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Books Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Danny, the Champion of the World a lacking of feeling.. utterly disgusting.. to break down completely.. to wander about.. to make furious.. Older Children
Day No Pigs Would Die Scrappy bushes. On the move. Speckle. Front upper body. Protection of a little pigs. Big
Deadly Unna best maggots in town?. what does arks drive?. what said about point?. who wrote boongs piss off?. Blackys mums real name?. Big
Dear Dumb Diary angelina babysits him alot. stinkers wife. they serve this for lunch every thursday. a way to earn money. when your lips touches somebody elses lips for more that a second`. Hard
Death of a Salesman pale; lacking color. what the main character says to his sons about his life. a religious service for the dead. where brother of main character made his money. title of play. Very Difficult
Deltora Dragons Sister of the South The belt leif wears around his waist.. The place where the grey goo came from.. Laughing Jack's ship.. Leifs future wife.. The palace librarian.. Older Children
Deltora Dragons: Sister of the South The belt leif wears around his waist.. The place where the grey goo came from.. Laughing Jack's ship.. Leifs future wife.. The palace librarian.. Big
Demon in the Freezer Nathan Janes flowing or running together; blending into one. a member of an order of monks founded at Monte Cassino by St. Benedict about a.d. 530.. moving or directed outward from the center. to divide or fork into two branches. the infectious form of a virus as it exists outside the host cell. Hard
Devil on My Heels something that is written on someones grave like a quote or a favourite saying. delia husband. people that have moved here from a different country.. she loves Gator. the group that created all the trouble for the migrants and the help.. Teenage
Dewey The Library Cat How old was dewey when he died. Deweys favorite food. What season did this happen in. What do people read. Who loves Dewey more than anyone. Big
Dinosaurs Before Dark Mary Pope Osborne to shake from fear. four-legged creature having a long horn above each eye . a group of plants or animals living or growing together. to make a short, deep, hoarse sound. a cone shaped mountain through which molten rock comes out. Older Children
Dinosaurs Before Dark a very big size. definitely or for sure. disappeared, was suddenly gone. stuttering or speaking with short pauses. gliding in the sky. Older Children
Doctor Zhivago A simple station worker.. Childhood friend of Pasha and Yura.. Number of chapters this novel is composed of. . The mother of Zhivago's firstborn. . Yura's father committed this terrible act within a train station.. Hard
Don't Look Behind You identity april uses on the plane . guy who likes val . grandma. where the corrigans came from . aprils new friend . Teenage
Dooms Day Book by Connie Willis She 'traveled' to 1342. Deadly plague of 14th century. _____ book blends science fiction with historical reconstruction. Agnes' dog. Fictional type of travel. Teenage
Dr. Seuss Books 'You never know until you try it!'. The 'green' book. Uses the simplest rhyming words. A book for graduates. Focus is on this body part. Older Children
Dracula The opposite of rough.. What was on both sides of Dracula's hands?. Dracula gave The Three Women a ................ The opposite of thin.. Johnathan used this to get to the castle.. Older Children
Dragon Rider Firedrake uses this to fly during daytime. Spies. A sea _______ was friendly with the group. Guinevere _______. The Golden One lives in a _______. Young Kids
Dragonwings full of, characterized by, or showing malice; intentionally harmful; spiteful: . carefully weighed or considered; studied; intentional:. Military. a unit of ground forces, consisting of two or more battalions or battle groups, a headquarters unit, and certain supporting units. . perceiving directly by intuition without rational thought, as a person or the mind. . to fasten oneself or itself to something . Big
Draw the Dark what was on the wall of mr witeks room. the second thing that christian took from mr witeks room. The town and state the book takes place in. name of the doctor in the nursing home who later turns out to be Christians therapist. name of the boy in which Christian is seeing his memory and name of the man in the nursing home. Hard
Eagle Strike Where Sabina's dad was when he was injured.. A working member at M16.. A weapon that was used on Sabina's dad.. A useful riding material that is customized by Smithers.. A man who was killed by the term 'Blood Money'.. Hard
Elements of Narration type of character that is fully developed (protagonist). type of character that has one or two personal key traits. type of character that is less important. __________ is what happens in the story. a person in the narrative. who is in the story and what do you know about him or her or them. Big
Ender's Game The commander of Rabbit Army, treats Ender well even though he is beaten badly by Dragon Army. He is one of the platoon leaders in the Third Invasion.. to thrust forward . the turning point of the story, when Ender fights what he thinks is his final test in Command School but what is actually the last battle of the Third Invasion.. what the type of novel is (Science fiction) . One of Ender's toon leaders in Dragon Army, he takes the initiative well and thinks quickly on his own. He is one of Ender's platoon leaders during the battles of the Third Invasion.. Hard
Ender's Game Crossword First army Ender commanded. Name if his first friend. Name of first army Ender inducted into. What is Enders real name. Who saved Ender from being killed by Bonzo. Older Children
Enders Game Ender's nickname . Creatures that ender defeated. Training center. Main character . Bernard's best friend. Older Children
Escape From Warsaw Joseph Balicki's wife name.. Number of orphans under Ruth's care.. University Ruth went to.. The place Joseph and his wife planned to meet if they were ever separated.. Number of years Edek had been taken away from Ruth and Bronia.. Older Children
Escape to Warsaw The young boy who has trouble with stealing that the Balicki children found. The Russians soldier who gave Ruth the supplies she needed for her school.. The ones who are fighting the Polish.. Where the Balicki children and escaping to.. The youngest Balicki child.. Older Children
Every Soul A Star Everyone in this novel is this because it's someone who travels to see an astronomical event.. Lives at Moon Shadow and adores it; forced to move to the city.. Jock in school, but goes to Moon Shadow every summer.. Goes on a science trip to Moon Shadow, so he doesn't have summer school.. Enjoys bugs and stars; also lives at Moon Shadow. Is Ally's brother.. Older Children
Execution By Hunger A land of perfection. This is _______. The work in our schools. they put knowledge in us. . A country that boarders Russia and on the verge of civil war. . A common Russian world to describe two close people in the army. . A person who believes in the soviet government. . Hard
Facing the Lion Kamryn Robarge Joseph lived in this country when growing up.. What type of sport changed Joseph's life?. Who gave Joseph a full scholarship to college? . Lemasolai means this.. If you kill a lion your considered what?. Teenage
Fahrenheit 451 destroys the town. banned from society. a coward. book Montag tries to memories. a hobo. Teenage
Fairy Tales They are pink.. She must clean the house.. She always wears red.. He is a cat.. She always sleeps.. Big
Finn McCool An old story handed down from the past .. A new born child.. one of Finn's wives.. A conflict or struggle .. A walkway where people or animals can walk. . Older Children
Flat Stanley Stanley is _____. Access to the secret ingredient. They speak this language in Mexico . Flat Stanley has one of these. Carmen and Stanley did this. Older Children
Flowers for Algernon Which doctor wants to publish the study at the end of the month?. Strauss accuses Nemur of being an opportunist who wants to teach at what Ivy league university?. an unproven theory. feeling, reaction to outside stimuli. equal, balanced, in proportion. Very Difficult
Flowers of Algernon daily journal Charlie wrote in. girl Charlie fell in love with. another co-worker of Charlie. having a constant relation in degree or number. very unreasonable. Big
Flush by Carl Hiaasen the print on the suitcase that Mrs. Underwood used to pack when she was leaving Mr. Underwood . is the name of Mr. Underwoods lawyer . standing up for what is right is the ( ) of the book . wants to support his father but doesn't understand his actions. what Grandpa Bobby gives Noah. Hard
Forged byFire What Gerald got on his birthday from Aunt Queen. Gerald's high school. The basketball team's manager. Where was Angel born. Monique's addiction berfore Gerald left. Hard
Frankenstein The book that Victor's father discourages Victor to read because a modern system of science had already been introduced. . The male character who nurtured Victor.. This professor mocks Victorís interest in alchemy. He encourages Victor to start his studies all over again.. Says this line in the book: 'But where were my friends and relations? No father had watched my infant days, no mother had blessed me with smiles and caresses'.. The university that Victor attends to learn about science.. Hard
Freak the Mighty A gentlemen of the old school before they tore it down . A measure of energy equal to ten million ergs. A sweet lady of light. A four letter word for truth serum . A silly looking creature that eats ants. Older Children
Freak The Mighty whatever you want more of. a land far away in maxwells basement. a gentlemen of the old school before they tore it down. the bang in a sky rocket. a sweet lady of light. Older Children
Freak the Mighty Gram's husband. Max's Grandmother. Woman who lost her purse. Blades real name. The brawn of Freak the Mighty. Young Kids
Frindle His dad sold this.. Mrs,Granger's eye color. Mrs.Granger gave this to Nick. The name of the school.. Mrs.Granger called the frindle phase this.. Young Kids
Game of Thrones Wat is de naam van het familie zwaard van de Starks?. Hoe worden bastaarden in het Noorden genoemd?. Wat is de naam van het raadslid die Heer Stark verraad?. Met wie moet Daenerys trouwen?. Wat bewaken de Zwarte Broeders?. Hard
Generations of Exclusion Which university was home to the original 1965 and 1966 surveys for The Mexican American People- the Nation's Second Largest Minority? (Hint it's an abbreviation). Which professor claimed that 'Hispanics and especially Mexicans pose a threat to American national unity...the unassimilable Mexicans along with the large numbers of mostly illegal immigrants are leading to a demographic reconquista of the American S. What is one necessary process in any type of ethnic or racial, racialization or assimilation?. Mexican Americans tended to be homogenized and racialized which caused them to be concentrated and segregated in to these urban areas.. Restriction due to nativistís fear of Mexican immigration is known as what?. Big
Gifted Hands a right exclusive to a particular individual or class. ready to be guided or influenced. a cell capable of becoming into an unlimited number of cell types. to foresee. insufficent for a purpose. Hard
Go Ask Alice Who gave Alice a friendship ring?. School made Alice regret about using what?. Alices father's job.. BP*. Left home.. Older Children
Go Ask Alice not respectable. a woman who is a priest . to show great misery or sorrow. to treat a dead body with special preparations to preserve it from decay. poorly nourished. Teenage
Gone With The Wind Scarlett's plantation. Scarlett's true love by the end. Scarlett's starting age. Why does Scarlett marry frank. _____ Oaks. Very Difficult
Graduation of Jake Moon Place where Alzheimer patients go. What item of Skelly's was in the freezer. Place where Jake first saw his grandfather. Main Character. What Skelly broke. Older Children
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