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Books Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
The Boy on the Wooden Box the secret German police. the man who saved Leon and his family. on the armbands of all Jews older than 12. these were at the top of the walls around the ghetto. Author. Hard
An Invisible Thread Maurice rode this with Lauras sisters children. . First place Laura took Maurice for a meal. . Contains marijuana . Child Laura is helping out. . A lot of people are adicted to it. . Hard
Tuck Everlasting decrease rapidly and disappear. take hold of; grab. a wooden frame from which a condemned person is hanged. put an end to a state or an activity. unusually great in size or amount. Older Children
Cracker the best dog in Vietnam What happens to Cracker after the atack. Crackers best friend. One of Ricks friends in the Army. Ricks last name. What Rick needs to fill . Older Children
The Boy Who Dared political police of germany during the Holocaust. Helmuths older brother. helmuths hometown in Germany. what happened to Helmuth when he was being questioned. Helmuths friend that also listened to the radio. Big
Purple Hibiscus Papa offers his family ______ juice on Palm Sunday.. A religious ceremony . Country where Purple Hibiscus is set in. What does mama always start cleaning after she gets abused?. Aunty Ifeoma's profession . Hard
The One and Only Ivan Ivan uses this to create his artwork. Something you read. The main gorilla in the story. Ivan is this type of animal. The mall manager. Young Kids
A Boy at War Use clues to determine the plot, characters. setting, and vocab specific place bomb was dropped. main character sister. grand-father of main charater. adam's ____ was missing so he went searching. receiving unexpected good. Older Children
The Book Thief Extension Activity in response to the United States refusal to lift sanctions again Japan, the Japanese bombed a United States naval station on December 7th, 1941. Nimitz was the leading U.S. Navy authority on submarines and then later was key to acquiring approval to build the world's first nuclear-powered submarine. head of the Nazi Party in Germany. He rose to power in the 1920s and advocated extreme nationalism and social Darwinism. He was convinced that the Aryan race was the most highly evolved race and that inferior races corrupted the German race. This led. 'Lightning War', was the war tactic of Hitler's forces during World War II. Using this strategy, the Nazi troops destroyed everything in their path with never-before-seen speed . sometimes called the Crimea Conference held from February 4 to 11, 1945, was the World War II meeting of the heads of government of the United States, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union, for the purpose of discussing Europe's post-war reorganiza. Hard
the Son of Neptune a son or daughter of a god and a person. the augury at Camp Jupiter. son of Mars and friend of Percy. daughter of Pluto and friend of Percy. a Calvary sword. Older Children
The Castle in the Attic a shaking disease. water surrounding a castle. metal grill. William's best friend. William's gymnastics coach. Young Kids
The Three Little Pigs Match the description with the right word. The wolf climbed into this to get inside the house.. The first little pig made this house out of.. This was in the pot at the end of the book.. The pigs were finally blank.. The third little pig built his house out of,. Young Kids
Danny, the Champion of the World a lacking of feeling.. utterly disgusting.. to break down completely.. to wander about.. to make furious.. Older Children
Like Water for Chocolate This dish makes everyone sick on Rosaura's wedding day.. Tita's family name.. Tita's favourite savory dish.. A set of instructions Tita gives to prepare a particular dish.. Chencha brings this dish to Tita after she leaves the ranch with John Brown.. Hard
The School for Good and Evil The girl from the School of Good who wins the hearts of all the boys. What happens to Sophie and Agatha at the end of the book. One well-known princess that came out of the School for Good. The girl who was sent to the School for Evil. Two of this kind of person are put in to the School for Good and the School for Evil each year that are different from everone else. Hard
Like Water for Chocolate Tita's main love interest who she cannot marry because of a cultural tradition.. Illegitimate child of Mama Elena. Runs away with a soldier and works at a brothel.. Second daughter of Mama Elena. Marries Pedro despite knowing about Tita's relationship with him.. a set of instructions Tita gives monthly for preparing a particular dish.. Youngest daughter of the De La Garza family. Main protagonist. . Hard
The City Of Ember who is Lina's freind?. what does Lina find n the box?. where doew Doon work?. what is the day called when Lina's class get there jobs?. who is the main character?. Older Children
When I Was A Soldier Valerie's sister. The army that Valerie fought for. the genre of the book. How old Valerie is at the end of the book. Valerie's other best friend who is originally from Moldova. Hard
Indian Horse Odawa, Ojibwa, and Algonquin First Nations in Ontario. The place Saul's family travels to where they pick rice. Sauls 'friend' from the residential school. Position Saul plays. Sport Saul playes. Hard
The Great Gatsby where Nick is from. where Gatsby said he was educated. Gatsby's father. color of light on dock. Daisy and Tom are ______ people.. Older Children
Banner In The Sky Raise(something)by means of ropes and pulleys . A ghost something widely feared as a possible unpleasant or dangerous occurrence . A complicated irregular of passages or paths of which it is hard for one to find there way (a maze) . Decisive or crucial, especially in the success or failure of something . this was the man that died with rudis father. Big
Witch and Wizard Safe place for runaways. Evil spirits who live in the Shadowland. Humans who can enter portals. Humans who can not enter portals. A magical wall where messages appear. Older Children
The One and Only Ivan The Wet Material for Drawing. What You Read. The Main Gorrila. The Little Grl. The Baby Elephant. Young Kids
Sounder To find or prove guilty of a offense.. A soft leather slopper,originally worn by Native Americans.. A orange red fruit of any various chiefly tropical trees.. pernatural A four wheeled ,usually horse drawn,vechicle with a rectangular body,to carry a load of something.. Not clearly heard,seen or understood. Hard
Whistling Season no spaces between two words who is the narrator of the story?. what is the new first name Barbara took?. schoolmaster. for the Halley's comet show all the children tookout from their pockets ............ principal homesteader in the story. Big
Anna Of Byzantium What was Anna to inherit from her father?. Where did Anna work at the beginning of the book? . What is the nickname Anna gave John?. Where was Anna’s bird in when she found it dead?. What was the gift Anna’s father got John when he returned from war?. Hard
The Great Gatsby college Gatsby attended for five months . the color of the light at the end of the Buchanan's dock. a boisterous era of new fashions, fast cars, and jazz music. Toms mistress. where Tom and Myrtle lived. Older Children
Wind in the Willows Modest of bashful. An overpowering emotion. A long flat Bottomed boat . Full of riotousness. Of very little importance. Hard
Charlotte's Web Chapters 7-11 What is Wilbur's food called?. Who is going to save Wilbur?. Fern ______ Wilbur.. What does Charlotte write in her web?. The oldest sheep gives Wilbur some _______ news.. Young Kids
The Genres A book series talks about all the serious wars,like the vietnam war, what book is this?. the book big nate has a kid that is in an elemantary school,what genre is this?. The book murder at midnight is about a betrayal of the king and a boy is trying to find out who the murderer is. This genre possibly involves mythical beings. what genre is the star wars series?. Older Children
The Devils Arithmetic Complete the Table Below What Hannah walks through when she is teleported. The language spoken by the Jews. What time period all of this takes place. The main characters name. Hannah's grandpas name . Hard
The Book Thief Answer the clues to fill in the squares and complete the crossword! Stephan _____ was the man who saved Hans Hubermann?. What did Max Vandenburg give to Liesel as a belated birthday gift?. In what year was Liesel first called the 'book thief'. The first book Liesel Meminger stole was The Grave Digger's _____ . What was Max's favorite gift that Liesel brought him while he was in a deep sleep?. Older Children
The Yellow Wallpaper what does the narrator see in the wall?. appearing to move in waves. what did the room used to be before the narrator and her husband lived there?. misunderstood; misinterpreted. a former shape that is folded into curved complicated windings. Hard
The Alchemist Place where Santiago is robbed. helps Santiago reach the pyramids. Where Fatima lives. gets 1/10 of Santiago's sheep. Gives Santiago a job. Hard
The Lady, or the Tiger? to make one's way. sad, mournful. severe, terrible. direction, instruction. impossible to avoid. Hard
House Of Leaves conductive to success. the study or origin of words. of or occurring everyday. the protection, backing or support of a particular person or organization. of or occurring everday. Hard
Number the Stars Had a family of 5. Sister died. Almost broke her ankle. Family that hides in the Boat. Was almost Peter's wife. Older Children
Night of the Ninjas The object from the Ninja Master to help them find Morgan.. The first clue from the Ninja Master, use ________.. A person who has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness in an activity, cause, or conflict.. What do Ninjas wear?. Annie's sister. Big
When You Reach Me kisses Miranda. sandwiches. wears one platform shoe. hidden in the fire hose. always brings bags of potato chips. Teenage
The Lighting Thief Where Demi gods are safe. Kept the Antagonist safe with his stench . Antagonist's Father. Has her own Messaging that the Demi gods used. Mother of all monsters. Hard
Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy Allison Dewey circumspect. one of the community. a boat with a narrow, flat bottom, high bow, and flaring sides. a light structure on a dome or roof. to think unworthy of notice. Big
The Boy on the Wooden Box A person who works on machines. A place where Jewish people practice their religion. The symbol of Judism that Jews were forced to wear on their clothes. The camps that Jews were sent to to die or work at dangerous jobs. The leader of the Nazis and Germany. Hard
The Three Musketeers the main character. was married to Milady. is in love with the duke. the King of France. poisons Constine. Older Children
Lord of the Flies This is left as an offering to the beast?. The boys use these to start a fire?. What do the boys cliam to see?. What dose Roger throw at bother Henry?. He is frightened and hurt by the boys when he plays the role of pig?. Hard
Every Soul A Star Everyone in this novel is this because it's someone who travels to see an astronomical event.. Lives at Moon Shadow and adores it; forced to move to the city.. Jock in school, but goes to Moon Shadow every summer.. Goes on a science trip to Moon Shadow, so he doesn't have summer school.. Enjoys bugs and stars; also lives at Moon Shadow. Is Ally's brother.. Older Children
Dragonwings full of, characterized by, or showing malice; intentionally harmful; spiteful: . carefully weighed or considered; studied; intentional:. Military. a unit of ground forces, consisting of two or more battalions or battle groups, a headquarters unit, and certain supporting units. . perceiving directly by intuition without rational thought, as a person or the mind. . to fasten oneself or itself to something . Big
Sounder Complete the crossword below! Body part that fell off sounder. What they thought would heal sounder. The 'car' that took dad to the poliece. What they sold to make money. The person that took the boys father away. Hard
The Longest Ride a institution of higher learning at a state university.. is made when paint is put to a canvas, or made by a sculpture.. the ceremonies for a dead person prior to burial or cremation.. a public sale.. a written communication addressed to a person or organization and usually sent by mail.. Big
The Grapes of Wrath Rose of Sharon's husband who abandoned her. The night that the government camp has dances. The main migrant road. State the Joads are from. Historical name for poor camps society blamed on the President. Hard
13 Reason's Why Where Hannaha and Clay worked. What Hannah borrowed from Tony. What Clay and Hannah did at the party. What did Tyler did to Hannah. The name of the list Alex made. Teenage
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