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History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Paleolithic Era The area of Africa Europe and Asia . something desirable that causes a person to go at a particular place. something that causes a person to leave their home generally those things are unpleasant. a persn who follows herds and protects groups of domesticated animals within a large teritary. to move and change ones hom from one particular place to another. Older Children
Mysteries of Atlantis How old is the story of Atlantis. When did Solon die. A famous Greek writer and great thinker. What did Zeus send to Atlantis. A rare and valuable metal found only on Atlantis. Older Children
Inca Inca are ____________. One of their special workers were_________(s). How many provinces do they have?. Their history passed down through oral _________. Inca's government controlled ________ and social life. Hard
Steps to the Texas Revolution first arguments over land between the Texans and Mexicans. location for the convention. Texans forced to speak while living under Mexican rule. document stating Texas' independence from Mexico. first president of Texas. Older Children
Peoples of the Americas villages of large apartment-style compounds. last mound builders. Inca ruler. Inca accounting device. a natural object with which an individual, clan or group identifies with. Hard
Maya History Evidence of Tikal’s defeat by Caracol is seen on a ball _______ that was found at Caracol . This pottery is red in colour. . This calendar is also known as the sacred calendar and has 260 days . Mayan time periods signifies phases of _______ . This type of sacrificing was done by solely elites . Big
World War I Disaster in 1915 on the Eastern front of war. Site of a western front battle, where 60,000 British soldiers were killed in one day. movement to unify the people of all German speaking countries. The month the war ends. New technology for the war. Hard
Important People in the 1920's elected one time. flew an airplane across the world. a famous gangster. Made the model T. governor of New York. Big
Looking to the West Federal lands set aside for Native Americans.. An animal the Native Americans heavily relied on.. A disease nicknamed 'prairie fever'.. A drop in the prices of goods.. A set of tracks that trains run on.. Big
World War I Answer the questions and read the hints to complete the crossword. What country was Ferdinand asassinated in?. The world used to describe the war at the time.. Who's asassination was a direct cause of World War I? (Full name, not including title). The alliance that France made with Russia in 1894. The desire to conquer colonies.. Big
World War 1 (things that are more than one word do not have spaces) France, Russia, Great Britain, Japan, Italy and the US. Term for enemy aircraft engaged in aerial combat. People who were unwilling to fight. A union formed between countries. The surname of the Austrian man who was assassinated. Big
Influential Ancient Greeks Crossword Puzzle Something lawyers use during trials . Would most likely find a second earth . An educated guess. Would be a great Jeopardy host . Likely to find a another scientific method. Hard
Industrial Revolution Terms Industrial Revolution Crossword Project - Mackenzie Straughan British philosopher and economist; advocate for utilitarianism. working class. German philosopher; condemned the ideas of Utopians as unrealistic idealism and made a new theory, 'scientific socialism'. farms, factories, railways, and other large businesses that produced and distributed goods. workers' organizations. Hard
Ancient Jewish History End of Bais Rishon until Mishna A Greek-Jewish name. King of Bavel, dreamt a statue. Of the last members of the Anshei Knesses Hagedolah. Cohen, built alternate temple. Ptolmy translated. Hard
The Industrial Revolution wanted to kill Whites'. a policy of favoring native inhabitants as opposed to immigrants. remove seeds from the cotton. a religious song usually of a deeply emotional character that was developed especially by slavery. controlled every aspect of their lives. Older Children
WWI facts find the word in the crossword to fill in the blank Frech were first to use ________ warfare. Wilson asked for a declaration of war in ____ of 1917.. The _____ of Arch Duke Franz Fedkinard by a Serb Nationalist started the war.. Soldiers sent around 2 million ____ home to family each day.. 'a promise to work with another nation for a common purpose.'. Older Children
Autism This includes a wide range or spectrum of symptoms, skills, and levels of disability.. A condition marked by developmental delay in social skills, language, and behavior which is often present in children with varying degrees of severity.. a relationship between two things or situations, especially where one thing affects the other. But in this case a friend.. Repetition of words, phrases, intonation or sounds of the speech of others. Any spoken language, vocalizations, gestures or other means by which a person is able to communicate.. Hard
Top 10 Mayan Gods The god of Rain and Thunder.. Associated with fertility and childbirth, disappeared when sunlight came out.. Four gods thought to be brothers.. The Goddess of suicide.. God of Earthquakes and death.. Hard
Industrial Revolution the division of labor reduced the required skill level of workers and also increased the output per worker. meals provided regulary for pay. a person made to do hard, menial, or dull work. machine for separating cotton from its seeds. a religious song of a kind associated with black Christians of the southern US. Hard
History Who was the author of common sense?. Mary Ludwig Hays was jokingly called what?. Congress Had to what before the treaty of Paris went into effect?. Casimir Pulaski helped Washington's troops train what?. What month was the Declaration of Independece Signed? . Big
1957 Fun Facts Average cost - $18,000. President in 1957. Average cost - $2100. CBS News Correspondent was also born on January 14 in 1919. Cost $.19 per loaf. Big
Industrial Revolution a machine for separating the fibers of cotton from the seeds. parts identical pieces that could be assembled quickly by unskilled workers . slave codes were state laws established to determine the status of slaves and the rights of their owners. who invest capital or money. extreme scarcity of food. Big
Native Americans a lode of silver ore located under the eastern slope of Mount Davidson,. is the historical term given to the rise of the cattle industry in the two decades that followed the American Civil War. . the Treaty of Peace, Friendship, Limits and Settlement between the United States of America and the Mexican Republic, is the peace treaty signed on February 2, 1848,. the largest branch of the United States Armed Forces and performs land-based military operations.. location of the first famous gold rush. Hard
Western Expansion Where the Oregon Trail starts. Many people sold ___ on the trail. One of the reasons people came to the west. Many Trading _____ were set on the trail. The direction people were heading. Older Children
The Vietnam War LBJ’s Secretary of Defense after Robert McNamara; agreed with Vietnam policy but believed that the war was “unwinnable.”. Congress gave Lyndon B. Johnson the powers to take “all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against the forces of the United States and to prevent further aggression.”. the American destroyer that a North Vietnamese patrol boat fired at. Leader of the Indochinese Communist Party. South Vietnamese towns and cities were attacked by the Viet Cong, surprisingly, in early 1968. . Hard
Harriet Tubman place where the slaves were escaping to live. number of fugitives that were with Tubman on the escape route. Harriet Tubman's nickname. the secret password used on the journey. untidy. Older Children
Road to Revolution surrendered. Stated that Britain would no longer tax products or activities inside the colonies. A war between the French and the British over land. a written request to a government. put a duty on several products, including molasses.. Hard
New South to WW1 Vocab the act of unfairly separating people into groups. laws that made segregation legal after the Civil War. to take away the right of citizenship or the right to vote. allowed freed slaves and poor white farmers to rent land from landowners for a share of the crop. a noisy, sometimes violent, public disorder caused by a crowd. Older Children
Vikings Use your powerpoint notes to complete this crossword puzzle These defenseless religious communities were easy targets for Viking raids.. Land off the coast of Canada explored by Leif Ericsson,. The word 'viking' comes from this language.. This epic English saga described Viking raids.. Eric the Red was banished for committing a series of these.. Big
Harlem Renaissance Full names (middle names as well) and possible abbreviations. American poet, social activist, and novelist.. An American author, educator, songwriter, and civil rights activist.. An American novelist who wrote 'Their Eyes Were Watching God.'. An American (Jamaican descent) who was a writer and poet.. American composer, pianist, and a band leader to a jazz orchestra.. Hard
Early George Washington tool needed by Washington and by Sea Navigators. published and read by the colonies. buildings that made King George II angry . piece of land being fought over. synonym for type of journey it would be . Big
Norse Gods Bifrost is a rainbow bridge.. Thor's hammer is known as Mjolnir.. Ragnarok signifies the end of the world.. Njoror is Fryr's and Freyja's father.. Odin's handmaidens choose which warriors would go to Valhalla.. Adult
1920's A time when the American public feared a Communist revolution in America. The government tracked down and jailed people suspected of being communist, often unfairly because of their race . Attitude toward immagrants. term used to describe the 1920's . a policy of pulling away from involvement in world affairs. carried out many crimes against African Americans, Catholics, Jews and immigrants; violence against minority groups . Big
Reconstruction US History No one can be kept from voting. He was assassinated in 1965. Democrats, opposed to the Republican Party. look for ground to dismiss the President. Established by Congress in the last month of war. Big
Andrew Johnson What amendment was ratified while Johnson was president?. What illness did Johnson die from?. first president to undergo _________. What month did Johnson die in?. Who was Johnson and his brother indentured to as apprenticed tailors?. Big
Black Excellence in 20th Century North Mpls. Avenue of insurrection of Af. Amer. youth in late 60's. . Settlement house providing lodging for famous musicians during MN segregation era.. HBCU attended by counselor Mr. Crenshaw. University of famous airmen.. First African American woman alderwoman from No. Mpls. Now a Girls in Action leader.. National African American magazine started by John Johnson in 1945.. Big
Martin Van Buren What did Van Burens Wife die from? . What was Van Buren's martial status when he entered the White House in 1836?. Who was Van Buren trying to help win the Election when he became the govenor? . Martin Van Buren is a third cousin, twice removed, of what future US President?. The frilly clothes and bows that Martin Van Buren wore gave him what kid of apperance?. Big
2016 - People, Places, Events Surprise team of the year. Hilary wasn’t expecting to be beaten by him!. President Dilma Rousseff was impeached here; bit awkward in Olympic year. This old spaceman had the right stuff. This nasty virus almost halted the biggest show on earth. Hard
Byzantine Empire greatest general of the Byzantines during the reign of Justinian. known as “the Great”, he is considered the first ruler of modern Russia. His wife, Sophia was related to the last Byzantine emperor and greatly influenced her husband’s rule. form of writing introduced into Russia by the Byzantine Empire. . this city in the Ukraine today, was the first area of Russian civilization and Kievan Russia was a time period when Russian life was centered about the city of Kiev. a single ruler with complete authority (Czar, the term for the ruler of Russia which comes from Caesar, is an example of an autocrat. The first Czar was Ivan the IV known as “the Terrible”). Hard
1830-1850 Th first letter in each words in the answers are captial. A machine that is used for separating cotton. Who made the first artificial Christmas Tree made out of dyed goose feathers.. Someone who wanted to end slavery and they fought for black freedom.. The peak of the indusrtial age. A series of houses, paths, and barns that helped slaves escape the south.. Older Children
George Washington Crossword puzzle Biggest struggle during the Revolutionary War. What was George's last name. As child he had.... Tax on molasses. Tax on the colonists for glass, lean, paint, paper, and tea imported. Older Children
Middle Ages social system that put nobles above merchants and peasants who paid tribute . name for the Bubonic Plague, spread from flees on rats to kill half of Europe . artistic movement that saw artwork take on a more realistic form. Naval-Warrior Society, from Scandinavia . period of time characterized by church reform, the Protestant and Catholic church both underwent change. Older Children
The Frech Revolution What they used to execute people by cutting off their heads. 'Stroke of State'. the people at this time that did not like change. . nautral rights. a governement made and sustained by people. Big
Explorers Read these hints to fill in this crossword Jacques came across the..... Jacques Cartier took chief......sons to France.. Samuel de Champlain published....books. Champlain....with the wingdat. Cartier died at the age of......... Hard
Age of Innovation and Industry Match the definition with the correct word, and record your answers in the blank spaces provided. Controlling each step of the production of the product.. supply and demand . Multiple companies that work together so that no other companies can compete.. Person who establishes new business. Factories/equipment are privately owned instead of controlled by the government.. Big
Winston Churchill, Painter As Churchill aged, he started to paint with a more professional __________.. Churchill oftentimes painted locations, such as _________, when he first saw them and their beauty.. _______ Sickert provided mentoring and great advice to Churchill on painting, in the early 1920s. . Painting was Churchill's ___________ from the day he started.. ________________ was not only a famous British politician, but also a painter. . Older Children
Voices From the Disaster the date the Titanic sank. The ship to watch the sinking of the Titanic. 24 years old, became a stewardess, worked on the Olympic and Titanic. Broke the first news to the people. Irish,15 year later he became a teacher and prepared to become a priest like his uncle. Big
Greek Civilization Became ruler of Macedonia at the age of 20. Custom of passing along stories by speech. Philosopher who created the Socratic Method. Story written in the form of a play. Story meant to teach a lesson. Big
Imperialism Times adding of territory to the united states.. war broke out between the Russians and the Ottomans. What war was it?. the seizure of another country or territory by another country. british rule after india came under the british crown during the reign of queen victoria . the rebellion spread to northern and central india and it was called what?. Big
American Imperialism news stories that are sensationalized and exaggerated. an addition to the Monroe Doctrine that warned of 'wrong doing' by Latin American countries. policy announced by Secretary of State, John Hay, stating all nations have equal trade access in China. any area in which one nation has power of another; i.e - this happened to China when it was defeated by Japan. an attachment to a resolution stating that the US did not want control over Cuba. Older Children
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