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Technology Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
About Computers It is the brain of the computer. It is mounted on the motherboard.. Hard disks may be internal or __________.. It contains the hard-disk drive, CD-ROM drive and motherboard. It is used to read and store data.. A computer that can be carried around easily.. Hard
Accidental Inventions several things mixed together. soft and sticky. to become liquid under the effect of heat. place where goods are bought and sold. to prevent transfer of electrticity, heat or sound. Big
Artificial Intelligence Where did the term AI originate?. This states that the number of transistors in an integrated circuit will double every two years. . Who said 'Deep learning algorithms seek to exploit the unknown structure in the input distribution in order to discover good representations, often at multiple levels, with higher-level learned features defined in terms of lower-level features'?. The lack of knowledge of the human ________ makes it even more difficult to create an AI. Name of the 'AI' that will likely replace Siri. . Big
Artificial Intelligence Complete the crossword puzzle below based on the Authentic text A person or thing that has the same position or function as smb/smth else in a different place or situation. A situation where two or more people or things communicate or react to each another.. To arrange for somebody outside a company to do work or provide goods for that company.. The act of agreeing with something and approving of it.. A limit on what somebody/something can do or how good they or it can be.. Big
Artificial Intelligence Integrates some AI concepts, areas and actors Part of the COG project. It is developing a robot designed for social interactions with humans, and focuses on teaching robots to engage in meaningful social exchanges with humans. . Recently developed method for improving machine learning techniques. It can dramatically improve the performance of classification techniques (e.g., decision trees).. LISP-based knowledge engineering language developed by Inference Corporation. It is a rule-based system but also allows frame and procedure representations.. Deep... is the name of a chess playing system developed by IBM, which is by coincidence a colour.. A famous program that mimics a 'Rogerian' psychotherapist.. Very Difficult
BASIC COMPUTER SOFTWARE a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do. is the main circuit board of your computer. This software runs the computer. a graphics editing program. a web browser. Teenage
Batteries A substance that conducts electric current.. The part of an electrode above the surface of the electrolyte.. A metal, used as a conductor, that allows electricity to pass through it.. A process in which substances change into new substances with different properties.. A combination of two or more electrochemical cells in a series.. Hard
Bicycle parts what we use to make the wheels go around. where you might need some air. between these the wheels go. from the centre to the rim of the wheel. help us be seen in the dark. Older Children
Bill Gates Where Bill Gates lived. Bill Gates current job. Bill Gates wife. A company owned by Bill Gates. this is a famous philanthropic. Teenage
Broadband If you're watching YouTube or listening to Spotify, you're doing this. Even if they don't use one, customers need one for testing purposes. When we refer to this company, we don't mention BT. Teenagers hate these. Used to store things. Hard
Cellphones you press it when you text. another word for weightless. where you store your numbers. you look at it when you text. unsocialable. Hard
Cellphones bird logo. status. another word for weightless. you look at it when you text. where you store your numbers. Very Difficult
Charging Systems A part of a machine that bears friction, especially between a rotating part and its housing.. Three copper wire windings on an a laminated metal core.. An electromagnetic switch that uses a movable core. . Constructed of semiconductor material and operate as a one way electrical check valve that allows current to flow in only direction.. Creates the magnetic field of the generator and produces current.. Big
Circuit Vocabulary anything that inhibits the transmission of energy. a circuit having its parts connected serially. an electric current flowing in one direction only. a closed circuit in which the current divides into two or more paths before combining in a complete circuit. an instrument designed to measure electric current, voltage, and usually resistance, over several ranges of value. Hard
Circuits Words to do with electrical circuits components one after the other. This controls everything. Beware of the teeth. side by side circuits. thin wire which breaks if power is too much. Older Children
Clarence Birdseye The first machine the Clarence Birdseye create.. The thing that could broken the cells.. The hotel that Clarence Birdseye dead.. The name of two Company become one.. The place that where Clarence Birdseye move his Company to.. Older Children
Client Side Programming The ____() JavaScript method is typically used to make repeat Ajax calls.. A content ____ network is a collection of servers that deliver content to users to increase performance.. Arguments are passed by ____ in Javascript.. Use ____ to convert a string to an integer in JavaScript.. The four types of ARIA roles are ____, document structure, abstract, and widget.. Teenage
Communications, Networks and the Internet a WAN can connect networks across a large _____________ area, such as a city or country. . to access the Internet you need to subscribe to an _________. . Data ___________ channels carry the data from one location to another and can be classified according to bandwidth. . Bluetooth has a much slower data transfer rate than ______ and a much shorter range.. refers to data transmission using ADSL and cable. . Hard
Computer Makes Sound.. Type.. Base of the computer's systems.. Cools Down.. *Click*.. Teenage
Computer The physical parts or components of computer such as monitor, keyboard, hard disk, mouse, etc . Protective software designed to defend your computer against malicious software. . Simple graphics painting program that has been included with all versions of Microsoft Windows. . Input device that record sounds and convert into digital format for use on computer . Central Processing Unit . Hard
Computer An icon on the Windows desktop that represents a directory where deleted files are temporarily stored. The physical parts or components of computer such as monitor, keyboard, hard disk, mouse, etc . Protective software designed to defend your computer against malicious software. . Simple graphics painting program that has been included with all versions of Microsoft Windows. A hand-operated electronic device that controls the coordinates of a cursor on your computer screen as you move it around on a pad . Hard
Computer A collection of characters that represents a single alphanumeric characters in a computer. Allow connections of two LANs to a form a single bigger LAN. A name that denotes all devices that are not part of the Central Processing Unit. Allow a user to print data in a database. Ability of a device to loose its data when power to the device is disconnected. Hard
Computer Central Processing Unit. Moves the cursor. The main circuit board of a microcomputer. The motherboard contains the connectors for attaching additional boards. Processes the computers functions. Used to store information. Big
Computer Representation of desktop . Change an existing file. Program that allows using internet . Stands for internet service provider . Move object by holding. Hard
Computer Space are included. a video camera that inputs to a computer connected to the Internet, so that its images can be viewed by Internet users.. is the brains of the computer where most calculations take place.. o move a cursor on a computer screen.. is one of the two chips in the core logic chipset architecture on a PC motherboard, the other being the southbridge.. a printed circuit board containing the principal components of a computer or other device, with connectors into which other circuit boards can be slotted.. Hard
Computer Basic The name for the small pictures found in a computer. The first screen that appears after loggin in in a computer. Parts of the computer system that you can touch and see. Input device used mainly for playing games. The brain of the computer system. Hard
Computer Basics Use the clues in the classroom, your prior knowledge, or search the web to find the answers to the clues. Part of computer that contains the hard drive. Type of computer and peripherals all on top of a desk. Parts of the computer you can touch. Camera used to view another person on the internet. Term for restarting the computer. Very Difficult
Computer Components a portable medium for data. What did sata supersede. Draws heat from the processor. Fast memory between CPU and Ram. brains of the computer. Big
Computer Hardware So people can see you. To speak into. Squeak. Portable Computer. To connect things. Older Children
Computer Hardware A slot into which the RAM is plugged in a desktop computer. sound from the speaker. part of the computer that can be seen. the kind of memory found in SD cards. device that converts sound into digital signals. Hard
Computer Need to Knows Match Words with Sentences where you hands need to start on the keyboard is called the _______. the top part of the computer we see out of. we use it to click on things. put it on our heads to hear noises. technology device we get on everyday in computer class. Older Children
Computer Parts Find the Parts used to provide energy to the computer. a medium-capacity removable disk storage system. used to cool the computer. used to control the computer. data storage medium. Big
Computer Technology A piece of computer information made up of eight bits. A program that allows you to change settings in a program or change settings in a program or change the way a a computer looks and/or behaves. A program in which you do your work. Central Processing Unit. The processing chip that is the 'brain' of a computer. A printed circuit board that adds some feature to a computer. Big
Computer Terms An on-screen representation of a desktop such as used in the Macintosh and Windows operating systems. . To make a change to existing data. . A program that you use to view pages on the Internet.. Abbreviation for Internet Service Provider. To move an object on screen in which its complete movement is visible from starting location to destination. . Hard
Computer Terms a feature or defect of a computer system that allows surreptitious unauthorized access to data.. forgery of an email header so that the message appears to have originated from someone or somewhere other than the actual source.. a person who uses existing computer scripts or code to hack into computers, lacking the expertise to write their own.. a network of private computers infected with malicious software and controlled as a group without the owners' knowledge, e.g., to send spam messages.. is a crime involving an attack or threat of attack coupled with a demand for money to avert or stop the attack.. Big
Computer Vocabulary the entire chart and all its elements. a decorative line that can be applied to worksheet cells or objects, such as charts, pictures, or text boxes.. the values that a function uses to perform operations or calculations. a set of search conditions that is used to find data. a sign that is used in comparison criteria to compare two values. Older Children
Computers Display of currently used programs. Names for small picture found in computer. Miniature version of a document. A beam of light. Base to the designing of a web page. Older Children
Computers the first progmrammer. the acronym for 'Graphic User Interface'. manipulates, operates, and analyzes the output generated by the computer. the cycle of input, processing and output. one of the two basic types of monitor and generally more affordable. Teenage
Computers Basic Terms A place on the desktop that shows the jobs you are doing (the programs you have open). A collection of programs and folders that you can see on the screen. Press the mouse button on the left. This makes a gap between words . A device that helps you operate the computer. Older Children
Cybersecurity How much trust?. Valuable even when it's at rest. The puzzle sponsor shields you from it. Identity, falsified. Our kind doesn't rain. Hard
Data Sets a graphical display where data is grouped in ranges and displayed as bars.. the values that divide a list of numbers into quarters. the sum of the data divided by the number of data (average). a graph that looks like a rectangular box with lines extending from each end. the difference between the hightest and lowest values in a set of data.. Hard
Delivery Systems Used to set text alerts, set limits and shut-off cards. 3rd Party vendor that takes loan payments over the phone and after hour calls for the Info Center. Automated phone system for members to access account information. Can be International and Domestic. Responds to member emails and live chat. Hard
Digital Literacy Complete the crossword using the vocabulary word bank when companies collect information about you based on your online behavior. a graphic image that represents a person online anonymous: without a name or other information that identifies who you are. an image and personality that you show to others. to improve a photo by adding or changing small details. a popular belief about a group of people, based on assumptions that are often false. Hard
Digital Media method of color reduction that spreads out inaccuracies in representing a pixel’s color to the surrounding pixels. placement of a graphic within a line of text. selecting an icon in a GUI-based operating system by positioning the mouse pointer over that icon, clicking the mouse, then maintaining depression of the mouse button while moving the mouse so that the icon moves (is “dragged”) to another location on. device that superimposes the red, green, blue, and sync signals of a video image to form a composite video signal. overhead projector with 3,000 plus lumens. Designed to use with color LCD projection panel to display transparencies onto the projection screen. Big
Digital Technology Keyboard, mouse, usb drive etc. The language understood by a CPU. Widely used format for sharing files that cannot be modified. Your trail of data on the internet. Australia's high-speed broadband network. Big
Electric Circuits a material which does not allow electricity to flow through it. a circuit with only one loop. drawing which represents a component. makes and breaks a circuit. a circuit with more than one loop. Hard
Electric Motors When an object becomes magnetized and exerts magnetic force it's called a______. When OPPOSITE poles come together they..... The earth has a North and _____ pole . a small compact engine . He invented the first electric motor (Last Name). Older Children
Electric Tools an electric light that you hold in your hand and point at things. apply a lubricant to. a substance that leaves signs of where it has been, for example as it passes through someone’s body. material used for preventing heat, cold, noise, or electricity from passing through something. to force something out of its original shape by bending it or turning it around. Older Children
Electrical and Electronics electromagnetic wave. symbol 'T'. to turn on and off current. wiring size. measures electric power. Teenage
Electricity The amount of work to be done to move a charge from one point to another along an electric circuit.. A device that changes electrical energy into mechanical energy.. A closed electrical circuit in which the current is divided into two or more paths and then returns via a common path to complete the circuit.. A circuit in which all parts are connected end to end to provide a single path of current.. A buildup of charges on an object.. Hard
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