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Religion Crossword Subjects

Religion Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Primary Song Jesus Wants Me for a _____. A Child's _____. I Love to See the _____. Love is _____ Here. We'll Bring the World His _____. Big
The History of the Creeds What is a creed?. the type of the summary of the principal creeds. who make a profession of faith at Sunday Mass . condemned many heresies . The Latin word for believe. Big
Signs and Symbols In The Holy Qurbana representative of Christ. assist celebrant in ministry. the word cross in syriac. centre of sanctuary. symbol of church participating mass. Hard
Pentecost You find it in your mouth. In the bible, represented by a dove. The capital of Israel. It blows the leaves from the trees. Day Jesus rose from the dead. Big
The Festival of Diwali Oil lamps.. They eat ______ to celebrate the occasion.. Hindus will say _______ to the goddess for a successful year.. Diwali lasts for ____ days.. ______ celebrate this festival.. Hard
Place of Worship (Churches) Complete the puzzle. An _____ is used to keep offerings or sacrifices for a deity. body of churches that are in full communion with the Bishop of Rome. A representation of the crucifixion of Jesus. the third largest Christian denomination. a wall of icons and religious paintings. Big
Rise of lslam a mathematician that developed algebra. a book that was the standard for all Arabic poetry and literature . a small area in a desert where water and vegetation are found. Holy City of Islam. The Sufis. Hard
Theology A waiting place nor heaven or hell. The legal union of 2 people . All powerful. First book of the bible . Being risen to life after death. Hard
Features of a Chapel a cross with Jesus on. a table where the bread and wine are blessed during the Eucharist. an........ to be played during hymn singing. usually a small basin containing holy water, which Catholics dip their hand in to make the sign of the cross . Around the church there are 14 framed pictures, known as the .......... Big
Lent Determine the correct words to complete the crossword puzzle below. The Bible tells us that __________ is the best way to talk to God.. _________ are the 'official' snack food of Lent.. We are currently in the _________ Season of the liturgical calendar.. Lent is a _____________ that Christians take each year to get closer to God.. Minus the Sundays, Lent lasts for ________ days.. Hard
The Development of Judaism & Jews in the Mediterranean Long rolled sheets of paper or parchment for writing.. Group of commoners who focused on oral interpretation of God's law.. Families or communities run by men and fathers.. It is important that Jewish children receive an _____.. Group that focused on applying Jewish law to temple ceremonies.. Hard
Religious Terms This word refers to the all-powerful creator of the universe. Another word used to describe this great being is Yahweh, his name is too sacred to be spoken therefore in scripture he is described as Yahweh. It is different to Christianity and Islam b. This is the Jewish place of worship and it is also referred in their native language as shul. This building can sometimes be used as a quiet place to study and sometimes even as a community centre. This place of worship is very similar to a Church or. The wisdom contained in the Jewish scriptures and other sacred scripture is sometimes referred as this word. It is hard to translate this word from Yiddish to English because this meaning is very broad. . The belief in only one great Deity or God which is shared in the religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. It is stated in the Qur’an “There is no god save Allah” (47.19).. A collection of sayings from the profit Mahammad which provides guidance to Muslims spiritually and physically. It also contains information on how to live life and stories of the life of the great profit Mahammad.. Hard
Religions Around The World is an ancient monotheistic religion, with the Torah as their foundation. Supplemental oral tradition represented by later texts such as the Midrash and the Talmud. It is the first and oldest monotheistic religion.. is the Judaism day of rest and the seventh day of the week. On which religious Jews and certain Christians remember the biblical creation of the heaven and earth in six days.. also known as Jedidiah, was according to the bible was a wealthy and wise king of Israel with his son David, the previous king of Israel. He is well known to many people.. is the central reference of the religious Judaic tradition. It has a range of meanings. It mostly specifies the; first 5 books out of 24 of the tanakh. It usually includes the rabbinic commentaries. . The …. Is all the bible from the different religions like the Hebrew Bible, the Christian bible and the Jewish Law? The ten commandment is a great example of the Jewish Law. These ….. also have the Torah, the Prophets and the writings.. Hard
I Believe This month of prayer is seen as a link to one of the 5 pillars. This happens during the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. During this time Muslims pray, fast and practice self-denial, all of which is very similar to how Christians celebrate Lent.. A Religion whose followers believe that their saviour has not yet risen. The main difference between this religion and Christianity is that its’ followers believe that Jesus was not God but merely human, a teacher or a prophet.. During the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, Muslimas have to restrain from eating and drinking during daylight hours but have a small meal and sips of water at night time. . The Hindu, Buddhist and Shinto religions are examples of this type of religion. They differ from Monotheistic religions like Christianity and Islam, in that they believe in the worship of multiple gods.. The belief that there in only one existing God? The word comes from the word “monos” in the Greek language, meaning one. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all religions that hold these beliefs.. Hard
Dalai Lama Complete the crossword. Good luck 😀 He was banned from this country . When he started his monastic education. The thing used to shave his hair off. Where he lives. A way of keeping calm. Big
Buddhist Concepts Term denoting ordinary, non-ordained Buddhists. Monastic college. Country with Therevada Buddhist tradition . Precepts. The Noble Eightfold Path. Hard
The Five Pillars Of Islam when a muslim fasts for a month (7 letters). fasting through the month of ramadan (4 letters). paying a charity to help the poor (5 letters). a place considered to muslims to be the holliest city of Islam (5 letters). the muslim profession of faith (8 letters). Hard
The Life of St Dominic de Guzman 8 August 1170 - 6 August 1221 Where St Dominic debated all night with an innkeeper and converted hi,; also where St Dominic founded an early community of friars in a building that still stands today.. Country in which St Dominic was born.. Century in which St Dominic was born.. name of Pope who approved the Order.. Name of Bishop St Dominic accompanied on diplomatic missions.. Hard
Translating the Golden Plates Who did Oliver travel with to see Joseph?. Who became the new scribe?. What did Joseph Smith need help with?. Who else wanted to translate?. He was no longer Joseph's scribe.. Big
Islam and Muhammad What was in Mecca?. What is the Qur'an. Do the Muslims believe that Jesus was the son of God?. What was Muhammad before?. Why was the Kaaba built?. Big
Catholic Teachings a virtue given to us by God that helps us love him above all things and our neighbor as ourselves. The power that enables us to love God.. the confidence that God will always be with us, make us happy now and forever, and help us to live so that we will be with him forever. The power to trust that God will give us eternal life and all the help necessary along the way. the strength to choose to do the right thing even when that is difficult. The power that gives us courage to do what is right even when it is very difficult.. The power to respect the rights of others and give them their due.. a gift of God that helps us to believe in him. It is a personal adherence of the whole person to God, who has revealed himself to us through words and actions throughout history. The power to trust God completely and to accept as true all that God ha. Easy
Christianity A disciple of Jesus; help spread the Gospel throughout the Roman Empire.. Means 'of England', but is a branch of Christianity which exists in many countries. . First Christian Roman emperor . A disciple of Jesus; leader of the early Christian church. A person chosen to watch over members of the Christian church (Excl. Protestants). Big
Lent and Easter the number of weekdays of Lent. Rites of self-examination for Catechument. Day that Jesus died on the cross. 14 'moments' that commemorate Jesus' passion. Three sacred days that follow Lent. Big
Byzantine and Muslim Civilizations a split, particularly in a church or religion. a Muslim poet, mathematician, and astronomer. an Arabian trading center and Muhammad's birthplace. an Arabian trading center and Muhammad's birthplace. an emperor of the Roman Empire and the founder of Constantinople. Hard
Sacraments a healing sacrament. another name for Body of Christ. used at Baptism. given to us at the Last Supper. the first sacrament of initiation. Big
Jewish Trivia Molly Picon best known for plays that were performed in (language). Last name of creator of Hadassah Women. First women in bible to be descrobed as a prophetess. Book by Leon Uris. Camp song by Allan Sherman. Big
The Lord's Prayer We ......... when we pray. We ask our Heavenly Father for anything, such as strength, peace, health and joy.. We end our prayers with ....... We must ........ what we pray. We pray knowing that we are speaking to ....... Big
The Significance of Baptism Following Jesus and spreading the good news of his saving love.. This signifies cleansing and new life in God of the one being baptised. This sign reminds us that we belong to God.. Living God's love, justice and peace.. The process of turning away from sin and evil and turning towards God.. Big
5 Major Religions Who does Islam believe in?. What do Islamic people call the month in which they fast during daylight hours?. Where do Jews worship?. What is te law by which Hindus create their destiny through their words thoughts, and Actions?. What is the Judaism holy book called?. Hard
The Book of Mormon Comes Forth we speak to Heavenly Father. second principle of the Gospel. He is our living prophet. the ability to act in the name of God. Our church is named after Him. Hard
Jewish Terms house of worship.. Most sacred text.. not many but one holy one.. Looked at as god, was given the ten commandments.. They worshiped it when Moses was not there.. Big
Sacrament of Healing Read the clues below. Choose the correct word from the word bank to fill in. ______ is prayers or good deeds that make up for our sins.. ____ are what we commit when we disobey God.. During Reconciliation, the ______ acts in Jesus' name and in the name of the Church.. The ________________ are one of many guides God gave us to help us form a right conscience.. _______is the time we tell our sins to the priest.. Big
Shintoism Complete the puzzle below Dramas preformed in mask and costume, associated with Shinto.. 'Male who invites'; primordial male parent god.. A New Religion devoted to human betterment.. A shelf or home altar for the veneration of kami.. The earliest chronicle of Japanese history.. Hard
Attributes of God As the Creator, God sustains and provides for all He has made. God has no beginning and no end.. God has unlimited power, authority and influence. God always uses His knowledge to do exactly what is right. God reaches down and rescues sinners from the penalty of death and hell. Big
Fundamentals of Buddhism Symbolized the feet or footprints of Buddha. Truths about life according to Buddha. When actions lead to consequences. Craving for pleasures. Craving to not experience the world or pain. Hard
The Sacraments The Eucharistic wine is Christ's _______. The sacrament given to those dying or undergoing serious surgery.. Sins should be confessed in _______ and kind.. The Church is considered the ______ of Christ.. This is poured over our head at Baptism.. Hard
The Protestant Reformation A journey to a place associated with someone or something well known or respected. The fiery 'warrior-pope'. Abstaining from marriage and sexual relations. Country where Martin Luther began the reformation. A religious ceremony or act of the Christian Church that is regarded as an outward and visible sign of inward and spiritual divine grace. Hard
Prominent Religions of Southern and Eastern Asia What goes around, comes around. Belief in more than one God. The Enlightened One . Another name for the Eightfold Path (eight rules for conduct). Belief in one God. Hard
Hinduism the preserver. actions done in one body reap consequences in the next body . Holy Book; religious scriptures. the female counter part . the oldest language of hindu and it is a book of hymns . Hard
Southern Baptist Missions In May we emphasis the AZ Baptist Children's offering called . The program Send North America focuses on ___ cities to reach the people for Jesus . In September we focus on mission effort within our state for what is called the . The most important thing to do for missions, missionaries, and the people they reach is. Emphasis for missions across Easter is named after. Big
The Mosaic Law Answer the question or fill in the blank the law exalted Jehovah's _____________.. reminded the Israelite they were _________.. demanded _________ devotion.. means an offering of ascent. The Mosaic Law promoted this over all else.. Big
Fun Facts About Saints Mickey Magone became overwhelmed with _________ and went to confession. The disease that Mary Mazzarello contracted is ______. Laura Vicana died at age _____. Mickey Magone is a ______ saint. At age 12 entered school run by Don Bosco. Hard
Delights in Obedience God's instruction to Saul concerning the Amalekites. You make these when you chose not to obey instructions. Samuel heard sheep make this sound. First king of Israel. Samuel could not find Saul because he had gone to this place. Hard
Buddhist Creation a soul being punished on it's past actions. Siddhartha guatama . language associated with buddhism. the final nirvana- the afterlife. origin of buddhism. Hard
Christian Community Alexis Pastene believes that this makes it possible to live as a disciple of Jesus.. A person sent on a religious mission, especially one sent to promote Christianity in a foreign country.. Ingrid Lopez wants to become a more active member of which church?. We become a ______ _____ ______ actively when we make our confirmation.. The name of the parish in Renca, which received first holy communion.. Big
Buddhism discusses suffering. means enlightened one. Gautama was born into this caste system. founder of Buddhism. to think about pleasant thoughts. Big
The Godhead The Holy Ghost is a what?. The members of the Godhead are all one in what?. Who appeared to the Nephites. The third member of the Godhead. Creator of Earth. Big
Islam One of the holy books is the hadith what is the other. The number of pillars . The founder of Islam. The god of Islam. One group in Islam is the Sunni what is the other. Adult
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