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Science Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Biology Don'e need air. The 90% remaining chemical energy that if located in the first stage of Cellular Respiration 'glycolysis'. The innermost compartment of the mitchondrion. The amount of energy needed to raise a temperature 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius. Requires air. Hard
Introduction to Research bias in hospital studies (2 words). type of validity where measures look like they should. maintains secondary health data for US (abbrev). design suited for rare outcomes (2 words). 1-sided hypothesis. Big
Energy Words heat energy. movement. substance transformation. energy produced by vibration . machine energy. Older Children
Psychology Terms The number of cycles per second (Hertz). The pressure difference between the peak and the trough in a pressure-versus-time graph. Experiences associated with simple stimuli. A sensation based on the frequency of sound. the purity of the color. Older Children
Eye of the Storm great damage,ruin. in or toward the interior. what is left behind after destruction. thought something would come true. to break into pieces . Older Children
Enzyme Terms Enzymes are large biological molecules responsible for the thousands of chemical interconversions that sustain life.. To change the nature or natural qualities of.. In noncompetitive inhibition, a molecule binds to an enzyme somewhere other than the active site.. Cause or accelerate (a reaction) by acting as a catalyst.. organic molecules that enzymes require to function: vitamins. Hard
Chemistry Ability of a solid to be hammered without shattering. Matter that always has exactly the same composition. The tendency of a liquid to keep from flowing. Contains some particles that are intermediate in size between the small particles in a solution and the larger particles in a suspension. A materials abilityto allow heat to flow. Hard
The Particle Theory of Matter Matter consisiting of only one type of particle.. A mixture where individual particle can be identified.. Heat transfer through solids.. A substance that is dissolved in a solvent.. The energy that flows from a warmer substance to a cooler substance.. Hard
Plants a place where you put all of your plants and flowers . the colour of most plants. a seed gets ......after a while since it has gotten bigger . what you need for a seed to grow. liquid you put in plants . Easy
Space Then largest moon in our galaxy.. Particles around some planets such as: Saturn and Jupiter.. Our one is called the Milky Way. A small dwarf planet that used to be one of Neptune's moons.. A devise used to view the planets and stars up close.. Hard
The Periodic Table The Periodic Table 90 elements on the periodic table occurred in. Used to describe pieces of matter. The horizontal row in the periodic table is called a . the properties of elements tend to repeat in a regular pattern when elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic number. A subatomic particle. Big
Purely Pathogenic The two proteins in which regulate Legionella's type 4 secretion system.. A hospital acquired infection resistant to Methicillin. One of the most recommended childhood immunizations in which is effective against Mumps, Rubella, and Measels. . The man who wrote a series of postulates to define what a pathogen is (many have disproved these postulates).. The Idiot who infected an 8 year old boy with smallpox because he was interested by comments made by some fat ugly milk maid, ending in the creation of the vaccine. . Hard
Earthquakes & Volcanoes The point underground where the rocks begin to move. Molten rock that reaches the Earth's surface. A instrument that constantly records ground movement. A fracture in the the Earth's lithosphere along which blocks of rock move past each other. Blocks of rocks move sideways from each other. Big
Social Studies money left over after business owners pay all their expenses. citizen's love for their country. a list of ten amendments added to the constitution. total value of the goods and servies produced in a year. people who buy or use goods and services. Hard
Water Any substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction but is not altered in the reaction.. Heat absorbed by a unit mass of a material at its boiling point in order to convert the material into a gas at the same temperature.. A gland at the base of the brain that sends messages to other endocrine glands.. Is osmotic pressure within the cells of a root system that causes sap to rise through a plant stem to the leaves.. In refrigeration and air conditioning systems, (also called the low side pressure).. Hard
Atoms The region where electrons are found. The sum of the number of protons and neutrons. The same element with a different number of neutrons. A particle that has no charge. The smallest unit of an element. Hard
Cells and Oraganelles Biology the smallest unit in the body. packages and ships proteins. contains a flagella for movement. controls the cell activities. protein synthesis. Teenage
Zoology What is the White Rhino's horn made of?. What is the largest bird?. what shape does the Lesser Kuda's horn make?. What kind of water does the African Slendernose Crocadile live in?. Which sex of the African Lion hunts?. Older Children
Atmosphere layer of eaths atmosphere above the statosphere.. layer of earths atmosphere that is located above the troposhere and is made of primarily concentrated ozone.. energy transfer that occurs when molecuels collide.. is the upper most layer of the atmosphere.. transfer of energy by the flow of heated substances.. Teenage
Periodic Table of Elements region in an atom where electrons are found. particles in an atom that have no charge. the sum of the protons and neutrons. atoms that have the same number of protons but a different number of neutrons. each horizontal row on the periodic table. Hard
Postmortem Care A surgical dissection of a body after death to find the cause of death.. Some cultures require family to ...... the body. A 1986 act that requires a patient's surviving members be informed of tissue and organ donation.. After death the body is sometimes transported to the ....... In Buddhism the decesed patient's eyes must remain..... Teenage
Biodiversity concentrates of a harmful substance increase in organism at higher trophic levels in a food chain or food web . plants and animals that have migrated to places where they are not native . includes the variety of habitats, communities, and ecological processes in the living world. occurs when a species disaapears from all or part of its range . the sum of the total of the genetically based variety of habitats. Hard
Biology Where am I from?. the combination of DNA and proteins that make up the contents of the nucleus of a cell.. has no single function and is instead the site of a wide variety of cell processes. contains enzymes that process fats. make proteins. Hard
Genetics the scientific study of heredity. physical characteristics of organisms. an allele whose trait is masked in the presence of a dominant allele. an organism that has two different alleles for a trait. a chart that shows all the possible combinations of alleles that can result from a genetic cross. Hard
Social Studies A bill that has been signed by the lieutenant governor. An act is also known as a law. d. Elected representative who is in charge of a provincial government department. An orginization made up of people who have similar ideas about how to govern . Alberta is divided into different _____________ for federal elactions. Hard
Mars Deep canyon on Mars that severely dwarfs the Earth's Grand Canyon. These are visible at the north and south poles of Mars. Responsible for Mars's red-colored surface. Primary gas of Mars's atmospheric composition. One of Mars's moons; its name translates to 'terror'. Hard
Science push or pull. speed and direction of a moving body. surface that resist slidding. Distance and direction from a staring point. equal but oposite forces. Older Children
Science Vocabulary The use of scientific knowledge and processes to solve practical problems.. An imitation of the functioning of a system or process.. A search for general knowledge about a specific topic.. A question that can be answered through experimenting.. A statement that interprets the data.. Older Children
Principles of Ecology Pollinators and plants have this type of relationship.. When one species captures, kills, and eats another.. Another name for plants or autotrophic organisms that capture energy and nutrients from inorganic sources.. The cowbird is the only one who benefits from this relationship.. Tropical forrests are a great example for this type of biogeography.. Hard
Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Without oxygen. Electron carrier in photosynthesis. The number of phosphate groups in ADP. With oxygen. Respiration without oxygen. Hard
Volcanoes Fine particles of rock dust blown from an explosion vent. . A volcano composed of both lava flows and pyroclastic material.. A volcano which is presently inactive but which may erupt again.. A steep-sided, usually circular depression formed by either explosion or collapse at a volcanic vent.. Magma which has reached the surface through a volcanic eruption. Streams of liquid rock that flow from a crater or fissure.. Hard
Frack is Wack Fracking can ___ our fresh water. This ___ process harms our water. ___ are the top reason why this process exists. This is the stop state involved with Fracking. We depend on this to live. Hard
Atom-The Building Blocks of Matter area outside the nucleus where electrons can be found. carries no charge. smallest particle in an element. carries negative charge. tny core of an atom. Older Children
Rock Vocabulary ______ is the first stage in the creation of a sedimentary rock in which sediments are dropped off and gather together. . High silica content results in ______ color.. Igneous rock formed below Earth's surface. ______ is the most common extrusive igneous rock.. Type of rock formed from compacted sediment. Big
Alternative Energy Vocabulary fuel made from vegetable or animal fats. electricity generated by falling or flowing water. giant windmills used to convert wind energy into electrical energy. used to convert sunlight into electricity. renewable energy source from living or recently dead plant material. Big
Earth's Ecosystems a living thing that makes it own food. the path of the Sun's energy from one living thing to another. a place where living and nonliving things interact. water that falls to earth. an animal that hunts, kills, and eats other animals. Hard
Physical Science a substance that does not conduct electricity very well. a current of rising air. the way in which the rotation of the earth bends the path of winds, sea currents, and objects that fly through different latitudes. this happens in a lightning bolt before the return stroke. the three main cloud types are stratus, cirrus, and _________. Hard
Matrix Vocabulary relation that pairs each x value w/ exactly one y value. rectangular array of numbers in rows & columns. graph w/ distinct points. set of ordered pairs. the y values. Older Children
Photosynthesis, Respiration, and Fermentation A plastid that contains chlorophyll and in which photosynthesis takes place.. Located outside the Thylakoid. the first stage of photosynthesis.. A series of events that are regularly repeated in the same order.. A multilayered membrane unit formed by stacks of the lobes or branches of a chloroplast thylakoid. Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/grana#ixzz2DYVxNjgr. Hard
The Particle Theory and Changes of State Adding heat to water simply changes water to steam or __.. The temperature at which a substance melts is called its melting __.. A heating __ is a graph showing how a substance's temperature changes while being heated.. Adding heat to ice simply changes the ice to __.. As water is heated, its __ gain energy and move faster and faster.. Older Children
Soil the feel of a surface (fabrics, soil, etc.).. A particular kind of earth or ground.. What happens when wind constantly blows over soil? removal of rock and soil material by natural processes, principally running water, glaciers, waves and wind. 1.3. a very fine-grained soil that is plastic when moist but hard when fired. Ability of a material. Older Children
Biology Captures energy from sunlight and converts it into chemical energy. The fluid portion of the chloroplast and is outside the thylakoids. Uses energy from light to produce ATP and NADPH. The rotation of an organelle or process. Is located in the chloroplast and is arranged in stacks. Hard
Ecology often biotic factors that depend on number of population. only found in specific areas. to survive abiotic or biotic factors. consuming another. small change in composition of species. Very Difficult
Science a colored chemical compound that absorbs light. thread-like chromotin that condenses into rod structures. an organim that dose not make its own food. this means that some materials can pass through the membrane and others can not. the regular sequence of growth and division that cells undergo. Hard
Biology Cell organelle that stores materials such as water, salts, proteins, and carbohydrates.. Atom of the element that has a number of nuetrons different from that of other atoms of the same element.. A place where all the organisms live.. Attractin between molecules of the same substance.. Macromolucule made mainly from carbon and hydrogen atoms, includes fats, oils, and waxes.. Hard
Science Metals Cu, Ag, Au; all three stable and malleable; once were used to make coins. The electrons on the outer level of an element . Fe, Co, Ni; all three used in the procces to create steel and other metal mixtures. Horizontal columns of elements. Vertical rows of elements. Big
J.J. Thomson's Model Please complete the crossword below. The group of electrons revolving around the nucleus of an atom. Atoms with the same number of protons and a different number of neutrons. Particle with no charge and contributes to the mass of an atom. A vacuum tube generating a focused beam of electrons . Smallest particle of all matter. Hard
Organisms and the Environment an organism that makes its own food. the ways in which the organisms in an ecosystem interact with one another according to what they eat. a community and its physical environment. a single organism in an environment. an organism in a community that must eat to get the energy it needs. Older Children
Science Accessory organs include the liver, ___, and the gall bladder.. ___ digestion includes a series of actions whose purpose is to break down the chemical bonds in nutrients so that they can be absorbed into the bloodstream.. ___ digestion includes tearing and grinding of the teeth. Chemical digestion is accomplished by the digestive ___. Sphincters are found at the ___ in the digestive system. Hard
Cell A storage organelles that hang onto water, waste products, and food until needed.. Used to create and store large molecules.. Is studded with small structures called ribosomes.. Gives orders to other cell parts.. Forms the outer layer of the cell and decides what gets in and what stays out.. Hard
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