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Science Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Lives of Stars Atoms fusing together. A dramatic example of a Red Giant star. A famous supernova. A set amount. Stars born in groups. Older Children
Living and Non Living Things A plant that grows in the dessert. Water lilies live in. The number of characteristics a living thing must have. A dog is a ......thing. Animals with a backbone. Hard
Living Organisms In The Environment All living things, even the smallest bacteria, have _______. (10). Organ systems functioning together make up a living _______. (8). Each organism lives in a specialized regional environment within the ecosystem known as the____. (7). The parts of Earth inhabited by living organisms. (9). Living things ______ .(7). Hard
Living Systems A group of specialized cells.. A system that allows the production of offspring.. A process by which a cell splits into two new cells.. A system that breaks down food into energy for the body.. Basic unit of life found in all living things.. Hard
Living Systems A group of specialized cells.. A system that allows the production of offspring.. A process by which a cell splits into two new cells.. A system that breaks down food into energy for the body.. Basic unit of life found in all living things.. Hard
Living Things Find each of the vocabulary words for the puzzle with the hints given. The not-yet-born form of an animal-that develops inside an egg.. Microbes that consist of one cell.. The study of how traits are inherited.. Period of timewhen the dinosaurs and most of their relatives suddenly died out.. Are things such as the color of your hair or eyes and the size and genral shape of your body.. Big
Magnetic Vocabulary an instrument used to determine geographic direction on Earth. an object that keeps its magnetism after it has been magnetized. qualities or characteristics. to draw objects together. the power of a magnet to push or pull other magnetic material. Older Children
Magnetism a material or object that produces a magnetic field.. In magnets, opposites _______.. magnetized pieces from iron ore.. the force of attraction or repulsion generated by moving or spinning electric charges.. The distance between the north and south poles of a magnetic circuit. . Hard
Magnets It will help you find your way.. Opposite of 'Repel'.. One of the 'Poles'.. This metal is not magnetic. A magnetic metal.. Older Children
Magnets and Magnetism If you try to put two like poles together, they will push _________ from each other.. Magnetism can be a pulling or pushing _____________.. Objects stick to a magnet's poles because that is wehre magnetism is __________.. The pull of gravity keeps you on the ______________.. If you were weightless, you would do this. . Older Children
Manned Spaceflight Begins ______ 1 was the first manned space program?. Mercury 7 astronaut.. First man in space.. first person to perform an EVA. . _____4, first long-duration U.S. spaceflight.. Hard
Marine Science What the humpback whales use to communicate long distance.. Acronym for Classification hierarchy. lobster and seaweed for example.. Type of plate boundary where trenches form.. A circular flow of water.. Hard
Mars Deep canyon on Mars that severely dwarfs the Earth's Grand Canyon. These are visible at the north and south poles of Mars. Responsible for Mars's red-colored surface. Primary gas of Mars's atmospheric composition. One of Mars's moons; its name translates to 'terror'. Hard
Matter the tiny particles that make up all things. substances that stay the same size and the same shape. The molecules in most solids are tightly packed.. changes from a liquid into a gas. the solid, liquid, and gas forms of matter. changes from a solid into a liquid. Moderately Challenging
Matter describes how much matter is in a given space. the smallest particle of an element. a substance containing two or more molecules . a change when a new kind of matter is formed . when a solid becomes a liquid . Hard
Melting Ice Sunlight is ( ) by pollution, like carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.. The more ( ) are in the atmosphere, the more heat gets trapped.. One of the major greenhouse gases. Car is one of the main sources.. Trees, water, oil, etc.. ( ) are rising due to melting of glaciers.. Hard
Mercury Vocabulary the outer part of the element. A famous place where mercury is located has a famous mine. A famous mine in Spain. They used mercury in their tombs. Mercury atomic number. Big
Microbiology Use a PENCIL to complete. Try to fill in the ones you know first, then refer to your textbooks. Also known as germs or microbes. Bacteria that causes disease/ harmful to the body. The common cold, hepatitis, and measles are an example of this type of disease. Clients showing signs of contagious disease or condition should be referred to a. Bacteria that causes strep throat and blood poisoning; pus forming. Hard
Microbiology Determine the words that are associated with each hint. For names, only use the last name. The name of the scientist who invented a set of postulates that's purpose was to associate specific organisms with a specific disease . the ability of an organism to inflict damage on a host; an organism's ability to cause disease. a measure of pathogenicity. species of microbes that are always present on or in another organism. the science of the incidence, distribution and spread of disease in a community. Hard
Microorganism the active ingredient that is oshothane. nutrients required in trace. to stain, soil, corrupt e.t.c. by contact. juvenile insect. abbreviation Emulsifiable concentrate. Hard
Microorganismos un organismo unicelular, microscópico (solo se puede ver con un microscopio), no tiene núcleo. un ser unicelular vivo de tamaño microscópico (solo se pude ver con un microscopio). un tipo de Protista , organismo unicelular. problema de la salud causada por bacterias o virus. un organismo que puede tener características de plantas, hongos (fungus), y animales.. Hard
Minerals 95% earths crust. break along flat surfaces. color of fine powder . do not break along flat surfaces. gold and silver diamond example of . Hard
Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness The scale ranges from one to _______.. The scale was developed in ___________.. Friedrich Mohs was a _______ minerologist. . The softest mineral on the scale is _______.. Ten being the ________.. Older Children
Moon Phases and Seasons When the moon is behind the sun and not visible. When a planet or moon goes around a sun or planet. When the sun is getting blocked out by the moon. Teenage
Mother Nature Environment the atmosphere has a difficulty breathing. a nuclear waste substance that is harmful. rainfall that contains atmospheric pollution. contamination of rivers, lakes, and oceans. a localized source of air. Big
Motion a space between objects, units, points, or states. the change in position of an object. a force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are in contact. the speed of an object in a particular direction. a system for specifying the precise location of objects in space and time. Teenage
Motion an object's change in position relative to a reference point . negative acceleration is also called. an action exerted on a body in order to change the body's state of rest or motion. speed along with direction is called . a force that opposes motion. Older Children
Multicellular Primary Producers through meiosis this diploid produces haploid cells. an area in the Atlantic that gets its name from a certain type of weed . diploid spores produced by the carposporophyte. an example of this is a life history with two generations. spores that have flagella for movement. Hard
NATURE OF MAGNETISM leading stones. unlike pole. south seeking pole. from lodestones. have the ability to attract materials that are magnetic in nature. Older Children
Newton's First Law Puzzle A Crossword Puzzle for Newton's First Law Movement.. The force that when something stops, it wats to keep going ex: slam on the breaks in the car, body flys forward.. A rule.. A push or a pull.. the speed and direction of an object.. Older Children
Newton's law 5.Ratio of change in distance to time.. 8.Ratio of displacement to time.. 4.State when net force is zero.. 1.It is a measure of force exerted by gravity on mass.. 7.Ratio of total distance to total time.. Teenage
Newton's Laws changing position. push or pull. speed in one direction. force of rubbing objects. steepness. Big
Newton's Laws Motion the result of unbalanced forces. resistance to change. push or pull. speed of an object, but in a specific direction. every object persists in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed on it .. Teenage
Newton's Laws of Motion Law of actions and reactions. What Newton's laws are about. Alternate name for first law of motion. Law of more, more force. Rockets need more __ that a pencil. Older Children
Nickel Nickel does not __________ in plants and animals.. In open pit mining ______ after layer of ore is removed.. Scientists believe that an iron-nickel mix makes up the earth's ______ core.. Nickel is mined in ________, Russia, Canada, Cuba, South Africa and New Caledonia.. Open pit mining is used when the overburden is close to the ________.. Hard
Nitrogen Cycle Fill in the word that matches the definition nitrates are changed to nitrites and then to nitrogen gas and ammonia.. organisms in the soil involved in every step of the nitrogen cycle.. organisms that help fix nitrogen into a usable form.. chemical element atomis number 7 with symbol N.. plant organisms involved in getting nitrogen gas into nitrate.. Big
No Signs of Life on Mars Yet weather conditions of a region,sunshine, cloudiness, and winds. to send,to pass or spread to another. to inspect carefully. to point out or point to,to show. end; aim; goal. Older Children
Non-Renewable Energy Resources an energy source that cannot be replaced of regenerated and will therefore run out. examples include coal, oil and natural gas. rainwater that is more acidic than normal rain due to the release of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides . the material, usually uranium, that undergoes nuclear fission and is the source of heat in nuclear power stations. the splitting of an atomic nucleus, which releases large amounts of energy. Hard
Not Everything in the Lab is a Rat Joe's specialty: ____ culture research. Biological catalyst. Difference between the highest and lowest values of a data set. Solution made of an acid and a conjugate base. Famous 'madame'. Teenage
Nuclear Energy Fill in the crossword puzzle with the clues below. We have to get rid of_________waste from nuclear energy.. Energy released by reactions with atomic nuclei.. The nations of the world now have more than enough nuclear_______to kill every person on earth.. All aorund the world.. The country where nuclear energy is produced and used the most.. Teenage
Nuclear Energy the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity. a device in which a fission chain reaction can be initated. the spontaneous decay of disintegration of an unstable atomic nucleus . the basic unit of a chemical element. the central most important part of an object. Older Children
Nuclear Energy material used to protect people from ionizing radiation. expense to get fuel ready to use in a power plant. energy from heat inside the Earth. not able to be replaced; Ex. fossil fuels. 11 to 15 foot long tube containing fuel pellets. Hard
OERSTED DISCOVERY pointed where the direction on magnetic field. where could magnetic field deflected. discovered current carrying conductor (4pts.). region which is less than a millimeter in length. simple device. Teenage
Organelles tiny organelles that link amino acids together to form protein.. small membrane-bound sacs that divide some materials from the rest of the cytoplasm and transport these materials place to place within the cell. . contists of closely layered stacks of membrane-enclosed spaces that process, sort and deliver proteins.. a network of proteins that is constantly changing to meet the needs for the cell.. stores most of the genetic information, or DNA in our cells.. Very Difficult
Organelles site of photosynthesis. contains nucleus. links amino acids. waxy substance used to prevent tails from sticking together. puts finishing touches and transports. Hard
Organic chemistry same number of atoms different structure. Alkane with 8 carbons . made of hydrocarbons, can be seperated. snap something in two. .... combustion - not sufficient oxygen. Hard
Organic Chemistry made of hydrogen and carbons. a new group attaches to a molecule in a reaction. the maximum amount of bonds carbon can form with itself or other elements. in addition to C and H, organic compounds also contain oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur, and ___. five Carbon chain with a aldehyde group. Hard
Organics / Enzymes Match each description with a word change in rate of chemical reaction. test for presense of starch. pockets within the enzyme. nopolar molecules that are not soluble or mostly insoluble in water (fats). any molecule produced by a living organism. Hard
Organisms and the Environment an organism that makes its own food. the ways in which the organisms in an ecosystem interact with one another according to what they eat. a community and its physical environment. a single organism in an environment. an organism in a community that must eat to get the energy it needs. Older Children
Osteology Anatomy of Head & Neck Houses the pituitary gland. Area of skeleton where bones are joined to each other. This bone assists in forming the nasal conchae. Site of junction between 2 or more bones; moveable articulation. Narrow cleftlike opening. Hard
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