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History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Henry VIII Country trying to invade Britain when Henrt VIII was on the throne. Religion of Henry VII. The name of Henry VIII son. Amount of times Henry VIII married . The age of Henry VIII when his Father died. Older Children
Korematsu v. US Limits one’s freedom of speech (various types) during wartime. Used during WW2; The US government put Japanese-Americans in because of fear of their loyalty to Japan rather than the US. Military base in Hawaii bombed in December of 1941 by the Japanese during WWII. The most stringent standard of Judicial Review. Courts review the actions of the executive and legislative branches. Hard
Early Rome An Etruscan sport that Romans adopted where a person, usually a slave, is trained to fight for public entertainment. Mountain range to the north of Italy. A person who collected the taxes, usually in an unfair way. A member of the lower, or common, class in the Roman Republic. A group in the Roman Republic who protected the rights of the Plebeians. Big
Mesopotamia Use the clues to complete the crossword puzzle. The writing system invented by the Sumerians; it literally means 'wedge-shaped'. A city that has its own government, laws surrounding land and army. (Hyphenated word). A Babylonian King. The belief in many gods. A system to supply dry land with water for farming. Hard
Famous World Leaders _________ the Great. Legend has it that he was never defeated in battle. Known for supreme combat and military skills.(9). Benjamin ________ was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.(8). Nelson _______ Served 27 years in prison before becoming President of the same nation.(7. United the people of southern Africa. His efforts in battle are seen as a military genius by most.(4). Most widely known Queen of Egypt. She is widely seen as the last of the pharaohs.(9). Big
The Enlightenment Period This was a term used to describe the time period that came before the Enlightenment Period. This philosopher believed in freedom of religion. This philosopher believed in majority rule. A country located in the Mediterranean Sea and shaped like a boot. Age of Reason. Older Children
Cities and Empires Made their home in the rain forests of Mexico and Central America.. Aztecs believed these were needed to keep the gods happy.. One of the greatest cities in the Americas,. Inca emperor. Highly developed societies.. Hard
U.S. History Crossword Puzzle Two chambers; population. _____ is the official way to confirm something.. One of the founding fathers and the U.S.. ____ is a group, or body of opinion.. Who was the first president.. Big
The Enlightenment Period The period before the Enlightenment Period.. This document severed ties between colonial America and Britain. This man believed in a seperation of church and state.. This French philosopher believed that the majority should rule.. Age of Reason. Older Children
Early settlement Have fun! Lots of convicts got in trouble for this. Little houses built by the early settlers . A now extinct animal that was alive in the early settlement days . A group of convicts chained together . A group of Aboriginals from coastal Sydney. Older Children
Age of Exploration Use your notes to answer the questions Cortez, Columbus, Magellan, and Pizarro explored for this country. Which of these explorers worked for England: Columbus, Cortez, or Drake?. Worked for Spain, sailed from Cuba to Mexico and brought down the Aztec empire. The Pope created this agreement to keep the peace between Spain and Portugal. The Treaty of ______. Worked for Spain, first person to sail around the world. Older Children
U.S. Naval History Match the hint with the word to complete the crossword puzzle Who said 'I have not yet began to fight'?. The largest amphibious operation in history?. The turning point of the war in the Pacific came at?. This battle was fought entirely through aircraft, the opposing fleets never saw each other?. The first warfare submarine. Hard
African American History A Few History Facts First African American President. First woman (Black) City Manager of Portsmouth. Devestating Hurrican that occurred in 2005. Passed in 1965. Obama was born here. Hard
The Civil War Use the definitions to solve the puzzle. South (wanted to secede from the United States). When part of a country leaves or breaks off from the rest.. States that did NOT permit slavery.. 16th president; issued the Emancipation Proclamation.. The right of people to make poilitcal decisions for themselves.. Older Children
Vikings A free viking. Viking language. Attached to the side of ship. Used in battle. Viking slave. Older Children
The Second World War Complete with the Correct Word(S) The Russian Army was also known as . This was another name for lightning war.. In this month and this year, Germany surrendered. Two atomic bombs were dropped in these two places . Joined forces with Britain to fight Germany.. Big
American Revolution Monopoly to trade tea. Act raised revenue by increasing duties on sugar. British soldiers openly clashed in Boston. Colonists disguised as Indians dumped tea overboard. Closing of Boston Harbor. Older Children
Neolithic Time Period People who study and write about the human past. Another work for the Neolithic period. Traces of plants or animals that have been preserved in rock. Neolithic outlaws. A famous Neolithic rock carving of a giraffe is found in a mountain.. Hard
Maya Civilization A fun celebration in the street.. A language that the Maya's speak.. A group of indigenous people. . The way a Mayan woman makes clothes.. A person that makes art.. Older Children
Intro the Roman World Influences on Christianity town of Jesus' childhood and young adulthood. Julius Caesar made himself this. Sacrifices to the Roman Gods. The common language that helped the spread of the Gospel. A Greek Philospoher. Big
WW1 german submarine. to be fitted with weapons. prevents another country from dominating another. to build up your military. an advertisement to influence opinion. Older Children
Explorers and Settlement Was an island where the Spanish did their missions. America is named after him . another name for Spainsh explorers. 1492 sailed the ocean blue. was another name for Pocahontas. Hard
World War 1 Germany and who had a alliance in the summer of 1914. People who lived through World War 1 called it The...... The trenches extended about how many hundred miles. Britain was threatened by who for their growing naval power. During the Great war, who was called the Western Front. Older Children
U. S. History 1600s Became New York in 1664. Form of partial church membership created by New England in the 1600s. Places where make money and establishment trade zones. The moral worth of the individual. Economic theory and practice, dominant in Europe from the 16th to the 18th century. Big
ROME: Ruler of the Ancient World Complete the puzzle with the correct answer Punic War in which Rome completely destroyed the city of Carthage by burning it.. 200 years of pease that followed the beginning of the Roman Empire. This cullture songly incluenced the Romans as tyhey build their Roman empire.. Roman citizens that were born into wealthy, distinguished families.. The language used by the Romans. Hard
1945 It happened in 1945 Nazi War Crime Trial Location. Born in Sicily September 23, 1945. Classic Toy first appears. #1 Girls Name. May 8, 1945. Big
Bombing of Darwin a country's friends in time of need . an explosive devise. an underwater ship. a large island country in the Asian Pacific region. a person or country that is against you. Hard
Middle Ages A big house.. A time to drink tea.. The power that a wizard has.. The boss.. People can ride this animal.. Easy
1967 TRIVIA Puzzle Whats the name of the room at the Pantlind Hotel where our Senior Prom was held. What is the name of the place we all bought our class rings from. Popular 1967 family TV show. Our Homecoming King . Who played Dr. William Chumley in the play Harvey. Big
Trojan War Who recieved the Apple of Discord (Golden Apple). Who kidnapped Helen. Shot in the heel by Paris with an arrow. In which modern country was Troy located. For how many years was Troy under seige. Hard
The Persian Wars Athens was an example of one of these, as was Sparta. Naval battle in which the Persian fleet was destroyed. Narrow pass where the Persians defeated the Greek Army. Greek general . Pheidippides ran all the way to this city to ask for help. Hard
Medieval Times a structured society of the wealthy owning land in exchange for the peasants labour.. the members who lived with the church. a fortified building used as a safe house for the people.. the wealthy people. an illness with symptoms of a cough and red sores. Big
Ancient Greece In Sparta it was OK to ..... but don't get caught. Loved himself to death. A circular, open air stadium, used for plays. Something philosophers were interested in. Where the Oracle was. Hard
Blood and War Fill in the boxes with the appropiate word for each number. First state to secede from the Union. 18th President of our nation and once the leading General of the Union. Courthouse where Lee surrendered. Bloodiest battle of the war. Number of states that seceded from the Union. Older Children
The War of 1812 On June 1812 this president asked congress to declare war. Hwo many delegates were at the convention. Known as 'The Prophet'. Where the Native Americans fled. War hawks wanted to go to war to stop what country from seizing american ships. Older Children
Western Front opposite of construct. a state or condition of mental uncertainty or excitement, as in awaiting a decision. the act of being offensive. straight away. to appear again. Older Children
War of 1812 West side of the Niagara River. American soldier and politician. 4th President of the United States. Reason why Americans declared war. 7th President of the United States. Hard
Marie Antoinette How many children did she have?. Which revolution was she in?. She is Queen of ...... The month of when she died.. Age of her death. (use hyphen). Older Children
]The Age of Industrialization 10 across and 10 down ________________ took place in England during 1780's . Those who took loans had to hand over the cloth to . association of producers(goods) . early phase of industrialisation . The first cotton mill came up in 1854 was in . Hard
1990s-2000s What presidential candidate appealed to the younger people?. Democrat of the 2000 election. kids who were brought here by their parents are encouraged to become American citizens and attend American Universities . Republican of the 2000 election. What was the swing state during the 2000 election?. Hard
Ancient Rome in Spain A temple dedicated to the Imperial cult. It was built in the late 1st century BC or early in the Augustan era.. Held 15,000 spectators to watch gladiatorial contests and staged beast-hunts, or sporting events.. City captured in 192BC with two roman bridges that are still in use today.. The language that ancient romans spoke in Spain.. Merida's ancient Roman city name.. Hard
The 1970s stylish pants. Famous 1970s film tracing the history of an Intalian family in America.. Soul Singer murdered by his father. U.S. Supreme Court decision that guarantees a woman’s right to abortion.. Comedy sitcom starring Comedian Redd Foxx. Very Difficult
Thomas Edison He started the Edison Electric Light Co in 1878 in NYC. Today it is this company. At age 22 he became at full time?. This famous genius worked for Edison for a short time. Edison was handicapped with this. In 1869, age 22, he moved to NYC and made improvements to this. Hard
Washington State History what is one of the citys in washington?. what is the backround color on the state flag?. what is the state capital?. what is the state flower?. what body of water borders seattle?. Hard
Middle Ages gold or colored decoration in a manuscript. a combat on horseback between two knights with lances especially as part of a tournament . the heraldic arms belonging to a person, family, or group or a representation of these. a person in the middle in the Middle Ages who received protection and land from a lord in return for loyalty and service . a warrior of the Middle ages who fought on horseback, served a king, held a special military rank, and swore to behave in a noble way. Older Children
Civil War name of seceded southern states during Civil War. term used to refer to those wounded and/or killed. Place where the confederacy surrendered to the Union. to withdraw from the union. turning point in the war that resulted in devastating losses for both the Union and the Confederacy, but also stopped the Confederacy from breaching the north. Big
The First Moon Landing He stayed back in the command module. Name of the landing module. People watched the moon landing at home on this. These were collected as samples. Neil Armstrong put an American _______ on the moon. Older Children
Gold Rush of or for raising stock . name of a person that digs for ore. people that mine for gold. narrow, sheltered waterway. robbers in Australian gold rush times. Older Children
The Middle Ages 500-1500 a body of water surrounding the outer wall of the castle. loosely organized system of rule. 1228-29 what emperor . private stronghold used as occasional residence. first germanic kings to unify the tribe. Big
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