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Books Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Brave New World What word describes the sudden action when John hits Lenina.. What is referred to as the crown.. The structure of the nose.. After the death of.... To contemplate.. Big
Brave New World Complete the puzzle. miserably; allowing no hope of improvement. friendliness; cordiality. complete destruction. shocking; startling. mistake; breach of etiquette. Big
Bronze Bow a member of a band of irregular soldiers that harasses the enemy by surprise raids, sabotaging communication and supply lines, etc.. retaliation against an enemy, for injuries received, by the infliction of equal or greater injuries. to hand over or deliver formally or officially; commit. to deprive of and make desolate, especially by death. a group of heavily armed infantry formed in ranks and files close and deep, with shields joined and long spears overlapping. Older Children
Brother in the land Kim's sister. destructed town because of attack. settlement. a spoiled girl. a girl believing on the survival of the fittest. Big
Bud Not Buddy A friend of Bud's.. A box of stuff being taken to a hospital.. Something that really hurts to get stung by.. The first name of the person that helped Bud.. Two lips are pushed together.. Big
Bud, Not Buddy dearly loved
. having the temperament or inclination for. learn by heart. put up with something or somebody unpleasant. to push against gently. Hard
By The Great Horn Spoon a bad person. native. a person who took part in the gold rush. become dull; droop. go away quickly. Older Children
By the Great Horn Spoon The land of fire. Who praiseworthy fought. The Butler. Name of a pig. Why did the cats follow Praiseworthy in Peru?. Older Children
Cabbage Patch Fib the opposite of disbelief. Dad gives this look when mad. When Dad saw the spaghetti in Chris' nose he began to throw a __________. to give someone oxygen. very clever. Young Kids
Canterbury Tale it means 'free man'. has a wart on his nose and a big mouth. the leader of the group, he is large, loud and merry although he possesses a quick temper. part of powerful and wealthy class. he has a long, greasy yellow hair and is beardless.. Older Children
Captain Underpants The hero of the story is Captain _________. A very powerful liquid - Extra _______Super Power Juice. A book with speech bubbles. First main character. A cermony where people get married. Young Kids
Cask of Amontillado Main conversation topic. The cause of Fortunato's death. What Fortunato did to the author. Where Fortunato and the narrator met. Where Fortunato was when he died . Teenage
Catching Fire Mutations (like birds) that record people and are used to torture the tributes. Katniss's Sister. An old woman who sells soup at the Hob. Katniss's Favorite Weapon. The Mayors Daughter. Hard
Catching Fire Haymitch and katniss' moms friend were . They went on the rooftop for a.... Peeta showed the gamemakers what he could do . Peeta lied about the getting________. Volunteered for the guys. Big
CATCHING FIRE Katniss' sister. Katniss' escort. The district that Peata and Katniss live in. The bird on the cover of the book. How District 12 gets destroyed. Older Children
Catching Fire What type of arena is the Hunger Games held in?. Who made soup in the Hob?. Who was the Avox that Katniss recognized?. Who was the other tribute from Katniss's district sent to the quarter quell?. Who is the mayor's daughter?. Big
Catching Fire Characters Find the character who matches each of the clues New head peacekeeper in District 12, much more strict and violent than the old one. Katniss’ younger sister. Fights in the games alongside Katniss. District 3 Tribute ( aka “Nuts”) Said Tick Tock, Tick Tock repeatedly . Run away from District 8 that Katniss meets in the woods (with Twill). Older Children
Chanda's Secret a state that is either physically or mentally exhausted by exertion or strain. can i use your phone to call a ______ . the father of Sara. to become wild most likely when partying or at a party . an annoying or bothersome pain . Adult
Chanda's secrets The father of Chanda's dead little sister sara. He has drinking problems. The behaviors or beliefs of a particular social or ethnic group. Chanda's dead little sister. Chanda's little sister who's papa is still alive.. Setswana word for 'hello' when spoken to an individual.. Very Difficult
Change of Heart Bournes lawyer. Bourne was not _______. Bourne '______' Lucius. Good guy with speech a impediment. Mother of Elizabeth . Teenage
Characters To Kill a Mocking Bird atticus' sister. scouts brother. Scout’s politeness compels him to disperse the men at the jail. father of the poorest family in maycomb. pretends to be a drunk. Hard
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory The animal that gave Veruca Salt what she deserved.. Helpers in Mr.Willy Wonka's factory.. A candy that makes your hair grow.. What Charlie found in his candy wrapper.... The man who told Charlie the story about Mr.Willy Wonka.. Older Children
Charlotte's Web a quiet dark place for animals to sleep. planning or plotting. baby goose. going on and on about something. body part on a spider that helps make their webs. Young Kids
Charlotte's Web This if the second thing that Wilbur was forced to eat.. Who told Wilbur she would see him in the morning?. A long narrow shallow feeding bin for animals.. How many eggs hatched?. What was one of the things Wilbur was forced to eat?. Young Kids
Charlotte's Web Chapters 7-11 What is Wilbur's food called?. Who is going to save Wilbur?. Fern ______ Wilbur.. What does Charlotte write in her web?. The oldest sheep gives Wilbur some _______ news.. Young Kids
Charlotte's Web A small, graceful, swift flying bird.. A long, narrow, shallow feeding container.. Respected or honored greatly.. Attracted and delighted.. Violation of what is right.. Young Kids
Charlottes' Web Sweat. Changing little. A container for animal food. A weak person or animal. Charmed. Young Kids
Checkouts and The Girl Who Can Narrator is not a character; knows everything; uses pronouns he, she, him, her, they, them. different from what is considered right or reasonable. Narrator is not a character; reports things through one character's eyes; uses pronouns he, she, him, her, they them. a daydream; the condition of being lost in thought. thate state of being disorderly, messy, unclean. Older Children
Cinder Head research scientist for the Letumosis disease. Adri's deceased husband who had gone to Europe and adopted Cinder, but died of Letumosis. What Queen Levana claims that her research team has discovered to cure Letumosis. What the med-droids took from the corpses of the dead Letumosis victims. What Dr. Erland said he did to Cinder's spine. Hard
Cinderella a lady who has married a child's father. to wed a person. to make fun of someone. not good to look at. 12 o'clock at night time. Young Kids
City of Bones A pen that creates Iratze. A person that kills demons. Everyone has one no matter what brand it is. A Shadowhunters lifelong partner . The study of demons. Older Children
City of Orphans Given to or characterized by theft. Bad, evil. News issued weekly (Publication). Free from moral wrong. Preposition. Hard
Clay Marble A high-pitched tone or sound. A form of government. To be brisk, concise, brief, or abrupt. Scary or Spooky. To be absorbed in something, or to be intent. Big
Click Clack Moo to walk like you own the world. to walk back and forth in a small area. quickly and lovely, like a nice walk. each person in an argument gives up what they want. to ask for something. Young Kids
Cloud Wish A government, especially an authoritarian one pg 155. What nationality is Van's family?. What did Van's parents what her to be?. The main Character. Antagonist. Big
Cracker the best dog in Vietnam What happens to Cracker after the atack. Crackers best friend. One of Ricks friends in the Army. Ricks last name. What Rick needs to fill . Older Children
Crazy Weekend Weekly Puzzle Name of pilot. School bully. Best Friends. Julio's girlfriend. Name of robbers. Older Children
Creatures and Animals of Narnia Followers of the White Witch. In folklore, they are lusty male demons who cause nightmares. Followers of The White Witch. Leads the Pevensie children to Mr. Beaver. Woodland folk who are part human and part goat. The tutor of Bacchus . Big
Cricket in Times Square Think about the story and write the word that goes with the clue! Good Luck! Mario's home. how Chester felt at the station. Mario's family business. Chester's favorite treat. city transportation. Big
Crucible Characters Visitor who came to rid the town of 'Witchcraft'. Person who gave Elizabeth the poppet. Reverend of the town. Marshal of the town. Wife of the man Abigail wants. Older Children
Cue for Treason a weapon they used to catch sir Philip and the end of the play. is the horse that peter has . the girl in the story but she pretends to be a guy in the book. the coffin peter hid in to hide from sir philip. is the person who kills sir Philip . Older Children
Cue For Treason Peter has a hobby of throwing them. The man supposed to murder the Queen. The women Peter marries. The meeting place of the cospiritors. The traveling company of actors. Older Children
Da Vinci Code Cross the letters to find clues to this amazing book about mystery and family. Robert Langdon's Profession. Where Holy Grail was hidden?. Sophie Neveu's Profession. Where is the bank?. Author's name. Big
Da Vinci Code Use the words to figure out the important parts in this book of Mystery Robert Landon's profession?. Code at Bank?. Where is the bank?. Author's name?. Sauniers Part in the Priory of Sion?. Big
Danny the Champion of the World name of the doctor who treats Danny's dad. birds that are being caught in the woods. name of the owner of the woods where the birds are. name of Danny's father. name of the main character. Young Kids
Danny, the Champion of the World a lacking of feeling.. utterly disgusting.. to break down completely.. to wander about.. to make furious.. Older Children
Day No Pigs Would Die Scrappy bushes. On the move. Speckle. Front upper body. Protection of a little pigs. Big
Deadly Unna best maggots in town?. what does arks drive?. what said about point?. who wrote boongs piss off?. Blackys mums real name?. Big
Dear Dumb Diary angelina babysits him alot. stinkers wife. they serve this for lunch every thursday. a way to earn money. when your lips touches somebody elses lips for more that a second`. Hard
Death by Latte done in a creepy manner. Joyous, merry or happy. Deriving ideas, styles, etc.. Childishly sulky. Metal bars. Big
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