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History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
French Revolution A machine used for beheading people. An oath that promised the National Assembly representatives would not leave until a constitution had been written. A clergy member who supported the Third Estate. A cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church in France. A group of extreme-radicals. Hard
French Revolution Sudden overthrow of a government.. The first estate was made up of mostly the _______.. Wrote that women should be treated as equals.. King during the French Revolution.. National convection decide to execute __________.. Hard
French Revolution French middle class. used for execution. Where the third estate waited during the national assembly . exempt from most taxes . highest estate. Hard
French Revolution Crossword Queen of France during revolution.. revolutionary leader. style. style. King of France during revolution. Older Children
French Revoultion assembly of representatives from all three of the estates. when the three estates met and the 3rd estate. senseless panic in france. the roman catholic church's are in this estate (priests bishops ect.). the rich nobels are in this estate. Hard
Fur Trade there are blue beads on that chelf. a cow has meat to make jerky. the beaver is brown. the pemmican is on the sidewalk . there is a trap hiding in the grass. Hard
Gallipoli Moutain range in Turkey. The troops had to dig these. used in guns. Island near Turkey. Country where Gallipoli is. Older Children
General History of Virginia any of various large long-bodied fish. to make a serious effort. to put to death violently. cannon shot. to remove from rule. Hard
George Washington What was he in the army?. Where was Washington born?. What was his fathers name?. What was his mothers name?. What month did Washington die?. Older Children
George Washington George Washington was a judge for the design of this. Tall building in D.C. in honor of George Washington. George didn't sign this important U.S. Document. George Washington's wife. George was born here. Older Children
George Washington _______ of Continental Army. Number of terms served as President. Washington's first job. He was elected President ________. Washington's older half brother. Older Children
George Washington Washington's home state. Washington's father. Society that Washington created. Washington's brother. Washington's Secretary of State. Older Children
George Washington (No spaces in between words) Washington appears on the ________ (bill). Before becoming president, Washington had an ________ _________ by saying a 35-word oath. ___________ chose Washington and six other delegates to represent Virginia. During the _____________, the British won and was given Canada. Washington was _____________ old when he became the head of Mount Vernon.. Older Children
George Washington Carver The seed of an Hickory Tree. Very Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The seed of a plant that round, green, and edible. The managment of society resources. The age George Washington Carver began his formal education. Older Children
George Washington: An American Life Complete the crossword puzzle. a bank under the supervision of the federal government . formally approve or make valid. a military force made up of men from the thirteen colonies who fought against the British in the American Revolution. assumed office by taking a solemn oath. loyalty that a person feels for his or her country. Hard
Georgia History Georgia History Second royal governor of GA. Third and final royal governor of GA. Thirteen year old girl killed by Leo Frank. Yamacraw Chief. Translator for James Oglethorpe. Older Children
German Word Jumble Find all the words and circle them. The monotheistic religion of the Jews. The German republic from 1913-33. The meeting where a Jewish assembly or congregation meets for religious observation and instruction. Anti-Semeti laws introduced at the annual Nuremburg Rally. The basis of the legal code of Aryan society. Big
Germany 1919-1933 The Weimar Republic_____, claiming inability to pay their reparations.. Members of this House were elected by the people.. Right wing paramilitary organisation.. The Weimar Republic was Germany's first experience of this kind of government.. The number states within the Weimar Republic.. Older Children
Gettysburg The choice of freedom.. The month the battle was fought.. First name of the confederate leader.. What state is home to Gettysburg?. The United States called themselves the. Older Children
Gettysburg Maneuver used by Chamberlain at Little Round Top . Won day one of Gettysburg . How many words long Lincolns speech was. This man lost his leg and donated it to the National History Museum . The Peach Orchards became know as this . Big
Gold Rush Figure out the hint and fill in the word that matches. Flow of a river. A Colorado Location. Alaska Location. Gold miner name. Eroded from rock a washed down stream. Older Children
Gold Rush Figure out the hint and fill in the word that matches Location in Colorado. Location in Alaska. Miners other name. Eroded from rock and washed down stream. Making a ____ (a lot of money). Older Children
Gold Rush the person who discovered gold in California. a place now known as Placerville . the southern tip of South America. the 31st state to become part of the United States of America. a water-born disease. Older Children
Gold Rush of or for raising stock . name of a person that digs for ore. people that mine for gold. narrow, sheltered waterway. robbers in Australian gold rush times. Older Children
Golden Age of Athens Complete the crossword puzzle the art of writing, acting in and producing plays. a traditional story that helps explain a culture's beliefs. the art of designing buildings. a period of great peace and wealth. the hill above a Greek city on which temples were built. Older Children
Great Depression avoiding reality and being absorbed in the mind. You feel this when something good happens. Part of company. This is what you are when you borrow money.. This is the normal setting that you haven't made changes to.. Hard
Great Depression His most famous quote 'The business of the American people is business'. legislation and acts that was introduced under Roosevelt to end the Depression. provided food for the poor. a series of radio broadcasts made by Roosevelt to assure the country that everything will be alright. the day the stock market crashed in 1929. Big
Great Depression Any government system that provides monetary assistance to people with an inadequate or no income. Was established to eliminate 'cut throat' competition. A place where food is served to the homeless and destitute. A day when banka are oficially closed. A set of programs policies designed to promote economic recovery & social reform. Older Children
Great Depression World War I, World War II, Influenza Pandemic, Radio, Black Tuesday, Hitler, Stalin, Great Britian Advertisement that helped boost sales. . The stock market crashed on what day? . This country suffer from a great depression just as the Americans have.. War that helped get the United States out of the Great Depression.. The pandemic that killed more people than World War I.. Older Children
Greek and Latin the science of life and of living organism. the act of using mild words instead of harsh ones. pertinent to the whole world. an instrument for measuring atmorpheric pressure. the scientific study of the origin, history of the earth. Big
Greek God & Goddess Crossword Puzzle Match the description/clue with the correct Greek God/Goddess. Please note that the clue may give you a hint which you must then use as a clue for the god/goddess. Example: fluffy - 3 headed dog - Hades often depicted riding a donkey. roses, seashells, doves, pomegranite, myrtle wreath. ate 3 seeds. droughts & earthquakes. harvest & plenty. Hard
Greek Gods god of nature and shepherds. god of blacksmiths, artisans, metals and fire. goddess of youth. goddess of law. goddess of harvest and fertility. Hard
Greek Mythology Two headed snake at either end of its body. A golden red bird rises from the flame. Creature that is half man and half horse. The immortal horse of Adratus. A Gorgon with many heads and no tails . Hard
Greek Philosophy Alexander the Great's tutor;Plato's student. asking questions;search for knowledge. famous Greek philosopher;Socratic method. Socrates student;Aristotle's teacher. first Greek philosopher;believed everything was made from water. Adult
Greek Philosophy and Relgion encouraged reflection on questions of ethics and morality. created the the Theory of Forms or Ideas . an arguement that refutes another arguement by proving the contrary of its conclusion. a theory that abstract forms possess the highest, most fundamental kind of reality. practices of the devotion to the god Dionysus. Older Children
Greek Theater one of the greatest tragic dramatists of ancient Greece (480-406 BC). If the performance is projected on a large screen. the father of Greek tragic drama (525-456 BC). a story with a happy ending. a seris of movements. Hard
Greeks ruler of ancient greece. had a well. world wide event made in greece. place high up on a cliff. god of the sky and weather. Older Children
Growth and Expansion within a location such as a nation or state. loyalty to a region. a road that one must pay to use; the money is used to pay for the road. a machine that remove seed from cotton fiber . exhibiting strong feeling. Teenage
Harriet Tubman Harriet risked this to help other people.. A person owned by someone else. How many dollars Harriet received each month from the army after the war. Harriet treated wounded soldiers when she served as this. Harriet went into enemy territory to _________ on troops.. Hard
Harry Hess the bottom of the ocean. molten rock above the surface. something that explains. the theory that the lithosphere is split into many crustal plates. the state of matter that can flow; not a gas or solid. Hard
Harvesting Hope Cesar Chavez a building where government meets. disagreements or fights. bright and shining. a club or organization. information given to the public to get attention. Teenage
Heroes of the Texas Revolution known for his backwoods lifestyle (coonskin hat), was a Congressman from Tennessee, defender of the Alamo and sadly died there. part of the Mexican military, yet signed Texas Declaration of Independence. 17 he followed his friend, James Bowie, and died fighting at the Alamo. from Tennessee, was elected at the Convention of 1836, signed the Declaration of Independence, was the commander-in-chief of the armies of Texas and he led the last battle at San Jacinto. second in command of Mexican army, became a traitor when he didn't counterattack after the Battle of San Jacinto. Older Children
Historic Williamsburg the largest colony in America. the war between England and the colonists. the men who wrote the US Constitution in 1787. the ruler of a colony. settlement. Big
history how people interact with one another in society. social movement on banning the use of alcohol. a social reform movement developed within religious instututions. favoring native born americans over immigrants. promisng to never lie by law. Teenage
History country that funded Columbus. Natives of the region around Santa Fe. people of mixed race. Portugese prince and navigator. credited with being the first to circumnavigate the Earth.. Hard
History People who lived in the arctic circle who hunted seal, whale, and fish. The _______ were the most formidable rivals the the English. The ___________ ideas were looked upon as radical. Who were the first to truly begin exploring . The ________ were a warrior culture. Hard
history People who lived in the artic cirlce who hunted seal, whale, and fish. The _______ were the most formidable rivals to the English. The _______ ideas were looked upon as radical. Who were the first to truly begin exploring. The ______ were a warrior culture of Mexico. Hard
History a small city centered state. a region that shares a government. a state that is independent of other states. nations with few industries. a region that belongs to another state . Hard
History Cotton Mather published a book called ____________________.. Passed the Staples Act.. wealthy landowners.. _________ believed that god had entered into a covenant with humans that allowed to gain salvation.. Large families= _________________.. Hard
history leader of the Jamestown colony. the Virginia assembly, which was the first representative assemly in the American colonies. land grant given to one who could pay his or her way into the colonies. a person who puts money into a project to earn a profit. the first permenant settelment in North America. Older Children
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