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Books Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Hugo The Theme between Hugo and Georges Méliès. Who hates Hugo Cabert. The Librarian. what Hugo and Isabelle have. The Florist. Hard
Hungar game characters picked from each district. Katniss hunting friend. head of district. hobbs. not earthly. Older Children
HUNGAR GAMES deadly wasps. country . friend of katniss. head of ditricts. Katniss sisters name. Older Children
Hunger Games What is the name of Katniss' sister?. What is the name of the nation that the story takes place in?. What is the name of Katniss' hunting partner?. What is Katniss' stylist's name?. What is the name of the other tribute from district 12?. Hard
Hunger Games grain and oil for a year in exchange for additional entries at Reaping. president and ruler of Panem. boy tribute from district 12; baker's son. announcer at district 12 reaping that also guides tributes through ceremonies. traitors to Panem; punished by getting tounge chopped off. Older Children
Hunger Games Who gave Katniss the pin. Haymitch tells Katniss to find this first in the Games. How many times was Prim's name in the reaping . Where the President live. What District does Katniss live in. Hard
Hush Hush The class where Nora first met Patch . Suspected murderer. Noras best friend. The house which Nora lives in . The game Patch likes to play. Hard
Hush, Hush What subject did Patch and Nora meet? . Who is at the verge of dying in the school library? . Who is Nora's best friend?. Who does Nora fall in love with?. What's Nora blood condition? . Teenage
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Marguerite's brother. Marguerite dreamed she would one day have __ hair . Mr. ____ sexually abused Marguerite. Bailey's first love. Johnson children's method of travel to Stamps. Hard
I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings to be deep in thought; meditate. To focus the attention on a subject persistently and moodily; worry.. An elevated platform, lectern, or stand used in preaching or conducting a religious service.. Grandiloquent, pompous speech or writing.. one who breaks or disregards (a law or promise, for example). One who does harm to (property or qualities considered sacred); one who desecrates or defiles. A tall piece of furniture typically having drawers on one side and space for hanging clothes on the other.. Big
I Survived what thomas, birdie, and clem were. the soldier thomas saved. where thomas and birdie go to live after the war. the animal he threw to save henry. thomas's sister. Older Children
If I Grow Up Deshawns caregiver. Tanishas brother. What ruled Deshawns life. Where did they live. What was Deshawns gang called. Teenage
If There Be Thorns A type of tool. A mean emotion. Something kept hidden. A type of dance. To do wrong. Teenage
If There Be Thorns Something you keep hidden. A mean feeling. A classical dance. You wouldn't want to touch this. Your favourite old lady. Teenage
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson a holiday to brin in a new year. 9th month. 11th month. final games played for championship (basball). 7th month. Older Children
Inca Gold Who is the congresswoman?. Saved everyone in the city of dead. followed the roots of early explorers in search of El Dorado. Who was the sailing master of the golden hind?. Detects iron. Hard
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl his obituary called him a citizen . type of literature Harriet and Willie sold at their store . person who legally owns Harriet throughout most of the novel . Harriet's sibling who joined a whaling ship . she eventually bought Harriet's freedom . Hard
Indian Creek Chronicles A 128 cubic foot stack of fire wood. A basic or necessary item of food. Any of numerous gallinaceous birds of the subfamily Tetraoninae.. A spirit distilled from wine. A crystalline solid, aluminum potassium sulfate. Older Children
Indian Horse Another word for government. . Come together from different directions so as eventually to meet.. A word for north wind.. Indian residential school.. A fine biblical name.. Hard
Indian Horse Odawa, Ojibwa, and Algonquin First Nations in Ontario. The place Saul's family travels to where they pick rice. Sauls 'friend' from the residential school. Position Saul plays. Sport Saul playes. Hard
Indigos Star showing unwillingness. to feel around blindly. extremly hot. disater. of less importance. Older Children
Into The Land Of Unicorns Colour of the light that swirled and twisted around her.. Find the ____ one.. Chapter three. 'The wanderer is _____.'. Grandmother's question. Do you think I'm _____?. Colour of main character's hair.. Young Kids
Island of the Blue Dolphins low area in the earth with steep sides. a story from long ago passed down from generations, not historically accurate. a very little amount, not a lot. a building that protects people. tools used for eating food. Older Children
Island of the Unknowns The name of the plant that is next to Adjacent.. The name of the mountain that is next to Adjacent.. Di, Tom, and Ham used this to make sure they were going straight.. Di has a habit of twisting this.. The month where this book started.. Hard
James and the Giant Peach Name one of James aunts. The Giant Peach landed in. They used him to bait the Seagulls. I have over 500 feet . The Giant Peach grew as big as a. Young Kids
Jangles: A Big Fish Story calming . length of something arranged in a spiral . to move or escape from the place one should be . catch or tear something . to see part of . Young Kids
Johnny Tremain The secretive group that were the main people in fighting the Revolution.. A famous silversmith.. A sympathizer to England. The man whis is Jonny's 'relative'.. The city in which the story takes place.. Older Children
Johnny Tremain A semi-secret society acting against British rule, have a reputation for wreaking havoc against Tories and all things pro-British.. The full name of the apprentice of Ephraim Lapham, once a silversmith, and the protagonist.. The town where much of the story takes place, is the center of pre-Revolutionary activity.. First name of Johnny's father.. A leader of the Revolutionary forces in Boston. He wrote numerous pamphlets inciting and inspiring the revolution.. Hard
Johnny Tremain using two pieces of metal, creating a wave. a place people go on vacation. constant and unending. customary or usual. lack of restraint in spending money. Older Children
Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne Finding the path inside the earth and this book project are both _______.. Seen herding prehistoric animals inside the earth.. German town where the professor lives.. Science Fiction. Type of animals found in the center of the earth.. Hard
Journey to the pole Jack's oldest son. Kosta is?. The dog who rescued Andrew in the blizzard. The person who made a plan about how to escape the ship.. The person that they meet, when they needed dogs. Older Children
Jungle Of Bones A part of military service that the uncle was in. A place where u keep your planes. A type of place that the main characters uncle was in during war. Somone that steals things from you when you dont know it . A place where there is lots of heat and rain. Hard
Just Don't Fall A college that prepares students to be priests, ministers, or rabbis.. Mild and favorable.. of or relating to motivation. A person who has had a limb amputated.. An artificial body part, such as a leg. Adult
Just Grace and the Double Surprise What Mimi was doing on her bed when Grace came in.. The brother was a this to Mimi.. The girl on the front of the book.. The person who took Grace to get her dog.. What they named Mimi's new brother.. Older Children
Kate Chopin novel title, first self-published piece of Chopin. Chopin's age when she married. location in Lousiana. Chopin's birthplace. common theme in Chopin's stories. Very Difficult
Katie in London where the queen lives. large department store. Katie's brother. Katie rode on this. royalty. Big
Kiss Me Tomorrow Complete The Crossword Below They all call him Monster Bar because she doesn't like being called William. Monster Bar's father. Short and squat greased hair that stands out from his forehead like a shelf. Jakob Cutter's mother; Mother of two boys. An elementary that Blister used to go to in 6th Grade. Jonah's younger brother. Hard
Legend of Sleepy Hollow governing or controlling influence . not sharply outlined or separable . to display or obtrude oneself to public notice . to roam about and raid in search of plunder . a usually short narrative of an interesting, amusing, or biographical incident . Hard
Legend of Sleepy Hollow II The deposite from wine. An akward,simple rustic; yokel. A string or chain of flowers. Shining brilliantly. A teacher. Older Children
Lemonade Wars A method of bargaining. destroying the property of others. On good days, Jessie's mom called her ______________.. bunch of attachments. The right to sell a company's product.. Older Children
Letters Home from Yosemite Large, reddish deer that have thin antlers. A great mass of ice that moves very slowly down a mountain, along a valley, or over a land area. Hot, melted rock that flows out of a volcano. This is the same as protecting something, or keeping it safe from harm or change. This includes plants and animals that live and grow in nature. Big
Leven Thumps What company does Aunt Addy work for?. , Leven, and Geth snuck into Germany in a Taxi's...?. Where did Leven live before he went to Foo?. Where is the Entry way to Foo?. What does Brick call Leven?. Young Kids
Liberty name of the dog in the story. tightly closed. guide on goat hunting expedition . small hill or mound. Author of the story. Hard
Life of Pi How old Pi is when his family leaves India. Where Pi's family is moving to from India. Pi taught Richard Parker to jump through this. The ship Pi's family was on that sunk. One of Pi's 3 religions where you believe in 3 main gods. Teenage
Life of Pi Incapable of being evaded; inescapable. Pleasantly calm or peaceful; serenely quiet or undisturbed. Characterized by a hypocritical concern with religious devotion; having or showing a dutiful reverence for God or a wish to fulfill religious obligations. Showing sudden, impatient irritation, especially over some trifling annoyance. Out of place, inconsistent, lacking harmony of parts. Hard
Like Water for Chocolate Tita's main love interest who she cannot marry because of a cultural tradition.. Illegitimate child of Mama Elena. Runs away with a soldier and works at a brothel.. Second daughter of Mama Elena. Marries Pedro despite knowing about Tita's relationship with him.. a set of instructions Tita gives monthly for preparing a particular dish.. Youngest daughter of the De La Garza family. Main protagonist. . Hard
Like Water for Chocolate This dish makes everyone sick on Rosaura's wedding day.. Tita's family name.. Tita's favourite savory dish.. A set of instructions Tita gives to prepare a particular dish.. Chencha brings this dish to Tita after she leaves the ranch with John Brown.. Hard
Little bear goes to the Moon a person whose job is to travel and work in space. a piece of furniture with a flat top supported by one or more legs.. the area that contains the entire universe beyond the earth.. a hard covering worn to protect the head.. an animal with two wings, two feet, and feathers.. Young Kids
Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Illustrated by Garth Williams. How did Pa get meat for the family?. What did Pa buy Mary and Laura at Independence?. How did the story end?. Who is Laura's little sister?. What is the name of their dog?. Hard
Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy Allison Dewey circumspect. one of the community. a boat with a narrow, flat bottom, high bow, and flaring sides. a light structure on a dome or roof. to think unworthy of notice. Big
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