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Books Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Snow Treasure What Lovisa was scared the Nazi's were doing to them.. The name of the country they are in.. The children started up a ______________ fight after they buried the gold.. The uncle that heard the signal that the Nazi's were coming.. The friend who sled down the tall sloped mountain with Peter.. Young Kids
The Gingerbread Man Complete the puzzle below What gingerbread man was created in?. 'Open the ............', said the gingerbread man.. What is the main character made from?. What was the last part of the fox the gingerbread stood upon before being gobbled up?. What animal was last to join in the chase?. Very Difficult
Escape to Gold Mountains Complete the crossword below. An old term for ''Saltwater City'' or ''Vancouver''.. It is an old term for ''Chinese people''.. The man who descrived Chinamen as good servants because they were quick, obedient, patient, quick to learn, and tirelessly industrious.. Were Chinese men using identity papers stating they were sons of Chinese in America, who could claim to have been born there.. The son who stayed to look after their parents when Ken and Vern left to look for jobs.. Hard
Shadowcry by Jenna Burtenshaw people who are under D'ru influence. a group of people that have magical powers . main character father. little girl who lost there parents. the man who hit Artemis in the face with a bow in the beginning of the story. Older Children
Brave New World one of Lenina's many lovers . curved down like an eagle's beak. has a job that nobody else wants. is a fictional process of human cloning that is a key aspect of the world. the level of casual conversation and habit, religion has been replaced. Hard
The Son of Neptune the god of the moon. camp for half bloods. son of posidon. greek form of hades. dad of the giants. Older Children
Death by Latte done in a creepy manner. Joyous, merry or happy. Deriving ideas, styles, etc.. Childishly sulky. Metal bars. Big
The Glass Castle The definition for each word is provided wave or swing or cause to wave or swing wildly. showing contempt or lack of respect. made in an intricate shape or decorates with complex patterns . the fact or condition of being severe. an ungrateful person. Big
Vanishing Girls Nick and Dara's hometown. Mermaid that Nick plays for the little kids. Owner of Fanland. Creepy guy that Dara met at a party. Nick's best friend. Big
A Wrinkle in Time A changeover. Gas surrounding the Earth. Victorious-winning and proud. Hard to describe;having no outstanding features. Bow down as a show of respect. Older Children
Black Like Me City where Griffin conducts interviews before returning to New Orleans. Newspaperman who provides Griffin shelter in Mississippi. Blacks and whites have separate _______, including restrooms and busses. First name of the man who is lynched in Mississippi. Last name of the main character/narrator of the story. Older Children
Becoming Naomi Leon Find and write in the described words cover attached above a bed or seat, used as decoration or as a shelter. Spanish for symbolic; standing for a particular event, process, or situation. person who tries to help two groups to stop arguing and make an agreement. public scene or show that is very impressive. influence or control. Older Children
Whispers From the Dead the red liquid that circulates in the arteries and veins of humans and other vertebrate animals, carrying oxygen to and carbon dioxide from the tissues of the body.. a terrifying or very unpleasant experience or prospect. using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning. a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. means danger in English . Big
In the Time of the Butterflies had two families. the only surviving sister. the family servant/housekeeper. slapped El Jefe. teaches Mamá how to read. Big
A Separate Peace Who is the substitute headmaster at Devon. What war was happening during the story . The boys at Devon don't like who. What summer does most of the action take place . Name one male parent in the book . Big
Black Like Me a dangerous, difficult situation. where Griffin and his family live. a deliberate discourteous act. the city that Griffin hitchhikes through to get to Mobile. the first stop on Griffins journey after he arrives in New Orleans. Big
The Chrysalids Angus owned... Severe punishment. . How where Petra and David related?. Someone who can be sent away if they make 3 babies.. Outside the Fringes. . Big
Historical Books Fill in all the blanks in the crossword puzzle The son of Solomon who became the first king of the divided kingdom in Judah.. The nation that fell first into the hands of their enemies.. The wisest and richest king of Israel.. This sin caused both Judah and Israel to fall into the hands of their enemies.. The number of tribes in the north (Israel). Big
The Hundred Dresses extremely beautiful and well-made. a gentle push. a game in which children hop into and over squares marked on the ground. didn't fit properly. noisy, dragging movements of the feet on the ground. Older Children
Bud Not Buddy A friend of Bud's.. A box of stuff being taken to a hospital.. Something that really hurts to get stung by.. The first name of the person that helped Bud.. Two lips are pushed together.. Big
In a Dark, Dark Wood What is Leonora's occupation?. How is James murdered?. What is Nina's occupation?. Who gives Leonora his number at the end?. How many years has it been since Clare and Leonora have seen eachother. Older Children
The Breadwinner the market is a huge _________.. parvana`s father say`s she should be very ______ of evert won in afghanistan. the taliban are mostly _______.. to shine with a harsh,bright light.. women in afganistan had to wear them when they go outside.. Big
Out of the Dust Use the definitions to fill in the words or phrases The constant blowing of dust inside clothes caused ______ skin. The cause for which thirty three dollars were raised at the President's Birthday Ball. A kind of spiced apple pudding baked in a deep dish. A type of cereal, Ma told Daddy to try growing cotton and _______ as a substitute for wheat.. A layer of dust on a surface. Older Children
Maniac Magee The star quarterback. What Amanda kept in her suitcase. What the East and the West ends are called . John McNab's gang's name. What is Maniac's main skill. He is ____.. Teenage
Identity in The Handmaids Tale You may use the book for reference. Serena Joy creates a new identity for herself by discarding her old name which was what? . Illiteracy and oppression of women is enforced by taking away written signs as shown with the shop _________. . What is Offred talking about in this quote? 'No wonder we can't come in here. It's an oasis of the forbidden. I try not to stare.' Hint: Chapter 23. Offred loses part of her identity when her ________ is taken from her.. Janine or Ofwarren fulfills her identity as a handmaid by having a _______.. Big
A Long Way Gone Solve the crossword puzzle Severe mental or physical pain. Lucky to have something happened.. Relating social conditions to social health. To cause frustration.. Deceiving or tending to deceive. Hard
The Pearl The illusionist's show is an entertaining blend of ___________ and over- the- top showmanship.. Because he was _________, the court appointed a lawyer to defend him.. A ________ of reporters came to the event.. Daylight waned, and night came on. Her enthusiasm for the cause is _________.. Instead of using just pomegranate to produce a sour taste, for instance, she also uses __________, which is also sour but in its own distinctive way.. Hard
My Brother Sam Is Dead a nick name for the british soldiers who wore red. Who kidnapped Father. What does Sam want Tim to do with the eight cattle. Tim's older brother. What profession enchants Tim when he arrives at Verplancks Point. Hard
Stranger at the Gate Fill in the crossword puzzle by following the clues. ''I swear Odysseus is on native soil, her and now!...If only, my friend,' reserved Penelope exclaimed, 'everything you say would come to pass!' (359). What type of Irony is this?. Strong, wise and clever, but struck with grief.. '...What a curse, what mischief it brews in all our lives! Just for hunger we rig and ride our long benched ships on the barren salt sea, speeding death to enemies' (363).. This character has helped both Telemachus and Odysseus on their journey. Has shown so much growth throughout this journey, he would now be described as cautious, steady, and mature.. Hard
Charlotte's Web A small, graceful, swift flying bird.. A long, narrow, shallow feeding container.. Respected or honored greatly.. Attracted and delighted.. Violation of what is right.. Young Kids
The Watsons Go To Birmingham usually called momma and she is the mother of the three children. kenny said Alabama was like one. number of girls killed in the church bombing. what school do the kids go to . youngest child of the family. Hard
Game of Thrones Quotes Puzzle There's a certain _______ in death, wouldn't you say? - Jaime Lannister. First lesson, stick em with the ______ end. - Jon Snow. The mind needs ______, like the sword needs whetstone. - Tyrion. A ______ is a lesson, each lesson makes us better. - Arya . I'm here to help. Don't ____ the help. - Tyrion. Hard
A Long Way Gone Crossword Puzzle coming after something in time. difficult, unpleasant, or embarrassing situation. sword-like stabbing blade on the muzzle of a rifle. person who has been forced to leave the country. to fix an object firmly into the ground. Very Difficult
Cricket in Times Square Think about the story and write the word that goes with the clue! Good Luck! Mario's home. how Chester felt at the station. Mario's family business. Chester's favorite treat. city transportation. Big
Cloud Wish A government, especially an authoritarian one pg 155. What nationality is Van's family?. What did Van's parents what her to be?. The main Character. Antagonist. Big
Brother in the land Kim's sister. destructed town because of attack. settlement. a spoiled girl. a girl believing on the survival of the fittest. Big
The Candy Shop War The mix between a kaleidoscope and a telescope.. The candy that lets you control a proxy doll.. The boy who's nickname is Pigeon.. The candy that makes you have a large craving for it and does not go well with magic candy.. The place where all magicians need to stay at.. Big
Becoming Naomi Leon Naomi and her dad’s favorite hobby.. Who is Naomi's guardian?. The city where Naomi's dad lives.. What is the last name of Naomi's gram?. At the end of the story what gram fought for. . Big
Magic Tree House Series The place where Jack and Annie stay. A boy that has a magic treehouse and saves his sister. A boy that Jack and Annie do not know till they see their faces. A guy that lives in a ice palace. A girl that Jack and Annie do not know till they see their faces . Young Kids
The Outsiders Where did Johnny die at?. Which brother of Ponyboy is happy go lucky? . Who dose Ponyboy and Johnny save in the fire?. What kind of paper does Ponyboy need to write to save his grade?. What state did Greasers and Socs live in?. Very Difficult
Twas the Night St. Nick's clothes were also tarnished with this. . The stockings were hung by this with care.. While visions of what danced in their heads. . The smoke encircled his head like a what?. What did St. Nick do before he went up the chimney?. Big
Anne Frank's Diary the eight people in hiding. Peter's cat. the Jewish symbol. the camp where Anne and Margot died. the concentration camp. Hard
Huck Finn Huck's drunken father. Huck find Jim here. The name of the show the cons produce. Widow Dougulas is trying to _______ Huck . Jim's planned destionation. Older Children
The Last Thing I Remember name of the series. london _____ is falling down. shooting weapon. lots of trees together. blue and red flashing lights. Hard
The Candymakers (Soccer player) Born: August 17, 1977, Les Ulis, France . we are the champions . a person who secretly collects and reports information on the activities, movements, and plans of an enemy or competitor.. a building or group of buildings where goods are manufactured or assembled by machine.. I can go 100 _____ per hour. Older Children
Shadow of the Dragon Use the definitions given to fill in the crossword. The Vietnamese name for the Cobra gang.. The Vietnamese term for an older person in your family, usually two generations older than you.. The Vietnamese term used for the oldest brother of the family.. A Vietnamese greeting used when addressing a male.. A Vietnamese national costume usually worn during the Lunar new year and most commonly worn by women.. Hard
The Guns of Easter The Army Mick fights for. Trade Unionist- one of the leaders of the rising. Countess who was one of the rebels. The army Jimmys father fights for. School teacher- one of the leaders of the rising. Older Children
Walk Two Moons Salamanca's brave grandparents. Salamanca's respectable grandparents. Ms. Cadaver's job. Salamanca's grandmother's name on the Pickford side of her family. Salamanca's friend. Teenage
The Whipping Boy The _____________ of the class makes fun of everyone and never says nice things.. The neighbors were ______________ to enter the crime scene.. I think it would be pretty cool if we had _____________ pens to use in class.. My brother is a _____________ because he always lies to try and get me in trouble,. In music yesterday, we listened to a _____________.. Older Children
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