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Books Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Journey to the pole Jack's oldest son. Kosta is?. The dog who rescued Andrew in the blizzard. The person who made a plan about how to escape the ship.. The person that they meet, when they needed dogs. Older Children
Jungle Of Bones A part of military service that the uncle was in. A place where u keep your planes. A type of place that the main characters uncle was in during war. Somone that steals things from you when you dont know it . A place where there is lots of heat and rain. Hard
Just Don't Fall A college that prepares students to be priests, ministers, or rabbis.. Mild and favorable.. of or relating to motivation. A person who has had a limb amputated.. An artificial body part, such as a leg. Adult
Just Grace and the Double Surprise What Mimi was doing on her bed when Grace came in.. The brother was a this to Mimi.. The girl on the front of the book.. The person who took Grace to get her dog.. What they named Mimi's new brother.. Older Children
Kate Chopin novel title, first self-published piece of Chopin. Chopin's age when she married. location in Lousiana. Chopin's birthplace. common theme in Chopin's stories. Very Difficult
Katie in London where the queen lives. large department store. Katie's brother. Katie rode on this. royalty. Big
King of Mazy May sound of a shot, explosion. balance. become slower, less active. plainly, clearly. highest poitn, top. Older Children
King of Mazy May the background screen on a computer with the icons. brain of the computer. stops that allow you to indent paragraphs. perform specific duties. types a capital letter. Older Children
Kiss Me Tomorrow Complete The Crossword Below They all call him Monster Bar because she doesn't like being called William. Monster Bar's father. Short and squat greased hair that stands out from his forehead like a shelf. Jakob Cutter's mother; Mother of two boys. An elementary that Blister used to go to in 6th Grade. Jonah's younger brother. Hard
Kissing Doorknobs She became anorexic and a model. This is the narrator of the story. She is proud of her butt and is one of Tara's friends. Tara said that she was in a war of _______. This is what Dr. Leonardi tells Tara her disorder is. Adult
Last Descendants the event in which all the kids had ancestors in the same area. a person who formerly kills someone. the technology in which Monroe stole. the place between the real world and the simulation. one of the two secret societies after the pieces of Eden. Big
Last Man Out Tommy's best friend. How Tommy's dad acts while fighting fires. The position he plays in football. The hobby Tommy picks up while he is suspended. Tommys football team. Big
Legend of Sleepy Hollow governing or controlling influence . not sharply outlined or separable . to display or obtrude oneself to public notice . to roam about and raid in search of plunder . a usually short narrative of an interesting, amusing, or biographical incident . Hard
Legend of Sleepy Hollow II The deposite from wine. An akward,simple rustic; yokel. A string or chain of flowers. Shining brilliantly. A teacher. Older Children
Lemonade Wars A method of bargaining. destroying the property of others. On good days, Jessie's mom called her ______________.. bunch of attachments. The right to sell a company's product.. Older Children
Letters Home from Yosemite Large, reddish deer that have thin antlers. A great mass of ice that moves very slowly down a mountain, along a valley, or over a land area. Hot, melted rock that flows out of a volcano. This is the same as protecting something, or keeping it safe from harm or change. This includes plants and animals that live and grow in nature. Big
Leven Thumps What company does Aunt Addy work for?. , Leven, and Geth snuck into Germany in a Taxi's...?. Where did Leven live before he went to Foo?. Where is the Entry way to Foo?. What does Brick call Leven?. Young Kids
Liberty name of the dog in the story. tightly closed. guide on goat hunting expedition . small hill or mound. Author of the story. Hard
Life of Pi How old Pi is when his family leaves India. Where Pi's family is moving to from India. Pi taught Richard Parker to jump through this. The ship Pi's family was on that sunk. One of Pi's 3 religions where you believe in 3 main gods. Teenage
Life of Pi Incapable of being evaded; inescapable. Pleasantly calm or peaceful; serenely quiet or undisturbed. Characterized by a hypocritical concern with religious devotion; having or showing a dutiful reverence for God or a wish to fulfill religious obligations. Showing sudden, impatient irritation, especially over some trifling annoyance. Out of place, inconsistent, lacking harmony of parts. Hard
Like Water for Chocolate Tita's main love interest who she cannot marry because of a cultural tradition.. Illegitimate child of Mama Elena. Runs away with a soldier and works at a brothel.. Second daughter of Mama Elena. Marries Pedro despite knowing about Tita's relationship with him.. a set of instructions Tita gives monthly for preparing a particular dish.. Youngest daughter of the De La Garza family. Main protagonist. . Hard
Like Water for Chocolate This dish makes everyone sick on Rosaura's wedding day.. Tita's family name.. Tita's favourite savory dish.. A set of instructions Tita gives to prepare a particular dish.. Chencha brings this dish to Tita after she leaves the ranch with John Brown.. Hard
Lion Witch and The Wardrobe What Tumnus was carrying. The witch cause it to always be this in Narnia. What smelled in the closet. Who believed Lucy. Country Lucy discovers. Big
Little bear goes to the Moon a person whose job is to travel and work in space. a piece of furniture with a flat top supported by one or more legs.. the area that contains the entire universe beyond the earth.. a hard covering worn to protect the head.. an animal with two wings, two feet, and feathers.. Young Kids
Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Illustrated by Garth Williams. How did Pa get meat for the family?. What did Pa buy Mary and Laura at Independence?. How did the story end?. Who is Laura's little sister?. What is the name of their dog?. Hard
Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy Allison Dewey circumspect. one of the community. a boat with a narrow, flat bottom, high bow, and flaring sides. a light structure on a dome or roof. to think unworthy of notice. Big
Looking For Alaska Pudge is seeking the ________ __________________________.. What did Pudge memorize?. What animal was in the pond that all the students were afraid of?. What was the nick-name for the school principal?. What was the name of the school?. Older Children
Looking For Alaska Pudge is seeking the ________ __________________________.. What did Pudge memorize?. In Alaska's room there are ________ all over.. What animal was in the pond that all the students were afraid of?. What was the nick-name for the school principal?. Older Children
Looking For Alaska Chip's nickname. Miles' 'girlfriend'. Where is Miles' originally from?. What they call the principal. One of Alaska, Pudge, and the Colonel's friend. Young Kids
Looking For Alaska By John Green Alcoholic drink The Colonel created.. A deep fried favourite of Pudge's.. The class Mrs.O'Malley teaches. Pudge's hometown.. Where does Pudge, Alaska, Takumi and The Colonel go to smoke cigarettes?. Older Children
Looking For Alaska What does Pudge memorize?. What is Pudge looking for when he decides to change schools?. A complicated path in which it is difficult to find one's way.. The Colonel hides his vodka in ______ to hide the smell.. The Colonel calls his vodka drink __________.. Big
Looking for Alaska Pudge is seeking the ________. What did Pudge memorize?. A Maze. The Author of the novel. Something Alaska enjoys a lot. Hard
Looking for Alaska causing great distress to someone. improvement of a persons moral. showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risk. acting without forethought. clever in a dishonest way. Hard
Lord of the Flies Name given to the little children of the group. simon decides to go looking by himself to find the beast or the ______.. identical twins. it shatters the conch and piggy . Maurice and Roger destroy the Littluns' sand ____________. Hard
Lord of the Flies They got off in this.. with the help of the navy that is. The Three Musketeers. Piggy misinterpretes this as friendship. abandoned this to go hunting. Color of Johnny's eyes. Hard
Lord of the Flies This is left as an offering to the beast?. The boys use these to start a fire?. What do the boys cliam to see?. What dose Roger throw at bother Henry?. He is frightened and hurt by the boys when he plays the role of pig?. Hard
Lord of the Rings Sam's best friend; one who carries the ring. Cuts the ring from Sauron. volcano where ring can be destroyed. Land of living trees. Skilled archer. Hard
Love Ruby Lavender Chapters 1-3 to pull the sides of something (such as skin or cloth). to move with exaggerated jerky or bouncy motions. a small lump or piece of something. a small cloth used for wiping your face, nose, or eyes. an area that is surrounded by a fence and that is used for holding animals on a farm or ranch. Older Children
Mad Hatter Tea Party All Answers have to do with alice in wonderland what alice and the queen use for a croquet mallet. twins Dum and Dee. ____ me to grow. off with their _______. ____me to shrink. Older Children
Magic Tree House Series The place where Jack and Annie stay. A boy that has a magic treehouse and saves his sister. A boy that Jack and Annie do not know till they see their faces. A guy that lives in a ice palace. A girl that Jack and Annie do not know till they see their faces . Young Kids
Maniac Magee Something chioce or pleasing.. Easy to see or notice.. To form rings,spirals,etc;gather or rertact in a circular way.. A variation of hockey played by children with a curved stick or blook of wood.. IVery hard to please.. Young Kids
Maniac Magee What is in Amanda's suitcase?. How old was Jeffrey when he ran away?. Where was Amanda going?. What is the year Jeffrey ran nicknamed? . Where did Jeffrey end up when he stopped running?. Big
Maniac Magee The name of the divided town?. What end of town is black?. Grayson dies after what holiday?. What end of town is white?. What street divides the East and West End?. Older Children
Maniac Magee The star quarterback. What Amanda kept in her suitcase. What the East and the West ends are called . John McNab's gang's name. What is Maniac's main skill. He is ____.. Teenage
Marven of the Great North Woods genre of the story . dark images outlines against a lighter background. very large, huge, vast. person whose job is to cut down trees. measure of quantity for cut wood. Hard
Masque of the Red Death Ms. Nestor can often be heard hollering in the hallways, 'Stop acting like______!'. The speaker talked in a ________ tone and I almost fell asleep during his speech.. Vandalizing a statue of the Virgin Mary is considered ___________ by many.. The _______ on the grandfather clock kept time with the beating of my heart.. The Moroccan Village at Busch Gardens is decorated in an ______ style. . Teenage
Matilda characterized by malice intending or intend to do harm. a formal punishment in wich a person is flogged with a bundle of birch twig.. very bad. used to single out an individual member of a specifield groop or class . underhanded or un srupulous behavoir trickery . Older Children
Maximum Ride Max2's chosen name. State of the E shaped house. Cause of the wound that required the first meeting of Max and her mom. Name of the military base the flock were trained at to retrieve dr. Martinez. Max's Half Sister. Hard
Me, Dan and the Dragonfly the past tense of 'flying' pg.3. the way they walked through the water pg.14. the body feels this when it is in pain pg.12. when the body does not feel strong pg.7. the sound the dragonfly made when Dan held its wings pg.7. Hard
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