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Health Crossword Subjects

Health Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Heredity Study of heredity. When an egg and sperm are united. Gene locus when its cells contain two different alleles of a gene. 2 sets of chromosome. Table used to predict what traits offspring will have based on what traits the parents have. Hard
Smooth Muscle term for complete obstruction. senses environment of the lumen, regulates blood flow and epithelial cell function. nervous system that controls GI tract motility. small intestine where bile is secreted. has 2 thick layers of smooth muscle running longitudinally and circularly. Hard
Bacterial Meningitis For a definitive diagnosis of meningitis, you'll need a _____ to collect cerebrospinal fluid. The ____is a delicate organ, to protect it the blood-brain barrier is used to limit the diffusion of substances from the bloodstream into brain tissue.. Skipping vaccinations, age and pregnancy are ______.. An inflammation of the membranes (meninges) surrounding your brain and spinal cord. Most cases of meningitis in the U.S. are caused by a ______ infection.. Big
Diabetes Please complete the following wordsearch is the speed of the heartbeat measured by the number of contractions of the heart per minute . the pressure of the blood in the circulatory system. another phrase for type 2 diabetes. another phrase for type 2 diabetes. medical care given to a patient for an illness or injury. Big
Autism neurological mixing of the senses . words unique to the individual . there is some evidence to suggest ASD is caused by this and genetic mutations . symptoms of ASD must be present in this. this word means to escape from reality . Big
Mental Health Fill in the crossword with mental health related terminology according to the hints given. a brain disorder marked by an ongoing pattern of inattention and or hyperactivity-impulsivity that interferes with functioning or development.. characterized by alterations in thinking, mood or behaviour associated with significant distress and impaired functioning.. persistent feelings of sadness and worthlessness and a lack of desire to engage in formerly pleasurable activities.. an eating disorder characterized by refusal to eat an adequate amount of food.. excitement of psychotic proportions manifested by mental and physical hyperactivity, disorganization of behavior, and elevation of mood.. Hard
1957 Fun Facts Average cost - $18,000. President in 1957. Average cost - $2100. CBS News Correspondent was also born on January 14 in 1919. Cost $.19 per loaf. Big
Nutrition YAY Fruit used to make raisins . Contains calcium and Vitamin D. Mineral that is present in the largest amount in the human body. Taste preference that all humans are born with (aka infants can taste this). Natural sugar found in milk/dairy products. Older Children
Fitness & Wellness for All Ability of the heart, lungs, and blood vessels to function efficiently when a person exercises the body.. Parts of physical fitness that help a person stay healthy; these include cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscular endurance, strength, and healthy percentage of body fat.. A state of being that enables a person to reach his or her highest potential; includes intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.. The ability to move the joints through a full range of motion; part of the FITT (frequency, intensity, type, and time) formula.. The ability to use strength quickly.. Big
Medical Abbreviations usual childhood diseases. Immediately, with no delay. past medical history. family history. non-ST elevation MI (myocardial Infarction). Hard
Hypertension a measurement of the amount of force that is being exerted against the walls of the blood vessels. high blood pressure. possible result of hypertension. check this regularly. has to work harder to pump blood to the tissues. Big
Respiratory Terminology unusually deep or fast breathing. apnea results when the brain temporarily stops sending signals to the muscles that control breathing. fast and dep breathing caused by anxiety. abnormal pattern of breathing characterized by progressively deeper and sometimes faster breathing, followed by a gradual decrease that results in a temporary apnea. . slow rate breathing which increased CO2 in blood. Hard
Stress This cross word includes definitions, examples, and coping strategies. Marriage, serious illness, new job, moving away, and sudden death in family are examples of _____ changes stress.. People get this type of support benefits cancer, military combat, natural disasters. . People who are able to take care of themselves have gained _______. . The response to a stressor.. Responses to prepare a person for self defense. . Big
First Aid Instruction: Write down the words on the puzzle with given hints. All words are in singular form. Is usually kept inside the First Aid Kit and used to contain blood. First name of the person who inspired the Red Cross through his book 'A memory of Solferino'. Do this when the person has fainted or during a heart attack. A set of materials used for temporary treatment. An organization that provides medical assistance . Big
Taking Care of Your Teeth Brush your tongue to remove ______. cuspid is another word for these teeth. Place the __________ at a 45-degree angle to the gums. The part of the tooth below the gum surface and not visible is the _____. The alveolar bone is also called the _______. Older Children
Managing Stress showing sorrow or grief. the abilit to bounce back from adversity. type of stressor like an illness or a disability. the stage of grief with closure. type of stressor that involves the way you think. Big
Nutrition The amount of nutrients relative to the number of calories they provide. Small units that make up protein. The part of fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans that your body cannot digest. Units of heat that measure the energy used by the body and the energy that foods supply to the body. Substances needed in small quantities to help regulate body functions. Big
Industrial Revolution A new territory to an existing country. A policy proposed by the US. Rulers treating the people they control. Countries change. Prussian prime minister. Hard
Strength Training Terms without oxygen. how often. increase in the weight and/or the number of reps or sets during a workout. movement of a joint that decreases the angle of the joint. one lift through an up and down motion. Hard
Pathogens A thick, jelly-like material that surrounds the surface of some bacteria cells. first person to observe bacteria and other microorganisms.. tiny whip-like limb that helps bacteria move. essential for growth and reproduction. tiny whiskers that allow bacterial cells to exchange genetic material with each other.. Hard
A Healthful Diet not having enough water. suggested amount of food. guide to healthful eating. give off a salty fluid. substances in food. Easy
Healthy Lifestyle sport of riding a bicycle or motorcycle; act of riding a bicycle. the red liquid that flows around your body. a small amount of food that you eat between meals. a unit for measuring the amount of energy food provides. an illness. Hard
Psych Conceptual framework a person uses to make sense of the world.. Memory retrieval in which a person identifies an object, idea, or situation as one he or she has not experienced before.. The ability to remember with great accuracy visual information on the basis of short-term experience.. Memory retrieval in which a person reconstructs previously learned material.. The act of filling in memory gaps.. Big
Massage Therapy Massage helps to reduce blood pressure and _______________. Helps to reduce anxiety and ______________. The first of the four common types of massage. In Study #1 they measures these levels from a patient sample to monitor patient's stress. Questionnaire measuring current strain. Adult
Colonial Period Pilgrims landed here and founded _____. ______ colonies- family based, Bible common wealth, everyone was Puritan. translation of 'out of many, one'. Tried to raise taxes, Jamestown was names him. dilemma in Salem, tour town apart, killed many (abbriviation). Hard
Yoga Life force . Natures tranquilliser . Essential in blood. Controlled breathing practice. Energy centres . Hard
Benefits of Exercise! This provides you with feelings of well being after exercise. A person should perform 15-20 repetitions to improve muscle __?. You can generate more force with this type of contraction. How long should you warm up before performing strengthening exercises? (Write out the number). Lack of exercise can do this to muscle?. Big
Sprains and Strains Try to keep _________ in good conditon.. A ______ occurs when you overextend or tear a ligament while severely stressing a joint.. Lack of ________ can leave your muscles weak and likely to sustain injury.. Tired _______ are less likely to provide good support for your joints.. Avoid twisting your body while handling a load.. Big
Healthy Lifestyle Mineral found in dairy products, which is good for teeth and bones. a good source of protein (not dairy). Get a good amount of this to feel ready for the day ahead. They carry blood away from the heart. aim for 6-8 glasses of this a day. Big
First Aid Antiseptic wipes or sprays are handy for _______ injuries when there's no clean water nearby. Sanitize before, slip on a pair of latex or non-latex exam gloves, adn sanitize again after treating the ______. Always call 911 for emergency medical assistance _____. are an essential part of any first aid kit. should also prepare to administer first aid in the region they plan to travel. Big
Nutrition To lose water or bodily fluids. An act of burning. sugar. Anit of heat used for measuring food. Disease caused by lack of proper diet. Very Difficult
Cancer __________ carcinogen: ex-heavy metals, hormones, plastics. using high-energy X-rays to kill cancer cells. ______therapy: using a person's own immune system to help kill cancer cells. _______ therapy: a form of cancer treatment that is less harmful to non-cancerous cells. abnormal cell growth that doesn't spread. Big
Exercise Need a bike for this.. Need only comfortable shoes for this.. Need a racquet and ball for this. Usually palayed on a special court.. Need long sticks, a small ball.and a large outdoor area.. Need a table, small bats and balls.. Older Children
Skin Protection and Prevention part of A,B,C,D,E meaning that the lesion doesn't have the same consistent hue. you should apply this to avoid the suns rays damaging your skin. a device used for protection against the rain or sun. the unit of measurement that is used to measure a lesion. the place with lots of sand that most people tan at. Big
Proteins and Water Dried beans, peas, and nuts are sources of ___________ ________. If the diet does not contain enough protein and calories, a condition called protein- energy _________ may result. About _____ of water intake comes from the food you eat. important sources of _______ proteins are lean meats, poultry, fish, milk, cheese, and eggs. About ____ percent of water intake comes from liquids. Big
Exercise Terminology how fast the heart beats. speed and strength. ability to last. muscle versus fat. no O2. Big
Shock 2 - 6 mmHg. Type of shock that causes warm dry skin and bradycardia. Type of shock that arises from decreased circulating volume. Medication used in anaphylaxis. Complication of central venous catheter insertion. Big
Exercise and Activity Foot falls down at the ankle (permanent plantar flexion). Turning the joint. Bending of a body part. Movement of a joint to the extent possible without causing pain (3 words). Excessive straightening of a body part. Big
Musculoskeletal Complication of prolonged immobility. Contusion injury occuring over time. Developmental task for toddlers. Intervention to help relieve cast constriction. Intervention to prevent multiple system complications in immobile patients. Big
Sleepy Terminology 3. The______________ Explosion resulted in the death of all 7 crew members as a result of sleep deprivation.. 13. _________ can become worse if we don't sleep, we may cry more and have more anxiety.. 1. People who get 6 hours or less have a reduced reaction time from a quarter of a second to almost ________________ seconds.. 5. What is it called when part of your brain falls asleep when you’re still awake?. 4. Lack of________ impairs your ability to make good decisions.. Big
Pathogens Release toxins that cause redness and inflammation. I am used to prevent a virus. I am a type of parasite . viruses need this type pf cell to survive. You need this type of microscope to view a virus. Big
Community Health Care complex organization provides a full range of health care service. federal & state-funded program that pays medical expenses for those whose income is below a certain level. QA. person receiving care, depending on the health care setting. pregnancy, labor & delivery. Big
History of Healthcare If a person's name is the answer use their last name only Bifocals were invented by ____________.. Developed the culture plate method to identify pathogens in 1882. The CAM therapy that encourages the use of certain vitamins to neutralize free radicals is ___.. Proved microorganisims cause disease and created a vaccine for rabies. Penicillin was discovered in 1928 by ___________________.. Hard
First Aid Complete the crossword below A plastered item that holds a broken bone together to help it heal. Sharp tools that cut through things like paper, bandages etc. A Liquid that is wiped on a burn to help it not blister but to heal. A sticky bandage used to cover minor cuts and scrapes. White stretchy material that wraps around a infected or cut area . Big
Diabetics a health care professional who advises people about meal planning, weight control and diabetes management.. unit representing the energy provided by food. a condition in which the number of red blood cells is less than normal . an extra amount of insulin taken to cover an expected rise in blood glucose . causing diabetes. Hard
Infection Control and Skin Care _______________ infections are ones that occure while the resident is in our facility. Report to the__________ if you see any signs of skin breakdown of a resident. Type of PPE you should wear when a resident has MRSA in a wound on their skin. It is fine to place dirty linens on the floor it it is less then 5 minutes. ______________________ are are localized injury to the skin becasue of pressure or pressure/shear combination . Big
Healthy Hearing what is the cable name that requires calibration every twelve months. forms the basis of standarised delivery of screening offer by a Nurse. screening outcome for one or both ears where the baby did not pass . qualified health professional who performs hearing screens in Queensland. a covering over the baby's ears in order to deliver soft clicking sounds. Big
Diabetes Can you find the following diabetes words? physician. needle. a person or thing that educates. your abnormal reaction of the body to a previously encountered allergen . the blood flowing through a circulatory system. Big
Cardiovascular System connects the arteries and veins. valve that leads blood to the lungs. carry blood away from the heart. basis for determining blood type. device used to measure blood pressure. Hard
Pregnancy An unborn or unhatched offspring in the process of development.. It surrounds a fetus, has long been considered a protected, almost inviolable, site.. A diploid cell resulting from the fusion of two haploid gametes; a fertilized ovum.. Relating to or affecting the navel or umbilical cord.. The modified blastula of a placental mammal. Hard
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