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Books Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Lightning Thief a safehaven for greek demigods. a medicine used on demigods but would kill any mortal that used it. the god of the sea. an evil bull like creature. a half human half goat creature. Hard
Pet Sematary A male students society in college or university. An end or extremity of something. A state of deeply felt distress of sorrow. Portending in regular . Engaged in expressing or based rather then knowledge. Hard
Peter Pan Answer the clues provided and fill in the corresponding blanks. the quality of being unique. impelled or urged. at a distance. smuggly. run down apartment building. Older Children
Peter's Chair My bird _____ out of his cage.. I _____ two inches last year!. the opposite of old. Don't forget to drink your orange _____.. Please don't _____ with your mouth open. Simple
Phineas L. MacGuire A type of makeup girls wear on their lips.. A small mammal that you can have in your house.. Seeds come from ______.. A small red fruit.. A yellow sour fruit.. Young Kids
Pigman hint or clue that will happen later in a narrative. rotten. very painful. a ramshackle dwelling place. to put down. Older Children
Pigman 3 frenzied, wild, crazed, deranged. in a state of foul decay or decomposition. a difficult situation. a small, humble dwelling or house, or a disorganized dwelling or wretched hut. to study or to ponder. Older Children
Pinocchio Ingannano Pinocchio. Paese in cui si giocava sempre. Il nome della Fata. Il nome del Burattinaio. Divenne asino con Pinocchio. Hard
Pride and Prejudice an expression of protest. swiftness of movement. a thing that persuades or influences someone to do something. sarcastic, critical, and mocking another's weaknesses. a trick-taking card game for two players. Big
Pride and Prejudice Mary had neither genius nor taste; and though vanity had given her application, it had given her likewise a _____ air and conceited manner, which would have injured a higher degree of excellence. having or showing an excessively high opinion of one's appearance, abilities, or worth.. Anxiety, Melancholy. have been _______ on the very great pleasure which a pair of fine eyes in the face of a pretty woman can bestow.'. A permanent unit of an army typically commanded by a colonel and divided into several companies, squadrons, or batteries and often into two battalions.. Hard
Purple Hibiscus Papa offers his family ______ juice on Palm Sunday.. A religious ceremony . Country where Purple Hibiscus is set in. What does mama always start cleaning after she gets abused?. Aunty Ifeoma's profession . Hard
Puss in Boots A follower or supporter who performs unpleasant, wrong, or illegal tasks for a powerful person.. A thing given in recognition of one's service, effort, or achievement.. A hiding place, especially one used by someone who has broken the law.. Extremely unpleasant, despicable.. A person who has broken the law.. Older Children
Rain of Gold He most likely caused the explosion that killed Ramon and himself.. She was blind, yet was the best at finding seeds.. She left behind her family in Chicago just to follow Juan's brother.. She made Lupe miserable on her first day of school.. She tends to beat her husband before quickly making up with him.. Hard
Rangers Apprentice Who are the people responsible for ruling the feifs.. The group of people that are the law enforcers of the kingdom. . Halt's newest apprentice.. Witch of his enemy’s turned into his friend. . The Ranger that led the cavalry against Morgarath Wargals.. Hard
Red Badge Of Courage Fill in the puzzle with the given clues A low voice. Rigidly upright or straight. Being streched. Sticking out. A bitter attack. Hard
Redwall brave . a small rodent . a celebration meal. exciting journey. a religious community. Older Children
Robinson Crusoe The city of birth of Robinson's father . The place where Robinson began sugar plantation. Where the story is set. During dreadful storm Robinson been.... The man that help Robinson to escape from Turkish . Older Children
Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry The people that own the store on the Granger plantation.. Cassie's great great grandfather. The Logan's dog. The Logans donkey. They own the other two plantation in the county.. Hard
Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry to invent fictitiously or deceptively, as a story or an excuse. to picture mentally, especially some future event or events. the owner of a business establishment, a hotel, etc.. communication of thought by words; talk; conversation:. to occupy completely, as the mind or attention. Big
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Dreamily or wishfully thoughtful.. Tender or soft.. Watchful; Being someone's guard against danger.. To mock.. A gester observed in social relationships.. Big
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry having or seeming to have no end; continuing for a very long time.. not easily upset or excited; not moving much; calm and steady. . to pretend to feel or be affected by something; fake. . very bad or unpleasant; deserving to be despised.. to go forward quickly without control . Very Difficult
Romeo and Juliet 'A pair of _____-_________lovers take their life.'(Prologue, 7) . who Capulet want Juliet to marry with him?. 'Two households, both alike in ______, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean'. (Prologue). Who Tybalt kill?. 'My child is yet a ______ in the world; She hath not seen the change of fourteen years.'(1.3.2). Hard
Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary regard with disgust and hatred. urge to do something. willfully lieing. extreme admiration or love. very great. Teenage
Run If You Dare First name of author. What covered the room of the main character?. The main character's love interest. What type of golf club did the dad buy?. Where did the sister work?. Older Children
Runaway Ralph Taking pleasure in bloodshed or violence. Undestroyable. having or showing arrogant superiority . One who, or that which, braids.. Lacking in or damaging to dignity (Respect). Young Kids
Runaway Ralph to a faint degree or weakly perceived. have a wish or desire to know something. having wrinkles. made joyful. in a way that is difficult to understand or explain. Young Kids
Sarah Plain and Tall The ______ roam the meadow looking for bugs to eat.. The scared girl ________ into the water, trying hard not to get her chest wet.. Mother had a white, ruffled ________ that she wore under her dress.. Pa uses a _______ to prepare the soil for planting a garden.. The tent _______ when a limb fell on top.. Young Kids
Sarah, Plain and Tall stone in front of the fireplace. bird found ner a shore. time when day changes into night. strange and mysterious. making someone annoyed. Hard
Sarny weapon used to kill Waller. used to behave and punish the slaves. what Sarny ate everyday ; meat. Sarny's daughter. what Sarny eblieves in (religiously). Teenage
Scarlet Letter Who wrote The Scarlet Letter?. Where do Hester and Dimmesdale meet in secret. What color is the 'A' that Pearl constructs?. Why does Dimmesdale harm himself?. In what town does the story take place?. Hard
Seedfolk By Paul Fleischman Who was known as the strictest techer in ohio?. Worship area in Kim's house.. What was KIm's father 's occupation. This type of vegetable is Lateesha's favorite.. What is Gonzalos favorite country?. Older Children
Seedfolks Vocabulary Shelter or protection.. Changes.. Idea or thought.. Ready to pick or eat.. Related to home.. Older Children
Shakespeare's Secret What Danny and Hero helped Mrs. Roth with. What was Mrs. Roth's first name. Who did they think Queen Elizabeth's son was. Who was Mrs Roth's husband. Who was Mr. Murphy's second wife. Teenage
Shattering Glass random. sham. group or set. resistance to authority. realize beforehand. Teenage
Sherlock Holmes answered. many things. objects to solve a case. spy. scared. Teenage
Sherlock Holmes very angry. a sudden feeling. convince. insist. reason. Teenage
Sherlock Holmes The Sign of Four The man who had the jewels at the start.. He is the dog that helps solve the crime.. The man who was transporting the jewels.. The man who stole the treasure.. The man who owns Toby. Hard
Sherlock Holmes: Eye Of The Crow a spot or a mark. a bright white light. perfect; without flaws or faults. to babble or to talk excessively. marked or dented. Big
Sign of the Beaver showing or expressing sorrow. happens quite often. small amount. able to do things well. evergreen coniferous tree with needle-shaped leaves. Older Children
Sign of the Beaver showing or feeling regret for something done. table made with a rough board that has a flat side. a person who owns a business or property. a dull gray metal that is a mixture of tin and usually lead. to produce sound in an unsteady way especially because you are afraid or nervous . Young Kids
Singing Down the Moon Use the clues to fill in the crossword puzzle above A cooked cereal. A narrow steep sided valley. Past tense for slay. Characteristic attitude. A land formation having steep walls and a relatively flat top . Very Difficult
Skeleton Creek what is the name of ryans dads friends name?. What does Old Joe Bush haunt?. who does old joe bush want revenge on?. Ryan and Sarah like to _____________mysteries?. What creek do Sarah and Ryan live by?. Teenage
Smallest Dragon Boy exercise;effort. stretch marks; stripes. doubting; unable to believe. ridicule;mock. sorrowful;sad. Older Children
So Far From Home the place where the girls work. the last month in the book. the main character's nickname. the author's last name. what's the main character's friends do at the end?. Hard
Soldiers Heart place the best fitted word blood sucking insect that flies around. food that made the union troops sick. main character. ---light. 1-ton beast. Hard
Song of the Trees a container with a lid. avoiding , ie a task or obstacle. a great swelling wave of something. ran quickly. fussy; difficult to please. Older Children
Sounder Complete the crossword below! Body part that fell off sounder. What they thought would heal sounder. The 'car' that took dad to the poliece. What they sold to make money. The person that took the boys father away. Hard
Sounder To find or prove guilty of a offense.. A soft leather slopper,originally worn by Native Americans.. A orange red fruit of any various chiefly tropical trees.. pernatural A four wheeled ,usually horse drawn,vechicle with a rectangular body,to carry a load of something.. Not clearly heard,seen or understood. Hard
Sparrow Hawk Red with hopelessness; in an urgent manner. shoes consisting of soles fastened to the feet by straps. a head or chief cook. without delay. swallowed hard and noisily. Older Children
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