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History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Ancient Rome in Spain A temple dedicated to the Imperial cult. It was built in the late 1st century BC or early in the Augustan era.. Held 15,000 spectators to watch gladiatorial contests and staged beast-hunts, or sporting events.. City captured in 192BC with two roman bridges that are still in use today.. The language that ancient romans spoke in Spain.. Merida's ancient Roman city name.. Hard
The 1970s stylish pants. Famous 1970s film tracing the history of an Intalian family in America.. Soul Singer murdered by his father. U.S. Supreme Court decision that guarantees a woman’s right to abortion.. Comedy sitcom starring Comedian Redd Foxx. Very Difficult
Thomas Edison He started the Edison Electric Light Co in 1878 in NYC. Today it is this company. At age 22 he became at full time?. This famous genius worked for Edison for a short time. Edison was handicapped with this. In 1869, age 22, he moved to NYC and made improvements to this. Hard
Washington State History what is one of the citys in washington?. what is the backround color on the state flag?. what is the state capital?. what is the state flower?. what body of water borders seattle?. Hard
Middle Ages gold or colored decoration in a manuscript. a combat on horseback between two knights with lances especially as part of a tournament . the heraldic arms belonging to a person, family, or group or a representation of these. a person in the middle in the Middle Ages who received protection and land from a lord in return for loyalty and service . a warrior of the Middle ages who fought on horseback, served a king, held a special military rank, and swore to behave in a noble way. Older Children
Civil War name of seceded southern states during Civil War. term used to refer to those wounded and/or killed. Place where the confederacy surrendered to the Union. to withdraw from the union. turning point in the war that resulted in devastating losses for both the Union and the Confederacy, but also stopped the Confederacy from breaching the north. Big
The First Moon Landing He stayed back in the command module. Name of the landing module. People watched the moon landing at home on this. These were collected as samples. Neil Armstrong put an American _______ on the moon. Older Children
Gold Rush of or for raising stock . name of a person that digs for ore. people that mine for gold. narrow, sheltered waterway. robbers in Australian gold rush times. Older Children
The Middle Ages 500-1500 a body of water surrounding the outer wall of the castle. loosely organized system of rule. 1228-29 what emperor . private stronghold used as occasional residence. first germanic kings to unify the tribe. Big
Cold War Terms Khrushchev built 42 missiles in Cuba sending US troops to Cuba to block Soviet access. Churchill’s phrase to represent Europe’s division into mostly democratic Western Europe and Communist Eastern Europe.. after WWII, the United States and the Soviet Union were known as ___.. an international peacekeeping organization founded in 1945 to provide security to the nations of the world. FDR, Churchill and Stalin met to discuss post World War II peace plan. Hard
Norse Mythology home of the giants. big and clumsy folk. modern country where Norse people lived. the land of men. beast that circled Midgard. Hard
Holocaust Countries joined in the war against Hitler. Hitler's 'ideal race'. Global war from 1939-1945. Deliberate and systematic elimination of a racial or religious group. World's largest Concentration Camp. Big
The French Revolution & Napoléon System of French law under Napoléon’s direction.. Extremists who not only oppose change, but also want to undo certain changes.. The third of the three groups the Legislative Assembly split into . He was a military leader, emperor and political leader . It is the level of governments . Big
Pocahontis Complete the crossword below Pocahontis saved this man's life.. While Pocahontis was living in Jamestown she learned many new things from this book.. Chief Japazaws traded Pocahontis for a shiny, copper what?. The Christian name of Pocahontis.. Captain John Smith was hurt when his bag of what exploded?. Older Children
Ancient Egypt The Sphinx and Great Pyramid are located in this city. An amulet which was used as a way to protect a mummy's heart. Symbolises everlasting life. The capital city of Ancient Egypt during the time of the New Kingdom. A large room, usually found underground, used for burying the dead. The region of the land where the Nile splits into several branches before emptying into the Mediterranean Sea. Big
Ancient Rome Footwear. a fighter who entertains. the name of a lower class person in Ancient Rome. the specific area where fights occur . clothing from Ancient Rome. Older Children
Word War One Do not include the space if that answer usually has one. Who did the U.S fight in the spanish american war?. Journalism that is based upon sensationalism and crude exaggeration.. Statement of principles initiated by the United States for the protection of equal privileges among countries trading with China and in support of Chinese territorial and administrative integrity.. An addition to the Monroe Doctrine articulated by President Theodore Roosevelt in his State of the Union address in 1904 after the Venezuela Crisis of 1902–03.. A series of opinions by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1901 about the status of U.S. territories acquired in the Spanish–American War. . Hard
The Cold War competition between the U.S and Soviet Union for Nuclear superiority.. civil war within a country bordering China, eventually split into two countries.. widespread fear that communist planned to take over the U.S. gov.. one of Gorbachev's reforms which was meant to improve the Soviet Union's economy. event that started when a U.S. reconnaissance plane discovered missile silos in a country in Central America. Older Children
World War II Name of all the black 99th Pursuit Squadron. Commander of American naval forces in the Pacific. A plan to liberate Europe. Turning point of the war in the Pacific. Victory in Europe day. Hard
The Fall of Rome Find definitions from section. a place in modern-day Turkey. roman Emperor who stopped ruling in A.D. 305. system having to do with currency and money. 14-year-old emperor. Roman's name for Germanic Tribes. Hard
Deng Xiaoping What did he ironically became after exposure to French Capitalism. What did the four modernizations redistribute to peasants . The Four ________. Deng studied in this country abroad during the 1920s. What reopened after the introduction of the Four Modernizations. Older Children
Ancient Egypt the disk of the sun in ancient Egyptian mythology,. a large vault, typically an underground one, for burying the dead.. a plaster cast taken of a dead person's face, used to make a mask or model.. a monumental structure with a square or triangular base and sloping sides that meet in a point at the top, especially one built of stone as a royal tomb in ancient Egypt.. A mythological beast with the body of a lion and the head of a pharaoh or god. Hard
Civil War Complete the crossword. People who were not in the army. Rule by the army instead of the elected government. When the southern states chose to leave the United States and to no longer be a part of the country. A nickname given to people in the South supporting the Confederate States. When a person is murdered for political reasons. Hard
The Industrial Revolution Began in the Northeast U.S. Identical pieces that could be quickly put together by unskilled workers. The workforce made up of young women. The rapid manufacture of large numbers of identical objects. Invest capital, or money, in a business to earn profit. Older Children
The Romans he built a mighty wall. the Romans built these long and straight. the value of X in Roman numerals. an underground tunnel to carry away waste water. to take over a country or region by force. Big
Civil war What the north called themselves. A northern general. He was the unions presedent. A southern general. The strategy general Grant put into action intended to end the war. Older Children
Holocaust The nations fighting Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy during World War II. One of the first major concentration camps . Ovens built in concentration camps. This group had a long history of in most of Western and Eastern Europe because of its beliefs and lifestyle. Concentration camp opened for women in 1939. Big
Ancient Egypt the ruler of ancient Egypt. some one who grows crops. a large dung beetle regarded as sacred in ancient Egypt . the growing season. the harvesting season. Hard
Late 19th Century Farming with artifical water.. A settler under the Homestead Act. . Farmers that only provited for themselfs.. Raising crops without the use of irrigation.. A boat that transports both peple and freight.. Big
The Renaissance Brunelleschi invented a lifting machine known as a what?. Created the 17 foot tall David.. Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece.. The Great cathedral of the Renaissance.. People who believe in God.. Hard
Ancient Greece where did spartan boys train? . what was, in addition to architecture and sculpture, did the ancient Greeks progress in? . Who sent a message to trick Xerxes? . what did the persians use to defeat the greeks in the battle of Salamis?. what were sixty year old men from a noble family elected to be important decision makers called?. Hard
Figures of the Renaissance Isabella I is best remembered for helping unify _____ and for for sponsoring the Voyages of Christopher Columbus.. Being one of the greatest artist of the High Renaissance, _______’s talent was spotted by Lorenzo de Medici when _____ was young. ______ was brought up in the Medici palace and later went on to create some of the most famous works of the Renaissance,. A well-known painter of the Renaissance, _______ was one of a circle of artists and scholars who was sponsored by the Medici in Florence. ______ was fascinated by Neoplatonism, and many of his works are seen as great examples of applied Neoplatonism.. _______ was born in 1564 in the English town of Stratford-on-Avon, he is a major figure in the English Renaissance. He is also often called the world’s greatest playwright and one of its fines poets. . Miguel Cervantes spend 5 years as a slave in _____ ______ until his family bought his freedom.. Hard
World War 2 USA, France, Great Britain, Poland, USSR and many more. site to which the US forcibly relocated over 110,000 Japanese and Japanese Americans during WW2. Dictator of Germany during WW2. a policy of staying out of the affairs of other nations. northern region of China that Japan took control over for its resources. Hard
Civil War Events Fought in Tennessee and the first major win for the South. First major land battle of the Civil War. Place of General Lee's surrender. The bloodiest battle of the Civil War. Elected president of the South. Hard
Late 19th Century Farming with artifical water. A settler under the Homestead Act.. Farmers that only provited for themselfs.. Raising crops without the use of irrigation. A boat that transports both peple and freight.. Older Children
The Holocaust symbol to represent Nazis. secret Nazi police who organized the arrest and deportation of jews. someone who leaves their land because of expulsion, invasion, oppression, or persecution. a Jewish symbol that Nazis forced the Jews to wear to make them visible. camps in which political prisoners are imprisoned and are to provide forced labor. Big
Holocaust the monotheistic religion of the Jews.. Himmler’s model camp located outside Munich, opened March 20, 1933; initially designed to hold political prisoners.. Conference of high-ranking German officers, held in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee, to finalize plans for the destruction of European Jews.. a member of the ancient Aryan people.. Language spoken by many Jews in Eastern Europe; a combination of German, Hebrew and dialects of the countries in which Jews were living.. Hard
The History of Coffee He is known as the 'Father of Espresso.'. This word means 'little hood' in Italian. It reminded the Italian's of the Capuchins, the brown-robed hooded order of monks seen walking amid the people.. In 1945, a high pressure espresso machine was invented. It allowed this to appear on a shot of espresso for the first time. It's the beautiful light-colored foam, an essential part of every espresso shot today.. What is the abbreviation for the Coffee, Sugar, and Cocoa Exchange?. Traders crossed what sea into Yemen, where coffee beans were first roasted?. Big
Ronald Reagan What disease did Reagan develop in 1992?. What year did Reagan get elected to serve his second term?. What country did the U.S. invade in 1982?. What actress did John Hinckley try to impress by shooting the President?. Who did he run against and beat during his primaries in 1980?. Big
Vietnam War Complete the Crossword puzzle below. First Indochina war; conflict between French and Viet Minh. One of Vietnam's major ports . United States Army lieutenant and leader during the Vietnam war. General and Commander during the Vietnam War (leading general) . Forces of North Vietnam bombard the U.S. Marine at Khe Sanh. Hard
Age of Exploration Fill in the crossword with terms from the Age of Exploration. Which Pope helped decrease tensions between the rivalry countries?. What geometrical shape did the caravel use?. What Chinese device allowed sailors to track their direction?. Englishmen built a successful business trading what?. Who was Portugal's most enthusiastic exploration funder?. Hard
The Salem Witch Trials During trials many accused witches made ______ to avoid death even if it was not true.. Giles Corey refused to stand for trial and was _____ under heavy stones until his death on September 22, 1692.. The hysteria associated with the Salem Witchcraft Trials started with the mysterious illness demonstrated by strange and frightening symptoms. Who was the first case the symptom? . What was the verdict of the first case of the Court of Oyer and Terminer?. How many people were executed for witchcraft?. Very Difficult
Sherman's March son of Montgomery Meigs. Lee's backyard graveyard. sherman's greatest friend. the way to get your soldiers back. key to andaconda plan. Hard
Holocaust Terms 1st concentration camp.. Well known consentration/death camp.. Excluded Jews from Reich citezenship.. were people who could not work any more went.. Used to kill at death camps.. Big
Expansion in Latin America Complete the Puzzle President Roosevelt issued this in 1904 because he feared Europeans would use force to collect loans. This meant that the US promised to protect Cuba from other nations but reserved the right to intervene in Cuba's affairs. Harsh working conditions and shortages of labor and materials hampered the US efforts in building this. Former chief engineer for the French canal-building attempt . Established that Puerto Rico's governor and upper house of the legislature would be appointed by the US.. Big
Booker T. Washington what was he famously know for besides being a civil rights leader. the name of his mother (was a former slave cook). state where he was born. name of institute he helped found. name of the general who offered washington a scholarship. Older Children
Emperors strengthened the empire's defence. two years of good ruling, 2 years of terrible ruling. moved the capital from rome to byzanthium. divided the empire into the administrative realms. 5,984,072 roman citizens. Hard
Cold War nations that are stronger then other powerful nations. Soviet leader after Stalin. communist ruler of North Vietnam after 1954. fear of communists in the United States. this country aided North Korea with thousands of soldiers. Easy
Benjamin Franklin Goes on your house to absorb lightning. Another one of his inventions. A musical instrument that uses glass bowls to make the sound. . Is a stove. It is named after his inventor.. His wife.. Where he lived.. Older Children
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