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Business And Work Crossword Puzzles

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Business And Work Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Product Knowledge save for semi annual expenses such as auto insurance or vacation while earning interest.. This account features unlimited transactions with no minimum balance. Avoid the 5.95 monthly maintenance fee by completing 15 debit card transactions per month. Easily add your card to your phone to make checking out at a store a breeze. Just tap your phone to pay.. Lock in your savings with this account. . Same features of Freedom checking while earning dividends . Hard
Fashion small, round brimless hat popularized by Jacqueline Kennedy. Gabrielle is also known as?. Head designer at Alexander Mcqueen. Synthetic Silk made by the same process as viscose. Trendsetting style launched by Dior in 1947 known as the ___ ____. Hard
Supply and Demand goods that are substitutes for what you normally like to buy.. Demand by all consumers of a given good or service.. A list of the quantities supplied at each different price when all other influences on selling plans remain the same.. A situation where quantity supplied is greater than quantity demanded.. Amount of money a company receives by selling its goods.. Big
Business Revision Changes in this could lead to altered working patterns (increased part time/ working until we are older). Another name for the charitable sector. The process of selling off state owned assets into private ownership. These are more specific targets and are used to achieve the overall aims of a business. These usually consist of 2-20 owners. Big
Supply and Demand Demand by all consumers of a given good or service.. A list of the quantities supplied at each different price when all other influences on selling plans remain the same.. A situation where quantity supplied is greater than quantity demanded.. Amount of money a company receives by selling its goods.. When prices are high consumers buy less but when prices are low consumers buy more.. Big
Modern Dental Assisting The normal process of shedding primary teeth. An illness that persists for a long time but is not fatal is considered . Studying under the guidance of one already in the profession . The space between the teeth and the inner mucosal lining of the lips and cheeks. Terminating the dentist-patient relationship without reasonable notice to the patient . Hard
Engineering Disciplines This branch of engineering is concerned with the design and construction of nuclear reactors and devices.. Engineers who have the overall responsibility for designing and supervising construction of ships are called.... This field of engineering has as its object the prevention of accidents. In recent years safety engineering has become a specialty adopted by individuals trained in other branches of engineering. . The application of engineering to the improvement and protection of the environment.. This branch of engineering is concerned with the design, construction, and management of factories in which the essential processes consist of chemical reactions.. Big
What is Engineering? Finds new ways to use existing materials. Design, coordinate productions. Build and analyze troubleshoot aircraft, spacecraft, and space planes . use more technology, less scientific, math knowledge than engineers . Highly trained professionals that solve problems using skills . Hard
Engineering Design Engineering Key Terminology The application of engineering principles to address environmental problems. Deals with the design, development, and research involved in chemical production.. Designs, develops, and tests computer systems.. Design, develop, construct, and evaluate mechanical systems.. Limitations on the design of certain products.. Hard
Community Helpers read the clues and fill in the crossword puzzle puts out fires. protects the town. helps us feel better. heals our pets. keeps our teeth healthy. Young Kids
Engineering Match the words. Design, construct public works projects Control natural resources Surveying and mapping . Design, develop electrical and electronic systems and products . Address environmental problems applying engineering principles. Drawing and design skills, Interpersonal and communication skills. Research, development, design involved in chemical production . Big
Engineering Design, construct public works projects. Design, develop electrical and electronic systems and products. Address environmental problems applying engineering principles. Design tools , Mechanical tools , Communication tools. Analysis of data Algebra Calculus Statistics. Big
Principles of Business Read and answer the questions carefully An item that is willingly accepted in exchange for goods and services.. ____ is an asset used as payment for a loan if the debtor fails to make a regular payment.. Which type of service is goven without person to person contact. Trinidad and Tobago exports Oil and Gas, this type of resource or good used to trade is known as a ___?. a fixed payment made to the bank regularly such as every, month, fortnight, quarterly or yearly is called? . Hard
Database When an entity has more than one field that could be used as a unique identifier this is used. When you are searching for information from a database. Collection of data about a single entity. Attributes of an entity that link to another entity. Collection of data that relates to an entity. Big
Esthetician Used as an exfoliant to promote an increase of collagen and blood flow, improves discoloration of scars. Known as an antibacterial that may help stop the spread of bacteria causing acne. Mostly found in cleansers and exfoliants.. Reduces the amount of acne-causing bacteria and causes the skin to dry and peel. Helps unclog pores and reduces inflammation to treat mild to moderate acne.. Helps shed dead skin cells from the top layer of skin and reduces inflammation.. An antioxidant used to promote collagen production and protects skin cells from UV exposure.. Hard
Occupations the person who puts down fires. the person whocures animals. the person who assists the doctor. the person who runs the school. the person who learns from the teacher. Easy
Sports Med roatation of palms to face upwards. movement towards the feet. increasing the angle between two parts. to the side. movement that decreases the angle between two parts. Big
Business This puzzle is about words or meanings that relate to business. What do you get for doing a job.. A type of management style that gives severe authority . What do you get for doing a job. A person's regular occupation, profession, or trade.. A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.. Very Difficult
Products and Services- Loans Revolving line of credit where the available balance is replenished after payments are made.. Loan provided through Missoula College or Bitterroot College. This loan is up to $3,000 and the first payment is due 60 days after the training. A low credit score is required.. This loan covers tuition and a new computer for students. The loan is up to $9,500 giving $8,000 for tuition and $1,500 for the computer.. A loan offered to students and staff at the University of Montana. An interest-free loan that requires 10% down on the purchase of a two-wheeled self-propelled campus-travel vehicle.. This loan can be used for over drafting with a $4 transfer fee but can also transfer the funds online, with the app, in person or over the phone. Interest is charged on the balance at a daily rate only on the days the balance is carried.. Hard
What is Economics Good ways to organize economic activity.. Any natural resource the Earth provides.. Creative ability of individuals to start new businesses, introduce new products and techniques, and improve management.. Branch of economics that studies decisions of a single individual.. Mental and Physical capacity of workers to produce goods and services.. Big
Contract Law Broad underlying requirement that must be met to form enforceable contract. . An action terminating and offer whereby the offeror decides to withdraw the offer by expressly communicating the revocation to the offeree prior to acceptance. . Triple damages; often awarded in fraud cases. . The transfer of one partyís current rights under a contract to a third party, thereby extinguishing the original partyís rights.. Consideration that is sates in a written contract even though it is not actually exchanged. . Hard
Sources of Finance A business pays for the asset (eg machinery/ a vehicle) in instalments. The business owns the asset once the last instalment has been paid. A business can borrow an agreed amount from a bank and repay the money, usually in instalments, over an agreed time. An agreement with the bank to allow a negative bank balance. When the owner can lose personal possessions for a sole trader's debts. A business sells their unwanted/outdated assets to raise finance. Big
Leadership Traits use the hints to figure out the crossword puzzle Having strength to push through a hard situation,physically or mentally . Another word for reliable or trustworthy.. Having full confidence in someone hoping they don't betray.. What Harry Potter have defeat Voldemort.. To take charge if no one will.. Big
Financial Accounts Revision of Key terms Section of the P&L shows the value of a firmís profit (or loss) before deducting interest payments on loans and taxes on corporate profits.. The compulsory deductions paid to the government as a proportion of a firmís profits.. Debts of a business. The profit from a firmís everyday trading activities. It is calculated by the formula: Sales revenue Ė Cost of goods sold.. A firmís indirect costs of production. Big
Economic Terms Complete the crossword puzzle below using the definitions provided They supply goods and services also know as firms or suppliers.. The item offered for sale. Things which are essential for survival.. Something that someone provides for a customer, services are intangible, they can't be touched and ownership is not transferred.. Is a marketplace where securities, commodities, derivatives and other financial instruments are traded equally and fairly.. Big
Agricultural Machinery a machine for cutting grass or other plants that grow on the ground.. grass mowed and dried before it has flowered, used for feeding animals.. the mechanism for connecting implements to tractors. Also called drawbars. (e.g.: three point ______). performed with great care. in large quantities, not divided into parts.. Big
Structural Engineering Read the clues below and fill in the correct word into the crossword puzzle! Combination of both a simple and inverted truss.. A pulling force produced on an object when a pair of forces move in opposite directions from eachother.. The designing of structures to support or resist structural loads.. A cutting force produced when a pair of forces head into an object but the forces just miss one another.. A horizontal component in a structure that works well with balanced compression. Hard
Zoom Programs Participants in this program will exercise and work on their fitness. Participants in this program will create a visual dictionary and learn some words in French. Participants in this program will watch and discuss documentaries about fitness and the outdoors. Participants in this program will look at superheroes and the traits they posses. Participants in this program will learn about different mythological creatures. Big
Leadership to give a person power. We should follow this. we should be this (starts with L). It is important to have this (starts with i). a leading position in the navy (PO). Big
Economics and Business a strategy used to gain competitve advantage. the unwritten rules of an organisation which are displayed through behaviour of the staff. a new way of doing something. a fee charged by a financial institution when money is borrowed. it is important to ... your legal right to your business' ideas and inventions. Big
Business Law more money made, the higher percentage of taxes will need to be paid. promotes fair competition; prevents false/deceptive advertising. offers value to customers through products and services. method of settling a labor-management disagreement with the assistance of an impartial third party. laws that are written by the legislative branch. Hard
Leadership The cognitive process of reaching a decision. Producing a dep or vivid impression.. A position or posture of the body.. A person in command of a group of people.. A physical likeness of a presentation of a person.. Big
Careers and Trades Officer of the law. Designs and builds things. Makes things with wood. Moves to music. Delivers letters. Big
Real Estate A claim or lien on a parcel of real property.. Lease that has fixed start and end dates. Can be short as in days or as long as 100 yrs. . Property owned by spouses or registered domestic partners, with ROS.. Voluntary use restrictions adopted by homeowners or homeowner associations.. Things that are permanently attached to it. Transferred by Deed. . Very Difficult
Slogans and Taglines Guess these popular brands based on their slogans or taglines. 'Expect More. Pay Less.'. 'Work hard. Have fun. Make history.'. 'Every kiss begins with ___'. 'Think different'. 'The happiest place on earth'. Big
Nursing 101 Please complete the crossword below Master's degree in Nursing in regards to business and management. typically 1 year of nursing study, works under licensed practitioner/nurse. nurse trained to provide critical care for patients in flight. Nurse that works in area that assesses and treats patients in a variety of emergent medical conditions. Master's Degree or Doctorate Degree in Nursing, typically 3-4 years post Bachelor's degree. Big
The Cafe Solve the clues to fill in the crossword the meal you eat at night time. a hot drink. the first meal of the day. the people who eat in the cafe. a brown, fizzy drink. Big
Occupations They put out fires. They provide stores with fresh fruits and vegetables. They cook. They help people who are sick. They star in movies and tv shows. Easy
Photography What is used to protect a camera display from getting scratches. What would you used to stabilise a camera. What can appear on camera lenses if not used for a long time. Where are photos stored on a camera. What protects your camera. Big
Business Goals The terms used to describe business goals associated with sustainability . The largest difference between the total revenue and costs . Part ownership of a company. Total sales x price . Meeting the needs of the population without compromising future generations . Big
Elements and Principles of Design The use of different lines, shapes, textures, colours and other elements of design to create interest in a work of art. A feeling that all of the parts are working together as a team Ė the quality of wholeness. An element of art that refers to the lightness or darkness of a colour. Colours made by mixing a primary with a secondary colour. Also called intermediate colours. Made of only a single colour or hue and its tints and shades. Hard
Cutting Hair Barbering Factors, techniques and heath and safety the name of the moving part of the scissors. another name for trimmers. dispose in a yellow sharps bin. thinning removes this . growth pattern at the back of the head. Big
Agriculture A cattle _____ is busy at all times of the year. . These animals are large ruminant animals with horns and cloven hooves, domesticate for meat or milk production.. A domestic animal that produces eggs.. Agriculture _______ is the most needed thing in the world. . When they say ______ it means there are no chemicals being used. . Big
Program Construction The process of locating and removing bugs from a program.. The state of a program when it is compiled and can be run by any computer. Data structure used by a translator where each identifier is assosciated with relevant information. A piece of software which converts between high-level languages and machine code.. The stage of the compilation process where syntax is checked to ensure it is correct. Hard
Database Systems Relational Databases A key used to link two tables together. A location where large amounts of data is stored. A collection of descriptions of data in a data model. A data structure that improves the speed of data retrival in a relational database. The process of checking a copy of data to ensure it is equal to the original copy. Big
Operating System Mode of operation where data received by the computer is immediately processed. A signal generated by the hardware which halts the normal execution of program instructions. Allows 2 or more users to communicate with the computer at the same time, with each user interacting with the computer sharing resources. What decides the next program to be loaded to memory. Mode of operation where programs are processes one after another. Big
Software Engineering Making sure two programmers don't edit different coppies of a system. List of all that's in memory at certain point in running the program. Automatically lays out the code in the right format. Contains names and description of data items, processes. converts the cource code to machine code. Big
Andrew Carnegie A way to transfer from one place to another in the late 1700's and 1800's. When one moves to a new country permanently. A state in the East. A metal used to make railroads. To protest work conditions. Hard
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