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Books Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Katie in London where the queen lives. large department store. Katie's brother. Katie rode on this. royalty. Big
Tikki Tikki Tembo regard with great respect. causing on to feel bored or annoyed. causing difficulty or annoyance. under a spell or cast a spell on someone. bad luck or unlucky. Young Kids
The Folk of the Faraway Tree A cute little elf. watch out for falling water. a very round face. mostly asleep. Rather deaf.. Older Children
'The Witchy Worries of Abbie Adams' What did Abbie's father do for his career?. This was Abbie's nickname for her brother.. Tom formulated a new _________ to help Abbie's dad.. Mr. Merkelson kept saying ________ so Munch had to get Abbie's help.. Hold old was Thomas Edison when he was disenchanted from a kitten to a boy?. Hard
City of Bones A pen that creates Iratze. A person that kills demons. Everyone has one no matter what brand it is. A Shadowhunters lifelong partner . The study of demons. Older Children
Demon in the Freezer Nathan Janes flowing or running together; blending into one. a member of an order of monks founded at Monte Cassino by St. Benedict about a.d. 530.. moving or directed outward from the center. to divide or fork into two branches. the infectious form of a virus as it exists outside the host cell. Hard
One and Only Ivan By: Emory Slagel What was Stella's bracelets?. What two nicknames do people give Ivan are Primote Picesso and?. What does Ruby say about Ivan's banana drawing? It looks good enough to eat?. What does Julia notice on the paintings?. What kind of animal is Ivan?. Older Children
Elements of Narration type of character that is fully developed (protagonist). type of character that has one or two personal key traits. type of character that is less important. __________ is what happens in the story. a person in the narrative. who is in the story and what do you know about him or her or them. Big
The Iron Man An outline of land and buildings defined against the sky. A statment or account that makes something clear. Situated in the interior of the country rather than on the coast. Towards home. Unable to understand . Big
There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom Author of this book. Kids thought Bradley was a ______________. Bradley did this for the first time. Melinda gave both boys a ___________ eye.. Main setting of this book. Young Kids
Thirteen Days To Midnight Find all 15 words the name Jacob gave to his power. twelve o'clock at night.. extremely suprising or impressive. event of some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature. a person who saves someone or something (especially a country or cause) from danger, and who is regarded with the veneration of a religious figure . Big
Deadly Unna best maggots in town?. what does arks drive?. what said about point?. who wrote boongs piss off?. Blackys mums real name?. Big
The Art of Racing in the Rain so long and boring or frustrating as to seem endless. a small shiny piece of metal or plastic used for decoration on clothing. - a dramatic form that does not observe the laws of cause and effect and that exaggerates emotion and emphasizes plot or action at the expense of characterization. a phrase or word that has lost its original effectiveness or power from overuse. - to break into components or fragments, or break something into small pieces or constituent parts. Big
The Hidden Package Portrayed as Claire’s diary, which contained memories, photo’s and drawings, which was originally found by Mrs. Heijkoop then later by Claire Baum.. Symbol of Judaism, worn by all Jews to distinguish them as targets for persecution.. The Hebrew word meaning commandment.. German word for raid.. Largest complex of Nazi concentration camps, in which killed millions of innocent Jewish people. . Hard
Mad Hatter Tea Party All Answers have to do with alice in wonderland what alice and the queen use for a croquet mallet. twins Dum and Dee. ____ me to grow. off with their _______. ____me to shrink. Older Children
A Work In Progress Use hints to find answer. Then answer on puzzle. Connor tried to be less ? than he actually was.. What does Connor talk about finding in life throughout his book?. Did Connors dad flip out on Conner after he 'came out'?. Connor liked using things that are ? a lot.. What Youtuber did Connor mainly collaborate with?. Big
Seedfolk By Paul Fleischman Who was known as the strictest techer in ohio?. Worship area in Kim's house.. What was KIm's father 's occupation. This type of vegetable is Lateesha's favorite.. What is Gonzalos favorite country?. Older Children
New York Times Best Sellers 2015 How Many Have You Read? A woman asks a widower to start spending the night with her. . The University of Washington’s eight-oar crew and their quest for gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. . A former member of the Navy SEALs discusses his battlefield experiences during the Iraq war; now a movie. . Times columnist David Brooks wrote this book.. Murder, Murder never through. Solve the rhyme, read the crime 7 times 2.. Big
Al Capone Does My Shirts Moose's baseball friend from school. Moose's 'special' sister. a sport with bats and bases. the baby. the convicts do the ____________. Older Children
Number the Stars the youngest one in the story. A word that means to have courage. The king of Denmark. The name of Uncle Henrik's boat. The name of Annemarie's uncle. Big
Robinson Crusoe The city of birth of Robinson's father . The place where Robinson began sugar plantation. Where the story is set. During dreadful storm Robinson been.... The man that help Robinson to escape from Turkish . Older Children
Crucible Characters Visitor who came to rid the town of 'Witchcraft'. Person who gave Elizabeth the poppet. Reverend of the town. Marshal of the town. Wife of the man Abigail wants. Older Children
The Chronicles of Narnia Characters Is easily recognized by their spines, which are hollow hairs made stiff with keratin. Followers of the White Witch. In folklore, they are lusty male demons who cause nightmares and assume the form of handsome men and seduce women in their sleep. Their female counterparts are called Succubi.. They are portrayed as pale goblin-like creatures, with slit-nostrils, and long, skeletal arms and legs. Friend of Narnia, Queen of Narnia, The Gentle. Leads the children to Mr. Beaver. Very Difficult
Arthur and The Seeing Stone Nain tells this story. a setting that is used alot in this book. a name used in many ways in the book. the first animal that is seen in the book. we find out that this character dies in chapter 22.. Young Kids
Runaway Ralph to a faint degree or weakly perceived. have a wish or desire to know something. having wrinkles. made joyful. in a way that is difficult to understand or explain. Young Kids
Creatures and Animals of Narnia Followers of the White Witch. In folklore, they are lusty male demons who cause nightmares. Followers of The White Witch. Leads the Pevensie children to Mr. Beaver. Woodland folk who are part human and part goat. The tutor of Bacchus . Big
Phineas L. MacGuire A type of makeup girls wear on their lips.. A small mammal that you can have in your house.. Seeds come from ______.. A small red fruit.. A yellow sour fruit.. Young Kids
Rain of Gold He most likely caused the explosion that killed Ramon and himself.. She was blind, yet was the best at finding seeds.. She left behind her family in Chicago just to follow Juan's brother.. She made Lupe miserable on her first day of school.. She tends to beat her husband before quickly making up with him.. Hard
Looking for Alaska Pudge is seeking the ________. What did Pudge memorize?. A Maze. The Author of the novel. Something Alaska enjoys a lot. Hard
The Heart of a Killer by David Rosenfelt by David Rosenfelt To clear, as from an accusation. Contemplation. Showing sudden, impatient irritation. To oppose successfully. Out of keeping or place. Hard
A Boy At War bombing in hawaii on 12/7/41. final setting. islands where pearl harbor bombing occured. war caused by pearl harbor bombing. second setting. Older Children
Bodyguard Series Complete the crossword Who is chinese?. What are the three lectures in law?. Who is nicknamed Charley?. Who is the main character?. Who is the IT specialist?. Hard
Three Days to Dead General name given to all non-human creatures. First name of main character. Full name of the bodies original owner. Elder who brought Evy back to life. Name of one bounty hunter group. Hard
The City of Ember The city's creators.. How long the city has existed.. This is the job that that Doon originally got.. This is the job that Lina originally got.. Doon's bedtime.. Hard
The Boy on the Wooden Box the secret German police. the man who saved Leon and his family. on the armbands of all Jews older than 12. these were at the top of the walls around the ghetto. Author. Hard
An Invisible Thread Maurice rode this with Lauras sisters children. . First place Laura took Maurice for a meal. . Contains marijuana . Child Laura is helping out. . A lot of people are adicted to it. . Hard
Tuck Everlasting decrease rapidly and disappear. take hold of; grab. a wooden frame from which a condemned person is hanged. put an end to a state or an activity. unusually great in size or amount. Older Children
Cracker the best dog in Vietnam What happens to Cracker after the atack. Crackers best friend. One of Ricks friends in the Army. Ricks last name. What Rick needs to fill . Older Children
The Boy Who Dared political police of germany during the Holocaust. Helmuths older brother. helmuths hometown in Germany. what happened to Helmuth when he was being questioned. Helmuths friend that also listened to the radio. Big
Purple Hibiscus Papa offers his family ______ juice on Palm Sunday.. A religious ceremony . Country where Purple Hibiscus is set in. What does mama always start cleaning after she gets abused?. Aunty Ifeoma's profession . Hard
The One and Only Ivan Ivan uses this to create his artwork. Something you read. The main gorilla in the story. Ivan is this type of animal. The mall manager. Young Kids
A Boy at War Use clues to determine the plot, characters. setting, and vocab specific place bomb was dropped. main character sister. grand-father of main charater. adam's ____ was missing so he went searching. receiving unexpected good. Older Children
The Book Thief Extension Activity in response to the United States refusal to lift sanctions again Japan, the Japanese bombed a United States naval station on December 7th, 1941. Nimitz was the leading U.S. Navy authority on submarines and then later was key to acquiring approval to build the world's first nuclear-powered submarine. head of the Nazi Party in Germany. He rose to power in the 1920s and advocated extreme nationalism and social Darwinism. He was convinced that the Aryan race was the most highly evolved race and that inferior races corrupted the German race. This led. 'Lightning War', was the war tactic of Hitler's forces during World War II. Using this strategy, the Nazi troops destroyed everything in their path with never-before-seen speed . sometimes called the Crimea Conference held from February 4 to 11, 1945, was the World War II meeting of the heads of government of the United States, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union, for the purpose of discussing Europe's post-war reorganiza. Hard
the Son of Neptune a son or daughter of a god and a person. the augury at Camp Jupiter. son of Mars and friend of Percy. daughter of Pluto and friend of Percy. a Calvary sword. Older Children
The Castle in the Attic a shaking disease. water surrounding a castle. metal grill. William's best friend. William's gymnastics coach. Young Kids
Danny, the Champion of the World a lacking of feeling.. utterly disgusting.. to break down completely.. to wander about.. to make furious.. Older Children
Like Water for Chocolate This dish makes everyone sick on Rosaura's wedding day.. Tita's family name.. Tita's favourite savory dish.. A set of instructions Tita gives to prepare a particular dish.. Chencha brings this dish to Tita after she leaves the ranch with John Brown.. Hard
The School for Good and Evil The girl from the School of Good who wins the hearts of all the boys. What happens to Sophie and Agatha at the end of the book. One well-known princess that came out of the School for Good. The girl who was sent to the School for Evil. Two of this kind of person are put in to the School for Good and the School for Evil each year that are different from everone else. Hard
Like Water for Chocolate Tita's main love interest who she cannot marry because of a cultural tradition.. Illegitimate child of Mama Elena. Runs away with a soldier and works at a brothel.. Second daughter of Mama Elena. Marries Pedro despite knowing about Tita's relationship with him.. a set of instructions Tita gives monthly for preparing a particular dish.. Youngest daughter of the De La Garza family. Main protagonist. . Hard
The City Of Ember who is Lina's freind?. what does Lina find n the box?. where doew Doon work?. what is the day called when Lina's class get there jobs?. who is the main character?. Older Children
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