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History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
China in the Middle Ages type of ceramic ware made of fine clay. organized way to produce, see, and buy goods. uncivilized person. a count of the number of people. violent acts meant to scare proplr to surrender. Older Children
China in the Middle Ages type of ceramic ware made of fine clay. organized way to produce, see, and buy goods. uncivilized person. a count of the number of people. violent acts meant to scare people to surrender. Older Children
China's Commnist Revolution In an attempt to break with the Russian model of Communism. Four leadersí played a dominant political role. This was a ten-year political campaign. It called for parliamentary democracy. . This was torn down over night because of anger . Hard
China's Communist Revolution A promise given to the Chinese to improve modernisation. A group of powerful rebels that wished to overthrow Mao Zedong. A long political campaign to stir up revolutionary enthusiasm . A wall that citizens of China recorded news on. Mao Zedong's army. Hard
Chinese Imperialism Try to fill in all of the new Chinese terms in this crossword puzzle. A policy that Americans instituted so that Chinese trade would always be fair.. The group that controlled China before the imperialists came in and took power. The ruler of the Qing Dynasty while imperialism was going on in China.. The ceremonial handover of Hong Kong from Britain back to China. This happened in 1997. . Was a western country that instituted a sphere of influence in China in the north . Hard
Cinco de mayo Mexican History What forces invaded the town?. Who led the Mexican troops in Puebla?. How many years after did France finally loose control of Mexico?. What happened to the emperor of Mexico appointed by Napoleon III?. From what military support and political pressure did Mexico finally get France to withdraw?. Hard
Cities and Empires Made their home in the rain forests of Mexico and Central America.. Aztecs believed these were needed to keep the gods happy.. One of the greatest cities in the Americas,. Inca emperor. Highly developed societies.. Hard
Civics African American killed in the Boston massacre. colonist loyal to the British. group that communicated between the colonies. writer of 'Common Sense'. secret society of patriots in boston. Hard
Civics Mixed Vocabulary Devotion to a country. Expectations of behavior. A step to make up for past discrimination of certain races and women.. A synonym for agreement and approval. A person that uses goods and services for their satisfaction. Older Children
Civil rights people that move to a new country. desegregation movement. new cival right laws. cival rights leader that was nonviolent. lifelong educator and president of morehouse colledge. Teenage
Civil Rights City where Dr. King begins to use children to fill the jails. Group that will ride from Washington D.C. to the South to test integration laws. Name of the event that is 'a call for jobs and freedom' and is also nonviolent. Supreme Court case that rules that separate educational facilities were unequal. Name of the school James Meredith enters in 1962. Teenage
Civil Rights Threatened to do the March on Washington.. The first African-American to be apart of Supreme Court.. A group of civil rights activist that rode on buses to southern states that were segregated.. The mother of the civil rights movement, who refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a bus.. The court case that established 'seperate but equal facilities'. Older Children
Civil Rights Movement amendment to the constitution that banned poll taxes. former leader of the Nation of Islam assassinated in 1965. protest in Alabama that climaxed in a confrontation on the Edmond Pettus Bridge (Bloody Sunday). efforts to promote civil rights through demonstrations in Alabama . demonstration where MLK gave his 'I Have a Dream' speech. Very Difficult
Civil Rights Movement Civil rights leader who advocated black nationalism & aggression in the fight for civil rights.. the president who sent the most comprehensive civil rights bill proposal to the Congress in 1963.. Rights of individuals to receive equal treatment regardless of their race, gender or religion.. The iconic leader who led the civil rights movement on the basis of non-violent civil disobedience.. The woman who was responsible for sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott, a pivotal event of the movement.. Teenage
Civil Rights Movement ' ' these blanks mean fill in the blank no spaces when people refuse to move from a certain spot are called. the legal rights for USA citizens . what was the seat rosa parks refused to move on. where is montgomery. was segregation up north or down south. Older Children
Civil Rights Movement The state or quality of being equal.. Demonstration where MLK gave his 'I Have a Dream' speech. . A Loose association of student activists from throughout the South.. Martin Luther King fought for these. . Leader who advocated Black Power. . Hard
Civil Rights Movement Riots began in August, there had previously been a buildup of racial tension in the area. A group established in 1960 to promote and use non-violent means to protest racial discrimination. An act of voluntarily abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with a person, organization, or country as an expression of protest, usually for social or political reasons . abolished racial discrimination in the United States Armed Forces and eventually led to the end of segregation in the services. Group of civil rights workers who took bus trips through southern states in 1961 to protest illegal bus segregation. Hard
Civil War Union general who won in the West. Had better strength in industry and population. Occupation of many soldiers before the war. Armed forces to prevent things going in and out of it. Delaware, Maryland, Missouri, and Kentucky (2 words). Hard
Civil War Escaped slaves. State between the North and the South. Destroying civilian and economic resources. The protection against unlawful imprisionment. The freeing of Slaves. Teenage
Civil War Use the Hints to write in the word! The U.S. had a giant state and they needed a slave state and a free state. So people would vote which would be a slave or free. In the end, Kansas became a slave state and Nebraska became a free state. A group of people joining together, another name for the North or the United States during the Civil War. People who were against slavery and wanted to rebel it. The U.S. states (Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Virginia, and Missouri) that were slave states but didn't join the Confederate States and stayed with the Union. restriction of interest to a narrow sphere; undue concern with local interests or pretty distinctions at the expense of general well-being. Moderately Challenging
Civil War First State To Secede. ' Steal _____ '. General at Shiloh. Wrote The 'North Star'. The Battle of _____. Hard
Civil War The southern actor that assassinated Abraham Lincoln at Fords Theatre. Received the name ''Stonewall'' at the Battle of Bull Run . The opposition to the Union in the Civil War. The general who led the famous charge at the Battle of Gettysburg. The Confederate Iron Clad. Hard
Civil War Puritan Parliamentarian leader. The army supporting the King. King. The King married a C_________ French Princess. The group of Puritans that helped the King out with problems. Older Children
Civil War Nickname given to Northern Democrats who favored peace with the South.. Type of war that the South fought in the early beginnings of the war.. Southern General given the nickname 'Stonewall'.. Southern spy arrested 6 times.. Effective Union General that Lincoln defended saying, 'He Fights!' . Very Difficult
Civil war What the north called themselves. A northern general. He was the unions presedent. A southern general. The strategy general Grant put into action intended to end the war. Older Children
Civil War Complete the crossword. People who were not in the army. Rule by the army instead of the elected government. When the southern states chose to leave the United States and to no longer be a part of the country. A nickname given to people in the South supporting the Confederate States. When a person is murdered for political reasons. Hard
Civil War name of seceded southern states during Civil War. term used to refer to those wounded and/or killed. Place where the confederacy surrendered to the Union. to withdraw from the union. turning point in the war that resulted in devastating losses for both the Union and the Confederacy, but also stopped the Confederacy from breaching the north. Big
Civil War Events Fought in Tennessee and the first major win for the South. First major land battle of the Civil War. Place of General Lee's surrender. The bloodiest battle of the Civil War. Elected president of the South. Hard
Civil War People Each hint describes a person Was apart of a famous case about claiming to be a free man, but he was unable to by his right in freedom that made abolitionist craze for his freedom. He was apart of the Confederacy after Virginia's session, his men tore down the 'Irish Brigade'. Wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin which was written 10 years before the Civil War. That book changed many peoples views about the how slavery was wrong. Became the world's most famous assassin, he started out as a wealthy actor, but was suspected as a spy when he assassinated Lincoln. She was a famous nurse that took care of all the Union soldiers during the Civil War. She also created the American Red Cross. Teenage
Coastal & Plateau Indians The spiritual leader of the coastal tribes was the ___________.. The ____________ was the principal lodging of the Coastal tribes.. Two, long poles attached to horses, to carry plateau tribe possessions.. Quote: 'When the world was new, there was nothing but ______.'. The highest social position of the indian tribes.. Hard
Coastal and Plateau Indians Family member primarily responsible fro raising the children.. The spiritual 'leader' of the various tribes was called the ____________. Name of the year-long lodging of the Coastal Indians.. '______________ Man' is a skeleton of an 10,000-yr-old individual from early Wash.. The favorite breed of horse, of the plains indians.. Hard
Cold War ______ launched into orbit in 1957. the ______ plan gave countries money to keep them from getting taken over by communism. ______ Conference. The Berlin _____ was the way the Soviet Union kept supplies getting to West Berlin. The _____ war started in 1950. Older Children
Cold War Solve the puzzle Soviet's first satellite into space. First war of containment policy to stop communism. Reparations and divided Germany. Foreign policy that tried to contain the spread of communism. Was fired by Truman when he advises him to use nuclear weapons against China. Older Children
Cold War They political and military barrier that isolated Soviets controlled countries of eastern after world war 2. List of persons who are disapproved of and area punished such as by being refused jobs. First superior commander of NATO before becoming president. To keep or hold. A region where no military forces or weapons are permitted. Big
Cold War nations that are stronger then other powerful nations. Soviet leader after Stalin. communist ruler of North Vietnam after 1954. fear of communists in the United States. this country aided North Korea with thousands of soldiers. Easy
Cold War Code Breaking _______ Wars, a war started by a superpower but does not directly fight in it. _______ Plan, economic aid sent to western Europe to contain spread of communism. _______ Pact, communist alliance in the East. _______ Weapons, countries stockpiled these weapons of mass destruction. _______ Race, US and USSR tried competed to launch satellites and humans into orbit. Older Children
Cold War Crossword First Soviet satellite in space.. Gary Powers was the pilot of this plane.. All Soviet nations.. Separates North and South Korea.. Ethel and Julius.. Big
Cold War Terms Khrushchev built 42 missiles in Cuba sending US troops to Cuba to block Soviet access. Churchillís phrase to represent Europeís division into mostly democratic Western Europe and Communist Eastern Europe.. after WWII, the United States and the Soviet Union were known as ___.. an international peacekeeping organization founded in 1945 to provide security to the nations of the world. FDR, Churchill and Stalin met to discuss post World War II peace plan. Hard
Colonial Roger Williams was one of them. form of transportation. the season that crops grow in. how many colonies there were. founded by William Penn. Older Children
Colonial America System of trade between three ports. Colonists who want independence. Crop grown for profit only. War between France and Britain west of the appalachian mountains. Original name of new york. Big
Colonial America someone's beliefs . sharing out of other peoples' views. a famous butter colored duck. a gathering of people . laws the Pilgrims created . Older Children
Colonial Crossword July 4, 1776 . 1767, tax on lead, glass, paper, paint . People loyal to the king . 1607-1754 . Those who wanted independence. Hard
Colonial Life Accepting People who are different due to race, nationality, religion, gender, or other reasons. Crops Raised to sell for a profit. Trade that exchanged products between Americas, Europe, and West Africa. war when French and English fought for control of the Great lakes. A system in which wealthy land owners own large tacts of land. Older Children
Colonial Vocab an english adventurer, this man came to jamestown in 1607. in 1619 the virgina company decided to let the james town colonists vote to elect leaders . called the society of friends this english group split from the english church. where a country takes over another countrys land and make a settlement. the first permanent wnglish settlement. Hard
Colonization of America trade between America, Europe & Africa. crops , like tobacco, sold to make $$$. introduced idea of church & govt. being apart. leader/savior of Jamestown colony. first representative govt., established in Jamestown colony. Hard
Colonization of America crops, like tobacco, sold to make $$. trade route between America, Europe, & Africa. leader/'savior' of Jamestown colony. introduced idea of separation of church & govt. colonial region with long, cold winters. Hard
Coming of the Civil War Eli Witney's invention that increased slave labor.. Court case where a slave sued for freedom.. Guaranteed the permanent existence of slavery in the slave states and addressed Southern demands in regard to fugitive slaves and slavery.. Failed raid in a attempt to fight for freedom.. A system in which slaves traveled to get North.. Teenage
Coming to America A long trip, especially in a ship or spacecraft.. To sign up for.. The art, and beliefs of a group of people.. The Statue of __________________ is in New York.. I take the same _______________ to school everyday.. Older Children
Communist Russia Soviet Union won the Super Bowl. Lenin's business plan to make Russia communist, the New ____ Policy. The rich tsar that was overthrown by the Bolsheviks, ____ II. Dallas football team. Soviet Union, Britain, USA, and ____ would fight the Germans in WW2. Hard
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