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Hard Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be pretty hard to complete. They are made up of more than 20 words of any size. To view or print a hard crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Sounder Movies Where the prisoners work. A plant that heals. What the dynamite does to the dad. How the sherrif transports his dad. What the boy finds in the town garbage.
College Mascots Sports Minnesota. Longhorns. Oklahoma State. Iowa State. Oklahoma.
Fossils and Volcanoes Earth Sciences made up of rock fragments less than 2 mm in diameter. fossils of organisms that were common, lived in many areas and existed only during specific spans of time. magma that has reached Earth's surface. a rapid downhill movement of rock and soil. fossils that are the actual bodies or body parts of organisms .
Explorers History Read these hints to fill in this crossword Jacques came across the..... Jacques Cartier took chief......sons to France.. Samuel de Champlain published....books. Champlain....with the wingdat. Cartier died at the age of.........
Sports and Hobbies Sports I need a bike for this sport. This Olympic sport includes floor exercises, pommel vaulting, balance beam and parallel bars . In this game you can only use your feet or your head (unless you are the goalie!). Looking after the trees and plants around your house or elsewhere. This is the Japanese art of paper folding.
Name that Christmas Song Music What ____ is This. Same Old Lang ___. ___ in a Manger. Silent ____. ___ Bell Rock.
Microbiology Biology Complete the crossword below One celled prokaryotes, some of which can cause disease . The way disease is spread . The ability of bacteria and other microorganism to resist the effects of an antibiotic . A process of reproduction that involves 1 parent and produces a genetically identical offspring . A disease that spreads around the world .
Maverick Mania Books Use The Clues To Help You Find The Answers. The boat that sunk. Used to follow Charlie. Calebs only escape . Fake dad. Star player on team Maverick.
The Structure Of The Atom Physics The charge of a proton. Another name for an unstable atom. The man who created the idea of the electron. The neutral particle in an atom. The charge of an electron.
Winter Solstice 2016 Other After completing, unscramble circled letters for next clue these pull the Hogwarts carriages. Triangle with two equal sides and angles. Project Runway motto. Lane's band. his tatoo means 'be true to who you are'.
Animals of Africa Animals Thousands of spines protect the ___from predators. The____ is a small mammal with sharp spines that cover the animals back and sides. . The_____can be found throughout the northern and southern savanna. It has big horns that start on the middle of its and down to its ears than curve up.. ____are the most common forest antelopes. ____are small antelopes that inhabit the forest or dense bush lands.. The____ color pattern will remind you of a cheetah. The____has the longest legs of all cat's.. ____are the worlds biggest land mammal. The____have a grayish skin tone..
Tropical Rainforest Biome World Geography Vocabulary & Definitions An evergreen forest with abundant rainfall and a warm, humid climate located between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn . Rainfall not absorbed by soil. The layer of the forest formed by the crown of tall trees, often 65-100 feet (20- 30 meters) tall. An animal that lives in, or is adapted to living in trees. An animal without a backbone.
Southwest Asian Civilizations World Geography Complete the crossword below. the religion of the Israelites of the Bible and of the Jews today. a house of worship and communal center of a Jewish congregation. the belief in many gods. the belief in one god. soldiers marching on foot.
Solar system Astronomy huge, made up mostly of gases, no solid surface, small cores, many rings describe this. Earth's home galaxy, looks like a faint band of _____________.. billions of stars, gas and DUST.. type of galaxy with no particular shape, stars are RANDOMLY SCATTERED. largest stars are usually the ___________..
Maths Math Find the missing maths vocabulary 1000 grams. the measurement of liquid. Explaining your methods. Changing unit of measurement. the number you divide by.
The Age of Innovation and Industry History Figure out the word using the hint, and then try to find the word in the Crossword! a corporate expansion strategy that involves controlling each step in the production and distribution of a product, from acquiring raw materials to manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. the idea that the free market, through supply and demand, will regulate itself if government does not interfere. Flip card trusta set of companies managed by a small group known as trustees, who can prevent companies in the trust from competing with each other. a bold, ambitious person who establishes a new business. an economic system in which factories, equipment, and other means of production are privately owned rather than controlled by government.
Baby By Patricia Maclachlan Books By Patricia Maclachlan sophie learned ' Rock, Paper, ________________. Ms.Minifred gave ozzie a _____________ look when he snorted. Larkins mom was _____________ when her son died. Larkins Brothers Name is. Larkins mom only pays attention to _____________.
All about Rhode Island World Geography Founder of Providence, the first colonial settlement in Rhode Island. The Rhode Island State House has the 4th largest of these in the world!. Rhode Island's state motto. A letter signed by many people in support of, or in opposition to, a proposed law. Someone who represents you in Congress or the General Assembly.
Slogans Business and Work The best a man can get. This is how you ____. I'm lovin' it. Tastes so good, cats ask for it by name. The king of beers.
French Christmas Christmas Translate the English word or phrase into French Saint Nicolas. Merry Christmas. Christmas decoration. Christmas toy. Christmas eve.
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Books Complete the crossword below Marguerite's brother . Mr.______ sexually abused Marguerite . Bailey's first love . Mrs.____changed Marguerite's name. Johnson children's method of travel to Stamps.
Book Scavenger Books By Jennifer Chambliss Bertman a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations.. close familiarity or friendship; closeness.. so lost in thought that one does not realize what one is doing, what is happening, etc.; preoccupied to the extent of being unaware of one's immediate surroundings. a person one knows slightly, but who is not a close friend.. miscellaneous articles, especially the equipment needed for a particular activity.
Southwest Asia/North Africa World Geography In 1900 B.C., _____ developed as a religion.. These regions are considered _____ _____ because such things as religion, use of tools and weapons, organized social structures, etc. of agriculture started and spread from these areas.. In 1948 A.D., the state of _____ was founded.. In 638 A.D., the _____ conquered Jerusalem.. The type of person who believes Jesus was a prophet..
Minerals Geology Complete the puzzle using the clues below. refers to compounds that do not contain carbon, and not consisting of or deriving from living matter.. the tendency of a mineral to break along flat planar surfaces as determined by the structure of its crystal lattice. true color of the mineral in powdered form. refers to the arrangement, type, and ratio of atoms in molecules of chemical substances.. characteristic of a mineral that gives a distinctive scent if moistened, heated, breathed upon or rubbed..
Doctor Who Television General Knowledge Planet of the Time Lords. Monster that you forget. Has lived billions of years. The planet of the 'original' Cybermen. Galatic police.
International Nativity Religion on December 27th they have Carnavale. Christmas goes from the beginning of September to the Baptism of Jesus. the main meal usually consists of lechon asado and arroz con gandules. they have had a Santa Claus parade since 1913, eat a meal with pigs' feet. early Christmas morning girls go collect 'strong water'.
Musical Music a repeated rhythmic phrase, typically one shouted or sung in unison by a crowd.. a piece or a section of a piece played or sung by a single performer.. a piece of music used for this ceremony or in any other context honoring those who have died.. a separate composition or set of compositions by a particular composer, usually ordered by date of publication.. a series of eight notes occupying the interval between (and including) two notes, one having twice or half the frequency of vibration of the other..
A Look Back on 2016 History RIP Snape. nominated for 9 Grammys . Michael Phelps makes new records. It finally came out. According to Wikipedia, it is the dance move that 'resembles sneezing'.
Imperialism Government and Politics Game of the week! a crop produced for its commercial value rather than for use by the grower.. a policy proposed by the US in 1899,under which all nations would have equal opportunities to trade in China. . an 1854 agreement between the US and Japan, which opened 2 japanese ports to US ships and allowed the US to set up an embassy in Japan.. Has it's own internal government, but under control of another country. a 1900 revolt in China, aimed at ending foreign influence in the country. .
Geology Geology growing roots widen fractures . hot molten or semifluid rock erupted from a volcano or fissure, or solid rock resulting from cooling of this.. when a block of dedrock breaks free and fall or bounces down a diff . that remove soil, rock, or dissolved material from one location on the Earth's crust, then transport it away to another location.. any of a group of minerals that occur as minute sheetlike or fibrous crystals in clay. They are all hydrated aluminosilicates having layered crystal structures..
Medical Specialists Business and Work Diagnoses & treats eye defects, injuries & diseases . Diagnoses & treats disorders & diseases of the internal structures of the body. Diagnoses & treats heart diseases. Diagnoses & treats diseases & disorders of the nervous system . Diagnoses & treats cancers & tumors.
African Animals Animals Use the clues to solve the Crossword below. The ______ is one of the largest monkeys on earth. They come in five species: Chacma, Guinea, Hamadryas, Olive, and Yellow.. The ____ _________ is the largest reptile in the world, second only to its saltwater cousin. They carry their babies, once hatched, safely away from monitor lizards to water - in their mouths.. The _______ is a small mammal that lives in colonies. They can survive dangerous scorpion stings, but must watch out for eagles.. The large ________ is the largest land animal alive today. They have large teeth sticking out of their mouths, and big ears.. The ____ is often referred to as “the King of the Jungle,” even though it lives on the savannah. They are the only big cats with large masses of fur around their necks..
Muscles Body / elevates mandible. / rotates arm laterally. / tenses abdominal wall and compresses abdominal contents, flexes vertebral column. / tenses abdominal wall and compresses abdominal contents. / flexes leg and thigh/ abducts and rotates thigh laterally.
Song Titles from the 1940's Music fill in the missing word Swinging on a ____. I'll Never ____Again. I'll be ____You. Mule ____. Stormy ____.
Arkansas History World Geography Alternate Designation of the 7th Regiment, Arkansas State Troops.. Place where the operations on ___, for the battle of Saint Charles.. Senator of Arkansas through the years 1862-1864. Last name of Johnson.. Last name of the commander who commanded “Walker’s Regiment”.. Arkansas’s first volunteer soldiers served in this unit. .
Reform Movement History It was the first national women's rights convention and a pivotal event in the continuing story of the U.S. and women's rights.. American abolitionist and writer, he escaped slavery and became a leading African American spokesman and writer.. Abolitionist widespread newspaper. Rights activist on behalf of mentally ill patients - created first wave of US mental asylums. Document listed the grievances of women & their need for social & political equality..
The Making of Modern Britain World Geography Revision themes First Labour Prime Minister after WW2. Churchill's original political party. Nickname of Macmillan. Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer who introduced prescription charges in 1951. Churchill's successor as Prime Minister.
Football Sports a ball one downs deliberately behind one's own goal line or that is kicked through one's end zone. It is taken to the 25-yard line to resume play. a defensive back who normally is positioned well behind the line of scrimmage. a player positioned behind the center who directs a team's offensive play. one of a series of marks made along parallel lines that delineate the middle of the field, used to spot the ball after a play ends outside these lines. National Football League.
DNA Body a genetic locus useful for determining gender. a repeating unit of DNA consisting of one of four bases - adenine, guanine, cytosine, or thymine -- attached to a phosphate-sugar group. the order of bases on all twenty-three pairs of human chromosomes. a region of a chromosome that contains multiple copies of a core DNA sequence . a threadlike structure in the cell nucleus, along which the genes are located.
Parts of Speech Literature and Writing To review for your final exam, complete the following crossword puzzle. Words that name persons, places, or things, including words that name emotions and ideas, are ____________.. Transitive or intransitive verb? The kiwi lays enormous eggs.. Lemon Brown's legs were covered with rages that were held on with ____________.. In a story, the first part introduces the characters. It is called the _____________. . 'Don't mention Paw-paw's feet,' Stacy's mother warns. 'She's ___________ about them.'.
SW Asia and N Africa World Geography desert located in North Africa. religion that revolves around study and the observance of God's law written in the Torah and expounded in the Talmud. place where culture began and started. arabic word meaning 'struggle for reform'. a leader chosen by God.
The 1920's Decade History Broadcasting system. Sport played by Babe Ruth. Fear of Communism . Women cosmetics. Opposition to Immigration.
World War 2 History Use the clues given below to help you fill in the boxes The Canadians were assigned the job of kicking the NAZI’s out of _______ , later on May 5th, 1945, the NAZI’s surrendered. D-Day is best known as the largest __________ attack in human history?. Where did the miracle take place when more than 300,000 allied troops were rescued?. What was the fighting strategy the Canadians used to defeat the NAZIs and captured Ortona on December 28th?. Who is the leader of Germany and the NAZI party?.
Byzantine History A religious split. What the Byzantines had to defend their capital against attacks-very secret. This makes up most of the Arabian Peninsula. Muhammad was a ______ at the age of 7. . Muhammad said a _____ came to him to preach about one true god. .
Post-War World 1945 to present History Polish independence movement. Ike's retreat. fruit dipped in chocolate sauce. U.S. city; site of The Arch. fast food original; 15 cent hamburg.
The Great Fire Books Solve having a harmful effect. when someone or something abort. when something or someone scatter . a period of 2 weeks . something plentful.
Bones Body helps stabilize the patella, responsible for essential movements in the leg. protect the inner organs and assist in the breathing process. helps flex the hip. the largest muscles in the upper arm. main function is to support the arm and move the scapula.
The Jealous Ghost Books answer the questions and fill in the squares Tom asked John to _____ him.. Tom convinced the spirit to stop _____ him.. Klaus ____ Emily instead of protecting her.. Touching the ghost made it _____.. Klaus was Emily's old _____..
Civil War Arkansas History History A flag identifying the men who fought on one side.. To pretend to attack somewhere, but it is happening somewhere else.. It is a small fight.. To formally approve.. To go for an attack..
Motor Development Body program that provides certain types of play that are believed to be essential for development but are not readily available at home . period in which we produce movement via an impulse from the higher brain centers. one of America's fastest growing sports. most widely accepted assessment procedure for determining stage of maturation. majority of people who are coaching youth sports, they lack the necessary preparation to coach.
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