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Hard Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be pretty hard to complete. They are made up of more than 20 words of any size. To view or print a hard crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Genetics Science A segment that does code for proteins. Variations of characteristics that are inherited. A diploid cell from the fusion of two haploid gametes. A basic structural unit of nucleic acids. One of the four compounds that attaches to Thymine in DNA.
Boys and Girls Club History Society WHAT HAPPENED IN 1860. THIS HAPPENED IN 1990 WHEN CONGRESS AMENDED AND RENEWED CHARTER . In 1906 Clubs did this marking the start of a Nationwide movement. A regional director for west coast in 1950, who wrote the Club Code. Elizabeth Hammersley, Alice Goodwin, and Mary Goodwin started in circa 1900.
Power of One Movies Characters The two sisters who watched out for Peekay and Doc. Nanny's boy and a chief to be. Frequent boxing foe of Peekay. The ultimate fight trainer. 'Absoloodle!'.
Forensic Science Science Solve the puzzle. white blood cells . a specialized bodily fluid . the liquid that separates the blood when a clot is formed . a substance produced by a living organism that acts as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction.. the scientific study or diagnostic examination of blood serum.
Cardiovascular System Body system that carries blood from the right side of the heart to the lungs and back to the left side of the heart. lines the interior of the fibrous pericardium. one of the major branches of the coronary arteries on the left side. oxygen-poor blood from the veins of the body pass through it from the right side of the heart (hint: superior--). guards the bases of the two large arteries leaving the ventricular chambers.
Executive Branch Government and Politics Fill in the puzzle! The most recent cabinet department founded. Number of days before a president must inform Congress of a military action. An order issued by the president to agencies in the government. Presidential appointments must be __________ by the Senate. The amendment detailing when a vice president may assume the role as president.
Forensic Fun Science white blood cells, lives and works in the immune system. delivers nuetrience throughout the body. amber-colored, protein-rich liquid that separates from blood. capable of producing certain chemical changes in organic substances by catalytic action,. the detection, classification and study of bodily fluids.
Health and Skill Related Fitness Components Health To do moderatley strenous activity over a period of time.. The ability to react quickly to something your hear, see or feel. . The ability to move a joint through a full range of motion.. The ability to move body parts swiftly while applying the maximum force of the muscles.. The ability to control or stabilize your body..
Conquest of Central and South America History The capital city of the Aztec. The conquistador who led the conquest of the Aztec. The capital city of the Inca. Cortez added men to his side by becoming allies with the ______________ tribes of the Aztec. People who came to the new world to spread Christianity.
Early Childhood Society Short sessions, praise & rewards are examples of ______ to consider. Examples of this development parenting styles, divorce, caregivers. Parenting Style- high demands and low responsiveness. Continued refinement of fine & gross motor skills. Explores through play.
Art Terms Art a material used to create an artwork, such as pencil, charcoal, paint. middle of the scene or picture that is between the foreground and background. point at which converging lines disappear in the distance. area clearly set off by one or more of the other 6 elements of art. kind of line, runs straight up and down, means strength.
Quadratic Math is a curve where any point is at an equal distance from. a number that produces a specified quantity when multiplied by itself.. the highest point; the top or apex.. written down in the way most commonly accepted. no quantity or number; naught.
Chemistry in Cubes Chemistry an important class of liquid crystal which form when the solid is heated . the process in which molecules make the transition from vapor to solid directly. the said reason for the drastic decrease in Napoleon' army and for his defeat; the term used to call the random growth of the microcrystals of gray tin, which has a tetragonal structure, that weakens the metal and makes it crumble. a measure of a fluid's resistance to flow. the intermolecular attraction between like molecules .
Electricity Physics Aunit of electric current equal to a flow of one coulomb per second.. A flow of electric charge.. The current through each of the components is the same, and the voltage across the circuit is the same of the voltages across each component.. A container consisting of one or more cells, in which chemical energy is converted into electricity and used as a source of power.. A path in which electrons from a voltage or current source flow..
Sports Sports Use the hints to find the word. You need a bicycle.. I can do the splits. I do _______________.. you kick a black and white ball.. You need a bat and a ball.. In this sport you learn to fight..
Shutting Out the Sky Books to move unsteadily, to limp. a small part or trace of something . To form a mental picture of something. To remove something that is not wanted or needed . to give up, desert or withdraw from something.
Texas Revolution US History The wife of a Mexican army officer who saved many people in Goliad. The last battle of the Texas Revolution. The Texas Declaration of Independence author. Sixth Battle of the Texas Revolution. Fought in the legendary 'Sandbar Fight' in 1827.
Science Science Wegener's idea that the continents slowly moved over Earth's surface . Dark rock with a fine texture. The uppermost part of the mantle and the crust together form a rigid layer. A measure of how much mass there is in a volume of a substance. The soft layer.
German European History use the hints below to solve the puzzle what you make your kids pull weeds in. fort knox. subway eat fresh. a cluster of rooms filled with dusty artifacts that you drag your kids through. it is what you say when you do not know something.
Louis Armstrong Music True or false, Louis was arrested when he was 11 years old.. Louis' first instrument.. His second instrument.. Other than singing and being a musician, he was also an.... Improvisd jazz singing. Louis made this technique popular..
Early Childhood Society This stage is when children have a fear of pain.. This refers to child care outside the home.. This has been shown to influence visible skills, such as hand-eye coordination, as well as skills that are harder to detect, such as a child's ability to focus attention.. This is how children attempt to learn the responsibilities of family members and others in society.. Children's attribution of the cause of illness to the consequences of their own transgressions..
Harris and Me Books to make smaller or less. belonging to someone. not clear. sharp, keen, forceful. doubtfully.
Modern Concept of the Atom Physics The number of wave cycles to pass a given point per unit of time.. Wave's height from the origin to the crest of the wave.. '____________ effect' - metals eject electrons called 'photoelectrons' when light shines on them.. ______________ rule: when electrons occupy orbitals of equal energy, one electron will enter each orbital until all equal orbitals have one electron with the same spin.. '______________ state': all electrons are in their lowest possible energy state..
Psychology Society a reinforcer that adds something desirable. reinforcer is given after an unknown number or tasks. anything that strengthens a behavior. when we apply the same response to similar stimuli or when we assume the same reinforcer will be given. anything that weakens a behavior.
The Phantom Tollbooth Crossword Puzzle Books - Childrens Literature Put the correct word that fits into each sentence to complete the crossword puzzle. During the field trip, there was _____ all around because the animals ran out of food.. Father ____ chose to babysit us when mom wanted to go out with her friends.. I was in _____ trouble when I failed my test.. The flowers _____ away because I forgot to water them.. I was _____ when I found out my grandmother had passed away..
Ancient Egypt And Nubia History Is an area of sediment soil or canals carried by water. United lower Egypt and upper Egypt . A strong feeling of love loyalty or commitment. A fine mineral particles that can form fertile soil. A killed workers who practice a handicraft.
Early Virginia US History Virginia __________ responded to boston rioters being transported to London for trial by condemning measure, governor dissolving body, meeting at Raliegh Tavern(3 words). _________ was related to Governor Berkley's wife. was part of Senen Years War(4 words). seized gunpowder in Williamsburg (2 words). Virginia believed in _____representation.
Motion Physics An object will stay at rest or in motion because of.... unit of mass. unit of time. any push or pull. A force that slows down and object.
Kanye West Music How many music videos does Kanye have?. How many singles does Kanye have?. How many awards has Kanye won?. Where was Kanye born?. How many mixtapes does Kanye have?.
Brazil South American History Capital of Brazil before Brasilia. Opposite of Longitude. A City of importance to the country. Removing trees. Capital of Brazil after Rio de Janeiro.
Ayan's Geometry Math A polygon with 6 sides. An angle formed on the outside of a polygon by extending one of its sides. A 10-sided polygon . A seven-sided plane figure. A line about which a curve or an object may rotate or revolve.
Music Theory Music This is the first space not in treble clef. This is the first line note in bass clef. This note gets 2 beats. This sign makes a note higher by a semitone. Notes which are written on the lines are called this.
Ethnic Dance Entertainment Danced to percussion instruments, related to the Samba.. An African highlife ballroom dance.. Dance with 5 steps, three for men and two for women, that includes a turn.. Parade dance of royalty.. From Trinidad, the land of the hummingbird. An African highlife dance..
Coastal Management Other the process where material being transported by a river is deposited.. Sea water dissolves some rock. Action or salt on the rocks. when the white water of a wave that has crashed over a long period in rapid movement.. waves that break on the shore and deposit material, building up beaches. They have a swash that is stronger than the backwash. the result of combined forces in mother nature that create a variety of coastal landforms.
Rise of Segregation US History a tax that all adults had to pay in order to vote. give official permission or approval, impose a penalty. the current state of things, the way things are at a particular point in time. a political party that came about to represent the common man's interests. frighten in order to make someone do something or stop something.
World War 1 History a type of naval warfare in which submarines sink vessels such as freighters and tankers without warning, as opposed to attacks per prize rules.. The zone of conflict in an eastern sector, specifically in central and eastern Europe during the First World War.. an agreement made by opposing sides in a war to stop fighting for a certain time; a truce.. a political party that advocates the application of the social and economic principles of communism through state policy.. a member of the majority faction of the Russian Social Democratic Party, which was renamed the Communist Party after seizing power in the October Revolution of 1917..
The Korean War History Marguerite ___________ was the only female America reporter in Korea.. General Douglas ____________ was the supreme commander of the UN forces until April 1951.. On July 27, 1953, this was signed to end the fighting.. For two years, fighting during the was stalled around the 38th.... ________ II Sung was the premier of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea..
Grains Food wide, flat-shaped pasta. ring-shaped pasta; typically stuffed with a mix of meat or cheese. meal made from ground, dried corn. rice that has had the hull, or outer covering, removed. the hard grains left after the milling of flour, used in puddings and in pasta.
Cardio Body blood supply defiency due to obstruction of blood vessel. substance in blood cells that transports oxygen. lower chamber of the heart. study of electrical activity of the heart. condition of having a thrombus.
Sewing Machine Parts & Functions Technology Raises/lowers presser foot. Programs the machine to sew letters, numbers and words. provides tension on the thread while winding the bobbin. Holds the top spool of thread. Pulls thread from the spool as it moves up and down..
Byzantine and Muslim Civilizations Religion a split, particularly in a church or religion. a Muslim poet, mathematician, and astronomer. an Arabian trading center and Muhammad's birthplace. an Arabian trading center and Muhammad's birthplace. an emperor of the Roman Empire and the founder of Constantinople.
Genetics Biology Segment containing info for coding. 2 of every kind of chromosome. Science of how traits are Inherited. a fibrous substance. Only in rna, a base pair.
Societies and Empires of Africa African History Way people traveled from place to place and carried goods. area of Africa that today is the Mediterranean coast of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. People who originally belonged to small city-states in the forests on the southern edge of the Savanna . Empire that emerged by 1235 . People believing they are descendants of a common ancestor .
DNA Biology A cell that has two of every type of chromosome. A long chain of materials with glucose found in the natural world with it. A compound consisting a phosphate group. The passing of genes from parent to offspring. The physical feature on a creature .
Working/ Terrier Breeds Animals High spirited and engergetic. white short coat with a head that slopes evenly down to nose. high energy. small sturdy dogs with short legs. predominately white with brown, tan or black markings. giant body with huge head and sad facial appearance. The nose and lips are black, Weather-resistant double coat..
Quadratics Math a number that can be expressed in the form a + bi, where a and b are real numbers. defined as follows: For a given point, called the focus, and a given line not through the focus, called the directrix. when multiplied by itself, gives the number. . The common endpoint of two or more rays or line segments. . written down in the way most commonly accepted.
Computer Technology Space are included. a video camera that inputs to a computer connected to the Internet, so that its images can be viewed by Internet users.. is the brains of the computer where most calculations take place.. o move a cursor on a computer screen.. is one of the two chips in the core logic chipset architecture on a PC motherboard, the other being the southbridge.. a printed circuit board containing the principal components of a computer or other device, with connectors into which other circuit boards can be slotted..
Introduction to Economics Business and Work To test your knowledge of some key economic concepts 'Australia's unemployment rate was 5.8% in December 2016' is an example of a ________________ economic statement.. Luxuries are not needs, but ..... ______________ is the process of production, income and expenditure that takes place in every economy (2 words). The _______ of a decision is the value of the next best option not chosen. When a country is operating on its PPC/PPF, it is achieving this type of efficiency.
The Lion and the Jewel Literature and Writing Read the clues carefully to complete the puzzle Sidi's character flaw is her __________.. Sidi will not Marry Lakunle with out the ______.. Lakunle is refereed to as__________ a to show that he was not masculine.. Baroka bribes the surveyor which highlights the theme of _______. Baroka's victory in the wrestling match_______ the fact that Sidi will be deflowered by Baroka..
Adjectives Spelling Lists Write the best adjective for each sentence there are lots of people. not punctual. come on time. the air is hot and wet. feeling quiet and having a rest.
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