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History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Early European Exploration knowledge and developments in science. disease which attacks the lungs. he claimed Newfoundland for England in 1497. the last surviving member of her tribe who died in 1829. he sailed across the ocean blue in 1492 and explored the West Indies, South America, and the Caribbean . Big
Early Explorers Explored the Caribbean and Panama. Soldier-Adventurers. Aztec capital. Portugese explorer who was looking for a Atlantic-Pacific passage. One of Columbus's ships. Hard
Early Explorers Using the words below complete the crossword puzzle sailed around the world in 1577. made his first trip in 1947. one of the great European powers during the Age of Discovery. people conquered byHernan Cortes. a group of people who settle far from home but keep ties with their home country. Older Children
Early Humans In this age, people started farming, building communities, producing goods, and trading. Pottery and wood carvings. Painting cave walls. In this age, people invented many tools to help them survive. Early humans spent most of their time looking for food. Older Children
Early Humans and Civilizations a system of writing with wedge shaped symbols invented by the Sumerians. a name for a creature that walks upright. to find the age of something based on the number of half lives the carbon had . to tame animals for human use . remains from any living thing from a former geological age. Hard
Early Man thew first part of the stone age when people first used stone tools. a huge stone monument. the time before there was writing . people who hunt animals and gather wild plants, seeds, fruits, and nuts to survive . the middle part of the stone age marked by the creation of smaller and more complex tools. Older Children
Early River Valley Civilizations first recorded Chinese dynasty. took control in China under the 'Mandate of Heaven'. political system in which nobles are granted use of lands that legally belong the king. seasonal winds & storms that affect Southeast Asia. a king of the Babylonian Empire, famous for his code of laws. Hard
Early Rome An Etruscan sport that Romans adopted where a person, usually a slave, is trained to fight for public entertainment. Mountain range to the north of Italy. A person who collected the taxes, usually in an unfair way. A member of the lower, or common, class in the Roman Republic. A group in the Roman Republic who protected the rights of the Plebeians. Big
Early settlement Have fun! Lots of convicts got in trouble for this. Little houses built by the early settlers . A now extinct animal that was alive in the early settlement days . A group of convicts chained together . A group of Aboriginals from coastal Sydney. Older Children
Early Years of the Republic start of Lewis and Clark expedition. president during war of 1812. 1807-hurt American economy. Washington request money to build a navy. Monroe doctrine stated “keep out of the_____.”. Hard
Earth's History The fossil remains of an organism that lived in a particular geologic age, used to identify or date the rock or rock layer in which it is found. Also called guide fossil.. A general law stating that in any sequence of sediments or rocks that has not been overturned, the youngest sediments or rocks are at the top of the sequence and the oldest are at the bottom.. the shortest division of geological time. a space of time between two events or a portion of time.. any method of dating material based on the decay of its constituent radioactive atoms, such as potassium-argon dating or rubidium-strontium dating Also called radioactive dating. Hard
East Asia and the West a secret society that mixed martial arts, hatred of foreigners, and the belief that they were invincible to western weapons. policy made by the U.S. to continue trade with China under European rule. peace treaty created by Pres. Roosevelt over the Russo-Japanese. a radical in the 1911 Revolution that believed in the principles of nationalism, democracy, and 'people's livelihood'. the treaty opening more ports up to U.S. ships in Japan. Teenage
Economic History the practice of having work done elsewhere to cut costs or increase production.. (two words) things that all people theoretically could do, but that due to societal rules, some people are allowed to do and others are not.. market force pertaining to how much a good is wanted.. an area of land that was controlled by a mother country and exploited for raw materials.. money provided to a business by a government.. Hard
Edward The Confessor A person who leads or follows. Father of Edwards wife (the earl of______). The feast day of Saint Edward The Confessor. 2 Germanic tribes that moved to England after the fal of the Roman Empire and merged. The place Edward was born. Hard
Egypt's Old Kingdom Egyptians believed the gods controlled the forces of ________.. Largest pyramid is known as the ________ Pyramid.. Used herbs and drugs to treat different ___________.. Egyptians constructed these to pull the sleds of stone blocks up the sides of the pyramids.. Period of Egyptian history known as ______ Kingdom began around 2600 B.C.. Hard
Egyptian a period of order that lasted to about 1750 BC. triangle shaped area of land. bodies wrapped in cloth. a writer. period Egypt reached reached the height of its power. Hard
Egyptian a time in Egyptian history marked by order and stability. a triangular piece of land by the mouth of a river. a giant triangular tomb built by the Egyptians. a climatic time in Egyptian history between the years of 1550 and 1050 BC. life after death. Older Children
Egyptian Cross Cover the______with natron (salt) for 70 days. The place the egyptian hide his/her self & their riches.. After the 70 days wrap the body from head to toe in_________.*ouch I fell and scraped my leg*. The spirit that goes into the afterlife.. The resting place of an egyptian.. Hard
Egyptian Technology Egyptians used a stick in the ground inside a circle surrounded by numbers to tell the time of day when the sun overhead made a shadow on it.. Egyptians used sharp knives, _________, and scissors as tools.. Egyptians made __________ and bronze weapons to protect them from the Hyksos. . Egyptians invented the first writing system called __________.. Egyptians cared hieroglyphics into temples, tombs, and _______ paper.. Older Children
Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor carried note from?. This story is a form of?. Eleanor married this president?. Who was called the 'ulgy duckling'?. Her parens pessed and she went to live with?. Older Children
Election of Abraham Lincoln Southern Democrat . A person who seeks an office, honor . 16th president . The state of being nominated . Dispute. Hard
Election of Abraham Lincoln Southern Democrat. A person who seeks an office, honor . 16th president . The state of being nominated . A disagreement or a dispute . Older Children
Elizabeth I to see affection. light or fire used as a signal or warning. a woman who teaches and cares for children of a household. large group of warships. attendant at royal court. Older Children
Emperors strengthened the empire's defence. two years of good ruling, 2 years of terrible ruling. moved the capital from rome to byzanthium. divided the empire into the administrative realms. 5,984,072 roman citizens. Hard
Empire What is the name of the city James Wolfe famously took over in 1759 ?. Who fought many cases on behalf of slaves ?. In 1760 Clive became a..... Who won the Battle of Plassey in 1757 ?. What was the name of the group William Wilberforce was part of ?. Teenage
End of Empires opposed violence, started massive resistance. Brittians attempt to divide Muslums and Hindus. Muslum side of India. Indian National Congress. What Japans legislative commitee was called. Adult
English Civil War The Presbyterians left over after Colonel Prides invasion were called this. A parliamentarian and General of Horse. Re-enacted Christ's entry into the world on Palm Sunday. 3rd Baron of Cameron. The New Model Army beat a large Royalist force at the Battle of _______. Hard
English Civil War MP's who were left were called the _______.. His cavalry cruyshed the Royalists in front of them.. Had re-enacted Christ's enry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.. The new general got special permission for one MP, Oliver Cromwell, to command the cavalry.. The New Model Army beat the only other large Royalist force at this battle.. Teenage
Enlightenment Period The Natural right to live and survive.. The freedom to make your own decisions. The idea that a country's leader should be chosen by the citizens in a general election.. A period of time when people developed new ideas about human existence and human rights. An agreement where citizens give up some rights in exchange for the governments protection.. Big
Epiphany Made living. The language of the New Testament. Gift of the Holy Spirit. Presents. Three persons in one. Hard
Evolution Structures found in different species but do not come from the same origin . an adaptation in the physical features of an organism. a change in the characteristics of a certain species that makes it fit better into its environment . An accidental change in genes/ chromosomes that can be inherited. the change in certain characteristics of a species over many generations, through time.. Hard
Expansion in Latin America Complete the Puzzle President Roosevelt issued this in 1904 because he feared Europeans would use force to collect loans. This meant that the US promised to protect Cuba from other nations but reserved the right to intervene in Cuba's affairs. Harsh working conditions and shortages of labor and materials hampered the US efforts in building this. Former chief engineer for the French canal-building attempt . Established that Puerto Rico's governor and upper house of the legislature would be appointed by the US.. Big
Expansion, War, and Sectional Crisis Complete the crossword puzzle 1846 proposal by Representative David Wilmot of Pennslyvania to ban slavery in territory acquired from the Mexican Warr. 1854 Law that divided Indian Territory into Kansas ans Nebraska. The elite Mexican ranchers in the province of California. A political movement that opposed the expansion of slavery. A small slice of land purchased by President Franklin Pierce in 1853 for the purpose of building a transcontinental rail line from New York to Los Angeles. Big
Exploration The course of travel. A part of a map that shows the direction. The act to move from one place to another. To go around the world by ship. A journey taken for a specific reason. Older Children
Explorers Thanks to Prince _______'s patronage Portuguese ships sailed to the Madeira Islands.. First European to see the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean.. He landed near Labrador, Newfoundland, or Cape Breton.. He led the first expedition around the world.. America was named after this explorer.. Older Children
Explorers Country that Pizarro and Cortez sailed for. Conquered the Aztecs. Sailed around the world. Country that Champlain and Cartier sailed for. Aztec leader. Older Children
Explorers and Settlement Was an island where the Spanish did their missions. America is named after him . another name for Spainsh explorers. 1492 sailed the ocean blue. was another name for Pocahontas. Hard
Explorers of the World First to circumnavigate the globe.. First to conquer Mount Everest.. He discovered America.. Magellan died in ___________, Philippines.. He was born on July 16, 1872 in Norway.. Hard
Famous Americans Invented the first telephone. The sixteenth president of the United States; issued the Emancipation Proclamation which declared the freedom of slaves in rebelling states. Was famous for his “I Had A Dream” speech. Was a surveyor, farmer, politician, Commander in Chief, and the first president of the United States. Was famous for working in the Underground Railroad and helped free about 300 slaves. Older Children
Famous Greeks conquered Persian empire and controlled land on three continents. historian; Pelopnnesian War; stressed need to avoid bias. earth was round and calculated circumference. observe, question, reason; Socratic Method. early democracy; promoted culture and learning; Parthenon. Hard
Famous World Leaders _________ the Great. Legend has it that he was never defeated in battle. Known for supreme combat and military skills.(9). Benjamin ________ was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.(8). Nelson _______ Served 27 years in prison before becoming President of the same nation.(7. United the people of southern Africa. His efforts in battle are seen as a military genius by most.(4). Most widely known Queen of Egypt. She is widely seen as the last of the pharaohs.(9). Big
FAMOUSE EGYPTIANS AND PHARAOHS He fought and won a peace treaty . First king of New Kingdom died around 35 years old. A new kingdom pharaoh,18th dynasty. Son of pepi the first. Famouse for being military genius,and for building towers for empire. Hard
Fashion light weight silk you lined your slashes with . gold metal thread woven on a linen or silk warp. gold trim. ornamental bands. lynx fur. Hard
Ferdinand Magellan Who was the expedition funded by?. What ocean did Ferdinand Magellan name?. What were they looking for?. How many ships were there?. How many people survived the trip?. Teenage
Fidelia Fiske a famous book writer. a school that fidelia goes to. a terrible disease. a philosopher and book writer. fidelia's teacher. Hard
Fifth Century Greek Drama and Theatre Wealthy Athenian men who produced plays . Worn over the shoulders . used mythological tales and characters in plays . Plot Technique: Recognition of one's true identity . Festival where people competed by performing plays . Hard
Fight For Freedom One who is owned by another as property. The river in which Washington's Army crossed to attack the Hessians. Ones who stayed loyal to the King. Freedom chasers and ones who left the King. General of the British Army. Older Children
Figures of the Renaissance Isabella I is best remembered for helping unify _____ and for for sponsoring the Voyages of Christopher Columbus.. Being one of the greatest artist of the High Renaissance, _______’s talent was spotted by Lorenzo de Medici when _____ was young. ______ was brought up in the Medici palace and later went on to create some of the most famous works of the Renaissance,. A well-known painter of the Renaissance, _______ was one of a circle of artists and scholars who was sponsored by the Medici in Florence. ______ was fascinated by Neoplatonism, and many of his works are seen as great examples of applied Neoplatonism.. _______ was born in 1564 in the English town of Stratford-on-Avon, he is a major figure in the English Renaissance. He is also often called the world’s greatest playwright and one of its fines poets. . Miguel Cervantes spend 5 years as a slave in _____ ______ until his family bought his freedom.. Hard
First People of the Plains Fill in the correct word using the hints provided had lived on the Great Plains for centuries . Sioux chief and military leader. in 1867 the federal goverement set up this commission. main source of food, clothing, shelter and tools. managed Indian reservations. Big
Florence Nightengale Head of War Department. Her nickname was '______ with the Lamp'. Florence always carried this while helping the soldiers. Where did Florence and other nurses go to help in the war hospital?. Person who gave Florence a brooch for her work, Queen _______. Older Children
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