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Spelling Lists Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Homophones When I go on a plane, my ears get blocked and I can't ____ anything.. My friend fell off his bike and broke his ____.. I often get ____ when there is nothing on tv to watch.. I am going to see my favourite ____ in concert next week.. A chef ____ a lot about different types of foods.. Easy
Homophones expressing motion. 'walking down to the mall'. a female deer. six less than ten. used to give a negative response. a prefix meaning away. Big
Conjunctions Write the English words in the puzzle ainsi. mais. et. parce que. puis. Easy
Word Wall describes one thing as if it were something else.. Language that is not meant to be taken litteraly.. Gives human qualities to a nonhuman subject.. The use of words that imitate sounds like Hiss, Splat, and Gurgle. A line or group of lines in a peom that is repeated at regular intervals.. Big
Words With IAN Studies numbers. Someone who plays a musical instrument . Funny man/woman. Does the wiring in your house. Provides amusement. Older Children
Ending With NGE a soft thing that soaks up water and you use it to wash things. to compete in a test of skill or strength. a range of hills or mountains. To group something in a special way. pay back for something done to you. Older Children
EE Words Complete the crossword puzzle. I used ________ to pull out a splinter.. I saw a _______________ at the zoo.. We keep our plants in a __________ during the winter.. He drank from a __________________.. The ____________ called a foul in the game.. Young Kids
Opposites Opposite of boy. Opposite of man. Opposite of quiet. Opposite of cold. Opposite of wet. Big
Entry Level English A type of snake. Past Tense of Think. Your name is a _______ noun. Past Tense of Speak. Word which joins two sentences together. Older Children
Adjectives Write the best adjective for each sentence there are lots of people. not punctual. come on time. the air is hot and wet. feeling quiet and having a rest. Hard
Language of Position Write the best word for each sentence. comes after second. close to something. on the side of something. comes before fifth. comes after first. Older Children
Verbs A verb is an action word. Fill in the blank with an action word. The children _____ their parents with the chores.. Mom will _____ the dishes.. Jill and Mary _____ a song for their grandma.. Bill and Joe _____ the barn red.. The children _____ their ABCs. . Simple
Words That End in Ate To emit rays. To make a hole by removing material . An animal lacking a backbone. To provide with a room and possibly food. To take part in. Hard
Long E Words Read the clues and complete the puzzle below use this word instead of silly. people do this to food. cruel to others, unkind. every big dog was once this. full of joy. Easy
Power Words Activity or purpose natural to a person or thing; relationship or expression. To prove or sghow something to be just, right, or reasonable. To look at something closely and carefully to learn more about it; to find problems. To decide something important. To show how to do something clearly. Big
CH Words Before your become a teenager you are called a ..... .. If there was a green t shirt or a blue t shirt which one would you ...... to wear?. The policeman had to ..... the naughty man down the road.. The country where Chinese people come from.. A small red fruit on a stalk that has a stone in the middle.. Young Kids
N Words A person who would look after you in hospital.. The sniffy thing on your face.. The opposite of yes.. 5 is not a letter. It's a ...... .. He got lots of ... toys for Christmas.. Easy
I Before E Except After C to take by force. opposite of a nephew; my brother's daughter is my_________.. A military operation when they use force, a longer attack.. Oh what a ____________ it was to sit under shade. A refuge...starts with R.. May I have a ___________ of gum? One.... Hard
Homophones Complete the crossword puzzle I went . . . that place the other day on my way to the store.. The . . . of July is when we celebrate and watch fireworks.. Have you ever tried eating a . . .? (red vegetable). The queen would not give up her . . .. Are you . . . to do that? (given permission). Big
Long Vowel Sound Complete the puzzle using the words and clues shown below. She gave me a ______________of her orange. I called my bestfriend on my mother's __________________. Your dinner is on the dining____________________. The_____________ran from the police. I am a_____________ at Richmond Park Primary School.. Young Kids
Homonyms Spelling Words to be with with: TROUBLE; to be unwell.. a garden plant with edible leaves and a thick sweet root used as a vegetable, as a source of sugar, or as forage.. a passage between sections of seats.. any of a genus of deciduous hardwood trees with smooth gray bark and small sweet triangular nuts.. I shall; I will.. Older Children
The (g) Sound a person who cares for you. a musical instrument with strings. a book to help you. an estimate. a person staying in your home. Easy
Transition Words Used as a transition words in sentences or paragraphs. Used as a transition words in sentences or paragraphs. Used as a transition words in sentences or paragraphs. Used as a transition words in sentences or paragraphs. Used as a transition words in sentences or paragraphs. Older Children
A-Proofed Grammar Test your grammar and spelling A word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language. The marks, such as full stop, comma, and brackets, used in writing to separate sentences and their elements and to clarify meaning. Communication by exchanging letters/emails. Exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally. A set of letters or other characters with which one or more languages are written. Very Difficult
Tenses Galore! present tense of chose. participle of choose. present tense of was. participle of draw. participle of be. Older Children
Suffixes - 1 Pain. Dissolving; reducing; loosening . Medical specialty . (Level of) oxygen. Breathing. Big
Prefixes Against; opposite . Over; excess; increased; abnormally high. Four. Same. Through. Big
Spelling opposite of far. to put on clothes. you listen with this. work to be done. a sweet fruit. Young Kids
Verbs The simple future tense of think is ______ think.. The simple past tense form for the word jump.. The continuous past tense 1st and 2nd person plural (we,they) of skip is _____ skipping.. The continuous future tense of hop is will be _______.. The perfect continuous present tense 3rd person of sing is has ________ singing.. Older Children
It Happened Yesterday Past Tense Verbs It was still dark when I ______ up.. The author ________ at my school.. My father ________ me to school.. Last summer I _______ to the beach.. I was in a hurry and _______ my pencil.. Older Children
Homophones near. hurt or ill. not two or too. I like big 's and I cannot lie. to lessen or moderate. Easy
Spelling Words Complete the Crossword A word starting with 'f' and ending with 'ous'. Definition:a difficult, unpleasant or embarrassing situation. Synonym:funny. Synonym: boring, tedious. A word that starts with 'e' and end in 'in'. Hard
Short Words The laziest female dog we know. The thing right in the middle of your face. Something that dries you. Another word for shrub. 'Man's best friend'. Hard
Short Words 'Man's best friend'. A type of shoe worn during the winter. The food that chickens give us. The source of our oxygen. There are 5 on each foot. Simple
Homophones I ...... animals. I have barbecue ......... in my burger. I ..... dimondes in minecraft. I ......... my own buisness. Today I will give my .......... to the new rules. Big
Happy Homophones I like on my chips.. The is a noisy instrtument.. The dove is a of peace.. I paid a for my new bike. I took a green out of the fruit bowl.. Hard
Homophones I don't know ........... coloured paint to use for my art progect.. I paid in my ............... at the bank.. I was .................... today because I did not have any work to do.. The .............forecast was ment to be snowing today.. Kings and Queens .......................... over us.. Big
Homophones Harry Potter didn't die in______.. Jeff had some hot _________ with his burger.. A _______ is a percussion instrument. The _________ meant fun.. If it is over £50 you pay with a ________.. Hard
Spelling Any Power of Feeling. The Act of a Search. Non Transparent. Pertaining to Biology. Prescription Medicine. Older Children
Homophones Something a bird did . Something you wear on your wrist. Something you put on your fingers. Used in mechanical pencils. Color. Older Children
Sports You need black and white ball ,you can only use your feet.. You need skates ,ice rink, a brown ball. You need a horse,a ball and a club. You need racket ,yellow small ball and 2 players. You need brown ball .You must very tall. Older Children
WORDS BEGIINING WITH PREFIX FORE A feeling that something bad is about to happen.. The part of the arm between the elbow and wrist.. Accestor, a person af an earlier period.. One of the front feet of an animal with four feet.. Index finger.. Big
aw words It is a rule that you have to follow made by the government.. You use this to drink out of a cup.. The bottom part of your mouth.. We _____ a tiger at the zoo.. A large bird. Older Children
Talk the Talk: Baseball Lingo A play in which the batter makes it safely around all bases and back to home plate without stopping.. The official who judges the legality of individual plays and who otherwise enforces the rules of the game.. A defensive play in which two offensive players are put out as a result of one continuous action.. Two games played in immediate succession.. A fair fly ball which can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort, while first and second, or first, second and third bases are occupied before the second out.. Hard
'kn' & 'wr' Spelling Words You do this when you bend down and put your weight on your knee.. Something that is twisted or woven into a circular shape.. You do this when you use yarn and needles to create something new.. This is the place between your hand and your arm.. You use this to open a door.. Older Children
Vocabulary particularly, precisely, specially. Alzheimer’s disease, derangement, mental disorder. A person or thing that is believed to bring bad luck. An artistic performer or athlete whose leading role or superior performance is acknowledged. to keep or hold in the mind; maintain; entertain. Hard
ou and ow words 'ou' and 'ow' words What you hear. Not very quiet. You get this when you're naughty. You dry yourself with this. A little squeaky creature. Older Children
More Homophones A pickled _______ is bright red in color.. To stop the horse pull back on the ______.. If the road is clear you can turn _____ on a red light.. Your mom brought you ______ lunch.. I saw my ______ when I stood on the scale.. Easy
Abstract nouns A quality possessed by very intelligent people __________________________. A feeling of great potential and positivity about the future ________________________. An emotion felt when very angry ______________________________. A quality possessed by those who are kind and compassionate _________________________. An emotion felt when extremetly excited about something __________________________. Older Children
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