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History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
The Great Depression when the bank takes houses from people who cant pay them back. when people move out of an area; resuly of the dust bowl. when a bank closes for a priod of time so it can collect money and organize . where people can buy and sell stocks to make money. FDR's plan to help end the depression. Older Children
The Age of Innovation and Industry Figure out the word using the hint, and then try to find the word in the Crossword! a corporate expansion strategy that involves controlling each step in the production and distribution of a product, from acquiring raw materials to manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. the idea that the free market, through supply and demand, will regulate itself if government does not interfere. Flip card trusta set of companies managed by a small group known as trustees, who can prevent companies in the trust from competing with each other. a bold, ambitious person who establishes a new business. an economic system in which factories, equipment, and other means of production are privately owned rather than controlled by government. Hard
Pompeii system of knowledge opinions, beliefs, customs and behaviors that characterize a particular human group. temple of Giove, temple of Venere, temple of Iside.. One of the most important activities in the city.. set of people who move to another place where they remain united in a community.. it has resulted in the destruction of the city of Herculaneum, Pompeii, Stabiae and Opipntis.. Big
The Middle Ages Use the clues below to find the answer! Communities of monks. A monk who helped convert the Irish to Christianity. When a knight promises to support a lord in exchange for land. The shape and elevation of land in a region. Warriors who fought on horseback. Big
Before, During, and After the Revolutionary War He was a very successful person who was wounded in the assault on Savannah. He was also one of the three signers of the Declaration of Independence from Georgia.. People who wanted to stay under British rule since they were loyal to King George III.. Another name for the Seven Years war. An act that closed off trading port in Boston.. This colony was given to England after the Spanish gave it up. Very Difficult
A Look Back on 2016 RIP Snape. nominated for 9 Grammys . Michael Phelps makes new records. It finally came out. According to Wikipedia, it is the dance move that 'resembles sneezing'. Hard
First Inaugural Address of George Washington to pass on from one thing to another. calm . pleasing. a feeling or emotion. showing dignity. Older Children
French Revolution Last roman catholic monarch. Supported the king. Person who goes through political reform. National Convention worked to suppress all opposition. System of french law under Napoleon. Older Children
American Imperialism Complete the Crossword puzzle about American Imperialism. A technique that exaggerated news stories.. Avoiding involvement with other countries.. Areas where foreign nations controlled resources.. Stated that the U.S. didn't want to take control of Cuba.. A canal that linked the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.. Big
Reform Movement It was the first national women's rights convention and a pivotal event in the continuing story of the U.S. and women's rights.. American abolitionist and writer, he escaped slavery and became a leading African American spokesman and writer.. Abolitionist widespread newspaper. Rights activist on behalf of mentally ill patients - created first wave of US mental asylums. Document listed the grievances of women & their need for social & political equality.. Hard
Fascism in Germany (Before 1939) _______, leader of Italy, became allied with Germany through his common belief in Fascism.. ______ Agreement helped build fascist Germany's empire; signed by Italy, Britain, France, †and Germany.. Non-_______ Pact signed with Poland in 1934 stabilized German borders; broken in 1939.. Fascism allowed Germany to invade foreign countries in order to provide a living space for Germans.. In 1935, Germany broke military clauses of this treaty.. Big
The 1920's Decade Broadcasting system. Sport played by Babe Ruth. Fear of Communism . Women cosmetics. Opposition to Immigration. Hard
World War 2 Use the clues given below to help you fill in the boxes The Canadians were assigned the job of kicking the NAZIís out of _______ , later on May 5th, 1945, the NAZIís surrendered. D-Day is best known as the largest __________ attack in human history?. Where did the miracle take place when more than 300,000 allied troops were rescued?. What was the fighting strategy the Canadians used to defeat the NAZIs and captured Ortona on December 28th?. Who is the leader of Germany and the NAZI party?. Hard
Byzantine A religious split. What the Byzantines had to defend their capital against attacks-very secret. This makes up most of the Arabian Peninsula. Muhammad was a ______ at the age of 7. . Muhammad said a _____ came to him to preach about one true god. . Hard
Post-War World 1945 to present Polish independence movement. Ike's retreat. fruit dipped in chocolate sauce. U.S. city; site of The Arch. fast food original; 15 cent hamburg. Hard
The American Revolution turning point of the war. a long war between the British and the Americans. formed by the Second Continental Congress. one of the colonies where Jamestown is located. came to the colonists aid after the Battle of Saratoga. Older Children
The Space Race First human on the moon. America's president during the space race. The area that makes up our universe. The winner of the space race. America's competitor during the space race . Older Children
Civil War Arkansas History A flag identifying the men who fought on one side.. To pretend to attack somewhere, but it is happening somewhere else.. It is a small fight.. To formally approve.. To go for an attack.. Hard
Titanic a person stationed to look out for danger or trouble . the once thought unsinkable ship that sank . the month the titanic went down . what was the ship closest to the titanic, yet failed to save and aid. the first trio a brand new vessel takes . Big
Enlightenment An eighteenth-century religious philosophy based on reason and natural law.. A scientist who discovered the universal law of gravitation.. A new artistic style which emphasized grace, charm, and gentle action.. One of the branch from England's government means the monarch.. An scientist who taught mathematics and is the first European to make regular observations of the heaven using a telescope.. Big
The Revolution and the New Nation the supreme political power in a state. approve. opponents of the ratification of the new Constitution. colonists who remained loyal to Britain and the king. citizen soldiers who could be ready to fight at a minutes notice. Big
Civil War The last name of the unions most famous generals. these were when people were injured or dead. The first part to a strategy that the union used to defeat the confederates. 11 states used this and formed the Confederate States of America . The first name of a famous abolitionist who wrote a news paper with Frederick Douglass. Older Children
The Great Greek Fighters to old to fight in war, tells tales of the good old days.. dragged Cassandra over with the other captives.. handsomest, strongest, bravest, and swiftest.. asks if Hephaestus could make Achilles armor.. next greatest fighter next to Achilles, captured and killed a Trojan spy.. Hard
American Old West What did people call Myra Belle Shirley.. Myra Belle Shirley was know as the ________.. buffalo bill brought the west to the _____.. William Fredrick Cody was known as ________.. Pat ____ Billy the Kid.. Hard
Civil Rights Civil rights activists who rode on buses to test the Supreme Court's decision to ban segregated buses. When African American protesters sat at segregated counters and refused to leave until they were served. African American leader who encouraged his followers to take control of their lives. campaign to try to influence Congress to pass a voting rights act. took out 'literacy' tests that were previously needed to vote. Big
People of the Texas Revolution Known as 'Angel of Goliad'.. Skilled sharpshooter and died in the Alamo.. Was the President of the ad interim government.. Was the leader of the overall army.. President of Mexico throughout the Texas Revolution.. Big
Galileo an optical instrument designed to make distant objects appear nearer . an instrument that is used to perform arithmetical calculation and geometric operations easily . a clock that uses a pendulum, a swinging weight as its timekeeping element . an Italian astronomer, physicist, and mathematician . a balance for finding the weight of an object submerged in water in order to determine the upthrust on it and thus determine its relative density. Older Children
Our Past The first people to live in America. A special way of doing something that is passed down over time. A place that is ruled by another country. Somethng that we use to help us. A person who lives in a colony. Older Children
Titanic Wrote the wreck of the Titan. Captain of the Titanic. A first class passenger mentioned in Exploring the Titanc. Ship that hit an iceberg on April 14 1912. The number of watertight compartments that could be flooded and the ship still could not sink. Older Children
The Height of Imperialism Which war maintained the independence of Ethiopia? . What connects the Mediterranean and Red Seas?. What rebellion caused the East Indian company collapse?. Which are the two big countries that colonize Africa?. Who is the King began to colonize Congo first?. Hard
World War 1 Britain, France, Russia, Italy, United States. most devastating battle of World War One; British and French vs. Germans. American Expeditionary Force. rebellion where the communist party took over in Russia. people who objected the draft because of religion. Hard
Westward Expansion Signed the New York treaty . He was against the trail of tears. When the Indians were removed . West of the Oconee river. Train transportation. Big
The Aztecs what did the not so rich aztecs wear. the name of their capital was. what language did they speek. the primary aztec food. What were they known for. Older Children
Civil War Voice of reason for the south . Prison for Civil War prisoners . President of the United States during the Civil War. Rich man's war and a poor man's fight. Bloodiest one day battle . Older Children
Civil War Battles Battle where the fighting was centered east of Bald Hill.. Battle fought on September 18-20 of 1863, also know as the second bloodiest battle of the Civil War.. Battle that lasted three days, and is also known as the largest and bloodiest battle of the war.. Battle that took place on April 12th of 1861.. Battle fought on April 6th to 7th of 1862.. Hard
American Revolution natural substances, such as wood and metals. to force taxes onto people. rights thought to be based on nature and providence rather than preferences of the people. rights with which one is born. does not agree with, goes against. Big
What happened in 1066 The Battle Of Hasting Harold's untrained soldiers.. What the kings fought for.. The winner of the Battle of Hastings.. Did William win or lose? . Month in which the battle happened.. Hard
Colonial America Middle Colonies man made things. To change your beliefs. a system of which slaves crops and manufactured goods are sent around. a group of people who their original country to another to form a new life. a country in relation with it's colonies. Older Children
The Texas Revolution The woman that was nicknamed 'The Angle of Goliad'.. The man that has a famous knife named after him.. A famous Texan volunteer that fought in the battle of the Alamo.. The first president of Texas.. The only Tejano to serve in the Republic of Texas. Older Children
French Revolution Rights given to people that cannot and should not be taken away. King of France at the time of the Revolution. power to the people . People began to think for themselves, and make many Scientific Discoveries. Division of society in social classes. Big
Mary Queen of Scotts Mary's husband. The place Mary's mother was from. At less than a week old, Mary became _____. Mary's son. The first name of Mary's brother. Older Children
American Old West Many cowboys wore these to protect themselves from the harsh sunlight and rain.. This law allows traditional Indian gaming as well as bingo, lotto, tip jars, and etc. on tribal lands.. This is how Doc Holliday died.. The world will remember Belle Star by this name.. Makes any violation of state criminal law a federal offense on reservations.. Hard
Pearl Harbor Use word bank to fill in blanks. the bombing was carred out by 353 of these. number of battleships that were sunk. one of japan's allies. ocean that separates the U.S. and Asia. attack led us into world war. Older Children
Pearl Harbor Attack leaders of military clans who ruled in the Emperor's name. to grab or take hold of something suddenly. a message or report. a person who represents his or her country's government in a foreign country. to move away from an area because it is dangerous there. Big
Industrial Revolution developed a new process for making steel from iron. thought communism was good. known as the cottage industry. multistory buildings divided into apartments. invented the cotton gin. Big
Ancient Greece the sea to the east of Greece. the belief in many gods. the Greek word for city-state. a crop the Greeks could grow. large temple built to honor the goddess Athena. Big
High Renaissance A holy man who calls Muslims to prayer.. French meaning ďto fool the eye.Ē A form of painting that attempts to represent an object as existing in three-dimensions, and therefore resembles the real thing.. A method of realistic drawing in which the part of an object closest to the viewer is a planar face, and all the lines describing sides perpendicular to that face can be extended back to converge at one point, the vanishing point.. A distinctive ornament at the apex of a roof, pinnacle, canopy, or similar structure in a building.. A gradual transition from light to dark in a painting. Forms are not determined by sharp outlines, but by the meeting of lighter and darker areas.. Hard
U.S History Just Do It!!!!!! Crops, such as tobacco, sugar, and cotton, raised in large quantities in order to be sold for profit. To withdraw from an organization or alliance; in this case, to withdraw from the United States. The way a society organizes the manufacture and exchange of things of value, food, products, and services. A formal, written request . The birth and growth of businesses that make and distribute products through the use of machinery.. Hard
Vikings Find the viking related answers in the clues Ornament used to fasten clothing. A person who sells goods. The leader of a village . To beat an enemy using force. A strong drink made from barley. Big
Vikings Ornament used to fasten clothing. The leader of a village . To beat an enemy using force. A strong drink made from barley. A person who makes things from metal. Older Children
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