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History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Spanish-American War Exaggerated reporting that could often be found false.. Islands all the way near Malaysia; not too far from China.. The belief that a country should stay uninvolved when it comes to other Country's conflicts.. A valuable crop grown in Cuba that got America's interest.. A group of Native Americans, College Students, and other volunteers who fought alongside Teddy Roosevelt.. Big
1920s Waves of frequency people can listen to. A silent cry for help. Motion picture. A debt that a person incurs when purchasing a good or service. A physical activty. Big
Ancient China measures and records details of earthquakes. first dynasty in Ancient China. philosopher that believed that China should go back to ethics. tells the time of the day based on the position of the sun. yellowish-gray windblown sediment. Hard
America Comes of Age rebellion. reform movement that emerged in the late nineteenth century that sought to improve society by applying Christian principles. network of churches and clubs that set up employment agencies and relief efforts to help African Americans get settled and find work in cities . organized groups of Mexican Americans that make loans and provide legal assistance to others memebers of their community . no traditional combat methods. Hard
Renaissance Era This type of music is complex with many melodies happening at the same time and is newer in the Renaissance Era.. The was the most famous painting done by Leonardo da Vinci.. Non-religious music.. This instrument was an early form of a guitar.. The was the name of the marble statue created by Michaelangelo.. Big
Germany 1871-1914 Members of the Society of Jesus. Right or privilege exclusive to the Crown. Organised association of workers. Showing excessive self-admiration. Moving power and authority away from central government. Hard
The Struggle for Freedom 1754-1783 Find the word for each definition. Fill in each box across and down. a colonist who wanted independence from Great Britain. to surrender something. a colonist who remained loyal to Great Britain. a nation that joins with other nations for the same cause. an action to keep supplies from getting into or out of an area. Older Children
Aztec History God of the rain. Morning and evening star. Sea monster. Mother earth goddess. Ruler of the underworld. Hard
WW1 protection of merchants from a uboat. a group of nations. a truce. agency established during World War I to increase efficiency and discourage waste in war related industries.. the principles making up President Woodrow Wilson’s plan for world peace following World War I. Big
Byzantine Empire Built on _____ foundations. The division of the medieval Roman Catholic Church. Kievan in Russia. Named new Rome. Became a Christian and took title Czar. Big
Progressive Era 1st time women demanded the right to vote. requires that meat processing plants be inspected to ensure the use of good meat and health minded procedures. Manufacturing process in which each worker does one specialized task in the construction of the final product.. Journalist who exposed corruption and other problems of the late 1800s and early 1900s. a law forbidding the sale of alcoholic beverages. Big
Vikings eight legged horse. god responsible for peace, crops, and cattle. Vikings ate this. food preparation people. insufficient for the demand. Big
Boston Tea Party These people where the one's who through the tea over board. what is the city in england where the parliment is . this is what ship came in and out of . the act everyone was agianst . This is what the sons of liberty were dressed up as . Older Children
The Rise of Rome: Law, Laungages, and Legions Roman law was influenced by this philosiphy . Had to be maintained throughout the Roman Empire. 3,000 - 5,000 men. Baithed, fed, and trained . French, Spanish, and Italian influence . Big
The Enlightenment French writer who was the embodiment of 18th century Enlightenment (1694-1778). any of the popular French intellectuals or social philosophers of the 18th century, as Diderot, Rousseau, or Voltaire.. A movement in Europe from about 1650 until 1800 that advocated the use of reason and individualism instead of tradition and established doctrine . is a group of historically related denominations of Protestant Christianity which derive their inspiration from the life and teachings of John Wesley. . English materiallist and political philosopher who advocated absolute sovereignty as the only kind of government that could resolve problems caused by the selfishness of human beings (1588-1679). Hard
Declaring Independence he recently arrived from England . a person who vigorously supports there country . a pamphlet title . he was the president of the conental congress . he was one of the youngest delegates . Older Children
Legacy of Rome If a solider lost his equipment what would happen? . In the Roman military who was well-bathed, well-fed, and well-trained?. What consisted of 3,000 to 5,000 troops?. Where were legionnaires recruited?. What language is no longer spoken?. Big
Byzantine Empire Division of a group into opposing factions. Title for the heads of the Eastern Orthodox Churches . Most famous example of Byzantine architecture, it was built under Justinian I and is considered one of the most perfect buildings in the world.. Empire that lasted untill 1453 when it was conquered by ottoman turks. The largest city and former capital of Turkey, Previously known as Byzantium. Hard
The Russian Federation within the boundaries of Odessa to St. Petersburg to Irkutsk . 4,000-6,000 feet in elevation . An arm of the North Pacific Ocean enclosed by the Kamchatka Penisula. fertile black soil. youngest leader to rule USSR in 6 decades . Hard
Colonial America Craftsmen in towns and plantations; lived in villages and cities. Were captured in Africa and sold to slave traders then shipped to colonies; property for life. A person who does hard and physical work. A person who owned and controlled a colony. Men and women who didn't have money for passage to colonies; agreed to work for free for person who paid. Older Children
The Vietnam War Complete the crossword puzzle below. You do not need to worry about spaces and dashes. Good luck! Sharpened spear hidden in ground, designed to impale unwary U.S. and South Vietnamese troops.. Guerrilla group formed by Ho Chi Minh after World War II to force the French colonial rulers out of Vietnam.. A defoliant the U.S. sprayed on jungle areas to remove enemy hiding places. Many U.S. troops claim it gave them cancer and produced birth defects in their children.. Vietnamese village where, in 1968, U.S. troops murdered 567 civilian men, women, and children.. Major Vietnamese holiday. In January 1968, Communist troops staged fierce attacks all over South Vietnam on the holiday. Though the Communists were forced back, the attack shattered U.S. assurance that the war was going well.. Big
The Rise of Rome Who was the greatest practitioner of satire?. What is a military formation, made up of 3-5 thousand, divided into groups of 100. What is the name of the epic poem about the founding of Rome by refugees from the burning city of Troy?. What language makes up more than 50% of the words in Rome?. What is the most lasting part of the 46th century Ro. Hard
The 7 Year War The British government passed it, it gave the French many of their rights back, the Quebec ___ 1774. The French built it, it is big, the Brits didn't like it. A type of fighting, uses small groups of soldiers, and uses the element of surprise. New leader, arrived in 1756, experienced military commander, the first letter of all the words in his name. It was built in 1754, there is a sketch of it on page 78, the battle for Fort _______. Hard
William Penn Fill out the crossword puzzle Penn lived in his new colony from 1682 to 1684 (and 1699 to 1701) where he implemented a most impressive and advanced form of democratic government. He also tolerated people of all different religious beliefs. His political ideals were a great inspir. What religion was William Penn?. Penn treated the Indians of Pennsylvania with great fairness. Penn even learned some Indian languages so as to better communicate with them. The Great Treaty made with the Indians, that provided them with a substantial amount of money for their land,. Who is the founder of Pennsylvania?. Where was William Penn born?. Older Children
Renaissance Period King _____ VIII. Groupings of instruments. A note halfway between one note and its adjacent higher note, abbreviated [#]. A note halfway between one note and its adjacent lower note, abbreviated [b]. Explorer Christopher ________. Big
American Revolution Wrote Common Sense. Act which taxed imported goods in order to pay for the salaries of British officials and judges. People loyal to Britain. Act that closed the port of Boston . People loyal to America. Older Children
Who was Theodore Roosevelt He was 42 when he was __into office.. He was sworn in the ___ of 1901 as president.. Was born in this month.. Went by the nickname __?. First president to ride in a ___?. Older Children
Progressive Era Mexican neighborhood. A few large companies that control the prices of an entire industry. Roosevelt's promise program of fair and equal treatment for all.( 2 words). The right of a voter to place an issue on the ballet in a state election. Investigative reporters who expose corruption.. Big
World War One places dug by soldiers to protect themselves. very useful tool to dig trench. protections filled with earth and mud. soldiers had to put it on their heads to protect themselves fron injuries. lot of soldiers used to write in this kind of book. Older Children
People in The American Revolution Wrote Common Sense and Crisis.. Surrendered to General Washington at Battle of Yorktown.. 'I have not yet begun to fight'!. I always told my husband, 'remember the ladies'.. Made the first political cartoon called, 'Join or Die'.. Older Children
Spanish American War Use the clues to identify key words and complete the crossword puzzle. To seize and take control of a country or territory. . Cuba originally sought independence from whom?. Name of rebellious Chinese secret society.. Where did the first actions of war take place? . Never gained independence from the United States.. Older Children
The Commercial Revolution Answer the question and put the answer in the corresponding blanks! Group of people who have mastered a specific skill. Guilds were made because people weren’t very _________ in their spendings. The three-field system provided two ________ a year. __________ Revolution. By providing two harvests a year it reduced the risk of crop failure and ______. Big
Pompeii Ancient town of 79 A.D One of the most famous paintings inspired by the eruption of Vesuvius. A great activity of ancient Pompeii. Wine,fruit,vegetable oil and cereals. eruption of Vesuvius. Activities by sea. Hard
Civil War First state to secede. Where General Lee surrendered to General Grant. Worst Confederate prison. Capital of the Confederate states of America. Gave Union control of the Mississippi River. Older Children
All About George Washington Where did George live when he was growing up?. What monument was named after George?. Who did the American army fight against in the Revolutionary War?. How many real teeth did George have left when he became President?. Because of George's fear of being buried alive, how many days did they wait to bury him after he died?. Older Children
Henry VIII Main lawyer for Henry. Current Pope first name. Archbishop of Canterbury. Did the Pope grant Henry a divorce. Name of illegitimate son of Henry's.. Big
The Vietnam War Sharpened spear hidden in ground, designed to impale unwary U.S. and South Vietnamese troops.. Basic rifle used by U.S. troops in Vietnam.. Guerrilla group formed by Ho Chi Minh after World War II to force the French colonial rulers out of Vietnam.. A military unit that consists of three rifle squads. It has a nine-man headquarters with a platoon leader, platoon sergeant, radiotelephone operator, and two machinegun crews.. A military unit that consists of 11 men and is led by a squad leader. It fights as two fire teams. Each fire team can fire, maneuver, or overwatch. . Older Children
War Begins In Europe Citizens of London spent night time in _____________ ____________ to seek shelter from the night time air raids by Germany. The British air force, greatly outnumbered defended Britain against the German 'lutwaffe, this German strategy was called the _________ ___ _________. 'lightning war'. A policy of giving Hitler everything he asked for, in trying to prevent war. Close cooperation with Germany by Vichy France. Big
Communist Forces in the Vietnam War Khmer Rouge and Pathet Lao helped ____________ prisoners of war. leaders include Souphanouvong & Khamtai Siphandon . leaders include Pol Pot & Khieu Samphan . North Vietnam sent 287,465 ___________ to fight . Khmer and Pathet Lao are _______________ in close proximity to Vietnam . Hard
Spanish Armada How many times was Phillip married?. What did Phillip call the invasion?. When did the Spanish fleet set sail from Spain?. What was the name of the battle in the North Sea?. Who was executed by Elizabeth? ----, Queen of Scots. Older Children
Dutch Settlement at the Cape ____________ slaves did needlework, cooking and cleaning etc.. A traditional Cape Malay food that we still eat today.. The Dutch wanted to use the Cape as a ______________ station.. The local people that the Dutch first tried to barter with and then tried to turn into slaves.. The person who was ordered to establish this station at the Cape.. Hard
Thomas Jefferson Jefferson's attempt to stop the United States from being pulled into war between Britain and France. Sent by Jefferson to further explore the west. Republican candidate for president in 1808 who had Jefferson's approval. Name of Jefferson's home. Written for the Second Continental Congress in 1776.. Big
The Jefferson Era Complete the puzzle fight between the U.S. and U.K. and its Native American allies.. Cost 15 million, doubled the size of U.S.. The president to send two men to the west on an expedition. He explored the Southwest, Pikes Peak named after him. American soldier, leader of an expedition, also known as the Corps of Discovery. Older Children
The Tragedy of Julius Caesar A Greek writer adn biographer that lived around the time of Julius Caesar.. Shakepeare learned this language in school.. The only son of Shakespeare that died at age 11. This is when a person discloses their innermost thoughts when others are on stage. This type of stage is seperated from the audience by velvet curtains and realistic settings. . Hard
The Spanish Armada King Philip I ruled this country.. The surname of the most famous English 'sea dog'. The name given to the Spanish fleet who hoped to beat England. . The name given to Spanish ships.. The name of Belgium and Holland during Philips reign.. Older Children
Expansion, War, and Sectional Crisis Complete the crossword puzzle 1846 proposal by Representative David Wilmot of Pennslyvania to ban slavery in territory acquired from the Mexican Warr. 1854 Law that divided Indian Territory into Kansas ans Nebraska. The elite Mexican ranchers in the province of California. A political movement that opposed the expansion of slavery. A small slice of land purchased by President Franklin Pierce in 1853 for the purpose of building a transcontinental rail line from New York to Los Angeles. Big
Progressive Era Was raised in a Quaker household and was a really big part in the woman's voting rights movement. Ensures meat is processed and packaged in safe conditions. Co-founded one of the first settlements in the US . Photographer who used a camera as his tool for social reform . Upheld the law 'separate but equal' . Hard
British Acts 7 British acts, Boston Tea Party, and Boston Massacre. Act that made the colonist do the Boston Tea Party.. Parliament could search any ship trying to avoid the tax.. To punish the colonists after the Boston Tea Party.. When 5 colonists got murdered in Boston.. Colonists reaction to the tea act.. Older Children
Ancient Egypt The location of the great pyramid. The longest river in the world flowing from East Africa to Egypt. A triangular shaped area at the mouth of some rivers. A capital city in Nubia. A mix of soil and small rocks. Big
Rome Chariot races held here. Type of sword. River running through central Europe and into the Black Sea. feature of Roman architecture (Domes, Pillars, Arches and ?). Plebian's accommodation. Hard
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