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Books Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Frindle His dad sold this.. Mrs,Granger's eye color. Mrs.Granger gave this to Nick. The name of the school.. Mrs.Granger called the frindle phase this.. Young Kids
Game of Thrones Wat is de naam van het familie zwaard van de Starks?. Hoe worden bastaarden in het Noorden genoemd?. Wat is de naam van het raadslid die Heer Stark verraad?. Met wie moet Daenerys trouwen?. Wat bewaken de Zwarte Broeders?. Hard
Game of Thrones take over. Ned's sixth child. across the Narrow Sea. Queen Mother. all the good houses have one. Hard
Game of Thrones Quotes Puzzle There's a certain _______ in death, wouldn't you say? - Jaime Lannister. First lesson, stick em with the ______ end. - Jon Snow. The mind needs ______, like the sword needs whetstone. - Tyrion. A ______ is a lesson, each lesson makes us better. - Arya . I'm here to help. Don't ____ the help. - Tyrion. Hard
Generations of Exclusion Which university was home to the original 1965 and 1966 surveys for The Mexican American People- the Nation's Second Largest Minority? (Hint it's an abbreviation). Which professor claimed that 'Hispanics and especially Mexicans pose a threat to American national unity...the unassimilable Mexicans along with the large numbers of mostly illegal immigrants are leading to a demographic reconquista of the American S. What is one necessary process in any type of ethnic or racial, racialization or assimilation?. Mexican Americans tended to be homogenized and racialized which caused them to be concentrated and segregated in to these urban areas.. Restriction due to nativist’s fear of Mexican immigration is known as what?. Big
Gifted Hands a right exclusive to a particular individual or class. ready to be guided or influenced. a cell capable of becoming into an unlimited number of cell types. to foresee. insufficent for a purpose. Hard
Go Ask Alice Who gave Alice a friendship ring?. School made Alice regret about using what?. Alices father's job.. BP*. Left home.. Older Children
Go Ask Alice not respectable. a woman who is a priest . to show great misery or sorrow. to treat a dead body with special preparations to preserve it from decay. poorly nourished. Teenage
Gone With The Wind Scarlett's plantation. Scarlett's true love by the end. Scarlett's starting age. Why does Scarlett marry frank. _____ Oaks. Very Difficult
Goodnight Mr Tom Told something in secret. Raining lightly. Graceful. Run down or in a state of disrepair. Not continuously or stop-start. Big
Graduation of Jake Moon Place where Alzheimer patients go. What item of Skelly's was in the freezer. Place where Jake first saw his grandfather. Main Character. What Skelly broke. Older Children
Grandmother Spider Brings the Sun if you try to look at the sun, you tend to do this with eyes. not loosely fitting. you need these in order to get to an unfamiliar place. soft sticky mud. the sun gives off ____. Young Kids
Grandmother Spider Brings the Sun someone who writes a book, story, article, or play. the art, literature, music, beliefs, and practices ofa particular group of people. a belief, custom, or way of doing something that has existed for a long time. the use of words that imitiates sounds. the words in a printed piece of writing. Older Children
Great Expectations Complete the crossword about the novel Great Expectations The servant Pip hires but has trouble coming up with things for him to do. A device used by Mrs. Joe on Pip to punish him. Valuables that Wemmick suggest Pip to collect . The adopted daughter of Miss Havisham and the girl Pip loves . The man who claims to have been responsible for Pip's fortune. Very Difficult
Great Expectations Miss Havisham does not intend for Pip to marry this person. Wemmick takes Pip on a brief tour of this place. the tailor's apprentice that that Pip is mocked by as he walks down the street. Pip returns to this place in low spirits. Pip feels terrible for how he treated these two people. Big
Gregor the Overlander Grandfather of Luxa. Counselor in the Underland.. Forgotten land under New York City. Inhabited by people with violet eyes and big creatures.. Nocturnal flying creatures that eat bugs. Bonded with humans in the Underland.. Queen of Regalia of the Underland. A human with violet eyes.. Creatures that spin webs and have eight legs and eat bugs.. Older Children
Grey King most people use for long distant transportation. Palace, where king and queen live. hairy pets, playful. orange, acts like a dog, bushy tail. a stick that is sharp and used for hunting. Hard
Guardians Of Ga'Hoole Soren's Best Friend. St._________. How They Brain Wash The Orphans. What Most Owls Live In. Main Character. Older Children
Hana's Suitcase What was the name of the concentration camp where Hana died?. Hana’s father went to who’s house in order to listen to the radio? . What was the name of the director of the Tokyo Holocaust Center? . What was the name of the town where Hana grew up in? . What does waisenkid mean in English? . Moderately Challenging
Hansel and Gretel Their fathers job. The evil ladies transport. The Children. A sweet treat. Home Sweet..... Young Kids
Harris and Me Farm life is hard but never _____.. The motor from the washing machine was mounted on the ________.. Buzzer is a really large cat - a _______.. The town had _____ buildings.. They used what type of trees used to make bows and arrows?. Young Kids
Harry Potter What spell was cast on the troll by Ron Weasley?. What number house did Harry live in at Privet Drive?. Neville Longbottom received how many house points?. Daily Prophet.. The three headed dog.. Older Children
Harry Potter flying machine. house. magic stick. hermione. game. Older Children
Harry Potter As punishment, the first years must go to this forrest for unicorn blood. Draco's Aunt. Loony Lovegood. He's 'brilliant!'. Parody of Headmaster (2 words). Big
Harry Potter Harry's favorite spell.. The one who seeks a sock.. The number of DADA teachers at Hogwarts throughout the series.. The surname of Harry's nasty guardians.. A fun sport played with a broom and three balls.. Big
Harry Potter What position does Harry play on the Quidditch team?. What type of Bertie botts jellybeans does Dumbledore hate the most. In what house did the Sorting Hat almost put Harry?. Who is the potions master?. What is the main colour of Harry Potters Wand?. Older Children
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Themes Ginny learned that you should pay attention when people you don't trust handle your ______.. Who is the good character in the movie?. What does the evil characters control?. Ron and Harry use _____________ to get to the chamber of secrets.. Who is the most evil character in the movie?. Older Children
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire In chapter 23 Harry must attend the ____ ball.. How many tri wizard competitors are there?. The plant Harry eats to help him in the second task.. The dark arts teacher this year is Man-Eye _____.. The portkey to the quidditch world cup is a ____.. Older Children
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Wizards' bank.. Famous pub characters often visit.. Wizard newspaper. . A nonmagical person.. Common name for enchantments. . Older Children
Harry Potter and the Wizardly Write the correct answer next to each clue. After identifying each clue, write the answers into the crossword. A woman in charge of a private school. valley; gap. stupor; daze; blankly staring. Greatly exceeding common size or extent. condence; focus. Older Children
Harry Potter Themes You always have to be _________ and face your fears.. Be _________________ and go on lots of adventures, just like Harry.. You need to be ___________ just like Harry, he loves all his friends and would do anything for them.. You always have to be __________ and keep all your promises with your friends.. You need to be ___________ and willing to try anything to discover new things.. Older Children
Harry Potter's Characters This boy has a scar on his forehead. The potions teacher who neglects shampoo (last name). The-one-we-shouldn't-speak-his-name. This man is huge and can't keep a secret!. The girl who has no weaknesses (first name). Older Children
Harry Potterand the Sorcerer's Stone The position Harry plays in Quidditch. Harry's best red-haired friend. The faithful cat companion of the hall monitor Mr. Filch. Was passed on to Harry; it was his dad's. The last name of Harry's 'family'; Not Potter. Older Children
Hatchet animal with sharp quills. a pad with alcohol on it to clean cuts. animal live on land or water. stuff that hits a plane that makes it crash. to shake violently. Older Children
Hatchet The gift that Brian's mother gives him as a present. The natural disasater that Brian experienced while in the wilderness. Main character of the book. The total amount of days that Brian was alone in the wilderness (write number in word form). Where does Brian's father live. Older Children
Heart of a Dolphin anies freind. annies little brother. a big body of water. anies dolphin friend. a penisula. Older Children
Heaven Is For Real a qualified practitioner of medicine; a physician.. an institution providing medical and surgical treatment and nursing care for sick or injured people.. a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship.. a place regarded in various religions as the abode of God. a tube-shaped sac attached to and opening into the lower end of the large intestine in humans and some other mammals.. Older Children
Helen Keller How old was Helen Keller when she became blind and deaf?. What was Helen Keller sister's name. Who taught Helen Keller sign language?. What caused Helen Keller to do blind and deaf?. How many years did it take for Helen Keller to learn the manual alaphabet my sign language?. Older Children
Hero's Journey Someone who guides you. The revelation. What you go on in this journey. Death & rebirth. The beginning. Teenage
Hinds Feet on High Places The high hills is a symbol for _______.. Much-afraid builds her first ____ in the desert.. much-afraid was protected by a ____ when the storm hit.. Much-afraid was born in the valley of _____.. helps much afraid with her worst fall.. Very Difficult
Historical Books Fill in all the blanks in the crossword puzzle The son of Solomon who became the first king of the divided kingdom in Judah.. The nation that fell first into the hands of their enemies.. The wisest and richest king of Israel.. This sin caused both Judah and Israel to fall into the hands of their enemies.. The number of tribes in the north (Israel). Big
Hit Squad physical abuse. the name of the gang in the book. the main girl in the book. character who talks very quietly. call 911 if you have an _____. Hard
Hobbit Gandalf put a ______ on bilbos door. what colour is Gandalfs beard. Gandalf is a .... bilbo wouldn't ever go outside the house without his .... what is the name of the main character. Older Children
Hobbit 2 dwarves, blue hoods. half man, half bear. white beard. overweight. turn to stone in sunlight. Older Children
Hobbit Shapeshifter that aided the dwarves and Bilbo. First group that captures them. Flew them away from the Wargs and Goblins. Allies with the Wargs. Main character's first name. Hard
Holes to drive or force out . steady persistence in a course of action. a small peg or plug . outer boundary of a two-dimensional figure. to make hollow by removing the inner part. Older Children
Holes no-good-dirty-rotton-___-stealing great-great grandfather.. Kissn' Kate Barlow's real name is ________ Barlow.. The yellow spotted lizards hate ____.. Camp _____ Lake.. July 8th is _____'s birthday.. Older Children
HOLES We are ___________ you from school.. Dig out material from the ground.. His visionary voice is potentially ____________ by sorrow and grief, and he attempts to contain that dangerous erosion of his prophetic vision. . A small peg or plug, esp. for insertion into the vent of a cask.. The _____________ around my house is 30m.. Young Kids
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