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Meteorology Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Air Masses and Fronts in a warm front warm air moves over a cold air mass.. a front that occurs when a cold front and a warm front meet.. in a cold front cold air move under a warm air mass.. an air mass is a large region of the atmosphere wher the air has similar properties.. a front that usually has calm weather.. Older Children
Air Masses and Fronts Warm air advances and rises over cold air. Wet and Warm. Dry and Warm. When a cold front occludes a warm front. Wet and Cold. Big
Air Pressure & Wind 760 mm standard atmospheric pressure. occurs between 30 and 60 degrees latitude. line on a map that connects two places with same atmospheric pressure. blows from north to south. type of barometer most commonly used today. Older Children
Atmosphere an increase in temperature with height in an atmospheric layer . when an air mass is forced to rise over a topographic barrier. clouds that can cover much or all of the sky in a given area. all forms of water that fall from clouds. occurs when cloud droplets collide and join together to form a large droplet. Hard
Circulation in the Atmosphere electromagnetic waves can be..... the planet we live on. path is bent. solar radiation after passing through Earth's atmopshere. energy from the sun reaches earth in this form. Hard
Climate 2 Fraction of solar energy reflected from the Earth into space. Loss of vegetation cover due to ____ pressures has lead to an increase of GHGs in the troposphere. Natural events such as _____ temporarily increase concentrations of GHGs in the troposphere. Main contributing gas to the NGHE. Main contributing gas to the EGHE. Hard
Climate 3 Climate change causes a loss of ____. Option for reducing the EGHE - protection of ___. Specialist ____ species are the ones most affected by accelerated climate change. Impact of the EGHE (2). Impact of the EGHE (3). Very Difficult
Climatic Hazards geography, weather, hazards A violent squall or whirlwind of small extent, as one of those occurring during the summer on the west coast of Africa.. the presence in or introduction into the air of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects.. atmospheric water vapour frozen into ice crystals and falling in light white flakes or lying on the ground as a white layer.. Is a naturally occurring event that might have a negative effect on people or the environment. Humid or muggy conditions, which add to the discomfort of high temperatures, occur when a 'dome' of high atmospheric pressure traps hazy, damp air near the ground.. Big
Clouds how most raindrops are shaped. the fall of small particles of clear to translucent ice. these clouds are precipitation makers. clouds that are larger and denser, composed of rounded masses. these result when air rises and cools adiabatically . Big
Cyclones I. Crossword Puzzle It is a disturbance that originates in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean.. It is a rotating, organized system of clouds and thunderstorms that originates over tropical or subtropical waters and has a closed low-level circulation.. It is a disturbance that originates in the Northwest Pacific.. It is a disturbance that originates in the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific.. The wind speed of the cyclone is less than 63 km/hr.. Older Children
Flooding This is when there is lots of rain.(5) (4). This is a type of dam.(5). Some places have ____ __ under the soil. This is so that the rain can't soak down and run over the ground instead.(11) (4). When there is very heavy rainfall, there is a sudden flood which is called ___(5) (5). They rescue people who are trapped in their homes or cars because of the floods.(6). Older Children
Heat freezing precipitation. has a bimetallic strip. _2_. _________Heating. The motian of pollen grains. Big
Hurricanes the name of a hurricane that forms in the Indian Ocean. the clouds that swirl around the eye of a hurricane; part of the hurricane that has the most intense rain and wind. outer part of a hurricane that has thunderstorms and clouds that spiral in toward the eyewall. word from the Taino Native Americans that meant evil spirits of wind. the name of a hurricane that forms in the Pacific Ocean. Older Children
Hurricanes The Middle part of the Hurricane. A rate at which someone or something is moving. Amount of heat present in a body. Division or Class. Land covered by large amounts of water. Big
Lightning the number of oscillations in a given time period . A high energy short wave length form of electromagnetic radiation between ultraviolet light and gamma rays . a seperation of negative and positive electrical charges . different kinds of radiation in the forms of waves . to give or send out matter or energy . Older Children
Lightning Touching a lightning victim to give first aid won't ______ you. Don't finish outdoor sports before seeking ______. Lightning can strike without _____ overhead. This state has had the most lightning injuries and deaths. Always practice good ______ _____. Hard
Meteors A number of meteors that appear to radiate from one point in the sky at a particular date each year. sometimes called the O chondrites are a class of stony chondritic meteorites. They are by far the most . A small part broken or separated from something. A salt of sulfurous acid, containing the anion SO32. the envelope of gases surrounding the earth or another planet: 'part of the sun's energy is absorbed by the earth the air in any particular place: 'we couldn't breathe in the dusty . Hard
Mother Nature Guess the word the best describes the hint Water in the gas form. A collection of tiny water drops or ice crystals in the air. gathers data about the atmosphere. What the air is like at a certain time and place. How water moves between Earth's surface and the atmosphere. Big
Natural Disasters A floating sheet of ice permanently attached to a landmass.. The powdery residue left after the burning of a substance. Rock fragments and particles ejected by a volcanic eruption. Hot molten or semifluid rock erupted from a volcano or fissure, or solid rock resulting from cooling of this. The wearing away or destruction of the outer or forward surface of an object, such as a meteorite or a spacecraft. Hard
Natural Disasters a strong wind that moves fast in circles. violent storm with spinning air. a severe snow storm. little or no food for people. a very large wave of water. Hard
Natural Hazards name these weather disasters after people . strong winds which contain hail . uncontrollable snow . giant wave . long time with hot weather . Older Children
Roles of Water When water is in the gas state. When animals release water through pores in their skin back into the atmosphere. It is commonly known as sweat. Any form of water that falls from clouds and reaches Earth's surface. Rain, snow, sleet or hail. Millions of tiny water droplets or crystals. They form when water vapor in the air condenses to form liquid water or ice crystals. They can only form when dust particles and cool air are present. The ____________ includes: Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Surface Runoff, Transpiration and Perspiration. Big
Sleet ice pellets. the sleet builds up until it can't hold any more. destuctive. sleet,rain,hail,snow. coded. Older Children
Storms Freedom from the occurrence or risk of injury. Nature's most violent storms. Exposure to harm or injury. Clearance by removal. A number of persons living near one another. Big
The Atmosphere Complete this crossword for homework The further away from the equator the ...... it will be . One of the main gases found in the atmosphere . winds that blow most regularly in an area are called . Hot air ..... . A blanket of gases that surrounds planet earth . Big
The Atmosphere When the Earth cooled down, water vapour did this (9). Cutting down large areas of trees and forests (13). 'The ______ Effect', the way that some gases act as an insulating blanket around the Earth (10). About 0.04% of the Earth's atmosphere is this gas (6,7). The amount of carbon dioxide emitted by a product, service or event (6,9). Hard
The Water Cycle snow and rain mixed. frozen rain falls as flakes. rain, sleet, snow, hail falling from the sky. the breathable air around our planet Earth. when water droplets cool in the sky. Older Children
The Water Cycle water in a gas form. frozen precipitation. a visable collection of small water droplets in the sky. any form of water that falls from the sky. gases surrounding the earth. Older Children
Tornado an advisory issued when tornadoes are possible for specific areas. a column of warm, moist air that is rising in a thundercloud or supercell. a box or other receptacle used to store items for medical treatment . the condition in which a person is vulnerable to harm or risk. a violently rotating column of air in contact with the ground and extending from the base of a thunderstorm. Hard
Tropical Cyclones Tropical cyclones produce large amounts of rainfall that can result in flooding.. Tropical cyclones also known as __________.. Accompany tropical cyclones and can damage or destroy infrastructure and injure people.. __________ associated with tropical cyclones include storm surges, strong winds and heavy rainfall.. Develop over _______ oceans in the tropics.. Older Children
Water Cycle Complete the following cross word puzzle about the water cycle. gas form of water. movement of water over the surface of land. to be moved from one place to another. flowing like water. water falling from the sky. Big
Water Cycle water that flows over the ground. an instrument used to measure air pressure. puffy cotton-ball clouds; seen on clear, warm days. low layer clouds; dark; sometimes bring light rain. water falls to the ground in the form of rain, sleet, snow, and hail. Big
Water Cycle Write the correct word according to the definiton Frozen raindrops. Water that falls from clouds as rain, snow, sleet or hail. A measure of how far a place is from the equator. The state of the atmosphere. Repeated movement of water through the environment in different forms.. Older Children
Water Cycle fill in the blocks combined force of attraction among water. Continuous process of which water on earth moves to atmosphere.. substance being disolved in a givensubstance. Water pulling across surface.. water given off through leafs of a plant . Big
Weather Instrument used to measure air pressure. Movement of air from land to sea at night; created when cooler, denser air from the land forces up warmer air over the sea. Small, destructive, whirling fast-moving storm that forms over land. Low air pressure band near the equator where there is little wind. Transfer of energy that occurs when molecules bump into each other. Big
Weather precipitation in the form of frozen rain. frozen precipitation that falls in the form of crystalline ice. average weather over a period of time. water released from the air in the form of rain, snow, sleet, hail, or frozen rain. measures wind direction. Older Children
Weather takes pictues and forcast the weather too it is in space.. can kill animals and hurt the enviorment.. carrys dust and sand particals throug the air.. poles that run in between the earth.. a really bad snow storm.. Older Children
Weather any storm with low pressure closure that causes circular pattern winds. science instrument that measures atmospheric pressure. average weather conditions of a region . funnel cloud containing strong heavy winds. the air that surrounds Earth. Big
Weather hot , wet. an instrument used to measure changes in air pressure. hot ,and dry. wind air being pushed across the atmosphere. is a percentage that measures what percent of the atmosphere is filled with water. Big
Weather Complete the puzzle. In winter, mild refers to four to seven degrees Celsius above normal.. Clouds which cover between 5/8ths and 7/8ths of the sky.. Free from rain.. Incoming solar radiation. Solar heating; sunshine.. Cirrus, cirrostratus and cirrocumulus.. Big
Weather water in the gas form. rain that freezes as it falls. white, puffy clouds with flat bottoms. measures air pressure. a powerful storm with rotating winds that forms over land. Hard
Weather Complete the crossword puzzle by filing in the word that fits each clue. rain that freezes as it falls. a powerful storm with rotating winds that forms over land. water that falls to the ground through the atmosphere. a blanket of gases and tiny bits of dust that surround the Earth. a collection of tiny water drops or ice crystals in the air. Big
Weather The winds that blow across Kentucky. The layer of the atmosphere where meteors burn. An area near the equator where there is little wind. The layer of the atmosphere where satallites are. The layer of the atmosphere where ozone is. Big
Weather Adjectives Find the correct adjective to fill in this puzzle. Winter precipitation. The trees may bend over when it's ___________.. There's a little wind.. When there isn't much rain, it's _________.. When it's ____________ you may need a jacket.. Older Children
Weather and Climate The atmospheric convection cell between the equatorial low pressure zone and the subtropical high pressure zone.. The balance between incoming solar radiation and outgoing radiation from the planet.. A narrow belt of fast-moving air near the top of the tropopause.. The use of the annual growth rings on trees to infer past climatic conditions.. This is the most common air mass over Britain.. Hard
Weather and Natural Disaster What comes out of the volcano is _ _ _ _. Measures the air pressure. A violent windstorm is called a _ _ _ _ _ _ _. People who study the weather. Snowfall going horizontally by strong winds. Hard
Weather Map Reading what the letter H stands for. blue lines with points show the leading edge of..... a purple line is called this. high air pressure is associated with .... low air pressure is associated with.... Big
Weather Pattern Fill in correct word for the definition. A form of precipitation consisting of ice pellets, often mixed with rain or snow. A vortex created when cold and warm air combine. Colder than rain, but not as heavy as sleet. The average of all weather conditions of an area over a long period of time. A breeze blowing toward the sea from the land, especially at night. Older Children
Weather Patterns How humidity air pressure and winds affect our weather. Air masses that form over oceans. A swirling center of low pressure spinning counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere. Water vapor in the form of ice crystals. Two air masses that meet in a 'standoff'. Warm air mass that is caught between two cold air masses. Big
Weather Systems A low-pressure system in which the winds rotate counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and converge to the center.. Latent potential energy absorbed when a liquid vaporizes and released when a gas condenses.. The amount of heat energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of pure water one Celsius degree. The complete range of electromagnetic energy from long-wave radio waves to short-wave gamma rays.. Latent potential energy absorbed when a solid melts and released when a liquid freezes.. Big
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