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Books Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Pigman Name of Baboon. What John drank. John's nickname Freshman year. Event that sends Mr. Pignati to the hospital. Name of Pigman's wife. Big
And Then There Were None 6 little indian. The islands name. 5 little indian. Someone who kills other people. 7 little indian. Big
Tom Sawyer Use the clues to help you figure out the words Injun Joe got ______ in the cave and died. The man accused of being the murderer the first time; alcoholic. Tom's cousin. The girl that Tom was in love with. the event that happened at the church after Tom, Huck, and Joe Harper dissappeared. Big
A Long Walk to Water One of three challenges Nya faces when she gets water (heat, time, and...). The number of years since Salva has seen his father . Nya's little sister who falls ill. Salva's friend was killed in this region. The name of Salva's project and organization . Hard
Refugee Boy Alem's first friend. What continent is Alem from?. Who bullies Alem in the orphanage?. Who were Alem's foster parents?. The country that Alem flees from. Adult
The Kelpie's Pearls All these words are in Chapters 1 and 2. Can you find them? a tall fern . to be full to the point of overflowing. owing thanks or having a duty to someone in return for help or a service.. shrivelled. the northern lapwing bird. Big
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Chapter 11 make a low continuous vibratory sound expressing contentment (like a cat). quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive. successful in material terms; flourishing financially. a fine, strong, soft lustrous fiber produced by silkworms in making cocoons and collected to make thread and fabric. strange, odd. Hard
The Land of Stories Works as a nurse. What is the evil queens portrait really?. Who gave them the book?. The boy main character. What did sleeping beauty prick her finger on?. Hard
Where the Red Fern Grows This is where Billy goes to pick up his dogs. The family cat. The name that the kids from the school call him. This is the kind of can Billy kept his money in. influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering . Older Children
Great Expectations Miss Havisham does not intend for Pip to marry this person. Wemmick takes Pip on a brief tour of this place. the tailor's apprentice that that Pip is mocked by as he walks down the street. Pip returns to this place in low spirits. Pip feels terrible for how he treated these two people. Big
The Pearl That threatens something bad. going on and on in the same tone. The family lived in a ________ house. Kino kills a tracker with a ________. Having a fever, especially a light fever. Big
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Complete the following crossword a thing or collection of things wrapped in paper in order to be carried or sent by mail.. a tract of land with the buildings thereon. strange; odd.. unduly curious about the affairs of others; prying.. moderately cold : lacking in warmth. Older Children
The Kite Runner A sin you refuse or have not ask for forgiveness.. Zealous or impassioned.. (building) in a state of being ruin due to aging.. To make someone unable to think clearly, usually resulting from a shock.. A visible form of an idea, quality or feeling.. Hard
All About Dinosaurs Fill in the words into the crossword puzzle. Use the book for clues or meaning of word. Dinosaurs who have these use to eat plants. Some dinosaurs had these on their backs. Lived long, long ago and no one has ever seen them. Scientist look at their bones and put them together like a puzzle.. Some dinosaurs had these on their heads. Dinasaurs who have these use to eat meat or other dinosaurs. Easy
Tom Sawyer drowsy dullness. rebellious. a collection or assortment ofanimals for exhibition. guessed without sufficient evidence. revenge. Older Children
Do you know Winter? Figure out all these Winter Turning questions based on the book Winter Turning IceWing Trial to help dragonets escape from the 7th Circle to the 1st Circle (Winter's last resort).. Winter's older brother who was trapped as the SkyWing Pyrite for 2 years.. Winter's home. Winter's sister (tries to kill Queen Glory and the dragonets of destiny for Queen Scarlet). Winter's SandWIng friend. Big
The Devil and Tom Walker Christian movement that traces its origins to the radical reformation. A marsh or bog/soft, wet ground. Standing above others in quality or position. A person who buys and sells commodities for profit (Tom Walker at the end of story). Split by an ax. Hard
Train Dreams The antagonist who was only in one scene. Location of the cabin. Childhood friend of the protagonist. The protagonist that the book follows. The protagonist's daughter . Adult
Sing Down the Moon Party. To fly by a quick light flapping. A rope or chain. Little push. To shed tears. Older Children
Last Man Out Tommy's best friend. How Tommy's dad acts while fighting fires. The position he plays in football. The hobby Tommy picks up while he is suspended. Tommys football team. Big
The Yellow Wallpaper state author was born in. how the author died. what John did at the end of the story. what the room was previously used as. occupation of narrator's brother. Big
Much Ado About Nothing Who said it? 'I learn in this letter that Don Pedro of Aragon comes this night to Messina.'. 'O on my soul, my cousin is belied.'. 'O villain! Thou wilt be condemned into everlasting redemption.'. 'Will you have me lady Beatrice?'. 'If I had my mouth, I would bite; if I had my liberty, I would do my liking; in the meantime let me be as I am.'. Big
Puss in Boots Best friend of Puss. Name of kingdom. The queen. Things are sold here. What Tabby wears. Young Kids
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Ichabod is very . All the women thought Brom was . Katrina is very _ _ _ _ _ _. 12:00. Brom was _ _ _ _ __ _ when he scared Ichabod. Older Children
Goodnight Mr Tom Told something in secret. Raining lightly. Graceful. Run down or in a state of disrepair. Not continuously or stop-start. Big
Lord of the Rings Sam's best friend; one who carries the ring. Cuts the ring from Sauron. volcano where ring can be destroyed. Land of living trees. Skilled archer. Hard
Flowers for Algernon A thing that is helpful or beneficial. To end or to be finished. A person who claims or is believed to have magic powers. Of or in an immobile or unresponsive stupor. Designated for a particular purpose. Big
The Light in The Forest a long thick pillow that is placed under other pillows for support. meat from a deer. a raised platform or lectern in a church or chapel from which the preacher delivers a sermon. an American Indian woman or wife. a burden or impediment. Big
Sing Down the Moon portion into which something is divided. submitting to authority. expression of anger. loose wide-necked garment. strong, heavy cotton. Young Kids
Nory Ryan's Song Awful, terrible. An official who assists a British sheriff. A rattling sound. Confused, stunned, bewildered. Tied to, restraint for holding an animal or child in place. Big
The Great Trouble This is what Fisheye Bill used to beat Eel.. One of Dr. Snow's guinea pigs gets sick from the water in its bowl, which gives him and Eel a new strategy.. People use this phrase when referring directly to cholera.. Dr. Snow thinks that if morbid materials touch this part of the body then the person will get infected.. What Fisheye Bill Tyler wants Henry to become. Very Difficult
Mr Henshaw What dinner do Leigh and his mother go get and eat in the car?. What is the short term for the refrigerated truck that Leighs dad drives?. How much money does Leigh's dad send after he looses his dog?. What is Leighs mother in class to become?. What is the name of the boy that becomes Leigh's friend?. Young Kids
Spy Camp What is Erica's father's name?. Who did Ripley go to for help other than Erica?. SPYDER's hideout was in a ____.. Where did Tina get sent to?. What is the name of the amusement center?. Hard
The Sign Of Four Where Sherlock and Watson find the body of Bartholomew. The dog who helps Sherlock and Watson in chapter 7. Thaddeus and Bartholomew dad. The man who had the jewels at the start.. The setting of the story.. Big
Ender's Game A girl that teaches Ender how to shoot well at Battleschool. _________ and Demosthenes. One of Ender's friends had the nickname ___ Molo. One of Ender's friends had the nickname ___ Soup. Graff always hung out with ________ Anderson. Hard
Princess Academy Miri's older sister. The prince. An orphan at the academy. The capital. The mountain that Miri lives. Big
Horrible Harry and the Christmas Surprise Song Lee got out of her seat and went to the costume box nd got the ______.. Harry _____ when saw the tray of frosted Christmas cookies.. Mary got Sydney to jion in on their _______ to remove Harry's gift.. Mr. Cardini had Harry write a letter of ________ to Song Lee.. Miss Mackle didn't want to miss all the special____ the class had planned for the day.. Young Kids
A Ticket Around the World A small country in Central America. One of the most visited museums in the world. Brazilian soccer. means 'hello' in Setswana. The only country in the world that covers a whole continent. Hard
The Great Gatsby Where did gatsby study after the war. Writer of The Great Gatsby. Jordan Baker's occupation. Whats Gatsby's real name. Gatsby's childhood friend. Big
Among The Impostors By Margret Peterson Haddix the name of the school. Jason took Luke to the ___ to get a bandage . Luke hit his with this item to knock out Jason. The real name of Jackal boy . When Luke found Jason he was using a ___. Big
Tempest Rising an ornamental chain or string of beads, jewels, or links worn round the neck.. a small area on a surface having a different colour from its surroundings. a state of the US, on the Pacific coast. a colourless, transparent, odourless, liquid which forms the seas. the sport or pastime of riding a wave towards the shore while standing or lying on a surfboard.. Big
Boys in the Boat the capacity to gain and use knowledge . water that falls to the earth in the form of frozen . to build. confused or puzzled. having an old-fashioned attractiveness or charm. Big
Unwind A camp no one wants to attend. Lady at the anique shop. Someone who was born and their soul purpose was to be unwound. Connors nickname after escaping. The teacher who helped them. Big
Touching Spirit Bear the state of being alone. a result or effect of an action or condition. a red, swollen mark, usually by a blow or pressure. not showing fear or hesitation. Cole's main problem. Older Children
Tooth Tracing pumps blood through the pulmonary valve & through the pulmonary artery. recieves blood from the left atrium & pumps it into the aorta. is the vessel transporting de-oxygenated blood from the right ventricle to the lungs.. helps get rid of cO2 when we breath out. supplies blood to the brain. Hard
The Universe and Beyond by Terence Dickinson What powers stars. They create light. What stars are formed in. Surround Saturn. The dwarf planet that used to be a planet. Big
Last Descendants the event in which all the kids had ancestors in the same area. a person who formerly kills someone. the technology in which Monroe stole. the place between the real world and the simulation. one of the two secret societies after the pieces of Eden. Big
Brave New World Complete the puzzle. miserably; allowing no hope of improvement. friendliness; cordiality. complete destruction. shocking; startling. mistake; breach of etiquette. Big
The Wide Window An attractive or pleasant person.. A terrible man trying to steal the Baudelaries. Children who have been taken away from their parents.. The feeling of distress.. A character in a play.. Older Children
Founders' Son The place that the president and first lady's family live during the presidency. Formal end to slavery. Most common weapon at the time. Gave each state 30,000 acres. When Lincoln died. Hard
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