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History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Ancient Greece one eye, one tooth. god of wine. green or black stored fruit. the biggest greek island. famous greeek warrior. Big
Ancient Greece What was first help in the year 776 B.C.?. The first great philosopher in Greece. Someone who competes for a prize. One of the writings of Homer. Blocking off the enemy and not allowing their supplies in. Hard
Ancient Greece consisted of a large city and the surrounding areas. A legal member of a country . athletic games every four years. were the citizen-soldiers of the Greek city-states. were five leaders in Sparta who were chosen to oversee the Spartan kings. They were elected annually.. Hard
Ancient Greece mathematician who created a famous formula regarding the length of the sides of a right triangle. famous for his account of the Peloponnesian Wars and for recording Pericles speeches . In Athens, one had to be ______ in Athens to become a citizen with voting rights.. Athens is considered to be this form of democracy. The city dedicated to Apollo which had a famous oracle, was known as ___________. Very Difficult
Ancient Greece where did spartan boys train? . what was, in addition to architecture and sculpture, did the ancient Greeks progress in? . Who sent a message to trick Xerxes? . what did the persians use to defeat the greeks in the battle of Salamis?. what were sixty year old men from a noble family elected to be important decision makers called?. Hard
Ancient Greece In Sparta it was OK to ..... but don't get caught. Loved himself to death. A circular, open air stadium, used for plays. Something philosophers were interested in. Where the Oracle was. Hard
Ancient History Where the Indian civilization started about 2500 BC. He defeated his rival Antony at Actium. Polished stone objects built for worship. Roman invaders from Africa and Asia Minor. Other name for Old Kingdom pharaoh Khufu. Big
Ancient India seasonal winds. the effect of a person's actions in this and previous lives. the top of India's caste system. a person who follows Hinduism. to calm and clear the mind. Hard
Ancient Rome Emperor that split the Roman Empire into two parts. River that was safe from pirates. The country conquered by Julius Caesar after asking the Senate for permission to move there. Country estate that patricians lived in. A savior in Judaism and Christianity. Hard
Ancient Rome person who fought to the death as entertainment for the public. a country estate. a savior in Judaism and Christianity. a belief in more than one god. an ordinary citizen. Hard
Ancient Rome Answer the questions to complete the crossword puzzle Divided the empire in A.D 284.. Greek equivelent for the word Messiah.. Head of a romean household.. Believe that Jesus.is our Messiah.. 18 when he became Emperor.. Hard
Ancient Rome The main language of Rome. A former roman soldier who led thousands of slaves into battle. One of the common people of Rome. To vote against. Groups of up to 6000 soldiers. Older Children
Ancient Rome A common piece of wealthy Roman apparel, party apparel today.. A twin brother, raised by wolves, killed by his brother.. A transportation tool that the Romans mastered.. When Rome divided, this was the Eastern Empire that prospered. . The small groups of people that took over Rome.. Big
Ancient Rome period of peace for the Roman Empire; lasted about 200 years. River of Rome. Roman athlete, usually a slave, criminal, or prisoner of war who fought for entertainment of the public. elected leaders of Rome who represented plebians. queen of Egypt who backed Caesar. Older Children
Ancient Rome Footwear. a fighter who entertains. the name of a lower class person in Ancient Rome. the specific area where fights occur . clothing from Ancient Rome. Older Children
Ancient Rome in Spain A temple dedicated to the Imperial cult. It was built in the late 1st century BC or early in the Augustan era.. Held 15,000 spectators to watch gladiatorial contests and staged beast-hunts, or sporting events.. City captured in 192BC with two roman bridges that are still in use today.. The language that ancient romans spoke in Spain.. Merida's ancient Roman city name.. Hard
Andrew Jackson The 12th President. The name applied to certain . The eleventh president. The postelection practice of rewarding loyal supporters of the winning candidates . A formal political party in the US formed in 1834. Older Children
Andrew Jackson This was trashed in a party after Jackson was inaugurated. Territory that the Indians were moved to. What Jackson was known as. nickname of Jackson. Giving government jobs to friends. Hard
Andrew Jackson a bloody union strike at the Carnegie steele company in 1892. a place of employment in which only union members are hired. a moderarte slump in the economy. An 1862 law granting land to each state to be used for establishing college offering course of study in agriculture and mechanical arts. and agreement among several firms to control their output and divide up the market. Very Difficult
Andrew Jackson ______ vs Georgia was the Supreme Court case that decided that Native Americans can not be forced to move from their land. Jackson's nickname. employing and promoting friends and supporters of the political group in power. Journey of Native Americans after being forced out. This act forced the Native Americans out of their homes. Big
Andrew Jackson Reconstruction state in southern eastern united states . murder(an important person) in a surprise attack for political or religious reason . public affairs of a country . a native or inhabitant of the north,especially of the northern US. being joined. Older Children
Anglo Boer War The type of tactics adopted by the Boer soldiers.. Where Boer women and children were held prisoner.. The British Monarch who wanted Britain to rule South Africa,. A disease that spread amongst the women and children.. Animals killed by the British and the crops were burned.. Older Children
Antebellum Culture A meeting that Elizabeth Cady Stanton organized to improve life for women. A campaign to stop the drinking of alcohol, which often lead to abuse and poverty. short for 'cotton engine' it was a machine that made cotton cleaning quicker and easier. A person who leaves one country to move to another. A renewal of religious faith in the early 1800s often spread by traveling preachers . Hard
Antislavery Literature A document stating that 'neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall ever exist in the territory'. formally withdraw from the union. antislavery northerners formed a new party which supported the Wilmot Proviso. California was able to join the union as a free state which left the question whether to allow slavery would be decided by popular sovereignty. the idea that political power belongs to the people. Hard
Apache ____ was a big part of their diet.. The ________ blood, was used to thicken soups, stews, and, puddings.. _____________ was done all year.. They wanted no hair on their ______ at all.. The ______ nut was another plant they ate.. Older Children
Apollo 11 Who was the commander of the mission? (4,9). Who was the command module pilot? (7,7). What day did the rocket take off? (9). Which part of the rocket contained the astronauts? (7,6). What day did the rocket reach it`s destination? (8). Older Children
Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki The combat plane that took the atomic bomb to Hirsohima. The place that got hit by atomic bomb on August 9. The U.S. decided to use atomic bomb at Hiroshima, because at Hiroshima there was _____________. The biggest war that happened after World War. The place that was frist target. Adult
Australian History what were most of the passengers who first went to Australia?. What was the name of his ship?. Was he in New Zealand befor or after Australia?. What as the name of the line designed to capture aborigines in Tasmania?. terra nullius means land belonging to 'two words'. Older Children
Aztecs What happened to Montezuma when he tried to calm the people. Greatest gift a human could offer a god. Penalty for lesser crimes. Name of spanish troop leader. Where Aztecs believed Tenochtitlan lay beneath. Big
Aztecs Belief in many gods. Sons of poor nobles. Belief in existence of only one god. Skilled craftworkers . Area of jurisdiction of Islamic rulers. . Hard
Babylon what language did they write in. number their math was based on. what did the woman keep if got devorced. what was their city built around. what did they us to make pots. Hard
Babylonian Empire Which river was Babylon located?. What empire was founded around 1900 BC?. The small kingdom was inherited by_________.. The city Babylon was located on the Euphrates River west of______.. What river was the capital moves to?. Teenage
Babylonians What was the system of writing for the Babylonians?. Who was the leader of the Babylonians?. What is the religion of the Babylonians?. What was the time period were the Babylonians rose to power?. What education would the Babylonian children received?. Teenage
Battle of Fort Sumter Victors of the Battle of Fort Sumter.. The person who they named Fort Sumter after.. Original use of Fort Sumter.. Union Surgeon.. the number of southern states that seceeded after the Batlle of Fort Sumter.. Hard
Battle of Inchon What war ended when the Battle of Inchon started?. What armed forced was mostly used?. This country aided South Korea during the Battle of Inchon?. This country invaded South Korea.. How many soldiers were injured during the the beach battles?. Adult
Battles and More New enemy. British invade from Canada. Thomas Payne's disgusting lies. Americans capture artillery. Final battle. Older Children
Battles in the Civil War No space or periods the that the battle of Gettysburg was fought . the side that won the battle bull run. what the north called themselves. the number of people who died at fort sumter. the north used this for quick communication . Older Children
Benjamin Franklin Goes on your house to absorb lightning. Another one of his inventions. A musical instrument that uses glass bowls to make the sound. . Is a stove. It is named after his inventor.. His wife.. Where he lived.. Older Children
Berlin Wall leader of the United States during the time of the Berlin Wall. this country was divided into two separate countries. controlled by Soviet Union; communist. month when Germany has finally been reunited. controlled by Britain, France, and the United States; democratic. Older Children
Bill of Rights The _____ amendment provides that a search must be based on probable cause.. The seventh amendment provides for the right of a jury trial in cases involving more than________ dollars.. An appeal to the government for a change. Protects the idea of federalism. the First amendment protects the rights of religion, speech, _________, press and petition. Older Children
Black History Month How Much Do You Know? First African-American woman to be appointed Secretary of State.. 44th president of the United States.. Last name of the first ever African-American appointed to the United States Supreme Court. City where Martin Luther King Jr. was born.. Civil rights activist who was responsible for leading the Montgomery Bus Boycott.. Hard
Black History Month Challenge 'My Girl'. Founder. Steveland Morris. 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough,' _____________ & Tammi. The company's first signing. Older Children
Black Power Movement political slogan and a name for various ideologies aimed as achieved self-determination for African Americans.. Peaceful student committee which took a radical turn in 1966. His enraged speech kick-started the movement Black Power. His ideas lay the foundation for Black Power. 1968, saw the African American protest reach a world wide stage. Older Children
Black Revolt and Civil Rights A state in the South that passed racist legislation (capitol is Atlanta). Black militant leader who felt that the black movement was being watered down by the white power structure. Black and Whites rode buses together in the South to protest interstate buses who separated the races. A term to describe unfair treatment of lower classes of people by the upper class. These are two class terms that help to describe an income gap. Big
Blood and War Fill in the boxes with the appropiate word for each number. First state to secede from the Union. 18th President of our nation and once the leading General of the Union. Courthouse where Lee surrendered. Bloodiest battle of the war. Number of states that seceded from the Union. Older Children
Bombing of Darwin a country's friends in time of need . an explosive devise. an underwater ship. a large island country in the Asian Pacific region. a person or country that is against you. Hard
Booker T. Washington what he is famously know for besides civil ighs activist. the name of washingtons mother she was a former slave cook. speech washington gave in 1895 to hlp geogias conomy and help man blacks. state where he was born . name of institute he helped create. Hard
Booker T. Washington what was he famously know for besides being a civil rights leader. the name of his mother (was a former slave cook). state where he was born. name of institute he helped found. name of the general who offered washington a scholarship. Older Children
Boston Massacre the security official of the courtroom. a man/woman being charged with a crime. to have a statement thrown out of court. to kill someone by an accident. a group of citizens that decides the outcome of the trial. Big
British Empire A place in the British Empire furthest away from Britain (9). British ------ (6). The slave trade act was passed to ------- (7). The first place in the British Empire to demand (but fail to get) independency (5). Many white people were this to their black slaves (6). Teenage
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