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Hard Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be pretty hard to complete. They are made up of more than 20 words of any size. To view or print a hard crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Elements of Design Art use of big and small elements, black and white text, squares and circles Ex: adds appeal. with radial designs the elements radiate from or swirl around in a circle or spiral path. a chart used to choose colors in desktop publishing publications . an effect applied to be a background or as the fill for an object . powerful but simple method of enhancing a publication .
World History History Roman emperor who divided Rome into two parts.. Huge estates bought by newly wealthy Roman citizens.. Basic unit of the ancient Roman army, made up of around 5,000 soldiers.. Proposed the theory that the Earth was the center of the universe.. Official in ancient Rome who was elected by the plebeians to protect their interests..
Horse Words Animals the body is reddish and its mane and tail are not black but are the same shade or lighter than the body. A female horse over the age of five years.. n American breed characterized by having one or more appaloosa characteristics, such as spots on the coat, mottling, striped hooves, eye whites, etc. Also any type of horse with these characteristics of any breed as a color. . A body covering made for horses that covers the animal's body from chest to rump, usually kept on the horse by buckles at the chest by buckles and by adjustable straps passing under the belly and sometimes around the hind legs. Heavier weight blanket. when a horse moves at about 6 kph, generally with only one foot off the ground at any one time.
Biology Science Someone who studies the heart. Kind and helpful. Someone who cuts hair and trims or shaves beards. An instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure. Something that stops a poison from working.
Tobacco Health Use the word-bank provided to fill in the puzzle below. Process of your body getting used to a drug. You think you need a drug to function normally. A state in which the body needs a drug to function normally . A way the body responds when a dependent person stops using a drug. A form of purswading consumers to try their product.
Earliest Humans Science Please complete the crossword puzzle below. science of mechanical art. the behavior and beliefs of particular manners letter and arts. to tame. ten years. the modern species of humans.
RAMAYANA Literature and Writing Anger - Calm. Distressed - Peaceful. Indestructible - Destructible. Enthusiastic - Apathetic. Boring - Exciting.
Indian river World Geography The name by which Brahmaputra is known in Tibet. Rivers having water throughout the year. The district in which river Indus enters India. The place where river Indus originates. The name by which the jointation of the Ganga and the Brahmaputra is known as.
Indian Drainage System World Geography Other for River Brahmaputra in China.. This river rises in the amarkantak hills.. The headwaters of the River Ganga.. Worlds largest and fastest growing delta.. A river along with its tributaries is called so..
Albert Einstein's Math There are no repeat answers in this puzzle, each hint have its own answer. He passed the ______ and ________ sections of the entrance exam, but failed the rest (history, languages, geography, etc.). Albert _______ school.. He had ______ difficulty as a child.. Albert was inspired by a _______.. Albert Einstein died on _____ 16, 1955..
Science Terms Science the process whereby heat moves from one body or substance to another. metric unit of weight. exactness. the state of being undetermined or unknown. a graph, usually using temperature, pressure, and composition as coordinates, indicating the regions of stability of the various phases of a system .
Pre Islamic Arabia World Geography A natural resource which is key for civilizations to flourish. The cradle of civilization. The desert region in the Peninsula which has the harshest and extreme conditions. The body of water named after a country which lies to the south east of the Arabian Peninsula. A sea which borders the western part of the Arabian Peninsula.
A Glossary of GCSE literary terms Literature and Writing An improbable comedy. Very shocking or dramatic emotional scene. Animals are used in a moral tale or story. The main topic linking ideas. A way for the author to introduce ideas that have happened previously.
Earliest Humans History Please complete the crossword puzzle below Helps to improve your life. The behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular,arts,letters and manners. A period of ten years. The modern species of humans. To tame.
Indian Drainage System World Geography Other for River Brahmaputra in China.. This river rises in the amarkantak hills.. The headwaters of the River Ganga.. The place where Indus River rises.. Most of the fresh water lakes are in this region in India..
Medical Health heredity and DNA. when the cell wilts. two monosaccharides bonded together. different feeders. basic unit of life.
Economy Science Economy based on customs. The value that people bring to the market place. 13 oil exporting nations. The total amount of goods and services produced in a country . Economy where people are free to exchange goods and srevices .
Government Government and Politics Figure out the term described in the statement to complete the puzzle. a political community in a precise territory. the state has supreme and absolute authority within its boundaries. governments make and maintain law without approval from any other authority. nations that are just beginning to developing industrially. the idea that certain people are chosen by god to rule.
SEPSIS Health Need to look for the ___________ of infection before commencing empiric antibiotic therapy. Definition: Increase in WCC,HR,RR,temperature with no infection.. Frequently elevated in sepsis but not diagnostic.. Survival rates for sepsis are much improved with a multidisciplinary____________approach.. Minimum of 2 sets required before starting antibiotic therapy..
Polyatomic Ions Science Contains two carbon atoms, three hydrogen atoms, and two oxygen atoms. Contains carbon and nitrogen. Contains two carbon atoms and four oxygen atoms. Contains oxygen and hydrogen and has a -1 charge. Contains one nitrogen atom and three oxygen atoms.
Science Science It is the build up sediments.. A luminous point in the night sky.. Molten rock that erupts from the volcanoe.. To maintain something in its original or existing state.. Rock that came out of the earth ..
Health Health People & Vocabulary A technique for conditioning behavior in which that behavior is followed by something desired. What theory is also known as the learning theory. According to behavorism, the processes by which responses become linked to particular stimuli and learning takes place. What perspective used by most developmentalists in which they apply aspects of each theories of development. In cognitive theory it is the state of mental balance.
Maths is fun Math This crossword puzzle is made up of many different mathematical terms. A polygon with 10,000 sides.. A side of a right triangle that is considered as the longest side. Two lines that will never meet are called _______ lines. The opposite of any given number,. Any number divided by zero is _______..
Vocabulary Spelling Lists An independent city. An ancient shift from hunting and gathering to the domestication of plants. The feudal system, or its principles and practices. Any fundamental constitution or law guaranteeing rights and liberties. the communities throughout the world that are descended from the historic movement of peoples from Africa .
Sentences Spelling Lists the repetition and arrangement of two key terms in a sentence using the ABBA pattern. . includes several similar rhetorical devices, all involving a grammatically correct linkage of two or more parts of speech by another part of speech. . is an adverb that connects two clauses. repetition of one word. contains two independent clauses.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists powerless; lacking strength.. a complicated network of winding passages.. embarrassement; a complete loss of courage.. barren. whirlpool; turbulence, agitated state of mind..
Plant and Animal Cell Crossword Puzzle Science Fill in the blanks using the descriptions below Does photosynthesis and uses up the sun's rays. Stores nutrients and water for cell. Controls what goes in and out of the cell. Creates proteins that the cell needs. Packages things in Vesicles.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists Use the clues to fill in the puzzle The liberation of nitrogen from nitrogen-containing compounds by bacteria in the soil . The rate at which biomass accumulates in an ecosystem. Bacteria that convert nitrogen into ammonia. One step in a food chain or pyramid. An organism that is able to make its own food.
Fahrenheit 451 Literature and Writing in a routine manner. certainty, confidence. a language specialist. delicate, ornamental work made from twisted wire of gold or silver. excess words; wordiness.
Geometry Math common endpoint of two rays. location. two angles created by intersecting lines who share only a common endpoint. angle measures exactly 90. two or more objects on the same plane.
Language Vocabulary Spelling Lists short dedication written in a book,coin, or monument. papers with writting that will be read and acted out. ordinary, dull, without variation. disturb. to fling or hurl forcefully.
Take the Sepsis Health All answers are related with sepsis marker of tissue hypoperfusion. Systemic inflammatory response syndrome. The other determinant of cardiac output. Low urine output. term for low blood pressure.
Science Science Atoms of the same element with different numbers of neutrons. Subatomic particle in the nucleus that has no charge.. Electrons occupy a particular _____ _____ around the nucleus.. The sharing of electrons between two non-metal elements. Combinations of substances which result in one or more new substances..
Medical Terms Health dull continuous pain. porous condition of the bone. pertaining to the heart. elevated lipid level in the blood. no known allergies.
Psychology Cross Word Science The impact of environmental that influences an individual. Thought psychoanalysis emphasized the role of unconscious conflicts in determining behavior and personality. A German physiologist that applied experimental methods to the study of fundamental or auditory stimuli . Complex conscious experiences that are broken down into elemental structures. or components part of sensations and feelings. The first American woman to earn a PhD in Psychology as well as the second woman to be elected president of the APA.
Mother / Baby Health babys first stool. 1/3 of pregnancy. removal of the male foreskin. yellow pigment derived from hemoglobin release with the breakdown of RBCs. morphine injected into the spinal fluid, keeps pt pain free for 24 hours.
THE GEOMETRY THINGY :D Math DO IT acute angel . point. graph. ray segment. adjacent angel .
Science vocabulary Science Contamination of air by smoke and harmful gases. precipitation(rain) containing relatively high concentrations of acid-forming chemicals. the gaseous envelope surrounding the earth; the air.. a colorless, odorless, incombustible gas, CO 2 . the air we breathe to survive.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists faint,shy. pointless.unappropriate. unconfident,doubtful. affected,passionate. humor,twist.
rivers, lakes, islands. World Geography down by south cape. by the cape foulwind. near the secretary island. near the kaioura ranges. by ophir.
water works World Geography near banks penintula. near puysegur point. near wanganui. a river near hokianga harbour. south island.
Science Science electrical charge of the nucleus. tiny particles that make up matter. this is equal to the number of protons and neutrons in an atom. neutrally charged atomic particle. atoms wtih extra electrons have a __ charge.
Science Science Atoms of the same element with different numbers of neutrons. Subatomic particle in the nucleus that has no charge.. Electrons occupy a particular _____ _____ around the nucleus.. The sharing of electrons between two non-metal elements. Combinations of substances which result in one or more new substances..
The Blood, Lymphatic, and Immune System Medical Terms Body Process of blood clotting. A circumscribed mass of tissue . Decreased number of red blood cells . Immune reaction directed against a person's own tissue . Protected from an infectious disease .
Science Science the quality of matter that resists a change in motion. the idea that a prediction can be proven wrong.. an outside agent that acts to change a bodies motion. change in position divided by the time required to make the change.. describes the force betweeen two objects in contact with each other that are moving or attempting to move relative to each other.
Root Words Spelling Lists RV. compose. hit the books. h20. eyeball.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists tentative,hesitant. unneccssary,insignificant. doubtful,self-conscious. affectionate,passionate. critcism,conttempt.
Criminal Justice Society The authority to make a decision between two or more choices. The discipline of determining good and evil and defining moral duties. Statements of contingent demand known as if-then statements. Situations in which it is difficult to make a decision, either because the right course of action is not clear or the right course of action carries some negative consequences. Approaches to behavior proposing that individuals have normal growth phases in areas such as morality and emotional maturity.
spelling words Spelling Lists A low supply of.. What you do when you exercise.. Grass is ____________ green.. Excitement, enthusiasm .. A drug inside of a plant..
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