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History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Life In Colonial America the leader of the Jamestown Settlement. founded by Pilgrims. wanted to be separate from the Church of England. name of the people who settled in Massachusetts. businessmen who were granted approval to settle lands across the Atlantic. Big
World War 1 a type of naval warfare in which submarines sink vessels such as freighters and tankers without warning, as opposed to attacks per prize rules.. The zone of conflict in an eastern sector, specifically in central and eastern Europe during the First World War.. an agreement made by opposing sides in a war to stop fighting for a certain time; a truce.. a political party that advocates the application of the social and economic principles of communism through state policy.. a member of the majority faction of the Russian Social Democratic Party, which was renamed the Communist Party after seizing power in the October Revolution of 1917.. Hard
The Korean War Marguerite ___________ was the only female America reporter in Korea.. General Douglas ____________ was the supreme commander of the UN forces until April 1951.. On July 27, 1953, this was signed to end the fighting.. For two years, fighting during the was stalled around the 38th.... ________ II Sung was the premier of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.. Hard
Dictators Threaten World Peace Dictator of Germany. Leader of a group of Spanish army officers. Political Philosophy that advocates a country ran by a dictator.. Tolitarian leader of Italy.. Laws made to prevent the U.S. to make sales and loans to a nation who are at war.. Big
War of 1812 crossword puzzle A high-pitched scream. Another way of creating peace. Cause light to appear on a surface. A building used to house soldiers. An alliance between nations to fight a common enemy. Very Difficult
Black History Month Complete the cross word puzzle. Use the word bank to help you - ONLY last names. singer songwriter won academy award for best song for 'Glory' from the movie 'Selma' . 1st African american to win an Academy Award for best actor 'Lillies of the field' . basket ball player won Olympic gold in 1992 and 1996 only player from naval academy to play in the NBA/ very charitable . became NASA's first African American female engineer. Supreme court's 96th justice and 1st African American supreme court justice 1967 - 1991. Very Difficult
Road to the Revolution What event was caused, in part, by disputes over land and trade with the Native Americans?. The British Parliament lowered the tax on molasses and allowed British soldiers to seize smuggled goods with this act.. Due to this event, English colonists in America could no longer settle west of the Appalachian Mountains.. THis act was a tax on imported goods like glass, tea, and paper. A group of colonial leaders who worked together to send a statement to King George III declaring that only colonial assemblies could tax the colonists.. Big
Ancient Civilization The Mayans built their pryamids out of _______________.. The social class that created art, sculptures and paintings.. The main food crop that they grew?. Each level is ______________________ from your family. . They believed in many __________________?. Big
Ancient Greece The citizens elect officials to represent them in the government. This term describes the government of the United States.. Democracy in Athens came to an end after these people conquered Greece.. All citizens in Athens could participate directly in the government.. He was a leader from about 460 BC until 429 BC. He encouraged the people of his city to participate in government.. A government in which only a few people have power. 'Government by the Few'. Hard
Jackson Era To give up . He organized an Army of Native Americans that freed several Mexican provinces. Selling goods in another country below market prices. Andrew Jackson's nickname. A practice of rewarding supporters with government jobs. Hard
Medieval Medicine where books were kept in the Middle Ages. this practice was discouraged by the Church. the major epidemic which killed about a quarter of the population. these were set up by the Church to provide formal education. the theory that planets and stars could cause some diseases. Big
Antebellum First state to secede from the Union. Author of 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'. Winner of the 1856 presidential election. Counterpart of Kansas Act. Frederick ________, Abolitionist Speaker and Author. Hard
MLK: African American Civil RIghts The kind of protests M.L.K Jr would lead. A young man who's murder helped to spark the African American civil rights movement. When 9 African American students first integrated into a white school. Nation of Islam member who supported African American civil rights in a somewhat extreme way. Where African Americans faced the most racism. Big
The Northern Renaissance What did the growth of cities help create?. Why were other people starting to interact more?. Who invented the printing press. How was the Northern Renaissance different from the Italian Renaissance?. Name one thing Shakespeare wrote.. Older Children
World War II Italian fascist dictator.. On December 7, 1941, a surprise attack by the Japanese on the main US Pacific fleet harbored in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii that destroyed 18 US ships and 200 aircraft. In response to this attack, the US declared war on Japan and Germany, entering World Wa. Germany invaded, breaking their agreement, so Britain and France declared war, starting World War II.. Alliance of Great Britain, Soviet Union, United States, and France during World War II.. Accepting demands in order to avoid conflict.. Big
William Harvey Carney Date Of Birth. The Other half of where he lived. Achievements. Half of where he lived. Where he was born. Hard
Yukon Gold Rush III name of river at Dyea. name of destination city on Yukon River by prospectors. nickname for leader of Smith con men in Skagway. a year's worth of ___________ to last one year in the Yukon. period during 1890s economic condition in the US. Hard
Westward Expansion the name given to the 800-mile forced march of 15,000 Cherokee in 1838 from their homes in Georgia to the Indian Territory. Moved people and goods quickly on rivers and canals. Moved raw materials and goods quickly over land. a person who is among the first nonnative people to sette in a region. Person who wanted to end slavery. Older Children
World War II Italian fascist dictator. A major United States naval base in Hawaii . German Nazi dictator. lighting war. Great Britain, Soviet Union, United States, and France . Big
Important Women in History She was the founder of modern nursing.. She was known as the 'Creole Goddess'.. Recently lost the election but was one of the closest to winning a presidential candidacy.. She was a famous Egyptian pharaoh. . She was famous for being one of the first women in aviation.. Hard
Nelson Mandela The autobiography that Mandela wrote and tried to smuggle out of prison. . This was the name of the trial in which Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment. . He was born by the name of.. What month was Nelson Mandela born in the year of 1918.. Where did the events of his life take place?. Hard
Nelson Mandela The autobiography that Mandela wrote and tried to smuggle out of prison. . This was the name of the trial in which Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment. . He was born by the name of.. What month was Nelson Mandela born in the year of 1918.. Where did the events of his life take place?. Hard
National Archaeological Museum The name for the daughters of Zeus and goddesses of nature. What were kouroi originally known as?. Name of the famous sea battle in 480BC where the Greeks defeated the Persians. Where is Pan the pastoral god of?. Cape ______ - where the bronze statue of Zeus / Poseidon was found. Hard
The Jeffersonian Era person who perfected the steamboat. what the federalists threatened to do if they didn't get what they want. secretary of state for john adams. eli witness greatest invention leading to the resurgence of slavery. tecumseh nickname. Hard
Slavery and North vs. South Economy cotton and Tabasco were the main products produced for its value than being used. believed their way of slavery was abolished. the South is known as the ________. the state where the first slaves were sent in America. African American woman who believed blacks were happy as slaves . Older Children
The First Americans A government that links and unites different groups. The scientific method of determining the age of an artifact. A set of beliefs, behaviors, and action in a group of people. A narrow passage of water between large bodies of water. A society ruled by a religious leader. Big
Julius Caesar To present clues that shows what is to come later in the work.. A speech delivered to other characters.. A comparison of two unlike things.. Over-exaggeration for effect.. Caesar’s adopted son and appointed successor.. Hard
Ancient Egypt Is supposed to be put on a toothbrush and was invented in Ancient Egypt . Most famous dessert that Ancient Egyptions ate . These were the people who built the pyramids . Poor peoples houses were made of this . Most powerful person in Ancient egypt . Older Children
Middle Ages income set aside to be donated to the church. Oreo. one who received land from a king. of or befitting a slave or a menial position. lowly and sometimes degrading:. Hard
Mohandas Gandhi Use the clues to fill in the crossword. Not eating or drinking for a certain amount of time.. The person who influenced his beliefs growing up.. He was offered a job here and he protested against racism and poverty her.. His home country.. He went to school to get his law degree here. Older Children
Romantic Time Period Many Solo_________composed that remain technical and artistic benchmark.. Wrote the Pathetique Symphony and the Nutcracker. wrote 9 symphonies and bridge to the romantic time period. Theme times motive. The time period from 1820-1900. Big
Norse Mythology Odins horse. Scandinavian god, accidentally killed Baldur. Wife of Odin, Chief of gods. Trickster of Norse Mythology. End of mythical cycle, Cosmos are re-created. Hard
The West Invented a sod-busting plow made of steel. Waited for the Oklahoma Land Rush signal. Led Lakota to victory in the Battle of Little Bighorn. Snuck onto land in Oklahoma in order to claim the best land. The Sooner State. Hard
Post War and Early Cold War A period of time were birth rate is increased.. Border between North and South Korea.. A committee created to investigate people with communist ties.. Area of the southern United Sates that has a warm climate and extended summers.. A policy created to stop the spread of communism.. Hard
Jefferson Era; James Madison Presidency Battle of ________ convinced the British the war was unnecessary and too costly. . Fourth President of the United States.. White settlers wanted more land in the _____ River Valley.. Americans felt a new sense of _______ after the war.. Indiana Governor who won at the Battle of Tippecanoe. . Hard
The Great Divide of 2017 Most popular hashtag description of our week. (# sign included- it goes in one of the letter boxes). The awkward and uncomfortable motto of the Netherlands dahlia growers. . Where all the diseased dahlias come from.. The new name for the most beautiful pink dahlia in all the land.. First word that comes to mind when Shanti is driving.. Hard
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander History Colonial society considered Indigenous Australians to be primitive, _____, savage or worse.. After the decision in Mabo (No 2) case, what Act did the Australian Parliament pass?. Australia was occupied by how many Indigenous populations?. What was one of the towns involved in the Cape York Welfare Reform?. National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee. Hard
Post War America an increase in births between 1945 and 1964. a large-scale buying, much of it on credit. name given to the region of states in the South and the Southwest. a policy of keeping communism contained within its existing borders. a small group of writers and artists, in the 1950s and early 1960s, who were critical of American societyl group of writers and artists, in the 1950s and early 1960s, who were critical of American society. Hard
Fur Trade a wealthy man in charge of a trading post. position or rank of a person in society. a person set out on a religious mission. a package. a man who usually manages the day-to-day business at a fur trading post. Big
The Jefferson Era Fill in all boxes Banned trade with only Britain, France, and their colonies.. Banned trade with all foreign countries.. Cheif justice appointed by John Adams.. The power to declare an act of congress unconstitutional.. Us defeated Tecumseh and his forces.. Hard
New Nation the people that lived in America before the colonists came. the advisers to the President. an unofficial rule or example that others follow. Alien and _______ acts made it so foreigners could be removed from the US and no one could speak out against the government. the first Secretary of the Treasury in the United States. Big
Latin History Julius Caesar defeated the Roman Senate's troops, which was commanded by Pompey. . He was a Greek general. He was also king of a Greek tribe. . On the Ionian Sea. . She killed herself, by means of a snake bite. . He was a gladiator in the Third Servile War. . Hard
From 1945-1965 Doctrine during the Cold War that promised military or economic aid to any Middle Eastern country resisting communist rule.. The Soviet Union launched a satellite and began the Space Race.. Name given to the boundary dividing Europe into two separate parts at the end of WWII.. Martin Luther King Jr. famous speech in honor of his peaceful protests and fight for equal rights.. Supreme Court Case declaring public schools who segregated blacks and whites unconstitutional.. Hard
Aztec Capital City, ____________ was one of the first planned cities with streets, government buildings, and an economic district.. One of their special workers were forced to work they are called _____(s). Another one of their special workers work in the military they are called _______(s). They followed 2 calendars; one agricultural, and the other ______ (religious). They built elaborate ________(s) to honor gods.. Big
Groups that went West one of his legacies was naming the west the Great American Desert. individuals who were sent to capture African American women who were heading west. Spanish speaking group that settles in California. the largest area/neighborhood in California. one of the families who attempted to convert natives. Hard
Villages and Towns Viking Era The family group living together included these people. one of the the things they grew b............... Where were the homes covered by earth and grass. What did they store valuables in 6,6. What did the Vikings use to catch fish 4,3,6. Hard
Women in the 1930's By Sejal, Hannah, and Kevin Women who fought for women's rights and to end racial segregation. Many black women got _____ in order to open spaces up for white women.. One third of the women that worked were ______.. Common job for black women. Because of the ____ _____ women started to get jobs.. Big
Women in the 1930's Women who fought for women's rights and to end racial segregation. Many black women got _____ in order to open spaces up for white women. One third of the women that worked were ______. Common job for black women. Because of the ____ _____ women started to get jobs. Hard
Early Exploration of the New World One of the major exports of the Carribbean during this time period.. Economic system emphasizing economic nationalism, domestic production, colonialism and high tariffs.. US state that was home to Jamestown.. A game bird exported from the New World.. Cash crop of Virginia.. Very Difficult
The War Moves West and South The hit-and-run technique that caught the British off guard. This man was a Mohawk chief. American naval officer who raided British ports. A lieutenant colonel in the Virginia militia. To cut off an area by means of troops or warships to stop supplies or people from coming in or going out . Big
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