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History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Greek Mythology Two headed snake at either end of its body. A golden red bird rises from the flame. Creature that is half man and half horse. The immortal horse of Adratus. A Gorgon with many heads and no tails . Hard
Greek Philosophy Alexander the Great's tutor;Plato's student. asking questions;search for knowledge. famous Greek philosopher;Socratic method. Socrates student;Aristotle's teacher. first Greek philosopher;believed everything was made from water. Adult
Greek Philosophy and Relgion encouraged reflection on questions of ethics and morality. created the the Theory of Forms or Ideas . an arguement that refutes another arguement by proving the contrary of its conclusion. a theory that abstract forms possess the highest, most fundamental kind of reality. practices of the devotion to the god Dionysus. Older Children
Greek Theater one of the greatest tragic dramatists of ancient Greece (480-406 BC). If the performance is projected on a large screen. the father of Greek tragic drama (525-456 BC). a story with a happy ending. a seris of movements. Hard
Greeks ruler of ancient greece. had a well. world wide event made in greece. place high up on a cliff. god of the sky and weather. Older Children
Growth and Expansion within a location such as a nation or state. loyalty to a region. a road that one must pay to use; the money is used to pay for the road. a machine that remove seed from cotton fiber . exhibiting strong feeling. Teenage
Harriet Tubman Harriet risked this to help other people.. A person owned by someone else. How many dollars Harriet received each month from the army after the war. Harriet treated wounded soldiers when she served as this. Harriet went into enemy territory to _________ on troops.. Hard
Harriet Tubman find the words harriet tubman died in 1913 in -. harriet was a - in the civil war. when there was a _ on a house that meant it was safe to come in and hide. abarham lincoln signed the - to free all slaves.. harriet's mother called her - when she was little. Big
Harry Hess the bottom of the ocean. molten rock above the surface. something that explains. the theory that the lithosphere is split into many crustal plates. the state of matter that can flow; not a gas or solid. Hard
Harvesting Hope Cesar Chavez a building where government meets. disagreements or fights. bright and shining. a club or organization. information given to the public to get attention. Teenage
Henry VIII Country trying to invade Britain when Henrt VIII was on the throne. Religion of Henry VII. The name of Henry VIII son. Amount of times Henry VIII married . The age of Henry VIII when his Father died. Older Children
Henry VIII Main lawyer for Henry. Current Pope first name. Archbishop of Canterbury. Did the Pope grant Henry a divorce. Name of illegitimate son of Henry's.. Big
Heroes of the Texas Revolution known for his backwoods lifestyle (coonskin hat), was a Congressman from Tennessee, defender of the Alamo and sadly died there. part of the Mexican military, yet signed Texas Declaration of Independence. 17 he followed his friend, James Bowie, and died fighting at the Alamo. from Tennessee, was elected at the Convention of 1836, signed the Declaration of Independence, was the commander-in-chief of the armies of Texas and he led the last battle at San Jacinto. second in command of Mexican army, became a traitor when he didn't counterattack after the Battle of San Jacinto. Older Children
High and Late Middle Ages The school of thought that used logic and reason to support Christian belief. It limited royal power and established certain rights of English Freeman. He claimed supremacy over all other rulers. Epidemic of the bubonic plague that ravaged Europe in the 1300's. Clever, cruel, and untrustworthy ruler who faced powerful enemies . Hard
Historic Williamsburg the largest colony in America. the war between England and the colonists. the men who wrote the US Constitution in 1787. the ruler of a colony. settlement. Big
Historical Sources a community's cultural and historical background, passed down in spoken stories and songs.. People who study events in the past.. Bones and other remains that have been preserved in rock.. A length of time singled out because of a specific event or development that happened during that time.. Unfair preference or dislike of something.. Big
history how people interact with one another in society. social movement on banning the use of alcohol. a social reform movement developed within religious instututions. favoring native born americans over immigrants. promisng to never lie by law. Teenage
History country that funded Columbus. Natives of the region around Santa Fe. people of mixed race. Portugese prince and navigator. credited with being the first to circumnavigate the Earth.. Hard
History People who lived in the arctic circle who hunted seal, whale, and fish. The _______ were the most formidable rivals the the English. The ___________ ideas were looked upon as radical. Who were the first to truly begin exploring . The ________ were a warrior culture. Hard
history People who lived in the artic cirlce who hunted seal, whale, and fish. The _______ were the most formidable rivals to the English. The _______ ideas were looked upon as radical. Who were the first to truly begin exploring. The ______ were a warrior culture of Mexico. Hard
History a small city centered state. a region that shares a government. a state that is independent of other states. nations with few industries. a region that belongs to another state . Hard
History Cotton Mather published a book called ____________________.. Passed the Staples Act.. wealthy landowners.. _________ believed that god had entered into a covenant with humans that allowed to gain salvation.. Large families= _________________.. Hard
history leader of the Jamestown colony. the Virginia assembly, which was the first representative assemly in the American colonies. land grant given to one who could pay his or her way into the colonies. a person who puts money into a project to earn a profit. the first permenant settelment in North America. Older Children
History The first agency that coordinated the production of war materials.. Those fighting for the Triple Entente.. Met the foreign policy goals of Germany and promised to warn ships before sinking them.. German submarines.. Created by President Wilson.. Hard
History Helped Paul Revere spread the word of the British advancement. Said 'I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country'. Name given to the President's advisers. Published Poor Richard's Almanac. Led the Green Mountain Boys to capture Fort Ticonderoga. Big
History Brave, tough, and decisive military commander. A major battle fought in Tennessee. The first major land battle of the Civil War.. 60-year-old commander of the union fleets. Nickname of General Thomas J. Jackson. Older Children
History and Fashion in South Korea Traditional Korean Attire. Silk slippers with floral patterns. There is a song about this in Fiddler on the Roof. The upper part of hanbok. And the rest is…... Hard
History of Fashion Wide legged pants from the 1960s.. Look of the 1950s.. Fancy shoe coverings from the 1900s-1910.. Created by Mary Quant in the 1960s.. Diagonal cut of fabric.. Big
History of Fashion Wide legged pants from the 1960s.. Look of the 1950s.. Fancy shoe coverings from the 1900s-1910.. Created by Mary Quant in the 1960s.. Diagonal cut of fabric.. Hard
History of Graffiti Find out the words about the History of graffiti The paint used for this art. Causes . The first place. Mainly made on _ _ _ _ _. Definition of graffiti. Teenage
History Vocabulary By: Kyleigh Moore freedom to live as you please as long as you obey the laws and respect the rights of others. approve. power of the Supreme Court to decide whether laws passed by Congress are constitutional. group of officials who head government departments and advise the President. panel of citizens. Hard
History- A person who owes loyalty to and is entitled to the protection of the state of nation. People elect their political representatives. The right of the Supreme Court to determine if a law violates the Constitution. To grant full citizenship to a foreigner . Powers shared by the states and the federal government . Big
Hitler and the Rise of Fascism Became 'Der Fuhrer- 'The Leader'- and promised to bring Germany out of chaos.. British prime minister. This man handed over the Sudetenland to Hitler known as the 'Munich Agreement.'. This man rebelled against the Spanish republic.. Chamberlain's political rival. Later became British prime minister.. Acts that included outlaws on arms and loans and fighting in Spain. These acts led to engagement of Civil Wars.. Older Children
HITLER YOUTH I in Nazi ideology, a white person of non-Semitic descent regarded as racially superior. a supporter of Communism or a member of an organization that supports or practices Communism. a swift military offensive using ground and air forces. German armed forces, especially the army between 1935 and 1945. arising from natural impulse or inclination, rather than from planning or in response to suggestions from others. Hard
Holocaust They claimed they were a super-race. The Nazi secret Police.. A town were Jews were segregated from others and kept overcrowded . Initially Hitler's Bodyguards. To murder Jews, in different areas in the country. Teenage
Holocaust A war fought between 1939 and 1945 where the Axis was defeated by the Allies. . The plan to exterminate the Jews of Europe. Members of the facist National Socialist German Workers Party, founded in 1919, and empowered by Adolf Hitler. Nazi party leader. eg. United States, Britain, the Soviet Union, joined in the war against Germany and other Axis countries. Teenage
Holocaust Secret Nazi police, to torture and kill people.. Compulsory removal and transportation of the Jews to camps.. The nations fighting Nazi Germany during World War II.. This is where the Jews were segregated from others.. Word for leader, Adolf Hitler came under this. . Teenage
Holocaust a large bomb as result of the Manhattan project . a penal camp where politicall prisoners or prisoners of war are confined (usually under harsh conditions). surprise attack by Japan on the U.S. naval base on December 7, 1941.. a camp for prisoners of war durring world war ll . Forced marches of prisoners over long distances and under intolerable conditions was another way victims of the Third Reich were killed. Hard
Holocaust The secret state police of the German army, organized to stamp out any political opposition.. Himmler’s model camp located outside Munich, opened March 20, 1933; initially designed to hold political prisoners.. The nations fighting Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy during World War II, primarily Great Britain, the Soviet Union and the United States.. Language spoken by many Jews in Eastern Europe; a combination of German, Hebrew and dialects of the countries in which Jews were living.. The first five books of the Hebrew Bible.. Hard
Holocaust the first concentration camp. the elite guard that fromed the storm troopers. badges that all jews where forced to wear. place where prisoners were froced to perform slave labor. laws passed to deprive the jews of their basic needs. Hard
Holocaust Nazi symbol.. Religion of Jewish people.. Secret state of Nazi Soldiers in Europe.. Extreme cruelty.. Hitler's superior race.. Teenage
Holocaust the secret police of Nazi-Germany army. Hitler’s definition of the “master race”; mainly included people with blonde hair and blue eyes . a language commonly used by Jews that combines both German and Hebrew. a scroll containing the five books of Moses. a mass killing of a racial, political, or religious group. Older Children
Holocaust the monotheistic religion of the Jews.. Himmler’s model camp located outside Munich, opened March 20, 1933; initially designed to hold political prisoners.. Conference of high-ranking German officers, held in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee, to finalize plans for the destruction of European Jews.. a member of the ancient Aryan people.. Language spoken by many Jews in Eastern Europe; a combination of German, Hebrew and dialects of the countries in which Jews were living.. Hard
Holocaust The nations fighting Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy during World War II. One of the first major concentration camps . Ovens built in concentration camps. This group had a long history of in most of Western and Eastern Europe because of its beliefs and lifestyle. Concentration camp opened for women in 1939. Big
Holocaust Countries joined in the war against Hitler. Hitler's 'ideal race'. Global war from 1939-1945. Deliberate and systematic elimination of a racial or religious group. World's largest Concentration Camp. Big
Holocaust Terms 1st concentration camp.. Well known consentration/death camp.. Excluded Jews from Reich citezenship.. were people who could not work any more went.. Used to kill at death camps.. Big
How Well Do You Know Ancient Creece? Teacher of Alexander the Great. Persian king. General who overthrew many empires and founded many cities. An island in Ancient Greece. The simplest of the three styles of columns. Hard
Humanities Famous actor who assasinated president abraham lincoln. 18th president of U.S.A. 1st colored continental army. Commander of the 54th regiment. American politicians before american civil war. Hard
Immigration A method of journalism that depended on sensationalism and shock.. Hull house was opened by this activist.. This person is credited with inventing basketball.. A protestant organization that provided food, shelter and religious education to the poor.. Laws that set standards for how buildings were built.. Hard
Imperalism Volcabulary Policy of granting equal trade opportunities to all countries.. Former province in Northeastern South Africa of the Vaal River.. System in which people have their own government, but the home country has final say in important matters.. An official for the Queen of Great Britain that was sent to help Raja rule India.. Rule that lets people set up a colony and establish their own government.. Hard
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