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Movies Crosswords

To view or print a Movies crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
12 Angry Men please follow along with the powerpoint to find the hints to the worksheet. concept number 2 was what?. concept number 1 was what?. what was the verdict they came up with. what was the murder weapon?. the movie wasn't in color but.... Big
2012 Hit Movies Back to high school . The last Batman movie. I'm going to______. Legends unite. This isn't Cuba. Big
A Christmas Carol Scrooge sips this. these ring in the distance. what the ghost of Marley has on. how long Marley has been dead. first ghost. Hard
A Christmas Carol hating mankind. a person that inherits something. wanting something that someone else has. punishment performed to show remorse for a sin. bad feeling. Big
A Christmas Story Some of the answers are more than two words Ralphie's little brother. 'Battle of the _ _ _ _' between Ralphie's mom and dad. The hound dogs eat this on Christmas Day. Ralphie's friend is double dog dared to touch his tongue to this. Ralphie tells his mom that this fell and broke his glasses. Big
A Monster Calls Fill in the crossword How did Lily say that she's sorry?. What month did it take place?. Who called the monster?. What type of tree was in Conor's backyard?. Who is inside the hospital, because of a broken arm and nose?. Big
A Night to Remember third class was called this. this side was damaged by the iceberg. this is were the controls for the ship are. considered unsinkable. the titanic sunk in this month . Hard
All Quiet on the Western Front the clue is the definition the act of departing from the normal course. devoid of freshness . a temporary suspension of hostilities by agreement of the warring parties. a strong or violent change or disturbance. abnormal thinness caused by malnutrition or disease . Big
Angel in My Pocket Vivian's dad's occupation. Main Conflict. She is the narrator in the beginning. He stole the coin from Bette. Name of the school they go to.. Hard
Anna Karenina Tragedy. A married woman who falls in love with another man . A man is crushed to death by the?. A very handsome military officer. Forgiveness. Hard
Are We There Yet? Dad thought that Monkey Mia was too _____.. The family saw pelicans at the ______.. In Darwin, the children stayed with their _____.. At Streaky Bay, the family stuck their ______ in the mouth of a great white shark.. Who tells the story? (Mum, Dad, Luke, Grace, or Billy?). Hard
Around the World in Eighty Days Fill in the crossword puzzleby using the hints given to you. The place where the group of people were going to make the sacrifice to the gods. The man who told the policeman to arrest Mr. Fogg and Passepartout. The destination of the third passenger. the name of the Peninsular and Oriental company's boats. The group of people who had carried a statue of Kali, the goddess of love and death. Big
Back To The Past exterminating phantom gang. a treasure hunting professor of archeology. a 1989 comedic tv show. friend of Fred and Ethel Mertz. yellow brick road. Big
Before I Fall A metal tool with movable jaws that are used to hold an object firmly in place while work is done on it, typically attached t. Move out of or away from something and come into view.. A small piece or brief extract.. In a remarkable or noticeable way.. Say or do something to remove the doubts and fears of someone.. Easy
Bond Girls Your father did not call you that. Orange bikini but not entirely cheesy. Casino Royale. Live and Let Die, it's in the cards.. Landed in a pool, kinda lucky. Teenage
Bond Movies 'Toro. Sounds like a load of bull'. 'Your objective is to penetrate the radar installations of Gibralter'. 'What a wonderful day to become a knight'. 'I'm looking for a submarine. It's big and black, and it's driver is a very good friend of mine'. 'The successful criminal brain is always superior'. Hard
Bond Songs Bond Theme Songs Madonna vs. Madonna. Shirley Bassy's first Bond Song. Tina and Famka in Soviet Union. Don't need love, for what is love good for. Adele and graveyards. Teenage
Bond Villains Oedipus Complex or just sassy?. Goldfinger, pun intended.. Diamonds in your eyes or face?. 'If god wanted man to fly, he would have given him wings.'. Queen of Hearts, more like Queen of Spades.. Hard
Bridge to Terabithia Singer.. Fifth grade teacher.. Jess and Leslie swing on a _________ to get to Terabithia.. Cow.. The mother of the main female character.. Older Children
Bridge To Terabithia feeling hesitant or unwillingness. defeat thoroughly. to awaken from sleep to excite to activity. thin, boney undersized. complete disorder. Older Children
Bridge to Terabithia 7 ...Paterson. The author of the book.. ...Creek Elementary School.. Jess and Leslie build one in the woods.. Jess and Leslie use this to swing across the creek.. This is the name of Leslie's father.. Teenage
Bridget Jones's Diary to draw the attention of (a person) away from something . smart, elegant, or fashionable; exclusive . shocking; extremely bad. dirty and unpleasant, possibly connected with immoral or illegal activities. to pass or flow slowly. Big
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory thin and bony. visual images and sound that are reproduced on a screen. men who ride horseback and herd cattle. dwarves who manufacture candy and sing songs of advice. building where goods are manufactured. Older Children
Cinderella Her name came from cinders . Cinderella’s sidekicks. Pet cat. Cinderella's Step mother. A fairy with magical powers. Big
Dear Dumb Diary Using the words in the word bank, complete the following crossword puzzle. A plan for the day.. A question of doubt.. A person who works with another person.. A general division or a class.. To make greater in numbers or size.. Big
Diary of a wimpy kid #5 author of book. not up. lot of money. you eat c________e.. not hate. Big
Disney Princesses She's going to let it go. She's wishing for the one she loves to find her. She wants to build a snowman. Her dream is a wish her heart makes. A warrior princess who wants to rebuild her kingdom. Young Kids
Disney Quotes Name the character who says the following quote 'Oh look at that. I've been impailed.. 'Did I ever tell you I have a thing for brunettes?'. 'South America It's like America but south.'. 'I'm Picasso!'. 'I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine.'. Big
Divergent Who in Tris's family was born a dauntless. Tris's real name. Dauntless is the faction of. Four pulled the hard drive out of the computer containing the ___. The honest. Hard
Divergent Erudite transfer. The honest. He was given the opportunity to become one of the leaders of Dauntless but refused. Someone who can belong to more than one faction. The brave. Teenage
Dreamland to die under water.. something young people do that they think is cool but coud kill them.. if you get get hit hard you will get a.... a sport that is a mix between gymnastics and dance.. when you don't tell the truth.. Teenage
Epic follows in the footsteps of Snowball Lisas cat. The boy who lived. his weakness is kryptonite. spends most of his time in the first church of Springfield. Springfields local mobster. Older Children
Ever After what was the name of the nasty step sister?. Who did Danieille fall in love with?. What book was this movie based off?. Name of the movie?. was there a glass slipper in this movie?. Teenage
Far North an effert, you'r working to keep on going, your perservering. some thing AMAZING that happens. to cause pain. whats left after you done some thing. to tigh some thing (rope) tight. Teenage
Fast Break What sport does Zoe play?. Jayson is 6 inches shorter then who?. Who did Tyrese play for?. Where does Jayson move to?. How old is Jayson?. Hard
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas Police officer. Drug. Duke's second rental car. Vincent ____ shadow. Pepper spray. Hard
Ferris Bueller's Day Off The act of destroying or the state of being destroyed; destruction. Follow what is generally held to be the correct line of behavior.. To get caught . Allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of (something that one does not necessarily like or agree with) without interference.. An amusing situation or person.. Teenage
Finding Nemo The type of fish Nemo and his dad are. Nemo's teacher is a ____. The joke Marlon kept trying to tell was about a mollusk and a _____ (two words). The condition which Dory says affects her and her family (4 words). What the seagulls are always saying. Hard
Forrest Gump This is where Forrest meets Dan.. Forrest's friend who he met at University and got killed in the war.. The country Forrest travels to, to play ping-pong.. Forrest's home state.. Forrest was awarded a Congressional ______ of Honor after his time in the war.. Older Children
Frozen Loves warm hugs. Who is Anna's sister?. Mountain Climber and Ice Seller. Princess of Arendelle. Snowmonster who protects the Ice castle. Easy
Hanna is a series of processes that slowly change rocks from one kind to another. is the process by which sedimentary settles out of the water or wind carrying it. is the look and feel of a rock surface. is formed sedimentary rock formed when rock fragment are squeezed together . is igneous rock from lava that erupted onto earths surface.. Big
Hidden This is where Wren was hidding while she was at Darras.. Wrens only friend when she was hidding away.. This is where Darras dad went after the police found out where Wren was.. Darras dad.. Where Darra and wren meet again.. Adult
Hoot The construction worker.. The stepsister of ' Mullet Fingers '. The diner that is being built in Coconut Cove.. The state Roy just moved to.. The name of the main character.. Big
Howl's Moving Castle markyl has a ........ when he has customers at the door. turnip head is a .......... sophies mum acts .......... when she comes to see sophie at howls house. the witch of the waste gets ....... on sophie when she sees her with howl. markyl is howls ........... Older Children
Howls Moving Castle save (someone) from a dangerous or difficult situation. give (someone or oneself) a different appearance in order to conceal one's identity.. an object made to resemble a human figure, set up to scare birds away from a field where crops are growing. a person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something. a raised level surface on which people or things can stand. Hard
Ice Age Find the words in the crossword kind of animals . from ice age movie . under your skin. not going north. being apart of a group. Older Children
If I Stay The instrument that Teddy plays. The composer whose music was playing the car accident. Mia's brother. The instrument that Mia plays. The city in whithe concert that Mia was supposed to go to was in . Big
In the Heart of the Sea The ship that rescued Pollard and Ramsdell.. Crew member that decided to sail toward South America rather than to the Society Islands. Small boats used to hunt whales so that the crew could harpoon it. Island off the coast of New England which was known for whaling ports. Technique the crew used to extract the oil from whales. Big
In the Heart of the Sea First mate of the Essex. Town that most of the crew of the Essex was from. What Pollard did for a living before he died. Type of whale the Essex was hunting . Ship that rescued Pollard's whaleboat. Big
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