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History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Holocaust The nations fighting Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy during World War II. One of the first major concentration camps . Ovens built in concentration camps. This group had a long history of in most of Western and Eastern Europe because of its beliefs and lifestyle. Concentration camp opened for women in 1939. Big
Holocaust Countries joined in the war against Hitler. Hitler's 'ideal race'. Global war from 1939-1945. Deliberate and systematic elimination of a racial or religious group. World's largest Concentration Camp. Big
Holocaust Terms 1st concentration camp.. Well known consentration/death camp.. Excluded Jews from Reich citezenship.. were people who could not work any more went.. Used to kill at death camps.. Big
How Well Do You Know Ancient Creece? Teacher of Alexander the Great. Persian king. General who overthrew many empires and founded many cities. An island in Ancient Greece. The simplest of the three styles of columns. Hard
Humanities Famous actor who assasinated president abraham lincoln. 18th president of U.S.A. 1st colored continental army. Commander of the 54th regiment. American politicians before american civil war. Hard
Immigration A method of journalism that depended on sensationalism and shock.. Hull house was opened by this activist.. This person is credited with inventing basketball.. A protestant organization that provided food, shelter and religious education to the poor.. Laws that set standards for how buildings were built.. Hard
Imperalism Volcabulary Policy of granting equal trade opportunities to all countries.. Former province in Northeastern South Africa of the Vaal River.. System in which people have their own government, but the home country has final say in important matters.. An official for the Queen of Great Britain that was sent to help Raja rule India.. Rule that lets people set up a colony and establish their own government.. Hard
Imperialism A quote which meant that Britain had the most colonies in the world . Indirectly controlled by imperial power . A person who spreads religion. Took a giant piece of Africa. Area under direct control by imperial power . Hard
Imperialism Europeans improved roads to obtain _____ ______. Europeans felt they had to civilize Africa. British tool to ensure a safe passage for trading. Change from isolated and traditional country to an industrialized, powerful nation. revolt in India against foreign influences. Hard
Imperialism Countrywith its own government but under control of an outside power.. Someone sent on a religious mission.. The adoption of western ideas, technology, and culture. . Domination by one country of the political, economic, or cultural life of another ocuntry or region.. When you rule over a country indirectly. Hard
Imperialism As a result of the Spanish American War, the United States took control of____in SE Asia. Representative from the British parliament who administered governmental affairs in India . What ruler is sometimes called the “father of modern Egypt” due to the reforms he made?. Rifle cartridges greased with animal fat were one of the causes of the ______.. As the Boers of southern Africa migrated north, they clashed with th. Hard
Imperialism During this uprising, foreign communities across China were attacked. Ruled after the fall of the Qing dynasty in China. Waterway that links the mediterranean and Red Sea. What European nations did to Africa in the 1880's. Colonial rule where local rulers were left in place. Hard
Imperialism Controlled by private business interests. Territory under control of outside power with its own internal government. Territory governed by a foreign power . One country wants to extend its authority . Magic water. Hard
Imperialism in Britian To adopt western ideas and culture. Chinese nationalist leader who fought to end foreign domination. A vital trade route in the British Empire during imperialism. A country or region that is controlled by a more powerful country. An international body composed of many countries that seeks to promote peace, prosperity, and cooperation around the world. Hard
Important People of the Revolutionary War people who want freedom from Britain. people who would like the British Parliament to continue to rule the colonies. rebelled against 'acts' of British Parliament . Dressed up as Indians and dumped tea into Boston Harbor. A group of patriots.. wrote letters to Congress about women's rights; Said, '...remember the ladies...'; wife of 2nd president. African American who wrote poems about freedon and sent a letter to General Washington praising him. Big
In Rupert's Land An animal hunted for it's fur and meat.. The oldest trading organization in Canada.. Something we all love to consume.. People that exchange items, with other items with others.. A large piece of land.. Hard
Incan A person who helps make pain go away. Most animals were in paintings like foxes, hummingbirds, eagles, and llamas. People that took over Incan empire. Area of land with similar features and geography. Is where most animals got domesticated. Hard
Independence in Africa The French leader. Depended on oil export. Political system was dominated by whites. First former British colony to gain independence. The unity of all blacks. Hard
Indian History _____ Gandhi helped to make India more powerful, she was the first female leader of India. Civil _____ was Gandhi's method of protesting the British. Indira helped to develop India's ____ program. There are and were problems in India because of religions: There are both Hindus and ____.. They ruled India for decades. Hard
Industrial Age an businessmen who helps society. Antitrust Act outlawing monopolies. name given to America from 1870-1900. an asset used to produce an income (money). French for 'let the people do as they wish'. Big
Industrial Revolution system of manufacturing large numbers of identical items. Implemented crop rotation. economic and political system in which the government owns almost all of the means of production and controls economic planning authoritarian socialism. use of automatic machinery to increase production. basic resources necessary for industrialization, such as land, capital, and labor. Teenage
Industrial Revolution An association of workers formed to bargain for better working conditions and higher wages. A system of thought and belief . The movement away from hand crafting towards using machines in factories . The science of government and governing . The amount of goods produced per hour. Older Children
Industrial Revolution college educated and ran settlement houses . British writer that showed sympathy for thr working class. have nots or workers. rented land form a wealthy land. introduced the world to a typeof socailism called Marxism. Very Difficult
Industrial Revolution Withdraw from the United States. Influencial leader at the Congress of Vienna. 1833 law protecting children in factories (2 words). Hours a day some factory workers worked. Famous composer of the 1700s. Very Difficult
Industrial Revolution Organized groups of workers to resist exploitation of the proletariat by business owners.. Violent group of irate workers who blamed industrialism for threatening their jobs. . He believed the capitalist middle class exploited the proletariats. . This limited workday for children ages 9-13 to 8 hours per day and prohibited children under 9 to be hired.. He lashed out at the middle class in his The Condition of Working Class in England.. Hard
Intro the Roman World Influences on Christianity town of Jesus' childhood and young adulthood. Julius Caesar made himself this. Sacrifices to the Roman Gods. The common language that helped the spread of the Gospel. A Greek Philospoher. Big
Intro to the 1920s Multiple laws established by Congress that placed a percentage “cap” on the number of people allowed to emigrate to the United States; seen as a reaction to the growing threat of communism. unreasonable fear of foreigners; resulted in the treatment of immigrants as “anarchists” who wanted to see the U.S. government destroyed. famous public speaker and supposed “anarchist” who was deported for supporting the rights of unions and workers. nickname for smugglers during the Prohibition Era; shipments usually were from Canada. wrote the Communist Manifesto, which describes the exploitation of the working class by the rich class; established the basic theories of communism and socialism. Hard
Introduction to the Jewish Experience in WWII This ship carrying Jewish immigrants was refused entry into Canada.. All Jews were forced to wear these on their clothing.. The Jewish quarter in a city.. The intense dislike for and prejudice against Jewish people.. Jewish people were forced to abide by these.. Hard
Inventions of the Turn of the 20th Century Originally known as “chicken feed,” George Renninger created this popular confection in the 1880s, the first candy to employ more than one color, a key to its popularity. . The traditional rye grass, used to avoid drinking the sediment of a fermented beverage by sucking through it to capture the clear liquid above it, was replaced by a paper version, invented by Marvin C. Stone in 1888. . Leather tanner, John L Loud applied for a patent for this writing tool that eventually replaced the fountain pen. . Though several inventors created variations of this machine throughout the 19th century, by 1910 the “manual” model became the standardized version with each key attached to a type bar that has a corresponding letter molded, in reverse, on its striki. Frank Epperson patented his creation of “frozen ice on a stick” in 1923. Initially, this tasty treat was called the Epsicle Ice Pop.. Big
Investigating the Ancient Past Story or belief transmitted by word of mouth from human to human.. Something made or given shape by humans.. Process of dating organisms from the past by measuring the amount of residual carbon remaining in the organism.. Continental shelf surrounding Australia and New Guinea that was exposed during the last ice age.. Repository of written materials from the past.. Hard
Islam Middle Ages pg. 124 Islamic word for holy war. pg. 118 theologian in middle ages that said man can overthrow unjust rulers based on natural law n . pg. 114 called the Crusades to unite Catholics and Christians against the Muslims for the holy land control. pg. 130 Mali's most famous leader. pg. 132 center of Islamic learning and culture. Hard
Issues of the Gilded Age A pre-condition for the ability to vote. Most famous black leader during the late nineteenth century. 1883 the act that created a civil service system for the federal government in an attempt to hire employees on a merit system rather than on a spoils system.. The practice of the political party in power giving jobs and appointments to its supporters, rather than to people based on their qualifications.. A man with a Ph.D. from Harvard who criticized Washington's willingness to accommodate southern whites.. Big
It's All Greek To Me! a conflict that occurs outside a character. how many children did Oedipus and Iocaste have?. a form of literature that includes one-act plays and full length plays.. where was Sophocles born?. A series of dramatic episodes were separated by what?. Hard
Jacksonian Era U.S. land in what is now Oklahoma. A group that supported Jackson's candidacy. Where party members choose the party's candidates. The practice of giving government jobs to political backers . A Native American Chief that led his people to struggle to protect their lands. . Big
Jacques Cartier read the description and find the word. place where fruits were grown. a thing where people trade goods. Cartier's second ______.. the silk route goes right threw it.. its on sheeps. Hard
James Madison Madison was the _ president. Madison initiated this war. His political party. Madison's wife; First Lady. He drafted and is known as the Father of this document. Teenage
James Oglethorpe What colony did James find. . the number of child James was. . Where James received an excellent education. . James Oglethorpe's wife. . Where James statue is located. . Hard
Jamestown Settlement A crop that is grown to sell for money rather than for use by the growers.. The third and current capital of Virginia.. Money put away to be used at another time.. An uncharted and unmapped land or area.. A good, service, or amount of money owed to another.. Hard
Jane Goodall her day of birth. The award she won in 2001. The book she wrote in 1970. her birth name. the condition she struggles with. Hard
Japan In World War II complete the puzzle using hints Japan attacked this location. America overtook parts of Japan in WW2 this is called. A part of the japanese technology and combat arms A small bomb thrown by hand or launched mechanically. 124th Emperor of Japan. Emperor of Japan 1926–89. The largest city on the island of Kyushu in Japan.. Older Children
Jefferson's Presidency A law that banned all trade with Britain, France, and their colonies.. The law that essentially banned trade with other foriegn countries.. The war at sea.. A Federalist appointed by John Adams.. The power to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional.. Big
Jeffery Dahmer Where did Dahmer keep his skull collection. How many witnesses were called on to convince the court that Dahmer was insane. Where was his first victim buried . What month did Dahmer die . Who attended his funeral. Adult
John Adams The first president to live in the _________ ___________.. John Adams was the ________ president of the United States. Name of first daughter. The month John Adams died in.. John Adam's first son.. Older Children
Julius Caesar the number of senators who plotted to kill Caesar. where he was born. Caesar's full name. Caesar added all the land west of this river to Roman control. the two Roman leaders that caused the chaos before Caesar;conflict caused bloodbath, eventually one won and became a dictator. Hard
Julius Caesar not active or in use; without purpose or effect; pointless. made something appear unexpectedly or seemingly from nowhere as if by magic. the expression of deep sorrow for someone who has died, typically involving following certain conventions like wearing black clothes. small pointed tool used for piercing holes. extremely unpleasant. Hard
Julius Caesar Heir of Julius Caesar.. Author of Julius Caesar.. Antony spoke at Caesar's___.. Calpurnia tried to convince Caesar that her___ are omens of tragedy.. Beware the Ides of___.. Big
Kim Il Sung This is the political party in which he is the chairman of. It is known to be what got him started with politics. . Shortly after this event in history, Kim came into power and became the leader.. First brought this into North Korea as a way for him to have all control of the power.. He took this name in honor of a famous guerilla fighter.. What Kim's birthday is called and it is known as a national holiday.. Hard
King Arthur Arthur's nephew who plots to kill him. Most noble knight or King Arthur; falls in love with Gwynevere . Arthur as a boy, weak, alone, obedient, ordinary, orphan. Added humor and a modern view point to the story. Magician, powerful, proper etiquette, intelligent, tutor. Moderately Challenging
King Richard of England the number of crusade he was in. the month he was born in. his grandson's name. his grand father's name. did this with saladin in 1191. Older Children
Kings and Christianity top general of Justinian's fleet of ships. Grand Duke of Kiev. brother of Methodius. church officials. king of the Franks. Hard
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