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History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
It's All Greek To Me! a conflict that occurs outside a character. how many children did Oedipus and Iocaste have?. a form of literature that includes one-act plays and full length plays.. where was Sophocles born?. A series of dramatic episodes were separated by what?. Hard
Jacksonian Era U.S. land in what is now Oklahoma. A group that supported Jackson's candidacy. Where party members choose the party's candidates. The practice of giving government jobs to political backers . A Native American Chief that led his people to struggle to protect their lands. . Big
Jacques Cartier read the description and find the word. place where fruits were grown. a thing where people trade goods. Cartier's second ______.. the silk route goes right threw it.. its on sheeps. Hard
James Madison Madison was the _ president. Madison initiated this war. His political party. Madison's wife; First Lady. He drafted and is known as the Father of this document. Teenage
James Oglethorpe What colony did James find. . the number of child James was. . Where James received an excellent education. . James Oglethorpe's wife. . Where James statue is located. . Hard
Jamestown Settlement A crop that is grown to sell for money rather than for use by the growers.. The third and current capital of Virginia.. Money put away to be used at another time.. An uncharted and unmapped land or area.. A good, service, or amount of money owed to another.. Hard
Jane Goodall her day of birth. The award she won in 2001. The book she wrote in 1970. her birth name. the condition she struggles with. Hard
Japan In World War II complete the puzzle using hints Japan attacked this location. America overtook parts of Japan in WW2 this is called. A part of the japanese technology and combat arms A small bomb thrown by hand or launched mechanically. 124th Emperor of Japan. Emperor of Japan 1926–89. The largest city on the island of Kyushu in Japan.. Older Children
Jefferson's Presidency A law that banned all trade with Britain, France, and their colonies.. The law that essentially banned trade with other foriegn countries.. The war at sea.. A Federalist appointed by John Adams.. The power to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional.. Big
Jeffery Dahmer Where did Dahmer keep his skull collection. How many witnesses were called on to convince the court that Dahmer was insane. Where was his first victim buried . What month did Dahmer die . Who attended his funeral. Adult
John Adams The first president to live in the _________ ___________.. John Adams was the ________ president of the United States. Name of first daughter. The month John Adams died in.. John Adam's first son.. Older Children
Julius Caesar the number of senators who plotted to kill Caesar. where he was born. Caesar's full name. Caesar added all the land west of this river to Roman control. the two Roman leaders that caused the chaos before Caesar;conflict caused bloodbath, eventually one won and became a dictator. Hard
Julius Caesar not active or in use; without purpose or effect; pointless. made something appear unexpectedly or seemingly from nowhere as if by magic. the expression of deep sorrow for someone who has died, typically involving following certain conventions like wearing black clothes. small pointed tool used for piercing holes. extremely unpleasant. Hard
Julius Caesar Heir of Julius Caesar.. Author of Julius Caesar.. Antony spoke at Caesar's___.. Calpurnia tried to convince Caesar that her___ are omens of tragedy.. Beware the Ides of___.. Big
Kim Il Sung This is the political party in which he is the chairman of. It is known to be what got him started with politics. . Shortly after this event in history, Kim came into power and became the leader.. First brought this into North Korea as a way for him to have all control of the power.. He took this name in honor of a famous guerilla fighter.. What Kim's birthday is called and it is known as a national holiday.. Hard
King Arthur Arthur's nephew who plots to kill him. Most noble knight or King Arthur; falls in love with Gwynevere . Arthur as a boy, weak, alone, obedient, ordinary, orphan. Added humor and a modern view point to the story. Magician, powerful, proper etiquette, intelligent, tutor. Moderately Challenging
King Richard of England the number of crusade he was in. the month he was born in. his grandson's name. his grand father's name. did this with saladin in 1191. Older Children
Kings and Christianity top general of Justinian's fleet of ships. Grand Duke of Kiev. brother of Methodius. church officials. king of the Franks. Hard
Knight Time the inside courtyard of a castle. what monks spend their lives writing. a fort-like building used to protect serfs in a manor. protective metal clothing worn by knights. another name for the middle ages. Big
Korean War Key communist communications junction during the Korean War. An American General during the Korean War. House used by the President while the White House was under construction. Native of South or North Korea. Village in demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. Older Children
Korean War british prime minister. general of un. planned to invade south korea. one of the first war engagments. taken over by north korea. Older Children
Lakota Crossword what area of the United States this group comes from. name for this group. these hang above our beds and catch our good dreams. the orphan boy did this to make the grieving mother laugh and forget her grief. most of the myths are about or based on _____. Older Children
Late 19th Century Farming with artifical water. A settler under the Homestead Act.. Farmers that only provited for themselfs.. Raising crops without the use of irrigation. A boat that transports both peple and freight.. Older Children
Late 19th Century Farming with artifical water.. A settler under the Homestead Act. . Farmers that only provited for themselfs.. Raising crops without the use of irrigation.. A boat that transports both peple and freight.. Big
Latin America He was a Mexican priest and a leader of the Mexican War of Independence.. A group of indigenous people that built their capital city in Cuzco, Peru. They often used animal sacrifices instead of human sacrifices. They only used humans if the situation was urgent. They fell to the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro.. A group of indigenous people that built the ancient city of Tenochtitlan. They often used human sacrifices. They fell to the Spanish explorer Hernán Cortés.. He was a Spanish conquistador. He conquered the Aztec people.. An armed revolt conducted by Fidel Castro’s 26th of July Movement and its allies against the regime of Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista.. Hard
Latin American Independence Country who ruled Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and other territories before they gained independence. Toussaint L'Ouverture led this type of revolt in Haiti. Social class of mixed European and Indian heritage in Latin America. This European revolution sparked was an inspiration for the push for independence in Latin America. Brazilians signed this, asking the king's son for their independence . Teenage
Latin and Greek Roots Having the same measure or measuring the same.. To measure eyesight.. The study of writing.. Wisdom.. Love.. Hard
Lewis & /Clark Janey. FortMandan. forge. pirogue. keelboat. Older Children
Lewis & Clark platforms built on the shore or out from the shore;wharves;piers. a smell. to convince someone to buy or do something. to make someone laugh. felt the same by each other. Older Children
Lewis & Clark Expedition military court where military crimes are tried. study of a people & how they live. narrow platform on a keel boat. condition of being sad or dejected. pertaining to plant life. Very Difficult
Lewis and Clark Name of the passage that was supposed to connect the east coast to the west. Name of the fort that the Corps spent their last winter. The name of the river that took the Corps of Discovery to the Pacific Ocean. River named after William Clark's cousin. The name of Lewis' slave. Older Children
Lewis and Clark This person found plant and animal life in the Louisiana Territory.. What month did the expedition start?. How many people died on the expedition?. When the expedition returned people thought they were ________.. Lewis and Clark were promised _________ when they returned.. Big
Lewis and Clark Name of the passage that was supposed to connect the east coast to the west. What month and year they returned home?. Where did they started their expedition?. Meriwether Lewis wrote about great herds of this animal. On a expedition Lewis Newfoundland Dog. Hard
Life During the Civil War Woman in South who established a hospital for soldiers in Richmond, Virginia.. Northern Democrats were nicknamed this after a poisonous snake.. Woman from Alabama who nursed wounded in Corinth after Battle of Shiloh.. Number of days the riot lasted in New York City.. Game soldiers played in camp.. Very Difficult
Life in the English Colonies Ships that used triangular sails to sail against the wind. Mayflower ------- ; a document written in 1620 by the Pilgrims. A person who moves from one country to another. ------ Passage; a voyage that brought slaves to America. The first successful colony in America; set up in 1607. Older Children
Major Battles of World War II Site of a U.S. naval base attacked by the japanese.. Was a small railway town on the Egyptian coast.. Germany invades Soviet Union for space, land, and raw materials. . The battle was the turning point in the Pacific war.. Six month battle, also a brutal air, sea, and land campaign.. Hard
Malcolm X under the influence. Malcolm's white girlfriend. Malcolm's favorite dance partner. style of dance. Nation of Islam's leader. Hard
Malcolm X What happened to Malcolm's home on February 14, 1965. how did Malcolm X die. What month does Malcolm X travel to Middle East & Africa. month Malcolm Little was born. what was his last name before he changed it to X. Hard
Malcolm X Vocabulary basic human rights. Muslim pilgrimage. avoiding of military draft. neighborhood in New York where Malcolm X spent time. place of worship for Muslilms. Teenage
Manifest Destiny Trails West, The Texas Revolution, and The War with Mexico An area of land that Mexico gave up from the U.S.A.. An African American slave who recorded his life and journey on the settlement out west.. A war in which Sam Houston led his army of Texans against Mexico and won back Texas Territory.. A rebellion of citizens of California against the Mexican government.. A nickname for Texas when it was considered its own independent nation for nine years.. Hard
Manifest Destiny A meeting.. Mexicans that lived in California.. Canvass covered wagons.. People who obtained grants and recruited settlers.. Left the US to move to Oregon.. Hard
Margaret Thatcher Margaret Thatcher went to ______________ University. Margaret Thatcher's son's name. Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister for _______________ years. Margaret Thatcher was the first ______________ Prime Minister. The science and art of government. Big
Marie Antoinette 2nd child. group that abolished the monarchy. method of Marie's execution. group that 'suspended' the King. number of children Marie had. Hard
Marie Antoinette How many children did she have?. Which revolution was she in?. She is Queen of ...... The month of when she died.. Age of her death. (use hyphen). Older Children
Marie Rivier Marie was a ____________ to many.. Marie joined a __________.. On September 7th, Marie's ________ died.. She died on ___________ 3rd.. Marie had believed very strongly in the Holy _________.. Hard
Maritime Colonies Where trees are cut into pellets. This colony had several trading ports used by many other colonies. This was New Brunswick's biggest secondary industry. Which colony had no close relationships with other colonies of North America. Capital of NewFoundland. Hard
Martin Luther how many theses did he write?. what did he translate the Bible from?. who did he marrry? (first name). how many songs did he write?. how long did he live?. Older Children
Martin Luther King Jr. When Martin Luther King was heading to Memphis, his trip was delayed because of a ____ threat.. To honor Martin Muther King Jr, people often ______ their time to their community.. James Earl Ray plead ____ to killing Martin Luther King Jr.. Martin Luther King Jr was ________ on April 4, 1968. many of Martin Luther Kings Jr.'s speeches were about ______ ____. Older Children
Martin Luther King Jr. he was ________. the award that Martin received. this is how Martin was killed. what does influence mean. what does difference mean. Older Children
Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Celebration 'I Have A Dream' This note was a promise that all men—yes, black men as well as white men—would be granted the unalienable rights of life, _____ and the pursuit of happiness.. This note was a promise that all men—yes, black men as well as white men—would be granted the _____ rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.. With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of _____.. I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of _____.. This note was a promise that all men—yes, black men as well as white men—would be granted the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of _____.. Hard
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