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Science Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Physical Science Module another name for salt. the process by which water is continuously exchanged between earth's various water sources. the pockets of highly concentrated salt water around frozen fresh water.. a process in which large chunks fall off of glaciers into the ocean, forming ice bergs. water falling from the atmosphere as rain, snow, sleet, or hail. Hard
Cell green organelle. smallest organism on earth. balloonlike organelles. similar cells that do the same work. different types of tissue working together. Hard
Ecology LIVING ENVIRONMENT illustrate the relationships between prey and predator. any organism , usually an animal, that feeds on plants or other animals. any animal that eats plants. any animal that eats flesh. a depiction of the amount of energy in each tropic level of an ecosystem . Hard
Landforms A deep valley with very steep sides - often carved from the Earth by a river.. Is a long-lasting,slow moving river of ice on land.. Is plant growth up out of the water and mostly anywhere that has water... Wide, relatively flat area of land that has grasses and only a few trees.. This landform is low, watery land formed at the mouth of a river.. Older Children
Multicellular Primary Producers through meiosis this diploid produces haploid cells. an area in the Atlantic that gets its name from a certain type of weed . diploid spores produced by the carposporophyte. an example of this is a life history with two generations. spores that have flagella for movement. Hard
States of Matter When a gas or vapor changes directly into a solid without first changing to a liquid.. The energy a substance must absorb in order to change from a liquid to a gas.. A temperature 0 K.. The energy a substance must absorb in order to change from a solid to a liquid.. The state of matter in which a material has a definite volume but not a definite shape.. Hard
Science Saving energy. Fuels formed millions of years ago by the remains of prehistoric plants and animals. using plant matter to generate electricity. Using the power of the wind to generate electricity. Using the power of the sun to create heat or electricity. Hard
GENETICS The different forms of a gene; can be dominant or recessive.. Another name for a characteristics.. A gene for which the trait always appears when present.. A way to calculate the probability of inheriting a specific trait using the genotype of the parents.. The physical characteristics (trait) of the genotype.. Hard
Science the hard rock that lies beneath all the soil layers. when liquid soaks into soil. the soil underneath the topsoil that hold most of the chemicals that drip down from the topsoil. the layer of soil that is mostly comprised of broken up rocks. the uppermost layer of soil that is formed from the organic material that lies on top of it. Older Children
Acid The creator of Acid was a _______.. What month was Acid created. Acid can make you ___________.. The country Acid was made in.. Acid can come in a ____.. Older Children
Earthquake the primary focus of an earthquake. melted rock above the crust. a machine used to measure earthquakes. the scale used to describe the earthquake. sound wave technology. Older Children
Science 10x10=100. 10x40=400. used to contoll amount of light shining through specimen. used for finer details. where you place specimen or slide. Hard
Colon Cancer A treatment using Radiation. Morality of Colon Cancer in stage four. You need a Colonoscopy every ____ years. a change in ____ habits is a symptom of Colon Cancer. A ___ number of Red Blood Cells. Teenage
Scial Studies A small community that is close to a city. A city where government leaders meet and work. A model of the earth. The story of what happened in a place. Someone who starts something such as a business or settlement. Older Children
Plate Tectonics A rift joining Pangea together.. A place where volcanic regions occur or will occur.. A submarine mountain above the seafloor.. What is the geological term used for when the continents are moved due to oceanic currents.. Plate Tectonics slidding by eachother.. Hard
Earth's Energy and Atmoshere an instument used to measure changes in air pressure. mixture of gaseous elements and compounds. water falling from clouds in form of rain, snow, sleet or ice. conditions in the atmosphere, including humidity, could cover, temperature, wind and precipitation. an instrument used to measure wind speed. Hard
Genetics and Breeding a glycoprotein membrane. characteristics of an organism. having dissimilar alleles. a cell consisting of two sets of chromosomes. a cell that fuses with another cell. Adult
Chemistry Group 17 on the periodic table. A horizontal grouping of elements. Necessary for bonds with other atoms. Boron, silicon, germanium, arsenic, antimony, etc.. Everything that isn't in the D Block. Teenage
Radiology Technology During the procedure, the breast is ________.. A neurological condition occurring when the brain is starved of oxygen and nutrients resulting from the blockage of blood vessels.. Once the scan dat has been acuired, the data must be processed using a for mto tomogrphic reconstrucion, which produces a seiries of ________- _______ images.. Is the name for routine x-rays that use a computer to help make the picture.. 15% change in technique doubles or halves the S _______.. Hard
Exploring Plants seeds need water, soil, the right temperature, and _____ to sprout. a powdery substance that bees carry from one flower to another. a simple sugar formed in green plants. the part of the plant that carries food to other parts. part of the plant that makes food. Older Children
Science Project Discovering Cells water-filled sac. a group of similar cells that work together to perform specific functions. single-celled . energy-rich organic coumpounds made of carbon, hydorgen, and oxygen. the basic units of structure and function in living things. Hard
Lives of Stars Atoms fusing together. A dramatic example of a Red Giant star. A famous supernova. A set amount. Stars born in groups. Older Children
Vocabulary the way of lifeof people who share similar beliefs and customs. local form of language that differs from the same language in other areas. highly developed cultures, arose in river valleys in present-day Iraq, Egypt, India, and China. a group of people who share a common history, language, religion, and physical characteristics. the number of people out of every 1,000 who die in a year. Hard
Science a conclusion drawn from data and observations. a possible answer to a question. a careful way of looking for something. an object or device used to perform a task. describes something that has length and width, but not height. Older Children
Ecosystems and the Biosphere Fill in the blanks with the words that match each definition A feeding level in an ecosystem. A biome near the equator characterized by large amounts of rain and sunlight. Layers of treetops that shade the forest floor. Subtropical or tropical grassland with scattered trees and shrubs. An area where rainfall averages less than 25 cm per year. Hard
Light ___ happens when light waves enter a new medium at an ANGLE. this wave is used to make images of tissues and bones. these waves are used to cook food. Cell phones use this wave to transmit signal.. matter that does not transmit any light. You cannot see through this type of ______ objects. Ex: metal, wood, a stack of books.. During _____, light travels through an object. Hard
Cell Theory Stores food, wastes, water, enzymes, secretions, and minerals. A group of specialized cells working together to perform a function in a many celled organism. Location where the proteins are made that will remain in the cell. A set of three statements that sums up the relationship between cells and living things. Single organism. Hard
Amazing Element Aluminum What part of electricity is Aluminum in?. Aluminum is in this kind of Gem.. Aluminum is in something you use to eat your food.. Aluminum is also in this kind of Gem.. The founder of Aluminum.. Hard
Geology type of element defined by its atomic mass. can be oceanic or continental and floats atop the asthenosphere. theory that lithosphere is made of crustal plates that move and interact at their boundaries. state of the outer core. layered structure of calcium carbonate made by cyanobacteria. Very Difficult
Weather like a thunderstorm but with snow. Raindrops that form after they hit the ground. Raindrops that freeze when they hit the ground. Precipitation falls on land surefaces . Ice that grows and merges into clouds forming snowflakes. Big
Biology Stacks of flat membranous sacs that modify, store, and route products of the ER. Atom's central core; contains protons & neutrons; chromosome containing organelle of eukaryotic cells. Consturucted in nucleus' functions as the site of protein synthesis in cytoplasm & consists of rRNA & proteien molecules. HYdrolytic enzyme that's enclosed by a membrane & found in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells. Active in sysnthesis of ribosomes, specialized structure in nucleus & formed from vaiors chromosomes. Hard
Biomes leaves do not fall off or change in color. covering formed by tree tops. grassland that has scattered trees and lots of animals. has little rain, little amount of plants and animals. permantly frozen soil. Hard
Photosynthesis The liquid raw material necessary for photosynthesis.. This gas is a raw material that is required for photosynthesis to occur.. A product of photosynthesis that is used by a plant as food.. Colored chemical compounds that absorb light.. A product of photosynthesis that is released through the stomata back into the air.. Hard
Elements white brittle metal with slight pink color used in fire detecting systems . hard silver-white element used in jewelry, electrodes for aircraft sparkplugs, and hardening Platinum alloys. used in plaster, Portland cement, electronic materials, and dairy products. whitish gas whose name comes from the Greek word meaning hidden. synthetic element produced by irradiating plutonium and other elements. Hard
Famous People antonym of negative. life story. noun from contribute. synonym of job. adjective from autobiography. Hard
Atoms The number of atoms or molecules in one mole of a substance.. A subatomic particle with a neutral charge.. Actual or potential patterns of electron density that may be formed in an atom or molecule.. A discrete quantity of energy.. A description of the building up of the elements.. Hard
Evolutionary Scientists Came up with the theory that humans with eventually need more room than Earth came provide.. Theorized that fossils were from a prevous era.. Thought of Evolution. The slow, gradual change in a population over time.. Thought that acquired changes were passed down to offspring. He thougt that species were fixed creations. Hard
Organic chemistry same number of atoms different structure. Alkane with 8 carbons . made of hydrocarbons, can be seperated. snap something in two. .... combustion - not sufficient oxygen. Hard
Our Solar System Occurs when Earth intersects a cometary orbit and comet particles burn up as they enter Earth's upper atmosphere. Form of hydrogen with both liquid and metallic properties that exists as a layer in the Jovian atmosphere. Ratio of the distance between the foci to the length of the major axis; defines the shape of a planet's elliptical orbit. Large, gaseous planet that is very cold at its surface; has ring systems, many moons, and lacks solid surfaces—Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Region of the space that lies outside the orbit of Neptune, 30 to 50 AU from the Sun, where small solar system bodies that are mostly rock and ice probably formed. Hard
The Sun-Earth-Moon System The Sun-Earth-Moon System Cosest point in the Moon's elliptical orbit to Earth. Time of year during which Earth's axis is at a 90° angle to the Sun; both hemispheres receive exactly 12 hours of sunlight and the Sun is directly overhead at the equator. Light-colored, mountainous, heavily cratered area of the Moon, composed mostly of lunar breccias. Plane of Earth's orbit around the Sun. A dark region of the Moon with smooth planes. Hard
Waves number of waves that pass a fixed point in a given amount of time.. distrubance that travels through matter as a longitudinal wave . measure of the distance from the crest or trough to the rest position.. first seismic waves to strike; may be heard but not felt; travel fast and travel as longitudinal waves. type of wave in which the disturbance moves parallel to the direction in which the wave travels. Older Children
Carbon Compounds large and varied group of biological molecules generally not soluble in water. macromolecules containing hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and phosphorus. formed when small molecules called monomers are joined together. macromolecules that contain nitrogen as well as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. formed by a process called polymerization, where large compounds are build by joining smaller ones together. Hard
Plate Tectonics the missing piece of evidence about continental drift was how the __ ____ spreads. the type of boundary where two plates move toward each other. the type of boundary where two plates pull away from each other. the type of boundary where two plates slide past each other . the man who came up with the Continental Drift theory. Older Children
Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness The scale ranges from one to _______.. The scale was developed in ___________.. Friedrich Mohs was a _______ minerologist. . The softest mineral on the scale is _______.. Ten being the ________.. Older Children
Cell and Functions found only in plant cells. Differently shaped sacks in the cytoplasm of the cells. layer around the nucleuos. found in animal cells. Assembly line; small round organelles are site of protein synthesis. Hard
Integumentary System undifferentiated cells that divide and give rise to the keratinocytes. consists of three to five layers of flat keratinocytes. consists mainly of a single layer of cuboidal to low comumnar stem scells. has more areolar and adipose tissue. connective tissue layer, ranges from 0.2mm to 0.4mm. Very Difficult
Thomas Alva Edison He started the _____________ Telegraph Works in New Jersey.. Edison was probably the world's ___________ inventor.. In 1882 he flipped a switch and _________ houses in New York City had lights for the first time.. At the age of _____________ he went to work selling candy and newspapers on a train.. He made many of his inventions in his ____________ that he buillt in Menlo Park, New Jersey.. Older Children
Weather lines drawn on a weather map that connects points having equal air pressure. instrument used to messure atmospheric pressue. middle level. low level. temperature at which air is saturated and condensation forms. Hard
Nitrogen Cycle Fill in the word that matches the definition nitrates are changed to nitrites and then to nitrogen gas and ammonia.. organisms in the soil involved in every step of the nitrogen cycle.. organisms that help fix nitrogen into a usable form.. chemical element atomis number 7 with symbol N.. plant organisms involved in getting nitrogen gas into nitrate.. Big
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