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Science Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
We Geologists now. Rocks formed by solidification of Molten Magma.. Rocks that forms below the surface of the Earth (from liquid Rock).. The formation of Crystals . Hot molten rock that erupts from a Volcano.. The solid mineral material forming part of the surface a Planet.. Hard
INTRODUCTION TO GEOGRAPHY A circle of constant longitude passing through a given place on the earth's surface and the terrestrial poles. The section of a map that explains symbols for the map features. The imaginary line that circles the globe from north to south at 0 degrees. Imaginary east-west circles parallel to the Equator. Any of the imaginary lines encircling the Earth's surface, relating to lines or surfaces that are separated everywhere from each other by the same distance. Teenage
Geoculture Second largest river in France. . 73- meter room, decorated with mirrors. . Known as the 'Cradle of Paris.'. Seine, Oise, and Marne.. A island . Hard
Rocks these rocks are cooled beneath the surface of the earth. Molten rock that explodes/ rises out of the earth’s volcanoes . a solid mineral that helps to form the earth’s surface. They can come in many forms.. these rocks can be formed from conciliated clay sediments. this type of rock is believed to have solidified deep down with the earth. Hard
Moon Phases and Seasons When the moon is behind the sun and not visible. When a planet or moon goes around a sun or planet. When the sun is getting blocked out by the moon. Teenage
Lab Equipment & Safety Rules Class B flammable materials.. A ____ ____ has many shallow depressions.. Pick up hot objects with these.. Measures the volume of liquids.. You clean lab equipment with this.. Hard
Microbiology Use a PENCIL to complete. Try to fill in the ones you know first, then refer to your textbooks. Also known as germs or microbes. Bacteria that causes disease/ harmful to the body. The common cold, hepatitis, and measles are an example of this type of disease. Clients showing signs of contagious disease or condition should be referred to a. Bacteria that causes strep throat and blood poisoning; pus forming. Hard
Chapters 1-3 Weather & Climate Science Vocabulary Water in the form of a gas; found in the atmosphere. An instrument used to measure air pressure. Central Plains region of the U.S. that has more tornado formations than anywhere on Earth. Cloud type that form in flat layers and are a dull, gray color. Rapidly spinning, funnel-shaped cloud that reaches from a storm cloud down to Earth. Hard
Weather & Climate Science Vocabulary Water in the form of a gas; found in the atmosphere. An instrument used to measure air pressure. Envelope of gases surrounding the Earth; four main layers. Condition of the Earth's atmosphere at a particular time and place. Elevation; the distance above sea level. Older Children
Chemistry Salt-formers. Smallest region of space where the probability of finding the electron is great. A measure of the pull of gravity of the earth in a body. A physical property that relates the mass of a substance to its volume. When particles and anti-particles meet. Teenage
Forces in Fluids Instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure. Law of Physics. Mass divided by Volume. Common unit of Volume. Easily flow. Hard
Life Science A system that allows the production of offspring.. A system that breaks down food into energy for the body.. A system that regulates the body’s response to stimuli.. A system of glands that make hormones to regulate the body.. A system that is the natural outer covering of an organism.. Hard
Living Systems A group of specialized cells.. A system that allows the production of offspring.. A process by which a cell splits into two new cells.. A system that breaks down food into energy for the body.. Basic unit of life found in all living things.. Hard
Living Systems A group of specialized cells.. A system that allows the production of offspring.. A process by which a cell splits into two new cells.. A system that breaks down food into energy for the body.. Basic unit of life found in all living things.. Hard
Psychology the total group to be studies . type or research in which the same people are studied . assumption about behavior that is tested through scientific research . to confirm the results of the original study dependent . another factor that psychologists must take into account. Hard
Science News hormone that reduces inflammation. along with sub-Saharan Africa, region that leads the world in premature babies. the end of a species. river in Nebraska that has dried up. ________ Base, landing site for first manned mission to the moon. Hard
Science An interpretation based on observation and prior knowledge; a type of explanation.. Connects together facts and observations that the scientist decides are most important; tells HOW or Why an event occured. A forcast of what will happen in the future based on past experience or evidence.. A piece of lab equipment used to accurately measure the volume of a liquid.. A prejudice or opinion that prevents a person from viewing events objectively. Hard
Plant Processes a plant's response to the number of hours of daylight and darkness it receives. Keeps seeds from sprouting. a plant that needs 12 hours or more of darkness to flower. a hormone that helps fruit ripen. a response of a plant to an external simulus. Hard
FRICTION the force resisting motion between the elements making up a solid material while it underg. developed between bodies at rest. defined as the net force compressing two parallel surfaces together; and its direction is . developed between solid bodies in contact. MACHINE ELEMENTS. Teenage
Ecosystem Vocabulary consumers that get their energy from detritus. sum of all organisms living within its boundaries and all the abiotic factors with which they interact. element that must be added for production to increase. carnivores that eat herbivores. percentage of energy stored in assimilated food that is not used for respiration. Hard
Anatomical Etymology Consists of cutting open the body in order to examine it.. Medical term for high.. Another word for head.. Part of the body that inflates and deflates in order to make the lungs inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.. Suffix in medical term that refers to cutting.. Big
Biology Use the clues to fill in the puzzle The study of life and living things. The specific type of material that makes up each organ. An explanation to the question asked during observation. Having only one cell. A guess as to what might happen during an experiment. Very Difficult
Building the body chemicals consit of microscopic particles. substances that provide the body with necessary chemicals. made up by groups of cells. water, foods,oxygen, heat, pressure. complex structures with specialized functions. Hard
Newton's law 5.Ratio of change in distance to time.. 8.Ratio of displacement to time.. 4.State when net force is zero.. 1.It is a measure of force exerted by gravity on mass.. 7.Ratio of total distance to total time.. Teenage
Microorganism the active ingredient that is oshothane. nutrients required in trace. to stain, soil, corrupt e.t.c. by contact. juvenile insect. abbreviation Emulsifiable concentrate. Hard
Geology Crossword (Basic) Molten rock under the surface of the Earth is called. Traces or remains of ancient life found inside rocks are called ______.. Rock changing from one basic rock type to another is called the ‘rock ______.’. Sedimentary rocks are made of tiny pieces called_______.. Fossils are usually found in ______ rocks.. Older Children
Science Vocabulary The study of life.. The lenses that have high-powered magnification on the microscope.. A proposed explanation for the way a particular aspect of the natural world functions.. Containing only one cell.. A statement that forecasts what would happen in a test situation if the hypothesis were true.. Big
Scientific Method Summary or statement of an observed event. Group that does not recieve treatment. If this happens,... then this may result.... Use data to make a graph. What is already known and established. Teenage
Linear Motion The SI unit of measurement for this is the second (s). Regarded in relation to something else; Depends on point of view or frame of reference; with respect to. Motion under the influence of only gravitational forces. How fast something changes with time. Used in physics to mean 'straight line'. Older Children
scientific method vocab. noting a relationship between actions. to examine or study. the thought processes involved in solving a problem . to make an extensive investigation. the act of solving a problem, question, etc.... Teenage
All About Orchids cross between two or more genera. Potting material. Joint or notch on flowering stem. Old pseudulb for propagating. group of progeny of a specific cross. Hard
Lab Safety prevents injuries and damage. acid can be poured in this but this cannot be poured in acid. something you where on your eyes for protection. wiring or connections not properly covered and protected. a thin glass tube used to hold small amounts of liquid. Older Children
Scientific Method a possible explanation or answer to a question based on prior scientific research or observations. the process of obtaining information using the senses . ways i which scientists answer questions and solve problems. any pieces of information acquired through observation or experimentaion . Teenage
Scientific Method a possible explanation or answer to a question based on prior scientific research or observations. the process of obtaining information using the senses . ways i which scientists answer questions and solve problems. any pieces of information acquired through observation or experimentaion . Teenage
Electrical and Electronics resist electric current. electromagnetic wave. symbol 'T'. result of a division. to turn on and off current. Hard
Classification of Materials A scale for measuring hardness. Ability to bend without breaking. Ability to break easily. Ratio of mass to volume. Ability to withstand scratches. Teenage
biology vocab study of life. an eplanation. a set of values. a feild of study for legal purposes. orderly. Hard
Volcano Praniqe Govender In May 1883 a volcano called... became active on an island in Indonesia. mount Kilimanjaro in ... has not erupted in thousands of years.. Another word for ash, dust and volcanic dust.... Volcanic gases, including carbon... and sulpher dioxide are released into the atmosphere when volcanoes erupt. What’s the hot stuff that comes out the volcano called?. Hard
Nickel Nickel does not __________ in plants and animals.. In open pit mining ______ after layer of ore is removed.. Scientists believe that an iron-nickel mix makes up the earth's ______ core.. Nickel is mined in ________, Russia, Canada, Cuba, South Africa and New Caledonia.. Open pit mining is used when the overburden is close to the ________.. Hard
Plate Tectonics: Earthquakes and Volcanoes Please complete the following crossword The bowl at the top of a volcano. A fast moving type of lava. The point within the Earth, where the earthquake starts. A hot liquid that spills out of the volcano. A line on rocks where they broke and moved. Very Difficult
Basic Electricity The amount of complete cycles occurring in one second of time for a periodic wave. . the maximum value of a periodic wave. a shorter way to write repeated multiplication of the same number by itself. The unit of measurement for the inductance of an inductor.. a material having 5 to 8 valence electrons that strongly opposes the current flow. . Hard
Roller Coaster Physics Decrease in velocity, an object keeps moving slower and slower. Tendency of an object to either keep moving or to remain at rest. A push or a pull on an object. How far an object moves in a certain amount of time, such as miles per hour. Force that slows things down. Adult
Outer Space Meteroids are also called this. The name for a collection of million of stars. this is no longer considered a planet. the hottest planet. planet with the biggest rings. Older Children
Electronics puzzle the number of cycles of a repetitive wave occurring in a given time period. this type of circuit is used to change the ac power into pulsating dc. any circuit having only one path for current flow is called a ___circuit. a watt is the electrical energy expended at a rate of one ___ per second. one divided by frequency is the formula for finding the ___. Very Difficult
Soil Communities Find the word that fits and that best matches the clue given. These microbes live in soil and fix nitrogen.. This is when soil is worn away because of forces such as wind or water.. This fun guy has symbiotic relationships with plants so that they grow larger.. This type of soil can act as a toxin barrier because it's very slippery.. Many of these live in burrows under the soil.. Teenage
Force & Motion A Passenger in a moving train tosses a coin which falls behind him. This shows that the motion of train is_________.. Quantity which is measured by the area occupied under the velocity-time graph.. Property of a substance which Resist any change in its state of rest or motion.. Changes continuously in uniform circular motion.. A rocket works on the principle of conservation of _____________.. Teenage
Geology A type of sedimentary rock made up of stones/particles pressed together by waves/water. Conglomerate is often found in large expanses or beds. . One of the three main rock types, formed from the cooling and hardening of magma.. A type of igneous rock and the most common rock type in the earth's crust and makes up most of the ocean floor.. One of the three main rock types, formed deep within the earth, where rock material changes after being subjected to intense heat and pressure (squeezing). . An opening in the earth's surface that allows hot magma, ash, and gases to escape from deep below the surface. . Teenage
Living Organisms In The Environment All living things, even the smallest bacteria, have _______. (10). Organ systems functioning together make up a living _______. (8). Each organism lives in a specialized regional environment within the ecosystem known as the____. (7). The parts of Earth inhabited by living organisms. (9). Living things ______ .(7). Hard
Cytogenetics What is the dye used in G-banding?. The name given to the diagrammatic representation of the ‘normal’ karyotype for a species which clearly shows the morphological characteristics of the chromosomes. The Prader-Willi and Angelman syndromes are manifested due to genomic __________. Monosomies are more common in sex chromosomes than in _________. FISH stand for fluorescent___________________ (no spaces or hyphens). Adult
Famous Scientists a telescope named after him. First Indian to teach science at Presidency College Kolkatta. Structure of Atom. Quantum Theory. Germ Theory of disease. Adult
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