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Books Crosswords

To view or print a Books crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians Last name of Alcatraz's grandfather; had talent of being late.. A place to read and check out books. Much of book is set in one of these.. Enemy of Oculators.. Holds lenses in place; worn on the face.. Certain type of people who can use lenses for their different abilities.. Older Children
Alex Rider teenage spy. Central Intellegence Agency. spy organization. CIA agent . Country near Florida. Teenage
All About Dinosaurs Fill in the words into the crossword puzzle. Use the book for clues or meaning of word. Dinosaurs who have these use to eat plants. Some dinosaurs had these on their backs. Lived long, long ago and no one has ever seen them. Scientist look at their bones and put them together like a puzzle.. Some dinosaurs had these on their heads. Dinasaurs who have these use to eat meat or other dinosaurs. Easy
All Summer in a Day comparing two things that have nothing in common. a visible shaking. huge; very big. springy, able to bounce back. to slow down. Big
All Things Great and Small An over-exaggeration in writing or speech. Smaller copy of something very big. More than half of the votes. Extra special or great. Generous and tolerant. Hard
Amirs From the Kite Runner Amirís being living with this his whole life . Amir feels _____ of a emotional connection to baba . took amir the hole book to find . amir want to be a _____ when heís older . Amir is a ______ compared to most people . Older Children
Among the Hidden unbelievably rich people were called. The name of the family with hair the color of sunshine. Which parent is more strict. What did the letter from the government want them to sell . What gets cut down in the beginning of the book. Teenage
Among the Hidden Luke reads them when he gets bored in his room. Another one of Luke's brothers. One of Luke's brothers. The government took it all down because of the new families that were moving in. A place Luke wants to go to meet friends like Matthew and Mark. Teenage
Among The Impostors By Margret Peterson Haddix the name of the school. Jason took Luke to the ___ to get a bandage . Luke hit his with this item to knock out Jason. The real name of Jackal boy . When Luke found Jason he was using a ___. Big
An Elephant in the Garden Complete the crossword puzzle below a union. a mode or system of rule or government. to signal by a gesture from the hand or head. the feeling of displeasure or indignation at some act. state of being atrocious. Hard
An Invisible Thread Maurice rode this with Lauras sisters children. . First place Laura took Maurice for a meal. . Contains marijuana . Child Laura is helping out. . A lot of people are adicted to it. . Hard
And Then There Were None What was the poison called?. Emily's last name.. Mr.Inspector _____.. What is the doctors last name?. Mrs.Rogers first name.. Older Children
And Then There Were None 65 years old, the daughter of a colonel, and critical of younger generation. this employee is the cook who fainted after hearing the message. the main characters were each invited to come to this place. this person is the butler and was ordered to turn on the gramophone after dinner. a retired judge, cigar smoker, and reads political news . Older Children
And Then There Were None Lying on the stand. Passionate. Believing in what is right. Secretly or stealthily. Evil or harm wished upon others. Teenage
And Then There Were None 6 little indian. The islands name. 5 little indian. Someone who kills other people. 7 little indian. Big
Angela's Ashes The stock market crash of 1929. The only sibling that didn't die. The first sibling that died. The first twin that died. The second twin that died. Hard
Angela's Ashes What mam caves while sick. Malachy leaves to work for what army?. What his mam becomes. What happens to Frankie's eyes/his 'illness'. What Frankies dad is throughout the story. Teenage
Animal Farm author. kill. he was chased off the farm by dogs. the pigs moved into it. foe. Hard
Animal Farm The horse who was a big contribution to building the windmill. Animal Farms previous title. The animal who had the idea for the revolution. The leader who was run off Animal Farm. The gathering of ripened crop. Older Children
Anna Of Byzantium What was Anna to inherit from her father?. Where did Anna work at the beginning of the book? . What is the nickname Anna gave John?. Where was Annaís bird in when she found it dead?. What was the gift Annaís father got John when he returned from war?. Hard
Anne Frank a camp Anne attended . Main character . Annes bestfriend. Annes first boyfriend. the race of the people fighing against the jews . Older Children
Anne Frank Anne's family immigrated to this place. The Company Anneís father partly owns. What is the name of the book Anne writes in. Anne secretly still loves this person. Were Anne hides. Older Children
Anne Frank's Diary the eight people in hiding. Peter's cat. the Jewish symbol. the camp where Anne and Margot died. the concentration camp. Hard
April Raintree Cheryl _____ off a bridge.. April gets _____ to Bob.. they both are really close _____.. the main character's name is _____.. emotional distress and unhappiness. Teenage
Arthur and The Seeing Stone Nain tells this story. a setting that is used alot in this book. a name used in many ways in the book. the first animal that is seen in the book. we find out that this character dies in chapter 22.. Young Kids
Balloonia Fluffy and white. You will see lots of animals here. The boy in the story. The girl in the story. You will see lots of rides here. Young Kids
Balto, the Dog Who Saved Nome You won't get lost or fail is you stay on the path or ____.. This young man's family name is Her and his teacher is Mrs. Anderson.. ____ and Patches are dogs that can find someone who is lost.. Mrs. Hatch ____, but she can't telegraph Frank and Brandon to come back.. This young man's family name is Ngo and his teacher is Mrs. Wilson.. Older Children
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress The town's people think the cause of the fever is __________.. ___________ Mountain.. The ___________ Tree.. The boys visit the old ___________ to receive folk songs.. Narrator tries to persuade the doctor to give the Seamstress an abortion by promising him a __________.. Hard
Banner In The Sky How long Uncle Franz has been climbing mountains. Having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities. German for 'God's Greetings'. Reject someone or something in an abrupt or ungracious manner. The most successful point; the culmination. A high point of a piece of rock.. Very Difficult
Banner In The Sky Raise(something)by means of ropes and pulleys . A ghost something widely feared as a possible unpleasant or dangerous occurrence . A complicated irregular of passages or paths of which it is hard for one to find there way (a maze) . Decisive or crucial, especially in the success or failure of something . this was the man that died with rudis father. Big
Barrio Boy Spanish speaking neighborhood in the United States. He lived in the Spanish neighborhood.. continuing . slang term for English or non Hispanic. The mexican called the American a name.. move purposefully. I moved my wheelchair through the cornfield maze to get to the finish.. sound of speech. He recited the poem with perfect speech.. Big
Beautiful Creatures Lena's uncle, the town shut-in. Ethan's girlfriend who is a Caster. A supernatural being that can steal dreams. The books author along with Margaret Stohl. The book is written from this mortal's point of view. Hard
Because of Winn-Dixie Use the clues to solve the puzzle! I usually spend my whole life sitting on shelvs. A brand new car. Five bucks a week. Can I pay a little at a time?. My dad is really rich and bought me one. Young Kids
Because of Winn-Dixie sure. say. strange. more highly developed or skilled. the way a person feels. Older Children
Because of Winnie Dixie Who is called a witch by the dunlap boys?. Who ownes the library?. Who gets found in a grocery store?. Who is Winnie Dixies owner?. Who are big fat bald headed babies?. Young Kids
Becoming Naomi Leon Naomi and her dadís favorite hobby.. Who is Naomi's guardian?. The city where Naomi's dad lives.. What is the last name of Naomi's gram?. At the end of the story what gram fought for. . Big
Becoming Naomi Leon Find and write in the described words cover attached above a bed or seat, used as decoration or as a shelter. Spanish for symbolic; standing for a particular event, process, or situation. person who tries to help two groups to stop arguing and make an agreement. public scene or show that is very impressive. influence or control. Older Children
Ben and Me not respected or trusted by most people; having a bad reputation. not able to think or speak clearly especially because of fever or illness. a pair of metal supports that hold the wood in a fireplace. state of being of a personal or private nature. a person who gives money and support to an artist or organization. Hard
Beowulf By Megan Schrage The dragon-slayer. What Beowulf gives orders to construct after his death. Beowulf's father. .... goes to Beowulf's aid during his last fight. The most famous Danish warrior king. Hard
Between Shades Of Gray Using the clues, determine the vocabulary word and fill out the crossword Who is one of the teachers in the book. Who is realted to papa in the book. Jonas lived where . Who does Jonas talk to at home all the time.. Who read the good book to the class . Moderately Challenging
Between Shades Of Gray Using the clues, determine the vocabulary word and fill out the crossword Who spoke Russhian . Who is one of the teachers in the book. Who is realted to papa in the book. Jonas lived where . Who wrote the Authors note. Adult
Black Like Me a dangerous, difficult situation. where Griffin and his family live. a deliberate discourteous act. the city that Griffin hitchhikes through to get to Mobile. the first stop on Griffins journey after he arrives in New Orleans. Big
Black Like Me City where Griffin conducts interviews before returning to New Orleans. Newspaperman who provides Griffin shelter in Mississippi. Blacks and whites have separate _______, including restrooms and busses. First name of the man who is lynched in Mississippi. Last name of the main character/narrator of the story. Older Children
Bless The Beasts And Children Shecker's Dad's occupation. They hope to free the________.. Nearby city that the boys travel to. One and two. Sibling rivalry.. Jewish ceremony marking the transformation of a boy into manhood.. Hard
Blood on the River A man that is high ranked and belongs to a noble class.. an orphan that is rev.hunt servant and now samuel best friend.. An Indian boy that learned there english ways and went o england and learned abou jesus christ.. A company that helped pay for the settlement of Jamesown.. His mother died and left a locket but now he is a servant of captain smith.. Older Children
Blood on the River a wooden frame made for hanging a person. unwilling. Group of people called together to give advice. disease that causes plants to die. Man of good social position. Big
Bodyguard Series Complete the crossword Who is chinese?. What are the three lectures in law?. Who is nicknamed Charley?. Who is the main character?. Who is the IT specialist?. Hard
Boys in the Boat the capacity to gain and use knowledge . water that falls to the earth in the form of frozen . to build. confused or puzzled. having an old-fashioned attractiveness or charm. Big
Brave New World one of Lenina's many lovers . curved down like an eagle's beak. has a job that nobody else wants. is a fictional process of human cloning that is a key aspect of the world. the level of casual conversation and habit, religion has been replaced. Hard
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