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Science Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Evolution Even though we are all of the same species we are all different. Marsupials have evolved separate from Placentals. This group of mammals nourish their young in a pouch. Digging these up shows how species have changed over time. Inheritance of variations can be this. Big
Climate Change Average weather in an area based on weather patterns taken over a long period of time.. The theory explaining the movement of the large plates of the Earth's Crust.. Any precipitation with a pH less than the normal pH of rain.. The theory that the continents broke away from Pangaea.. The layer of gases surrounding the Earth. Big
Force and Motion When something is still and has no movement.. Power pushing against something.. How fast an object moves.. A force that makes moving difficult between two two objects.. How something gets faster and faster.. Older Children
Electricity and Electromagnetism a transformer that decreases voltage or current. a transformer that increases voltage or current. coil of wire that carries an electric . attacks objects within its magnetic field. energy possessed by an object by its motion and position . Older Children
Science fossils of an organism that lived for a short period of time. gives off energy when burned. show elevation from a birds-eye view. helps and organism survive. outer layer of the earth. Older Children
Invertebrate Project membrane that holds organs in place. one of many body sections of a tapeworm . shaped like a ball or globe EX: volvox. name of the cavity given to the organism. outermost layer; cells on the outside form the skin, brain. Very Difficult
Protists Protists live everywhere but mainly here. A category that people put protists into. An animal like protist. This can change shape. Unicellular algae, bio luminescent, red tides. Hard
Stegosaurus Fill in the blank words What dinosaur group did the Stegosaurus belong to?. Its the dinosaur of what state?. What are the 4 spikes called at the end of the tail?. What body part helps the Stegosaurus's brain?. Its____ is about 3 feet from the ground.. Big
Evolution The key that helps an animal survive!. A process that involves change from ancient to modern.. Any difference between individuals of the same species.. An explanation that has been well tested for a wide range of observations or experimental results.. If it is a _________________, it is a structure that have been inherited from a common ancestor.. Older Children
Evolution and Genetics All phrases have spaces All living things are _________. The youngest living organisms are the______. All living things are made of _____. The way an organism looks. How do we know about life on earth before there were humans . Big
Gravity complete the crossword below something that causes a change in the motion of an object. the point through which the resultant of gravitational forces on a body passes and from which the resultant force of attraction of the body on other bodies emanates: coincident with the center of mass. a change in velocity. Sir Isaac . The force with which an object near the Earth or another celestial body is attracted toward the center of the body by gravity. Older Children
Evolution When pop'n are seperated by barriers such as rivers, mountains or bodies of water.. Formation of new species . Movement of indeviduals outside an area.. Equilibrium that has been interrupted by brief periods of rapid change.. Indeviduals select mates based on heritable traits such as size, strength or coloration.. Hard
The Theory of Evolution Fill in the blanks with the correct terms. the normal differences that are among the individuals of the same species or kind.. are the remains or any evidence of organisms that have lived in the past.. are times when many species of organisms died out at the same time. . is like a characteristic or trait that helps an organism survive in its environment.. or random changes in genes. Older Children
Solar Power concentrates sunlight, converts it into heat, and applies it to a steam generator or engine to be converted into electricity. development of these did not start until the late 1970s. country where solar power is not practical . required by wind power and hydropower but not by photovoltaic solar power. largest application of solar power in the past 30 years . Big
Cognitive Psychology The means by which we actively process a limited amount of information. . What you are doing right now.. Mental shortcuts.. Smallest unit of speech sound.. The type of memory that allows you to remember information forever. . Big
Wind Energy a grant of money, often from the government. a formal order or command. a shape that reduces drag from air movement. energy caused by wind. a machine that converts one form of energy into another. Older Children
Experimental Psychology A psychologist who studied the basic elements that make up conscious mental experiences. An assumption about behavior that is tested through scientific research. Discovering ways to use scientific findings to accomplish practical goals. Father of experimental pscyhology. Psychologists agree that the study of behaviour must be.... Big
Science Narrow belt of strong winds that blows near the top of the troposophere.. 78% of the earth's atmosophere.. Causes moving air and water to turn left in the southern hemisphere and turn right in the northern hemisphere due to earth's rotation.. Rain, snow, sleet, or hail that falls to the ground.. The region of the earth's atmosphere above the stratosphere and below the thermosphere.. Big
Ecology Organism in a food chain that represents a feeding step in the passage of energy and materials through an ecosystem. Organism that can make their own food. A series of steps in which organisms transfer energy by eating and being eaten User-. The series of changes that occur after a disturbance of an existing ecosystem. The organic circulation of carbon from the atmosphere into organisms and back again. Hard
Living Things Find each of the vocabulary words for the puzzle with the hints given. The not-yet-born form of an animal-that develops inside an egg.. Microbes that consist of one cell.. The study of how traits are inherited.. Period of timewhen the dinosaurs and most of their relatives suddenly died out.. Are things such as the color of your hair or eyes and the size and genral shape of your body.. Big
Anthropology Solve the crossword puzzle Recombination of genetic traits according to Neo-Darwinism.. Homo genus to which humans are closely related.. Adjustment to natural & artificial challenges for survival.. Anthropological study approach that focuses on similarities & differences.. Study approach of anthropology across time and space.. Hard
Evolution the formation of new and distinct species in the course of evolution.. the reduced genetic diversity that results when a population is descended from a small number of colonizing ancestors.. the theory that changes in the earth's crust during geological history have resulted from the action of continuous and uniform processes. the total number of fossils that have been discovered, as well as to the information derived from them. the gradual development of something, usually from a simple to a more complex form.. Teenage
Solar Powered Solve the crossword puzzle below. heat-trapping gases such as carbon dioxide. energy made from heat produced inside Earth. when clouds get to heavy the water in them falls back to earth as rain sleet or snow . material from livingor once-living things that can be used to produce energy. an other word for solar array. Big
Science A fluids resistance to flow. Matter with a definite volume but takes the shape of its container. The molecules pass each other but don't break. How much force gravity is pulling an object. The smallest unit of an element that still maintains the properties of that element . Energy is gained so the substance can change shape. Hard
Fossils Use the clues to fill in the crossword puzzle Person who studies fossils. Must be more than 10,000 years old. Dead. Rocks that formed when clay, mud, or sand hardened. One of the best preservers of fossils. Older Children
Evolution is a type of natural selection in which genetic diversity decreases as the population stabilizes on a particular trait value. condition that occurs when the frequency of alleles in a particular gene pool remain constant over time. inherited characteristic that improves an organism's ability to survive and reproduce in a particular environment. evolution on the smallest scale—a generation-to-generation change in the frequencies of alleles within a population. remnant of a structure that may have had an important function in a species' ancestors, but has no clear function in the modern species. Hard
Non-Renewable Energy Resources an energy source that cannot be replaced of regenerated and will therefore run out. examples include coal, oil and natural gas. rainwater that is more acidic than normal rain due to the release of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides . the material, usually uranium, that undergoes nuclear fission and is the source of heat in nuclear power stations. the splitting of an atomic nucleus, which releases large amounts of energy. Hard
Diesel Engine Oil Lowering viscosity of oil for fuel economy benefits can adversely impact equipment. What does “W” in viscosity grade stands for. Name the pollutant which is blocked using Diesel Particulate filter. Less than 50 ppm sulphur is used in _____ fuels. Name Gulf Mobile Natural Gas Engine Oil . Hard
Environmental Science EPA sues for pollution cleanup and has funds to pay for abandon waste sites. yard waste, fruit and vegetable scraps decomposing naturally. dumping water into the river, lake or sea that is much higher or lower than original termperature. water moving downward over the land on the surface. removes any trash or large objects from sewage stream. Very Difficult
Magnetism a material or object that produces a magnetic field.. In magnets, opposites _______.. magnetized pieces from iron ore.. the force of attraction or repulsion generated by moving or spinning electric charges.. The distance between the north and south poles of a magnetic circuit. . Hard
Evolution and Fossils The remains or imprints of once-living organisms. Fossils that help fill the gaps in the fossil record. An inherited characteristic that helps an organism survive and reproduce in its environment. Organisms share structural traits that may have similar or different functions. Traits that organisms get or acquire; they are not born with them. Hard
Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy this energy source is used on the ocean, capturing energy from waves. this type of reaction combines two atoms into one. this type of energy takes a very long time to replace itself. coal, oil, and natural gas are examples of these.... this energy is created from fast-moving water. Hard
Newton's First Law Puzzle A Crossword Puzzle for Newton's First Law Movement.. The force that when something stops, it wats to keep going ex: slam on the breaks in the car, body flys forward.. A rule.. A push or a pull.. the speed and direction of an object.. Older Children
Light Happens when a light wave bends.. To take in or soak up. (reflect and absorb light)-materials that do not allow light waves to pass through.. The low point of a wave.. Light waves that travel in a straight path.. Older Children
Flammable Liquids There are _______ categories of flammable liquids.. _________ electcity can occur when two surfaces are in contact with each other.. The temperature at which a liquid releases enough vapor to become ignitable.. The category of flammable liquid that's most dangerous.. If the concentration of flammable vapor moves above the Upper Flammable Liquid, the mixture becomes too _______ to burn.. Hard
Exploring the Deep the name of the first ship who set out to measure the depth of the ocean. the deepest manned dive discovered this place. means to be able to go underwater. vents that pump extremely hot water up through the ocean floor. unmanned robots that can explore the ocean while scientists contol it from a ship. Hard
Polar Marine Life H2O. study of marine life. use rod to catch marine life. floats on water. frozen water. Older Children
Sound The vibrations per second of an object causing sound.. The small part of the inner ear that looks like a snail.. The degree of highness or lowness of a sound.. Uneven; having different patterrns or shapes.. A metal instrument that makes the sound of a musical note when tapped on a hard surface.. Hard
General Science Divergent boundary where new ocean floor is formed. When the plates shift suddenly and release stone . Beneath the earth surface where rock under stress breaks . Slow movement of the earths plates produces volcanoe, mountain ridge, earthquakes . Break in the earth crust when earthquakes can happen. Big
Science Fair Terms a possible, testable explanation for a set of observations or answers to a scientific question. A question that leads to further testing. things you should have controlled but could not. what happened as an outcome of your experiment. This group is used as a standard of comparison in a control experiment. Older Children
Electricity and Magnetism an electric circuit with two or more paths for current. a material that slows the flow of heat and electricity. a basic property of the tiny particles that make up matter. Electric charges can be positive or negative. an electric circuit with only one path current. a flow of electric charges. Hard
The Magical World of Sciences The transport of material out of a cell by means of a sac or vesicle that first engulfs the material and then is extruded through an opening in the cell membrane ( distinguished from endocytosis ). . Archaic practice of medicine in conjunction with astrology . A quantitative deficiency of the hemoglobin, often accompanied by a reduced number of red blood cells and causing pallor, weakness, and breathlessness. . Art of definition of words . Inflammation of the nose or its mucous membrane. . Hard
Ecology The conversion of nitrate to nitrogen gas. The path of energy through the trophic levels of an ecosystem. Consists of a community and all the physical aspects of its habitat. The process of combining nitrogen with hydrogen to form ammonia. An animal that eats other animals. Hard
Dinosaurs Before recorded history. It has been preserved in fossil form. No longer alive. Eat plants. Eat meat. Older Children
Evolution remains of organisms that lived in the past. organism that no longer exists on earth. group of primates in which modern humans and their ancestors are classified. order of mammals. trait of an organism that helps it live in its environment. Hard
Force and Motion the law that states forces act in equal but opposite directions. change of position. The tendency of motionless bodies to remain motionless and moving bodies to remain in motion. the law that states force equals mass times acceleration. A push, pull or a twist. Hard
Water World when particles mix into water and break into tiny parts that cannot be seen. no definite shape, takes up definite space. the path water travels as it evaporates, condenses, and returns to the Earth. when liquid or solid form of water fall to the Earth. water vapor changes to a liquid. Big
Coral Reefs a mineral that makes up a coral polyp's exoskeleton. a coral reef is a massive collection of this sea animal. outside skeleton. this is how a coral reef feels when you touch it. swimming with a facemask to help see under water, and fins to help swim. Hard
Higher Invertebrates A rasping tongue characteristic of gastropods. . An outer skeleton.. Tissues used for gas exchange in aquatic animals.. A two part tube structure used by Bivalves to bring fresh water into their shells.. A chemical substance produced by leeches.. Hard
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