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Hard Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be pretty hard to complete. They are made up of more than 20 words of any size. To view or print a hard crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Calculus Math The rate of change in the position of an object. . The highest point of a function.. 4th letter in the Greek alphabet / looks like a triangle . Rise over run.. The set of y-values of a function. .
Chileans Endure Aftershocks World Geography move or cause to move slowly or rhythmically backward and forward or from side to side.. an involuntary quivering movement.. a kind of clay used as a building material, typically in the form of sun-dried bricks. 'adobe houses'. on or onto the bottom in shallow water.. remove (someone) from a place of danger to a safe place..
Skeletal System Body ear canal opening in skull. Cranial bone located on lower and back side of skull. suture that divides frontal bone and parietal bone. Hole in base of skull which spinal cord passes. 'collar-bone'.
Black Skin, White Masks Books - Action and Adventure by Frantz Fanon French poet, author and politician from Martinique. He was one of the founders of the négritude movement in Francophone literature. a state of depersonalization or loss of identity in which the self seems unreal, thought to be caused by difficulties in relating to society. a philosophical theory or approach which emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will.. Something produced or determined by social relations. an actual or supposed situation of having lower status than others.
Shintoism Religion Complete the puzzle below Dramas preformed in mask and costume, associated with Shinto.. 'Male who invites'; primordial male parent god.. A New Religion devoted to human betterment.. A shelf or home altar for the veneration of kami.. The earliest chronicle of Japanese history..
Global Studies Other Terms used in studying the world control the use of natural resources and define how goods are produced and distributed to meet human needs. Creates a relationship for a large group. it can let a person know where a person is from. is the value of place to a group of people. the background of a smaller cultural group creating close ties.
Duck's Phase Model Mental Health The stage where the two partners confront each other on the relationship (6). In this stage, the potential breakup is made public and pacts are formed (6). A term used by La Gaipa (1982), each partner seeks to maintain this by blaming anything but themselves for the breakup (6,6). Number of distinct phases in relationship breakdown (4). A point at which a partner's perception of the relationship changes (9).
West African Percussion Music Drum played with beaters. Double metal bell. Tone made by striking the edge of the drum head with the palm and fingers. Tone played on the upstroke by striking the hand. Percussion instrument may be hit, shaken, or _____________.
Crown of Midnight Books - Fantasy Celaena was once a slave at _______. Roland comes to the castle for a position on the king's ______. Celaena creates a _____ to try to talk to Nehemia . Who did Celaena kill first because of Nehemia's assassination?. Mort is a talking _____.
After the Civil War US History a capitation, the payment of which is sometimes a prerequisite. a code that limited the rights of black people . a northerner who was sent to the south. to put to death. any state law discriminating against black people .
Groups that went West History one of his legacies was naming the west the Great American Desert. individuals who were sent to capture African American women who were heading west. Spanish speaking group that settles in California. the largest area/neighborhood in California. one of the families who attempted to convert natives.
Digestion Body gland located behind the stomach that makes and releases hormones such as insulin. condition with the absence of bowel movements for an extended period of time. group of glands found under and behind the tongue and beneath the jaw that release saliva. acidic liquid in stomach made up of hydrochloric acid, mucus, and enzymes. triangular wedge that makes cholesterol.
Heredity Health Study of heredity. When an egg and sperm are united. Gene locus when its cells contain two different alleles of a gene. 2 sets of chromosome. Table used to predict what traits offspring will have based on what traits the parents have.
Villages and Towns Viking Era History The family group living together included these people. one of the the things they grew b............... Where were the homes covered by earth and grass. What did they store valuables in 6,6. What did the Vikings use to catch fish 4,3,6.
Calculus Math The rate of change in the position of an object. . The highest point of a function.. 4th letter in the Greek alphabet . Rise over run.. The set of y-values of a function. .
Women in the 1930's History Women who fought for women's rights and to end racial segregation. Many black women got _____ in order to open spaces up for white women. One third of the women that worked were ______. Common job for black women. Because of the ____ _____ women started to get jobs.
God & Goddess Other God of woods and fields. Blacksmith of the gods. Goddess of beauty. Goddess of rainbow. Goddess of sorcery.
Elements of Drama Other text of the story. a struggle against an outside force. a long, uninterrupted speech delivered by a character to other characters on stage. character’s spoken words. occurs during the point of greatest tension between the characters.
History of Cosmetology Business and Work Read the hints and guess the correct word(s) Color middle- class women tinted their hair. Distributor Sales Consultant. What patients would hold on to during blooodletting procedure. Color poor women tinted their hair. Greek word.
Forensic Science Fingerprinting Science __________ fuming was developed in 1982 by Japanese Police. ______ _______ is a protein dye stain that can develop faint bloody on porous surfaces. _____ Gus was a gangster who altered his fingerprint. Newer replacement chemical for ninhydrin. ________ Fingerprints are actual indentations left in soft materials.
Integumentary system Body sweat glands. basal cell carcinoma. inflammation of the skin. corium or true skin. component of the system found on the surface of the body.
Changes Over Time Earth Sciences a type of fossil that forms when a mold becomes filled in with minerals that then harden. a technique used to determine the actual age of a fossil on the basis of the amount of a radioactive element it contains. term used to indicate a species that does not have any living members. a technique used to determine which of two fossils is older. the theory that species evolve during short periods of rapid change.
Botany Botany a seed consists of an ________, a food supply, and a protective seed coat. . Nonvascular plants must have adaptations to keep them from _____(two words). a plant with needlelike or scaly leaves that produce seeds in cones are in what division. leaves on pterophyta that vary in length from 1 cm to 500 cm. conifero- meaning cone bearing.
Geometry Math The common endpoint is a. Formed by two noncollinear rays that have a common endpoint. A simple location is a . A ray that divides an angle into two congruent angles. Two angles that lie in the same plane, have a common vertex and a common side, but no common interior points.
Weather Meteorology water in the gas form. rain that freezes as it falls. white, puffy clouds with flat bottoms. measures air pressure. a powerful storm with rotating winds that forms over land.
Mitosis and Meiosis Body chromosomes line up in middle of cell. chromatids seperate and pulled to opposite side of cell. cells with a pair of every chromosome. made up of compacted chromatin. involves only one parent.
Grammar Math Under, over, at, on, in though, into. a preposition of time. an auxillary verb showing possibility starting wih W. Names, February, June, Joshua, King Henry, Amazon River, Halstow School etc. an auxillary verb showing possibility starting with S.
Logistics and Supply Chain Basics Business and Work Please complete the crossword puzzle below on supply chain terminology. ability to track and trace inventory in the supply chain. method used to locate facilities based on transportation rates and order quantities. a measure of forecast error that sums the differences between actual and forecast demand. the levels of this type of stock are impacted by decisions on shipment quantity. ability to respond to changing demands of a customer.
What I See In the Clouds Meteorology Use the clues to solve the words in the puzzle. water in the gas form. freezing rain. white, puffy clouds with flat bottoms . measures air pressure . a powerful storm with rotating winds that form over land.
Where's Waldo #9 Books At the Ocean The yellow rubber suit of the ________ has holes in it and water is squirting out.. A man on a raft is having a sword fight with a __________ .. A _________ has algae hanging from its periscope.. Some people have green faces and hang over the railing because they are __ .. A boat crew is bringing up pirate __________ from the bottom of the sea..
US History US History author of pamphlets like Common Sense and The Crisis that encouraged American independence.. against the sale or use of alcohol due to the social problems it caused. people who opposed a powerful Constitution. first document that began to limit the absolute power of the king over the citizens of England. fearless naval officer in the American Revolution.
24 Kitchen Tools Food write in the kitchen tool that matches the definition used to strain liquids smaller than a collandar. used to take the skin off of vegetables. used to cut food on. used for pick up or holding food has movable arms. used to bake muffins.
South Asia & Indo-European Migrations Asian History Sum of good & evil in a life. Aryan term for the Dravidians. Priests. Chief god of Aryans; of rain & war. Aryan god who preserves cosmic order.
The Cay Books sea creature. hard stony surface forming reefs in warm seas. a weight used for fishing. a surface where one side or end is at a higher level. tied to restrict movement.
Written in Bone Books happening before death. to protect something and keep it in its original form. to become greatly interested or curious about something. to uncover by digging away and removing the earth that covers something. to float or flutter without moving from one spot.
The Reluctant God Books A rebellion against the government. 1000 years. To be grand, opulent, and extravagant. great in importance, extent, or size. 1. a place, typically a large, deep pit, from which stone or other materials are or have been extracted 2. an animal pursued by a hunter, hound, predatory mammal, or bird of prey .
Geography Geology Use the hints to figure out the crossword puzzles These are made in subduction zones.. These happen when stress in the Earth's lithosphere become to great, causing the plates to crack ad move along the faults.. Where an earthquake starts.. This kind of Eruption is the opposite of a quiet eruption.(two words). Waves that can travel through solids and liquids.(two words).
Concrete Construction Chemistry Solve the puzzle using the word clues. A cut in a concrete surface made by a saw or router.. A handheld impact tool used to firmly press stamping mats or texturing skins into fresh concrete to ensure a complete imprint.. Formed, sawed, or tooled groove in a concrete slab used to regulate the location of cracking, or to allow expansion or movement of adjoining structures.. A breaking away of concrete at joints in floors or slabs.. A bonded layer of material, ranging from 1/4 to 1 inch or more in thickness, placed on existing concrete surfaces to beautify, level, or restore..
Inca History Inca are ____________. One of their special workers were_________(s). How many provinces do they have?. Their history passed down through oral _________. Inca's government controlled ________ and social life.
Skeleton Body Most superior part of the body. Also known as the skull. the anterior opening of the mandible. Located on the inferior end of the humerus on either side. Superior to the scapula. Also known as the collar bone. Contains five vertebrae..
Solar System Formation Astronomy cold interstellar gas cloud. _________is a captured moon of Neptune. thick bubble of icy debris that surrounds our solar system. Our moon formed from a __________ of another object with Earth. exerted upon any surface exposed to electromagnetic radiation.
John Sherman Cooper Government and Politics His parents were ____, and _____. He ran as a _______ when he was a Senator. His wife's name is ________ Cooper. He failed to win the _________'s election against Paul patton. He was a _______ Judge of the twenty-eighth judical district.
Civil War US History Vocabulary Review Fee put on Southern voters in an attempt to prevent freedmen from voting. Amendment granting voting rights to all citizens, including black males.. Name given to the Southern states who seceded prior to the Civil War. type of law in which military commanders were in control. Amendment declaring all native-born and naturalized persons as US citizens.
Digestive System Body relating to the small intestine. surgery to form a new opening in the ileum. suffix that means abnormal condition. instrument to cut the esophagus. prefix that means under, below.
Bantu Society The last special worker is a ______(s). Bantu peoples ______(ed) across the entire continent, but from the Sahara back up to North Africa. One special worker works with crops. Chiefs are choose by ________. Another special worker works with fish.
Good Decisions Society Making good decisions A prize you can give yourself for doing a good job. What you determine to be either negative or positive. Beliefs that are important to you. Taking incremental movements toward a goal begins with the first. Specific actions designed to take you from point A to point B.
Muscle Types and Tissue Body Human muscular system Only found in the heart, this muscle never tires despite continual contractions. This involuntary type of muscle tissue is found internally, like in the digestive system. Skeletal muscles are this type of tissue meaning striped because of their appearance. A type of muscle that is controlled by the central nervous system without conscious thought. Connective tissue that connects bone to bone.
Literary Literature and Writing A writer’s use of hints or clues to indicate events and situations that happen later on in the story . a struggle between a character and an outside force. he substitution of a mild, indirect, or vague expression for one thought to be offensive. used to imply that a statement or other production is humorously or otherwise not seriously intended. When the audience knows something about the story that the characters do not know..
The Glass Castle 🏰 Books - Autobiography Jeanette's baby sister . What Jeanette got for Christmas . Their random escapes. What Rex struggled with. Book title.
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