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Books Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Beowulf By Megan Schrage The dragon-slayer. What Beowulf gives orders to construct after his death. Beowulf's father. .... goes to Beowulf's aid during his last fight. The most famous Danish warrior king. Hard
Balloonia Fluffy and white. You will see lots of animals here. The boy in the story. The girl in the story. You will see lots of rides here. Young Kids
Twister on Tuesday Row of carts. Another word for Chalk Board. Kate's Broher. place of learning. learning at school. Hard
Sign of the Chrysanthemum Who does Muna return the sword to?. Through fire the spirit is___________.. Kato gives Muna this. Person Muna finds in the woods. Muna leaves them behind in the kitchen. Hard
All Summer in a Day comparing two things that have nothing in common. a visible shaking. huge; very big. springy, able to bounce back. to slow down. Big
The Trial of Cardigan Jones Make good choices in your _____.. Be sure to _____ your mistakes neatly.. What is the _____ of lunch?. Mom said she had a _____ for us if we did well on our test.. What is the _____ for crossing the street?. Young Kids
The Pearl by John Steinbeck Match your word to definition Unwilling, disclined,opposed. To come or go into a place where you are not welcome. Edible,bivalve mollusks. A soft mass or clay applied to heal. A person who has no money or resources. Hard
The Indian in the Cupboard He is friendly,the owner of the cupboard and the other main character. He is bossy,demanding and is one of the main characters. The name of the type of house Little Bear builds. The object that the cupboard needs to turn plastic into real things. The Cowboy's name. Older Children
'A Child Called It' faded, torn. urgent, extreme. defend yourself. shy. the top of something. Hard
A Wrinkle In Time 3W's appear on what planet. Shows up at the Murry's house on the night of the storm. Who shows the kids a battle between the stars and The Dark Thing. Meg's last name. Mr.Murry what imprisoned where. Older Children
The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat relating to the arrangment or accurate representation of the physical features. branch of math dealing with properties . the act of thinking deeply about something . inability to interpret sensations and hence to recognize things . inflammation of the brain. Hard
A Walk to Remember the disease that Jamie is dying from. What did she want her wedding to be full with?. The narrator of the book and the guy that falls in love with Jamie. The school that they attended . Jamie's Dad. Big
The City of Ember Lina's bestfriend who helped her escape Ember. calm and peaceful. Complex system of paths or tunnels in which it is easy to get lost. A large number of people gathered together. A serious attempt. Big
Maniac Magee What is in Amanda's suitcase?. How old was Jeffrey when he ran away?. Where was Amanda going?. What is the year Jeffrey ran nicknamed? . Where did Jeffrey end up when he stopped running?. Big
20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea someone who knows a lot about something. a large animal that has eight arms and lives in the sea. a place to stand that is high up on the mast of a ship. a teacher who teaches in a college. a big job. Hard
Looking for Alaska causing great distress to someone. improvement of a persons moral. showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risk. acting without forethought. clever in a dishonest way. Hard
Love Ruby Lavender Chapters 1-3 to pull the sides of something (such as skin or cloth). to move with exaggerated jerky or bouncy motions. a small lump or piece of something. a small cloth used for wiping your face, nose, or eyes. an area that is surrounded by a fence and that is used for holding animals on a farm or ranch. Older Children
The Iron Man Extremely impressive. It is a synonym of the word amazing.. Looking steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought.. Shrivelled or wrinkled with age.. Old and torn with holes.. Burn the surface of something with flame or heat.. Older Children
The Watsons Go To Birmingham Vocabulary giving off dangerous levels of nuclear radiation. Device for controlling temperatures. on time. additional or supporting forces. very good. Older Children
The Magician's Nephew Complete the crossword using information from the novel The place where the entrance to the passage behind the wall.. The place where the yellow rings were told to be kept. The first king of Narnia. The land created when Aslan sang. A young boy with a very old uncle and is a main character of the story.. Older Children
My Side of the Moutain The first name of the journalist who spends spring with Sam in reutrn for keeping Sam's identity secret.. The season bringing the worst weather to the Catskills.. The Raccoon that Sam befriends.*. The first instrument Bando taught Sam to make*. The breakfast food Sam uses acorns to make.. Hard
Cinderella a lady who has married a child's father. to wed a person. to make fun of someone. not good to look at. 12 o'clock at night time. Young Kids
Snow White a person who works in a mine. a small cosy house. a small adult person. a place with lots of trees. a female ruler of a country. Young Kids
The Cay Chapters 6 & 7 an area of ocean and island between the Americas. a small group of trees or bushes. full of self assurance. not choosy, will take whatever comes. almost certain. Older Children
Parts of a Non Fiction Book a mini dictionary to explain words in a book. columns and rows to organise data. a word or explanation under a picture. descriptions or words pointing to parts of a picture. an alphabetical list of names, subjects, etc.. Older Children
Because of Winn-Dixie sure. say. strange. more highly developed or skilled. the way a person feels. Older Children
The Watsons Go to Birmingham Grandma Sands reminds them to stay away from . When Joey was at church this went off . Kenny assumes Joey's_________comes to say goodbye. Momma packs extra_____for Kenny . Rufus shares this with his brother . Hard
The Secret Life of Bees of chains. home of dark Madonna. changes her color to ruby red in Autumn. hole in his so-called brain. dark honey. Hard
Tale of Two Cities the existence of an individual human being or animal.. each of the four divisions of the year. (of light or color) very bright and radiant. instinctive or intuitive feeling as distinguished from reasoning or knowledge. the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible. Hard
Ender's Game Crossword First army Ender commanded. Name if his first friend. Name of first army Ender inducted into. What is Enders real name. Who saved Ender from being killed by Bonzo. Older Children
The Eighth Day An extra eighth day between Wednesday and Thursday. Someone who could move from Wednesday to Grunsday and back to Thursday. One of the last Emry's heirs. Main character and last Aubrey heir. Someone who only lives on Grunsday. Older Children
Flush by Carl Hiaasen the print on the suitcase that Mrs. Underwood used to pack when she was leaving Mr. Underwood . is the name of Mr. Underwoods lawyer . standing up for what is right is the ( ) of the book . wants to support his father but doesn't understand his actions. what Grandpa Bobby gives Noah. Hard
Cabbage Patch Fib the opposite of disbelief. Dad gives this look when mad. When Dad saw the spaghetti in Chris' nose he began to throw a __________. to give someone oxygen. very clever. Young Kids
Katie in London where the queen lives. large department store. Katie's brother. Katie rode on this. royalty. Big
Tikki Tikki Tembo regard with great respect. causing on to feel bored or annoyed. causing difficulty or annoyance. under a spell or cast a spell on someone. bad luck or unlucky. Young Kids
The Folk of the Faraway Tree A cute little elf. watch out for falling water. a very round face. mostly asleep. Rather deaf.. Older Children
'The Witchy Worries of Abbie Adams' What did Abbie's father do for his career?. This was Abbie's nickname for her brother.. Tom formulated a new _________ to help Abbie's dad.. Mr. Merkelson kept saying ________ so Munch had to get Abbie's help.. Hold old was Thomas Edison when he was disenchanted from a kitten to a boy?. Hard
City of Bones A pen that creates Iratze. A person that kills demons. Everyone has one no matter what brand it is. A Shadowhunters lifelong partner . The study of demons. Older Children
Demon in the Freezer Nathan Janes flowing or running together; blending into one. a member of an order of monks founded at Monte Cassino by St. Benedict about a.d. 530.. moving or directed outward from the center. to divide or fork into two branches. the infectious form of a virus as it exists outside the host cell. Hard
One and Only Ivan By: Emory Slagel What was Stella's bracelets?. What two nicknames do people give Ivan are Primote Picesso and?. What does Ruby say about Ivan's banana drawing? It looks good enough to eat?. What does Julia notice on the paintings?. What kind of animal is Ivan?. Older Children
Elements of Narration type of character that is fully developed (protagonist). type of character that has one or two personal key traits. type of character that is less important. __________ is what happens in the story. a person in the narrative. who is in the story and what do you know about him or her or them. Big
The Iron Man An outline of land and buildings defined against the sky. A statment or account that makes something clear. Situated in the interior of the country rather than on the coast. Towards home. Unable to understand . Big
There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom Author of this book. Kids thought Bradley was a ______________. Bradley did this for the first time. Melinda gave both boys a ___________ eye.. Main setting of this book. Young Kids
Thirteen Days To Midnight Find all 15 words the name Jacob gave to his power. twelve o'clock at night.. extremely suprising or impressive. event of some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature. a person who saves someone or something (especially a country or cause) from danger, and who is regarded with the veneration of a religious figure . Big
Deadly Unna best maggots in town?. what does arks drive?. what said about point?. who wrote boongs piss off?. Blackys mums real name?. Big
The Art of Racing in the Rain so long and boring or frustrating as to seem endless. a small shiny piece of metal or plastic used for decoration on clothing. - a dramatic form that does not observe the laws of cause and effect and that exaggerates emotion and emphasizes plot or action at the expense of characterization. a phrase or word that has lost its original effectiveness or power from overuse. - to break into components or fragments, or break something into small pieces or constituent parts. Big
The Hidden Package Portrayed as Claire’s diary, which contained memories, photo’s and drawings, which was originally found by Mrs. Heijkoop then later by Claire Baum.. Symbol of Judaism, worn by all Jews to distinguish them as targets for persecution.. The Hebrew word meaning commandment.. German word for raid.. Largest complex of Nazi concentration camps, in which killed millions of innocent Jewish people. . Hard
Mad Hatter Tea Party All Answers have to do with alice in wonderland what alice and the queen use for a croquet mallet. twins Dum and Dee. ____ me to grow. off with their _______. ____me to shrink. Older Children
A Work In Progress Use hints to find answer. Then answer on puzzle. Connor tried to be less ? than he actually was.. What does Connor talk about finding in life throughout his book?. Did Connors dad flip out on Conner after he 'came out'?. Connor liked using things that are ? a lot.. What Youtuber did Connor mainly collaborate with?. Big
Seedfolk By Paul Fleischman Who was known as the strictest techer in ohio?. Worship area in Kim's house.. What was KIm's father 's occupation. This type of vegetable is Lateesha's favorite.. What is Gonzalos favorite country?. Older Children
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