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World Geography Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Tourist Sites Read the definitions to complete the puzzle. An educational facility that uses effective methods to teach science, technology, mathematics and engineering.. A sculpture of a person or animal, especially one that is life-size or larger.. The principal church of a diocese, with which the bishop is officially associated.. A large public garden or area of land used for recreation.. An open space or covered building where vendors sell their goods.. Big
Australian History Complete the puzzle How many flags have the Southern Cross on them. What did the british call Australia before it was discovered. The explorer who discovered Tasmania . The original inhabitants of the Australian continent . The place where Captain Cook first landed. Hard
State Capitals This is a crossword about the state capitals. Hint:The capital is Olympia.. Hint:The capital is Montgomery.. Hint:The capital is Raleigh.. Hint:The capital is Montpelier.. Hint:The capital is Albany .. Big
Irish Type of fairy in Irish folklore. Irish Language. Brown Tuber. Irish sportswoman, specializes in Boxing. Recently born at Dublin Zoo. Big
Antarctica Biggest Fish In The Ocean. Animals Everywhere!. Ver Fast Friendly Sea Animals. A Very Cold House. Flying Animals. Big
Health in Canada the idea that the medical community is the centre of manyaspects for our community. getting to the root-cause of someones health problems requires more than just medical knowledge but what?. what may affect the amount of body fat you store is distributed. Canadian health care is a system of sociolized insurece, also known as what?. the study of the sitribution of diseases and health in a societys population. Big
Summertime in Texas Icy treat thatís a summer tradition. Floating on a piece of inflated rubber. Famous for its three glass pyramids. Barton Springs and Balmorhea are famous ones. Also known as lightening bugs. Hard
Places to See in China The ________ is the largest contiguous land empire in history.. ________ is the largest lake in China.. The ________ has over 8'000 life size statues.. The largest ancient palace in the world is the ________.. Its highest peak is named Shanzidou.. Hard
Northern Ireland Founded in 1144 and is one of the oldest cities in northern ireland. Queen Elizabeth ll's Golden Jubilee celebration granted it a city in 2002. This little town is Alison know as the 'lone ridge'. This city has 17-century walls with 7 gates still intact. Some refer to this city as the medivial times city. Older Children
Wyoming Tallest mountains in the Wyoming . The state bird . Largest city in Wyoming . Tallest national Park in the tallest national park in the Wyoming . The town that faces the grand Teton peaks Laramie. Big
Rivers and Landforms Graph that shows average rainfall and flooding. . Formed when erosion and deposition takes place on a meander, creating a horse shoe shaped lake. . Examples include; rain, snow, sleet, hail. . The origin of a stream. . Natural deposition of sediment at either side of the river, forming an embankment that can prevent flooding. . Older Children
The Roots of Modern Mexico none of these are in plural The ones that conquered. The Spanish soldier. The priest. The capital of the Aztec. mix of Spanish and Native american. Hard
Tasman Bridge Collapse The goat ______ the son.. The Tasman ______ is part of the capital city in Tasmania.. It is part of the name of a state.. The _________ was quite bad.. The _____ were both hit by the Lake Illawarra.. Hard
Antarctica Fill in the crossword and have fun ! Something this place is .... What scientists come here to do . A large fat animal who lives at the shore of this place . A animal that lives in the Antarctica . Something that humans created but that is hurting this place. Big
Haiti Location. Tropical,With Mild Temperature. Language spoken. Type of Currency Used. Port-au-Prince. Big
India Geography One of the biggest cities in India. This comes when India has a dry season. Cities that wer built according to a design. India developed this system that is used today. This civilization had planned cities. Hard
Australia Social Studies - Mrs. Somers large sandstone rock formation in Australia. large arid area of Australia. a British explorer who was the first to reach Australia. something that comes from a region naturally, without human help. native people of Australia. Big
Australian Connections to Asia Management of resources.. Relating to the government.. Farming.. A form of transportation.. Something black you get from the ground.. Big
China's Air Pollution Read each clue to identify the correct vocabulary word. An odorless gas presently in the air and is absorbed by plants during photosynthesis. A type of gas plants produce which human and animals need to live. To be environmentally friendly and to protect human health. The 'Study Of' interactions among organism and their environment. . The garment people wore on their faces while traveling outside. Big
Important Words of India's Geography Had a huge public bath. Seasonal wind in India . Cities built according to design. Gave entire name to Indus River culture . Harappan people used this in a standard way. Hard
Geography of India Match the terms with the hints provided below about the geography of India Everyone in the family is involved in producing a product to sell. You do it inside the home. A large island south of India that is its own country. A very close ally to India. India's biggest rival country. The Mountain Range that forms the border between India and China. Mt. Everest is here. . Hard
Landscapes and Landforms When two tectonic plates are moving towards each other . A dry landscape. A large gap between two tectonic plates . A desert in the north of Australia . Our continents slowly drifting over time . Hard
Important Words of India's Geography Had a huge public bath. Seasonal wind in India . Cities built according to design. Gave its entire name to Indus River culture. Harappan people used something standard. Hard
China Solve it moral values . most influential teacher in Chinese history. thread or fabric made from the fiber produced by the silkworm.. a system of complementary medicine that involves pricking the skin or tissues with needles,. ideas of Confucius. Hard
Ancient India Find the words in this puzzle that relate to Ancient India! It was one of the largest cities of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, also known as the Harappan Civilization, which developed around 3,000 BCE from the prehistoric Indus culture.. a seasonal prevailing wind in the region of South and Southeast Asia, blowing from the southwest . any community that was carefully planned from its inception and is typically constructed in a previously undeveloped area. The Indus Valley Civilization is a Bronze Age civilization that encompassed the area of modern-day Pakistan, as well as parts of southeastern Afghanistan, eastern Iran, and northwestern India existing from 2600 BC to 1900 BC.. a kind of legislative act found in many jurisdictions establishing technical standards. Hard
US Capitals West of Mississippi Capital of Kansas. Capital of New Mexico. Capital of Arizona. Capital of Texas. Capital of Alaska. Hard
Arizona Use the clues to answer the crossword puzzle poisonous reptile found in the desert. greenish-bluish water destination. fierce warriors. the only state with over 6000 cactus. Salt River people. Big
Agricultural Systems in the Caribbean Complete the puzzle below. animals raised under the extensive system feed by _______ on grass.. system of agriculture where crops and animals are grown in a large area. method of animal identification in an intensive system. specialised housing for rabbits raised under the intensive system. specialised housing for pigs under the intensive system. Big
Geography of Arabia and Iraq a major river in the region. Most of Arabia and Iraq is ____________ or an area that receives very little rainfall or snowfall. oil and gas are the remains of living things. a plateau, or raised flat area, that slopes gradually toward the east.. a natural resource that is scarce in this part of the world. Hard
China Part 2 Using the clues given complete the crossword puzzle. Using water to create energy. Communism, Nationalism as examples.. What a person earns when they have a job. . The belief that thier leader is the rhythm of the universe.. This happens when an area can't grow food creating food shortages.. Hard
Asia Specific to a particular place or people.. A storm with high winds and heavy rains.. A military leader who ruled Japan in early times.. A society based on herding animals.. A circular-shaped island made of coral.. Hard
Indonesia - Interesting Facts Complete the crossword The name of the worlds largest flower. Erupting mountains found throughout Indonesia. In 1883 this volanoe erupted killing over 36,000 people. Indonesia has the _____ largest population in the world. This is the most populated island of Indonesia. Hard
Australia The kind of animals, laying eggs.. Month in which the temperature in Australia is 26 degrees?. The smallest continent on the planet.. Tree in Australia.. As far as the state is divided Australia?. Big
Oregon Trail you use this to stay on track. you travel in this. this keeps the oxen together. you buy things here. half way there. Big
California Coast boundary formed where two lithosphere plates scrape sideways past each other . a slow moving cold water current that flows south ward along CA coast. seismic sea wave caused by an earthquake and is highly destructive when it crashes on the shore. the place an organism lives. A storm with violent winds. Big
Land be smart biomes that recieve very little rain. whats the name of the layer of ground thats permantily frozen. not living. going away for winter. how much percent reaches the forest floor. Big
Fun Facts About Germany The German word for blue.. How many countries border on to Germany?. How many states does Germany have?. The German word for Germany.. This German city shares the same name as a 'hot dog'.. Older Children
Travel the World A parliamentary monarchy in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; a former colonial power. A volcanic island republic in Melanesia; independent since 1980. A republic in Central America; one of the most politically stable countries in Latin America. Transcontinental country in Eurasia, mainly in Anatolia in Western Asia. A republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe. Big
Everglades Your current location. They fly over the Everglades. Most famous Everglades reptile. The fastest way to ride over the 'Glades. Wooden walkway to view the Everglades. Easy
Argentina famous waterfall on Brazil border. a dance. sandwich cookies. grassy land. current president. Hard
Kaveri River This holy festival is held after every 12 years. Name of the philosopher whose presence sanctified Kaveri river. Known as the second biggest waterfall in India . This temple town is located on the banks of Kaveri river. Kings of this dynasty built gigantic temples on Kaveri delta. Hard
Countries A Scandinavian country that usually do best at winter Olympics.. This African country is very good at rugby.. in 2000 the summer games were held here.. Angela Merkel is the Kansler.. Summer Olympics 1900 was held in this country.. Big
Canada that is national sport of canada . this country of canada that have french for national language. this is the country which is in the north of America.. a city that is between alberta and manitoba. that is sweet syrup. Big
Europe The mountain Chain that separates Europe from Asia . The Capital of Poland. The second largest city in Croatia. England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Irelnad. A peninsula in western England. Hard
Antartica happening around antartica. live in the water around antartica. came 2nd in famouse race to antartica. eats fish. lots of ice is breaking. Big
All About China Part 2 Dynasty of China under Mongol control of Kublai Kahn.. This dynasty finished the Great Wall and built the Forbidden City, an enormous palace for their Emperor.. The emperor that is known formally as Tai-tsu or 'Great Progenitor.'. Probably the largest wholly planned city ever built was:. the custom of applying painfully tight binding to the feet of young girls to modify the shape of the foot.Feet altered by binding were called lotus feet.. Hard
All About China Part 1 The chief crop of Shang China was:. Confucius lived during the late what dynasty?. born about 551 B.C. in Shantang Province. He was the founder of probably the most successful philosophical, moral and ethical system in human history: Confucianism. . Qin rule could be characterized as:. The base of Zhou power was in:. Hard
US States Has a Palmetto Palm tree on its state flag. Has the shortest coastline out of any state on an ocean. There is an oil well on the front lawn of this state's capitol. Became a state in 1863 by seceding from an existing state. Rivers make up the entirety of its east and west borders. Big
Ancient Greece ___is god of the countryside.. Greeks like to wear___.. Minotaurs have inspired many___.. The Olympic___were held every four years.. Artists have been inspired by the___horse.. Hard
Russia and Europe Crossword A line separating two political or geographical areas, especially countries.. The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way.. An apparatus using or applying mechanical power and having several parts.. The art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.. An artificial waterway constructed to allow the passage of boats or ships inland or to convey water for irrigation.. Hard
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