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Hard Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be pretty hard to complete. They are made up of more than 20 words of any size. To view or print a hard crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Physical Science Science the movement of warm liquids or gases to cooler areas. the point at which a lever rests in moving or lifting an object. a poor conductor, material through which heat of electric charge does not flow. anything that has mass and occupies space. the flow of electric charge through material.
Antigone Entertainment Those who have boastful tongues anger him. Considered a traitor to Thebes. Blind prophet. Seven captains at seven gates. Place where souls are meant to go.
Science Science movement of energy from one source to another. measures volume. the season when earth is tilted towards sun. copper is a good example of this. energy by position.
Geometry Math A line that intersects a circle in exactly one point.. All sides congruent.. The distance around a circle.. A repeating pattern of figures with no gaps or overlaps.. Type of arc that is bigger then half a circle..
Health Health a developmental disorder of children marked by impaired communication and emotional detachment. bringing to an end; the state of experiencing and emotional conclusion to a tragic event. to not give up; to continue on. troubled emotionally or mentally. doing something tactfully/skillfully.
Middle Ages History organized branch of Christianity. What period do you have this class. King of England that had six wives. The art of negotiating with other countries. Monk that wrote the 95 Theses.
Age of Exploration History led by him the Portuguese defeated the Muslims. most important/main reason. smaller & faster ships designed by the Portuguese . a settlement of people living in a new territory controlled by their home country. territory that belonged to Spain before it's people became Protestant.
The Point of Your Anointing Religion Comes only with the Holy Spirit. Never anointed with oil. Anointed and carried the _______ of the oil.. Anointing flows out of Christ's anointing. Were anointed for service.
Psychology Mental Health Antabuse is considered _______ therapy. Stage of change when an individual commits and makes plans to change. Consistent parenting is a _______ factor for drug use. Prevention approach often led by police officers. Most likey causal argument for marijuana as a gateway substance.
Algebra Math The set that contains all of the elements of two or more sets. Any trinomial of the form a2+2ab+b2. The sum and the difference of the same two terms. The counting numbers. To prove somethings true.
Constellations Science Identify the constellations of our galaxy by their translations. The Twins. The Water Bearer. The Maiden. The Fishes. The Lesser Bear.
Nothing But The Truth Business and Work refer to for information. desire to set and meet goals. overtook, pardon. faithful. strong dislike.
Math Math A combination of a whole number and a fraction.. The average of a set of numbers.. The perimeter of a circle.. Any shape with 3 sides.. The point where a line crosses the x or y-axis..
Fiber Design Business and Work visualize the color. area in positive space. repeating of similar elements. combining elements of design in composition. can see it and feel it.
Geometry Math is Opposite over Adjacent . Circles with the same center are ______________ circles. The difference between the highest and the lowest numbers in a set of numbers. is Opposite over Hypotenuse. or average, of a set of numbers is found by dividing the sum of the numbers by the amount of numbers added.
Theoretical Experimental Probability Math Highly likely to occur.. The relation between two similar magnitudes with respect to the number of times the first contains the second.. To look forward to. . A possibility or probability of anything happening.. Attempt; test.
Ecosystem Science what is the natural enviornment which a living thing gets all it need to live? . what is an animal that other animals hunt and eat called?. what is it called when you eat both plants animals?. what is a group of living things that are closely related that they can breed with one other called?. what is the process of formation of growth called?.
Human Body Body the bone that covers the brain. the part that takes solid and liquid food into the body. the body system that changes food into fuel. the organ that gives food to the blood. the muscle that covers the back of the lower leg.
Middle Ages History This area of court was supposed to seek out and punish people suspected of heresy. Raiders from Scandinavia. Frankish leader who defeated Muslims at the Battle of Tours. The eastern half of the Roman Empire. Pepin's son; Frankish king.
Canada's Changing Population World Geography Inuit language. the province or territory in Canada that has the widest base (youngest population) in its population pyramid. this category is the only way for young children to enter Canada as immigrants. this is an indicator of how quickly a population will grow. number of children born in a year, for every 1000 habitants .
Textiles Business and Work A permanent colour print, works on polymers or synthetic fabrics.. A type of printing used on T-shirts or small runs.. When fibres are mixed together.. The smallest part of a fabric.. Reacts to light.
History of Fashion Business and Work created and introduced in the mid-1930s. Published the first swimsuit issue. This type of heel was invented in the 1950s. popular silhouette in the 18th century. Women won the right to do this in the 1920s.
Movements of the Ocean World Geography lowest point between 2 wave crests. surge of water that rushes upstream in a river as a tide rises. distance that wind can blow across open water. stream like movement of water on or near the surface of the ocean. difference between the levels of the high and low tides at a specific location.
Geometry Math has only 2 equal sides. a tool used to measure angles. a 7 sided figure. an angle larger than 90 degrees but smaller than 180 degrees. has 3 unequal sides.
Speak Entertainment A holiday gone wrong.. The art teacher.. Title of the book.. This girl went to prom with Andy.. Who is in detention when Mel attends? .
Virginia Colony World Geography Indian tribe Pocahontas was from and the tribe they traded with. First English settlement named after King James. Established the Virginia colony of Roanoke Island and introduced tobacco to Europe. Original destination of English settlers that wasn't able to be reached due to storms. When all the colonists ran out of food and many died.
US Expansion History With President Thomas Jefferson’s expeditions and research what happened to the United States?. What would Jefferson gain from this expedition?. What did Sacagawea represent for Lewis, Clark, and the expedition? . Clark and Lewis never gave up and made a lot of accomplishments. They can be described as what?. What was Thomas Jefferson elected to be in 1800? .
Kony Other United Holy Salvation Army (Abbreviation).. What country was Kony born in?. Kony has approximately 88 of these.. Kony's older brother's name.. In 1986, what kind of a group did Kony become the leader of?.
The Scarlet Letter Books not capable of being discerned by the senses or mind. repay. anticipated and disposed of effectively. evil fame or reputation. pleas; petitions; requests.
Positioning the Patient Health In the Perioperative Setting When patient is lying on the right side, the position is____________________ . A modification of supine position . Must not _____________ or place instruments on patient . Patient's ankles should be _________________ when in supine position . Patient must not be left _____________________ at any time .
Island of the Blue Dolphins Entertainment a part of any whole, either separated from or integrated with it. a course of travel or passage, especially a long journey by water to a distant place. a formal and authoritative order, especially one having the force of law. a large bundle of goods tightly tied for stoarage or shipping. large in size.
Botany Science a plant which develops from a seed and produces new seeds in a single growing season. tissue which carries water and nutrients up from the roots through the stem to the leaves. the study of plants. the family which includes apples, cherries, plums, and strawberries. anything that forms from the ovary of a flower.
Geography World Geography Fine grained mineral rich loam, dust or silt deposited by the wind.. The world of plants, animals, and other living things that occupy the land and waters of the planet.. The process by which the actual chemical structure of the rock is changed, usually when water and carbon dioxide cause a breakdown of the rock.. The actual breaking up or physical weakening of rock by forces such as ice and roots.. The water in oceans, lakes, rivers and water under the ground..
Human Skeletal System Body Prevents the bones rubbing together in the joint. Type of joint in the elbow. Bone making up the lower jaw. Type of joint in the neck. Last four fused verterbrae.
Custodial Chemicals Business and Work Disinfectant. Pool Shock. Sanitizer. Mop bucker solution. Laundry detergent.
Geography World Geography A temperate grassland characterized by a great variety of grasses.. A layer of soil just below the Earth’s surface that stays permanently frozen.. Either of the two times a year when the sun appears directly overhead at the tropics of cancer and Capricorn.. The term used for the weather patterns that an area typically experiences over a long period of time.. The boundary between two masses of air that vary in temperature and density..
Forever Entertainment The Wolves of Mercy Falls symbol for love. the sound a wolf gives when in pain. the season that is hot and wont allow people to change into wolves. when you want to marry someone you feel in what with them. when youe house is not clean its called.
Living Organisms In The Environment Science All living things, even the smallest bacteria, have _______. (10). Organ systems functioning together make up a living _______. (8). Each organism lives in a specialized regional environment within the ecosystem known as the____. (7). The parts of Earth inhabited by living organisms. (9). Living things ______ .(7).
Hannah's Prayer Bible a reply to a request or question.. The woman who prayed for a child.. When Hannah was in the temple, she did this.. Hannah's husband.. This means a woman cannot have children..
Epaphroditus and the Shunammite Bible He was a prophet.. Where Epaphroditus went to care for Paul.. Those who care for us and help us are called our - - - - - - -.. Paul wrote these to the churches.. Paul was a helper to all these in the N. Testament..
THE RIPPER'S KILLER Books JACK'S ABOUT. GET ALL THE CLUES RIGHT OR YOU COULD BE NEXT! The police commissioner who ordered graffiti evidence to be destroyed. Nickname of John Pizer, first police suspect. The street where Annie Nicholl's body was found. This unusually happened on the night of Sunday 30th September 1888. The police unsuccessfully tried using these animals to hunt down the killer.
Business Law Business and Work Protects individual citizens rights to be secure in their 'persons, houses, papers, and effects'. Principle that the government must respect all legal rights owed to a person. Legal authority that a court must have before hearing a case. Established under Article I of the Constitution. System in which a national government coexists.
Nutrition & Digestion Health Fingure like projections in the inner surface of small intestine.. Bile juice helps in the digestion of ___________ present in the food.. A pigment other than chlorophyll which can absorb sunlight.. Last part of the large intestine.. Getting rid of undigested food..
General Psychology Mental Health ___________environment consists of the fluids that surrounds the cell and influence their growth and development.. Three to six year old is known as _____________.. These are called XY zygote. _______________. To the philosophers, psychology is the study of the ____________.. These are called XX zygote. _______________.
WATCHES Other Men's - Ultimate dress watch; Roman numeral markers on a textured dial with 5-link bracelet.. Women's - Classic timepiece with sparkling crystals, bold Roman numerals, and mother-of-pearl dial. Men's - Roman numeral marker and dual-recess layered detail on the dial; classic watch that is always in style.. Men's -Mid-size dress watch inspired by 50's and 60's, Roman numeral markers and domed crystal.. Women's - Chronograph with ovesized dial, slim indexes and satin dial finish; new twist on men's military-inspired Nate..
Knit In Crossword Puzzle 2012 Entertainment Complete the puzzle and give your entry to staff to be in the draw to win a prize Yarn from a merino (4). The stitch you learn first (4). Stitches on one needle (3). Use one hooked needle to? (7). A pair of knitting ___________ (7).
Statistics Math shows the frequency of data that is in equal intervals . the number of times a value of data occurs . rearrangement of objects into distinguishable sequences. Order of occurrence of object is important . visual representation of a set of values in relation to another set . term which refers to how far the average statistic lies from a parameter it is estimating,that is,the error which arises when estimating a quantity .
Basic Electricity Science The amount of complete cycles occurring in one second of time for a periodic wave. . the maximum value of a periodic wave. a shorter way to write repeated multiplication of the same number by itself. The unit of measurement for the inductance of an inductor.. a material having 5 to 8 valence electrons that strongly opposes the current flow. .
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