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Science Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Scientific Method a possible explanation or answer to a question based on prior scientific research or observations. the process of obtaining information using the senses . ways i which scientists answer questions and solve problems. any pieces of information acquired through observation or experimentaion . Teenage
Scientific Method a possible explanation or answer to a question based on prior scientific research or observations. the process of obtaining information using the senses . ways i which scientists answer questions and solve problems. any pieces of information acquired through observation or experimentaion . Teenage
Electrical and Electronics resist electric current. electromagnetic wave. symbol 'T'. result of a division. to turn on and off current. Hard
Classification of Materials A scale for measuring hardness. Ability to bend without breaking. Ability to break easily. Ratio of mass to volume. Ability to withstand scratches. Teenage
biology vocab study of life. an eplanation. a set of values. a feild of study for legal purposes. orderly. Hard
Nickel Nickel does not __________ in plants and animals.. In open pit mining ______ after layer of ore is removed.. Scientists believe that an iron-nickel mix makes up the earth's ______ core.. Nickel is mined in ________, Russia, Canada, Cuba, South Africa and New Caledonia.. Open pit mining is used when the overburden is close to the ________.. Hard
Plate Tectonics: Earthquakes and Volcanoes Please complete the following crossword The bowl at the top of a volcano. A fast moving type of lava. The point within the Earth, where the earthquake starts. A hot liquid that spills out of the volcano. A line on rocks where they broke and moved. Very Difficult
Basic Electricity The amount of complete cycles occurring in one second of time for a periodic wave. . the maximum value of a periodic wave. a shorter way to write repeated multiplication of the same number by itself. The unit of measurement for the inductance of an inductor.. a material having 5 to 8 valence electrons that strongly opposes the current flow. . Hard
Roller Coaster Physics Decrease in velocity, an object keeps moving slower and slower. Tendency of an object to either keep moving or to remain at rest. A push or a pull on an object. How far an object moves in a certain amount of time, such as miles per hour. Force that slows things down. Adult
Outer Space Meteroids are also called this. The name for a collection of million of stars. this is no longer considered a planet. the hottest planet. planet with the biggest rings. Older Children
Electronics puzzle the number of cycles of a repetitive wave occurring in a given time period. this type of circuit is used to change the ac power into pulsating dc. any circuit having only one path for current flow is called a ___circuit. a watt is the electrical energy expended at a rate of one ___ per second. one divided by frequency is the formula for finding the ___. Very Difficult
Soil Communities Find the word that fits and that best matches the clue given. These microbes live in soil and fix nitrogen.. This is when soil is worn away because of forces such as wind or water.. This fun guy has symbiotic relationships with plants so that they grow larger.. This type of soil can act as a toxin barrier because it's very slippery.. Many of these live in burrows under the soil.. Teenage
Force & Motion A Passenger in a moving train tosses a coin which falls behind him. This shows that the motion of train is_________.. Quantity which is measured by the area occupied under the velocity-time graph.. Property of a substance which Resist any change in its state of rest or motion.. Changes continuously in uniform circular motion.. A rocket works on the principle of conservation of _____________.. Teenage
Geology A type of sedimentary rock made up of stones/particles pressed together by waves/water. Conglomerate is often found in large expanses or beds. . One of the three main rock types, formed from the cooling and hardening of magma.. A type of igneous rock and the most common rock type in the earth's crust and makes up most of the ocean floor.. One of the three main rock types, formed deep within the earth, where rock material changes after being subjected to intense heat and pressure (squeezing). . An opening in the earth's surface that allows hot magma, ash, and gases to escape from deep below the surface. . Teenage
Living Organisms In The Environment All living things, even the smallest bacteria, have _______. (10). Organ systems functioning together make up a living _______. (8). Each organism lives in a specialized regional environment within the ecosystem known as the____. (7). The parts of Earth inhabited by living organisms. (9). Living things ______ .(7). Hard
Cytogenetics What is the dye used in G-banding?. The name given to the diagrammatic representation of the ‘normal’ karyotype for a species which clearly shows the morphological characteristics of the chromosomes. The Prader-Willi and Angelman syndromes are manifested due to genomic __________. Monosomies are more common in sex chromosomes than in _________. FISH stand for fluorescent___________________ (no spaces or hyphens). Adult
Famous Scientists a telescope named after him. First Indian to teach science at Presidency College Kolkatta. Structure of Atom. Quantum Theory. Germ Theory of disease. Adult
Botany a plant which develops from a seed and produces new seeds in a single growing season. tissue which carries water and nutrients up from the roots through the stem to the leaves. the study of plants. the family which includes apples, cherries, plums, and strawberries. anything that forms from the ovary of a flower. Hard
Ecosystems The place where an organism lives. Feed on waste material or dead organisms e.g. fungi. Organisms that depend upon producers for food, e.g. animals. All the populations of different species who live in the same place at the same time. Carnivores that eat primary consumers. Older Children
Science the distance from one crest (or trough) of a wave to the next crest (or trough) . cytokinesis creates tow parts. these parts are called. an organism whose genetic information has been altered with the insertion of genes from another species. light that is emitted during exposure of the source to ultraviolet light. natural warming caused when gases in the atmosphere absorb thermal energy that is radiated by the Sun and Earth. Teenage
Principles of Electricity as they apply to Electrosurgery current is measured in _______________. _____________current flows in one direction.. _________________current changes direction. ____________is measured in watts. _____________are conductors of electricity. Very Difficult
Ecosystem what is the natural enviornment which a living thing gets all it need to live? . what is an animal that other animals hunt and eat called?. what is it called when you eat both plants animals?. what is a group of living things that are closely related that they can breed with one other called?. what is the process of formation of growth called?. Hard
Chemistry the movement caused within a fluid by the tendency of hotter and therefore less dense material to rise.. a law which states energy cannot be created or destroyed, but may be can from one form to another.. internal energy of an object due to the kinetic energy of its atoms.. a model of acids and bases and which an acid as a hydrogen-ion donor and a base is a hydrogen-ion acceptor.. the energy released by a nuclear reation.. Teenage
Constellations Identify the constellations of our galaxy by their translations. The Twins. The Water Bearer. The Maiden. The Fishes. The Lesser Bear. Hard
Weather light wind. a dangerous slide of snow down a mountain. measurement for temperature. light/quick rain . the expected weather for the future. Teenage
Ecology An environment that provides the things a specific organism needs to live, grow, and reproduce. The study of natural processes in the environment and how humans can affect them. An amount of a renewable resource such as trees that can be harvested regularly without reducing the future supply. Anything that occurs naturally in the environment and is used by people. Using it in ways that maintain the resource at a certain quality for a certain period of time. Teenage
Evolution Change in the DNA sequence. Reproduction that occurs at different times. Individuals move in or out of a population. A horse and donkey can produce a mule; but the mule can’t reproduce. Population of interbreeding organisms capable of producing fertile offspring. Teenage
Coaster stored energy, not in motion. the energy that is being used, energy in motion, also known as mechanical energy. what we measured our kinetic and potential energy. when two things rub together to create a resistance. the amount of seconds in a timeperiod. Older Children
Science The change of state from solid to gas without the state of liquid.. The removing of left over bacteria.. Loose rock or soil that is soaked with other groundwater.. Water that sinks into soil and cracks rock.. A river of ice, made from snow.. Teenage
Physics Terms distance over which the wave's shape repeats. shortest distance from the initial to final postion. product of force times distance through which it acts. duration of one cycle in a repeating event. force resisting relative motion. Teenage
Science movement of energy from one source to another. measures volume. the season when earth is tilted towards sun. copper is a good example of this. energy by position. Hard
Physics Potential energy is energy that is _________. What is work measured in?. Twice as much ______ energy means twice as much work. What theorem applies to decrease speed?. Materials that don't allow electrons to easily move through them.. Teenage
Chemistry positively charged particle. states that in a chemical reaction atoms are neither created nor destroyed.. uncharged particle. when the particles are larger than those in a solution. when new substances are created by a change in which atoms are arranged. Teenage
Physical Science the movement of warm liquids or gases to cooler areas. the point at which a lever rests in moving or lifting an object. a poor conductor, material through which heat of electric charge does not flow. anything that has mass and occupies space. the flow of electric charge through material. Hard
Earth and Space is formed when existing rock is heated at high pressures and temperatures. the average of weather conditions over a long period of time. an opening in the Earth's crust from which steam, lava, and ashes erupt.. the shaking of the Earth's surface caused by the release of energy along a fault. one full orbit of an object around another object. Hard
Life Science any living thing. a change in an organism to better fit its ecosystem. an animal that is hunted and eaten by a predator. an inherited behavior that helps animals survive. a body part that helps an organism survive. Teenage
Ecology Organism that is hunted as food.. The percentage of energy passed on.. The third consumer in a food chain is also known as the _______ consumer.. An organism that eats both plants and meats.. An organism that breaks down dead things.. Hard
Celestial Bodies sometimes called a falling star. a meteor that reaches Earth. arms come off the bar. a celestial body naturally found in orbit. eventually becomes a meteor and then a meteorite. Teenage
Alien Invaders an event of scientific interest. tracking or following. the kind of plant or animal something is. a way of doing something. weather conditions. Teenage
Cosmology A possible outcome for the universe in which the expansion will slow to a halt in an infinite amount of the time but will never contract. Theory that the universe has the same mass that it has always had.. The noise caused by weak radiation. The study of the universe and its current nature, origin, and evolution. A possible outcome for the universe in which the expansion will stop and turn into a contraction. Adult
4th Grade Science A trait that helps an organism survive in its environment.. A form of energy that allows you to see objects.. To change from a liquid to a solid.. A hollow rea or pit in the ground.. An animal that eats both producers and consumers.. Older Children
Saturn International Space Station Abbreviation. __________ takes approximately 60 minutes to travel from Saturn to Earth. The moons which stabalise the F ring of Saturn are called as __________. This moon has a huge crater that inspired its nickname, the “Death Star” moon. (The Death Star was a space station of the evil Empire in the movie Star Wars.). The most remote planet in ancient times. Hard
Science A positively charge particle in an atom. The invisible, odorless and tasteless mixture of gases that surrounds Earth. A particle in an atom that has no electric charge. Anything that has mass and takes up space. To breathe in. Big
Evolution a primate of a family that includes humans and their fossil ancestors. a structure with the same function but built differently. an organism in the early stages of growth and differentiation. different allelic patterns in a population . a dramatic diversification of life that began about 570 million years ago. Very Difficult
Rainbows first visible color in the spectrum. first recorded person to record a sighting of a rainbow. refracted once then reflected and refracted yet again. had theories on how rainbows are formed as introduced the idea of dispersion but never proved it. bending of light waves. When white light is refracted, a full spectrum of color appears, as in a prism . Teenage
Evolution inherited characteristic that increases an organism's chance of survival. random change in allele frequencies that occurs in small populations. any change in the sequence of DNA. an inherited or acquired modification in organisms that makes them better suited to survive and reproduce in a particular environment. when an animal or a living thing is adapted to its environment by the way it's body is built. Adult
Weather Brings warm moist air. Instrument that measures air pressure. Layer of the atmosphere where all weather takes place. A weather event with heavy precipitation, wind and temperatures below 0°C. Atmospheric conditions that change every day is referred to as. Teenage
Astronomy a gas giant. electricity difficult to flow through this. stored energy. energy in motion. eclipse where moon is between sun and earth. Hard
Chemistry Empty space with no particles and no pressure.. Results from the force exerted by a gas per unit surface area of an object.. A measure of the force exerted by a gas above a liquid.. The collisions of atoms and molecules in air with objects.. Devices used to measure atmospheric pressure.. Teenage
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