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Science Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Cells Makes leaves green.. Contain genetic information. . The basic units of structure and function in living things. . Their job is to produce proteins.. Tiny cell structures that carry out specific functions. . Hard
Science Vocabulary Structures that preform specific functions. Unit that can preform all the processes necessary for life. Has an enclosed nucleus. Contains cells DNA. A protective layer. Hard
Biology Makes it's own food from sunlight; also known as an autotroph. A consumer that eats producers. A consumer that eats secondary consumers. Scientific study of interactions among organisms in an environment. Assemblage of different populations that live together in a defined area. Teenage
Psychology a group that truly reflects a selected characteristic of a larger population. a method of research that studies the same group of people over an extended period of time. a fixed set of beliefs about a group that is generalized to all or most group members; stereotypes may or may not be accurate. objective methods for observation and measurement of subjects in various areas, such as intelligence. a statement of the results that the experimenter expects. Teenage
Organics / Enzymes Match each description with a word change in rate of chemical reaction. test for presense of starch. pockets within the enzyme. nopolar molecules that are not soluble or mostly insoluble in water (fats). any molecule produced by a living organism. Hard
Chemistry the first theory to relate chemical changes to events at the atomic level. the total number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus of an atom. atoms of the same element that have the same atomic number but different atomic masses due to a different number of neutrons. a subatomic particle with no charge and a mass of 1 amu; found in the nucleus of an atom. the smallest particle of an element that retains its identity in a chemical reaction. Teenage
Science Formed from cooling magma.. people who study rocks.. Images created using data from satellite that detects electromagnetic radiation from earth. Igneous rock formed below the surface of the earth.. A drilled sample or rock.. Hard
All about rocks, minerals an mining a drilled sample of of rock . molten rock reaching the surface. the colour of the mark left when you scrape the mineral across a white tile . how shiny a mineral is. the study of rocks. Teenage
Resources & Rocks Find the Words (use textbook if needed) The use of chemistry to show what minerals are present in area. The tendancy of soil particles to stick together. Preserved remains of living organisms. Superheated liquids in the Earth's crust. Rain water tha includes acids from pollution in the air. Teenage
Rocks and Mining Fill in the words following the hints below. Is the magma reaches the surface. The tedency of soil particles to stick together. The study of rocks. Removal of small rock particles. What kind of rock is a coal?. Teenage
Science Electricity is measured in this. Switch currents on and off. It can attract or repel. Burns out when the current is too high. Electrical c------. Teenage
Matter the tiny particles that make up all things. substances that stay the same size and the same shape. The molecules in most solids are tightly packed.. changes from a liquid into a gas. the solid, liquid, and gas forms of matter. changes from a solid into a liquid. Moderately Challenging
Lab Equipment Big nail file. Used to dry test tubes. Used for ice baths and gas labs. Puts different things at different heights. Measures liquids. Big
Economic Systems The process of using machinery for all major forms of production.. An economy in which production is based on customs and traditon, and which people often grow their own food, make their own goods, and use barter to trade.. The structure of economic life in a country.. Is the average value of goods and services produced per person in a country in a given year.. Total market value of goods and services produced in a country in a given year.. Big
WORD STEMS involving three lines. government by three rulers. before the use of atomic energy. less than one microgram. particle smaller than a nucleus. Hard
Water and Solutions Combined force of attraction among water molecules and with molecules of surrounding material.. Attraction between molecules of different substances.. Attraction between molecules of same substance. Mixture with small undissolved particles that do not settle out.. Substance dissolved.. Hard
Different Parts of the Body sense of smelling. sense of sight. use for walking. use for talking. use for chewing anfg grinding. Simple
Earth The Lithosphere studies volcanoes. caused by vibrations in Earth's crust. when magma leaves the volcano it is called. exploring caves. measures the strength of earthquakes. Big
Science an object in orbit of a planet is a .................... making electricity by using water. how many years does it take to replace a resource for it to be classified as renewable. coal and oil are types of ............... (2 words, no space in between). inside a turbine is a coil of wire and a ............. Hard
Fire Prevention in Perioperative Setting Carbon __________ is a toxic combustion by product. (8). When using the fire extinguisher one needs to ______ from side to side. (5). If a surgical fire occurs on the patient, ___________ burning material from the patient. (6). Never use _______ to extinguish electrical fires. (5). Electrosurgical units, ___________ and fibreoptic cables are ignition sources. (6). Hard
A & P (CELLS) STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF CELLS a function all cells perform as they break down nutrients an expel wastes. excessive loss of body fluid. a high concentration of hydrogen ions; a pH below 7.35. performed by glands that produce substances such as hormones, mucus, sweat and saliva. the function of nerve cells that creates and transmits an electrical impulse . Very Difficult
Table of Elements Give the name of the symbols of the following elements. Ca. Ta. N. Ir. Xe. Very Difficult
Chemistry the active site can be compared to the ____________ of a lock. these turn colors in acids or bases. fats, oils and waxes. a special type of protein that helps speed up chemical reactions. enzymes work by _______________ the activation energy for a reaction. Teenage
Properties of Water Ch 2 Combined force of attraction among water molecules and with molecules of surrounding material.. Attraction between molecules of different substances.. Attraction between molecules of same substance.. Mixture with small undissolved particles that do not settle out.. Substance dissolved.. Hard
What is Life Science that seeks to understand the living world.. Made of one cell.. The basic unit of structure and function in an organism. . Process of change during life that produces more complex organism.. Process by which organisms maintain internal conditions.. Teenage
Science Crossowrd made up of instruments . study of life. hearing . measures weight. a conductor of which electromagnetic waves are sent out or received . Hard
Cytogenetics Puzzle Read the description and find the word that matches it The order in which cells copy themselves. What you are made up of. This can cause a mistake in the DNA replication creating a mutation. The study of chromosomes. a code in which its divided by threes. Hard
Introducing Planet Earth Vocabulary Please complete the crossword puzzle. the four periods that a year is typically divided into. the great divisions of land on Earth, including Africa, South America, Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, and Antarctica. the points farthest north and south on the Earth along its axis. Earth spins on its axis so that all living things have day and night; takes 24 hours. slanted, not straight. Older Children
Classification The part of a plant cell where photosynthesis takes place. This group of organisms is the most well known of the prokaryotes.. This kingdom includes algae. This kingdom are autotrophic, meaning they make their own food. They do this through photosynthesis. There are two main groups in this kingdom called the vertebrates and the invertebrates.. Hard
Cell Structure The structure that contains chlorophyll. The type of cell that contains a vacuole. The structure that contains the genetic information. The structure that controls what enters and leaves the cell. The structure where most respiration occurs. Hard
Environmental Analysis What do bacteria produce as it decomposes organic matter?. If a pollutantís half-life is 20 days, how long (days) will it take for 1/8 of the amount of pollutant to remain?. Give the name of the most used herbicide.. Polar bears have been affected by pesticides because pesticides not only remains in the local environment but is also _________________ to other areas.. Environmental samples are kept at low temperatures to ____________ them.. Hard
Refrigeration Theory One What one would find to prevent buckling in hot weather (two words).. A kick in the family parts makes one hot.. A type of thermometer used to measure down to 70K.. M x A.. If a rating of 2 is found in your recce.. Hard
stems together. down. against. away. together. Older Children
Weather it is a cold season. it is a little bit like hail. it comes in the winter. they slowly move around in the sky. it happens when warm water and cold water mix. Older Children
Science the quality of matter that resists a change in motion. the idea that a prediction can be proven wrong.. an outside agent that acts to change a bodies motion. change in position divided by the time required to make the change.. describes the force betweeen two objects in contact with each other that are moving or attempting to move relative to each other. Hard
Science Atoms of the same element with different numbers of neutrons. Subatomic particle in the nucleus that has no charge.. Electrons occupy a particular _____ _____ around the nucleus.. The sharing of electrons between two non-metal elements. Combinations of substances which result in one or more new substances.. Hard
Science materials that consist of only one phase. if a new substance has appeared after a change it is a _ change . substances not containing carbon. properties that depend on the amount of matter present. 4.184 calories. Very Difficult
Science electrical charge of the nucleus. tiny particles that make up matter. this is equal to the number of protons and neutrons in an atom. neutrally charged atomic particle. atoms wtih extra electrons have a __ charge. Hard
Science plates slide past one another. plates collide. large, long-lasting mass of ice that moves because of gravity. magma that has reached the earth's surface. difference in elevation of a landform from its lowest to its highest point. Big
Science vocabulary Contamination of air by smoke and harmful gases. precipitation(rain) containing relatively high concentrations of acid-forming chemicals. the gaseous envelope surrounding the earth; the air.. a colorless, odorless, incombustible gas, CO 2 . the air we breathe to survive. Hard
Science Vocab. The line or path in which something is going . Can be described by the relation between distance . A change in position determined by the distance and direction. The result of the total of distance . Data for a time distance. Older Children
Psychology Cross Word The impact of environmental that influences an individual. Thought psychoanalysis emphasized the role of unconscious conflicts in determining behavior and personality. A German physiologist that applied experimental methods to the study of fundamental or auditory stimuli . Complex conscious experiences that are broken down into elemental structures. or components part of sensations and feelings. The first American woman to earn a PhD in Psychology as well as the second woman to be elected president of the APA. Hard
Science Atoms of the same element with different numbers of neutrons. Subatomic particle in the nucleus that has no charge.. Electrons occupy a particular _____ _____ around the nucleus.. The sharing of electrons between two non-metal elements. Combinations of substances which result in one or more new substances.. Hard
The Scientific Method to put forth a question about a problem. a disciplined method of reasoning or argumentation . a possible explanation for an event; an educated guess. is the process of making some decisions about what the data means. Usually this is done with the help of research and data. Any question or matter involving doubt.. Older Children
The Scientific Method It is important to always follow ________ procedures to ensure no accidents. An educated guess. What is seen and heard in an experiment. We never eat or ________ in the lab. There are ________ steps to the scientific method. Teenage
Plant and Animal Cell Crossword Puzzle Fill in the blanks using the descriptions below Does photosynthesis and uses up the sun's rays. Stores nutrients and water for cell. Controls what goes in and out of the cell. Creates proteins that the cell needs. Packages things in Vesicles. Hard
Science The basic unit of structure and function of living things.. The part of a cell that directs all of a cell's activities.. Too small to be seen without using a microscope.. The thin covering that surrounds every cell.. A living thing. Teenage
The Scientific Method a group that is not affected by the manipulated variable. an educated guess. a tool that organizes data for scientists. the variable that is tested. an effect that can be explained by 'mind over matter'. Teenage
Science It is the build up sediments.. A luminous point in the night sky.. Molten rock that erupts from the volcanoe.. To maintain something in its original or existing state.. Rock that came out of the earth .. Hard
Polyatomic Ions Contains two carbon atoms, three hydrogen atoms, and two oxygen atoms. Contains carbon and nitrogen. Contains two carbon atoms and four oxygen atoms. Contains oxygen and hydrogen and has a -1 charge. Contains one nitrogen atom and three oxygen atoms. Hard
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