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World Geography Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Oregon Trail you use this to stay on track. you travel in this. this keeps the oxen together. you buy things here. half way there. Big
California Coast boundary formed where two lithosphere plates scrape sideways past each other . a slow moving cold water current that flows south ward along CA coast. seismic sea wave caused by an earthquake and is highly destructive when it crashes on the shore. the place an organism lives. A storm with violent winds. Big
Land be smart biomes that recieve very little rain. whats the name of the layer of ground thats permantily frozen. not living. going away for winter. how much percent reaches the forest floor. Big
Fun Facts About Germany The German word for blue.. How many countries border on to Germany?. How many states does Germany have?. The German word for Germany.. This German city shares the same name as a 'hot dog'.. Older Children
Travel the World A parliamentary monarchy in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; a former colonial power. A volcanic island republic in Melanesia; independent since 1980. A republic in Central America; one of the most politically stable countries in Latin America. Transcontinental country in Eurasia, mainly in Anatolia in Western Asia. A republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe. Big
Everglades Your current location. They fly over the Everglades. Most famous Everglades reptile. The fastest way to ride over the 'Glades. Wooden walkway to view the Everglades. Easy
Argentina famous waterfall on Brazil border. a dance. sandwich cookies. grassy land. current president. Hard
Kaveri River This holy festival is held after every 12 years. Name of the philosopher whose presence sanctified Kaveri river. Known as the second biggest waterfall in India . This temple town is located on the banks of Kaveri river. Kings of this dynasty built gigantic temples on Kaveri delta. Hard
Countries A Scandinavian country that usually do best at winter Olympics.. This African country is very good at rugby.. in 2000 the summer games were held here.. Angela Merkel is the Kansler.. Summer Olympics 1900 was held in this country.. Big
Canada that is national sport of canada . this country of canada that have french for national language. this is the country which is in the north of America.. a city that is between alberta and manitoba. that is sweet syrup. Big
Europe The mountain Chain that separates Europe from Asia . The Capital of Poland. The second largest city in Croatia. England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Irelnad. A peninsula in western England. Hard
Antartica happening around antartica. live in the water around antartica. came 2nd in famouse race to antartica. eats fish. lots of ice is breaking. Big
All About China Part 2 Dynasty of China under Mongol control of Kublai Kahn.. This dynasty finished the Great Wall and built the Forbidden City, an enormous palace for their Emperor.. The emperor that is known formally as Tai-tsu or 'Great Progenitor.'. Probably the largest wholly planned city ever built was:. the custom of applying painfully tight binding to the feet of young girls to modify the shape of the foot.Feet altered by binding were called lotus feet.. Hard
All About China Part 1 The chief crop of Shang China was:. Confucius lived during the late what dynasty?. born about 551 B.C. in Shantang Province. He was the founder of probably the most successful philosophical, moral and ethical system in human history: Confucianism. . Qin rule could be characterized as:. The base of Zhou power was in:. Hard
US States Has a Palmetto Palm tree on its state flag. Has the shortest coastline out of any state on an ocean. There is an oil well on the front lawn of this state's capitol. Became a state in 1863 by seceding from an existing state. Rivers make up the entirety of its east and west borders. Big
Ancient Greece ___is god of the countryside.. Greeks like to wear___.. Minotaurs have inspired many___.. The Olympic___were held every four years.. Artists have been inspired by the___horse.. Hard
Russia and Europe Crossword A line separating two political or geographical areas, especially countries.. The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way.. An apparatus using or applying mechanical power and having several parts.. The art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.. An artificial waterway constructed to allow the passage of boats or ships inland or to convey water for irrigation.. Hard
China Name of one of China's great deserts. A protective coating made from the sap of a tree. Instead of letters they used. A tool that measures earthquakes. To move heavy loads the Chinese used a. Big
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander History Colonial society considered Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people to be primitive, _____, savage or worse.. Australia was occupied by how many Indigenous populations?. After the decision in Mabo (No 2) case, what Act did the Australian Parliament pass?. What was one of the towns involved in the Cape York Welfare Reform?. National Aboriginal and Islander Day _____ Committee. Hard
Texas Revolution This was the battle that got Texas there 'Independence' from mexico. . This siege lasted about 3 months and was located in mexicos San Antonio de Bxar. This was a small fight between the Texan and army and the Mexican army. there was not that many casualties and Deaf Smith has a big part to do with it. This is a battle that the Texans lost. As of now the building that they fought at is currently in San Antonio . This battle was the first military engagement of the Texas Revolution (Wikipedia.com). Hard
Flags of the Countries of the World This large country in Europe has a flag mainly of red and yellow. This country in Africa has a spear and shield on the flag. You will find the Star of David on this flag. A common name for the flag of the USA is the Stars and ???. A colour of the Italian flag other than red and white. Hard
States of America Read the hints and figure out which state it has been written about. Which state is the 2nd largest by both area and population?. Which state has the capital Oklahoma city?. In which state is the Walt Disney World?. In which state is the Golden Gate Bridge?. Which state has the capital Springfield?. Older Children
Switzerland Complete the crossword A famous canyon in Switzerland. famous summer holiday resort . A mountain range in Switzerland. A museum in Switzerland that started in 1959. a town in Switzerland . Hard
States of America Read the hints and figure out which state it has been written about. Which state is the 2nd largest by both area and population?. Which state has the capital Oklahoma city?. In which state is the Walt Disney World?. In which state is the Golden Gate Bridge?. Which state has the capital Springfield?. Easy
The Andes and Pampas Cultural Traits of the Andes and Pampas Native cultures in the Andes are _____.. The people that had a big impact on the culture.. The Europeans influenced new ways of dance and music, such as the _____.. What they described the combination of Spanish-style music and ancient Native American music as.. Symbol of independent life. Hard
Southeast Asia Use these hints to fill in the table. This culture is very diverse and ______. . _________ means took advantage of. . Which country gave up control in the Vietnam. . _______ a system that is non-religious.. These people bring new religion to the country. . Big
Russian History Use the clues to complete the crossword! This Bolshevik slogan called for land for the peasants, peace from WWI, and the end of food shortages. Stalin's goals to turn Russia into a modernized and industrialized super power. Stalin's plan to increase weapons production. Stalin's plan to produce more goods for Russia. This political party believed in a rise of the working class and a more fair society. Older Children
Minnesota Symbols state beverage. state flower. state mushroom. state tree. state stone. Big
Switzerland Complete the crossword Switzerland's national bird. sport of Switzerland's super league. Switzerland's national flower. home of great mountains. vice president of Switzerland. Hard
Utah National Park in Utah. best _______ on earth. state symbol. utah's baseball team. Utah's nba basketball team. Big
Waitangi Day Traditional dance or challenge from the Maori people.. New Zealand celebrates a public holiday on the 6th of this month.. The treaty was between the Maori people and the _________ Crown.. How many versions of the treaty were there?. What was signed at Waitangi in1840?. Hard
Geography interaction with raw materials. land created to feed millions. created by dams to provide water for farms and cities. believe air pollution has caused climate change. reduces amounts of waste. Older Children
Southeast Asia Use these hints to fill in the table. This culture is very diverse and ______. . _______ a system that is non-religious.. These people bring new religion to the country. . This country has many _______ religions. . Indonesia has the second biggest ______ population. . Big
China The Republic of China. Personal network and connections. Political body with more than 2000 delegates chosen primarly from congresses on lower levels. Autonomous Region. Traditional household registration system. Hard
London, Ontario Based the loveable Teddy Bear on a real bear from Winnipeg, Manitoba.. Canada's winter sport . After Paris, this city is the largest French speaking city in the world.. This country has the most lakes than any other country,. Canada's state tree. Big
Chileans Endure Aftershocks move or cause to move slowly or rhythmically backward and forward or from side to side.. an involuntary quivering movement.. a kind of clay used as a building material, typically in the form of sun-dried bricks. 'adobe houses'. on or onto the bottom in shallow water.. remove (someone) from a place of danger to a safe place.. Hard
Ancient Egypt What was the name of the ancient Egyptians leader?. What were the ancient Egyptians houses made of?. What type of belief did they have?. On average, how many gods did the ancient Egyptians worship?. Which river did they call The Black Land?. Big
Getting to Know Palestine I.T company that make I.D cards and maintain checkpoints.. Over 90% of this in Gaza is unusable.. Letter declaring a homeland for the jews in Palestine.. Empire that ruled Palestine from 1917-1947.. Place where Palestinians have their I.D checked.. Hard
Happy Australia Day Aussie term for McDonald's . Australian actress who portrayed Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. Aboriginal musical instrument . Where you can listen to classical music in Sydney. Small animal you can find in Tasmania. Hard
Ancient India and China In China, the idea that the gods chose the ruler and was the basis for the dynastic cycle was called the Mandate of _______.. The Himalayan Mountains, Pacific Ocean, Golbi desert and jungles ____ China from other civilizations. Special regard (to worship). The _______ or seasonal rains were a defining feature of Indian life.. Mountains in the north limited contact helped India to develop a distinct _____.. Hard
North and South Korea Who was the leader when the us troops landed in Korea. General ____. Which month did the war end?. The war initiated when north korea communist army crossed over ther 38th _____?. Which country was allied with north Korea,?. which month did the war start?. Hard
Yangtze River What length rank does this river hold?. The mountain range that holds the glacier that feeds the Yangtze river. . This is the country the Yangtze River is located in. . Provides fresh water to an immediate 20 million people. . The Yangtze has 700 smaller streams and rivers that flow into it.. Hard
Around the World in 30 Days a sacred natural rock in Australia also known as Ayers rock. this little climbing bear is only found in Australia. This country has the worlds largest kangaroo population. the capital city of japan. Japanese money. Big
Scotland Scottish food made from oats. Scottish whisky. She died of a broken heart. The highest point in Scotland. The last name of Harry Potter's author. Hard
Traveling Around Country starting with 'A'.. It travels on tracks.. Country starting with 'C'.. You claim your seat on the plane.. A long walk to see something.. Big
Locations and Regions (Egypt) Find the words for the ACROSS boxes and the DOWN boxes Important city by the Nile in Lower Egypt. Longest river in the world. In Asia/Africa. Body of water that connects to the Nile River. Famous Desert in Egypt. Older Children
Facts About India Heavy rainfull . Currency . This person helped India gain independence . National Symbol of India . Longest river . Hard
Wetland Swims alot. All around the swaps. Floats on top of the water. Likes to eat wood. Really slow. Easy
Alaska Trivia State Flower. Largest Glacier. First Climber of Highest Mountain. State Capital. Deepest Ocean Trench. Big
Kenya complete the crossword the country we are doing. the capital of kenya. the continent kenya is located in. what part of africa kenya is in. the president of kenya. Big
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