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History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Slaves and Colonists The ___________ colonies didn't need many slaves for farming because of the lack of rich soil. (fill in the blank). Did slaves usually have clothes on the slave ships? (yes or no) . Were children used as slaves too? (yes or no) . Where were slaves taken from?. Families were separated. (true or false). Older Children
Great Depression World War I, World War II, Influenza Pandemic, Radio, Black Tuesday, Hitler, Stalin, Great Britian Advertisement that helped boost sales. . The stock market crashed on what day? . This country suffer from a great depression just as the Americans have.. War that helped get the United States out of the Great Depression.. The pandemic that killed more people than World War I.. Older Children
Colonial America System of trade between three ports. Colonists who want independence. Crop grown for profit only. War between France and Britain west of the appalachian mountains. Original name of new york. Big
Andrew Jackson Reconstruction state in southern eastern united states . murder(an important person) in a surprise attack for political or religious reason . public affairs of a country . a native or inhabitant of the north,especially of the northern US. being joined. Older Children
Cold War Solve the puzzle Soviet's first satellite into space. First war of containment policy to stop communism. Reparations and divided Germany. Foreign policy that tried to contain the spread of communism. Was fired by Truman when he advises him to use nuclear weapons against China. Older Children
World War I The number of _____ exceeded the number of soldier killed. This was the name given to Great Britain's navy. The name of the ship that sunk that brought the United States closer to entering the war. Germany sunk it.. The death of this amn det of a chain reaction of events that eventually led to the outbreak of the war itself. The cease of fire that occured between France and Germany troops in the Western trenches was called this. Big
World War I What was the name of the ship that sunk that brought the United States closer to entering the war. Germany sunk it.. Of the final straws between the United States and Germany, this was an attempt by Germany to bring Mexico into the war. The cease of fire that occured between France and Germany troops in the Western trenches was called this. During WWI, he was a top French commander. This naval engagement was the only engagement of WWI. Hard
American Old West Complete the crossword puzzle. the campsite where the village of Chief Cameahwait trades horses to Lewis and Clark. the last name of Lewis. a black mountain man who lived with the Crow Indians. this mountain man fought the Blackfoot and Bannock Indian Tribes. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Hard
Post War 52nd mayor of atlanta was. War against communism created DMZ. Residential areas around cities were called. people born during this period were known as. Started school lunch act was. Big
Road to the Civil War Abolitionist newspaper created by William Lloyd Garrison.. Held a convention and voted to secede.. Escaped slave and editor of The North Star.. Allowed settlers to vote on whether to allow slavery.. Southern states leaving the Union and forming a confederation.. Hard
Abraham Lincoln What did Abraham Lincoln practice without a degree?. What did Lincoln battle with for most of his life?. What day was Lincoln assassinated?. How many terms did Lincoln served in the U.S. House of Representatives?. He was the first president to have a what?. Older Children
Andrew Jackson ______ vs Georgia was the Supreme Court case that decided that Native Americans can not be forced to move from their land. Jackson's nickname. employing and promoting friends and supporters of the political group in power. Journey of Native Americans after being forced out. This act forced the Native Americans out of their homes. Big
Treaty of Waitangi what holiday did the signing of the treaty create. about how many meetings were held to arrange the signing. who helped henry Williams with the translation. what year was the treaty signed. where the first european settlers arrived. Hard
Westward Expansion relinquish possession or control over. Jefferson's personal secretary who accompanied William Clark in 1804 to explore the northern regions of the Louisiana Purchase . gained its statehood on September 9, 1850. . territory in western United States purchased from France in 1803 for $15 million . the movement of persons from one country or locality to another . Hard
Great Depression Any government system that provides monetary assistance to people with an inadequate or no income. Was established to eliminate 'cut throat' competition. A place where food is served to the homeless and destitute. A day when banka are oficially closed. A set of programs policies designed to promote economic recovery & social reform. Older Children
The Age of Exploration What ship did Columbus travel in . What is caused by a lack of vitamin C . Who was the first European in the Indian ocean. What country did Columbus discover. How many ships did Vasco Da Gama have on his voyage. Older Children
Pearl Harbor Number of Waves of Japanese Planes that Attacked. Japanese Abbr.. Month That The First Warning Sent To Navy Leaders Was Sent. Number of Ships Sunk. Death Count. Older Children
The Great Depression Any government system the provides monetary assistance to people with an inadequate or no income. Established to eliminate 'cut throat' competition . A place where food is served to those who are homeless or destitute. A day when banks are closed. A set of programs and policies designed to promote economic recovery and social reform. Big
Ambrose Burnside the battle that made Burnside resign as general. The side that General Burnside fought for during the Civil War. Served as governer for this State that is located in the east coast. The battle that showed and made many argue his ineffectiveness in combat. Where General Burnside graduated and is also the most prestigious military school in the world. Hard
The Assassination of President Lincoln Who killed Lincoln? . What was the date Lincoln was assassinated?. What month was President Lincoln's birthday in?. How many terms did Lincoln serve before he was assassinated?. How many siblings did Lincoln have?. Older Children
Imperialism During this uprising, foreign communities across China were attacked. Ruled after the fall of the Qing dynasty in China. Waterway that links the mediterranean and Red Sea. What European nations did to Africa in the 1880's. Colonial rule where local rulers were left in place. Hard
1500s Natives believed in these. A span over hundreds of years where people traded fur pelts. People in France dine with these. Natives in the great plains rely on these for almost everything. A place with gems, gold and silver. Big
Jacques Cartier read the description and find the word. place where fruits were grown. a thing where people trade goods. Cartier's second ______.. the silk route goes right threw it.. its on sheeps. Hard
Cinco de mayo Mexican History What forces invaded the town?. Who led the Mexican troops in Puebla?. How many years after did France finally loose control of Mexico?. What happened to the emperor of Mexico appointed by Napoleon III?. From what military support and political pressure did Mexico finally get France to withdraw?. Hard
Fidelia Fiske a famous book writer. a school that fidelia goes to. a terrible disease. a philosopher and book writer. fidelia's teacher. Hard
Holocaust Nazi symbol.. Religion of Jewish people.. Secret state of Nazi Soldiers in Europe.. Extreme cruelty.. Hitler's superior race.. Teenage
Andrew Jackson a bloody union strike at the Carnegie steele company in 1892. a place of employment in which only union members are hired. a moderarte slump in the economy. An 1862 law granting land to each state to be used for establishing college offering course of study in agriculture and mechanical arts. and agreement among several firms to control their output and divide up the market. Very Difficult
History and Fashion in South Korea Traditional Korean Attire. Silk slippers with floral patterns. There is a song about this in Fiddler on the Roof. The upper part of hanbok. And the rest is…... Hard
Westward Expansion built the Clermont for Robert Livingston.. an explorer and pioneer that helped make the original trial easier to cross for other pioneers going west.. an enormous plot of land that Jefferson bought from Napoleon for $15 million, expanding the nations borders westward.. an invention that revolutionized river travel by making it cheaper and faster.. an official count or survey of a population.. Older Children
Ancient Greece mathematician who created a famous formula regarding the length of the sides of a right triangle. famous for his account of the Peloponnesian Wars and for recording Pericles speeches . In Athens, one had to be ______ in Athens to become a citizen with voting rights.. Athens is considered to be this form of democracy. The city dedicated to Apollo which had a famous oracle, was known as ___________. Very Difficult
Ancient History Where the Indian civilization started about 2500 BC. He defeated his rival Antony at Actium. Polished stone objects built for worship. Roman invaders from Africa and Asia Minor. Other name for Old Kingdom pharaoh Khufu. Big
Rwandan Genocide, 1994 Who was President of the United States?. What slogan did the perpetrators of the genocide use?. Which country supplied the Rwandan Army with weapons?. Who was the leader of the RPF? He became the President of Rwanda. What was RTLM? It incited and directed the violence. Hard
The Age of Exploration State where you find the oldest permanently settled city in the United States. People conquered by Cortes. Present-day name of the country where Cabot claimed land. To take over. Explorer whose voyage ended in mutiny . Older Children
The Battle of Gettysburg A swordlike stabbing blade fixed on the muzzle of a rifle for use in hand-to-hand combat. The month in which bloodiest three days of American History unfolded. Soldiers marching or fighting on foot. A person killed or injured in a war or accident. The predeseccor of the modern rifle. Older Children
Ancient Rome The main language of Rome. A former roman soldier who led thousands of slaves into battle. One of the common people of Rome. To vote against. Groups of up to 6000 soldiers. Older Children
Chinese Imperialism Try to fill in all of the new Chinese terms in this crossword puzzle. A policy that Americans instituted so that Chinese trade would always be fair.. The group that controlled China before the imperialists came in and took power. The ruler of the Qing Dynasty while imperialism was going on in China.. The ceremonial handover of Hong Kong from Britain back to China. This happened in 1997. . Was a western country that instituted a sphere of influence in China in the north . Hard
United States History before 1877 A general of the confederate army of Northern Virginia in the American civil war. minor but influential political party in the pre-civil war period of slavery into western territories. This event led to the onslaught of migrants that prompted Californians to organize a government and apply for statehood in 1849. This was an executive order issued on January 11, 1863, by president Lincoln freeing slaves in all portions of the United States. The most famous and most important civil war battle occurred over 3 hot summer days in this small town?. Big
Kim Il Sung This is the political party in which he is the chairman of. It is known to be what got him started with politics. . Shortly after this event in history, Kim came into power and became the leader.. First brought this into North Korea as a way for him to have all control of the power.. He took this name in honor of a famous guerilla fighter.. What Kim's birthday is called and it is known as a national holiday.. Hard
Cold War Code Breaking _______ Wars, a war started by a superpower but does not directly fight in it. _______ Plan, economic aid sent to western Europe to contain spread of communism. _______ Pact, communist alliance in the East. _______ Weapons, countries stockpiled these weapons of mass destruction. _______ Race, US and USSR tried competed to launch satellites and humans into orbit. Older Children
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Way disease is spread. Symptom 3. Highest amount of cases occur in ?. If untreated for ? weeks death is likely. Minimum number of days for a definitive diagnosis. Older Children
Life During the Civil War Woman in South who established a hospital for soldiers in Richmond, Virginia.. Northern Democrats were nicknamed this after a poisonous snake.. Woman from Alabama who nursed wounded in Corinth after Battle of Shiloh.. Number of days the riot lasted in New York City.. Game soldiers played in camp.. Very Difficult
Roman the nobility in Roman society. the language of the Romans. former Roman gladiator, he led a slave revolt against Rome. legendary figures in Roman history, they built a city that eventually became Rome. to reject or prohibit actions and laws of other government officials. Hard
Golden Age of Athens Complete the crossword puzzle the art of writing, acting in and producing plays. a traditional story that helps explain a culture's beliefs. the art of designing buildings. a period of great peace and wealth. the hill above a Greek city on which temples were built. Older Children
North Carolina History Solve First child born in America?. This man was the 11th president from 1845-1849.. Was the first public University in the USA.. Who invented the first pepsi cola?. Who established the first colony at Roanoke?. Older Children
19th Century Inventors Who developed kindergarden?. Who developed pasteurization?. Who Invented the Bunson Burner?. Developed the assembly line. Who invented the typewriter?. Older Children
The French and Indian War A person or group that joins with another to work toward a goal. The French build______ to protect their trade with the Indians. Who wanted to settle in the Ohio River Valley and trade with the Native Americans. It recognized the Indians' right to the land. A group of representatives who meet to discuss a subject. Older Children
Turning Points of WWII in Europe Leader of Italy. Reason for the Soviet victory in the Battle of Stalingrad. Capital of France that was liberated on August 25, 1944. The major turning point in the North African campaign. The ___ Powers - consisted of US, UK, and France. Older Children
Napoleon Bonaparte His soldiers affectionately called him by this name. The French Revolution ended in 1799 when Napoleon was appointed as (two words). He was sent to this country to attend the military academy. First major recognition was when he chased this foreign navy out of Toulon. In 1804 Napoleon crowned himself as. Hard
The Aftermath of WW1 This act is still present today and provides old age insurance, had an unemployment compensation system, and gave aid to families with dependent and disabled children.. The nations that fought against the Axis Powers. Included Great Britain, France, the United States, China, and the Soviet Union.. This act provided federal insurance for individual bank accounts of $5000 and required banks to be more cautious with customers money.. This policy created by FDR had three goals: relief for the needy, economic recovery, and financial reform.. This president was admired for his 'can-do' attitude.. Hard
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