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Hard Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be pretty hard to complete. They are made up of more than 20 words of any size. To view or print a hard crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
A Ticket Around the World Books A small country in Central America. One of the most visited museums in the world. Brazilian soccer. means 'hello' in Setswana. The only country in the world that covers a whole continent.
The Russian Federation History within the boundaries of Odessa to St. Petersburg to Irkutsk . 4,000-6,000 feet in elevation . An arm of the North Pacific Ocean enclosed by the Kamchatka Penisula. fertile black soil. youngest leader to rule USSR in 6 decades .
Work and Simple Machines Other examples of this= scissors; scenario with highest MA. the number of times a machines multiplies the effort force. two or more simple machines. lever, wedge, wheel and axle, pulley, screw, inclined plane. makes work easier. (change direction, increase force, incease distance force is applied).
Latin America World Geography He defeated the Azrecs.. He called for a rebellion against Spain.. An island that is made of the countries of Haiti on the west and the Dominican Republic on the east.. Descendants of Europeans and Native Americans.. The government owns or controls most farms and businesses in this type of economy..
Canada World Geography What season covers most of Canada?. Only baseball team in Canada right now that plays in MLB. sport on ice that is Canada's favorite. Name one official language of Canada. What is the anthem of Canada.
Water Cycle Earth Sciences Solve using the hints, use every word once getting rid of liquid waste. Legislation that strengthened the health standards for drinking water and protects water sources from pollution. a scientist who tests the water we drink.. water that cannot be absorbed into the ground. The contamination of water by the discharge of harmful substances..
Ehrlich Skeletal System Body Match the definition partial displacement of bone from the joint. disease with abnormal breakdown of bone tissue followed by abnormal bone formation. arthritis of the joints between the vertebrae. vertebrae, vertebral column, backbone. large circular cavity in each side of the pelvis (hip socket).
Puzzle Mania Entertainment Fill in the boxes of the crossword puzzle according to the hints that are given. having or showing a desire to cause harm to someone. calm and peaceful. brief and to the point. the state or quality of being tedious or boring. to make someone less angry or hostile.
The Material World Other Read the definitions and complete the crossword below An economy that is more industrialized than agricultural. An economy that is more agricultural than industrialized. The average age a person can expect to live . A country's total income divided by its population. An economy in the process of becoming industrialized .
Sports Marketing Business and Work Chapter 4 Vocabulary block of time when the largest number of viewers are watching TV. shared history, beliefs, customs and traditions of a group of people. the governing authority of the Olympics. satisfying the needs of several generations of a family. theft of copyrighted material.
The Rise of Rome History Who was the greatest practitioner of satire?. What is a military formation, made up of 3-5 thousand, divided into groups of 100. What is the name of the epic poem about the founding of Rome by refugees from the burning city of Troy?. What language makes up more than 50% of the words in Rome?. What is the most lasting part of the 46th century Ro.
The 7 Year War History The British government passed it, it gave the French many of their rights back, the Quebec ___ 1774. The French built it, it is big, the Brits didn't like it. A type of fighting, uses small groups of soldiers, and uses the element of surprise. New leader, arrived in 1756, experienced military commander, the first letter of all the words in his name. It was built in 1754, there is a sketch of it on page 78, the battle for Fort _______.
China World Geography Fill in the blanks below A vast desert that covers parts of Mongolia and China. Where monks meditated and worshiped . She added more officials to the government. Made of fine clay and baked at higher temperatures. Where poets and artists lived and worked.
Tooth Tracing Books pumps blood through the pulmonary valve & through the pulmonary artery. recieves blood from the left atrium & pumps it into the aorta. is the vessel transporting de-oxygenated blood from the right ventricle to the lungs.. helps get rid of cO2 when we breath out. supplies blood to the brain.
Geography of Mexico World Geography damp. sources of energy. mountain range on the west coast of Mexico. largest lowland in Mexico. suitable for growing crops.
Cell Membrane Terms Biology A form of active transport in which cells transport molecules outside of the cell. Contraction of the cell membrane of a plant or animal cell as a result of loss of water from the cell. A state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced with particles still moving in and out of the cell, but at an equal rate. The process of particles, or solutes moving though a solution from an area with more particles to an area with less particles. The movement of materials across the cell membrane without using cellular energy.
Anatomy of the Auditory System Body what is the largest part of the ossicles? . how is the basilar membrane organized? . located in the petrous portion of the temporal bone . what part of the stapes articulates with lenticular process of incus?. the _____ is divided into 2 cavity systems .
Founders' Son Books The place that the president and first lady's family live during the presidency. Formal end to slavery. Most common weapon at the time. Gave each state 30,000 acres. When Lincoln died.
Rain Reign Books the town where Rain's real owners lived. the school Rose attends. Rose's uncle. a girl from Rose's school who becomes friends with Rose. Rain's real owners.
Astronomy Astronomy a small, white, hot star that glows from leftover heat. the amount of energy and noise produced by an energy wave. the process of fusing atoms together under extreme heat, by smashing them into each other at extreme speeds. large clouds of gas and dust where stars are formed. characteristics include shorter wavelength, higher energy, and higher temperature.
Cryptography Other the method of cryptography known as the Caesar Shift Cipher.. object used by Greek about cryptography . what concerns converting messages into unreadable groups of figures. people that utilizes the idea that certain letters are repeated more often than others in a language. a type of cipher, as the Caesar Shift Cipher.
Ironman Movies Complete the Crossword swimming,bicycling and running. What did Mr.Nak ask them to bring to the Valentines reunion?. what type of car did Bo's mom have?. Where is Mr.Nak leaving to?. What was Bo's graduation gift from his dad?.
The Shack Books Give both the key and the answers Seeming unaffected by pleasure, pain, or emotions.. He is the main character of the novel 'The Shack'. He portrays himself as a caring and brave father. He was abused as a child by his father which resulted in his having a traumatic life. The death of his daughter Missy brings him great grief. This character is displayed as a black woman, Mackenzie feels comfort and love from her because she tells him that he should let out all his feelings as it does the soul good.. This character is depicted as an Asian woman who assists Mackenzie in reaching enlightenment. To merge or bring different things together.
Bud, Not Buddy Books dearly loved
. having the temperament or inclination for. learn by heart. put up with something or somebody unpleasant. to push against gently.
The Willis Clan Music 5th Kid . Another type of dance they perform. The state they live in . One type of dance they perform. 7th Kid.
Imperialism in Africa Other A country or a territory with its own internal government but under the control of an outside power.. A South African tribe that placed an emphasis on military organization and skill. . A person sent to promote Christianity in a foreign country. . A country or a territory governed internally by a foreign power. . The development of industries for the machine production of goods..
Social Class in Canada World Geography work that generates both income and prestige. . people with newly acquired wealth. . social class that represents 3–5% of the population. . low income cut off. . _______ of poverty- the trend of women making up an increasing proportion of the poor..
Geometry Math A line that intersects two or more lines in different points.S. Points that do not lie on the same line.. A pair of nonadjacent angles formed by two intersecting lines.. Lines that intersect to form right angles.. Lines that lie in the same plane (coplanar) and that never intersect..
The Nationalist Movement In Indo-China World Geography Phan Boi Chau met the Chinese reformer_________ in Yokohama in 1905.. which imerialist power dominated vietnam. he founder of Hoa Hao was a man called ___________________. the us-vietnam war was called as the first_____________war. Name the Viceroy who offered Dominion Status in October 1929.
Sidney Poitier Movies much adored person. kind of allergy test. dried fruit. trumpet shaped flowers. rainforest.
Iran World Geography none Who is the leader of Iran?. What type of government does iran have?. What mountain range is in north Iran?. What mountain range covers the entire west Iran?. What body of water is north of Iran?.
Pompeii History Ancient town of 79 A.D One of the most famous paintings inspired by the eruption of Vesuvius. A great activity of ancient Pompeii. Wine,fruit,vegetable oil and cereals. eruption of Vesuvius. Activities by sea.
Environmental Earth Sciences community of interacting organisms and their physical environment. heat from the Earth. he total mass of organisms in a given area or volume.. massive nucleus splits into smaller nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy. a resource of economic value that cannot be readily replaced by natural means on a level equal to its consumption.
Food Food This berries become in raisins when you dry, also do vine from them?. Product are taken from cow's?. This is the rabbits favorite vegetable?. Have good/have poison they grow in the wood?. From this red vegetable can do a very deliciously juice. Growing mainly in glass houses , because need high temperature to grow..
Blood and Blood Vessels Body Oxygen is carried around the blood vessels in the red blood cells. Name the chemical that the red blood cells contain to carry the oxygen.. Space in the centre of the blood vessel that the blood travels through. Arteries have lots of this type of tissue so that they can stretch when the blood enters and spring back to maintain the blood pressure. transports blood away from the heart. What is plasma mainly made from?.
Cells Biology An organelle that consists of chlorophyll.. A space within the cytoplasm of a cell surrounded by a membrane and usually contains fluid.. A group of specialized cells that hold a similar structure and function.. A cell membrane that lets certain molecules to pass through it. . A term used to describe biotic elements made of one cell. .
Water Cycles Earth Sciences When water is transferred to a river quickly the resultant hydrograph is described as... and it is more likely to flood.. Water droplets must condense on even tinier dust, salt, or smoke particles to form.... Where there is transfer of energy, but not matter with the surroundings e.g. Planet Earth. The movement of water from the surface downwards into the soil.. Snowball effect, continuing or even accelerating a change in a system..
Christmas Tunes Christmas Which song’s second line begins with, “Led by the light of faith serenely beaming”?. In the 12 days of Christmas, what does Miss piggy want. On which ‘feast’ did Good King Wenceslas step out, according to the well-known hymn?. In the song The Twelve Days of Christmas, '...my true love brought to me nine...' what?. In the carol, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas”, what (on your front door) is the prettiest sight to see?.
Art Terminology & Famous Artists Art space that has been used. surface quality of artwork (how it feels). juxtaposition of different objects or things in an artwork. he painted 'The Green Stripe'. he created Impressionism, a movement of art.
Escape to Gold Mountains Books Complete the crossword below. An old term for ''Saltwater City'' or ''Vancouver''.. It is an old term for ''Chinese people''.. The man who descrived Chinamen as good servants because they were quick, obedient, patient, quick to learn, and tirelessly industrious.. Were Chinese men using identity papers stating they were sons of Chinese in America, who could claim to have been born there.. The son who stayed to look after their parents when Ken and Vern left to look for jobs..
Egyptian Other Father of Tutankhamun.. The last Egyptian Queen alive.. Where a Pharaoh was buried.. It guards the great pyramids.. The eye of ......
Garifuna Culture Science Use this puzzle to help you review key points about the Garifuna Culture. Enjoy! is what happened to the ship as they were traveling. has to do with festivals, arts, music, art, food, tradition etc. this is the month on which the Garinagu celebrate their arrival. they have settled along the ______coast of Belize. the Carib Indians and African slaves managed to live like this .
What's Cooking? Food If you add your thickener too fast, the result is ___ gravy. . Seasoning containing thyme,sage, marjoram, rosemary, nutmeg. Soaking a turkey overnight in a solution of salt and water ensures moist results. . is a rich, chilled, sweetened, creamy dairy-based beverage traditionally made with milk and/or cream, sugar, whipped eggs and, spirits such as brandy,or rum. Johnny Carson famously quipped, “The worst Christmas gift is ____'.
Are We There Yet? Movies Dad thought that Monkey Mia was too _____.. The family saw pelicans at the ______.. In Darwin, the children stayed with their _____.. At Streaky Bay, the family stuck their ______ in the mouth of a great white shark.. Who tells the story? (Mum, Dad, Luke, Grace, or Billy?).
Minecraft Entertainment Solve this A mob made by accident . It gives you porkchop. A mob found in the end. Mob with bow. Optional boss.
Emotional Intelligence Society Taking responsibility for personal performance. Recognizing emotions, moods & drivers, and their effects . Knowing strengths and weaknesses. Being able to take the ‘emotional temperature’ of others and respond in ways that build connection and common ground. Being able to adapt and work with different people in different situations.
Brave New World Books one of Lenina's many lovers . curved down like an eagle's beak. has a job that nobody else wants. is a fictional process of human cloning that is a key aspect of the world. the level of casual conversation and habit, religion has been replaced.
Organelle Functions Body Packages DNA. Controls all basic functions in the cell. Lets other organelles in and out. Produces energy currents through the cells. Transports many useful materials .
Single Cells Body The process by which a cell releases the contents of a vacuole through the cell membrane. A member of a large group of unicellular microorganisms that have cell walls but do not have organelles. Organism that consists of one cell. Any organism whose cells contain a nucleus and any other structures enclosed within the membrane. Holds DNA.
Communist Forces in the Vietnam War History Khmer Rouge and Pathet Lao helped ____________ prisoners of war. leaders include Souphanouvong & Khamtai Siphandon . leaders include Pol Pot & Khieu Samphan . North Vietnam sent 287,465 ___________ to fight . Khmer and Pathet Lao are _______________ in close proximity to Vietnam .
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