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Spelling Lists Crosswords

To view or print a Spelling Lists crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
L Words Alpaca. Play on words for 'light'. He is the puppy. Breed: Collie. Enter your password. Easy
Silent T Crossword To make softer. Type of house. To Settle down. Sound made by dry leaves. Loan to buy a house. Young Kids
'Air' Spellings Answer the clues and put this week's spelling words in the grid. ________ over the rainbow is a famous song. . The second month of the year. . Tinkerbell was one of these in Peter Pan.. A normal day would be described as this. . To fix something. . Young Kids
Adverbs Ending with the Suffix 'ly' Complete the crossword puzzle Fast. In a happy way. Inspiring delight or extremely well. To show bold disobedience. In a pleasant manner. Older Children
Opposite Adjectives Very firm or solid.. Little in size.. Morally or socially correct or acceptable.. Very satisfactory, enjoyable, pleasant, or interesting.. Measuring a great distance from end to end.. Simple
G Words I am going to make some . you should add some to this. I went to the zoo to go see a. haunted house I saw a. I am going to buy to lock the rabbits out. Young Kids
'e' Words very large in size or quantity. try hard to achieve something. a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or structures. a large bird of prey. the outer surface or structure of something. Big
Silent Letters Young sheep . A measurement of time. To be truthful . A person that inherits. A line on the skin. Hard
-ise and and -ice Words Solve the puzzle Chop into pieces. A pair of die. An amount of money expected to be given in payment. The actual application of an idea. A piece of machinery . Young Kids
Hip Hop Homophones Directions: Figure out the homophones by reading the clues. an even number that comes after 7 and before 9. a greeting. a negative response. not old. extending upward; . Older Children
Ow and Ou Words Use the hints to try and guess the ow or ou word 60 minutes. they make you laugh. the feeling when you win a prize. the earth under your feet. Made from wheat, you need it to make a cake. Easy
Verbs of Action caused to move up or away after hitting a surface. raising your shoulders and then lowering them in order to say you do not know or are not interested. stopping something. (past tense) to push yourself suddenly off a surface and into the air by using your legs and feet. causing to move up or away after hitting a surface. Older Children
Some Silent e Words to entertain with something pleasant. the smallest part of a word. an animal from the cat family. arguement or debate. something not done. Older Children
'W ' Words Words start with 'W' large animal of the Arctic ocean with even larger tusks. the angel shark is named for its fins that are shaped like these. Harry Potter knows that this word means 'sorcerer'. shed tears. a big lie or a Burger King favourite. Older Children
'ng' Words Words with the 'ng' digraph Organs used to breathe.. The tooth of a snake.. Jewellery you wear on your finger. . Opposite of short.. A bird has one.. Easy
Words Containing 'ie' or 'ei' Fill in the missing words to complete the crossword 'You always have a _______ in me' said Woody to Buzz.. Although it isn't the brightest of colours, ______ is one of my favourites.. The dog was eyeing up the delicious ______ of cake on the counter.. I like to ______ presents but I also enjoy giving them.. The current pandemic has made me become closer to my next door ________.. Easy
TS Words Pieces of outdoor clothing that are worn over other clothes to keep warm or dry. People who have been trained in the science of animal medicine, whose job is treat animals who are sick or injured. Dogs, especially ones that are not of a particular breed. Animals, birds, etc. that you have at home for pleasure, rather than one that is kept for work or food. When someone _____ a dog, she touches it gently several times with her hand flat to show kind feelings. Young Kids
Wordly Wise A feeling of doubt, uncertainty, or concern about what may happen in the future.. Being like others of its kind.. A large number.. A shortage.. A small village.. Older Children
Homophones Something that is listened to. A small island. A group of cattle. Past tense of to pass. A path through a church or supermarket. Young Kids
i Sound A book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences.. Some animals go to sleep in the winter.. Making little or no noise.. An instrument used to project the sound of your voice.. An eight-legged minibeast.. Older Children
Spelling Find the words in the spelling list thought of apart from concrete realities, specific objects, or actual instances.. bearing upon or connected with the matter in hand; pertinent.. a restatement of a text or passage giving the meaning in another form, as for clearness; rewording.. something that is used as a medium of exchange; money.. a source of supply, support, or aid, especially one that can be readily drawn upon when needed.. Older Children
I before E except after C complete the crossword below somebody who betrases you or takes something behind your back. dosnt follow the rule but is something people do when they are acting ...... somewere. folloes the rule you always ........ gifts on your bithday. dosnt follow the rule but it means you take something whith a right to do so. something you have a view of or you can smell. Older Children
I before E except after C Complete the crossword below A synonym for 'look'. A verb; how you view something . The season after summer but before winter. Your sibling's daughter . A verb; to have seen something before. Older Children
Science Words A plant grows to expose itself to the most light. The molecules that give plastic their useful properties. Count these to see how old the tree is. Volcanic activity. Man made products that don't break when you drop them. Older Children
Spelling Words can't hear. a large body of land. to change. focus on an activity. arrange a activity. Older Children
'Ous' Words Find the 'ous' words Something funny. An explained serious accident. Likely to harm you . Well known for something . A risk or danger. Older Children
Negative Prefixes two things which are so closely connected that can't exist without each other. something which is different from normal or what you are used to. not having one or more of the physical or mental abilities that most people have. when you can't do something (e.g. you don't have enough power). not to have the same opinion. Big
Common Adjectives Write the appropriate adjective for each clue. The joke is _____.. I don't feell well.. Let's buy a _____ shirt!. Not very long.. He isn't old. . Easy
The Long o Sound This uses 4 different letter patterns that make the long o sound - o,ow,oa & oe She sat under the shade of the big _ _ _ tree.. The castle had a _ _ _ _ around it. . The _ _ _ _ was very white and fluffy but it was cold.. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is the second last month of the year.. I can _ _ _ a boat.. Hard
A Mixture of Misspelled Words Guess these commonly misspelled words, it is a really good challenge! Of extreme importance to something like a project or machine. To get physical money out of an electronic card. Directly oposite. To finally realize or understand. To explain something in a larger way than supposed to. Older Children
Homophones When I go on a plane, my ears get blocked and I can't ____ anything.. My friend fell off his bike and broke his ____.. I often get ____ when there is nothing on tv to watch.. I am going to see my favourite ____ in concert next week.. A chef ____ a lot about different types of foods.. Easy
Homophones expressing motion. 'walking down to the mall'. a female deer. six less than ten. used to give a negative response. a prefix meaning away. Big
Conjunctions Write the English words in the puzzle ainsi. mais. et. parce que. puis. Easy
Word Wall describes one thing as if it were something else.. Language that is not meant to be taken litteraly.. Gives human qualities to a nonhuman subject.. The use of words that imitate sounds like Hiss, Splat, and Gurgle. A line or group of lines in a peom that is repeated at regular intervals.. Big
Words With IAN Studies numbers. Someone who plays a musical instrument . Funny man/woman. Does the wiring in your house. Provides amusement. Older Children
Ending With NGE a soft thing that soaks up water and you use it to wash things. to compete in a test of skill or strength. a range of hills or mountains. To group something in a special way. pay back for something done to you. Older Children
EE Words Complete the crossword puzzle. I used ________ to pull out a splinter.. I saw a _______________ at the zoo.. We keep our plants in a __________ during the winter.. He drank from a __________________.. The ____________ called a foul in the game.. Young Kids
Opposites Opposite of boy. Opposite of man. Opposite of quiet. Opposite of cold. Opposite of wet. Big
Entry Level English A type of snake. Past Tense of Think. Your name is a _______ noun. Past Tense of Speak. Word which joins two sentences together. Older Children
Adjectives Write the best adjective for each sentence there are lots of people. not punctual. come on time. the air is hot and wet. feeling quiet and having a rest. Hard
Language of Position Write the best word for each sentence. comes after second. close to something. on the side of something. comes before fifth. comes after first. Older Children
Verbs A verb is an action word. Fill in the blank with an action word. The children _____ their parents with the chores.. Mom will _____ the dishes.. Jill and Mary _____ a song for their grandma.. Bill and Joe _____ the barn red.. The children _____ their ABCs. . Simple
Words That End in Ate To emit rays. To make a hole by removing material . An animal lacking a backbone. To provide with a room and possibly food. To take part in. Hard
Long E Words Read the clues and complete the puzzle below use this word instead of silly. people do this to food. cruel to others, unkind. every big dog was once this. full of joy. Easy
Power Words Activity or purpose natural to a person or thing; relationship or expression. To prove or sghow something to be just, right, or reasonable. To look at something closely and carefully to learn more about it; to find problems. To decide something important. To show how to do something clearly. Big
CH Words Before your become a teenager you are called a ..... .. If there was a green t shirt or a blue t shirt which one would you ...... to wear?. The policeman had to ..... the naughty man down the road.. The country where Chinese people come from.. A small red fruit on a stalk that has a stone in the middle.. Young Kids
N Words A person who would look after you in hospital.. The sniffy thing on your face.. The opposite of yes.. 5 is not a letter. It's a ...... .. He got lots of ... toys for Christmas.. Easy
I Before E Except After C to take by force. opposite of a nephew; my brother's daughter is my_________.. A military operation when they use force, a longer attack.. Oh what a ____________ it was to sit under shade. A refuge...starts with R.. May I have a ___________ of gum? One.... Hard
Homophones Complete the crossword puzzle I went . . . that place the other day on my way to the store.. The . . . of July is when we celebrate and watch fireworks.. Have you ever tried eating a . . .? (red vegetable). The queen would not give up her . . .. Are you . . . to do that? (given permission). Big
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