBC. Hard
Age of Exploration An instrument used to plan a course using the stars. An instrument that shows the direction of magnetic north. A large farm. A point of land that sticks out into water, much like a peninsula. A Spanish explorer. Big
Representation of Local, National and Global Scales It is of great use to get to know a city, a town, a place or a landscape in great detail. It considers the planet as a whole, and distinguishes events and phenomena whose existence and distribution span over great continental dimensions. . It is the relationship between the real dimensions of the surface that is being represented and its proportion on the map.. It useful when one wants to know the characteristics of a space located in a specific area of a country.. It indicates how many times smaller the representation is compared to the actual surface represented, and it is displayed as follows: 1:10, 1:100, 1:1000, meaning that the measurement on the map is equivalent to 10, 100, 1,000 times the same measure.. Big
Electricity Figure out the words! used for measuring the potential difference. It is equal across all components in a parallel circuit.. used to measure current. short for voltage. It is build-up of an electrical charge. Big
Individual Securities cash and currency, fixed annuities, life insurance (whole and term), a personal residence, commodities and future contracts.. this is classified as authorized, issued, outstanding, and treasury. stocks, bonds, notes, debentures (all types of debt), options, mutual funds, jumbo CDs, depositary receipts, units in an investment, variable life and variable annuities.. issued to raise sufficient capital for its expected needs. in most cases, a company does not issue all the authorized shares. is authorized stock that has been sold to investors. they use unissued shares for future needs including. raising new capital for expansion, paying stock dividend, exchanging common stock for outstanding convertible bonds or preferred stock.. Hard
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