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Hard Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be pretty hard to complete. They are made up of more than 20 words of any size. To view or print a hard crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
A Look Back on 2016 History RIP Snape. nominated for 9 Grammys . Michael Phelps makes new records. It finally came out. According to Wikipedia, it is the dance move that 'resembles sneezing'.
A Midsummer Night's Dream Literature and Writing with little or no preparation; without rehearsal. to disobey or disregard the rules. without fear; bold; daring. the good judgment and sensitivity needed to avoid upsetting others. someone who is eager to give unwanted help or advice.
A Nation Divided US History The very first impeachment in U.S. history. This president was a previous slave owner. He was impeached for violating the Tenure of Office. . A novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe exposing the cruelty of slavery.. An organized (yet unsuccessful) attack on Harpers Ferry. This attack was led by a famous abolitionist. . A system in which and landowner rents a piece of land to a farmer for them to live on. These were agreements bound together by contract that farmers usually couldnít break out of. This system resembled slavery. . The period after the Civil War stitching back together the nation. .
A Night to Remember Movies third class was called this. this side was damaged by the iceberg. this is were the controls for the ship are. considered unsinkable. the titanic sunk in this month .
A Painted House Books mean family that gets into fights behind the co-op. like violence, not a very emotional person. the lady who was naming all of Samson's moves. mexican that got hit in the face with a rock. delieved libby's baby.
A Pair of Silk Stockings Books Complete the following crossword puzzle A person's inherent qualities of mind and character.. All of the children in the family. The action of looking back on or reviewing past events or situations, especially those in oneís own life.. An excessive amount of decoration. Feelings of anxiety or dismay, typically at something unexpected..
A Raisin in the Sun Literature and Writing to postpone. What does Ruth consider doing?. Beneatha's African boyfriend. what Walter wants for his son. Walter's friend.
A Raisin in the Sun Literature and Writing long speech or talk made by one person. a state of dreamy or fanciful mediation; a daydream. quickly; speedily. showing great suffering as from worry or grief. inscription on a tombstone; summary of a deceased person's life.
A Rasin in the Sun Entertainment Repels, refuses, drives away. Provoking gradual doubt or suspicion. a commemorative inscription on a tomb or mortuary monument about the person buried at that site or a brief poem or other writing in praise of a deceased person. Irritated or provoked to the highest degree. Threatening; foreboding.
A Scandal in Bohemia Literature and Writing inspiring disgust and loathing; repugnant. an insulting or mocking remark; a taunt. (of a place) gone through hurriedly, with things stolen and property damaged . to make more appealing by adding details or features . (of a person or mental process) intelligently analytical and clear-thinking.
A Separate Peace Books uselessness as a consequence of having no practical result. a feeling of evil to come. a job that involves minimal duties. suggestive of an elf in strangeness and otherworldliness. rich and superior in quality.
A Streetcat named Bob Movies where you take your pet for treatment. to be crazy. trouble. a plastic tube with a needle attached. He knew where the food ....
A Tale of Two Cities Books Weapon used to chop off heads. The alcoholic laywer and the jackal. Carton comparied himself to him, as he sacrified himself and would never die.. Darney's servent who was imprisoned by the leaders of the revolution. His son was run over by the Marquis's carraige and fel dead.
A Taste of Beef Other cattle are either white or a creamy-white color; some breeders today are breeding red and black. originated in the northwestern part of France during the mid 1800ís. a cross between a Brahman and a Angus . one of the oldest breeds of cattle in existence. a breed of cattle originating in Germany .
A Thousand Splendid Suns Books What killed Laila's parents?. The object used to kill Rasheed with. The bodypart of Laila that was permanently damaged by the explosion. The colour of Laila's eyes. The cause of death of Mariam's mother.
A Thousand Splendid Suns Books a minor or brief argument or disagreement. deserving pity or sympathy. the act or process of damaging or ruining something. very noisy and active in a lively way. showing or feeling regret for something done.
A Thousand Splendid Suns Books Black cloak worn by women. What Rasheed is killed with. Buddist Temple. Gender of Laila's first born child. Mud hut.
A Ticket Around the World Books A small country in Central America. One of the most visited museums in the world. Brazilian soccer. means 'hello' in Setswana. The only country in the world that covers a whole continent.
A to Z Science Science high speed electrons strike a solid target. resistance of a liquid to flow. everything . make up atoms. anything that has mass and occupies space.
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn Books What is Florry Wendy's gender. What religious views does the person who delivers Sissy's baby have. In the courtyard is a tree called The Tree of.... What store does Cheap Charlie own. How old is Florry Wendy.
A Walk in the Woods Books Katz leaves trail. sidekick. quit thru hike. teacher hiker. endangered tree.
A Wrinkle in Time Books to chant; to sing the opening phrase of. watchfulness especially in detecting and escaping danger. to take strong exeption (what is thouight to be unjust, interfering, insulting, critical, etc.. a marsh; swamp. to fall into disrepair.
A Wrinkle in Time Movies Complete the crossword puzzle. Hard but liable to break or shatter easily (pg. 181). Having unlimited power; able to do anything (pg. 190). Megs youngest brother (pg. 12). The older boy that went with Meg and Charles Wallace on their adventure. (pg. 64) . Anger or annoyance provoked by what is perceived as unfair treatment (pg. 217).
Abandoned Places Other Built by French aristocrats, and then used as a orphanage . A city in Germany that had a hospital that once held Hitler. Built in WWII to protect the river Thames. Asylum in New York. Railroad that went through Spain and France.
Abdominal A&P Body nonencapsulated organ of the abdomen. vessel that divides the liver into right and left lobes. accessory duct found in the pancreas. location of the IVC in realtion to the liver. function unit of the kidney.
Abolition Movement History who was Fredrick Douglass educated by? . used to be named fred the slave.. White sisters from S.C. that were the most prominent speakers at abolition movements. Real name is Isabella Baumfire, Freed from slavery in 1827 and worked as a domestic servant until. The American Colonization Society was set up for what kind of people?.
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander History World Geography Colonial society considered Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people to be primitive, _____, savage or worse.. Australia was occupied by how many Indigenous populations?. After the decision in Mabo (No 2) case, what Act did the Australian Parliament pass?. What was one of the towns involved in the Cape York Welfare Reform?. National Aboriginal and Islander Day _____ Committee.
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander History History Colonial society considered Indigenous Australians to be primitive, _____, savage or worse.. After the decision in Mabo (No 2) case, what Act did the Australian Parliament pass?. Australia was occupied by how many Indigenous populations?. What was one of the towns involved in the Cape York Welfare Reform?. National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee.
Aboriginal Dance and the World of Dance Entertainment A ballet based on Aboriginal Dance. This choreographer visited Australia and attended a Corroboree. This person was an important part of Bangarra. A huge ceremony which saw many creations inspired by Aboriginal culture. Name of the man who won the rights for Aboriginals to be recognised as the original owners of Australia.
Aboriginal Footy Players Sports Once got rejected by East Fremantle . Born on the 1st of October 1969 in Darwin, Northern Territory. Was part of the AFL U18 All-Australian Team. A player who used to play with Carlton Blue in the 1970's. One of Hawthorn's most valuable player.
About Computers Technology It is the brain of the computer. It is mounted on the motherboard.. Hard disks may be internal or __________.. It contains the hard-disk drive, CD-ROM drive and motherboard. It is used to read and store data.. A computer that can be carried around easily..
Absolute Monarchy in Russia History the adoptioon of Western ideas, technology and culture. used his power to put Russia on the road to becoming a great modern power. the capital city built on the Baltic Coast. a port to be free of ice all year long. landowning nobles.
Absolutism Government and Politics type of monarch who gathers all power under their personal control. religion of the French and Hapsburgs. limited the extent to which a single power could expand. type of government that is obligied to respect laws passsed by representative institutions. these nobles revolted against Habsburg absolutist ambitions.
Academic Other brief statement or the main points of something. make partial or minor changes to improve something. most noticeable or important. to think carefully or deeply about. something that is spoken, utterance, remark, declaration.
Academic School Read the clue and identify the correct vocabulary word. a quotation from or reference to a book, paper, or author, especially in a scholarly work. faulty or mistaken logic. the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other techniques. the person's reached by a book, radio, or television broadcast, etc; public. a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning .
academic vocabulary Spelling Lists inactive, not busy. to throw back an image in the mirror. not plentiful, hard to get. sudden, involuntary, muscular contraction. death.
Acclaimed Art Graffiti Art One of the UK's first Graffiti Artist's from Walsall.. International Graffiti Art competition founded in 2003 by the German Urban Art agency CSF Media.. Acclaimed Graffiti Artist who created the Weetabix mural in the mid 1980's.. Graffiti Federation started by Goldie.. A documentary that exposes the rich growing subculture of Hip Hop that was developing in New York City in the late 70's..
Accounting Business and Work Electronic funds transfer. Amounts due to be paid to creditors within twelve months.. Money lost. An asset that is not expected to turn to cash within one year of date shown on a company's balance sheet. . Received when buying something.
Accounting and Finance Technology Business and Work An economic obligation (debt) payable to an individual/organization outside the business.. an amount of money that is given back to you if you are not satisfied with the goods or services that you have paid for.. also suppliers [plural] a company or person that provides a particular product.. Total of goods and services bought in a period.. Allocation of the cost of an intangible asset over its service life..
Accounting Terminology Business and Work Determine the terminologies using the clues down below: Assets are listed in the order of __________. It determines how quickly the assets will be used up.. Taxes that businesses hope to earn back from CRA for the spendings of expenses in a business.. Taxes paid by customers that belong to the government.. A customer gets this when the amount due on their purchase invoice is reduced if they pay before/on the requested date.. A conditional statement used in spreadsheets ( = IF condition, TRUE response, FALSE response)..
Accounting Terminology Business and Work the difference between total revenue and total expenses when total expenses are. the principles of right and wrong that guide an individual in making decisions. an endorsement indicating a new owner of a check. a business that performs an activity for a fee. the actual amount paid for merchandise or other item bought is recorded.
Accounting Vocabulary Business and Work accounts=accts receivable=rec a listing of vendor accounts, account balances, and total amount due all vendors. a business in which two or more persons combine their assets and skills. an organization with the legal rights of a person and which may be owned by many persons. a person or business to whom merchandise or services are sold. a subsidiary ledger containing only accounts for charge customers.
Acids And Bases Chemistry Acid that gives vinegar its characteristic taste.. A chemical acid that doesn't fully ionize.. 0 on the pH scale.. Small compounds. A substance that flows..
Acids and Bases Science acid found in sodas. effect of acids on metals. common household base. acids and bases reacting. the other product of a neutralization reaction.
Acids and Bases Chemistry acid found in sodas. type of acid that are only partially ionised. a natural type of indicator found at home. another product in a neutralisation reaction. pH of pure water.
Activity-based Teaching, Simulation, & Imagination School Russian psychologist who believed that most effective learning occurred within the zone of proximal development; where knowledge is just beyond a learnerís current knowledge.. SimPatients may have the technology to simulate modifiable functioning organ systems, such as _______ bowel sounds.. This type of education occurs when students of two or more professions learn with, from, and about one another to improve collaboration and the quality of care.. Developed by Moreno as a psychotherapy technique, participants may reflect themselves, however, are required to recite specific lines or answer specific questions.. One component of the Clinical Judgement Model that refers to the actions and outcomes of particular behaviors..
Adaptation and Extinction Animals when a species has to mate with its relatives so its not diverse. a change in a species that is beneficial to them. when a species blends into their environment . when a species evolves and they get a beneficial trait that is visible. when a species has no members left in the whole world.
Add 'ing' Spelling Lists prepare. tell. fight. plant. come.
Addisonís Energy Physics Fill in the blanks according to the hints/definitions The potential of a chemical substance to turn into other substances . The form of energy that can be heard by other living things. The process in which water moves energy . The sum of potential energy and kinetic energy . Scale of temperature most commonly used throughout the world.
Adjectives Spelling Lists Write the best adjective for each sentence there are lots of people. not punctual. come on time. the air is hot and wet. feeling quiet and having a rest.
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