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History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Elizabeth I to see affection. light or fire used as a signal or warning. a woman who teaches and cares for children of a household. large group of warships. attendant at royal court. Older Children
The Reconstruction Era Abolished Slavery in the U.S.. Commander of the U.S. Army at the end of the Civil War.. Rights guaranteed by the constitution to all people as citizens.. Commander of the Confederate Army throughout the Civil War.. Declared that states cannot deny anyone the right to vote.. Hard
Booker T. Washington what he is famously know for besides civil ighs activist. the name of washingtons mother she was a former slave cook. speech washington gave in 1895 to hlp geogias conomy and help man blacks. state where he was born . name of institute he helped create. Hard
Jacksonian Era U.S. land in what is now Oklahoma. A group that supported Jackson's candidacy. Where party members choose the party's candidates. The practice of giving government jobs to political backers . A Native American Chief that led his people to struggle to protect their lands. . Big
Native Americans They wear these on their feet when they dance. Some tribes have these and make profit from them. There are 562 of these in America. A social gathering filled with dancing and singing. This tribe can be found in Tomah. Older Children
Korean War british prime minister. general of un. planned to invade south korea. one of the first war engagments. taken over by north korea. Older Children
The Space Race Russian for ¨Traveler¨. First American to orbit Earth (1962). Meaning of Cosmonauts (Russian space pilots). First American to walk in space. animal that crafts were tested with. Hard
Transport in the 19TH Century Was deemed very sporty by the younger citizens. Was one of the fanciest carriages around, used for leisure driving in the summer.. Driven by horses, acted as a bus carrying 26 people overall.. Very popular with ladies driving. A closed Carriage. Big
1950's 1945-1961 65 Million Children were born . Passed in 1947 in response to perceived threats from the Soviet Union after WWII. It established the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Security Council.. Dynamic culture based in large, heteroge¬neous societies permitting considerable individualism, innovation, and change; having a money-based economy, division of labor into professions, secular institutions of control, and weak interpersonal . company that produce and sell their goods and services all over the world. salaried professional or a person whose job is clerical in nature. Big
St Helens, Oregon 1915 Columbia River----Association. Dillard Librarian. McCormick. Italian Importing Company Single. St Helens----Company. Very Difficult
The Cold War Kennedy’s collective bundle of domestic policies, which called for increased social welfare spending to tackle the growing poverty rate.. An act passed in 1947 that reorganized the U.S. military and espionage services in order to better meet the Soviet threat.. The nationalist, Communist leader of the Viet Minh movement, which sought to liberate Vietnam from French colonial rule throughout the 1950s.. The head of the Soviet Communist Party and leader of the USSR from 1958 until the early 1960s.. A U.S. foreign policy doctrine that argued that the Soviet Union needed to be “contained” to prevent the spread of Communism throughout the world.. Hard
Ancient Rome A common piece of wealthy Roman apparel, party apparel today.. A twin brother, raised by wolves, killed by his brother.. A transportation tool that the Romans mastered.. When Rome divided, this was the Eastern Empire that prospered. . The small groups of people that took over Rome.. Big
Gallipoli Moutain range in Turkey. The troops had to dig these. used in guns. Island near Turkey. Country where Gallipoli is. Older Children
Australian History what were most of the passengers who first went to Australia?. What was the name of his ship?. Was he in New Zealand befor or after Australia?. What as the name of the line designed to capture aborigines in Tasmania?. terra nullius means land belonging to 'two words'. Older Children
Gettysburg Maneuver used by Chamberlain at Little Round Top . Won day one of Gettysburg . How many words long Lincolns speech was. This man lost his leg and donated it to the National History Museum . The Peach Orchards became know as this . Big
1950s Terms 1945-1961 million children were born. places where people can watch movies in their cars. relating to the work done or those who work in an office or other professional environment.. who was elected president in 1952. What is the name of the first suburban town?. Big
The Age of Imperialism one who frees a group of people. a large picture painted on a wall. a person who comes from certain ancestors. the governor of a country of province, who rules as the representative of the monarch. material that ils provided by nature, such as forests, minerals, and water. Big
WWI Name for American Soldiers during WWI. King of Germany During WWI. German Submarine. This mans Death Set off a chain reaction which ultimately led to the outbreak of WWI. The leader of Italy during WWI. Big
Reconstruction Era Every southern had to ratify the. period of time came to be. To assist former slaves, Congress Established . these leaders began passing laws known as . Protect the rights of African Americans . Older Children
Gold Rush the person who discovered gold in California. a place now known as Placerville . the southern tip of South America. the 31st state to become part of the United States of America. a water-born disease. Older Children
Thomas E Watson fill in the best answer turned to writing at his newly acquired Hickory Hill estate on the. distanced himself from the mainstream of the . involved in the . statue across the street from the Georgia . achieved his first success in more than . Big
Cold War They political and military barrier that isolated Soviets controlled countries of eastern after world war 2. List of persons who are disapproved of and area punished such as by being refused jobs. First superior commander of NATO before becoming president. To keep or hold. A region where no military forces or weapons are permitted. Big
Modernism In Ulysses there is no. Bergson writes Time and Free. Eveline is like an animal. V. Woolf belong to the group. W. James esplain the stream of. Hard
Holocaust the secret police of Nazi-Germany army. Hitler’s definition of the “master race”; mainly included people with blonde hair and blue eyes . a language commonly used by Jews that combines both German and Hebrew. a scroll containing the five books of Moses. a mass killing of a racial, political, or religious group. Older Children
Imperialism Controlled by private business interests. Territory under control of outside power with its own internal government. Territory governed by a foreign power . One country wants to extend its authority . Magic water. Hard
Westward Expansion Common method of transportation to the West, in which wagons traveled in groups for safety. Parcels of land set aside by the federal government for the Native Americans.. The process of moving Native Americans from lands in the east to less desirable lands in the mid-west.. A wilderness at the edge of a settled area of a country.. An acute intestinal infection caused by ingestion of contaminated water or food.. Older Children
American Colonies German-speaking Protestants who settled in Pennsylvania. English colony in which the king gave land to proprietors in exchange for a yearly payment. Willingness to let others practice their own beliefs. Group of English Protestants who settled the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Elected representative assembly in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Big
Battle of Fort Sumter Victors of the Battle of Fort Sumter.. The person who they named Fort Sumter after.. Original use of Fort Sumter.. Union Surgeon.. the number of southern states that seceeded after the Batlle of Fort Sumter.. Hard
Ohio Faces War started in 1929, many people did not have jobs or money. Banks and businesses closed. Ohioans helped slaves escape to this country. against the law, not allowed. allowed. started in 1939 and ended in 1945 . Older Children
Colonial America someone's beliefs . sharing out of other peoples' views. a famous butter colored duck. a gathering of people . laws the Pilgrims created . Older Children
Vietnam War Americans introduced these into North Vietnam. memorial made in honor of those who died in the war. this was very popular among the young people of this generation during the war. official postponement of their call to serve. few people refused to be drafted in the first half of the 1960s. Hard
Ancient India seasonal winds. the effect of a person's actions in this and previous lives. the top of India's caste system. a person who follows Hinduism. to calm and clear the mind. Hard
Roaring 20's Act by Congress that limited immigration. 15 nation agreed that all conflicts should be settled peacefully. Extra money paid on money load or something bought on credit. Fear of revolution and the communism . Famous jazz club located in Harlem where the musicians of the Harlem Renaissance often played.. Big
Americans Move West Chapter 18 Vocabulary Areas of federal land set aside for the Native Americans.. Hard work of breaking up the sod earned Plains farmers this nickname.. The Dawes General _______ _________ of 1887 tried to lessen traditional influences on Indian society by making land ownership private rather than shared.. Leader of Sioux indians.. The Great Plains from Texas to Canada became known as this.. Very Difficult
Enlightenment Period The Natural right to live and survive.. The freedom to make your own decisions. The idea that a country's leader should be chosen by the citizens in a general election.. A period of time when people developed new ideas about human existence and human rights. An agreement where citizens give up some rights in exchange for the governments protection.. Big
Humanities Famous actor who assasinated president abraham lincoln. 18th president of U.S.A. 1st colored continental army. Commander of the 54th regiment. American politicians before american civil war. Hard
The Civil War Answer the clues and fill in the blanks with the corresponding numbers. The amendment that abolished slavery in the U.S.. Ended the war, where Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant. The first African-American regiments to fight for the Union in the civil war. The turning point battle of the civil war where the South lost its chance to invade the North. Gave African-American men the right to vote. Big
Roman Trivia powerful nobles; rich people. Slave/ gladiator who formed an army . Roman general who ruled part of Rome after Caesar's death. Twin brothers raised by wolves. General from Carthage. Hard
Ancient Civilizations The monotheistic religion of the Jews. Written language made with wedge-shaped characters. Independent urban political domains that controlled the surrounding countrysides. Worship more than one god. Belief in a single god. Hard
World War I group of merchant ships sailing together, protected by warships. an Italian immigrant and known as an anarchist. isolationist senators opposed any treaty to end World War I that had a League of Nations folded into it. German submarine. heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary left with his wife Sophie for what they thought would be a routine visit to Sarajevo. Very Difficult
The Fall of Communism New leader of the Soviet Union in 1985. Doctrine stating that the Soviet Union would intervene in any satellite nation that seemed to be moving away from communism. English meaning of glasnost. _______ failures, inadequate transportation, and out dated factories contributed to the dire state of the Soviet economy under Brezhnev. Where did the Soviet forces withdraw from in 1989?. Older Children
Saints of the Middle Ages converted from Islam to Christianity. he once lived a life of sin. known for his insight into human nature and the practice of living a moral and religious life. patron saint of Catholic schools. patron saint of beggars and soldiers. Very Difficult
American Society in the 1970's the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.. pants with a large flare at the bottom. the Irish name for wing collar. modern popular culture transmitted via mass media and aimed particularly at younger people.. a piece of jewelry in the shape of a medal, typically worn as a pendant.. Older Children
Slaves and Colonists The ___________ colonies didn't need many slaves for farming because of the lack of rich soil. (fill in the blank). Did slaves usually have clothes on the slave ships? (yes or no) . Were children used as slaves too? (yes or no) . Where were slaves taken from?. Families were separated. (true or false). Older Children
Great Depression World War I, World War II, Influenza Pandemic, Radio, Black Tuesday, Hitler, Stalin, Great Britian Advertisement that helped boost sales. . The stock market crashed on what day? . This country suffer from a great depression just as the Americans have.. War that helped get the United States out of the Great Depression.. The pandemic that killed more people than World War I.. Older Children
Colonial America System of trade between three ports. Colonists who want independence. Crop grown for profit only. War between France and Britain west of the appalachian mountains. Original name of new york. Big
Andrew Jackson Reconstruction state in southern eastern united states . murder(an important person) in a surprise attack for political or religious reason . public affairs of a country . a native or inhabitant of the north,especially of the northern US. being joined. Older Children
Cold War Solve the puzzle Soviet's first satellite into space. First war of containment policy to stop communism. Reparations and divided Germany. Foreign policy that tried to contain the spread of communism. Was fired by Truman when he advises him to use nuclear weapons against China. Older Children
World War I The number of _____ exceeded the number of soldier killed. This was the name given to Great Britain's navy. The name of the ship that sunk that brought the United States closer to entering the war. Germany sunk it.. The death of this amn det of a chain reaction of events that eventually led to the outbreak of the war itself. The cease of fire that occured between France and Germany troops in the Western trenches was called this. Big
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