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Books Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
The Outsiders Where did Johnny die at?. Which brother of Ponyboy is happy go lucky? . Who dose Ponyboy and Johnny save in the fire?. What kind of paper does Ponyboy need to write to save his grade?. What state did Greasers and Socs live in?. Very Difficult
Twas the Night St. Nick's clothes were also tarnished with this. . The stockings were hung by this with care.. While visions of what danced in their heads. . The smoke encircled his head like a what?. What did St. Nick do before he went up the chimney?. Big
Anne Frank's Diary the eight people in hiding. Peter's cat. the Jewish symbol. the camp where Anne and Margot died. the concentration camp. Hard
Huck Finn Huck's drunken father. Huck find Jim here. The name of the show the cons produce. Widow Dougulas is trying to _______ Huck . Jim's planned destionation. Older Children
The Last Thing I Remember name of the series. london _____ is falling down. shooting weapon. lots of trees together. blue and red flashing lights. Hard
The Candymakers (Soccer player) Born: August 17, 1977, Les Ulis, France . we are the champions . a person who secretly collects and reports information on the activities, movements, and plans of an enemy or competitor.. a building or group of buildings where goods are manufactured or assembled by machine.. I can go 100 _____ per hour. Older Children
Shadow of the Dragon Use the definitions given to fill in the crossword. The Vietnamese name for the Cobra gang.. The Vietnamese term for an older person in your family, usually two generations older than you.. The Vietnamese term used for the oldest brother of the family.. A Vietnamese greeting used when addressing a male.. A Vietnamese national costume usually worn during the Lunar new year and most commonly worn by women.. Hard
The Guns of Easter The Army Mick fights for. Trade Unionist- one of the leaders of the rising. Countess who was one of the rebels. The army Jimmys father fights for. School teacher- one of the leaders of the rising. Older Children
Walk Two Moons Salamanca's brave grandparents. Salamanca's respectable grandparents. Ms. Cadaver's job. Salamanca's grandmother's name on the Pickford side of her family. Salamanca's friend. Teenage
The Whipping Boy The _____________ of the class makes fun of everyone and never says nice things.. The neighbors were ______________ to enter the crime scene.. I think it would be pretty cool if we had _____________ pens to use in class.. My brother is a _____________ because he always lies to try and get me in trouble,. In music yesterday, we listened to a _____________.. Older Children
How to Train Your Dragon Complete this crossword puzzle to get the map to find the treasure the Outcasts have hidden The protagonist of 'How To Train Your Dragon'. ______ the Treacherous was the antagonist of 'How To Train Your Dragon'. Its natural coloration seems to be a dull olive-green, though it can hard to see. Produces an electrical spark from its mouth to ignite the flammable gas to creating lethal explosions. Has a tail that is covered in bristling poisonous spikes, which are used as projectiles to stun or immobilize its prey. Young Kids
...and One Ring to Bind Them 'from the ashes a fire shall be ____'. Smaug made this mountain named _____ his home.. Name the Elvish food that helped sustain Sam and Frodo in Mordor.. What color wizard is Gandalf?. What kind of armor does Frodo wear under his shirt on his way to Mordor. Hard
The Last Olympian Use the clues to determine where the key words fit into the crossword. the ship that Beckendorf and Percy blew up. Percy battles Luke/Kronos and wins, but Luke was able to kill himself by stabbing himself in the armpit. a demigod; helps Percy on his mission to destroy the Princess Andromeda. The author of the Percy Jackson series. a demigod; son of Poseidon. Teenage
A Deal in Ostriches Where he saw the last of the birds. Who lives by asking for money or food. Eurasian man in the story. Allow something to pass down the throat. The main character. Hard
Three Cups of Tea A person who carries burdens; especially: one employed to carry baggage for patrons. Loose, pajama-like pants and shirt. The money, goods, or estate that a woman brings to her husband in marriage. The woman's family gives things to the man's family.. Books in which accounts are kept of how much money a business is receiving and spending. Being unable to read and write. Big
Balto, the Dog Who Saved Nome You won't get lost or fail is you stay on the path or ____.. This young man's family name is Her and his teacher is Mrs. Anderson.. ____ and Patches are dogs that can find someone who is lost.. Mrs. Hatch ____, but she can't telegraph Frank and Brandon to come back.. This young man's family name is Ngo and his teacher is Mrs. Wilson.. Older Children
Freedom Walkers a type of entertainment popular in the early 20th century. accused with no proof. a large, densely packed crowd of people or animals. a daydream, imagination. tolerate, put up with. Very Difficult
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress The town's people think the cause of the fever is __________.. ___________ Mountain.. The ___________ Tree.. The boys visit the old ___________ to receive folk songs.. Narrator tries to persuade the doctor to give the Seamstress an abortion by promising him a __________.. Hard
Wolf! Wolf! something you like a lot. a large or fancy meal. you think this is true. something that is wonderful or outstanding. you tell made-up tales. Easy
Night of the Spadefoot Toads Chapters 1-12 bad, evil (frightening, threatening). lacking in force, strength (powerlessly, weakly). no longer existing (vanished). to walk slowly into or from a place in a way that is not continuous or organized (dawdle, meander). of, relating to, or occurring in the spring. Big
Tormod a Templar's Apprentice What is the knight Templar's name?. a room used for communal meals, especially in an educational or religious institution.. A tapering flag on a ship.. baby, infant, child.. What kind of group are the knight templars?. Hard
Serendipity and Me Author:Judith L. Roth Say something in a soft distinctive voice. Something Wendy gave Peter pan to represent a kiss. Having a pleasant or distinctive smell. Fat from the abdomen of a pig that is rendered or clarified for cooking. In the book a row in a grocery store. Hard
The Phantom Tollbooth a woman employed to teach children in a private household. . a square of cotton or other finely woven material. feeling or showing gratitude or pleasure. irritate intensely, infuriate. wild and noisy disorder or confusion. Older Children
The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick To tremble convulsively.. To dig, gather, or pull out with or as if with a dredge —often used with up.. The working parts or arrangement of parts of a machine.. A tall piece of furniture that usually has two doors and that is used to store things. . To clean up; remove rubbish, dirt, or garbage from.. Big
Checkouts and The Girl Who Can Narrator is not a character; knows everything; uses pronouns he, she, him, her, they, them. different from what is considered right or reasonable. Narrator is not a character; reports things through one character's eyes; uses pronouns he, she, him, her, they them. a daydream; the condition of being lost in thought. thate state of being disorderly, messy, unclean. Older Children
The Haunting Of Gabriel Ashe a sudden fright or alarm.. the fluid that circulates in the principal vascular system of human beings.. to find something new.. form or shape, as determined by outlines or exterior surfaces.. a dark figure or image cast on the ground or a surface.. Very Difficult
Narnia correct thinking/reasoning. to proceed, especially in the face of danger or risk. mysterious or frightening, creepy. brilliant red color. intense distaste or disgust. Older Children
The Mouse and The Motorcycle Read the clues to help you fill in the crossword The __________ View Inn, is where Keith and his family stayed.. Protective gear for heads.. When food is brought to your room.. Where Aunt Adrienne vanished.. The pill Ralph searched for.. Young Kids
Ender's Game Characters the Queen of the central consciousness of the Buggers. Commander of Rabbit army. Achilles kills her, after kissing her, by stabbing her in the eye and then throwing her in the Rhine. Bean's wife(divorced), then Peter Wiggin's wife,mother of fourteen children,only girl in Salamander(In the movie). Commander of Leopard army.. Very Difficult
The Lost Boy The lost boy went here first. These had been torn to rags in the lost boy's boat. Where the story is set. The lost boy's name. Kate and Gavin's dad is one of these. Big
Holes what you use to dig things up. They'll cure anything!. It makes foot odor disappear!. Moms actual name. A feared outlaw. Older Children
Click Clack Moo to walk like you own the world. to walk back and forth in a small area. quickly and lovely, like a nice walk. each person in an argument gives up what they want. to ask for something. Young Kids
Blood on the River a wooden frame made for hanging a person. unwilling. Group of people called together to give advice. disease that causes plants to die. Man of good social position. Big
Blood on the River A man that is high ranked and belongs to a noble class.. an orphan that is rev.hunt servant and now samuel best friend.. An Indian boy that learned there english ways and went o england and learned abou jesus christ.. A company that helped pay for the settlement of Jamesown.. His mother died and left a locket but now he is a servant of captain smith.. Older Children
Lion Witch and The Wardrobe What Tumnus was carrying. The witch cause it to always be this in Narnia. What smelled in the closet. Who believed Lucy. Country Lucy discovers. Big
The Magician's Nephew Fill in the correct answer What color ring is used to enter a pool?. What did Digory become when he grew up?. What is the place where the lion lives?. Who's mother was dying?. What city did they first visit?. Hard
Hobbit Shapeshifter that aided the dwarves and Bilbo. First group that captures them. Flew them away from the Wargs and Goblins. Allies with the Wargs. Main character's first name. Hard
The Old Man and the Sea by Earnest Hemingway Spanish word meaning breeze. of or relating to a type of light that glows softly in the dark and that does not produce heat. a large marine billfish. Spanish expression meaning Oh, no!. inflict serious damage on. Hard
Of Mice and Men a sleeping mat. isolated from society. laborer who moves heavy objects. currency used for buying items. a person who drives a team of animals. Older Children
A Letter to Amy Complete the crossword puzzle using words from the word bank. to look quickly at something. contains three angles. a vehicle like a bicycle that contains three wheels. uncontrollable. a place or angle where two or more sides or edges meet. Young Kids
Paddington the Bear Buying clothes or toys. . Use brush to make. . Something you create. . To celebrate. . A Bear. Young Kids
Ransom of Red Chief able to be eaten.. robbery, or plundering.. a suggested plan.. in a sneaky way; secretly.. bitter, abusive criticism.. Hard
The Horned Toad Prince channel in which water runs through. large aea of rolling grass. roped. act of kindness. name of the horse in the story. Young Kids
The Clockwork Three an ornament on clothing . something pleasing and graceful. something that is dramatic. to wrap in garments . curious or inquiring . Big
The Adventures of Vin Fiz Fill in the words from the clues! Lacey warned him about Chief and his gang.. The name given for the twin's plane.. The express which was high-jacked and stolen.. The man who built the 'grow big' machine.. The brother of Chief.. Teenage
Durango Street football player. president of the Moors. sister. oldest police station in Coastal city. parolle officer. Big
Warriors Starlight How many clans are there. Where cats get their leader name's. When do the clans gather together. What does Leafpaw dream of. How does Mudclaw plan to take over as leader. Big
Mr. Macky is Wacky someone who comes up with something first . 32nd president . a day to honor the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. the president lives in it. the 16th president . Big
Kissing Doorknobs She became anorexic and a model. This is the narrator of the story. She is proud of her butt and is one of Tara's friends. Tara said that she was in a war of _______. This is what Dr. Leonardi tells Tara her disorder is. Adult
The Egypt Game a vehicle composed of two wheels held in a frame one behind the other, propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars attached to the front wheel.. (of a sick person or a disease) not able to be cured.. desert eagle .50 calibur magnum handgun. worth a great deal of money.. cause (someone) to become perplexed and confused.. Big
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