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Books Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
My Louisiana Sky Use the clues to complete the puzzle Popular girl who makes fun of Tiger. Dorie Kay's house maid. Another word for stew, Granny makes it. Granny was shelling these when she died. Tiger and Jesse Wade's favorite sport. Older Children
My Side of the Mountain merged, came together. ingraving. practical, useful. under ground stems or roots. marked or cut, as when making a trail. Hard
My Side Of The Mountain A city boy who runs away from his noisy home to live in the mountains.. A tool that is used to tell the direction. Hint(N,S,E,W). A wily raccoon who is one of Sam's friend. . The author of my side of the mountain.. The place that Sam Gribley leaves his home to live.. Young Kids
My Side of the Moutain The first name of the journalist who spends spring with Sam in reutrn for keeping Sam's identity secret.. The season bringing the worst weather to the Catskills.. The Raccoon that Sam befriends.*. The first instrument Bando taught Sam to make*. The breakfast food Sam uses acorns to make.. Hard
My Sisters Keeper clinic, emergency. baseball team. sad, lonley, lost. ex, toilet. Campbell's school. Teenage
Narnia prisoner of White Witch. captain of Secret Police. owner of home in the country. gave children special gifts, not toys. the White Witch calls herself this. Hard
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass the act of engaging in organized breakout against an organized government or authority. to lack. to wander away from the main topic. to deprive of something, such as property, rights, or clothing. having intense feeling, especially of desire or devotion. Big
New Moon the ones that are new to being a vampire . meaning there going to be alive forever because there vampire . the vampire that only his freireds know that he is . vampires can not be in the sun they sparkal . jab or any of the pack is in love with one person and the others cant hurt them no mater what . Teenage
New York Times Best Sellers 2015 How Many Have You Read? A woman asks a widower to start spending the night with her. . The University of Washington’s eight-oar crew and their quest for gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. . A former member of the Navy SEALs discusses his battlefield experiences during the Iraq war; now a movie. . Times columnist David Brooks wrote this book.. Murder, Murder never through. Solve the rhyme, read the crime 7 times 2.. Big
Newberry Books Name the author of these Newberry Winners King of the Wind. Strawberry Girl. Witch of Blackbird Pond. A Wrinkle in Time. From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. Hard
Night German police. Religion practiced by Elie. Jewish holy book. A march to go to Gleiwitz. Place where undesirable were burned by the Germans, dead or alive. Older Children
Night of the Ninjas The object from the Ninja Master to help them find Morgan.. The first clue from the Ninja Master, use ________.. A person who has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness in an activity, cause, or conflict.. What do Ninjas wear?. Annie's sister. Big
No Promises in the Wind Joshes love. the time period of the story. Lonnie, Janey, and Josh heard where Joey was form this. Josh gave a _______ bill to the shoes salesman. where Josh and Joey's family lives. Hard
Number the Stars A crossword puzzle on the book Number the Stars A nazi symbol. Annemarie's younger sister. Annemarie's uncle. A Jewish symbol. A group who secretly does harm to the nazis whenever they can. Big
Number The Stars what type of food did annamaire always want to have?. what was Henrik's cows name?. what type of church did the Rosen's go to?. who is annamaire's sister?. what was Ellen necklace called?. Older Children
Number the Stars Had a family of 5. Sister died. Almost broke her ankle. Family that hides in the Boat. Was almost Peter's wife. Older Children
Number the Stars the youngest one in the story. A word that means to have courage. The king of Denmark. The name of Uncle Henrik's boat. The name of Annemarie's uncle. Big
Of Mice & Men Chapter 1 Who used to give Lenny mice to pet?. Lenny has a hard time doing what?. How far from the ranch did the bus drop George & Lenny?. What town did George & Lenny just come from?. This character is big and loves to pet mice.. Older Children
Of Mice and Men Chapters of Mice and Men son of boss. only girl in the ranch. the skinner. old man with no hand. killed curlys wife. Older Children
Of Mice and Men boss's son. the only girl in the ranch. prince of ranch. old men. killed curlys wife. Older Children
Of Mice and Men Deserving of blame. A place where two things join or meet. To mock; jeer. Communication without words. In a hurried run. Hard
Of Mice and Men low spirited. an action. having deep insight. showing pain or distress. copying. Big
Of Mice and Men George's last name.. Curley is a good _____.. Candy felt that his dog was like him, and that he just wished they would _____ him when he became useless too.. The person that used to take care of Lennie before she died, . Lennie accidentally killed the _____ that Slim gave him. . Older Children
Of Mice and Men Chapter 1 Use the clues to help you fill in the puzzle with the correct answers. Who used to give Lennie mice to pet?. Lennie has a hard time doing what?. How far from the ranch did the bus leave George and Lennie?. What town did George and Lenny just come from?. Where did George and Lennie stay for the night?. Older Children
On my honor It would be a ______ to take this metal. Another word for goose bumps. Lots of cars moving slowly. Using voice to spread info. Small rise in elevation. Older Children
One and Only Ivan By: Emory Slagel What was Stella's bracelets?. What two nicknames do people give Ivan are Primote Picesso and?. What does Ruby say about Ivan's banana drawing? It looks good enough to eat?. What does Julia notice on the paintings?. What kind of animal is Ivan?. Older Children
Order of the Phoenix Harry's other best friend who is smarter than the other two combined . The boy who lived.. The Minister for Magic . Harrys godfather . The secret wizarding group formed by Albus dumbledore. . Older Children
Ordinary Boy Find all the words using the clues listed below. A university leader or scientist. Excessive or superior power. The indestructable superhero. Things that hold you back. The quality of being great or distinguished. Young Kids
Othello Unhappy with her slave like marriage. Black dot in a crowd of white. Othello's first gift to Desdemona. Faithful even in death. His boss is Othello. Hard
Out Of the Dark Forced. A permanent cardiac or arterial dilation. Acting hastily or with sudden feeling. Peevish. Very pleasing, delightful. Hard
Out of the Dust A stock of money or valued objects, typically one that is secret or carefully guarded. . The process of making more diverse or varied. . Of, relating to, or denoting substances that prevent the growth of disease-causing microorganisms.. A slight grimace or shrinking movement caused by pain or distress.. Of the best possible quality; excellent.. Very Difficult
Out of the Dust The author of 'Out of the Dust'. Cold, White, Precipitation. Billie's Music teacher. Fine, Dry particles of matter. A thin oil distilled from petroleum or shale oil, used as a fuel for heating. Hard
Pandora Of Athens a instrument that pandora played. a drink the god gave to her. this is what charis had to do to get rid of the nightmares. one of socrates's young disciples. pandora's stepmother. Hard
Parts of a Non Fiction Book a mini dictionary to explain words in a book. columns and rows to organise data. a word or explanation under a picture. descriptions or words pointing to parts of a picture. an alphabetical list of names, subjects, etc.. Older Children
Parvana's Journey How did Parvana's Dad die in a _______________ at the school he taught at?. Who is Parvana's sisters name?. _______ is a group of Holy Warriors or Freedom Fighters.. What is the traditional name for clothing worn by women and men in Afghanistan?. What was one of the things Parvana gave Asif?. Older Children
Pedro's Journal gull like bird-white with black head about 10 inches long. small rowing boat. set of ropes giving support to the sails. large waves. front of the ship. Older Children
Pedro's Journal A wooden pier used as a landing place for boats. An account of a journey by sea. A large cord of strands of fibers or wire twisted or braided together. The science of getting ships from place to place. Lines and chains used aboard a ship, used in working sails and supporting mast and spars. Older Children
Penguin Chick A roof that is in the shape of an upside-down bowl.. To go somewhere very quickly.A very small amount.. You tear it down or destroy it.. It is a kind of flag with words on it.. It is not covered by anything.. Young Kids
Pennies for Hitler Based on the book 'Pennies for Hitler' by Jackie French Who was the lady with the tattoo?. Georg found the library the _____ week he was in London.. What was one of the things Georg received at his first Christmas in England?. Who has a perfect Aryan head?. Mud always ___ everything.. Hard
Percy Jackson and the Olympians This is one of the special foods that heal demigods. This is the school that Percy attends in the start of book 1. The god of the sea, and Percy's father. The camp that demigods go to train is called Camp.... This place is called 'The home of the gods,' and is where they have meetings. Hard
Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Lightning Thief a safehaven for greek demigods. a medicine used on demigods but would kill any mortal that used it. the god of the sea. an evil bull like creature. a half human half goat creature. Hard
Pet Sematary A male students society in college or university. An end or extremity of something. A state of deeply felt distress of sorrow. Portending in regular . Engaged in expressing or based rather then knowledge. Hard
Peter Pan Answer the clues provided and fill in the corresponding blanks. the quality of being unique. impelled or urged. at a distance. smuggly. run down apartment building. Older Children
Peter's Chair My bird _____ out of his cage.. I _____ two inches last year!. the opposite of old. Don't forget to drink your orange _____.. Please don't _____ with your mouth open. Simple
Phineas L. MacGuire A type of makeup girls wear on their lips.. A small mammal that you can have in your house.. Seeds come from ______.. A small red fruit.. A yellow sour fruit.. Young Kids
Pigman hint or clue that will happen later in a narrative. rotten. very painful. a ramshackle dwelling place. to put down. Older Children
Pigman 3 frenzied, wild, crazed, deranged. in a state of foul decay or decomposition. a difficult situation. a small, humble dwelling or house, or a disorganized dwelling or wretched hut. to study or to ponder. Older Children
Pinocchio Ingannano Pinocchio. Paese in cui si giocava sempre. Il nome della Fata. Il nome del Burattinaio. Divenne asino con Pinocchio. Hard
Pride and Prejudice an expression of protest. swiftness of movement. a thing that persuades or influences someone to do something. sarcastic, critical, and mocking another's weaknesses. a trick-taking card game for two players. Big
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