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Books Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Hansel and Gretel Their fathers job. The evil ladies transport. The Children. A sweet treat. Home Sweet..... Young Kids
Barrio Boy Spanish speaking neighborhood in the United States. He lived in the Spanish neighborhood.. continuing . slang term for English or non Hispanic. The mexican called the American a name.. move purposefully. I moved my wheelchair through the cornfield maze to get to the finish.. sound of speech. He recited the poem with perfect speech.. Big
Sense and Sensibility waste time. marked by effections. characterized by contentment. liveliness. a cry of sorrow. Big
Cinder Head research scientist for the Letumosis disease. Adri's deceased husband who had gone to Europe and adopted Cinder, but died of Letumosis. What Queen Levana claims that her research team has discovered to cure Letumosis. What the med-droids took from the corpses of the dead Letumosis victims. What Dr. Erland said he did to Cinder's spine. Hard
The Scarlet Ibis the internal parts of anything; the intestines. stubbornness. the quality of being absolutely trustworthy. the hottess part of summer; a period marked by inactivity or laziness.. to vanish or fade away. Big
The City of Ember to call out loudly, shout, or yell. to suggest; to give, make or promise. an ignited or fiery particle that is thrown off by burning wood. a bright flame or fire. to permit the possibility of; to allow to enter. Adult
Doll Bones Something that is NOT allowed.. A river that borders Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois.. When you are ready to face/endure danger or pain.. The spirit of someone dead.. An activity you play/do for your own enjoyment.. Teenage
The Canterbury Tales Crossword Puzzle Solve Ability to Absorb. Gift left by means of a will. Careful; cautious. Outstanding ability. Disapprove. Big
The Secret Life of Bees The town that was written on the wooden block with the black Mary picture on it. TIburon and Sylvan. Lily's father. What came out of the walls on Lily's room in Tiburon. May's twin sister who committed suicide . Big
Maniac Magee The name of the divided town?. What end of town is black?. Grayson dies after what holiday?. What end of town is white?. What street divides the East and West End?. Older Children
A Nightmare on Clown Street find out the words to make someone laugh and be _____. we wear these on halloween. to say something quietly to some one. teachers do this to kids questions. to bring something down. Older Children
Surprise Island a piece of ground, often near a house, used for growing flowers, fruit, or vegetables.. plural form of child.. a rich soup typically containing fish, clams, or corn with potatoes and onions.. the father of one's father or mother.. an internal or external framework of bone, cartilage, or other rigid material supporting or containing the body of an animal or plant.. Older Children
Penguin Chick A roof that is in the shape of an upside-down bowl.. To go somewhere very quickly.A very small amount.. You tear it down or destroy it.. It is a kind of flag with words on it.. It is not covered by anything.. Young Kids
Moonfleet Maskew hit Rev.Glennie with this. John's playmate. John found this in his hand. Not much of this at the Why Not. Elzevir's son. Big
The Longest Whale Song A writer of any book.. Someone who illustrated The Longest Whale Song.. Place for sick and injured people.. Opposite of a boy.. Opposite of Step Mom.. Very Difficult
The Lightning Key Cortado wanted Baltinglass's, Little's, and Miles's . when miles saw Little and Silverpoint talking. Author. Miles wants to bring back his. Temzi gave the the real or fake tigers egg to Cortado. Older Children
Me, Dan and the Dragonfly the past tense of 'flying' pg.3. the way they walked through the water pg.14. the body feels this when it is in pain pg.12. when the body does not feel strong pg.7. the sound the dragonfly made when Dan held its wings pg.7. Hard
Everlost everlost monster. all the children in everlost. mary's slave. what allie tries to 'teach' the mcgill. boat at the pier. Teenage
The Scarlet Letter deficient in amout or quality . force in an indicated direction. indicate by signs. whip. conspicously and outrageously bad. Adult
Da Vinci Code Cross the letters to find clues to this amazing book about mystery and family. Robert Langdon's Profession. Where Holy Grail was hidden?. Sophie Neveu's Profession. Where is the bank?. Author's name. Big
The Forbidden Stone # 1 Wade's stepbrother. someone who uses a extensive knowledge of numbers in their work. the sea star molded in glass. Wade's stepmom and Darrell's mom. retired from being this... at Humbolt University. Big
The Gift of the Magi Disappear. Wealthy. Most common or Main. Happy. to reduce in value. Older Children
Rose Hill Fill in the squares by answering the clues. A fresh squeezed, cold drink. An illness that has bumps and red spots. Girls and boys can do this to their hair. The part a horse puts in its mouth to be steered. A rag used to wipe your nose or face. Older Children
The Lady of the Tiger Use the hint to help you choose which vocabulary word you should fill in to match it. Sad; mournful. Punishment for bad behavior. An unavoidable lot in life; fate. Savagely cruel; exceedingly brutal. Vigorous and unrestrained energy and excitement. Older Children
Game of Thrones take over. Ned's sixth child. across the Narrow Sea. Queen Mother. all the good houses have one. Hard
The Happiest Refugee 'There's two times in your life, now or too ______'. To relocate from a country due to hardship. As a child, Anh's family went here to celebrate . Anh's son's name. To be funny. Big
Zala Runs for Her Life Zala's babies feel like this in the daytime.. Drome has sharp ____. A small furry animal.. Drome did this to the rotten log with his long claws.. Zala's babies were this colour when they were born.. Older Children
Of Mice and Men Chapter 1 Use the clues to help you fill in the puzzle with the correct answers. Who used to give Lennie mice to pet?. Lennie has a hard time doing what?. How far from the ranch did the bus leave George and Lennie?. What town did George and Lenny just come from?. Where did George and Lennie stay for the night?. Older Children
A Wrinkle In Time The 'tramp,' who stole the bedsheets from the neighbor?. Who is the women who is very happy and has a crystal ball?. The planet where everything and every one is the same?. The youngest but smartest child?. Who or what was the family member in the Murry's, named Fortinbras?. Big
They Came To Baghdad What did captian crosbie buy from the young boy. What did Catherine suspect Victoria of being. What was the name of Marcus Tio's hotel in Baghdad?. Where does baker want to fly tomorrow. Catherine must get back from Babylon before what went out. Big
Harry Potterand the Sorcerer's Stone The position Harry plays in Quidditch. Harry's best red-haired friend. The faithful cat companion of the hall monitor Mr. Filch. Was passed on to Harry; it was his dad's. The last name of Harry's 'family'; Not Potter. Older Children
Walk Two Moons Crazy person. Everyone has his own. An expression of joy. These caused a lot of trouble in English class. You CAN keep the birds of sadness from doing this. Older Children
Grandmother Spider Brings the Sun someone who writes a book, story, article, or play. the art, literature, music, beliefs, and practices ofa particular group of people. a belief, custom, or way of doing something that has existed for a long time. the use of words that imitiates sounds. the words in a printed piece of writing. Older Children
Beowulf By Megan Schrage The dragon-slayer. What Beowulf gives orders to construct after his death. Beowulf's father. .... goes to Beowulf's aid during his last fight. The most famous Danish warrior king. Hard
Balloonia Fluffy and white. You will see lots of animals here. The boy in the story. The girl in the story. You will see lots of rides here. Young Kids
Twister on Tuesday Row of carts. Another word for Chalk Board. Kate's Broher. place of learning. learning at school. Hard
Sign of the Chrysanthemum Who does Muna return the sword to?. Through fire the spirit is___________.. Kato gives Muna this. Person Muna finds in the woods. Muna leaves them behind in the kitchen. Hard
All Summer in a Day comparing two things that have nothing in common. a visible shaking. huge; very big. springy, able to bounce back. to slow down. Big
The Trial of Cardigan Jones Make good choices in your _____.. Be sure to _____ your mistakes neatly.. What is the _____ of lunch?. Mom said she had a _____ for us if we did well on our test.. What is the _____ for crossing the street?. Young Kids
The Pearl by John Steinbeck Match your word to definition Unwilling, disclined,opposed. To come or go into a place where you are not welcome. Edible,bivalve mollusks. A soft mass or clay applied to heal. A person who has no money or resources. Hard
The Indian in the Cupboard He is friendly,the owner of the cupboard and the other main character. He is bossy,demanding and is one of the main characters. The name of the type of house Little Bear builds. The object that the cupboard needs to turn plastic into real things. The Cowboy's name. Older Children
'A Child Called It' faded, torn. urgent, extreme. defend yourself. shy. the top of something. Hard
A Wrinkle In Time 3W's appear on what planet. Shows up at the Murry's house on the night of the storm. Who shows the kids a battle between the stars and The Dark Thing. Meg's last name. Mr.Murry what imprisoned where. Older Children
The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat relating to the arrangment or accurate representation of the physical features. branch of math dealing with properties . the act of thinking deeply about something . inability to interpret sensations and hence to recognize things . inflammation of the brain. Hard
A Walk to Remember the disease that Jamie is dying from. What did she want her wedding to be full with?. The narrator of the book and the guy that falls in love with Jamie. The school that they attended . Jamie's Dad. Big
The City of Ember Lina's bestfriend who helped her escape Ember. calm and peaceful. Complex system of paths or tunnels in which it is easy to get lost. A large number of people gathered together. A serious attempt. Big
Maniac Magee What is in Amanda's suitcase?. How old was Jeffrey when he ran away?. Where was Amanda going?. What is the year Jeffrey ran nicknamed? . Where did Jeffrey end up when he stopped running?. Big
20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea someone who knows a lot about something. a large animal that has eight arms and lives in the sea. a place to stand that is high up on the mast of a ship. a teacher who teaches in a college. a big job. Hard
Looking for Alaska causing great distress to someone. improvement of a persons moral. showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risk. acting without forethought. clever in a dishonest way. Hard
Love Ruby Lavender Chapters 1-3 to pull the sides of something (such as skin or cloth). to move with exaggerated jerky or bouncy motions. a small lump or piece of something. a small cloth used for wiping your face, nose, or eyes. an area that is surrounded by a fence and that is used for holding animals on a farm or ranch. Older Children
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