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Science Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Garifuna Culture Use this puzzle to help you review key points about the Garifuna Culture. Enjoy! is what happened to the ship as they were traveling. has to do with festivals, arts, music, art, food, tradition etc. this is the month on which the Garinagu celebrate their arrival. they have settled along the ______coast of Belize. the Carib Indians and African slaves managed to live like this . Hard
Science Is the hightof the crest and trough. is the process that powers the sum and the stars. a substance that does not readily allow the passage of heat or sound. Solid Liquid gas are _________ through which waves can travel. the resistance to motion of one object moving relative to another . Older Children
Solar Loop of cooled gas extending above the photosphere. Release of energy through the combining of the nuclei of small atoms. Colored light that reacts with the oxygen and nitrogen of Earth's atmosphere. Natural agent from the sun that makes things visible. Center-most part of the sun. Big
Artificial Intelligence Where did the term AI originate?. This states that the number of transistors in an integrated circuit will double every two years. . Who said 'Deep learning algorithms seek to exploit the unknown structure in the input distribution in order to discover good representations, often at multiple levels, with higher-level learned features defined in terms of lower-level features'?. The lack of knowledge of the human ________ makes it even more difficult to create an AI. Name of the 'AI' that will likely replace Siri. . Big
Genetics a scientist that studies heredity. a section of a chromosome that determinds a trait. a distinguishing characteristicsbased on your genes. production of new cells for the repair, growth, and development of cells. structures found in the nucleus that resemble rods and contain genetic material. Older Children
Science Listen to all the clues to find the words is the molten rock expelled by a volcano during an eruption. is the uppermost layer of the oceanic portion of a tectonic plate. The crust overlies the solidified and uppermost layer of the mantle. is the rigid, outermost shell of a terrestrial-type planet or natural satellite. Part of the wall surface of the induction manifold of a petrol engine on which the mixture impinges; heated by exhaust gases or coolant water to assist vaporization and distribution Science Dictionary: What is HOT SPOT? definition of HOT SPOT (Scienc. is an underwater mountain system formed by plate tectonics. Hard
Prokaryote Metabolism Use the notes to research the words needed to complete this puzzle substances that can speed up chemical reactions without being changed themselves. atoms,molecules, and ions must collide. reactions that release water. reactions that consume more energy than they produce. biological catalysts. Hard
Entomology insects should be put into a ________ to end their life cycle. the application of the study of insects and other anthropoids to legal issues. female blowflies lay eggs within _____ after death. eat dead vertebrate bodies. between instar larvae 2 and the prepupae stage, 17mm 4-5 days. Hard
Forensics Fingerprint Solve 3D print made in soft material. outer layer of pollen grain. center of loop of whorl. visible print due to residue. triangular pattern of ridges. Hard
Light and Color The process of bending a light ray as it crosses the boundary between two different materials is called ___.. The process that produces light using heat energy is ___.. A form of energy, including all the colors we see, that travels at 300,00 km/s in a vacuum is referred to as ___.. The entire range of electromagnetic waves, including all possible frequencies is known as the ___.. A unit of length equal to one-billionth of a meter is a(n)___.. Big
Science Same composition. Small Particle. Change in size or shape. Change in matter. Made of 2 or more elements. Big
Digging up Dinosaurs Complete the crossword below someone who has skill or special knowledge. not existing any more. the bones of people and animals. things that are left over. to say how things are similar. Easy
Regional Resources to use resources carefully. people who make products or do jobs for others. using the soil to raise crops or animals. something in the environment that people can use. to gather for use. Big
What is Science Answer the following questions use observing, inferring, predicting, classifying, and making models to learn more about the world.. A statement that describes a phenomenon that is supported and has passed many tests. A written statement using the words IF, Then which gives a possible explanation for an observation. Observation deals with descriptions that cannot be expressed in numbers.. An experiment in which only one variable is manipulate at a time. Big
History of Psychology Psychology that studies the effects people have on one another's behavior. Psychology that studies the individual differences in temperament and patterns of behavior. Psychology that studies changes of behavior over the course of one' lifespan. Proposed by Wundt and involves introspective analysis of individual elements of consciousness. 1st Psychology Lab in Leipzig, Germany. Hard
Physical Geography makes up most of Earth's water; found in oceans, seas, bays. etc.. average weather over a long period of time; predictable. resources on Earth that can't be replaced. climate zone based on elevation. theory that explains how Earth's crust moves. Hard
Paleontology Solve the crossword puzzle. First time period of Paleozoic era. Constituting a piece of evidence. Scientist who studies fossils. remove earth carefully to find buried remains. break-up of Pangea continued . Hard
The Scientific Method an organizational device that uses rows and columns to neatly display information. an experiment when it is performed. graphing and evaluating the averages of the data you got from an experiment. an educated guess the scientist makes as a prediction of the answer to an experiment after research. an educated guess based on background knowledge. Big
Newton's Laws changing position. push or pull. speed in one direction. force of rubbing objects. steepness. Big
Ecology stable mature, ecological community with little change in compositon of species. environmental factors such as storms and extreme heat or cold, this affects populations regardless of their density. biotic or abiotic factor that restricts the number, distribution or reproduction of a population within a community. simplified model that shows a single path for energy flow through an ecosystem. average weather conditions or objects based on a set of criteria that helps organize communicate and retain information. Big
Western Geography an intense wind and rain storm that forms over oceans in the tropics. the layer formed by the upper most branches of a rain forest. a park like combination of grasslands and scattered trees. average weather over many years. a complete turn. Hard
Introduction to Cells the basic building blocks of matter that make up everyday objects. A desk, the air, even you are made up of atoms! . group of similar cells that perform a common function. 1.all organisms are made of one or more cells 2. the cell is the basic unit of all organisms 3. all cells come from existing cells. smallest structure and functional unit of all living organisms. a structure made up of a collection of tissue that carry out a special function. Older Children
Basic Economics Looking at the way things really are. they make our products. Limited . Things we use to make products. Man made resources. Older Children
Science A thing that represents or stands for something else. A system of ideas intended to explain something. Each of two or more forms of the same element that contain equal numbers of protons but different numbers of neutrons. Henry Gwyn Jeffreys . A substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by chemical means. Older Children
Geography landmass above water on earth. lines that run parallel to the equator. area defined by everything in it . the location of one place in relation to other places. constructs maps that give much more detailed or accurate pictures of the world. Older Children
Ecosystem a living thing, such as a plant that can make its own food. a series of organisms that depend on one another for food. the average weather over a long time. a group of living things and the environment they live in. a body part of behavior that helps an animal meets its needs in its environment. Hard
Ecosystem living and non-living things that interact in an environment. an animal that eats prey. meat eaters. eat only producers. consumers that are eaten by predators. Older Children
Geography A key that explains what the symbols of the map represent . One of the 7 large landmasses of the Earth. The general weather conditions of a region. Imaginary lines that separeates the globe into eastern and western hemispheres. Imaginary lines that help us to measure the distance of a place north and south of the equato ( run around the globe east to west). Big
Scientific Thinking and Processes Match the vocabulary word with its definition A proposed answer for a scientific question.. Allow scientists to test hypotheses and find out how something happens.. Condition that does not change.. Condition that is manipulated or changed.. Using our sense to study the world.. Older Children
Life Science A chart or . made of a single cell . The passing of traits from parents to offsprings. A protein that speeds up chemical reactions in a living thing . An organism's genectic make-up, or allele combinations. Hard
Science a possible explanation for a set of observations or answer to a scientific question. the science that focuses on earth and its location. `the process of making an inference, an interpretation based on observations and prior knowledge. the process of using one or more of your senses to gather information. the process of forecasting what will happen in the future based on past experience and evidence . Big
Ecology Think on this one little ones A symbiosis in which one organism lives off another.. Animals depending on one another.. A community of plants and animals that live in a cretian area.. Not a living organism.. A plant growing on a tree.. Hard
Parts of the Microscope Where the slide is placed on. Without this you'll be in the dark. Moves field of view left and right (horizontal). Not the largest or smallest view area. Used to fine tune the focus on the specimen. Hard
Light and Sound Complete the crossword puzzle below the fact or phenomenon of light, radio waves, etc., being bent in passing obliquely through the interface between one medium and another or through a medium of varying density.. is a vibration that propagates as a typically audible mechanical wave of pressure and displacement, through a medium such as air or water. is a region where light from a light source is obstructed by an opaque object. type of wave with the longest wavelength in the EM spectrum. is a spectrum containing the range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. Older Children
Science no definite shape or size; particles packed loosely together. the measureof the pull of gravity on an object. the smallest particle of matter that has properties of that matter. anything that has madd and takes up space. something that can be seen in matter. Older Children
Science Tools measures the weight of an object. measures volume of liquid. an object with a magnetic field. measures length, width, or height of an object. protects the eyes. Older Children
Physical Science An explanation that is based on prior scientific research or observations. The ratio of the mass of a substance to the volume of the substance. The scientific study of nonliving matter. A measure of the size of an object or region in three-dimensional. The process of obtaining information by using the senses. Moderately Challenging
Early Humans Ancient people used this to help them perform tasks.. Paleolithic people __________ and gathered food.. Ancient man found frozen in the Alps.. Crushed yellow, black, and red rocks into powders for this. Present day country where the city of Catal Huyuk is located.. Hard
Project in Science Unit One Study of Heredity. A biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment. Congenital Traits. Building Blocks of Life. Chemical Element of Atomic number 8. Older Children
Science Preserved evidence of a dead animal plant.They can be body parts or evidence of activity like tracks,burrows,nests,and teath marks. Coal,oil,and natural gas by the decay of dead organisms over millions of years. A group of complex molecues that contain carbon,hydrogen,oxygen,mitrogen,and usally sulfur. Waste of dead things. Animals or other living thing. Older Children
Introduction to Science What is the unit of mass?. Something you think will happen.. What do you measure liquids with?. The opposite of regular.. What is the unit of weight?. Big
Taxonomy What Genus is a plant pathogen that causes crown gall disease?. The Class _____ are intestinal parasites, also known as tapeworms.. This Genus is a stalked bacteria found in lakes.. The Phylum _____ is brown and a common example of this is kelp.. This Phylum is photosynthetic, meaning it gets energy from light.. Hard
Economy A country that is in a relatively early stage of the process of economic development.. Television, movies, cell phones etc.. A country that is technologically advanced and wealthy.. The part of the country that is dominated by the heartland and that typically supplies its raw materials.. In economics, the region or population in which goods and services are sold.. Big
Motion an object's change in position relative to a reference point . negative acceleration is also called. an action exerted on a body in order to change the body's state of rest or motion. speed along with direction is called . a force that opposes motion. Older Children
Magnets and Magnetism If you try to put two like poles together, they will push _________ from each other.. Magnetism can be a pulling or pushing _____________.. Objects stick to a magnet's poles because that is wehre magnetism is __________.. The pull of gravity keeps you on the ______________.. If you were weightless, you would do this. . Older Children
Biology Scientific Method/Chemistry of Life & Ecology one organism benefits (parasite) from the relationship and the other is harmed (host) . testable explanation for an observation; educated guess . standard for comparing experimental effects . having only one cell . one organism benefits from the relationship without affecting the other . Very Difficult
Scientific Method Perform many experiments over several years. An educated guess that attempts to explain an observation or answer a question. Fill in the blanks: Science______ prove anything. Is this a limitation of science: Science can prove anything. Is this a limitation of science: It is 100% reliable. Big
Sociology a norm that is written down and enforced by an official agency. marriage between on man and one woman. one of both parents and their children. according to frued, the part of the mind that resolves conflicts between the ID and SUPEREGO. a guideline or an expectation or a behavior . Adult
The Freud the deeper meaning behind dreams. Psychologist known as the father of psychoanalysis. American psychologists who expanded Freud's theories in social and cultural directions. a coping technique that reduces anxiety. the actual plot line of a dream. Big
The Global Economy Oil has had the largest increase of this type of pollution.. The former Soviet Union and China are referred to as this.. The percentage of the world's oil that is produced by OPEC.. The total value of GDP divided by the total population.. The goal of this cartel is to coordinate oil prices, coordinate production policies, and stabilize oil markets.. Big
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