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Books Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Looking For Alaska Pudge is seeking the ________ __________________________.. What did Pudge memorize?. What animal was in the pond that all the students were afraid of?. What was the nick-name for the school principal?. What was the name of the school?. Older Children
Looking For Alaska Pudge is seeking the ________ __________________________.. What did Pudge memorize?. In Alaska's room there are ________ all over.. What animal was in the pond that all the students were afraid of?. What was the nick-name for the school principal?. Older Children
Looking For Alaska Chip's nickname. Miles' 'girlfriend'. Where is Miles' originally from?. What they call the principal. One of Alaska, Pudge, and the Colonel's friend. Young Kids
Looking For Alaska By John Green Alcoholic drink The Colonel created.. A deep fried favourite of Pudge's.. The class Mrs.O'Malley teaches. Pudge's hometown.. Where does Pudge, Alaska, Takumi and The Colonel go to smoke cigarettes?. Older Children
Looking For Alaska What does Pudge memorize?. What is Pudge looking for when he decides to change schools?. A complicated path in which it is difficult to find one's way.. The Colonel hides his vodka in ______ to hide the smell.. The Colonel calls his vodka drink __________.. Big
Looking for Alaska Pudge is seeking the ________. What did Pudge memorize?. A Maze. The Author of the novel. Something Alaska enjoys a lot. Hard
Looking for Alaska causing great distress to someone. improvement of a persons moral. showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risk. acting without forethought. clever in a dishonest way. Hard
Lord of the Flies Name given to the little children of the group. simon decides to go looking by himself to find the beast or the ______.. identical twins. it shatters the conch and piggy . Maurice and Roger destroy the Littluns' sand ____________. Hard
Lord of the Flies They got off in this.. with the help of the navy that is. The Three Musketeers. Piggy misinterpretes this as friendship. abandoned this to go hunting. Color of Johnny's eyes. Hard
Lord of the Flies This is left as an offering to the beast?. The boys use these to start a fire?. What do the boys cliam to see?. What dose Roger throw at bother Henry?. He is frightened and hurt by the boys when he plays the role of pig?. Hard
Love Ruby Lavender Chapters 1-3 to pull the sides of something (such as skin or cloth). to move with exaggerated jerky or bouncy motions. a small lump or piece of something. a small cloth used for wiping your face, nose, or eyes. an area that is surrounded by a fence and that is used for holding animals on a farm or ranch. Older Children
Mad Hatter Tea Party All Answers have to do with alice in wonderland what alice and the queen use for a croquet mallet. twins Dum and Dee. ____ me to grow. off with their _______. ____me to shrink. Older Children
Maniac Magee Something chioce or pleasing.. Easy to see or notice.. To form rings,spirals,etc;gather or rertact in a circular way.. A variation of hockey played by children with a curved stick or blook of wood.. IVery hard to please.. Young Kids
Maniac Magee What is in Amanda's suitcase?. How old was Jeffrey when he ran away?. Where was Amanda going?. What is the year Jeffrey ran nicknamed? . Where did Jeffrey end up when he stopped running?. Big
Marven of the Great North Woods genre of the story . dark images outlines against a lighter background. very large, huge, vast. person whose job is to cut down trees. measure of quantity for cut wood. Hard
Masque of the Red Death Ms. Nestor can often be heard hollering in the hallways, 'Stop acting like______!'. The speaker talked in a ________ tone and I almost fell asleep during his speech.. Vandalizing a statue of the Virgin Mary is considered ___________ by many.. The _______ on the grandfather clock kept time with the beating of my heart.. The Moroccan Village at Busch Gardens is decorated in an ______ style. . Teenage
Matilda characterized by malice intending or intend to do harm. a formal punishment in wich a person is flogged with a bundle of birch twig.. very bad. used to single out an individual member of a specifield groop or class . underhanded or un srupulous behavoir trickery . Older Children
Maximum Ride Max2's chosen name. State of the E shaped house. Cause of the wound that required the first meeting of Max and her mom. Name of the military base the flock were trained at to retrieve dr. Martinez. Max's Half Sister. Hard
Me, Dan and the Dragonfly the past tense of 'flying' pg.3. the way they walked through the water pg.14. the body feels this when it is in pain pg.12. when the body does not feel strong pg.7. the sound the dragonfly made when Dan held its wings pg.7. Hard
Merits of Mischief ; The Bad Apple Name of school. its like an ipad. You make it out of fish . Yellow fruit. Seamus' last name. Older Children
Mississippi Trial what Hiram's mother name?. who raised Hiram?. ____ and emmett was in a incident. what was the sheriff name?. who died in Hiram's family?. Big
Mississippi Trial Hirams dad believes in .. Emmetts body was found in this river . Tied around Emmets neck. . The setting of the novel.. Hiram comes back to Greenwood at this age.. Hard
Mississippi Trials The nickname given to Emmett Till by his mother and family.. The name of the object tied to Emmett to keep his body at the bottom of the river.. The river in which Emmett Till's body was found.. The name of the man to whose wife Emmett till apparently wolf whistled at.. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.. Hard
Moby Dick why MD attacks. 3rd word to describe crew. MD is this type of whale. MD's nickname. Ahab's purpose. Hard
Monster The man who found the body. He also works at the drugstore.. The man on trial with Steve.. What Steve calls himself. Hint: think of what he was writing over and over.. The man murdered in the hold-up. Mr. Nesbitt was popular among his . Hard
Mrs. Biddlebox Find the word that answers the questions below and write the answers in the puzzle. Mrs. Biddlebox transformed her bad day into what?. What Mrs. Biddlebox decided to do with her bad day?. What gave Mrs. Biddlebox a headache?. What did Mrs. Biddlebox do with the cake? . There were creakies in where?. Young Kids
Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters to feel or express sorrow. drawing close to. to be nervous about. to hold motionless. noisy excitement. Older Children
My Brother Made Me Do It To gain.. A disease that stops the joints from working.. Type of arthritis.. Young. You need a catchy ________.. Older Children
My Brother Martin protecting; defending. platform or raised structure in a church . member of the clergy; spiritual guide. lack of justice. periods of about 30 years. Older Children
My Brother Sam Is Dead a nick name for the british soldiers who wore red. colinists that fought for freedom from the king. colonists that sided with the king. british congress. desire of felling jealuos. Older Children
My Brother Sam Is dead Find the words :) good luck! Rebeled against the king . Soldier of the british . For the king.. Tim's , Father's Friend. Who was a 'Loyalist'. Doc. to make a formal change.. Older Children
My Life as a Book The _____ stole the jewel.. to put into a particular order. It was another of his ______ ideas.. My family are the _____ of my house.. free from fear. Older Children
My Louisiana Sky Use the clues to complete the puzzle Popular girl who makes fun of Tiger. Dorie Kay's house maid. Another word for stew, Granny makes it. Granny was shelling these when she died. Tiger and Jesse Wade's favorite sport. Older Children
My Side of the Mountain merged, came together. ingraving. practical, useful. under ground stems or roots. marked or cut, as when making a trail. Hard
My Side Of The Mountain A city boy who runs away from his noisy home to live in the mountains.. A tool that is used to tell the direction. Hint(N,S,E,W). A wily raccoon who is one of Sam's friend. . The author of my side of the mountain.. The place that Sam Gribley leaves his home to live.. Young Kids
My Side of the Moutain The first name of the journalist who spends spring with Sam in reutrn for keeping Sam's identity secret.. The season bringing the worst weather to the Catskills.. The Raccoon that Sam befriends.*. The first instrument Bando taught Sam to make*. The breakfast food Sam uses acorns to make.. Hard
My Sisters Keeper clinic, emergency. baseball team. sad, lonley, lost. ex, toilet. Campbell's school. Teenage
Narnia prisoner of White Witch. captain of Secret Police. owner of home in the country. gave children special gifts, not toys. the White Witch calls herself this. Hard
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass the act of engaging in organized breakout against an organized government or authority. to lack. to wander away from the main topic. to deprive of something, such as property, rights, or clothing. having intense feeling, especially of desire or devotion. Big
New Moon the ones that are new to being a vampire . meaning there going to be alive forever because there vampire . the vampire that only his freireds know that he is . vampires can not be in the sun they sparkal . jab or any of the pack is in love with one person and the others cant hurt them no mater what . Teenage
New York Times Best Sellers 2015 How Many Have You Read? A woman asks a widower to start spending the night with her. . The University of Washington’s eight-oar crew and their quest for gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. . A former member of the Navy SEALs discusses his battlefield experiences during the Iraq war; now a movie. . Times columnist David Brooks wrote this book.. Murder, Murder never through. Solve the rhyme, read the crime 7 times 2.. Big
Newberry Books Name the author of these Newberry Winners King of the Wind. Strawberry Girl. Witch of Blackbird Pond. A Wrinkle in Time. From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. Hard
Night German police. Religion practiced by Elie. Jewish holy book. A march to go to Gleiwitz. Place where undesirable were burned by the Germans, dead or alive. Older Children
Night of the Ninjas The object from the Ninja Master to help them find Morgan.. The first clue from the Ninja Master, use ________.. A person who has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness in an activity, cause, or conflict.. What do Ninjas wear?. Annie's sister. Big
No Promises in the Wind Joshes love. the time period of the story. Lonnie, Janey, and Josh heard where Joey was form this. Josh gave a _______ bill to the shoes salesman. where Josh and Joey's family lives. Hard
Number the Stars A crossword puzzle on the book Number the Stars A nazi symbol. Annemarie's younger sister. Annemarie's uncle. A Jewish symbol. A group who secretly does harm to the nazis whenever they can. Big
Number The Stars what type of food did annamaire always want to have?. what was Henrik's cows name?. what type of church did the Rosen's go to?. who is annamaire's sister?. what was Ellen necklace called?. Older Children
Number the Stars Had a family of 5. Sister died. Almost broke her ankle. Family that hides in the Boat. Was almost Peter's wife. Older Children
Number the Stars the youngest one in the story. A word that means to have courage. The king of Denmark. The name of Uncle Henrik's boat. The name of Annemarie's uncle. Big
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