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Science Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Lesson in Chemistry Iron (II) oxide. gives the percent by mass of each elemant in the compound.. AlN. ferrous oxide. HS. Big
Electricity Electrons don't move easily.. Transferring charge by touch.. Current that has one loop to flow through.. Net movement of electrical charges in a single direction.. Closed path an electrical current follows.. Older Children
Biodiversity Biology a type of cell with a membrane-enclosed nucleus and membrane-enclosed organelles.. the science of determining evolutionary relationships among organisms.. describing the group of bacteria that have a cell wall that is structurally less complex and contains more peptidoglycan than the cell wall of gram-negative bacteria.. a staining method that distinguishes between two different kinds of bacterial cell walls; may be used to help determine medical response to an infection. A way to determine a type of cell.. as applied to molecular systematics, a principle that states that when considering multiple phylogenetic hypotheses, one should take into account the hypothesis that reflects the most likely sequence of evolutionary events, given certain rules about . Hard
Planets And The Solar System The system that was invented by the early Greek astronomers.. A device used to observe distant objects.. ________ surrounds all the gas giant planets.. Mercury is the smallest _______ planet.. This planet is four times the diameter of Earth.. Older Children
Cell Structure double lipid bilayer membrane which surrounds the genetic material and nucleolus in eukaryotic cells.. package DNA to fit in the cell, prevent DNA damage, and to control gene expression and DNA replication. . important in the processing of proteins for secretion.. tough, flexible framework which helps the cell in movement. contains most of the cell's genetic material. Hard
Force and Motion the tendency of object to resist a change in motion.. will have the least effect on a piece of iron.. a force can cause an object to do the following except.. an object at rest will stay at rest unless it is acted upon by a.. the direction of an object motion.. Older Children
Environment green plants are also known as ____________.. the environment with biotic and abiotic components.. species which do not exist.. naturally produced food.. Green house gas.. Older Children
Ribosomes & Centrioles Two pieces of a Ribosome. Protein Builders. Centrioles are usually found near this. Do not have Centrioles. What Centrioles are made of. Hard
Science ranges and mountain systems in a long, connected chain form a larger unit called. The difference in elevation from one contour line to the next.. The different mountain ranges in a region make up a.... the difference in elevation between the highest and lowest parts of an area. On a topographic map, a heavier contour line that is labeled with elevation of that contour line in round units. Older Children
Mother Nature Environment the atmosphere has a difficulty breathing. a nuclear waste substance that is harmful. rainfall that contains atmospheric pollution. contamination of rivers, lakes, and oceans. a localized source of air. Big
Newton's Laws of Motion Law of actions and reactions. What Newton's laws are about. Alternate name for first law of motion. Law of more, more force. Rockets need more __ that a pencil. Older Children
Science Processes by which sediment settles out of the water or wind carrying it. Mineral that splits easily along flat surfaces. The look and feel of a rock's surface. Forms from the remains of plants and animals. Igneous rock formed from lava that erupted onto Earth's surface. Big
Energy Energy that is a measure of the total amount of kinetic energy in particles in an object.. Energy stored in chemical bonds.. The energy that results from vibrations in matter. Energy that moves objects.. Energy stored in by an object's shape. Older Children
Plants Plants need it. . At the top of the tree, under the leaves, you can see the . . . . This is part of the flower, it is thin.. It's beautiful. It's big and strong. It's a part of the tree. . Easy
Acids and Bases acid found in sodas. effect of acids on metals. common household base. acids and bases reacting. the other product of a neutralization reaction. Hard
Cells green pigment that makes plants green. the centeral location for the cell. the 'brain' of the cell; the information center. provides protein for the sell. the barrier between the inside and outside of a cell. Hard
The Rock Cycle fine-grained metamorphic rock. the solid-state recrystallization of already existing rock. the process by which soil and rock are removed from the Earth's surface by natural processes. one of the 3 main rock types. a mixture of molten or semi-molten rock. Older Children
Space A type of chocolate. The ninth planet on solar system . A tasty treat. The second biggest planet. Something that makes you strech like spagetti. Easy
Periodic Patterns The red form is used in matches.. The actinides are all __________ .. Copper, chromium, iron, and nickel are all examples of ________ metals.. The element with the highest electronegativity.. A row on the table of elements.. Hard
Marine Science What the humpback whales use to communicate long distance.. Acronym for Classification hierarchy. lobster and seaweed for example.. Type of plate boundary where trenches form.. A circular flow of water.. Hard
Rock Cycle fine-grained metamorphic rock. the process by which soil and rock are removed from the Earth's surface. used to measure the size of large molecules, where the force of gravity is augmented . rocks that arise from the transformation of existing rock types. a mixture of molten or semi-molten rock. Older Children
Water used to treat household sewage.. also known as the water cycle. Sediment remaining after water has been treated.. science dealing with origin, history, materials and many more.. capacity of rock or soil to transmit a fluid, usually water.. Big
ELECTRICITY P=I(IR) or P=VI. separate conducting paths. unit of current. observed that a piece of amber attracted small bits of paper.. found that many other different materials could be made to act like amber.. Very Difficult
Energy and Power Energy of a compound that changes as its atoms are rearranged to form new compounds.. Energy caused by an objectís vibrations.. Energy of motion and position of an object.. The process of burning fuels.. A push or pull. Hard
Disaters Human & Natural Analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption . Not man made. Differ. Organisms with their environment. The making of a desired impression. Older Children
Eukaryotic Cells Organelle consisting of saccules and vesicles that processes packages and distributes molecules about or from the cell. Membranous system of tubules, vecicles, and sacs in eukaryotic cells lacks attached ribosomes. RNA and protein in two subunits, site of protein synthesis in the cytoplasm. long slender extension used for locomotion by some bacteria protozoans and sperm. Membranous system of tubules, vesicles, and sacs in cells, has attached ribosomes. Hard
Rocks and Minerals magma that is outside the volcano. the breaking of a rock. a thin line of a differentsubstance or color from surrounding. minerals wound up into an object. a rock that is fromed by deposited sediment. Big
Tornadoes Before a tornado a warm ________ blows wind up into the thunderstorm. . Tornadoes are dark because they pick up __________ like dirt and plants. . Tornadoes move ___________. . Tornadoes usually last less than 10 ______. . Before a tornado a _________ downdraft blows wind down out of the clouds. . Older Children
Ionic & Metallic Bonding the number of ions of opposite charge that surround each ion in a crystal. the force of attraction that holds metals together; it consists of the attraction of free-floating valence electrons for positively charged metal ions. a notation that depicts valence electrons as dots around the atomic symbol of the element. atoms react by gaining or losing electrons so as to acquire the stable electron structure of a noble gas, usually eight valence electrons. a negative ion formed when a halogen atom gains an electron. Hard
Science Vocabulary Fill out the crossword by using the hints below. diploid cell formed by the fusion of one egg and one sperm cell; develops into a new organism. a eurkaryotic cell that contains a complete set of chromosome pairs. haploid reproductive cell produced by the male reproductive organs. a form of reproduction; combining genetic material in two different cells; producing an offspring. eukaryotic cell containing only one chromosome from each chromosome pair . Hard
The Chemistry of Life Proton charge. Monomer for a protein. Electron charge. Monomer for carbohydrates. Organic compound that stores the most energy. Hard
Energy energy that is transmitted through space in the form of electromagnetic waves. energy that moves an object. a system that can exchange energy, but not matter, with its surrondings. stored energy. energy from moving electrons. Big
How Do Organisms Transport Materials? group of cells that work together to perform a function. basic unit of structure. system organs that work together. the 'powerhouse' of plants and animal cells. every living thing. Older Children
Matter describes how much matter is in a given space. the smallest particle of an element. a substance containing two or more molecules . a change when a new kind of matter is formed . when a solid becomes a liquid . Hard
Social Studies Wealthy people with all political power.. Major language spoken in ancient Rome.. Former gladiator who led a slave result against Rome.. One of the brothers who founded Rome. Was raised by wolves and was killed by his brother.. Poor citizens, majority, and during early Republic had no political power. . Older Children
Elements Read the description and match the element Atomic Number: 101. Symbol: Unh. has 30 isomers and unstable isotopes and 6 stable isotopes. Atomic Weight: (254). Most electronegative. Hard
Chemistry smallest particle of an element. made of only one kind of matter and has definite properties. Particles are free to move and has no definite shape. However, it does have definite volume. . consists of two or more substances that are in the same place, but are not chemically combined. a measure of the force of gravity on you. Hard
Gastritis The bacteria that causes gastritis. A disease that is caused by H. pylori. One of the main symptoms of gastritis. These kill H. pylori. A test for gastritis involving a hollow tube. Hard
Periodic Table number of groups that have no group name. horizontal row on periodic table. law that states that the repeating chemical and physical propertiesof elements change periodically with atomic numbers of the elements. a group name of elements that are radioactive and are located at the bottom of the periodic table. and element or comound that conducts electric current better then a nonmetal but not as well as a metal. Hard
Earthquake!!! The point beneath the earths surface where rocks break.. A instrument used to detect and measure seismic waves.. A side to side earthquake wave.. The slowest moving seismic wave.. A push pull seismic wave.. Older Children
Aquatic Biomes begins at the edge of the continental shelf and extends on. temperate-zone estuaries with salt-tolerant and under water sea grasses. grow in the warm, shallow water or tropical coastal oceans. tiny organic material that provides food for other organisms. begins at the low tide mark and extends to the outer edge of the continental shelf. Big
Biology Don'e need air. The 90% remaining chemical energy that if located in the first stage of Cellular Respiration 'glycolysis'. The innermost compartment of the mitchondrion. The amount of energy needed to raise a temperature 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius. Requires air. Hard
Introduction to Research bias in hospital studies (2 words). type of validity where measures look like they should. maintains secondary health data for US (abbrev). design suited for rare outcomes (2 words). 1-sided hypothesis. Big
Energy Words heat energy. movement. substance transformation. energy produced by vibration . machine energy. Older Children
Psychology Terms The number of cycles per second (Hertz). The pressure difference between the peak and the trough in a pressure-versus-time graph. Experiences associated with simple stimuli. A sensation based on the frequency of sound. the purity of the color. Older Children
Eye of the Storm great damage,ruin. in or toward the interior. what is left behind after destruction. thought something would come true. to break into pieces . Older Children
Enzyme Terms Enzymes are large biological molecules responsible for the thousands of chemical interconversions that sustain life.. To change the nature or natural qualities of.. In noncompetitive inhibition, a molecule binds to an enzyme somewhere other than the active site.. Cause or accelerate (a reaction) by acting as a catalyst.. organic molecules that enzymes require to function: vitamins. Hard
Chemistry Ability of a solid to be hammered without shattering. Matter that always has exactly the same composition. The tendency of a liquid to keep from flowing. Contains some particles that are intermediate in size between the small particles in a solution and the larger particles in a suspension. A materials abilityto allow heat to flow. Hard
The Particle Theory of Matter Matter consisiting of only one type of particle.. A mixture where individual particle can be identified.. Heat transfer through solids.. A substance that is dissolved in a solvent.. The energy that flows from a warmer substance to a cooler substance.. Hard
Plants a place where you put all of your plants and flowers . the colour of most plants. a seed gets ......after a while since it has gotten bigger . what you need for a seed to grow. liquid you put in plants . Easy
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