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Hard Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be pretty hard to complete. They are made up of more than 20 words of any size. To view or print a hard crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Iowa World Geography Name of ISU fight song. ISU's First Bowl Game . Iowa State Stadium name. Team that won the first Hawkeye/Cyclone meeting in 1894. Iowa's starting Quarterback, last name.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists AWOL, fugitive. healthy, fit. highly decorated, fancy. undecided, indecisive. to serve as a good example.
Noam Chomsky Other He is an.... He is a.... He is a.... ...refers to the mental processes involved in acquiring knowledge. Institute Professor and Professor of Linguistics at....
Psychology Science the total group to be studies . type or research in which the same people are studied . assumption about behavior that is tested through scientific research . to confirm the results of the original study dependent . another factor that psychologists must take into account.
World Geography World Geography Use your notes and knowledge to complete the crossword puzzle. map projection that shows the lines of longitude and latitude intersecting at right angles . map projection that accurately shows directions and shapes but distorts distance. describes what a place is like such as physical features, animal and plant life, buildings, etc. . type of location that locates a place in relation to another place . specific part of the world (e.g. Christiansburg, VA; New England; Europe).
Algebra Language Math A number, a variable or a product or quotient of numbers and variable that is added or subtracted in an algebraic expression . In a power, the number that tells how many times the base is used as a factor . A statement that two expressions are not equal . Two equivalent algebraic expressions separated by an equal sign. Variables and numbers combined by operations.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists Commercials for a new horror movie. To attempt earnestly. That magic trick thrilled the audience. Confirm, Verify, Support. Not knowing the answer ; Prediction.
Living Systems Science A group of specialized cells.. A system that allows the production of offspring.. A process by which a cell splits into two new cells.. A system that breaks down food into energy for the body.. Basic unit of life found in all living things..
Living Systems Science A group of specialized cells.. A system that allows the production of offspring.. A process by which a cell splits into two new cells.. A system that breaks down food into energy for the body.. Basic unit of life found in all living things..
Life Science Science A system that allows the production of offspring.. A system that breaks down food into energy for the body.. A system that regulates the body’s response to stimuli.. A system of glands that make hormones to regulate the body.. A system that is the natural outer covering of an organism..
Forces in Fluids Science Instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure. Law of Physics. Mass divided by Volume. Common unit of Volume. Easily flow.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists Condition of having conflicting attitudes. Not clearly defined. Not interested. Thoughtful of the well fare of others. Keen hostile feelings; dislike; ill-will.
Principles and Paradigms Society Use the clues to fill in each missing word. Willing to listen to and accept ideas and personalities unlike your own. Accept and appreciate that everyone is __________________. Ability to direct your attention to one point for an extended amount of time. Portraying a friendly feeling and attitude to those around you. A big change in the way you see yourself or the world around you (2 words).
Women in the bible - Adam and Eve Bible dry long grass. refuse to allow. tree of _______. Cains job. Eve was made from.
CAMS Screens Business and Work Statement of account.. Review written off balances.. Shows most toll calls and how they are dialed.. Pre-billed recurring charges.. Pre-billed one time charges/credits,.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists a mathematical sentence that expresses the relationship between certain quantities. when there is no solution set for an equation. (a+b) + c = a + (b+c). if a =b then b=a. numbers that do not terminate or repeat.
Chapters 1-3 Weather & Climate Science Science Vocabulary Water in the form of a gas; found in the atmosphere. An instrument used to measure air pressure. Central Plains region of the U.S. that has more tornado formations than anywhere on Earth. Cloud type that form in flat layers and are a dull, gray color. Rapidly spinning, funnel-shaped cloud that reaches from a storm cloud down to Earth.
India World Geography Do you know your facts about India? Hint: all words are somewhere in this magizine! India has the ...... largest population in the world.. The Indian ..... is the offical currency of India. Also known as the 'Festival of Lights'. The smallest state in India. A long coat worn by men.
APA Society Starts here before going to Nationals. _ _ _. Defensive move. _ _. To start a match. _.
Word-a-Day Spelling Lists Use terms from the Word-a-Day posters to fill in the puzzle below A medication which helps your 'red cells'. An access which should be used temporarily--usually in chest or leg. Fancy word for 'sticking' your access. A type of iron given during treatment. Doctors, nurses, dietician, social worker, patient care techs and YOU.
Microbiology Science Use a PENCIL to complete. Try to fill in the ones you know first, then refer to your textbooks. Also known as germs or microbes. Bacteria that causes disease/ harmful to the body. The common cold, hepatitis, and measles are an example of this type of disease. Clients showing signs of contagious disease or condition should be referred to a. Bacteria that causes strep throat and blood poisoning; pus forming.
Lab Equipment & Safety Rules Science Class B flammable materials.. A ____ ____ has many shallow depressions.. Pick up hot objects with these.. Measures the volume of liquids.. You clean lab equipment with this..
Vocabulary 2 Spelling Lists Talkative; garrulous. Literary theft; literacy piracy. Curse; condemnation. Toovercome; to overpower. To join together; to unite.
The U.S. Constitution Government and Politics Father of the Constitution. interprets the laws. president's term in office. number of articles in the US Constitution. number of colonies.
Rocks Science these rocks are cooled beneath the surface of the earth. Molten rock that explodes/ rises out of the earth’s volcanoes . a solid mineral that helps to form the earth’s surface. They can come in many forms.. these rocks can be formed from conciliated clay sediments. this type of rock is believed to have solidified deep down with the earth.
The Age of Exploration (Part 1) History This instrument is used to find direction. Sailors worked out their speed and distance by using this. Triangular-shaped sails which allowed ships to move in and out of habours. A country or region that is ruled by another country. The main route to the East over land.
Geoculture Science Second largest river in France. . 73- meter room, decorated with mirrors. . Known as the 'Cradle of Paris.'. Seine, Oise, and Marne.. A island .
Greek God & Goddess Crossword Puzzle History Match the description/clue with the correct Greek God/Goddess. Please note that the clue may give you a hint which you must then use as a clue for the god/goddess. Example: fluffy - 3 headed dog - Hades often depicted riding a donkey. roses, seashells, doves, pomegranite, myrtle wreath. ate 3 seeds. droughts & earthquakes. harvest & plenty.
Islam Religion Complete the crossword puzzle by using the clues below. A low square building surrounded by statues of gods and goddesses . followers of the religion of Islam. a city in western Saudi Arabia and the holiest city of Islam. First cousin, son-in-law. a close companion, father-in-law.
Beowulf's Epic Crossword Puzzle Literature and Writing What saved Beowulf from Grendel's mothers claws?. Who was the king before Beowulf?. What is Beowulf's last wish?. Who is the person that came to help Beowulf in the last battle?. Who did Beowulf face in the second story?.
Vocab Spelling Lists on the outer side. cut along the lengthwise plane of the body; devides into right and left parts. toward head; above. infront of. smallest unit of living things.
Literary Terms Literature and Writing the use of clues to prepare readers for events that will happen later. Direct comparison . type of point of view when all characters thoughts are expressed; the storyteller is 'all knowing'. figuring something out by using what you already know. an object, person, place, or experiencet hat means more than what it is.
LONDON 2012 Sports Complete the crossword, the lesson will help you. the music representing a country. stadium where football took place. place where tennis took place. number of olympic sports. founder of the modern Olympics.
Food Food Difference in protein when it changes from a liquid to a dense mass.. Holds the mixture together.. Puts air into the mixture.. When starch absorbs liquid- while heat is present and thickens to make a liquid which turns into a gel.. A very important source of insoluble fibre…but is not a digestible carbohydrate..
Mercy Day Crossword Puzzle Society Find out how much you know about MERCY 1897 common name that the Hospital on 22nd and R Streets was known as. Business that now occupies site at 22nd and R Streets. Sister Manager Med Acute Unit. Opened in 1925 along with Mercy General Hospital. Foundress of Sisters of Mercy.
Art History Art The material, for example, marble, bronze, clay, fresco, in which an artist works; also, in painting, the vehicle, usually liquid, that carries the pigment. The quality of a surface, such as rough or shiny. The 'new' Stone Age. The person or entity that pays an artist to produce individual artworks or employs an artist on a continuing basis. In art history, both the actual area an object occupies or a building encloses, and the illusionistic representation of space in painting and sculpture.
We Geologists now. Science Rocks formed by solidification of Molten Magma.. Rocks that forms below the surface of the Earth (from liquid Rock).. The formation of Crystals . Hot molten rock that erupts from a Volcano.. The solid mineral material forming part of the surface a Planet..
medication Health should be taken with food. side effect of risperdal. analgesic. side effect of some antibiotics. abbreviation for common antibiotic.
Plant and Animal Cells Science captures the light energy from the sun to make food. stores food, water, waste. information and control center of the cell. a protein builder of the cell. thin layer that surrounds and holds a cell together.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists done according to a procedure. coming after something in time. sharp reply to a remark. the action or process of innovating. to destroy.
Iowa vs Iowa World Geography Name of ISU fight song. ISU's First Bowl Game name. Iowa State Stadium name. Team that won the first Hawkeye/Cyclone meeting in 1894. Iowa State's head football coach.
Global Currency Isms Other most likely to slip in a puddle of pepsi and break my arm. most likely to be featured on extreme couponers. has fantastic on-line makeup application videos. these occur every hour or so at cindy's GCS socials. Our Friendly Terrorist Who is 'so fun'.
Anatomy Science Threadlike struture bulit of a DNA and protein that condenses and becomes visible in a cell's nucleus during itosis. Organelle composed of a network of connected membranous tubules and vesicles. The dense core of an atom that is composed of protons and neutrons. Organelle composed of RNA and protein that provides structural support and enzymes for protein synthesis. Organelle that contains digestive enzymes.
Entomology/Anthropology Vocabulary Science process of replacing the species before it. A place or part at which two or more things are joined. dead person. the second stage in the development of an insect. The study of life cycles of insects that feed on the flesh of the dead.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists Measures the movement of prices.. These people regulate the nation's money supply and banking system.. The federal government's taxing and spending decisions.. The percentage of the labor force that is out of work and seeking employment.. Occurs when a few large companies dominate an industry..
Economics Math concerns of society as a whole. economic transactions involving individuals and businesses. gives the author or artist exclusive rights to publish and sell their work. love of one's country. people decide when, what, and how they buy or sell.
A Long Walk To Water Literature and Writing When the soldiers were coming fro the people how did the did what animal killed them in the water. Where was salva's second refuge camp. What is Salva's full name . How did the group of men kill Salva's Uncle (what weapon). Before I put the jog of water on my head i have to put the .
Pankration Health The ...... Sea or Islands. Like a donkey. Were the Olympics are held. The front of a ship also called the Bow. A herald or an announcer.
spelling words Spelling Lists when you cut down a tree there is a blank. something you stand on when you go fishing. when something is funny you blank. a firm hold or tight grip. after ninth.
les misrables Literature and Writing an act or instance of relinquishing, abandoning, repudiating, or sacrificing something, as a right, title, person, or ambition. mean; worthless. to destroy a great number or proportion of. to draw out or lengthen, especially in time. one of the community or inhabitants of a parish.
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