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World Geography Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Earth's Human Geography a form of government in which all adults take part in decisions. a system in which people make, exchange, and use things that have value. a region that belongs to another state. nations with many industries and advanced technology. people who move into one country from another. Big
'The West' Wyoming Nickname. AZ Capital. UT Nickname. American General at Little Big Horn. WA Capital. Big
acient greece woman had to be this to have strong kids. the type of government system where all people vote direct on issue . cheif of state of ancient athens . athenian statesman encoureged the spread of democracy in athens and growth of city and states power. young boys sent here in groups with no tools or food . Hard
Adventures in Australia The sand at Whitehaven beach is made up of 98% _______ and is great for polishing jewelry!. A place of endless beauty and delight.. A type of heat that leaves you feeling clammy and sweaty.. ____________ is a type of surfing which is quite challenging, because it's powered by the wind and balance often hinders you.. An emerald-green colour with a tinge of blue.. Big
Africa it is when you use land. it flows the trough. a valley. a big desert. it is the heat or cold. Teenage
Africa This animal is a native of Africa. The River Nile begins its course in this country. This is an island country to the south east of Africa. This natural resource has been found in parts of Africa. This is the second largest continent in the world. Older Children
Africa a journy to a holy site. crossing the sahara desert in north africa. to assign to a position or an office (not elected). inheritance of the right to rule. a student of or expert in history. Older Children
Africa A process in which people exchanged goods without contacting each other directly is called _____ barter.. The invasion of the _____ in Songhai led to the fall of Songhai.. The Great _____ Valley divides Kenya in half, from north to South.. Three trading kingdoms of West Africa were Ghana,_____,and Songhai.. The empire of Ghana reached its peak under Tunka ____'s rule.. Hard
Africa political control. having many ethnic groups living within a society. Nigeria's second-largest ethnic group. peasants or agriculteral workers in Eqypt and other Arabs countries. Capital of Egypt. Big
Africa South of the Sahara Steep, jagged cliffs. Lowest point . Longest River. Have thousands of them. A hard substance made out of diamond. Hard
African Imperialism Ethiopia is divided among a number of these rivals.. The great African rivers consist of the Nile, the Congo, and this river.. These people were not invited to the Berlin Conference.. Explorer missionary who wrote about the peoples he met, with more sympathy and less bias than most Europeans.. This person’s activities in the Congo set off a scramble by the European nations.. Hard
Amazon Rainforest The _____ _____ produces the raw material for chocolate. One and a half acres of rainforest are lost every ______. . Storms like _______ have been known to hit the rainforest.. The ______ _______ carries 16% of the world's water supply. . The _____ _____ can lift more than 3/4 its own body weight.. Hard
Amazonian A temporary cover from the weather. The uppermost foliage of the jungle. A medium sized primate who loves bananas. George of the ___?____. A forest which has a large rainfall. Older Children
American West mountain chain that extends from the arctic circle to the bottom of South America. deepest canyon in US. most dangerous animal in north america. largest desert in the united states. most famous in yellowstone erupts about every 80 minutes or so. Teenage
Ancient China Chinese Muslim admiral who expanded Chinese trade with Asia and Africa. Dynasty of Mongol rulers in China. Chinese martial art based on Taoist principles. Vast Asian desert . Dynasty that ruled during the period of 'Warring States'. Very Difficult
Ancient China 200 years of fighting under Zhou rule.. Government based on talent and ability.. Trading goods over long distances.. A formal order. . Farming.. Hard
Ancient Chinese This was the Chinese philosopher that believed you should have a sense of duty.. A character that stands for objects.. Founder of the Han dynasty.. To unify China a canal was built to this city.. Harmony with nature.. Hard
Ancient Egypt supplying land with water through a network of canals.. Longest river in the world.. The southern part of ancient Egypt.. A structure built as a tomb for their pharaohs.. Helped people translate ancient heiroglyphics.. Older Children
Ancient Greece process of making inferences. calculated the size of the earth. beliefs and rituals. all peopole vote directly on an issue. King of Mecidonia. Hard
Ancient Greece a democracy that has people that gather for mass meetings to decide government matters. a tyrant that seized power after 30 years of termoil after Solon. the Greek philosopher, who invented the teaching method that we still use today. a great military leader and ruler who helped spred Greek art, ideas, language, and architecture. invaders of the Greek mainland from asia whose leaders became Greek kings. Hard
Ancient Greece Complete the crossword. This war was fought between the Athens ans Sparta.. Instead of being a big country they used. This was like the lottery if your name was chosen you would be this for one year. What was one of the most famous poems?. This took place in 776 B.C., Greece. This was the first one to ever be held.. Hard
Ancient India Use the hint to fill in the blank spaces In Hinduism, the good or bad energy a person builds up based upon weather he or she lives a good or bad life.. Written language developed by the Aryans.. Prince who lead an Aryan tribe in India.. Social group that a person is born into and cannot change.. Religious teacher and spiritual guide in Hinduism.. Hard
Ancient India Asia Minor is also called. Potential Buddhas . What empire took over the Mauryan Empire after Asoka's death . Who, forbid people to worship him . A household headed by the eldest male . Hard
Ancient Sumer and Egypt a system of writing which used wedge shaped marks as complete words. a political unit that includes a city and its surrounding land and villiages. the person who supervised the business of government in Egypt. a system of supplying water from flooded areas to dry areas for the purpose of cultivating crops . a temple used to worship gods. Hard
Andes, Argentina & Brazil group of percussion instruments in samba ensembles. cylindrical drum in the Andes. double-row panpipes. this end-notched Andean flute is played in the dry season. small guitar in samba ensembles. Hard
Andorra a southward neiboring country. For those whose see vertical challenges as a way of life, Andorra offers highly interesting attractions.. a journey into the heart of medival andorra. Caterpillar vehicle rides to enjoy the snowy scenery daytime, observing the moon and the stars or visit a cave with torches safely.. take a ride on one of the noblest and beutiful animals. Hard
ANTARCTICA weather . hero or not . how to travel by water to get to antarctica . like a house but build out of ice . slids on ice. Older Children
Antarctica Diagram which shows who eats who in Antarctica. A place which has not been developed by people and is still in its natural state. The month with the strongest wind speed. A small organism at the bottom of the food chain in Antarctica. The month with the coldest temperature in Antarctica. Older Children
Arabia Muslims practiced religious ___________ with people they conquered.. The temperature in Arabia are very ________.. Trade also brought many __________ groups of people.. Muhammad taught ____________ that there is only one God to believe in.. There are lots of huge ________ ________ in deserts.. Hard
Arabian Peninsula a person who adopts new beliefs,esoecially those of religious.. a division of a country or an empire.. belief in a single god.. A social group that shares a common ancestry.. Present.. Hard
Argentina Spectacular waterfalls on Argentina's border with Brazil. Argentina's currency. Famous first lady of Argentina from 1946 to 1952. The world's most southern city at the tip of South America. Argentina has over 30 of these national sites. Hard
Around The World The biggest state in North America.. The state where Disneyland is located.. Pretty much everything in America is made in this place.. An island off the coast of Africa. Where the Olympics were for 2012.. Older Children
ASIA This puzzle is on Central, South and East Asia. What is the name of the river that is the third longest river that flows entirely within India?. This desert is a cold, flat tableland of approximately 500,000 sq. miles. It can get as cold as -40° in the winter and 120°F in the summer. It is prone to high winds and icy sandstorms in the winter.. The capital, Dushanbe, means 'Monday' which reflects that the city grew on the site of a village that originally was a popular Monday marketplace.. This basin is also known as the 'Red Basin' and is famous for rice cultivation.. This country is known as the most sparsely populated independent country in the world and is the worlds 2nd largest landlocked country after Kazakhstan.. Big
Asia looks like a metal bowl and is used for cook stir frying and deep frying. simplest cooking technique. 7th largest contry in the world (India). Processed, salted roe of large fish. cabbage soup. Hard
Asia Direction of India's dry monsoon airflow. Land use for most of India's land along the coast. Annual preciptation for most of Pakistan. Country south of India. Country north of Bangladesh. Big
Australia A popular wind instrument in Australia. Another common marsupial that lives in gum trees. A famous rock in Australia that is made out of sandstone. A place in Australia that is home to many animals. A season in Australia. Teenage
Australia In Business Cultural Etiquette, what do Australians value in their communication as open and direct manner? . What is Australia's #1 natural resource?. Who are Australia's biggest trading partner? . Australia's largest export is.... What is the most popular sport played in Australia?. Hard
Australia the language spoken in Australia. the world´s biggest monolith. the typical climate in Australia. a typical australian animal (lays eggs). The Great Barrier .... Older Children
Australia a nickname for Australia. an original Australian instrument. Australia is the smallest -- in the world. a large rock formation in Australia. a marsupial with powerful hind legs. Moderately Challenging
Australia and Oceania How does El Nino affect Australia. How were the islands of Polynesia and Micronesia formed. Countries are interested in Antarctica for the _____________. What is the arid interior of Australia called. Which Europeans settled in New Zealand and Australia first. Big
Australia-Pacific the New World. peninsula composed of Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. type of cloth which were sought by Europeans. last German attack to defeat the Allied powers in Britain. where Pearl Harbour is. Hard
Australian Economy Australia uses this to make their companies run more efficiently. island continent and country. economy used by Aborigines. Australia is the leading producer of this mineral used to make aluminum. those who buy or use goods and services. Hard
Australian History Complete the puzzle after captain cook discovered parts of Australia, he named that country.... (3, 5, 5 ). Where does Captain Cook place the union flag? (10, 6). What year did Captain Cook land in Botany Bay? (9, 7). What is the name of Captain James Cook ship? (9). Where was Captain cook going to observe the transit of Venus ( 6). Hard
Australian World Australian nickname. Baby kangaroo. Egg-laying mammal. Marsupial symbol of Australia. Native people. Older Children
Bangladesh What is the currency of Bangladesh?. Which Bengali poet was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913? . What was Bangladesh called before it became independent?. What is the national flower of Bangladesh?. The production of which crop is still a main staple of the country and an important part of its economy?. Hard
Barcelona try and find these in your fun facts, or just see what you know about Barcelona how many seconds between each traffic accident in Barcelona. how many languages spoken. national Spanish dance, not well known in Barcelona . sea where Barcelona is. one of the rumoured founders. Older Children
Belgium Crossword language spoken in Brussels. 100m high site where there is a panoramic view over the Battlefield. one of Europe's most perfectly preserved Gothic-Baroque squares found in Brussels. a statue/ fountain of a boy cherubically relieving himself; found in Brussels. circular, naturalistic painting of the battle on a canvas with a 110m circumference. Hard
Biomes Limestone ridge found in tropical climates and composed of coral fragments that are depositied around organic remains. Area of land that is periodically underwater or whose soil contains a great deal of moisture. A forest that is characterized by trees that shed their leaves in the fall. A species that colonizes an uninhabited area and that starts an ecological cycle. The organisms that live at the bottom of a pond, lake, or ocean. Big
Biomes temperate zone forest whose trees drop their braod, flat leaves each fall. areas that receive less than 25cm of precipitation a year and have little or no vegetation. considered the primary layer of the rain forest. referes to the weather conditions, such as temperature, precipitation, humidity, and winds, in an area over a long period of time. permanently frozen soil. Older Children
Boston Ugly building in Government Center. Top place to go shopping. Famous for its golden dome. The Citgo sign resides here. Been around since 1901. Hard
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